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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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without the side effect of any fog. our visibility sun limited. we have clouds at 24,000 not so much moisture. put away the umbrella. there is a breeze today. it will bring in significantly more dry air, bobby dry air again. the day planner is 30 inland valleys and 45 in san francisco, and dress accordingly. from noon to 4:00, under more sunshine and lower humidity, 58 to 62, you will need a coat but not so heavy at 7:00, 50 to 56. >> good morning we go to the san mateo bridge and it is looking good between the hayward side of things and across the flat section moving at the limit a few brake lights at the turn toward the high-rise. and it is looking good toward 101 at 17-minute delay from hayward to san mateo and this is 280 through the south bay, the overcrossing, it is busy not but
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bad making your way to cupertino and an accident to report, still, in sunol -- no, in fremont on the sunol grade on the shoulder. >> we continue our coverage of breaking news the east bay. a hand was found shot to delegate at a popular park in concord. >> good morning, the southeast corner of hillcrest park is short down for most of the morning while police sent for a shell casing and other evidence. the parking lot is roped off police are investigating a deadly shooting the someone walking through the park discovered a body after in night. when officers arrived they found a man dead with a gunshot wound. the victim's identity has not been released. a neighbor who did not want to go on camera said there are rival gangs in the area. detectives are investigating if
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it is gang represented but the motive is not known. they sent helicopters out to survey the scene early this morning and there is still heavy police presence at the park and at this time we know of no arrests. >> breaking news from antioch, a 7-eleven store clerk has a jaw dropping story after nearly being shot during a robbery at work last night. the robbers tried to shoot him twice but the gun jammed. another employee was wounded and is in surgery at midnight at 7-eleven on lone tree way. the police took two people into custody. amy hollyfield was at the store gathering details with a report at 6:30. >> police in los angeles are asking for the public's help in tracking down a hollywood producer with ties to the bay area. the 27-year-old was last seen looking work on tuesday friends say he miss add meeting for a
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project. he specializes in visual affects producing "pirates of caribbean ," and "avengers," ask was last seen driving 2015 range rover. >> this morning, a bay area stunt owner is accused of leashing hundreds of central valley residents without heat or hot water. he own an apartment complex in fresno. janet? >> yes, chris henry, the owner of the tavern in sausalito is apologizing but said it is not his fault that tenants at the apartments have been without heat and water for 18 days. henry is the owner of the complex. the situation is so bad right now that the city has declared an emergency and has vowed to take action if henry does not. he propped work will begin today adding he hired a contractor to start repairs at soon as he became aware of the issue.
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>> i apologize for the situation and i did not cause the problem. i'm doing the best i can to fix the gas line and make things right. >> matters is what happened tomorrow and the next day and the next day and whether those words are followed up action and resource to make sure the repairs are completed. >> this is the latest in a string of problems henry faces hundreds of violates ranging from termites and roaches to asbestos and electrical issues at the property. he could face up to $250,000 this fines for the violates. >> the owner of a 51' yacht faces thousands in repairs after an unfortunate accident. sky 7 shows the boat stuck on a seawall at the oakland estuary. it was high tide went owner was
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on the water and he did not see the wall and crashed into it. the coast guard had to rescue the family. >> i will get it fix asked get it back out on the war as son as -- soon as positive. repairs could cost define $40,000 and $70,000. >> a 16" pipe that broke on friday sent thousands of gallons of waters rushing down the street and there was a 15" gash in the 66-year-old pipe that will be to be repaired. >> the fire academy has cleaned up the act after a cleaning scandal involving training tests. instructors of cal fire were accused of giving failing cadets passing fridays. officials say they have determinated or decreased the pay of nearly 16 our assistant chief was
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terminated that oversaw the training and we have taken significant measures. >> a spokesperson said they are more carefully add minute sistered and better at securing test materials with fewer people having access. >> some dime this month when testing begins on the new treatment and warm springs line so resident could hear or see things out of the ordinary, and trains are testing the tracks and there will be sound and vibrations of the trains and dust and security from construction work. the bart trains are tested, as well, and is expected to be ready by spring of next year. >> a reason to celebrate at san francisco's muni headquarters, and surveyed riders say the service better than anyone 10 years and 66 percent a"excellence," or "good," and shows the appreciation for muni
