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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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now on kgo news, how this came too close to home for one neighbor. >> those bullet holes went through my windshield. >> face-to-face with a killer.
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survivors of the colorado shootout share chilling details. and what to do when there are no fire hydrants. the challenge crews face battling flames in the east bay. abc 7 news starts now. no quick fix today for a major water main break in the east bay that sent water rushing to the streets right into the path of homes. good afternoon. happening now in lafayette, repairs are under way on that pipe that ruptured yesterday in the area of relief station road in olympic boulevard. neighbors are going on 24 hours without any water. abc 7 reporter cornell bernard is there. cornell, i imagine this is a real challenge for families there. >> reporter: for sure, challenging and pretty uncomfortable. about 40 homes are still without water here on relief station road, where crews are working to replace the pipe on the road.
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we just got a new update from east bay. they say the big repair job should be done sometime tonight. unfortunately no specific time given. they also say freezing temperatures may have contributed to the rupture. the water faucets are katie fulton's house are bone dry. nothing. for the past 24 hours, bottled water has been standing by. but it's not not the same. >> i can't wash my hands. i can only use hand sanitizer, which is gross. >> reporter: crews are replacing a large 16-inch cast iron pipe which ruptured friday afternoon, sending a raging river of water pouring downhill on relief station road. jim van horn shot this video as a waterfall spilled off a hill, straight for his house. the water ankle deep. >> we were shoveling it away
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from our house so it wouldn't come in. >> reporter: the instant flood brought mud, rocks, and debris cascading down. >> it was kind of terrifying, one of those things where i can't believe it's happening. >> reporter: water stayed out of their house thanks to firefighters, who brought sandbag. >> it was a scary time but it was a nice time because we had all these people to support and you say help us. >> reporter: the water pipe, which had a crack 15 feet long, will be replaced with this one. they can't say if the cold snap caused the pipe to fail. >> this is underground so we can't definitively say it was temperature-related. >> reporter: neighbors hope the water is back on again, and soon. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. meteorologist drew tuma says we can expect the coldest temperatures yet, uh-oh, drew. >> that's right, reggie.
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a frosty start across the bay area. 32 in napa, santa rosa 27. below freezing in san jose at 28 degrees. a chilly 28 in livermore. another cold night is on the way tonight. freeze warnings are up once again for many of our cities in the east bay and the north bay, starting at 11:00 tonight, overnight lows dropping to the mid-20s and low 30s there. along the coast, a frost advisory in effect. the only exception, the city of san francisco. it has an urban heat island effect which retains a lot of warmth around the concrete of the city. there overnight lows will be cool, in the mid-30s. future tracker temperature shows you tomorrow morning, this is what you're going to wake up to. lots of 20s and 30s on the board. i am tracking mild air in our next storm system. we'll detail that in the full forecast. >> thank you, drew. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that destroyed a home in rural east bay.
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abc news was in the san ramone valley this afternoon. fire crews were alerted around 12:45. they saw flames coming out of a ranch house on johnson road. the house was fully involved when firefighters got there. a neighbor went to see if he could help. >> there was two people outside the garage. we want down there and helped them get out, get an old, old vehicle out of the garage. other people came down as well. it appeared everybody was out. >> in fact no one was hurt, but firefighters had to use a water shuttle system because there are no hydrants in that area. abc 7 news in south san francisco where a patio gave way, to create a large sink home at a home on edgewood way, when workmen were digging a trench near a retaining wall. they were laying the foundation for 31 condos being built next door. >> we were sitting on the couch and heard like when you drop a book on dirt. we go, uh-oh, where is the dog?
