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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  November 29, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. new this morning, profile of an alleged killer. what the suspect in the deadly mass shooting of planned parenthood in colorado springs allegedly told the authorities. agents swarming his remote homes. and what his own neighbors are saying about him. breaking this morning, the deadly disruptive weather and ice storms. weather toppling trees, smashing homes. blown transformers sparking fires. rough going by road and by air on one of the busiest travel days of the year. what you need to know before you head back home. candidates on the road. donald trump's dramatic landing in florida, tackling criticism for his recent comments about a disabled reporter. >> i would never mock a person
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that has difficulty. >> while ben carson is jordan visiting refugee camps, what he's saying overnight. and college football frenzy. a wild day of amazing catches. upsets. and even a dancing coach. all the action just ahead of the college football playoff. hey, good morning, on the busiest airport travel day of the year. and it's likely to be a messy one with that ice storm hitting central part of the country. and there's a new storm on the way. rob has your forecast coming up. but we do start with the attack on the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. as we come on air, we're learning so much more about the suspect, his past, his political views and his potential motive for killing three and injuring nine others. >> this, as the idyllic city of
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colorado springs struggles to recover from its second active shooter incident in a month. clayton sandell is there. >> reporter: the planned parenthood building behind is still a crime scene. overnight, we're learning that the alleged gunman is talking to investigators bringing a possible motive into clear focus. after that deadly five-hour shootout between police and alleged gunman robert dear -- police and federal agents, guns drawn, search his remote mobile home saturday west of colorado springs where neighbors said dear and a woman mostly kept to themselves. >> not that friendly a guy. he sure didn't smile or nothing. >> we got some anti-obama pamphlets within three minutes of meeting someone. they're wanting to give you that kind of stuff. >> reporter: the home similar to this rundown north carolina cabin, where dear once lived
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without running water or electricity. >> we just took fire through the window. >> and then i heard a loud pop and a few people began to duck and run. >> reporter: after the firefight and standoff, law enforcement sources said that dear allegedly made rambling, hostile comments about planned parenthood. >> it happened a planned parenthood setting. >> reporter: what does that tell you? >> my suspicions are that has a lot to do with the motive. >> reporter: loretta lynch called it a crime against women receiving care at the planned parenthood. the organization itself said the gunman was motivated by opposition. to safe and legal abortion. overnight one of dear's alleged victims, garrett swasey, a university of colorado police officer was honored in a campus service. >> garrett would tell you tonight that forgiveness needs to be extended to him. >> reporter: two more people who have have been killed haven't been identified.
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nine others were wounded. but expected to recover. >> we're going to support the victims and their families. >> reporter: now, law enforcement sources say the department of justice considers this case a case of domestic terrorism although state charges will take priority and including three counts of murder. paula. >> all right, clayton, thank you, our thoughts go out to those victims. and our big story this morning, millions of people will be on the move today, heading home after the long holiday weekend. for many, the driving will be dicey because of ice and flooding. and snow. and philip mena has more this morning. hi, phillip. >> reporter: hi, paula. good morning. it's been a busy weekend for emergency crews across several states in this region. but here in the oklahoma city area, frozen trees snapping under the weight of all of this ice. and behind me, you can see a power crew working to get that toppled power pole off of those power lining.
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this morning, 80,000 people still without power. central oklahoma, one of the hardest hit by this storm. cased in up to one inch of accumulated ice over three days. that ice bringing down massive trees, crushing cars, smashing through homes. power poles, too, snapped in half. downed wires shutting down interstate 40, stranding drivers for hours. neighborhood after neighborhood, left in the dark. as sparking lines were ripped down under the weight. this morning, nearly 80,000 residents still without power. across the central plains, the ice and rain wreaking havoc on millions of families hitting the road to drive home after the holidays. last night, this semitruck skidded off the road before slamming into an outback steakhouse in amarillo, texas.