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lowered the more people were riding. >> google is working on a new technology to allow a self driving car to interact with people at crosswalks with a patent to improve the issues it has been facing without pedestrians and other drivers interacting on the roads. when the light turns green and the car is ready to go it will flash a stop sign to let the pedestrians know not to cross. >> a new 22 story hotel could come to the financial district in san francisco, a group called peninsula realty submitted plans for 189 room hotel on washington street which would demolish an existing two story office and retail building built in 19307 the all beeps in marin are free for visitors for the month of december in an effort to encourage people to get outside and be more active with fees at
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the beaches waived during the holidays. tree days and on january 1. that is a lost pressure on the weather to be sunny. >> money is on cool. mike? >> it is always "cool," when you are around, you two. >> woodside, 34. menlo park is 36. palo alto is 38. wooded with is 39. and low-to-mid 40s belmont and san mateo and san bruno and san carlos and 39 in fremont, and san jose, and los gatos and freezing in san ramon and 33 andism is 36, and 33 in napa and the temperatures come up, mill valley is 39. we have high clouds and wind blowing across the bay bridge at 13 miles an hour, so brick, this should say "53," to 59 inland, and light breeze at coast and 59 to 61 at the bay. more sunshine crass san jose
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than also where today. tomorrow is the warmest day, wet and wendy on thursday. >> sue? the commute is stuff with a last people on the roads to the macarthur maze. we will look at the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights turned on at 5:13 because of early stalls. the stalls are back. the backup remains to the approach, 580 and 24 and 880. in san jose you can see the red sensors, northbound 87, c.h.p. closing down all lanes to clear that out. it should improve things. it is going to jam things up in the immediate future. that will clear out of there and there will be no delays northbound. eric? matt? >> next, how friends and family are remembering a bay area man 10 years after he disappeared. >> barry bonds could have a new job on the baseball diamond
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where the former san francisco slugger could be head next. >> the young girl taking the intent by storm this morning for a very funny face that is sure to put a smile on your face. to put a smile on your face. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ discover unexpected treasures,
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. terrifying moments over the holiday weekend for drivers in florida. an s.u.v. went off the highway and flipped over if the median. watch as it whatted. it is caught afternoon camera on a camera slide a deputy's patrol car. the driver overcorrected and that caused the crash. no one was seriously hurt. >> british prime minister cameron said that parliament will vote tomorrow on whether to join us led airstrike on 60's in join us led airstrike on 60's in syria often on
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if approved military operations will start shortly off >> the university of chicago will re-open today. this is a day after shut down because of threat to kill white students and white police officers. a 21-year-old was charged with sending the threat which was motivated by the fatal shooting of a black teen by a white chicago police officer. >> friends and family remember a pan last seen in san francisco 10 years ago. jerry tang disappeared in 2005 receiving national attention. police never found out what happened to him. we were at a visionism in golden gate park with his wife received hugs and spoke to the crowd. she said it is important not to forget the good man they lost. >> he is missed. he is a presence in our lives. but he is missed on a daily basis. >> he left behind two young sons now 14 and 17.
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>> almost 6:50. espn is reporting that home run king and former san francisco giant slug are barry bonds is in talk to join the miami marlin as a full time hitting coach. he has been a best hitting instruttor at giants spring training for two years the first position since retiring after the 2007 season. bonds finished the career with 7 62 and has 73 home runs, the single season but is not elected to the hall of fame because of suspected steroid use and the new manager is the former los angeles dodgers manager, don mat g >> a cute babe girl is going viral for a trip making everyone laugh. laugh. >> show me your mad face. >> that is someone you don't
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want to mess with. the video has been shared thousands of time and many say they cannot get enough of that cute little mad face. >> if i was her dad she would get away with everything. everything. >> and probably does. >> where does she see that face? what influenced her to make that face? >> she got a reaction. never see her mom make that face. >> good morning, everyone, nice to see you on tuesday morning. a look at live doppler hd with high clouds and the radar is move through the 24,000' clouds and seeing a few returns, but, those are going to evaporate before reaching the ground. you can see the brokenness of the cloud cover from mount tamalpais it will be colorful and #abc7now.
