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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 1, 2015 1:07am-1:38am PST

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fugitive accused of murdering his girlfriend hides from our camera tonight. this just moments after swat officers surrounded a peninsula home and took him into custody. good evening thanks for joining us. >> swat officers in redwood city took 22-year-old anthony into custody about 7:30 tonigh tonight. he's accused of murdering his girl friend, 3 34-year-old colleen straw in san mateo over the weekend. sparking a 2 day long man hunt. >> alan is live in redwood city with the develop details. ala alan? >>reporter: after 2 and a half hours of negotiating with police, murder suspect surrendered and walked out of this house. now earlier today police found his car in a san carlos parking garage. they shut down the streets and evacuated urgent care center but couldn't find him. then late this afternoon he showed up back here at this is parent's house. 22-year-old anthony surrendered after police threw a grenade into the redwood city house where he was
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holed up. house belonging to his parents was under heavy surveillance when he rode up on bicycle around 5:00 p.m. police immediately surrounded the house. >> full tactical gear. vest. basically looked like machine guns but i'm not sure. >>reporter: he was wanted in connection with the stabbing murder of his 34-year-old girlfriend colleen straw. just before she died on saturday police say straw called 911 and told them she was attacked by him in the san mateo apartment. >> our detectives worked literally 24-7 round the clock over the last three days doing surveillance at various locations. >>reporter: in late september he was arrested and charged for assaulting straw who ended up in the hospital. after serving 60 days in jail he was released last week. by then straw had filed a second restraining order against him to keep him away. >> we attempted several times to provide services and to ensure that the victim was
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getting the services she needed throughout the ongoing relatio relationship and danger that was happening there. >>reporter: she accept those services. >> some of them. >>reporter: police say they notified straw that the man was released from jail but would not explain which services she accepted. he's in jail on 5 million dollar bail. in redwood city, abc 7 news. the. we first told you about his arrest tonight with push alert from the abc 7 news app. get breaking news update as they happen just down load the app from your app store and unable push alert. mentor to troubled youth has been arrested for sexual battery on teenager boy now police want to know if there are more victims. 45-year-old patrick dawson worked with kids on probation. lillian is live at the morgan hill police department with the new detail details. lillian. >>reporter: police say dawson worked with as many as 10 kids at a time which 80's they believe more victims may be out there. morgan hill police say
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45-year-old patrick dawson has been working with kids for more than a decade. most recently serving as/mf mentor to kids on probation. which is why they say his sexual battery arrest involving 17-year-old boy is especially disturbing. >> we oftentimes tell youth to reach out to counselors and facilitators. be open and honest to work through their problems and it's very disturbing that this one male juvenile did and then in the end he was a victim. >>reporter: morgan hill police were first contacted by the boy's parents whose son alerted them that dawson inappropriat inappropriately touched him n.a statement dawson employer unity care has since been terminated that this is the first time in the organization 22 year history that a unity care employee or volunteer has been arrested for alleges of misconduct involve youth. >> i think somebody that try to hurt him i think it's deliberately mean. >>reporter: marie has known did you son for more than 6 years and doesn't believe the charges. dawson used to care
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for her husband and now rents a room from her. >> very caring. gives gives his whole heart to any of the projects or things that he's working on. >>reporter: investigators are trying to determine if there are other victims. anyone with information is urged to call morgan hill police. in morgan hill, lillian kim abc 7 news. >> and new tonight. federal agents want to know who these mask men are. fbi is offering 10,000 dollars for information leading to the arrest of 3 men wanted for violent bank robbery in salinas early this month. they wore bright yellow construction safety vests as you can see. tinted glasses and painter mask. the trio took hostages at wells fargo bank before taking off with cash. well police say tonight they found another one of those spiked bats chained to a pole in san francisco this weekend. such a strong story. we first told but this story last thursday. bat were his found across the city chained to poles for some reason. on
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saturday police found the 34th so far on presidio boulevard. police say the person responsible could face a felony charge. staff members at children hospital oakland are grieving tonight over the loss of a long time nurse. hit and killed by an suv outside the hospital. 66-year-old patricia a alvarez worked at children's for 36 years. she was identified today as the woman hit and killed in a crosswalk on 52 street on wednesday. police think the driver had been drink and was backing up at the time. alvarez was set to retire in march. there are new developments tonight in the arrest of the so-called hot cop of the castr castro. christopher coors san francisco police officer now accused of hit-and-run. tonight we have obtained new surveillance video showing someone running away from the scene of the weekend crash. here's melanie woodrow. >> just the most compassionate kind person you can ever meet. >>reporter: diaz says his close friend victor perez was helping load musical equipment