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walked outside, and now we have an 8 to 10-foot sinkhole where our patio walkway used to be. >> what a mess. the contractors are meeting with city inspectors on modern to see what can be done to salvage the property. the homeowner says he just wants his house back in one piece again. a rush of new information about that shootout at a colorado planned parenthood. we are learning about the terrifying moments as they unfolded. abc news reporter brandi hitt is in colorado springs with the details. >> reporter: police cars formed an honor guard to escort the body of fallen officer garrett swasey. the 44-year-old father of two died in a gun fight at the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs friday. >> we mourn the loss of the two civilian victims. we modern the lourn the loss of brave police officer. >> reporter: all the alleged victims of this man, robert lewis dear, who police say brought a rifle to the planned
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parenthood building and started shooting. police radio transmissions captured the desperate hours. >> he was looking directly in my face. and he was aiming for my head. >> reporter: but the bullets missed. police officers began using armored vehicles to smash through always and rescue those taking cover inside the clinic. >> the exam bed, i pushed it up against the door. we all three sat in front of the door for about at least five hours. >> reporter: colorado springs's mayor was among those watching the drama unfold on security cameras. >> it was incredibly dramatic. he started yelling that he was willing to give up. >> the suspect is calling out, he's going to come out with his hands up. >> reporter: on saturday, police searched dear's trailer. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: at a service, a memorial flame was lit for the victims as they held hands and vowed solidarity. police say four of the nine victims wounded here have been
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released from the hospital. the suspect is being held without bail tonight, his first court appearance scheduled monday. brandi hitt, abc news, colorado springs, colorado. >> we'll learn more about that victim coming up in our next half our of abc 7 news. also coming up, shopping small, getting big. ahead on abc 7 news, an effort to keep your cash when you shop this holiday season. and the possible return of google glass. aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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abc 7 news was in oakland today as small business saturday got under way. the city is offering free parking every saturday through december 26th to encourage shoppers to visit stores in the downtown area. >> we'll all support each other. we'll call another store to find out if they have a game somebody is looking for, or a book if we don't have it. it's very cooperative. we want downtown to become vibrant. >> there are similar shops all over san francisco and san jose. consumer awareness of small business saturday has grown to 67%. shoppers spent $14.3 billion
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nationwide on last year's event. google is working to create a wearable gadget that people will actually die. google glass did not do so well with consumers, but now the internet giant may be working on a gadget that's more like an monocle. it displays inches and video above one eye. google stopped producing its google glass in january. let's look into our crystal ball, that's where drew tuma comes into play right now. drew, it's going to be cold and wet? >> yes, we'll go from cold to mild, then we're tracking a storm system. first, live doppler 7 hd right now, we don't have a cloud in the sky, it's clear and comfortably cool. 65 in concord, 54 in san jose. 54 in san francisco. right now napa checking in with 55 degrees. a live look outside. you're hard-pressed to find a
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cloud in our east bay camera. as you plan out your reasoning, it will get chilly later on tonight, temperatures in the upper 30s to upper 40s. by midnight, that freeze warning goes into effect as temperatures drop into the 30s and low 40s. if you like today, you'll love tomorrow, pretty much a carbon copy of the second half of the weekend. it's a frosty start early on, by 7:00 we're clear and cold. our coldest cities starting out in the 20s by noon, then into the afternoon, it's sunny but still rather cool, most spots falling into the 50s by 7:00. we have a starry night out there and temperatures will fall back into the 40s. live doppler hd showing you clear skies over california. you see this ribbon of cloud cover, that's a cold front that's going to move in here on monday and kick out this cool weather. future weather is going to show you it will try
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sprinkle. it will bring back more seasonable conditions by tuesday. by thursday, this is when we're likely tracking a storm system moving into the bay area. thursday morning, the leading edge of moisture moving in by 9:00, it intensifies into the afternoon. by 1:00, we could see showers moving into the area. by thursday, fresh produceder into the sierra as well. frost advisories and freeze warnings in effect overnight tonight. 34 in vallejo, 31 san jose, 42 in san francisco. we'll drop to about 26 in santa rosa. after that cold start, highs on your sunday, sunny skies about still temperatures below normal
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for this time of the year. 56 in san francisco, 57 san jose, 58 santa rosa, 56 in fairfield. tomorrow is a carbon copy of today. monday, that cold front moves through. could bring us a sprinkle. otherwise tuesday into wednesday, these are december beauties around here. before we track that next storm system on thursday, likely wet and windy by here. friday, mainly cloudy. saturday, temperatures return back to normal. >> if i came over to your side, it would feel like the holiday. >> it does, it feels like christmas is around the corner. >> thanks, drew. >> too bad we don't have our partner in crime natasha. >> the newsroom colds are going around. >> i know who i got it from, reggie. >> this is the final week of the regular season in southern cal, as reggie mentioned, w
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it's rivalry weekend in college football. bonus is the winner of the pac 12 champ will play the winner at levi stadium. first quarter, brews on fourth one. he stumbles about stays on his feet. 7-3 ucla. second quarter, 14-13 bruins. to jackson, bad idea. 42 yards later, down the sidelines, 20-14 trojans at the half.