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send us your beautiful pictures. dry and mild today. what a difference from year. no need for the umbrella. you will notice the dry air moving in the temperatures swing through with ups and downs and ups and downs more than we have seen with several fronts moving through and bringing us wet weather open thursday and sunday and monday. >> today we have a weak area of high pressure overrun by the warm air and when it tries over the cold air in the winter we get warm air clouds which is what we will need, thickest over the north bay so grab the sunglasses. the cold front will move through on thursday and the energy that will bring us a chance of thunder. especially in the morning from 9:00 until noon and maybe 8:00 in the morning until noon and that is when the initial push moves through with lighter showers and no yellows or oranges headed to the evening rush and overnight thursday to friday or, it is dissolved so
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the wet weather does but the clouds hang around and from .2 to .4" on average by midnight for most areas. quiet winds on wednesday can calm in livermore and possibly 13 in san jose. wake up in the morning, look at this, we are already around 25 to 35 miles per hour with gusts up to 50 at times during the morning hours along the coast and 25 to fly dug luncheon thursday and we will be down into the 15-0 miles per hour range on thursday evening and it will be calmer headed to friday morning with 30's 50s on friday interest saturday and then, on sunday and monday a chance of light are rain. have a great day. sue? >> the golden gate bridge is looking good, southbound off the waldo grade through the tunnel with no delays at the toll plaza
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and folks are whizzing by. at walnut creeks not the same thing, bumper-to-bumper here toward highway 24. 24 westbound toward the tunnel has in reports of delays just minor slowing. we have conflicting reports c.h.p. have cleared the accident northbound 87, backing toward 85 and other drivers are saying, no, it is not cleared yet with a 30-minute delay headed northbound on yen -- northbound. and in napa a van has flipped but it seems to be cleared. >> after studying hundreds of m. r.i.'s the researchers slay is no difference between the male and female brain. this is the first time it has been studied.
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researchers at trillion -- at toll visit university found no difference in the gray matter of either brain. it is rare for people to be consistently masculine or feminine in the way they action. >> a new effort to make it more difficult for terrorists to get into the united states. >> if you have unlimited data plane, get ready to pay more by plane, get ready to pay more by with wireless carrier.
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule news that lives without live. abc7 news begins with breaking news. two children have been killed if a louse fire in the meadow view neighbor. the whom was fully engulfed in flames when crews get to the scene shortly after 2:30 this morning. the victims are an 11 year old girl and a six-year old boy. the fire burned through an interior staircase trapping the two children on the top floor. several people reportedly made it out of the house okay. we will have breaking updates or
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follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. it will cost more to keep unlimited data plan with at&t. in february anyone would has unlimited data plan has to pay $35 a month, an increase of $5. it is the first time at&t has raised prices on the data plan in seven years. >> the auto industry could hit a milestone, 18 million vehicles sold in the year with the record coming as demand for suvs spikes and many brands you report supply issues because demand is so high. >> time to check with amy hollyfield and a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> next on "good morning america" we have breaking overnight, the final report on an air asia jet that crashed in december killing all 162 people on board and the report said the crew could not deal with a piper technical issue of plane where details on "good morning
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america" next >> the obama administration today is paying changes to our visa waiver perhaps to making it harder for foreign fights to get support un. program now allows 20 million people from 38 cups to travel to the united states without visas each year. whats include screening to see if travel wees have visited countries considered to be "terrorist safe havens," and working where countries to help collect and use biometric screening. >> the time to act is now the theme of toll's world aids day as candles were placed at the aids memorial grief to remember friends and family last to the disease. the grove will hold its world aids day observance from noon to 1:30 this afternoon and the commemoration is a day after ucfs announced receiving $20 million grant with the aim of finding a cure to aids in five years.
