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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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sure they get to your house. >> new concerns of the safety of self driving cars and what researchers in stanford found. >> if you have been to candlestick you have seen this huge 27' tall statue and what is next for the image that greeted fans as crews demolish the ballpark. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for join us on monday morning. >> were watching baseball games during the summer at the ballpark it was freezing cold and i never felt like i would feel colder in the bay area but this morning? >> let's check with our meteorologist. >> this is the last very, very cold morning with a freeze warning inland valleys because cloud cover is on the increase and an air mass moves in tomorrow that is going to warm us up. 29 in san ramon, concord is 32. 32 in santa rosa with clouds. 31 in mountain view and warmer in san jose at 36. weak cold front is on the way
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and it looks more impressive than it is with the cloud cover into the forth bay and higher elevation and rain and snow mix dissipating as it pushes into the bay area. we are talking increases clouds and 40's and 50s by noon and isolated sprinkle, with highs just in the 50s. >> we are working the serious accident westbound 80 at carlson back to our waze app you can see wazers are posting here that the accident is very serious with two lanes blocked, the center lanes westbound 80 and track backing beyond san pablo dam so give yourself plenty of time with a 30-minute drive from highway 4 into the toll plaza and again, check out a download of the free app, it is handy to get the alternate routes, and san pablo avenue, that, too, is jammed. >> thanks, sue, 6:01. happening today cyber monday is underway as more people avoid
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the long lines to buy their christmas presents online. our reporter is in tracy at the amazon fulfillment center where many of the gifts are head out to homes today. amy? >> yes, very busy here. look at amazon employ ease hard at work. the product is brought to them by robots. the robots have been added to 13 facilities in the united states this year. they think it will make them faster. will they be as busy as they were last year senate national retail federation is predicting, no. they predict 121 million will shop online compared to 126.9348 last year. they think it is because cyber monday is not a day anymore, 103 million shopped online over the weekend. still, amazon is saying today is going to be very busy.
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>> when i think of 43 million units, 500 units, around the world, yes, amazing. we have hired 100,000 associates on the united states network. everyone is trained. everyone is ready to go. the idea of cyber monday could be fading because we no long verify to wait to monday to get to our decks at work, people now can order from the palm of their happened. they have the smartphones, right? a busy day. if you think your monday is busy thing of the workers at this facility. on orders. a second. an the world. world leaders are this paris for the climate summit and our reporter is in the newsroom with the calls for action ahead of this week's meeting. >> yes, matt, before conference started, demonstrators across
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the globe took part in marches difficult mapping an end to climate. the main topic is climate and clean energy but the recent attacks in paris two beaks ago still weigh on people's minds. president obama is in paris and placed a power out the bataclan saying the summit focused on climate is an opportunity to show solidarity. world leaders from 150 countries are there in paris. the president spoke at the summit saying they all must work together to provide a cleaner and more healthy word for future generations. >> a world that is safer and more prosperous and more secure and more free than what we inherited. let's get to work. >> the climate summit talks beirut out large crowds of demonstrators. some clashed with police and those turned violent. more than 200 people were arrested in paris, security at summit is exextremely tight and
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nearly 3,000 police officers and soldiers are patrolling the area. the bay area will also have a presence at the summit with facebook c.e.o. zuckerberg, billionaire tom styer and the mayor of research monday are all expect -- of richmond are all expected. >> thank you, very much. >> some technical leaders are headed to the summit in paris, hewlett-packard c.e.o. whitman will join zuckerberg in a new millty billion dollar fund led by microsoft founder, bill gates and the university of california is investing $1 billion the next several years investing if research and development clean energy technology to fight climate change. the head of the sierra club said research has made joe progress. the world is moving away from fossil fuels. clean negative, like solar and wind now is cheaper than coal and oil and gas and nuclear power to more than half of the
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united states and more than half of the countries away the world. >> curing to the sacramento bee a third of the members of the investment group come from the golden gate. >> san francisco liver is facing chances accused in a hit-and-run accident that sent two people to the hop. 38-year-old officer was an intent sensation after being called the "hot cop of castro" and was off duty driving west in his orange dodge charger yesterday morning at 2:30 and he hit two men crossing the street the one victim, victor per resolution was there to watch a friend's music performance when hit suffering a broken jaw, broken leg and head injuries requiring stitches. >> we told you of a killed care center announcing they would close, today is the day, the last day of the orchard learning center of san jose. notices were sent to paren to weeking ago --
