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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  November 29, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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we are very cold again. this system will nudge the cold air out of here. first, take a look at the warmer numbers around the bay. 38 in morgan hill. 54 half-moon bay.
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no matter how you shape it, it's still very cold. below average for this morning. this afternoon still in the 50s. see more cloud cover. chance of rain beginning tomorrow. police are investigating a pursuit that left one person dead. the driver drove on to the freeway and into san ramon and hit a tree. a suspect is still on the loose after police say he killed his girlfriend's. officers are looking for 22-year-old anthony. he's considered armed and dangerous. abc 7 news reporter has the details.
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>> found a victim who was suffering from a stab wound. >> reporter: later the man issed in the homicide, 22-year-old anthony clipped another car driving southbound on highway 101. the driver of that car followed him here to this san carlos medical facility. that's where police began an afternoon long search. they mobilized two teams to sweep through the four story building. some worried about what was going on. >> they said you might want to shelter in place. there's a guy loose somewhere. >> police were not able to find him in the medical building. they said this stabbing was the result of domestic violence.
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it's not the first time they've been to the house. in fransan francisco, one pn is in the hospital after car accident the accident happened early this morning just before 2:30 when a car hit one pedestrian. an ambulance arrived and rushed the pedestrian to the hospital. police do not know when broadway will reopen. a 40-year-old san francisco man is dead after his car went down an embankment late last night. it happened just after 11:00 p.m. chp says the car veered off the road and hit a metal pole as well as several trees before
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overturning in that embankment. officers are still investigating the accident. two women walking along the bike path found a newborn baby girl buried alive. they saved the baby's life but searching for the person who left the infant along a river bed. >> she said can't you hear the baby crying. i said i don't know. i said it might be a cat. my sister said, no, it's baby crying. >> reporter: they dialed 911 after discovering the cries were coming from a crevice.
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they found a baby girl buried ump under a foot of rebel. >> there's indication she was born at a medical facility or hospital. the baby was between 26, i'm sorry 26 and 34 hours hold. >> reporter: she gets emotional as she talks about how sad she felt when she heard the baby. she says the newborn stopped crying when the deputy cradled her. authorities say the baby is hospitalized in stable condition. >> if the child spent the night, the baby wouldn't have survived. >> reporter: a life was saved in this case but he urges mothers who don't want to keep a child to use the safe surrender program. >> cross the threshold of any fire station or sheriff's department and they are safe. the baby is safe. >> god bless them two ladies
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that found the baby and god bless the baby still alive. terrifying experience for a woman woken up by a stranger holding a gun an demanding money. the search is still on. it happened after 5:30 yesterday morning near shady lane. a very remote area. not clear how much the man got away with. it's time to do something about their safety. >> i plugged in my security cameras. i had unplugged them because i got this sense of security that i don't feel now. >> fortunately, the woman wasn't hurt. no sign of forced entry at the house. police combed the neighborhood but could not find the suspect. contractors are meeting with city inspectors to see what can be done to salvage a home.
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it happened as workmen were laying the foundation. they were digging a trench near a retaining wall. >> sitting on the coauch in the family room and like you drop a book on dirt. we walked outside and now we have a eight to ten foot sink hole where our patio, walkway used to be. >> the homeowner says he wants his house back in one piece. an autopsy is being performed to determine how a suspected burglar died in a chimney. it happened yesterday afternoon in the fresno county. the home lit a fire in his fireplace when he heard someone screaming. he tried to put out the flames as his house filled with smoke. >> most have a big metal plate at the bottom that you cannot get through.
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>> firefighters used jackhammers to knock down the brick chimney. the man was responsive during the rescue but died soon after. police say he rummaged through the house on friday before getting trapped in the chimney. if your christmas tree seems a bit off this year, you can blame the drought. the lack of rain is making the center piece of the holiday a lot shorter than normal. >> reporter: for many families it's an annual tradition picking out the perfect christmas tree. >> we're excited because it is our baby's first christmas. >> we found a great tree. >> reporter: this tree grows its batch of douglas and noble firs up in oregon. >> the buds aren't quite as large as they should be and the needles aren't as long. >> reporter: people who go there to chop down their own tree
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might notice shotgun difference. >> reporter: real trees can dry out so you have to keep them watered. the brout as a lot of rethinking. about a third of californians say the drought will impact their tree choice. some aren't planning to display one at all. others are going artificial. families like the look of artificial trees but prefer the smell of the real thing. >> nothing compares to christmas tree smell in your house. >> we had an artificial tree once and it was horrible.
