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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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give it a pop. live, from the kgo tv broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. so glad you're with us. it is sunday, november 29th. let's look at our chilly temperatures. our lisa argen. >> good morning. live radar doppler is clear. you don't need me to tell you how freezing it is out there. you feel it. air temperatures are below freezing, in airfield, napa, santa rosa. allowing the air to feel like 19 degrees. 30 in livermore. 28 in san ramon. we're looking at mid-40s, san francisco. 48 at the coast. so, until 9:00, a freeze warning
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for all of the inland areas. areas in the upper 20s and mid-20s. a forecast advisory for everywhere except san francisco. we're getting towards the end of our cold snap. i'll let you know if you see sprinkles on monday. the possibility is there. and bigger rain during the work week. a suspect is still on the loose after police say he killed his girlfriend. officers are looking for a 22-year-old, considered armed and dangerous. we have the details. >> reporter: police were called to this home on south b street. they found a woman inside bleeding. >> unfortunately, she did not survive. minutes later the man suspected in the homicide clipped another car driving southbound on highway 101. the driver of that car followed him here to this san carlos
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medical facility. that's that's where police began an afternoon-long search. they mobilized two teams to sweep through the building. neighbors watched this police action. some worried about what was going on. dave morrison owns a business across the street. his employees called him wondering what they should do. >> they called in to sheriff dispatch. you might want to shelter in place. there's a guy loose somewhere. and we had women in our business. they were nervous about it. >> reporter: morrison dismissed his employees early to be on the safe side. police were not able to find him in the medical building. but said that the stabbing was involved in domestic violence. >> we've been there for a number of times for domestic violence cases. >> reporter: neighbors said they heard them fighting several times. in san mateo, abc 7 news.
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more about the news. costa contra county. one person is dead after a car went over an embankment. it happened around 11:00 at night. chp officers found the car in a tree. the driver was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene. we have details about a newborn baby who was found buried alive in southern california. police are looking for any information on the person who left that in fact near a river bed in compton. amy powell from our sister station in los angeles has the latest. >> reporter: this woman found the cries of a newborn baby when taking a walk. >> i said it might be a cat. and my sister said, it's a baby crying. >> reporter: the women were walking along the bike path at
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106 street and slater. they dialed 911 when they learned that the cries were coming from a crevasse covered with asphalt and debris. >> there's indication that the child was born at a medical facility or a hospital. the baby was 24 and 36 hours old. >> reporter: this woman gets emotional as he talks about how sad she felt when she heard the baby. she said the newborn stopped crying when the deputy cradled her. authorities say the baby is hospitalized in stable condition. >> if the child night, they wouldn't survive.
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>> reporter: he urges lady that don't want to keep a babe, to the safe surrender. >> they need to walk into any fire department, in los angeles county. they are safe. the baby is safe. >> god bless the two ladies that found this baby. and a strong baby. >> reporter: army powell, abc 7 news. this morning, the search is on in mill valley for a man who robbed a woman at gun point during a home invasion. police say it happened after 5:30 yesterday morning in a reveir remote area. the man woke the woman up and demanded money. neighbors told abc 7 news it's time to do something about their safety. >> concerned. i plugged into my security cameras. i had unplugged them because i had gotten a sense of security that i don't feel now. >> fortunately, that woman was not hurt.