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momentum shifted in the third. bruins up 1. they had the ball. josh rosen fumbles. big man, rasheem green. marshall got two in the game. kessler, 20 yards to darius rogers. usc beats ucla for the first time since 2011. they'll play stanford in the championship game. michigan, 112,000 at the big house. 66 yards right here. doubles last week. two plays later, jc barrett pouring his way in for the score, making the lone buckeye fan happy, 7-0 ohio state. elliott carried 240 yards.
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michigan needs a score before half time. a 92-yard drive. michigan trailed 14-10 at the half. the wolverines cannot stop the run. barrett threw for a touchdown, ran for three more. ohio state crushes michigan, 42-13. finishes the season 9-3. nittany lions, trying to clinch the big 10. michigan getting started early. connor cook finding rj shelton, 6-0 spartans. burr badge gets hit, spins around, stays on his feet and scores. worth another look. great balance and awareness by burrbadge. 29-yard score. would probably be a good dancer. still in the third, fools everybody. wide open, six yards, 55-16 your final, michigan state takes on iowa in the big 10 title game
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next week. we'll take a brief time out so i can breathe, before we check on the top ranked team in the nation.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls
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is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. clemson tigers taking on in-state rival south carolina, trying to complete the 12-0 regular season. 113th meeting. third quarter, tigers up 14-3.
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clemson 21-3. what a player. south carolina stays in it. terry orth to cooper. 57-yard touchdown. cuts the deficit to 11. fourth quarter, carolina gets the touchdown. nunez gets the 2-point conversion. gamecocks feeling upset. but clemson responds on the next drive. watson from three yards out. 34-25, clemson wins 37-52, has won 15 in a row, longest streak in division 1 football. 14th ranked north carolina lost the first game, won ten straight on the road against nc state. tarheels making sure they didn't have a letdown. in the first quarter, marquis williams had the catch, 27-7. tj logan, 42-yard touchdown to the first to his left, cuts back
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to the right, 40-yard touchdown. tarheels had 423 yards of offense in the first half, would it be 92 on the ground. in the fourth, elijah hood, one yard out, he ran for a career high. tarheels won 11 straight. they'll face clemson next week. we'll look at alabama and auburn, stick around, we'll see you then. >> and northwestern won again today too. i just wanted to sneak that in. no one cares. it never made it to space but it did go the distance. why debris from a failed rocket mission landed. also what we're learning about the victims of the deadly shootout in colorado. plus -- >> i was stunned. and i couldn't believe it the first time i saw it. >> a woman spots a charge on her bank statement of more than $1 trillion.