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because of low enrollment. parents are scrambling for programs. >> a woman was swept into the objection by incoming waves off the coast. according to the lifeguards, they rescued the woman yesterday afternoon. she told the lifeguards she wanted to just get her feet wet and was not sure how she ended up in the water. she was carried 50 yards off shore and was taken to the hospital were. >> people have a tough time saying alert behind the wheel of their self driving cars. research by stanford shows that having a car that can steer and brake itself can lure drivers into a fails sense of security causing drivers to nod off. alertness was helpful when students needed to grab the wheel because a car or pedestrian got in the way. researchers found that reading a book or watching a movie keeps
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drivers awake. >> a statute that greeted visitors at candlestick will end up if a warehouse, the 27' statute of st. francis will be shipped by truck to a warehouse. no proposes sites worked out for the new home and the art should be refurbished and reinstalled at a development that could completed in 20189. >> before the 49er game at levi stadium fans noticed something odd flying overhead. >> an airplane pulled a banner reading "jet and 49ers should partways," and that was said about harbaugh back in the day. the 49ers fans are getting restless. 49ers were eliminated yesterday from the division after they could not come become after a late card notes touchdown. last place 49ers are 3-8 after
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losing 19-13 yesterday. tennessee gave silver and block all they could handle but and roberts kept the playoff hopes alive helping the last drive as carr and roberts with a minute to play putting the raiders up and now they are 5-6 and play and now they are 5-6 and play kansas city chiefs next week >> now a look at the weather forecast. >> yes, freezing cold again. a trees warning inland until 9:00. temperatures are in the upper 20s in the men valley, livermore is freezing at 31 degrees. 32 in concord. clouds in the north bay and not is cold. 31 in mountain view and 36 in san jose, a weak cold front is die on the vine. it is moving into very dry air.
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the moisture is mainly evaporated before it hits the ground and mt. st. helena a rain and snow mix. as this pushes to the south and east it is going to fall apart and we will be stuck with the clouds and cool temperatures and mid-50s again and we are talking a warm-up and more sunshine before a wet and windy rain comes our way by next thursday. >> we have metering lights on at 5:29 with traffic stacked up toward the macarthur maze and we have been mentioning this accident in thing monthen hill area by coyote golf course northbound 101 is now backed toward gilroy so give yourself plenty of center time and early accident westbound 580 at greenville has been cleared and you still see the damage is done with major delays from tracy to dublin and over the altamont pass at 55 minutes into the dublin/pleasanton interchange. this serious injury accident is
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blocking two lanes of traffic westbound 80 an carlson, traffic westbound 80 an carlson, traffic now is stacked up drive into the maze. hour you can show support for national aids day with a special event tonight. a major security breach at buckingham palace. >> an amazing discovery more than 100 years in the making, the surprising place this bottle of beer has been hiding for a century. >> if you are headed out the door take us with you with our news app. news app. clear
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movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. new video of two men who made it past security on to the roof buckingham palace demanding equal rights for families in divorce and separation
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proceedings, parking a block away from the palace and walked past several police officers carrying a hadtory look like construction workers. they claimed on to the roof of the public art gallery where they stayed for eight hours before surrendering to police. the queen was not home during the protest. >> pope francis is calling for peace in the central african republic speaking from the cathedral in the capital asking cents and muslims to lay down their weapons and arm themselves instead with peace and forgiveness. the rebels overthrew the christian president in 2013 and since that time, christians have been attacking muslim forcing a million out of the their homes. the pope held the final mass of the african tour last night. >> tomorrow is world aids day and hundreds of people are expected to gather to remember those who lost their lives to the virus. national aids memorial grief in golden gate park will host the light in the grove ceremony tonight with special performance and personal stories are
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featured starting at 6:00 p.m. near bowling green and nancy pelosi drive. >> one of the biggest superstars >> one of the biggest superstars in sports is calling it quick of the season, the longest tenure in n.b.a. history, a favor time champion and 17 time all star. he was drafted right out of high school in 1996. we saw the changing of the guard on tuesday to steph curry as the dubs said the n.b.a. records with wins start a season compared to the lakers. kobe bryant is the highest paid player in the nba at $5 million a season. he is the third leading scorer in nab history behind kareem and karl malone. >> would you drink a bottle of beer sitting in the ocean for 100 years?