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sglifs about 20, 30 feet away. >> three days of dangerous weather being blamed for at least 14 deaths, 8 of them in texas. this man rescued by swift-water teams after his truck began to taking on rushing water. parts of the state hit with as much as eight inches of rain, forcing homeowners to flee. and this rancher to evacuate her horses. this garland golf course washed out and a popular vacation spot now under the lake it normally sits on. this morning, residents across the region are left picking up the pieces and recovering from this storm. after what was supposed to be a relaxing holiday weekend. dan. >> phillip, thank you. as we said, this is a huge travel day especially at the airports. if you're flying today, you may want to leave some extra point. gloria rivera is at reagan national airport in washington, d.c. good morning to you. >> reporter: if you're leaving early you might be okay, otherwise this is the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving
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holiday. nearly 2.7 million people expected to fly today. some of the country's biggest hubs from l.a. to denver, to chicago, have been jampacked all week. what can you do to ease the travel pain? the transportation security administration sticks to their rule, arrive two hours early. and there are also apps, when i fly can i bring, that will tell you what you take and can not take through security. if you're going to travel with gifts put them in a gift bag, that will ease inspection. my favorite tip from the tsa, they want you to know that you can carry on pies and cake and no need top throw those leftovers out. that might come in handy if you're delayed. >> good to know about the pies and cakes to know. >> classic news you can use. >> exactly. exactly. to grandmother's home and back home. so many have been dealing with treacherous storms, rob, there's another one coming that could wreak havoc for travelers.
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>> reporter: yes. we have kind of a one-two punch happening. the you're traveling through memphis, cincinnati that might be an issue and then with this next storm coming in, certainly going to make driving treacherous. here's the rainfall, still heavy across texas. rising rivers and still some freezing rain. the freezing line is lifting a little bit further to the north before the next system comes in. that's going to bring in some significant snows, especially west of chicago, here comes the storm in through tomorrow evening. from sioux falls to fargo. minneapolis, anywhere from six to ten inches of snow in this area. so, driving and flying will be treacherous. if you're flying through minneapolis tomorrow trying to save a few bucks by flying on a monday that could be an issue. more on this storm and what's going on out west in just a few minutes. >> good to know. and president obama will arrive in paris today for an international summit on climate change, of course, just two weeks after the paris terrorist attacks. he'll be joined by officials from nearly 200 countries and security is extremely high. you can see evidence right there. the soccer stadium yesterday, as police with machine guns
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patrolled the stands for the first game since those attacks. and jon karl is in paris. all the leaders are there for the climate change, but the battle against isis is expected to be front and center? >> reporter: absolutely, paula. you know president obama has said this summit, the very fact that it's taking place just two weeks after those attacks here in paris, is a powerful rebuke to the terrorists, you have what president hollande is saying the largest collection of world leaders in history to assemble here in paris, so close after those attacks. so, yes, climate change is on the top of the agenda, but overhanging over all of this is what to do about isis. >> this climate change summit is a hallmark moment in obama's presidency, so, what's exactly expected to happen? >> the goal here is a global agreement to limit greenhouse
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gases, to limit carbon emissions, to slow the growth of global warming. the president has said that this is a top agenda item for his second term. he needs global involvement in this, not just the united states. and he's also going to be meeting one-on-one with leader of china and india to get their buy-into this program. >> we know that security will be extremely high for all of those world leaders. jon, thank you. back at home in the race to replace president obama, the two republican front-runners, donald trump and ben carson making two very different appearances. donald trump in florida, giving helicopter rides to kids. and dr. ben carson making a surprise trip to jordan to visit syrian refugee camps. abc's devin dwyer is on the story. >> reporter: the front-runner flew into florida to the sound track from the silver screen, donald trump touching down in sarasota, then offering free rides to kids on his personal helicopter.
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>> they're all waving and scared stiff. >> thousands of fans turned out for trump, including this elephant, doubling as a billboard. inside the packed arena -- trump also addressed his treatment last week of a newspaper reporter with a rare genetic disorder. >> you got to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. >> they said i was mocking him, i would never mock a person that has difficulty. >> reporter: meanwhile, rival ben carson was visiting refugee camps in jordan. >> we're just getting a good impression of what's going on here. >> reporter: his campaign sharing these images of carson's meetings with families that fled syria. carson said he found no great desire among the refugees to come to the united states because the conditions inside the camps were impressive. chris christie getting a big boost this morning, endorsed by a major newspaper in new hampshire. meanwhile other republican candidates have broke their silence on that shooting on planned parenthood clinic in
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colorado springs. ted cruz, mike huckabee, jeb bush all offering prayers to the victims. let's bring in martha raddatz, also in washington where she'll be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning. i want to ask you about ben carson, under scrutiny for his lack of foreign policy expertise, do you think this trip to jordan was designed to address those concerns? >> i think in part it had to be. they say the trip was planned a couple of months ago, but to go over there in the middle of the campaign, right after that controversy, dr. carson says he wants to learn more about what's going on there. i think it's probably a pretty comfortable environment for dr. carson. because he visits clinics. he's a neurosurgeon. he can talk to children, he can do things that he's familiar with, but he talked to the syrian refugees about what it's like there, and he came away with a positive image of that refugee camp.