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join abc 7 tonight as we take you behind the scenes of the world's largest touring production, odysseo by cavalia. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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breaking news now out of san
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carlos where a manhunt is on for an cuaccused killer. let's go straight to abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana. >> reporter: this all started out as a domestic violence incident, probably around noon in san mateo. police were called to that scene. they found a woman who had been stabbed. they tried to give her medical attention. unfortunately she passed away. her 22-year-old boyfriend then took off. let's show you some video right now of a s.w.a.t. team at a medical facility. what we know is that boyfriend then apparently got into a car accident with an another driver on south bound 101. that driver that he crashed into followed the boyfriend to this medical facility. we know that for the last several hours, a s.w.a.t. team has been at this scene. we understand they're still looking for that 22-year-old boyfriend. we do know also that the san
4:31 pm
mateo police department called the bart police department probably about two hours ago or so, to do a search of the dale city bart station and not let anyone go through there without checking i.d.'s. we understand that's connected because there's a possibility that boyfriend may have got away from the scene. coming back here live, i can tell you that there is still a pretty large presence of police at this medical facility. we understand it's a hospital. they do have an urgent care center here. this is a search that is ongoing. at the moment we are waiting for a briefing from the san mateo police department, from the san carlos police department, and from the sheriff's department here. so there are multiple agencies involved in this search. reporting live, i'm sergio quintana, abc 7 news. we'll talk more about details regarding the colorado shootout at a planned parenthood clinic. the regional head of planned
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parenthood said the gunman, quote, broke into the clinic but didn't get past a locked door leading to the main part of that facility. all 15 employees of the clinic survived and officials say they helped ensure that everyone else got into safe some place. investigators are identifying the gunman as 57-year-old robert lewis dear from north carolina. neighbors say he is a loner and has a history of run-ins with neighbors and police. investigators are not discussing a possible motivate however the mayor of colorado springs says people can make, quote, inferences from where it took place. a vigil was held today to mourn those killed and honor responders and survivors. three people died in the attack, including a police officers. at least four people injured in the shooting were released from area hospitals. we're learning about one of those victims in the planned parenthood shooting in colorado, the officer i just mentioned, garrett swossy. he was a six-year veteran of the
4:33 pm
university of colorado, colorado springs police department. his father said he loved figure skating and moved to california from massachusetts where he won a junior national swasey's former skating partner remembered him. >> he was always there as kind of my confidant, my brother. he put up with me. >> 44-year-old swasey was the first of the three victims to be identified in the shootings. he was married with three children. we don't know the names of the other people killed in the attack. swasey exchanged gunfire with the gunman, captured on audio. here is a sample. >> we can see the suspect on camera. it looks like he's almost waiting. use caution. >> he's coming out. he's got the ak.
4:34 pm
it's looking around. he's got the gun at the low ready position. >> which way is he walking? >> directly towards the lobby, towards the french. real stocky build. the gun is down by his waist in a ready position. >> for sure he's in the hallway. we'll shoot through the door. >> is he alone in the room? >> he's alone. >> hallways are clear. >> he says he's going to come out with his hands up. >> he's standing up. >> he has his hands clear. >> he's walking towards the hallway. >> we have eye contact. he is coming towards the front. we have one suspect right now. >> for updates on this or any major story any time, download our abc 7 news app and enable push alerts for immediate notifications. severe weather is pounding part of this midwest and is blamed for ate deaths. five people died in accidents related the ice storm.