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it was buried off the sea in nova scotia traced back to the 180s. the diver has found dozens of bolts over the year but never one like this. >> this managed to not strike a rock up the water and smash so that alone it has been around for years and still fully intact with not a chip taken out of it. >> a beer retailer and they will determine what inagreed helps were used to make it. the differ said i don't normally drink beer but it could possibly make me sick. >> and found at the bottom of the ocean, the most interesting news anchor. >> you are rolling with them this morning. >> we talking about the cool temperatures out there. >> maybe some people may need a hot toddy. >> might as welled a the liquor to it.
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>> it is not that cold we are in the 30s right new. maybe during the weather forecast. good morning, everyone, we are in the 40s in san francisco and temperatures are out of the 20s in some spots because of the increasing cloud cover in the north bay but the rest of the you are cold on the if lens at 28 at palo alto and redwood city in low 30s and san mateo is warmer and belmont at 38. santa clara is below freezing and 33 in saratoga and cold inland east bay at 31 in petaluma, and 36 in healdsburg, so, something is is going on weapon the north bay is warmer and this is a weak cold front pushing through the north bay right now and we looking at isolated showers. it looks more impressive than it is. more cloud cover than anything else. sea ranch is picking up a few showers and clover deal and healdsburg but as we widen the view it pushes into a very, very dry atmosphere it will evaporate
6:19 am
and fall apart and you could see an isolated sprinkle but more cloud cover than anything else and we are stuck with the cool temperatures for another day. the system then pushed i the cold air mass out of way and we will be set for a warming and more sunny we couple of days before rain and wind on thursday. isolated shower in cloverdale and by 11:00 we have showers but mostly offshore. by 1:00 we are cloudy, school, isolated sprinkle not out of question and tonight skies clear, a couple of dry days and this is thursday, at 1:00, the rain is pushing into the bay area and the rainy afternoon on tuesday through the evening commute and out of here, a quick mover, but it could dump anywhere from .5" to three-quarters inch of rain accompany accompanied to 50 miles per hour wind with half a foot of snow around donner. isolated shower today and more cloud cover and a look ahead we will warm it up with mild
6:20 am
conditions before we cool it back with thursday's rain. >> back to the monday grind after the holiday weekend we have bumper-to-bumper traffic southbound 680 with an accident at monument and this is past treat and north main all the way toward the 24 interchange. traffic is light at macarthur maze westbound 80 because behind this we have an accident with injuries. and northbound 101 still blocking a lane and traffic is stacked to bill provide northbound from the very south into san jose and the injury accident westbound at california son, blocking two lanes, traffic now is stacked up to highway 4 and you are looking at 4 minutes from highway 4 into the macarthur maze. >> thank you. shear a view you do not get often, a great shot of the golden gate bridge from a
6:21 am
helicopter, taking this shot while fly over the city on saturday which turned out to be cool and beautiful. to share your pictures, post them on social media with #abc7now. while are online clock out our gallery on instagram. >> next, what you should know before entering your credit card information four cyber monday deals. >> a new reason to get a dog as a family poet a k-9 friend can help you relax. >> lake tahoe has a lost snow and maybe more snow this week with weather and traffic during with weather and traffic during the entire commercial the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> restaurant goers in new york city have another tool to help their diets. chain restaurants have to put special symbols on highly salty dishes, the first-of-its-kind ruling and takes effect on tuesday requiring a salt shaker emblem on many items that top the recommended daily limit of 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day. supporters say the rural will help people cut their salt intake. salt producers say the policy is misguided. >> having a dog can reduce your child's anxiety. researchers in new york found only 12 percent of children with dogs tested if for anxiety compared to 21 percent without a
6:25 am