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there is no sign of forced entry at the home. police combed the neighborhood but were not able to find a suspect. if your christmas tree seems off, you can blame the drought. the lack of rain is making the centerpiece of the holiday much shorter than normal. and alyssa harrington points out there's a change in our tradition. >> reporter: for many families, it's an annual tradition, picking out the perfect christmas tree. >> it is our baby's first christmas. >> we found a great tree. we're excited to go home and decorate it. >> reporter: this farm grew this batch. local tree farms have had an especially challenging year. >> the buds have as large as they should be. >> reporter: this owner of castro valley tree farm, says people who go there chop down their own tree, might notice something different. >> they're a little shorter than
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in the past. >> reporter: about a foot shorter. a little moisture could change the look in time for christmas. real trees can dry out. you have to keep them watered. some require more than a gallon a day. according to the american christmas tree association, about one-third of californians say the drought will impact their tree choice. some aren't playing to display one at all. ♪ others are going artificial. sales of fake frtrees are expecd to go up. shoppers pack in scoping the decoratio decorations. >> nothing compares to christmas tree smell in your house. >> we had an artificial tree. it was horrible. i wanted the smell. i wanted the pine needles to get on the floor and get annoyed
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about it. >> reporter: in greenbrae, abc 7 news. contractors are meeting with city inspectors to see what can be done to salvage a home. a patio gave way for a large sinkhole. they were digging a trench and retaining wall. >> we were sitting on the couch. and we heard, like dropping a book on dirt. we walk outside. and we have an eight-foot to ten-foot sinkhole. where our patio walkway used to be. >> that home owner just wants his house back in one piece. an autopsy is being performed to see how a suspected burglar died in a chimney. a homeowner had just lit a fire, when he heard someone screaming. he tried to put out the flames
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as the house filled up with smoke. >> you think of santa claus coming down the chimer in is all open. most chimneys have a big metal plate that you can't get through. >> firefighters used jackhammers to knock down the chimney. the man was responsible during the rescue but died soon after. he rummaged through the house on friday before getting trapped in the chimney. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that ruined a home in the east bay. you can see the smoke. fire crews were alerted just before 1:00 p.m. about flames coming out of a ranch house on johnson road. the house was engulfed when crews arrived. a neighbor and his son wanted to help. >> a few people were outside the garage. and we helped them get out. get an old, old vehicle out of the garage. and other people came down, as well. and it appeared everybody is
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out. >> fortunately, no one was hurt. firefighters had to use a water shuttle system because it's so remote, there's no hydrants in that area. want to check in with you. we are wondering when is the cold spell going to end? >> i know. it has. and it's a couple degrees cooler in some spots. redwood city, 29 degrees right now. san francisco, you are just at about 40 degrees. we're clear. the freeze warning, the frost advisory. plenty of 40s northeast and south. but we're talking about slightly warmer weather, just beyond the horizon. and maybe some rain. that's coming up. also coming up, why democr t demonstrators are protesting climate change. and the new cottage industry and the new cottage industry helping bay why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun.
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so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all of the bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> it's 5:13 in the morning on this sunday. a gorgeous look at the embarcadero. it looks clear. and you can't tell how cold it is. lisa has a check on what we can expect. pope francis landed in the
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central african republic despite security concerns. armed groups have been divided between muslims and christians. this is the last leg of a three-country african tour. before the stop he visited kenya and uganda. a lot of bay area women are spending their weekend camping. and many of the campers are professional women who are learning to pack gear, rough it and pitch tents. it's far from glamping. we have more. ♪ >> reporter: a few hours ago, most of these women didn't know each other. now, they've bonded over the call of the wild, a camp fair and a silly game called cookie face. this all-women's camping weekend is organized by a bay area group balled trail mavins. sasha cox is the trail master. >> you can go forward and do it
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yourself. >> reporter: all you have to bring is your clothes. trail mavins does the planning and provides the gear, food and know-how. >> men feel an inclination. when it's just women, it's easy to step up and take initiative. >> reporter: be ready to have fun. but be warned, this is not a luxury experience. >> i would not think of trail mavins as glamping. >> reporter: you will do cleanup, as well. some participants are experienced campers and hikers brushing up on their skills. >> we didn't want to sleep with our heads downhill. >> others are beginners. bernadette works at a company in san francisco. >> the first time i've been camping with trail mavins. >> reporter: he's back for this weekend for marin county. >> i wanted to learn more skills and meet more people. >> reporter: trail mavins