4:35 pm
another three in north texas from flash floods. one person is still missing. thousands of people are without power as ice accumulated on downed power lines. icy conditions are likely to stick around through the holiday weekend through a weather system stalled over texas, arkansas, and nebraska. that video certainly would grab your attention. it is rattling nerves today. that's stormy weather that downed a power line in oklahoma. as we mentioned, thousands there are without power. we'll take you to paris now. security tight as the soccer team played its first game since the november 13th attacks. french authorities scanned bags and carried out body searches before they allowed fans into the stadium. armed police were on the alert more than two hours before the match began. security checks have been stepped up at paris stadiums after terrorists starting a
4:36 pm
football match between france and germany in the deadly attacks that killed 130 people. more than 30 faculty members from uc berkeley along with a group of students, governor jerry brown and senator barbara boxer will all be in paris for international climate talks that begin monday, a little more than two weeks after the terrorist attacks hit there. as jim bittermann reports, security is now an even bigger concern. >> reporter: a wind turbine has sprouted in the middle of the avenue champs elysee. paris seems as if it's being paved over with solar panels. the city is awash in displays and innovations. this man, who singlehandedly rode boats across the atlantic ocean, has set up the world's largest ocean-going vessel. >> i'm very pleased to bring
4:37 pm
here in paris a little bit of the sea. >> reporter: for tens of thousands of others drawn to paris for the coming two weeks, this is make or break time for climate change. later will be too late, say the signs atop the french foreign ministry. trying to get the nations of the world to agree on anything is a tall order. never before in france or perhaps anywhere have there been negotiations quite like these. starting monday, 195 countries will gather at a purpose-built conference center north of paris to try to find agreement on worldwide limitations on greenhouse gases. the complex negotiations were nearly overshadowed by the vicious attacks in paris two weeks ago. it seemed at first that they would endanger the meetings. some felt the climate talks should be called off. >> translator: i'm not convinced about the necessity at this moment to organize this event. i think we have other priorities today, even if the environment is very important.
4:38 pm
>> reporter: but for most, those worldwide issues trump even terrorist concerns. in a way, the paris conference is just too big to call off. everyone from the pope on down has emphasized how important it is for the planet to concentrate on the climate issue. president hollande said just a few days ago that the best response to the terror attacks is to carry on with the climate summit. but protecting the nearly 150 heads of state and 40,000 delegates who are expected will be a real challenge for french security forces. 2800 police and army will patrol the site itself. 8,000 more will reinforce french borders. in all, 120,000 security personnel will be mobilized across the country. the leaders will only attend for the first two days of the conference, but miles of roads will have to be closed off to get them to and from the conference site, something expected to throw normally impossible french traffic into
4:39 pm
chaos. but with popular demonstrations and serious negotiations, the conference will go on. it's something the world's leaders feel simply cannot be postponed any longer. jim bittermann, paris. a large chunk of debris from a crashed space rocket has turned up more than 4,000 miles from the launch site. 32 photos now from the uk coast guard, showing the metal shell floating near great britain. a merchant ship captain spotted it on thursday. he thought it was a dead whale. british officials say it's most likely from an unmanned space launch that blew up in june. uk authorities are working with space ex to return that ruined rocket part. check your bank statements. one woman in hawaii is really glad she did after being charged $1 trillion. she checked her statement online this week only to discover a charge of 1.4 trillion bucks. >> i couldn't believe it the
4:40 pm
first time i saw it. i had to go to my bathroom and get my glasses on to just make sure that it's not because of my bad eyes. >> first hawaiian bank says the glitch was visible to customers who logged on to their accounts during a 20-minute window on wednesday. the blank says it fixed the problem minutes later and that no actual customer information or balances were affected or compromised. we can only assume she doesn't actually owe that money. up next, a look at a stranded dolphin and the effort to save it. we'll take you live outside. aha! oof! weee!
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slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk!