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>> we have full out eradication, that could be difficult but fining ways to keep it under control could be do-able. >> ucfs beat out other top research institutes in the country. >> today is about giving, giving tuesday to bring charities with a helping hand that encouraging people to open wallets for a good cause and donate time, give where you live at there is a list of bay area charities. >> the abc7 morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> violent robbery in the east bay leave as store clerk with serious injuries and employees now describe the terrifying ordeal. >> and a high-tech toy maker has >> and a high-tech toy maker has been hacked. every coconut has a dream. to come out of its shell. to show all the world its true, inner beauty.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, 6:28 on tuesday were what a beautiful shot from our camera showing you puffy clouds along with golden hue as
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the sun is rising in the east. magnificent start to tuesday morning. i am eric thomas. >> using all of the kay beyonds -- all the of crayons in that box this morning. >> and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather forecast. >> the dry air. look at that. good morning, everyone, live doppler hd is showing the cloud cover making such a color morning i love to watch the cool nighttime colors over taken by the sunrise. we are looking more toward the west and lend air over downtown. i will show you the day planner, we are in the low 30s to mid-40's, and low 30s inland to mid-40s around san francisco and from noon to 4:00 we are dancing with high clouds and sunshine and grab the sunglasses and put the umbrella away. you will need a coat by 7:00 and
6:30 am
back support low-to-mid 50s. >> the commute from hayward to san mateo is 20 minutes on the san mateo bridge and flat section is busy with brake lights toward the high resolution and when you gut over to 101 no problems on the peninsula, and this is the richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza that looks busy. the cash folks are bumper to bumper and the fast track lanes are slow. expect delays. we have an accident that cleared. northbound 87, the damage is done, though, traffic is stacked up to highway 85. it is a 30-minute delay in san jose this morning. >> breaking overnight one person is dead on 101 in san rafael after a head-on crash. the c.h.p. got a report of a wrong way driver going north in the southbound lane near the central san rafael exit. that vehicle collided with a fuel tanker and the driver of
6:31 am
the white car died at scene. the truck driver got out unharmed although the cab was severely damageed. three southbound lanes are close the while authorities conduct the investigation. >> more breaking news from antioch after an armed robber shot a clerk at a 7-eleven overnight. amy hollyfield is at the scene with the latest. >> loyal customers coming in this morning at 7-eleven to get the coffee are just shocked to hear about what happened here overnight. an employee working here tells us that two people came in around midnight and held up the store. he said they shot one of the remain employees, a young man, if his 20s from india and was a hard would being man. the gunman tried to shoot the suspect employee but the gun jammed. he fells incredibly lucky to be alive. he gave them the money in the drawer and they took off.
6:32 am
drawer and they took off. [ inaudible ] >> i didn't thing nothing like this would lap. because, you know, i have been living in antioch for over ten years and come here a lot. fog like this...this is something...i'm surprised to hear about this. it is bad. >> the employee held up tells us the coworker survived but was taken into surgery this morning. the employee we interviewed told us that police took two people into custody, a young man and young woman. we are waiting to hear back from mess to find out -- from police to find out if those two young people are responsible.