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started a year and a half ago. and has organized 26 trips. prices start at $345, depending on how long the trip is. >> doesn't get better than this. >> reporter: this adventure is at big sur. >> the trips range in difficulty and many sell out. trail mavins even snowshoed in the sierra. other bay area businesses are helping women get comfortable in the wild. sports baseman stores report an increase in the quality and quantity of the camping equipment aimed at women. >> women are active in the outdoors. and that women's bodies are different. >> reporter: that means extra warm sleeping bags and backpacks, sized and shaped for women's curves. the ride equipment is also only part of the experience. >> the conversations that come from being around a campfire or on a long hike, are a lot different and a lot more
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substantial than a conversation you get at a cocktail party. >> reporter: getting outdoors is just fun. >> i'm exhausted and filthy. i have eight, new friends. it was everything i was expecting and more. >> trail mavins is so popular, people are flying in from around the country to join these trips. we have a link to their website and camping trips at expect a busy travel day at airports. the sunday after thanksgiving always brings big crowds of people traveling back home. about 30,000 passengers are expected. those who hope to avoid the crowds tomorrow, could cause more headaches. all of the fans leaving of the 49ers game, are making for another busy day. a san jose tradition for many families, skaters can enjoy
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music and a light show from the palm trees around the ice rink. the rink plans to stay open an extra four weeks until february. the rink will close after the big game on february 7th. you know, it feels like an ice rink. >> i know. >> it's really chilly. and really dry air, as well. >> i know. i feel it, too. and looking at another day or so. the good news is, another weather system is on our heels. in fact, coming in tomorrow, which will add to the cloud cover and a wind shift and everything really does change. but right now, live doppler 7 h.d., severely clear out there, allowing for the frost and freeze, to continue. inland, all about the freezing temperatures. bay shore lionel. the frost. the exception, here in san francisco. we have weather in the 40s. park all around
5:19 am
upper 20s, from petaluma. 26 in petaluma. 34 union city. upper 20s, redwood city to palo alto. 29 in pleasanton, walnut creek and the big canyon. the chill continues with the morning temperatures. 12 degrees colder than yesterday morning. i think we'll see a couple of numbers tonight below freezing. and then, by monday night, things will feel comfort out there. so, freezing cold this morning. sunny and cool. better chance of rain comes our way thursday. we could be tracking sprinkles tomorrow. high pressure keeping the state dry and cool. the high pressure will head out of town. there's a weak system that's
5:20 am
going to head our way tomorrow. it's going to cloud us up. it's going to keep us cool. as we go through the next several hours into your monday, inside the cloud cover. we've got a couple of areas of sprinkles with maybe expected throughout the day. but the cloud cover will keep us cool tomorrow. in terms of rainfall so far to date, look at the north bay. 27% of normal. livermore, doubles that with 2 1/2 inches per about 94% of normal. mountain view doing good, as well as san jose. the north bay, everyone could use a ton of rain. looks like the next system lining up come ours way into thursday. here we are, with the cloud cover. and this is bringing rain by thursday afternoon, into thursday night. perhaps a half-inch to an inch is possible. the cold system, mountain snow, will follow, as well. 58 in oakland. it will still be below average.
5:21 am
five degrees to eight degrees below average. here's the low tonight with patchy frost and freeze. well be in the 30s instead of the 20s in the north bay, with extra cloud cover. and isolated areas below freezing. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, shows the extra cloud cover tomorrow. maybe sprinkles back to sunshine. and look at the six-day. tuesday, wednesday, and the rain on thursday. we clear out again friday and saturday. >> what a mix. >> how is that for mixing it up? >> thank you so much. still ahead, we go behind the scenes at pixar for a look at the special magic to make "the go ahead dinosaur." and you can feel the holiday in the bay area. your favorite disney characters will bring you the magic of the season. and pier 39 tree lighting airs
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do what we do...make it progresso. this moment is perfect in every way just like my kid gooey...flaky...happy. toaster strudel. now with more icing. the shopping season, most of us will rely on our credit cards when we buy something. and fortunately that's a good opportunity for identity thieves. apparently they have a new scheme to rip you off. here's 7 on your side, michael finney. >> reporter: out and about in the bay area, there are plenty of credit cards being used. and some of them, regrettably, are being used by thieves. we caught up with shoppers down at union square. as your bank ever called to tell
5:25 am
you someone else had stolen your card? >> once. >> reporter: did they tell you your card had been used in a different country? or different. >> in england, yeah. >> reporter: where was it used? >> in the u.k. >> reporter: that fits the pattern. the bad guys usually get caught because they go shopping where you don't. and the author of "swipe," says identity thieves are getting more sophisticated. >> now, what's happening in a lot of the black market card rooms, they're selling credit cards. it's like a bazaar. they're selling them by zip code. by amount, type of cards, things like that. >> reporter: they buy a stolen card in your zip code. then, use it there, too. >> okay. so, they don't get spotted. >> reporter: what do you think? >> that's smart, i guess. very smart. >> reporter: you can outsmart them by keeping track of what is being charged on your card.