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i wanted the smell. i wanted the pine needles to fall on the floor and get annoyed about it and vacuum them up. we're experiencing another cold morning. >> we're on the other side of that because temperatures on the peninsula already in the 40s. we have 52 in san carlos. we'll look at the positive. 46 san mateo. more 50s for everybody. we are nudging this cold air out of town. i'll explain, coming e ining up. why demonstrators are protesting against climate change this paris by leaving their shoes in a square. how to stop them in their tracks.
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9:14, we want to bring you a live look from our camera right,000. just gorgeous out there looking at the city. it's the coldest morning of the season so far. we'll have a full check of our forecast. pope francis landed in the war torn capital african republic today. armed groups have been divided between muslims and christians. the pontiff's visit will last
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just over a day. this is the last leg of a three-country african tour before the stop. he visited kenya and uganda. millions of people will be on the move headed home after the long holiday weekend. if many in other parts of the country the driving could be dicy because of ice, snow and flooding. >> reporter: central oklahoma one of the hardest hit by the storm cased in up to one inch of accumulated ice over three days. powerful poles snapped in half. stranding drivers for hours. as sparking lines were ripped down under the weight. this morning nearly 80,000 residents still without power.
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>> kind of scary. >> reporter: three days of dangerous weather being blamed for 14 deaths. eight of them in texas. this man rescued by swift water teams after his truck began taking on rushing water. parts of the state hit with as much as eight inches of rain forcing homeowners to flee. this garland golf course washed out and a popular vacation spot now under the lake it normally sits on. expect a busy travel day at the airport. the sunday after thanksgiving
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always brings the most crowds. about 30,000 more passengers than normal are expected. it could mean more headache. holiday and business travelers and all the fans leaving after today's 49ers game could make it another busy day. gators are taking to the glistening ice in san jose for its 20th anniversary. skaters can enjoy music and the colorful light show from the palm trees. downtown ice plans to stay open for an extra four weeks for the super bowl activities. the close after the big game on february 7th. we are rounding that corner and warm weather is on the horiz horizon. >> the good news is most folks slept in. didn't have to deal with it.
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live doppler 7 hd shows how clear it is. the clear sky and waum wind. the heat escaped into the atmosphere any warmth we had yesterday. this is what will help us out. cloud cover will be increasing. we could get a few sprinkles. there's another system, a stronger one behind it. first things first. you want to know how chilly it is out there right now. 39 in morgan hill. it was the coldest morning we saw all season long with temperatures not only in the 20s but a wind chill factor in some neighborhoods as well.
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36 in concord. livermore in the low 30s. we'll be looking for temperatures very similar to yesterday. overall we're still colder this morning than yesterday. subtle changes throughout the day and tomorrow. a big chill still with us. cloudy and cool tomorrow. weak weather system nudging this cold air mass away. a better chance of rain, maybe a half inch or better by thursday. monday morning we're cloudy. that's why we could see just some 30s up here but still out lying areas will see 20s. look what happens. it looks promising. it's not to be because it's going to fall apart and we will look for maybe a sprinkle or two. because of the cloud cover we'll probably be even cooler tomorrow just mid-50s. tuesday and wednesday the wind shift allows for more 60s.
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by thursday here comes the rain. looks like we'll see it throughout the afternoon into the evening commute. it's over by thursday night and we're back into dry weather on friday. it's very dry out there. feels uncomfortable. another day on the coast. mid-50s here. 56 in concord. with the cool afternoon on tap as soon as the sunsets the numbers will plummet even with the extra cloud cover anticipated late in the night it's going to be dropping quickly. here is a look at tomorrow morning's temperatures with 28 in livermore. looking at december bringing warm warmer weather. mid-60s on wednesday. windy and rainy on thursday. back to seasonal numbers friday and saturday. yeah, i think we can complain all we want but what can you do
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about it? >> i wish the rain would stick around longer. we go behind the scenes at pixar for the look at the magic that went into their latest creation. you can feel the holiday spirit in the bay area. abc 7 weather anchor and your favorite disney characters will bring you the magic of the season with a special look at pier 39 tree lighting. the celebration featuring our friends from disney land resort airs tonight at 6:30 p.m.