dog. kids with a dog had fewer social and vacation anxieties and were better at starting conversations with new people. researchers say dogs reduce cortisol levels in kids lessening the body's response to stress. now a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. amy? >> yes, coming up next on "good morning america," breaking overnight, the university of chicago can shing classes today after f.b.i. counterterrorism officials warned of a message online threatening an armed attack on the main quad. thank you. see you at 7:00. i just had a flash diet i may have called the arizona cardinals the st. louis cardinals as they were when i was a kid. >> land on shopping today on cyber monday? >> if you plan to sneak it in while you are at work you are fought alone. half of all americans land to
6:26 am
shop while at work today and 40 percent say necessity will spend at least an hour of their work dayshipping for bargains and these days, companies are taking steps to prevent taking a hit to productivity. a new york company blocks access to personal banking and shopping websites and another is scheduling. time for employees to shop today. >> cyber monday is an exciting time for shoppers but for criminals. shop open on secure websites and wax out for fake e-mails with compromiseed weekends and avoid purchases at public wi-fi hotspots and review your statements for unusual transactions. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> the san francisco dubbed the "hot cop of castro" is facing legal troubles with serious accusations against a man would became a viral sensation. >> neighbors on alert after a rash of break-ins with a unique
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rash of break-ins with a unique disguise warn by the suspect. we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages.
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violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. a beautiful shot of the city. things are looking cold. if you are all over the city, bring out the jacket. welcome back to work. i am matt colder here for kristen sze. >> at least you can see visibility is good. that comes along with being cold. here is more. >> yes, good morning to you. we are looking at a beautiful shot from the roof camera. it is freezing cold inland valley. the national weather service kept up the freeze warning. from morgan hill, 32, and 36 in san jose and maintain view at 36, and san francisco at 44. half moon bay at 39. mountain, a few clouds, keeping temperatures in the 30s, 32 in concord and livermore at 31. increasing clouds today on the
6:31 am
way, we could see isolated sprinkle. mostly it is on the coast and the north bay. >> we have word of an overturned southbound 680 transition to 780 blocking all lanes. northbound 101 in the clearing stages, traffic is backing toward gilroy. that was an early accident. it is hopefully almost out of lanes. another injury accident, westbound 80 at carlson two lanes are blocked. traffic is stacked up all the way to highway 4. you are looking at 45 minute dry -- drive into macarthur maze and out of the novato, southbound 101, planes are block -- lanes are blocked. >> a san francisco give who was dubbed "hot cop of castro" is facing hit-and-run charges after an accident sent two people to the hospital. we are in north beach with details. janet? good morning, my, san francisco police officer christoher kohrs was off duty
6:32 am
when he allegedly struck two pedestrians at broadway and montgomery. he was a social media sensation then for his good looks. residents posted pictures of him on-line, he was called "hot cop of castro" but the 38-year-old is now facing to counts of physical any hit-and-run. he abandon his orange dodge charger after the incident. it is fought clear if kohrs was under the influence. the victims are two men in their 40's and they suffered serious but non-life threatening joins. victor perez suffered a broken jaw and broken leg and had to get stitch on the head. >> he was able to speak but we told him to keep calm. take it easy. he said that all he remembers is waking up at the hospital. he is in good experts. >> san francisco police department is investigating the
6:33 am
case and are reviewing security case and are reviewing security footage from the area. 6:33. president obama taking a bold stand at the u.n. climate change conference telling world leaders that the united states is partly to blame for the problem. the president told leaders that the united states "recognizes our role in creating the problem and embrace our responsibility to do something about it." world leaders are gathering at a convention center in paris to forge a historic agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions and keep off the worst effects of climate change. >> in the bay area refinery emissions take center stage at a special meeting today. air quality management district is calling for caps on refinery missions like greenhouse gases saying oil refining is the largest emitter of the greenhouse gases in the bay area. the meeting starts at 9:30.
