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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 29, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> any cop who would do that is the surprising part. >> shock over the arrest of san francisco so-called "hot cop" of the castro. the cop who was an internet sensation is accused of a hit-and-run that sent two people to the hospital. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm reggie and natasha has the night off. lilian kim is live at broadway and montgomery at north beach where this crash happened. lilian? >> reggie two men were crossing the street when the officer plowed into them and now he faces charges of felony hit-and-run. 38-year-old christopher cores is perhaps san francisco's most famous officer. his good looks and sculpted body earned him the name of "hot cop" in the castro, but
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now he is in trouble with the law. he was off duty and driving west in his orange dodge charger at 2:20 when he hit two men crossing the street. the impact september -- sent one man flying in the air. >> i see the guy go up and down. >> emergency crews arrived and transported the two men to the hospital where they are recovering from non-life-threatening injuries, but the officer was no where to be found. they say he took off. he left his car at the accident site. >> all the doors were shut and the lights were on. it looked like somebody pulled up and stopped and got out of the car and left. >> police eventually found him, but not saying as to how or where. all of this comes as a shock to residents in the castro where the officer began attracting fans last year. they posted photos on social media which made him an internet sensation. >> somebody we all looked up to may have done something that would endanger the community is actually horrible.
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>> those are human beings. if i were to hit a dog i would pull over. >> the officer faces two counts of felony hit-and-run, but police are seeking the public's help. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. the search is underway for this man wanted in the stabbing death of his girlfriend. police say anthony is armed and dangerous. neighbors and police say there is a history of domestic violence. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story. >> as soon as i saw the barricades i thought, okay, he finally did it. >> neighbors say they feared for the 34-year-old who lived in this house. her boyfriend, 22-year-old anthony was bad news. he spoke to him every day off camera. >> every day there were two or three bouts of screaming at the top of their lungs. >> he stabbed straw and then
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took off and then later died. they found his car and evacuated sutter health urgent care clinic. police searched the building, but found no sign of corinchek. >> with that particular address we are working the homicide address a number of times. >> it is a really sweet person. >> colleen straw had a restraining order but kept coming around. >> i saw him coming back i walked over and said what are you doing? he put his head down and walked away. >> she is part of the community overcoming abuse, a women's shelter. she can't confirm if colleen straw was a client, but knows he is not to blame. >> it is easy to blame the victim for returning.
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it is important to remember that someone chose to take someone's life. >> he is considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call 9-1-1. in san mateo, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> we are on our fifth night of cold temperatures. if you don't like it this cold, it appears the worst may be over. drew is -- has a first check of the accu-weather forecast. >> the cold weather will ease. we have a freeze warning that goes into affect right now through monday morning at 9:00 for the valley and also the mountains in the north bay and the east bay where the temperatures will drop in the mid20s and the low 30s again. here are the wake up numbers. 41 in richmond and 31 in fairfield. 39 in oakland and this irrelevant 6 in san jose and san francisco at 44 degrees. the future weather does show you a light sprinkle is possible tomorrow morning, but watch as it falls away.