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i've been to that camp. this camp is overcrowded on a very hot day. it's completely miserable. they're going into winter pretty soon, we'll want to ask dr. carson about those times as well. >> you'll have a chance to speak to him directly coming later this morning on "this week." meanwhile, though, let's talk trump and the controversy over his comments about the disabled reporter. trump of course has denied that he was insulting the reporter, but i guess the question is, either way, have we reached the point that he's incapable of saying anything that would hurt him? >> we may have reached that point a long time ago, dan. i can't tell you how many times i have sat at this desk and thinking, this will do trump in. he said this, he said that. he keeps saying things, his supporters don't seem to mind what he says. which is why he doesn't apologize. and why he keeps repeating those things. so, it doesn't really seem to hurt him in the polls with his supporters at all. no matter what he says. >> the teflon don.
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martha, thank you very much. a reminder, martha has a big show this morning, she'll be talking to ben carson this morning. as well as the ohio governor john kasich later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. >> as promised, cecilia vega is back in for ron. you're leading this morning's headlines with a cracked windshield. and emergency landing. good morning to you guys. we do begin with that emergency landing bound for new york. american airlines flight all because of this, that's the plane's windshield completely shattered. it happened shortly after takeoff from milan. imagine trying to land looking through that mess. the pilot's commandeering the boeing 767 for about an hour before landing at london's heathrow airport. the 183 passengers all boarded other flights to new york. the cause, though, for that shattered windshield is still under investigation. and breaking overnight, a veteran police officer in pennsylvania was shot and killed after responding to a domestic dispute. police in new florence said the
7:15 am
gunman fled after the shooting, sparking a six-hour manhunt. he finally did surrender without incident. officer lloyd reed with a 25-year veteran of the st. clair township. pope francis touched down in the central african republic, bringing his message of peace to that war-torn country. abc's david wright is right there. >> reporter: pope francis' trip to africa has been a feast for the eyes and ears. pastor of the world's largest church meets his growing flock in africa. nairobi, kenya, catholic schoolkids started a conga line. even the bishops joined them. they danced and smile. this morning, he begins the final leg of his journey. this stop will be the briefest of the pope's trip, but also potentially the trickiest, because the central africa republic is embroiled in a
7:16 am
bloodied civil war. on the drive through the capital the receiving line backed by u.n. peacekeepers who say this city is not quote secure and that's a fact. pope francis is hoping his visit can make a difference. for "good morning america," david wright, abc news. and back here at home, an end to controversial chapter, the end of the nsa's bulk phone data collection. in june, president obama signed a reform measure stripping the nsa's authority to collect phone records of millions of americans. a secret program disclosed by edward snowden. the nsa ceased operations just before midnight on saturday. >> and finally, the royals, they're just like us. a double tumble for prince harry. he fell off his horse twice during a polo match in south africa. the fifth in line to the throne toppled from his mount.
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but don't worry, guys, he was able to quickly get up and walk off the field. ladies, also, don't worry here, he did return within minutes. by the way, harry's team lost that match 7 to 8. the charity, though, raised nearly a million dollars for charity. for >> is that common for them to fall off their horses? >> do you think i know anything >> perhaps not for the professionals. >> he's a tough dude. he proved that over and over again. >> kids, let that be a lesson, get right back on that horse. >> or walk off the field. i would walk off the field. limp off the field, probably. >> you would never get on the field. >> that is also true. that is also true. speaking of another field i would never get on, it was a wild day in college football. starting with this, an amazing catch at the auburn/alabama game. there it is. >> i know you were glued -- your eyes were glued to the screen for all of saturday's games. we're talking a big upset and even a little dancing.