6:34 am
>> a man accused of killing an oakland muralist is due in cart. holloway is charged with the shooting death of antonio ramos working on a peace mural when he was killed. holloway admitted shooting am rose most but said it was an accident. am he way was taken away during the last court appearance after he has at outburst and began yelling in court. >> is search is under way on the planes for a man accused of stashing his girlfriend to death. 22-year-old is armed and dangerous and his girlfriend, 3 34-year-old was stabbed at her home in san mateo on saturday afternoon. show later died. domestic violence had been reported at the house in the past. his car was found in a parking garage. police over evacuated the hospital and found no sign him. >> residents if san francisco's castro neighborhoods have caught a man on surveillance video
6:35 am
lurking around their property. he has been seen wearing black and blond wigs as he opened gates and looks through windows. police advise residents in the area to make sure the doors are locked and alert law enforcement if they notice anything suspicious. >> the man accused in a rampage at planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs will appear in court 35-year-old jennifer markovsky was at the clinic with a friend, mother of two, and officer garret swasey was pastor , all were killed. it could take a week to process the crime scene. an iraq war veteran, ke'arre stewart was murdered, as well. we told everyone to get down, take cover. >> the vision els were held to remember the victims kills. >> the warriors look to extend their winning extreme tonight to
6:36 am
19 in salt lake city in the first of seven road games without stater harrison barnes who missed on saturday because of a strained ankle on friday during the victory over phoenix. he will miss three games and will be re-evaluated next week, but dubs pulled off the win for a perfect 18-0. tip-off is 6:00 tonight. >> 6:36. necessary, the frenzy over "star wars" grows with the director and what he is or is not saying about the upcoming movie. >> if you did holiday shopping this weekend you are not alone with people looking for deals. stay tuned.
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good morning, temperatures are freezing cold inland east bay. san ramon and antioch at 29. 31 in mountain view. 30s and clouds in the north bay. isolated shower is possible. otherwise, we will see increasing clouds today. the cold front pushes into a very dry air mass. there is the possibility of a shower. overall, you will notice the cloud cover, the cool
6:40 am
temperatures. again, stuck in pattern. not long. we are looking at more sunshine tomorrow. temperatures are coming up for the next couple of days before rain returns on thursday. >> sue? >> we have the cameras toward the macarthur maze open east more freeway heading westbound on 80 passing goalen gate field. we will see what is behind it, so far, so good, he is beyond beyond the accident southbound 880, pardon me, westbound 880 at carlson. the accident has been cleared. check out the backup to crockett, an hour and five minutes, worker on 80 into the maze and we have an overturned car in benicia, the transition from eastbound 780 to southbound 680 all lanes are blocked with a gas leak. matt? eric? >> "star wars" week is here and "good morning america" is give plans a look at the new movie
6:41 am
"the force awakens" with the director appearing on "good morning america" to talk of the film and other cast members to appear this week include harrison ford. the director tried to keep it under wraps. nuggets? >> i don't want to ruin the movie for people and it is so important we not oversell it. that is understand a movie "star wars". >> lucas films is owned by disney the parent company of abc7. the full interview is on "good morning america" right here on abc7. don't ruin for the fans. thank you is right the let us pay or money and see what is going on. >> classic toy again is topping christmas win lives and what you may want to pick up on your holiday shopping trip. >> facebook offers more perks
6:42 am
for new moms and dads, the change the sole media giant is making to the parental leave policy. >> if you see news where you live take a me to or video using live take a me to or video using #abc7now. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. it is cyber monday so many of us will be shopping rather than working today for amazon it is the by of the day of the entire year. our reporter is at amazon's facility in tracy with the inside look at how they get your orders in the mail. amy? >> let me show you what is being put on a very busy day: robots are so fun to watch moving 5' a second so they are more efficient than people. for the first time they are in all 13 amazon facilities in the united states. that will make the deliveries even faster this year were they move along a track. the track is outlined on the floor. they bring the product to the employee who packs them up. they are not just grabbing big name brands but, also, hand made local products. they are in there. we met with a business owner who