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this shopping season most of us will rely on credit cards when we buy something. unfortunately, that's a good opportunity for identity thieves. they now have a new scheme to rip you off. >> reporter: there's plenty of credit cards being used and some are being used by thieves. we caught up with shoppers down at union square. >> has your bank ever called to tell you someone else has stolen your card? >> no. >> did they tell you your card had been used in a different country? >> yeah, in england. >> where? >> in the uk. >> reporter: they go shopping where you don't. now privacy advocate and author
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of the new book swipe says identity thooieves are getting more sophisticated. >> in a lot of black market card rooms is they are selling credit cards like a bizarre. they are selling them by zip code and amount, type of card, things like that. >> reporter: they buy a stolen card in your zip code then use it there too. >> okay. they don't get spotted. what do you guys think? >> very smart. >> reporter: you can out smart them by keeping track of what is being charged on your cards. >> the bank may not notice it as being out of pattern but you'll go that's not me. i didn't shop there. >> reporter: many credit card companies will text you ever time a purchase is made. it's a bit of a hassle but it cuts down on theft. >> thanks.
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abc 7 news was in piedmont for the opening of the boy scout tree lot. the site pumps out $100,000 of trees, wreath and garlands from now until december 23rd. hundreds volunteered to work at the tree lot. >> this job, part of the job is seeing the kids all work together and the satisfaction of the customers that come in and get their trees from the scouts and the smiles on their faces. >> the lot features all types of trees. all the money raise pays for boy scout activities throughout the year. the holiday party is open at the palace. characters come to life and mingle with the crowd. there's more than a hundred shops with one of a kind gifts
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as well as seven stages and five parks. the fair runs on saturday and sunday through december 20th. there's much more ahead. we're learning more about the man suspected in a deadly shooting at a colorado planned parenthood. what police say he muttered. is donald trump ge
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good morning to you. temperatures are slowly coming up. we had a few teens in the north. 24 and 26 danville and
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pleasanton. right now we're at 48 in san francisco. 41 morgan hill. half-moon bay, 55 degrees. lots of sunshine again. not going to work too much to warm us up today. that's in the future. 33 in san ta rosa. these 40s will be into the 50s in the next couple of hours. we'll look for temperatures to climb throughout the week. coldest start was this morning and this afternoon. we're not budging too much. still in the mid to upper 50s. we're learning more about the suspect in the attack on planned parenthood in colorado springs. his past, political views and motive for killing three and injuring nine others. >> reporter: after that deadly shoot out police and federal
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agents search his home where neighbors say deer and a woman mostly kept to themselves. >> you can tell. he sure didn't smile or nothing. >> got some anti-obama pamphlets like three minutes of somebody. they're already kind of wanting to give you that stuff. >> reporter: the home similar to this run down cabin where deer once lived without running water or electricity. >> we just took fire through the window. >> then i heard a loud pop and a few people began to duck and run. >> reporter: after the fire fight and stand off, deer made hostile comments about planned parent hood. >> what did he say? >> my suspiciouses is that has a lot to do with the motive.
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overnight one of his victims, a university of colorado police officer was honored in campus service. >> forgiveness needs to be extended to him. >> reporter: two more people who were killed have not been identified. nine others were wounded but expected to recover. >> their families. >> down load our app and enable push alerts. now to the race for the white house. the two republican front runners, donald trump and ben carson made two separate appearances. >> reporter: the front-runner flew into florida to a
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soundtrack from the silver screen. he offers free rides to kids. thousands of fans turned out for trump including this elephant doubling as a billboard. >> you got to see this guy. i don't know what i said. i don't remember. they said i was mocking him. i would never mock a person that has difficulty. >> reporter: ben carson was visitsing refugee camps in jordan. >> we're getting a good impression of what's going on here. >> reporter: his campaign sharing these images of families that fled syria. he said he found no great desire to come to the u.s. because conditions in the camps were impressive.