5:26 am
>> the bank may not notice it is being out of pattern. but you'll look at it and go, wait a minute, i didn't shop there. >> reporter: many credit card companies will text you every time a purchase is made. that's a bit of a hassle. but it sure cuts down on theft. abc 7 news was in piedmont for the opening of the boy scout tree lot in its 49th year. it pumps out $100,000 worth of trees, wreaths and garlands. hundreds of area boy scouts volunteer to work at that tree lot. >> part of the job is seeing the kids all work together. and the satisfaction of the customers that come in and get their trees. and the scouts and the smiles on their faces. >> the lot features all kinds of trees, including noble and douglas firs, as well as silver top. all of the money raised is used
5:27 am
for boy scout activities. a great dickens fair is open at the cow palace. ♪ three acres after exhibition falls has been transferred to the world of charles dickens london. characters come to liv and mingle with the crowd. more than 100 shops with one-of-a-kind gifts, as well as seven stages and five pubs. the fair runs through december 20th. the door opens at 10:00 a.m. and there's a kids-free sunday today. much more ahead on sunday morning news. we're learning more about the man suspected in the deadly shoots at a colorado planned parenthood. what police say he muttered. and is donald trump getting softer on the campaign trail?
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weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares. cinna-milk! live the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> we're starting with cold weather. here's lisa. >> i have to say, it's colder than yesterday. look at all of the 20s, from nevada to santa rosa. a lilt north wind. in the mid-20s. airfield and napa. look at livermore. 28 with san ramon. freezing in los gatos. from redwood city to mountain
5:31 am
view. san mateo, 36. we have an hour and a half to sunrise. the temperatures will drop another couple degrees. 46 in oakland. we have the freeze warning inland until 9:00. no surprise there. temperatures will drop further and the frost advisories, the bay shoreline here, all except san francisco. a colder start. it will be just as chilly this afternoon. clouds increase tomorrow. attorney general loretta lynch says attack on a planned parenthood in colorado was a crime against women. the gunman killed three people and wounded nine others, five of them policemen. officers arrested robert dear who was not injured. he muttered something about no more baby parts as he was led away. planned parenthood said he was motivated by opposition to safe and legal abortion.
5:32 am
brandi hitt has the latest from colorado springs. >> reporter: in the small weather town of hartsel, authorities surrounded a trailer. it's the home of lewis dear, who planned a shooting 60 miles away in colorado springs. >> i don't know what happened to him. what made him snap. >> reporter: that's what the police want to find out. garrity swasey, a 44-year-old father of two. one of three people shot and killed by the alleged planned parenthood gunman. former olympian nancy kerrigan, was a long-time friend of swasey. swasey was remembered with a moment of silence at the university of colorado. dear walked in and opened fire with a rifle. >> units, one officer has been shot. >> reporter: beginning a
5:33 am
shooting and standoff that lasted five hours. the gunman trained his sight. >> he was looking directly in my face. and aiming for my head. >> reporter: police began to use armored vehicles to smash through walls to rescue those huddled for cover. >> he was yelling that he was ready to come out. >> come out with his hands up. >> reporter: at the service, all of the victims were remembered. robert lewis dear remains in custody without bail. brandi hitt, abc news, colorado springs, colorado. any major story, anytime, download our abc 7 news happen and enable push alerts. activists are leaving hundreds of pairs of shoes on streets to represent the people who are banned from protesting. this comes after french officials canceled two demonstrations because of a state of emergency imposed in
5:34 am
the country. after the terror attacks. more than 10,000 people sent shoes in a sign of solidarity. activists also planned to hold a healing ceremony today to urge world leaders to reach a deal to slow climate change. 150 leaders will be in paris for the climate change summit. the commander in chief has spent months pressing other countries to make pledges to agree to limit global warming to less than 2 degrees celsius. the national security authority has no longer the authority to collect your phone records. the nsa needs a court approval to get records on a case-by-case basis. ending the programs will make
5:35 am
americans less safe by preventing intelligence agents from connecting the dots between suspected terrorists. a presidential review committee found the surveillance program did not lead to a single breakthrough. donald trump is interrupted by another protester. this time, takes a different approach. devin dwyer is in washington with how several contenders used the holiday weekend to sell their message. >> reporter: a grand entrance for the republican front-runner in florida. >> the next president of the united states. >> reporter: donald trump arriving for a rally in sarasota, in his personal helicopter, before taking the stage with thousands of fans packed inside. the candidate known for stirring controversy, was quickly interrupted by a heckling protester. >> throw the person out, please. thank you. >> reporter: trump taking a diplomatic approach, one week after his handling of another protester.