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any light isolated showers will dissipate by the noontime hour. behind this front mild air returns and then we will look at the forecast coming up. >> people in two san francisco neighborhoods say they are seeing someone casing their home. they even have the video to prove it. the unusual twist in the story is what appears to be wigs. sergio is live in the castro district to explain this one. >> it is not unusual to have an interesting cast of characters, but i was on the phone with the police this evening and they say they are trying to build a case against the prowler caught on surveillance videos. the prowler is has an interesting collection of wigs. he noticed an odd character at his front gate. >> there is a straight blonde
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wig and a curly black wig, but i don't care why they are wearing it. >> murdoch and his neighbors started comparing notes and exchanging videos from the security system and they realized this is the same person who has prowled around several other homes. this is video from a neighbor: >> in there you can clearly see the person walking full face and frame. they are going and unlocking something. i think that was the break in. >> the pair is clearly in the property, but it is not clear if they stole anything from the residence. this wig-wearing lurker seems to be casing homes. areas represented by the supervisor scott wiener. >> when you have people stealing cars and breaking into cars and breaking into homes and even doing home invasions, that has a dramatic negative impact on neighborhood safety and neighborhood quality of life. >> i talked on the phone with the captain of the eagle side police station and he has assigned a special
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investigator. the last visit he got was early this morning before 3:00 a.m. >> so what is the lesson here for your neighbors? >> lock your doors. >> he says it looks like this person is checking for easy access to a home or car. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thank you, sergio. a 19-year-old woman from livermore died after wrecking a stolen car after being chased by police in san ramon. the chase started after 1:00 this morning. that's when officers in danville tried to start hannah for reckless driving. it ended when she smashed into a tree. danville's police chief defended the officer's decision to chase them at speeds up to 90 miles an hour. >> at this time of day with no traffic out it was within our policy to do so. had those factors been different it would not be something we would encourage. >> you can see how the crash tore the stolen honda apart. two passengers are in the hospital and they are in
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critical condition. an accidental house fire has left a family of six homeless tonight. the fire broke out just after 3:00 this afternoon. no one was hurt here. the firefighters say flames were confined to the front and back bedrooms. investigators are still looking for a cause. vandals deface a san francisco landmark over the weekend. you can see graffiti scrawled on top of the sentinal building. it is famous in part because francis ford copolla edited it in the building. uc teams up with bill gates to fight climate change. plus we have been hearing about it for awhile and now seeing it in action. drones from amazon. and what did we learn about the three victims killed in a colorado attack at a planned parenthood
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respects to the people killed in the terrorist attacks in paris two weeks ago. the president placed a flower at the growing memorial outside the famed french concert hall. 130 people died in the deadliest attack on french soil in a half century. the french president also joined president obama tonight. the islamic state militants have claimed responsibility for the attack. some real drama playing out on the streets of paris. these are protestor clashing with police before the opening of a major climate summit. they arrested about 200 people. officers even fired teargas
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trying to break up their march. activists defied a ban on public protest imposed as part of the state of emergency following the terror attacks. as for the summit itself president obama is going to be joining 18 other world leaders and prominent names in business to launch a historic expansion of clean energy research. the coalition is also going to include the university of california. the uc will be the only institutional investor to join a coalition lead by microsoft founder, bill gates. bill will invest in research and development of clean energy technology to fight climate change. so far uc has colleged to spend $1 billion in clean energy innovation over the next five years and the head of the sierra club says that kind of research has already made major progress. >> the world is beginning to move away from fossil fuels. clean energy like solar and wind is now cheaper than coal and oil and gas and nuclear power and more than half of the united states and more
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than half of the countries around the world. >> facebook founder mark zuckerburg with jerry brown. did you get all of your holiday shopping done? shopping was down, but on-line shopping was up. and cyber monday has actually already started. nick watt is tracking the trend. >> holiday shopping is now a little less standing in line and a lot more shopping on-line. this black friday in store sales fell more than a billion dollars. meanwhile on-line we spent $2.7 billion and that's a big bump up 14% over just last year. >> it is quicker and it is easier. we are used to the on demand lifestyle. most of us are doing on-line shopping on a regular basis. >> tomorrow cyber monday is expected to shell out even more. the retailers are spending promotional e-mails early and