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>> reporter: the college gridiron was a field of dreams for quite a few players and even a coach in the last week of the regular season. take a look at this amazing grab. alabama taking on auburn. jeremy johnson throws to smith who tips it to himself and then sprints for the touchdown. another look, smith tipping it with one hand and regains control. but alabama's derrick henry was unstoppable, running for a school record 26 times for 271 yards. helping alabama win, 29-13. it was a back and forth stunner in stanford. with just 35 seconds left in the game, notre dame's quarterback deshone kizer fakes the handoff and takes it in for the touchdown. but in the final seconds stanford gets into field goal range, conrad ukropina kicks a 45-yard field goal and stanford beats notre dame, 38-36. at michigan stadium, ohio state trampling their rival wolverines with a lot of help
7:19 am
from ezekiel elliott who ran for 214 yards and 2 touchdowns. but the biggest story on the football field, les miles, lsu announcing that the storied coach will remain as head coach. espn reporting the decision to keep miles was not finalized until the third quarter of saturday night's 19-7 victory over texas a&m. the coach celebrated with his players on the field and in the locker room. i believe they were hitting the quan in the locker room. you know how to do that? >> hitting the quan? >> it's a new dance. >> i have no idea what that was. >> i don't know what that was. >> i'm still mastering the stanky leg. >> it was good. >> dan has moves. we want to remind you guys, it's college football season, selection sunday is a week from today on espn starting at noon eastern.
7:20 am
four teams are going to make it. nail-biter which ones. >> it's all come down to the big ten championship, doesn't it? >> iowa. >> it does. >> or michigan state. >> yeah, what she said. >> just for the record -- >> just say yes. >> yes. >> dan, i never tire of you saying stanky leg. >> i'm going to put my vote in for the nae nae. >> okay, all right. guys, i want to show you some video out of salt lake city. watch this car skid out. on the side, another accident the trooper is responding to, this car hits that rolled over vehicle and the trooper's car. the trooper not hurt, thankfully. but i-15 had to be shut down for a time around the salt lake city area. plains, ice. we got more snow and ice across the plains with this next system coming onboard. and from north platte through sioux falls, they'll see significant snow accumulation.
7:21 am
anywhere from five to ten and some cases maybe a foot. across the northeast, temperatures in the 60s. now back down to reality the cold front comes through, 50 degrees today, right around average over the next several days. that's the big picture weatherwise. >> tuesday is december 1st, the >> tuesday is december 1st, the start of meteorological winter, we'll have the outlook for the next two weeks. and if you're a warm weather fan, i think you'll like it.
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warmer weather, i should say. >> i'll take it. >> i like meteorological winter. coming up on "good morning america" -- walk up to an armored car and walk away with half a million bucks. >> plus where to go when youen want your home to look like. >> tomorrow cybermonday. we'll tell you where to get the best bargains online. "good morning america" is brought to you by a zillion things home. is brought to you by a zillion things home.
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welcome back to "good morning america" on a sunday morning. happening right now, ice and rain making for treacherous travel conditions as millions of americans head back home on this holiday weekend. the weather likely to affect flights across the country. on the busiest airport travel day of the year. >> also kensington palace just released these snap shots of princess charlotte. the photographs of the precious 6-month-old princess were taken by her mom, kate. the duchess of cambridge earlier this month. also right now, a king-sized mystery. they say they're 90% sure there's a chamber inside king tut's tomb. that may hold the secret tomb of king tut's step mom. of course one of the most
7:31 am
poirful and beautiful women. 90% sure. >> that he wanted to hideaway his step mother. >> that's creepy. >> there are hidden chambers that we don't know about. >> she's one of the most powerful and feared women in the history of egypt. >> along with sara haines. >> thank you. also ahead, luxury for less. how to decorate your home like your favorite celebrities. rebecca jarvis found the secret. at how you can do it. first, here, the clever thief counting his cash, $500,000 stole out of an armored truck. >> struck outside of a casino in detroit. and got away with a sidewalk jackpot and marci gonzalez joins us. >> this happened at 8:00 a.m. if in the morning. no one realized what he was up to. >> 21. casino. >> reporter: outside this detroit casino, $500,000 heist pulled off by a thief armed with
7:32 am
nothing more than the right display. >> a look loomis jacket, black glasses. >> reporter: the driver of this armored truck was making a stop unrelated to the casino friday morning. the driver claims a man dressed like a fellow security employee told him to open the back of the vehicle. thinking he was a co-worker the driver followed the order and the thief managed to walk off with more than $500,000. >> good thing is, no one was hurt. at this point, that's the most important thing. but we'll continue our investigation. to ascertain who is responsible and what happened. >> reporter: police, now, questioning the driver and going over surveillance footage from outside the greektown casino as the fbi joins the search for the man behind this high-stakes criminal gamble. a spokesperson stressed that this isn't involved coming in and out of their business. investigators trying to figure out how the thief knew the truck
7:33 am
would be parked there and how he got the uniform. >> a lot of questions. >> yeah. >> he didn't even have a weapon. >> no gun, no mask, just the uniform. >> incredible. let's check weather now, once again, back over to rob. >> paula, look at what dan built. down at key west. unbelievable. >> is that king tut? >> that's some sort of sand contest. this had to be a finalist if not the winner. some warm weather thoughts for you if you want to escape to the keys. speaking of warm weather, mentioned this earlier, the next two weeks looking to be above average, fairly typical el nino weather pattern shaping up. either above or much above average temperatures expected through the middle part of december. in the meantime, we're right around average with the snow and ice northwest of this front. but right along where the wave is going to develop today, that's where the heavy rains is going to fall. some of the rivers are rising.