6:33 am
>> breaking news from el sobrante, officials say 30 people have been displaced by a fire at the six-unit apartment building. alarms when out before 3:30 this morning. when crews got there, heavy smoke was pouring from one of the units. flames spread to two buildings. the cause of the fire is undetermined. there were no injuries. >> a man hundred hassened with the murder suspect in custody. >> the swat officers took 22-year-old anthony kirincic into custody at 7:30 last night. after tracking him down at his parents' home. kirincic is accuseed in the stabbing death of his 32-year-old girl. before she died on saturday she called 9-1-1 and said she was attacked by kirincic inside her san mateo apartment. >> we tead several times to provide services and ensure the
6:34 am
victim was getting services she need throughout the relationship and the danger happening there. she filed a restraining order against kirincic and another against a former roommate. kirincic is held on $5 million bail in jail. >> police are asking victims to come forward after a mentor to troubled youth was arrested for sexual battery on a teen boy. 45-year-old patrick been working with kids for a decade. police were contacted bay -- by a 17-year-old boy's parents after he was touched unappropriately. >> we ask the kids to worker through their families and it is disturb that a male juvenile opened up and he was a victim in the end. >> investigators are trying to
6:35 am
determine if there are other victims and anyone with information is urged to call morgan hill police. >> more of these are show up in california, another spiked bat was chained to a pole on presidio boulevard. the bats started showing up on thursday, there are 34 so far. the person responsible could face a felony charge. >> happening today, the calmed hot cop of castro could make his first court appearance after hitting two men with his car in san francisco. surveillance video shows a person running away from the scene moments after the accident on saturday night near broadway and montgomery and it is not clear who the person is. 38-year-old christoher kohrs a veteran of the san francisco police department turned himself in eight hours after the collision. he was on medical leave before the accident. if he is found guilty he would likely lose his job the this morning the two men who were hit are in fair condition.
6:36 am
>> children have fallen prey to hackers, after stealing the personal information of five million parents and 200,000 children. the stolen information includes names and picture dates and photos and recordings, the hackers hit the company a knew weeks ago but it was revealed how bad the attack was. they did not get credit card information. >> the warriors just keep on rolling and the seven game road trip is off to a good start holding off the utah jazz to improve to 19-0. steph curry was the man to give the lead in the game. it was close all night. he made a late three. the dubs won 106-103 for if us time a perfect month going undefeated in november and tomorrow night they go for win 20, in charlotte, tip-off at 4:00 p.m. the owner of the charlotte bobcats is michael jordan. he knows something about winning
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streaks and winning 70 games in a season. >> next, harrison ford reveals new details of the latest "star wars" movie. >> rough cyber monday for target what kept shoppers from getting what kept shoppers from getting in on the great deals online.
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>> back at 6:40. upper 60s and low 70ss in southern california and upper 50s in the central valley, 62 with sun in monterey and lake tahoe is show, a few clouds and the seven-day outlook is 1-3" of snow, and maybe 4" by the time we get to friday. 1" or 2" on sunday but we need it. we are still below average. the winds are blowing east to west so we are going for be 5-9 degrees warmer today than yesterday. right around 60 degrees. chilly if you are walking the dog and dew for running and by the afternoon, ought to be comfortable if you are walking the dog, running or boating. sue? >> not bad if you are on water. the ferry is a from way to travel with no delays. on 80 we have a few brake lights
6:41 am
at richmond but not too bad westbound direction from highway four to the macarthur maze, traffic is looking pretty good. the maps show a couple of issues in the south bay, first of all, we have the accident early foreign -- northbound 17, the damage is done 280 with a new accident northbound 85, safer together, and traffic is backing here, too, so expect delays in the south bay this morning. matt and eric? >> it is only a few more week in the next "star wars" movie comes to the theaters and fans are eager to find anything out about the strike. >> harrison ford appearedded to talk about the script but said hans had more emotion if his char than before and talk about what pushed him to be in the
6:42 am
"the force awakens" and said he is proud of the finished product. >> really good script. the opportunity to work with j.j. would i have admireed and and it just seem like a good interview. more of the interview of ford at "good morning america" at 7:00 right here. >> next, goal were state drivers are ranked against others in the nation. >> the top selling items offer the long holiday weekend. >> stay in the know with abc7 and at look at san mateo bridge and at look at san mateo bridge backed up heading from hayward