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often. they are matching black friday in stoor deals on-line and sh -- in store deals. and many are starting the cyber sales early. they are starting tonight and extending the offers so-called cyber week. an ipad mini at wal-mart and at target, $300 off this samsung tv. >> black friday is not as attractive as it used to be. and do you want to get punched in the face or be yelled at or fight the traffic for hours? there is no need now to do that. you can find the same deals on-line. >> increasingly we are shopping with our fingers and not our feet. abc news, santa monica, california. all right, it is like the ghost of christmas future only a lot less dark. amazon is showing off what drone delivery would look like if and when the u.s. clears it for takeoff. the company posted video of the service it is calling amazon prime air. jeremy clarkson shows us a
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drone landing on a pre designated patch of ground and delivering it within 30 minutes before it takes off again. amazon says the drones are ready as soon as they get regulatory support. i know that is wild stuff. >> unless it is carrying a plasma, you don't know if you want that over your head. >> that could get a little weird. >> so we are talking about another cold night, but then a trend upward, yeah? >> the final cold night in our cold snap will start to see mild air working into the picture overnight. and then we will track our next storm system. live doppler 7hd is painting a clear picture. is a you widen out the view you will notice that it is tracking moisture right off the coast of northern california. this is all associated with a front that will swing through here on our monday. it will really help to kick off the chill we have in the air. out there right now around the immediate bay we are generally in the mid to low 40s. 43 in oakland and the same in hayward. 40 in fremont and 43 mountain
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view. 43 san francisco. as you move away from the bay waters we are into the 30s. 36 antioch and 32 in santa rosa. overnight we have the freeze warning in affect for our inland valleys and dropping to the 20s. 39 overnight and dropping to 36 in san jose. the future weather shows the front begins to move through on monday morning. it is trying to bring an isolated light shower, but this front is going to encounter a lot of dry air. much of the activity is going to vab operate, but --y evaporate, but the chance is still there. what it does is it leaves behind partly to mostly cloudy skies. that will keep us on the cool side for monday as we head back to work and school. the high tomorrow 57 san jose. 55 napa and 54 vallejo and 55 in livermore. in the wake of the front it will switch our wind and usher in the mild temperatures. by wednesday this will feel nice. most locations in the midto
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upper 60s. this is all ahead of our storm system. the future weather will jump ahead. here are steadier showers thursday afternoon and likely these showers will last into the better half of the thursday evening before exiting early friday morning. the early estimates in terms of rainfall, it looks like a quarter to half an inch of moisture likely with this next system. if we see a downpour we could see three-fourths of an inch of rain. future tracker shows you by thursday afternoon likely clocking some wind gusts near 40 miles per hour. you will want the sturdy umbrella with you on thursday as the system moves through. also bringing in some snow to the sierra. thursday midday to friday morning likely seeing some 5 to 10 inches of fresh powder in the sierra. of course they will change and fluctuate so stick close to the forecast as you get near thursday. accu-weather seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow an isolated sprinkle possible. by tuesday though we usher in
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more seasonable conditions. the sunshine returns. wednesday is the pick of the week. by thursday it is wet. it is windy. by friday the clouds and sunshine and on saturday it is sunny and sunday, yes, another chance of some rain moving through. mild air returns on tuesday into wednesday and find your rain gear for thursday. >> if that changes -- >> i will let you know. >> coming up on abc news at 11:00, this 7-year-old california boy is about to get a birthday celebration we don't think he will ever forget. and a grateful dog. wait until you see how this four-legged guy thanked
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a man and a dog have something to be thankful for. crews found the man chest deep in floodwater with a dog on his shoulder.
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with the help of a ladder truck the men were lowered and then brought up to safety. the dog, well, as you can see, expressed his gratitude in the way that you would expect a dog to. that is 7-year-old ricky as the police motorcade drove down his street. the stockton police department wanted to make his birthday unforgettable. ricky suffers from a rare genetic disorder and his mom says he wants to be a cop. she called the department weeks ago asking for an officer to stop by and this is what showed up. a motorcycle unit. the s.w.a.t team's 17,000 pound bear cat and the stockton police chief and who doesn't love that outfit? >> what a great story. >> good for them. they put a lot of effort into that. speaking of effort, we have the good and the bad. >> and the ugly. >> we are down to believe --
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down to one undefeated team. broncos upset the patriots in over time in denver by playing in a snow globe thanks to a former cal bear. unbelievable
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brought to you by xfinity. >> the carolina panthers and the new england patriots are the only undefeated teams in the nfl. new england is trying to stay perfect in denver. tom brady and peyton manning. snowing in denver. the patriots are up 14. a 63-yard touchdown strike. broncos are all the way back with over a minute to play.