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into a car when the driver of this dodge charger hit perez and another friend. >> jaw broken in 3 places. and his leg is broken. >>reporter: driver ditched the dodge but police quickly identified who was behind the wheel. >> this is a 79 dodge christopher coors sf pd. >>reporter: 38-year-old officer coors is 7 84 veteran with the department. accident happened around 2:20 am sunday at broadway intermontgomery. area lined with clubs and surveillance cameras. parking attendant shared this video. it shows people running towards the scene and at least one person running in the opposite direction. there was not clear who that person is. >> we don't know if he's trying to get help or or running from something. >> we hold ourselves to hire standard as police officers and don't like to see anything like that happen. >>reporter: sf pd spokesperson said coors turned himself eight hours after the accident. >> much litter say around 10:00
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o'clock in the morning. >>reporter: timing which would affect any sobriety test given. >> that is something being taken no account by the investigators. >>reporter: nobody answered the door at officer coors home today. he previously gained national attention as the hot cop even garnering a facebook fan passenger. in an interview with half he spoke about his aareness of the increased scrutiny that came with sudden fame saying i drove very carefully. never peeled out. i never got overly drunk and said inappropriate things before this thing came out because everyone was watching. sf pd says prior to the accident coors was already on medical leave. if cleared to return he will be suspended. and if found guilty on felony hit-and-run he would oicosly lose his job. if san francisc francisco, melanie woodrow abc 7 news. new at 11:00 tonight friends family remember a man last seen in san francisco 10 yourself ago. jerrymwr/;p96ob g disappeared in 2005. committees got national attention. police never found
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out what happened to him. we were at victim ill this evening at golden gate park. his wife received hugs and spoke to the crowd. she said it's important not to forget the good man they lost. >> i men he's missed. presence in our lives. it's there but he's missed on a daily basis. >>reporter: tang left behind 2 young sons now ages 14 and 17. the time to act is now. that's the theme of this 84's world aids day taking place tomorrow and it comes on the heels of a major new effort to find a cure. new at 11:00 we were at san francisco golden gate park tonight as people place candle at the aids memorial grove on the eve of world aids day. commemoration comes just hours after ucsf announce that it received a 20 million dollar grant to find a cure for aids within 5 years time. >> full out eradication and truly getting rid of it. could be difficult but i think
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finding ways to keep it under control money doable. >>reporter: ucsf beat out some of the top research institutions in the country to 7 this 20 million dollar grant. linker strike again and this time children are the target. still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. millions of customers exposed and sensitive information at risk. holiday grinch steals thousands of dollars of bicycle from bay yivr 62. but tonight a good is a mir tan saving the day. boat trip in the bay that is ending with a pricey repair bill tonight for the owner of this luxury yacht. 7 news tracking the next storm with live doppler 7hd let you know when it will turn wet and windy around here coming up. first a look what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live"right after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> thanks. we made a new show tonight. don't believe me? look at this. >> i got you baby. the come
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toy maker says hacker stole data from as many as 5 million customers and children. they just released accident of the breach. stolen information includes children names, birth date and gender as well as children photo and recordings. the company says no payment information was stolen and that additional security measures are now in place. tonight san francisco police are searching for the thieves who stole thousands of dollars worth of mountain bike from a middle school. this isn't the first time this has happened but as katie explains, someone is stepping up to get those kids back on bikes. >>reporter: it appears the thieves came through this chain link fence. they busted the lock and cut through the roof of the metal container where the bikes were stored and disappeared down the had ill with 26 stolen mountain bikes. >> devastating. it's a hard time of the year. kids are dealing with all the things they are deal with living in a neighborhood like visitation valley. >>reporter: 15 percent of students come to visitation valley meddle school not
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knowing how to ride a bike but they learn in physical education with bike provided by the district. >> just teaching them how to ride a bike. change gear. how to wear a helmet. how to do minor bike safety laws or how to follow the law of the road. >>reporter: call ate holiday miracle but the students won't be without their bikes for long. only a few hours after discovering the theft the school actually got some good news. the owner of this local fresh ri outlet said he would pay to replace the bikes. >> i cycle all over the bay area. i have been all over the world to right my bike. i ride my mountain bike in the hills on my brake and the it's a great sport. it's a great sport for kids to doyshtion bikes are worth 9,000 dollars. >> we do want people if they heard neglect at the bottom of the hill. if they were playing on the playground nebraska that saw or heard anything that can call us. >>reporter: someone also stole 12 bikes from the school last may and the new principal says it's fought going to happen again. >> 2 lock 3 lock maybe have
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them inside. just a little more surveillance on the area e-whatever it takes. in san francisco, katie, abc 7 news. enormous cruise ship that left san francisco friday lost power today just 20 miles from hawaii. small fire operate grand princess caused seeing failure to circuit breaker early this morning. the crew switched to back up power and limited the ac until the problem was fixed. power is now become up and running at full capacity. another wild story involve slightly smaller boat. 51 foot yacht had to be rescued from the0f÷ oakland east fewary today when it got stuck on a sea wal wall. >> we show the boat propped up along the wall. boat owner says it was high tide when he was on the water yesterday so he didn't see the wall and crashed into it. >> coast guard had to rescue the family. today a crew pulled the boat free. >> so i get it fixed up and get it back out in the water as soon as possible. >>reporter: repairs are expected to cost between 40 and 70,000 dollars. >> gotcha is the name of the