9:34 am
breaking their silence on that shooting in planned parenthood clinic in colorado. all offering prayers to the victims. >> carson was asked if he agrees that extremist create a dangerous environment. he says extremism comes from all areas. >> it's one of the biggest problems that i think is threatening to tear our country apart. we get into our separate corners and we want to destroy those with whom we disagree. there's no saint here in this equation. >> carson added any hate crime is horrible and should be condemned. happening in paris, activists have leaving hundreds
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of pairs of shoes on the streets to represent the people banned from protesting. this comes after french officials cancel two demonstrations. more than 10,000 people sent in shoes in a sign of solidarity. 150 world leaders will be in paris today for the start of the united nations climate change summit. president obama will meet with chinese president while in paris to discuss a negotiation of a climate change pact. the commander in chief spent months pledging to the agreement. today the national security agency no longer has the legal authority to collect your phone records. under a new law that went into effect at midnight the nsa will need court approval to get
9:36 am
records from private te telecommunication companies. it will make america less safe. a presidential review committee found the surveillance program did not lead to a single clear terrorism breakthrough. still to come on the sunday morning news, behind the scenes of pixar's latest creation. here is a live look from our roof camera now. not a cloud in the sky but sure is chilly out there. lisa will have your forecast in just a few minutes.
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than that. it's the coldest morning so far this season. we're tracking when we can expect some more and maybe even a little rain. we'll have that in a couple of moments. some north bay residents hay see an increase in water rates over the next five years. they will vote on tuesday whether to increase bills by nearly 3% each of the next three years and 2.6% the remaining two years. officials say the hike will give the water department a better plan to manage the city's future cost. if this is approved, the rise in
9:40 am
water hikes will go into effect in january. the average household will see the water bill go up to about $125 to $144 month. we all want to know, we have changes ahead. >> we do. already things are getting mixed up with the winds out there with 54 degrees, half-moon bay. 38 petaluma. you may see a few clouds tonight but we'll keep you warmer. we'll talk about that and much warmer weather and rain. : next, dramatic
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we're actually, let's take you to our roof camera. it's a gorgeous day. it's 48 degrees many the city right now. there were 20s in the north bay. we'll get a check in a moment. 49ers are hoping to close out november with wins today. at 10:00 a.m. the silver and black are in tennessee to face the titans. the niners battle the nfc west. kickoff is at 1:05 p.m. next saturday, sanford will face my usc trojans in the pac
9:44 am
12 championship game. they won a thriller over notre >> good morning. last night was no difference on the farm. this game was a good old fashioned shoot out. kevin starts it off. hogan, 269 yards, a final home game, 35-29, stanford. irish quarterback. two yards for the score. looked like he have short. upon review it's good. irish left 37 on the clock. middle of field. 27 yards. he's down at the 30. never in doubt. the upset of sixth ranked notre
9:45 am
dame. 38-36 the final. here's your hero. >> oh, my goodness. i love my team so much. it's great. great team win. >> i can't even begin to say how i feel on the inside. i'm still shaking a little bit on the excitement level. absolutely unbelievable. trying to finish with a victory. arizona state jump eed out to a early lead. the bears roar back. fourth quarter. took off. he's going to do the rest. 58 yard touchdown run. great cut back there. the first lead at 37-36.
9:46 am
after an asu field goal. a career high 542 yard passing. cal led. arizona state respond. 2:30 to play. somehow going to find raymond for a four-yard touchdown. last play of the game. cal kicker, 26-yard game winner. cal wins 48-46. cal and stanford win it with game winning field goals. second night of a back to back after phoenix, first quarter, curry. 17 points in first quarter.