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24-21 denver. the patriots move the ball enough for a 47-yard field goal to tie it at 24-24. we go to over time. break free for a 48-yard touchdown run. denver wins it 30-24 handing new england their first loss of the season. 49ers hosting the cardinals and held the top ranked offense in the league to 19 points. the niners cannot put up enough points in this moral victory. they can mutually partways. getting restless with the current management. an eight-yard touchdown. the niners tie it up on a field goal with 13. two and a half to play and carson palmer will run it in. haven't seen this in awhile. 19-13 cardinals. fourth and 20. to anquan boldin.
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19-13 your final. they visit chicago next week and then after the game bowman pretty much broke it down. >> you know, i know we don't have much to play for. i think we still have a shot. today was, i think, a demonstration of the type of team we have to respond after all of the turmoil we have been through. they completed the come from behind drive to imif their playoff hopes -- to keep their playoff hopes alive. derrick carr perfectly placed. third quarter and cooper 41 yards. coop, seven catches and 151 yards today. 10 yards score and 17-6 raiders. fourth quarter and making the ball hard to handle.
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he fumbles the snap. one yard touchdown and the titans take the lead. later last drive. 24-21 oakland and they win it by the same story. they are now 5-6 and they get the chiefs next week. this sports report is brought to you by xfinity. see where stanford stands in today's rankings and kobe bryant made an announcement. we will have that later in the newscast. >> big changes. thank you so much. still ahead at 11:00, a possible motive in the deadly planned parenthood clinic shooting. how police watched the rampage unfold. and classes canceled. what
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> and again good evening to you. in tonight's headlines, a san francisco police officer faces accusations of running away after hitting two men with his dodge charger. a family friend of one of the men hit tells abc7 news he has a broken jaw and a broken leg. he is called "the hot cop" and has attracted fans. he was off duty at the time of the crash. police continue their search for this man. murder suspect anthony corinchek. they consider him armed and dangerous and they believe the 22-year-old killed his girlfriend inside her home yesterday. both neighbors and police say he has uh bruised straw in the past. a suspected it prowler who likes to wear wigs in san
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francisco. home security cameras have recorded this person in both the castro and the valley. the most recent citing came this morning. they have assigned a special investigator to the case. tonight we are learning more about the police officer and the two civilians killed in the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs. she was the mother of two. she was at the clinic on friday with a friend during the shooting. he was the father of two and an iraq war veteran and the officer we have been telling you about who was a pastor at his church. and we are learning more about the man accused in the killing spree and why he might have started the shooting. clayton sandal is in colorado springs. >> investigators say it could take a week to process the crime scene, the five-hour siege was pure chaos. >> a gunman on friday taking aim at police and everyone else at a colorado springs
11:37 pm
planned parenthood building. >> he fired a round. >> people inside and out hiding anywhere they could. >> all i heard was screaming and people saying to get down. when i looked out the window is when i had actually seen the gunman just shooting randomly. >> as police tapped into the closed circuit cameras. >> he was aiming for my head. >> the alleged gunman and neighbors say he mostly kept to himself moving into this remote trailer home about a year ago. he was searched by police. >> it is easy to just do your own thing and not be noticed. everybody minds their own business pretty much out here. >> as for a possible motive law enforcement sources and he made rambling, hostile comments about planned parenthood. they call it a
11:38 pm
crime against women receiving health care. they say deer appears to be a classic lone wolf. >> he is not talking to a lot of people. he is not saying i am going to do this or i am going to do that. it is very hard to identify that type of person as a threat. >> even understanding the shooter's alleged motive will not bring back three victims. stewart, an entrepreneur. jennifer, a mother of two, and 44-year-old police officer and family man garrett swayzee. >> he would have gone into the clinic to serve those people because their lives mattered. a prayer for his alleged killer. >> god we forgive him. we can't not. you have for given him. garrett has for given him. >> he was a champion junior ice skater who trained with nancy kerrigan. >> strong and powerful and did
11:39 pm
it with a nice ease. >> it was horrific and sad. nine others were hurt in the incident including four more officers. all of them are expected to be okay. the suspect is going to be in court for the first time tomorrow. an unusual move by the university of chicago. they are can selling all classes after being warned by the fbi of an on-line threat of gun violence. in a statement tonight the university says the threat mentioned the campus quad which is a popular gathering place. there will be an increased police and security presence on and around campus. the faculty and the students are being told to stay away. students who live in college housing are being told to stay in their dorms. jury selection for the police officers standing trial in the death of freddie gray. gray died from a severed spine while in police custody. he was not wearing a seatbelt