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boat. let's talk about the weather forecast. rain but a lot of cold. >> that's right. sandhya is here with what is ahead. >> hi. we are going to actually get out of this chilly pat he were an we go with milder conditions. as we look at live doppler 7hd no rain left. we had very little today just some cloud cover but that's going to help to hold the temperatures up. most 80's right now in the 40's and 50's. 34 degrees though in napa and just about everyone in the positive right now. look at this. 14 degrees warmer compared to 24 hours ago in santa rosa. we run 13 degrees higher in concord. from the sutro tower cam are san francisco sparkle tonight. not quite so cold overnight tonight. dry and mild the next few days with wet windy conditions coming up on thursday. here's the satellite radar here's the weak system brought the snow showers to the sierra it's gone and now we have a stronger storm coming in later this week. this storm is going to bring with it colder air so more snow is coming to the mountains. it has nothing
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to do with el nino. this is a system coming out of the gulf of alaska. it will connect up the wind so wednesday night things are still pretty calm as we head towards the morning commute thursday at 5:00 a.m. it gets a bit breezy there and then strong wednesday are possible going into 10:00 a.m. we look at wednesday of around 48 to 50 miles an hour along the coast at noon time the could see 50 miles an hour winds san francisco half moon bay and we hang on to the gusty winds 1:00 o'clock thursday afternoon so do watch out for any trees this might be weaken by the drought or power lines going down during this time period. now as far as rain fall is concerned 11:00 a.m. we are expecting some moderate to heavy rain approaching the coast there and then light moderate at noon time across most of the bay area continuing thursday at 2:00 p.m. and evening rush we look at some scattered showers. this is going to be a fast moving system but when it does come through here we are expecting most areas to pick up anywhere from a quurt tore half inch. some spots could pick up more than half inch about 6 tenths
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half moon by santa rose. sierra will turn into snow and if you have travel plans you do want to watch out 6 to 12 inches of snow expected interthe pass. snow level between 5 to 6000 feet with the gusty winds could see some power outages up in the mountains as we lock at tomorrow morning just about everyone above freezing. there are few exceptions cold air still trapped down in napa. 32 degrees tomorrow morning when you get going. 35 santa rosa. fairfield 36. livermore. most areas right around the bay and coast in the 40's. 38 degrees in san jose. sow won't have to urn it up the heat as much tonight and as you head to the afternoon hours it's milder see high cloud to the north. most of the rest of the area with some sunshine. 59 san francisco, santa rosa 60, san mateo 58 livermore. accu-weather 7 day forecast dry milder for your tuesday and wednesday. rain and wind come in thursday and then we go dry again for friday saturday and
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then sunday is our next opportunity for rain and chance continues no monday on the accu-weather 7 day forecast. >> perfect. thanks so much sandhya. >> more to come here. fighting aids with selfie. >> still ahead on 7 news at 11:00. how snap chat is allowing users to do their part to win
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0snap one of the most popular video message app in the world joined the fight against aids. tomorrow is world aid day and snap chat offer 3 special photo filter so users can show support for people with hiv and aids. plus every time a user sends a photo using the filters, the bill and melinda gates foundation donate 3 dollars to aid research. that's a powerful tool. >> certainly is. turn our attention to sports tonight. >> a lot going on as always. shoe is in for larry. >> the warriors what a game it was. they lost to the jazz last year in utah. tonight in the same building the jazz were a bucket away from tuning them out from the undefeated rank. stick around and show y
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( ♪ ) super thin, super warm. well the warriors getting tuned up by the jazz tonight in utah to start 7 game road trip. found their own rhythm at game end to improve 19 and o. best sign ever. i love this.
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former jazz clark set career high for 3 in the game second quarter warriors led at the half. early third quarter thompson baseline turn around. 2 of the 20. utah wouldn't go away. the jumper. had 23. up 2. fourth quarter long 2. jazz up 3 but guess who. curry off the bench. the 3. ties it at 90 over 6 minutes to good. mvp with 46. the curry again ties it at mean still tied warriors on the run curry misses lay in but green there for the put back and foul. warriors by 2. dre 20 point. curry 3 and amendment to play. up 3. 10 second to good. hood a 3 can win it. off the rim and the key rebound. 106-103
1:36 am
the final first time in my husband they are now 19 and o. >> knowing the way they play the game but we cap may if i style of basketball and we played together at a team. steff made play big play. he was there down the stretch. came over the stop we know we needed it most. >>reporter: mopped night football. ravens and brown. davis in for injured josh. 42 yard touch down strike to ben why minimany ties the game. 3jp seconds to good. gym winning 59 yard field goal blocked by irvin and hill will scoop and score 64 yard kick. are you kidding me. ravens had no business whipping this game. 33-27 the final. espn reporting automatic time home run king barry bonds is in talk to injo the miami mary help as full-time hitting coach. bonds
1:37 am
has been guest hitting instructor at giants training camp past 2 yourself. first official bank is 2007 season. owns a single season record with 73. not elected to the baseball hall of fame because of suspected stared use. former los angeles donor mapger what an interesting development this would be. this is 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. warriors in charlotte wednesday net and del curry night. his dd does the radio. steff will be distracted. >> or highly motivated. >> we'll hope for that one. >> you are from this part of the country so if i way should be interesting. >> all right 7 news continues


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