9:47 am
third quarter, 64 with a triple double. third quarter, brandon rush. he has 14 points in the third. 75-52. they hit the road now for a seven game road trip. that's the way ball bounces. have a great day. all right. thank you. talking about the cold. >> for you i found the warmest temperatures on thursday. you're going to go do palo alto in the mid-60s. >> let's do it. >> it's going to be raining. clear and numbers beginning to get out of the 20s and 30s. show you this system that will push out of way. it's going to bring increasing
9:48 am
cloud cover. still a chilly day for monday. behind tuesday and wednesday is when we warm up. the golden gate bridge so sunny but the temperatures just in the 40s from really oakland and san francisco upper 40s. we have low 40s for mountain view and san jose. half-moon bay and east wind at 16 miles an hour. jumps seven degrees from 8:00 to 9:00. 37 by the delta. 33 in san to rosa. 41 in napa. still in the 30s in livermore. overall, everyone was colder this morning except half-moon bay. anywhere from two to ten degrees colder. we're going to turn the corner
9:49 am
on this cold snap with increasing clouds overnight tonight for portions of the north bay. the big chill, cloudy and cool tomorrow. maybe an inch on thursday. we'll start with tomorrow where we're looking at the cloud cover keeping us pretty cold in the morning hours. look what happens. this just fizzles and falls apart. we could bring out a sprinkle here or there. we'll stay cloudy and cool. more like the low to mid-50s. behind it wednesday we're sunny and tuesday with some 60s. here comes the rain with more mild conditions. starting out mainly late morning into the afternoon on thursday. it's a quick mover and we're back to dry conditions. maybe next sunday, a week from today we could see a little more rain. lots of 50s. no problems travel wise north to south. the surf will kick up in southern california later on today.
9:50 am
upper 20s in lake tahoe. south lake with minus 10 this morning. temperatures here around the bay looking very familiar. this has not changed for days. 57 on the peninsula. san jose 57 degrees. 56 degrees with mid-50s by 4:00. light north winds out there. tonight maybe some 30s many north bay. still freezing temperatures. t maybe a sprinkle tomorrow. our warmest days, wet and wednesday -- wet and windy come wednesday and thursday. >> we'll still be warm. >> that helps with the snow pack as well.
9:51 am
we have a system from the south to give us the warmer temperatures. >> thank you so much. what if the media had missed earth. that's the premise of pixar's movie the good dinosaur. a lot of us saw it in theaters this weekend. abc 7 reporter had the assignment. he took a trip where the magic is made. >> right here. >> it's basic budget movie. this isn't hollywood. >> i like l.a. but i miss being in northern california. >> the textures to characters.
9:52 am
>> to limit the amount of hairy monsters that we had because it was really -- >> now it's about as real as it gets. >> we got a wig and we threw all the dirt and leaves in it. pete thought it looked like elizabeth taylor's hair. >> once it's final, it's cast. >> the shape is only the beginning. >> what's the difference between young dinosaurs and older dinosaurs. >> even family trees can change. >> mama, arlo. >> arlo has a second brother who never made it into the movie. >> may not need to change much.
9:53 am
>> this is a far cry from painting alone in the studio. at pixar, art is team work. >> since everyone contributes, it always turns out better than we can imagine. >> so cool. this is great. >> thank you. >> abc 7 news. >> pixar is owned by disney. coming up, a new exploration of ♪ cyber sales are storming in with ultra hdtv deals.
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here's the winning numbers from last night's power ball draw. no one picked all six numbers. it grows to $110 million. the winning numbers from last night $19 million supper lotto. no one picked all six either. the jackpot increases to $20 million. history buffs will love this. researchers in egypt believe they are uncovering a hidden chamber in the tomb of king tut. there's a 90% chance that hidden chamber will be found within the tomb. one research has theorized the remains of a queen could be inside. they are sent to japan for a month long analysis before they can continue the search. pretty cool.
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very cool. cool outside with temperatures still stuck in the 30s and 40s for most. how about 50 ocean beach. it feels cool out there. 48 in and around ocean beach with 48 in belmont. 37 still by the delta. isolated spots down sboop the teens. richmond, 54. breezy along the coast. it's cool today. another 30, 36 hours of this cool snap. then with increasing clouds and warmer 60s arise for the first day of december. a little bit of everything. >> i like it. >> thank you for joining us on the abc 7 sunday morning news. we appreciate your time. the news continues now online, on social media and with our abc
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7 news app. have a great day. stay warm.
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