11:40 pm
when injured in the back of a police van and died one week after his arrest his death sparked outrage and looting. the officers will be tried separately facing charges from assault and manslaughter to reckless endangerment. >> if you were among the millions safely home after traveling consider yourself one of the lucky ones. abc news reporter shows us why there is so much trouble weather wise across the country. >> for many the home stretch is a slippery slope, but the freezing weather has put even slow speed travel on ice. >> we couldn't even go the speed limit. we had to go under it. >> trees falling under the weight of the ice. >> all night we could hear the
11:41 pm
limbs cracking. >> what did it sound like? >> like a big shotgun and a big crack. >> the storm forcing oklahoma's governor to declare a state of emergency. >> it is coming down. >> 100,000 homes left in the dark. utility crews braving the elements to restore electricity. >> it has been devastating. we had one ice storm, but it didn't do the damage this one has. >> the driver of this vehicle hydroplaned into a creek. in time. >> she was able to reach her arm out and i got her by hand. >> the swift water teams rescued this truck driver trapped by the heavy rains. the storm is headed east across the plains spreading more snow and in some spots five to 10 inches. in others more than a foot. abc news, new york.
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>> pope francis is calling for peace in central african republic. the pontif spoke asking christians and muslims to lay down their weapons and arm themselves instead with peace and forgiveness. muslim rebels over threw the president in 2013 and since then mobs of christians have been attacking muslims in the streets forcing more than 1 million from their homes. this is the last stop on the pope's african tour. still ahead, where you can find the best deals on electronics this holiday season and you don't even have to leave your house. 7 on your side's michael finney explains. that's next. >> we are in for a cold night. freeze warnings are in affect through tomorrow morning but i am tracking milde
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cyber monday only. tv or tablet on your electronics holiday shopping list? well, we have something that could save you just in the nick of time. michael finney gets advice from the consumer reports about where to shop for the best selection, service and prices. >> when wendy bought her television at best buy, she got $300 just by asking. >> i really never expected that would happen at a big store like that. but it was really kind of easy. consumer reports say don't be afraid to ask. the survey of more than 40,000 subscribers found 64% of those who haggled were successful
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saving an average of $78. and you might want to reach for your keyboard instead of your car keys when you head out to shop. >> people who bought electronics on-line were happier with the price. they were happier with the selection and they were even happier when it came time for the returns. >> it includes abt and bh photo video. and though it doesn't top the chart, they get high marks for price and selection. >> you can get better deals on-line by price matching and by finding coupon codes. it is always worth it to do the extra search before you make a purchase. >> the shoppers were a lot less happy with their experience at wal-mart and with the selection at other big name walk in stores like office depot and radioshack . if you don't mind a smaller selection you can find some good deals at warehouse clubs like costco and bj's and sam's club. and if you really like to be hand on, consider local independent retailers. they offer a bit more hand
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holding which can make up for sometime less competitive pricing. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> the distinctive sound of a puppy's first taste of watermelon. you are loo looking at -- are you looking at jinx and landy. their owners say landy loves to munch on mellon so they thought they would let jinx take a bite too. if you are going to try this at home, warning, make sure the watermelon is seedless. the seeds can upset the tummies of puppies. >> uh-oh. >> we eat watermelon the same way. right now we are working on the weather. >> finally after a fifth night of cold temperatures we will see much milder air move in. live doppler 7hd is painting a clear picture. but we have a freeze warning that is now in affect until
11:48 pm
tomorrow morning at 9:00. this is the fifth night in a row and a very cold temperature in our interior north bay and east bay. the overnight lows in the mid20s to the low 30s. as we go about the nationwide look at weather, it is rather quiet across mop of the middle part of the -- across much of the middle part of the country. we will be tracking snow through the upper midwest. snow showers are on the warm side so to speak around saint louis and washington, d.c. we'll see light rain showers otherwise it is pretty quiet. we will start to see a front move through to northern california. what this front will do is wipe out the chill. we'll zoom into the bay area. it is partly to mostly cloudy. perhaps an isolated sprinkle. we will keep temperatures in the mid50s. 54 san francisco and 57 oakland. 55 napa and 54 for antioch. the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows one final day of the chill in the air with the isolated sprinkle.