7:34 am
some of the rains needed here in tennessee but not this much. could see upwards of 5 or more inches east of nashville. ice in the central part of the country. cool weather out west. temperature only in the 60s >> this weather report is brought to you by macy's and cecilia vega from california, saying i can build a sandcastle with no problem. done it many times. >> i just said that. yep. >> that's cecilia saying i'm not playing along with that. coming up, how to decorate your home like jessica alba. without breaking the budget and sara, what's popping on periscope?
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>> if rebecca jarvis looked into it, i trust her. right to now we're on periscope. >> we take requests. tweet us if there are people you want us to talk to or questions you want us to ask. >> no limits? >> show them the stanky leg. >> we just reached my limit. we'll being right back. & we'll being right back. ♪ ♪ la vie est belle. ♪ la vie est belle, the eau de parfum, lancôme. now at macy's, your fragrance destination.
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>> anybody who has done home decorating knows it could be daunting and expensive. >> speaking from experience? >> minimal. >> but there's a way to get all of those fabulous looks that you see in celebrity homes without breaking your budget. and abc's rebecca jarvis shows you how it's done. >> reporter: welcome to the studio at 1 kings lane. we're at the new york headquarters of online design mecca, one kings lane. >> no project is too big or too small. >> where co-founder and her team are here to teach you how to live in luxury without spending a fortune. >> when you start to deconstruct, it's not that hard to do. everything doesn't have to be so complicated. >> reporter: so uncomplicated, you can even throw a dinner party like gwyneth paltrow, decorate your office like jessica alba.
7:40 am
or prep your nursery with their help. at one kings, you cannot only salivate over celebs' homes but shop like one of them. >> people dream of having a home that looks like that. and you can show up at one kings lane and see how it is that you would put it together. >> want that artwork from that nursery, it's yours for $95. a table like jessica alba's $149. gwyneth paltrow was another one. >> we worked with her to set a dinner table and the next day, exactly what was on her table was for sale on one kings lane. >> reporter: launched in 2009, one kings lane now has an active community of over 12 million online members. sue and her team travel the world scouring flea markets and hidden corners trying to find the best and most unique finds and take the guessing game out of how to fashion that room.
7:41 am
>> we've given people access to product that they might not otherwise be able to find or get their hands on. >> they gave us an inside look at their latest modern makeover. the brooklyn apartment of new york fashion designer, rebecca minkoff. >> we took out basically everything in the living room and updated it. >> reporter: one kings lane's head designer is leading the transformation, taking her home from this to this. and just moments after the look is completed here, it's here on the one kings lane website where everything in rebecca minkoff's living room can be yours. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new new york. >> i love one kings lane. >> you do? >> it's such a great website. >> that's where i get everything. because the kids destroy it. >> fascinating window into the lives -- and coming up here, speaking of online shopping, your cyber monday game plan, don't press buy until you hear the expert advice we have for you after the
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because we offer amazing prices on thoughtful gifts everyday. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. okay, so, good news, okay. so good news, procrastinators of america, if you skip black friday and small business saturday, cyber monday is coming up tomorrow. >> some deals are going live as early as today. our becky worley is tracking the deals and join us from san francisco. what's the single best item to buy today? >> shoes and clothes. yes, i'm talking to you, paula, let's focus on shoes. >> okay. >> online shoe site has a huge sale up to 70%. if you have a favorite brand, check their website. i know the boots i want are going on sale and your favorite department store, many won't announce their sales until tomorrow morning.