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a rescue team from the marine mammal center in the bay area responded to reports of a stranded dolphin in the prunedale area of unincorporated monterey county this morning. the rescuers weren't able to reunite the calf and its mother, so they took the animal to the marine mammal center in sausalito. cyclists who ride mount diablo say state park officials are taking too long to fix a problem that's led to bike versus car crashes and serious injuries. dan noyes has this i-team investigation. >> reporter: mount diablo has 17 miles of roads with 369 curves, many of them sharp, blind curves. biking fast down the mountain can be dangerous enough, but especially if an oncoming car crosses the center line into your lane. that's what happened to sharon stepper in september. >> as i came around, in an instance, there was a moment when there's a car in my lane. i knew there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: it could have been
4:44 pm
much worse. the impact left shannon with a good case of road rash and broken bones. >> the collarbone is broken, and the scapula in the back. >> reporter: requests to the department of parks and recreation confirm how big a problem it is. >> a car coming up the mountain it actually taken the turn too sharp and was completely in my lane. >> reporter: between 2010 and 2014, there were one 15 collisions. >> i fractured my eye socket. >> reporter: with 70% of the accidents happening at blind curves. >> i went over the handlebars. >> reporter: time and again, vehicles cross the yellow line to the other lane where the driver didn't have a clear view ahead. it's the cyclist who always pays
4:45 pm
the price. 25 prosecuto 25% of those crashes were bike versus car. these veteran cyclists tell me another major cause is bikes having to swerve to avoid cars that have crossed head-on into their lane. >> i have a near miss or close call on probably every third ride. that's descending around 15 to 16 miles per hour. >> reporter: they have launched a group called mount diablo cyclists to attack the problem. they wanted to find out how the situation compares to other parks. mount tam has twice as many visitors but had just 24 collisions, when mount diablo had 116. >> please install solid yellow double lines on appropriate line curves. >> reporter: mount tam has double yellows on blind curves. makes sense. that tells drivers they shouldn't pass, period.
4:46 pm
but on mount diablo, all the roads have broken yellow lines. i met with the state park superintendent, anita rodriguez. to me it seems obvious you would have to have a double yellow on a blind curve. >> sometimes there's thing we don't know. that's why we leave it to the experts. >> reporter: she says she needs a $60,000 study to figure out what to do. but the state senator who represents the area says time's up. >> i think they need to act much more quickly. we need to double stripe those lines around the curves right away. >> reporter: take a look at this. the i-team obtained a state parks report from 1991 that found over 90% of the vehicles observed crossed over the center line to negotiate the curves. it identified conflicts between sightseeing, bicycling, and faster moving vehicles as a major issue. still, it took 24 years for this new engineering report to come out that concludes the roadways
4:47 pm
don't present any opportunities to allow for vehicular passing and therefore the entire length of roadway will need to be striped with double yellow striping. >> this is a serious, life-threatening situation. we press them to take corrective actions right away to make it better. >> reporter: the parks department has just installed these warning signs. it looks like the striping will take ten months and cost $200,000, that includes the cost of the study. not enough for all those cyclists i spoke with. be careful out there. dan noyes, abc 7 news. let's talk about holiday traditions we're starting to see in the area. the great dickens christmas fair and victorian holiday party. exhibition halls have been transformed into the world of charles dickens' london, with holiday revellers and of course the smell of chestnuts. >> the characters are here and brought to life.
4:48 pm
there are over 780 entertainers that become the characters. >> huzzah. that's really all i know to say. the fair runs saturdays and sundays through december 20th. doors open at 10:00 a.m. there's a special kids' free sunday happening tomorrow. ab 7 news was in piedmont for this tree lot that pumps out $1,000 worth of trees, wreaths, and garlands. hundreds of area boy scottuts he volunteered to run the lines. >> they work together for the satisfaction of the customers that come in and get their trees from the scouts and the smiles on their faces. >> you can get a variety of trees there, including noble and doug firs and silver tops. so i just got a sneak peek of the weather.