5:36 am
>> get him out of here. throw him out. >> reporter: at that rally, a man wearing a black lives matter t-shirt was reportedly pushed and hit by supporters. trump save his attacks for critics who questioned his treatment of a newspaper reporter with a rare disorder. >> i don't remember. i don't knock people who have problems. >> reporter: ben carson was in jordan, a trip to bolster his foreign policy credentials. >> we are getting a good impression of what's going on here. >> reporter: carson has rejected president obama's plan to bring at least 10,000 syrian refugees to the u.s. in year. he says the government should do more to help countries like jordan resettle refugees in the middle east. many countries in the region, overwhelmed by the refugees, say western countries need to do more to ease the humanitarian crisis. devin dwyer, abc news,
5:37 am
washington. republican presidential candidates ben carson and john kasich are preparing for their fifth debate. you can watch "this week" at 8:00 this morning. this morning, behind the scenes at pixar's latest creation. the artist that brought "the good dinosaur" to life. and a look at our tower. but lisa argen will have your full forecast in a few minutes.
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north bay residents may see an increase in their water rates over the next five years. the santa rosa city council will vote whether to increase bills by nearly 3% each of the next three years. and 2.2% the remaining two years. officials say the hike will give the water department a better plan to manage the city's future costs. if approved, the rise in water hikes will go into effect january of next year. the average household will see its water bill go up from $125 in january, to $144 a month by 2020. all this looking forward to maybe warmer temperatures to come. >> not yet. we're getting close. but speaking of the north bay, 27 degrees in santa rosa and navarro right now. a little upper elevation wind. that's translating to a north wind at the surface. it feels like it's 23 in santa rosa. sorry about that. we will talk about the warmer
5:41 am
temperatures, which are just around the corner, coming up. also next, a dramatic victory over notre dame, as time expires on the farm. ♪ cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals. ultra hd huh? i'll look good enough to eat. [ gasps ] oh no... samsung ultra hdtv on sale at why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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5:44 am
here's this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, sanford and notre dame, always great theater. and last night was no different on the farm. the irish have has this game won. 30 seconds on the clock. and the cardinal took advantage. this game was a good, old-fashioned shoot-out. kevin hogan, finding dejuist. throws to austin hopper. hogan, in his final home game. 39-25, stanford. 35 seconds left in the game. deshone kizer, looked like he was short. upon review, it's good. irish left 30 seconds on the clock. hogan, to cajuste, middle of the field, 57 yards. he is setting up the game-w game-winning field goal. never in doubt. the upset of notre dame. here's your hero. >> oh, my goodness. oh.
5:45 am
just a lot of emotions. i love this team so much. it feels great. great team win. >> i can't even begin to say it right now, how i feel on the inside. i mean, i'm still shaking a little bit on the excitement level. but absolutely. >> the cal bears are bowl-eligible but trying to enhance their choices with a win over arizona state in their final home game. this may be jared goff's final game at memorial stadium. arizona state, jumps out to an early lead. bercovici finds devin lewis. but the bears roar back. fourth quarter, goff, to mohammed. he's going to do the rest. 58-yard touchdown run. cal with the first lead at 37-36. after an asu field goal, the bears retake the lead. goff, a career-high 543 yards
5:46 am
passing. cal led 45-39. arizona state responds. 2:30 to play. bercovici in trouble. somehow, he's going to find raymond epps, for a four-yard touchdown. 46-45, ball game. last play of the game. cal kicker, matt anderson. 26-yard game-winner, good. cal wins 48-46, to finish 7-5. cal and stanford finish with game-winning field goals. warriors, hosting the kings. no harrison barnes out with a sprained ankle. second night of a back-to-back, after mauling phoenix. first quarter, steph curry. three. ball's down. 20-17 kings. five seconds left in the first quarter, draymond green to festus ezeli. golden state by ten at the break. third quarter, draymond drives. first words since wilt in '64 with a double-double until
5:47 am
back-to-back games. brandon rush, three. iguodala loves it. fourth of the quarter, had 14 points in the third. 75-52. warriors roll, 120-101. they hit the road for a seven-game road trip. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shuman. have a great day. >> thank you. you don't need to rub your face in notre dame. sorry about that. i'll alma mater. >> it was a fast-paced game. and i love stanford, too. good morning, everyone. it's cold out there. how cold? yes, it's colder than yesterday in spots because we have more widespread 20s. we're turning the corner on the cold snap as soon as tomorrow. there's a weak front that will bring a few rain drops. we'll show you the amounts in a moment. doppler is highlighting the freeze warnings until 9:00. and the frost advisory like
5:48 am