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>> cecilia is writing down everything you're saying. >> one other question, i understand this is a big issue for rob and me, beauty is also big on cyber monday. >> yes, dan, hair spray. it literally goes on sale. it's worth a look. check sefora and ulta tomorrow. and your favorite department store and certain brand lines. also the body shop, 50% off everything. so stock up on that pink grapefruit body wash, guys. >> a direct quote from rob, se sefora is my jam. >> body wash, they're both for everyone. >> okay, so what about electronics, you know thanksgiving is massive. it's not over yet. electronics, still good to buy. >> you'll see deals tomorrow. tv sales, walmart has an lg 65-inch 4k tv it's on sale for $799, $500 off.
7:47 am
gaming consoles, a hot seller. has an xbox bundle that's $135 off. that's a door buster starting tomorrow and toys"r"us has the nintendo on sale. 50 bucks off. >> let me ask you about amazon, i was just looking at amazon's wish list. which is the most boring thing you have ever seen. >> a washer, dryer, i have a vacuum cleaner in my cart. all waiting to go on sale. >> is amazon, setting aside the depressing list that she just enumerated for us, anything we should know about amazon. >> dan, paula is a genius. >> thank you. >> amazon is going to go big so a few highlights, bosh tool, black and decker tools, up to 25%. paula, downloadable games, 15% off. including fallout 4 this year. she needs to relax with some console gaming and. >> yes, i do.
7:48 am
and some pink great fruit scrub from body shop. >> okay, becky. >> thank you so much, becky. coming up on "good morning america," one of the stars of the star wars speaks out about the new movie ahead. dan, deep breath in and out. >> very excited. >> very excited. oderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been someplace where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores,
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it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. ♪ ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by the hotel search. hotel, trivago. >> we established before cleopatra, right? >> no, remember? i would like to tell everyone, check out periscope, rob may have hit the quan. during the commercial. if you don't know what that means, you will soon. it's amazing. >> he may have also pulled a hammie. >> he is injured. the countdown is on to the force awakens. check it out. we're about 2 1/2 weeks away. dan is freaking out.
7:53 am
a big debut. and just released a close look to simon peg's costume character in the film directed by j.j. adrims and stars ridley. who says kids will have a lot to like about the new movie. ♪ >> where are you from? >> classified, really, that's amazing. >> now, ridley also says the character, ray she's playing is both vulnerable and strong. ulcering for new adventures. i love that there are female characters are coming up. >> an awesome twist. >> is she a love child? >> you got 2 1/2 weeks to ponder every question that you have asked us all weekend long. >> is this from a woman who called himmed han solo? >> i called him hans sole low, too. and star wars fans aren't the only ones out there. there are some sara fans zoolander 2.
7:54 am
the trailer shattering records. viewed more than 52 million times to make it the most successful comedy trailer of all time. >> i'm with interpol, i need your help. >> she's hot. i trust her. >> ben stiller and owen wilson are back as they try to stop a conspiracy to kill the world's most beautiful people. justin bieber puts in a came cameo. along with celebs who have the signature blue steel look on their face. it hits theaters in february. i'm super excited. everyone, blue steel. >> oh, well. >> it's a little duck face in there. >> she's hot, i trust her. >> absolutely. >> seriously, i have never heard >> that before. and we spotted some video that we just had to share with you, some kids showing off their best
7:55 am
moves to missy elliot from where they from featuring pharrell. ♪ >> they're awesome. ♪ >> i'm feeling right now a little not limber. >> where do you go from there? when you're that good? >> rob you should hit it with these kids. >> it would make it more awkward. >> the moves choreographed by tricia miranda. can you imagine if you're already that talented? >> when they put in the special gym class for the uncoordinated. >> i didn't know there were special gym class. >> i can't end without my grief. get ready to do the hand jive. we're getting our first look at grease live. giving this peek at the end of january taking you back to all of the drama at riddell high. grease is the word of course. the production stars julianne hough -- dan?
7:56 am
>> and vanessa hudgens. don't make me sing, if you need some grease lightning, i'm here. ♪ grease lightning ♪ go grease lightning c'mon guys. >> this strikes me as the right time to end the show. thanks for watching. >> we're hand jiving. weekend. great to have you.
7:57 am
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