4:49 pm
it's going to be real cold. >> that's it, we're done. >> and we're done. it's looking like the holidays, now it's feeling like the holidays. cold temperatures overnight tonight. live doppler 7 hd shows a clear sky and a northerly breeze that's keeping everybody in the 50s at this hour. 53 in mountain view, 54 in san francisco currently. 55 in napa. san jose in the 50s. we'll take you outside for a live look, the sun is setting as we speak. not a cloud to be seen. it will be a chilly night on the way. if you're out on the town later tonight, you're going to need the winter coat. it will be brisk by 9:00 under starry skies. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. we have another freeze warning in effect tonight at 11:00 to sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. for many areas in the east bay and north bay. for overnight lows, dropping into the mid-20s and low 30s. around the immediate bay and
4:50 pm
along the coastline, we have a frost advisory in effect as well. temperatures there will get into the low and mid-30s. the only exception, the city of san francisco. we have what is known as the urban heat island effect. all that concrete really retains heat rather well, so we will not drop into the 30s or fall into the 40s overnight in san francisco. overnight tonight, 42 in san francisco. 36 very chilly degrees in oakland. 31 in san jose. 26 in santa rosa. a chilly 28 overnight in livermore. after that cold start, it will be a sunny day. a carbon copy of today. 56 in fairfield, the same in fremont and san francisco, 57 san jose, 58 in napa. what will bring about milder changes, monday a cold front will begin to move through here. it's going to fall apart. by 9:00 a.m. monday we could see a few light showers even as far south as santa rosa. what you'll notice monday night and especially to tuesday, it's not going to be as chilly. by wednesday, temperatures are
4:51 pm
finally back above normally. but it's all ahead of our next storm system. we'll fast forward future weather into thursday morning. by 9:00 a.m., a leading edge of moisture moving into most of the bay area. by 1:00 in the afternoon, you see a lot of green on the screen, indicating heavier, steadier showers, lingering to thursday evening, the tail end of the system moves through. by 11:00 it should be out of here. we'll also bring some sierra snow. and the early call on this storm system, likely we could see a half inch of rain across the region by thursday evening. of course we'll fine-tune those details as we get closer. the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow, a carbon copy of today, frosty, sunny sunday afternoon. by monday, a north-based sprinkle is possible. what that front will do by tuesday and wednesday, bring us back to that beautiful december sunshine, temperatures back into the 60s. we'll track the next chance of rain on thursday. friday and saturday, decreasing
4:52 pm
clouds, increasing sunshine and back to normal. >> we'll be enjoying every degree that heat island gives me. >> it will drop to the 40s in the city. >> thank you, drew. mike shumann is here to talk about a big decision a young man has to make. >> cal fans will find it interesting. the final game at home if he chooses to go to the nfl.
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before tonight's regular season finale, the bears will open the season in sydney, australia against the hawaii rainbow warriors on august 27th, replacing the december 3rd home gain against south dakota. the bears have played outside the united states only once before, tying washington state in tokyo in 1987. cal hosts arizona state tonight, trying for their seventh win of the year. plenty of talk about jared goff and whether he'll leave cal for the nfl or stick around for his senior season. if so he, this would be his last game at memorial stadium. what does jared have to say about the scenario?
4:56 pm
>> right now i'm just trying to beat arizona state, and then go to a ball game and win that. that's all i can really worry about right now. i owe it to myself and my teammates to do that. >> love to see him stick around. stanford and notre dame under way, tied at 7 in the first. notre dame returned the kickoff for a touchdown. we'll have complete highlights and reaction coming up later tonight on "after the game" following oklahoma and oklahoma state. let's head down south where there is no bigger rivalry than alabama and auburn. bama currently number 2 in the playoff rankings. with thoughts of the big iron bowl upset, a field goal, game into the third. bamma's stuart, 19-6 bama. jason smith to himself, 19-13
4:57 pm
bama. watch smith's concentration. dare i say he might be our heisman leading candidate. bama wins it 29-30. they'll take on florida in the game next week. oklahoma and oklahoma state on deck right here on abc 7. stay tuned following the contest for "after the game" with larry beil and yours truly as we break down the day in college football, look ahead to the niners and raiders. we'll talk with former warrior jason richardson. they play sacramento tonight. >> when you say dare i say shumann-esque, i was supporting you. got to keep the ego in check. yeah, yeah. >> thanks for watching.
4:58 pm
look at that beautiful sunset.
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♪ >> chris: tonight, in chilly stillwater, it is the bedlam series, winner take all for the big 12 title. saturday night football on abc, presented by walmart. part of espn's rivalry series, presented by jiffy lube. oklahoma and oklahoma state, ancient rivals in this series, where the weird and the wacky seems to happen with regularity. oklahoma made the


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