yesterday, around the shoreline. san francisco is the exception, where 40s are with us again. 42 in the mission. with temperatures in the low 40s from sunnyside, and up towards crissy fields. we widen the view. and look at all of the 20s. from the delta, american canyon, petaluma, at 26. heelsburg and union city, 23. we dropped two degrees. san carlos and san mateo, near 30 degrees. with sunrise at 7:04, a couple more degrees of temperatures dropping. 41 in belmont. getting closer to the bay and we're getting a little warmer, relatively speaking. between now and yesterday, yeah, really, everybody is colder. anywhere from three degrees colder in san francisco, oakland
5:49 am
and mountain view. concord, you were 40 yesterday. livermore has been cold. and napa and fair field, much colder. as we look outside, you'll notice that it's clear. so, freezing cold with sunny skies and temperatures, maybe a degree or two warmer today. a chance of rain. better chance of rain. more organized rain, comes our way on thursday. tomorrow, there is rain to the north of us. north of ukiah in the morning. and by 10:00, you could see sprinkles from cloverdale to middle town. and by monday afternoon, it's cloudy. we're under the cold air mass. with temperatures still stuck in the 50s, it's going to be a raw day tomorrow. and by 10:00 tomorrow night, could see spotty showers that could add up to a couple in santa rosa. it's a weak system. it moves this upper level low out of here. a coup dales in the 60s. and by thursday, 1:00, here comes more rain. anywhere from, perhaps, a
5:50 am
half-inch to an inch. this one is another cold system that will bring snow in the sierra nevada. 67 in san francisco. traveling, no problems. dry, cold, for most of you. and afternoon highs, some of the warmer locations, about 57, palo alto. 58 in deliver moore. well below average. and overnight lows tonight, notice you're still seeing some 20s from livermore to morgan hill. with extra clouds in the north bay, just about freezing, napa and santa rosa. the seven-day forecast. we have slightly warmer overnight lows. but a cold afternoon tomorrow. and look at tuesday, wednesday, in our bathing suits, right? >> yeah. >> rainy on thursday. and back to dry skies friday and saturday. just kidding. >> thank you so much. once a meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs missed earth.
5:51 am
that's the premise of pixar's latest movie. a lot of us saw it in theaters this weekend. jonathan bloom took a trip inside pixar studios in emeryville. >> there is something in the air at pixar studios. >> my name is arlo. >> reporter: arlo has a sidekick. and behind them, an army of artists and animators. it's a big budget movie. but this isn't hollywood. >> i like l.a. but i missed being in northern california. >> reporter: brynn grew up in san francisco, on the new movie "the good dinosaur," she is the shading art director. the the exneuros have come a long way since the base of "monsters inc." >> we had to limit the amount of hairy monsters we had. it was a very expensive thing. >> reporter: now, it's about as real as it gets.
5:52 am
>> we got a wig. and we threw all of the dirt and leaves in it. thought it was like elizabeth taylor's hair. >> reporter: the process of getting there involves pencils, paint brushes and pieces of clay. the early character concepts were sculpted by hand. >> they can work on it forever. and once it's final, it's cast. >> reporter: the shape is only the beginning. >> what color are the eyes? what's the difference between young dinosaurs and older dinosaurs? >> reporter: even family trees can change. >> momma. arlo. >> arlo had a second brother who never made it into the movie. >> may not need to change much. >> reporter: this is a far cry from painting alone in a studio. at pixar, art is teamwork. >> it turns out a lot better than we ever imagined. >> reporter: in emeryville, jonathan bloom -- this is so
5:53 am
cool. abc 7 news. >> very cool. pixar is owned by disney, which is the parent company of abc 7. up next, a new exploration this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
5:54 am
are enjoying their first bowl today.
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wednesday night's jackpot grows to $110 million. history buffs will love this story. researchers believe they are close to uncovering a hidden chamber in the tomb of king tut. officials say there's a 90% chance that hidden chambers will be found within king tut's 3,300-year-old tomb. some claim that remains of queen could be found. come up next at 6:00, a manhunt continues after police say a man killed his girlfriend on the peninsula. we have the latest. a newborn baby girl found buried alive in southern california. how she was saved.
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live, from the kgo tv broadcast center this, is abc 7 news. >> good morning. so glad you're waking up with us. it is sunday, november 29th. let's start with a quick look at our temperatures. here's lisa argen. >> we are freezing in spots around the bay. the 20s are more widespread this morning. the freeze warning until 9:00. frost advisory around the bay. san francisco, basking in the 40s, while the rest of us dropping to the 30s and 20s. 28, san ramon. napa, santa rosa. petaluma, 26. and upper 20s from redwood city to mountain view and san jose this morning at 35 degrees. the next couple of hours, will be in the big chill. and that will continue right


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