6:46 am
said show is very happy to be on amazon and custody busy for her. >> it is a really busy time of the year especially for happen made -- hand made sellers. i do almost all of the work. i can see sales double or triple or more during the holiday season. >> the hand made clocks go for $70 on amazon. can you buy from local bigs if that is a priority for you and they are on am they expect 500 orders, a second, today, so it will be notes. they say her to ready. >> happening now we want to check on trading on wall street as at look at the big board shows the dow is down 15 points right now, and, also, today, we have if you details on how many people are headed to the stores to shop.
6:47 am
>> and now to the nasdaq with the money report. >> good morning, how did the thanksgiving day weekend go for retail? shoppers are still opening their wallet between thanksgiving and sunday, 52 percent of consumers, 15 million people, shopped online or in person over the welcome an average spent of $299. each. that was down slightly from last year, mainly because of the deals being spreads out over more days. the sail number of shoppers shopped online as they did in shopped online as they did in physical stores over the that >> facebook is making paid global -- baby leave a global benefit for four months for both marries and fathers. barbie is back on top the most popular toy for girls, again, after losing to elsa last year
6:48 am
and monster dolls are popular. stocks are mixed and sluggish, really, with a jam packed week ahead and tons of stuff, federal remember speeches, opec, manufacturing data, jobs data so the market is quiet so farther with the dow and s&p lower and nasdaq up slightly. back to you matt and eric. >> believe it or not it is warmer this morning than yesterday. >> i felt it. i don't know if you did. >> i can not tell the difference between 30 and 33. >> you could. if you concentrate. >> i have had a lot of tweets out there people saying it is a little bit warmer but this is why. here is live doppler hd showing increasing clouds, a very weak front that lacks more impressive than it is, with the air mass so dry that moments of it will evaporate before reaching the ground the we have had a few
6:49 am
showers to the north and a cold system with higher elevations and rain and snow mix by ukiah and see ranch and the possibility of a few light showers and further to the south and west it is offshore and it will continue to slide if our direction. but it will show from the roof camera, it is beautiful out there and, yes, it is code, a freeze warning continues until 9:00 and inland valleys and 36 in mountain view and san jose, above freezing and freezing in morgan hill and half moon bay and from mount a.t.m. it is gorgeous with clouds in the north bay with 32 in santa rosa, ten degrees warmer, and 36 in napa, and 31 by the delta and freezing temperatures for our friends inland east bay and concord and livermore. freezeing cold and possible late shower rain and wind arrive on thursday between now and then they will warm it up and it will be sunday after the system pushes through. in the next couple hours
6:50 am
cloverdale could see a stray sprinkle and santa rosa and play he but overall, cloudy and cool and stuck in the low-to-mid 50s fast forwarding to thursday afternoon where we have rain in the north bay at 2:00, everyone is getting wet and it taxis us through the evening commute and by the late evening hours it is going to what up and a quick mover and looking at anywhere from a third of an age to three-quarters of an inch, a snow maker, few, a cold one with anywhere from 5" to france 1' in the highest elevations. it is cool and cloudy and some sun and 57 in san jose in the seven-day forecast, sunny and mild tuesday and wednesday with the rain and wind. then we are dry the beginning of next week. monday is back to the grind with through oakland on way towards the coliseum thomas is driving at the airport and if you are traveling to oakland airport this morning it is looking good along this stretch of 880
6:51 am
southbound, look behind and you can see the traffic is moving at the him. elsewhere, we have serious problems, the abc7 waze app where 80 westbound continues to be a real grind of a commute and we had an early accident with traffic now backed all the way beyond highway 4 and you are looking at a 55-minute delay and elsewhere, in benicia, this is 780, 680, we have an overturned and traffic is jammed with all lanes blocked on the transition between 780 and 680 in the benicia area. give yourself plannive time, if this is the drive. matt and eric? >> thank you, we are back with seven things to know before you go but are first, showing you the toll plaza and the backup as we head back after the mmm... nothing like johnsonville breakfast sausage. delicious and packaged with nothing to hide. no secrets. just like our family.