11:49 pm
on wednesday it is a beauty. on thursday it is wet and windy before we track the clouds and sun and sunshine to start off the weekend next weekend. >> work on your water mellon video. >> we will talk now to shu about a busy day in the nfl. >> yes, it was. >> lots of changes and announcements. >> we'll take a tour of the nfl action. that includes an unbelievable game in denver where the broncos rally to force over time. the former cal bear puts -- cal bear puts the first blemish on the record. >> when it happens where you live. >> flash flood warning. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> out in fremont. >> here at oracle. >> major story. >> they didn't realize they were being overcharged jie. honestly thank god for seven on your side. >> on the scale of stories i investigate there is nothing more important than life or death. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that works for
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you. >> live from san san rafael -
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brought to you by xfinity. >> the panthers and the patriots are the only undefeated teams left. new england was not so lucky in denver. tom brady and peyton manning. payton out with a foot injury. tom brady deep. 63-yard touchdown and 21-7 new
11:53 pm
england. broncos come back and take the lead. denver up three. they move the ball enough that it is tied at 24. he takes the ball on a sweep and breaks free for the touchdown. denver wins it. new england's first loss of the year. for anderson the game winner was a blur and not because of the snow. >> to be honest i don't know what happened. i knew i was being powful and physical. powerful and physical. >> the niners face the bengals and they took care of the rams. to a wide open aj green. 10-7 in the second. 23 yards and 12th td catch of the year. dalton to green again.
11:54 pm
31-7 will be the final. the rams have now lost four in a row. the vikings lost in week one and adrian peterson gets the ball early and often running on 29 carries and two scores. the vikings are up 8-3 and the falcons are in a free for all having lost four in a row. only one play you need to see from o'dell beckham. diving into the end zone and yes the giants lose the game 20-14. washington lead the nfc east and they are a game under 500. their division is so bad that dallas will still have a chance to win it. ben roethlisberger airs it out. 69 yards and two pointer was no good. seahawks take the lead on a russell wilson td and then the same two again and an 80-yard touchdown. the longest play of the year. wilson throws a career high
11:55 pm
five touchdowns on his birthday they are now 6-5. chiefs get the raiders next week. kansas city is down two and alex smith to kelsey. a 15-yard touchdown. need him on dance party two minutes to go and he gets the first down. chiefs challenge and the call is reversed. 30-22 your final. cardinals up to number seven in the football poles. yet stanford's chance of making the playoffs are slim. they are easily the best two-loss team out there. the issue is there are four one loss teams ahead of them. cardinals escaped with a last-second field goal by conrad he was carried around on the field by teammates and fans.
11:56 pm
the short time he was on the ground rick quan asked if he was nervous about making the final kick. it is just another kick. it is just another kick. did it to are all of the seniors out there. yes, sir. have to go out on a win. we knew we had to protect our own turf and it feels good. kobe bryant will retire at season's end. longest tenure in team history. drafted out of high school. we saw the changing of the guard from kobe to steph curry as they set an nba record to start a season against the lakers. kobe is the highest paid nba player at 25 million dollars a year and the third leading scorer in history. he took the torch from michael jordan and hands it over to
11:57 pm
the new face of the nba and that is steph curry. the warriors could have drafted him in 1996. they took todd fuller instead. let's just say that was a big mistake. this sports report is brought to you by xfinity and kobe made the announcement and i don't know why he didn't do it at the beginning of the year. it could be a final victory tour so to speak i think that warrior game was the one that put the dagger in his heart. >> he did it in the form of a poem which is interesting. >> it is interesting reading. >> thanks for watching tonight. have a great day tomorrow. abc news continues tomorrow at
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