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>> good morning, a look at the golden gate bridge with cold temperatures out there as you head out the door. >> it is beautiful. >> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here seven things to know, ready, set, go, cyber mop, the biggest on-line shopping day of the year, according to the national retail federation more than 121 million people plan to do their holiday shopping on-line today. amazon said they are gearing up to fulfill 500 orders a second. and using a team of robots to help.
6:54 am
>> san francisco police officer is facing charges accused in a hit-and-run accident that sent two to the hop. 38-year-old christoher kohrs was dubbed "hot cop of castro" after someone posted pictures of him online. he was off duty when he hit two men crossing the street. >> three, a search is still under way this only for a man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death in san mateo, police say 22-year-old is arm asked dangerous. his girlfriend, a 34-year-old woman died after being stabbed at her home on saturday afternoon. >> president obama told world leaders this morning . >> we are look at chilly conditions with treads warning if affect until 9:00, and 29 in respond, and, also, 29 in antioch, and 36 in san jose, cloud cover and the possibility of a shower headed your way around sea ranch, bodega bay, but most of this will evaporate before it hits the ground so grab the jacket, it is chilly, low-to-mid 50s and the
6:55 am
possibility of an isolated shower throughout the day. >> six, we are look at overturned we just cleared indepedently in the benicia area, we had a car that was flipped over in all lanes and it still looks like the traffic is a bear county show, eastbound 780 to southbound 780 looking for improve and westbound 80 at carlson the accident is cleared but the backup is all the way toward highway four at 55 minute drives and to novato, southbound 101 we have a scar blocking a lane, still, traffic backed into pet launch at this hour. >> lawyers go for 19-0 in utah kicking off the seven game road trip genz the jazz without starter harrison barnes with an ankle injury. he is re-evaluated next week, and president obama is going to meet with world leaders talking about climate change in paris with more on that coming up on "good morning america." >> security is very, very tight
6:56 am
in paris after the we terror attacks. at 6:56, we say goodbye continuing now online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices and back here in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" leaving you with a look from our roof camera. a beautiful shot of the bay bridge and the ferry building this morning, and, yes, cold temperatures. a chance of rain in the forecast, as well. more rain could be head here later this week. later this week. clear
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- fbi counterterror officials warn about the threat of a violent attack at the university of chicago. the college campus on lockdown. classes and all activities canceled. police on high alert right now. new details this morning about that deadly rampage at a planned parenthood facility in colorado. what we're learning about the victims. the iraq war veteran, the mother of two, and the hero officer who skated with nancy kerrigan. and why the secret service is now investigating the alleged shooter. donald trump digs in, denying he was mocking a reporter with a disability on the campaign trail as he cancels a highly publicized press conference with african-american religious leaders this morning. and it's "star wars" week on "gma." >> you might need this. >> "the force awakens" with the


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