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santa rosa, become, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 6:45. we go back to concord and breaking news, a man found shot to death at a popular park. our reporter is in hillcrest park with the latest. >> yes, we are waiting for the public information officer to arrive with an update. a man was found shot dead at hillcrest park around midnight. police have a section of the park proposed off. someone walking through first spotted the body. detectives do not know a motive and they have been out with their flab light searching the park for shell casings and other
6:46 am
evidence. police have not made any arrests. they are investigating if it could be gang represented. i spoke to a number who said there are rival gappings in the area but the motive is not known. >> most popular video messaging apps is mashing world aids day in a unique way. snap chap is offering three special poe to filters today so users can show support for people with hiv and aids, when a fill toker is used $3 will be donated by the bill and melinda gates foundation. >> the dow is up 130 points. >> also, several items have been popular as we kickoff the holiday shopping season. >> we are at nasdaq with what story in the money report. >> good morning, matt ander rib, -- matt and eric, clothing is
6:47 am
popular especially the boutique retailers with strong seas over the black friday weekend. department stores, electronicses with flat compared to last year according to master kid and fitbit is popular and amazon saying they had record sells of their devices such as the amazon fire yesterday. satisfactory holiday shoppers who do not want to fight the crowds are battling traffic online. target crashed on cyber monday. most accessed the site but it was down for two hours. target regulated through the day. california is number 22 in the nation for car insurance crash claims according to car insurance comparison that show low ranking in in careless driving. the dow is up 130 points higher and trading in the green with
6:48 am
the dow the strongest of all the indices. >> 6:48 is our time. preparations are continuing for the predicted onslot of el nino including where you may not expect. the uss hornet needs work on the delight deck. crews have sealed the cracks and seams along the entire debt and that measures out at 100,000 square feet. the aircraft carrier turned museum needs money to finish the job at $125,000. the projected costs are estimated the $800,000. >> mike is joining us to look at what we can face today. we have a storm coming on thursday but today we are talking about calm conditions. >> a warm breeze. hopefully that will make you feel better. mainly over the water. the visibility is quiet at 10-15 miles per hour on the ferry this
6:49 am
morning. we are freeing cold in danville behind san ramon and dublin at 33, and lasten is 33 and livermore is 36 and concord and pleasanton at 37 and blackhawk at 35 and low 40s around antioch and pittsburg and the temperature in san francisco is mild at 48 until half moon bay at 50 and cool in san jose at 39 and mountain view is 41. freezing cold in novato and 33 in napa and cannot get enough of the beautiful sunrise developing #abc7now. if you take it you can see from mount tamalpais we have a last colors we are using. bother nature painting a protect -- more nature paymenting a pretty picture. dry and warmer and no need for the umbrella but you need the sun glasses in the south bay. seasonal highs will move back-and-forth all week. today. we are seeing blow off from the warm air mass developing to the
6:50 am
west and because of that we are going to go up today and tomorrow and on thursday, the cold front along with the next is rolling through and it will bring us gusty won't and the slight chance of a thunderstorm across the north bay and by 7:00 on thursday morning, yellows and orangessed moving through the north bay and the rest of the us have dark green. that is light-to-moderate rain from 8:00 in the morning through noon. the rush hour, the end of it could be touched with the combed friend with unstable air mass behind it and scattered and slighter showers through 5:00 and everyone dissipates overnight. i am thinking about .2 to rain with authorities in the north by. you go to bed on wednesday, quiet and make you are when morning and 15 to 35 miles per hour wind from oakland to the coast and we will stay in the 25 to 40 miles per hour range through thursday evening. it will start to calm again.
6:51 am
we will have a break on friday and saturday and more rain is possible and lighter with no thunder possible sunday interest monday. the next did days are the warmest. sue? >> thank you. we are headed outside right now watching the sunrising with the 360 camera on the east shore freeway 80 westbound approaching hilltop you can see the brake lights ahead of us and it is stop-and-go traffic, and speeds stop-and-go traffic, and speeds of 35 to 4 macarthur maze is where we will end up on westbound 80 with brake lights on all approaches to the bay bridge through the macarthur maze. and the south bay a couple of issues, rather, if san leandro, first, southbound 880 at davis multi-vehicles. two lands are blocked. cars are stacking to the oakland
6:52 am
area. now the south bay, northbound 85 at saratoga a car blocked lane number two and traffic is now slow with 20-25-minute delays and a problem is very slow through pittsburg and bay point westbound highway 4 but not too bad out of antioch. >> we are back with seven things to know before you go but are first, we will keep weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break is will not commercial break is will not miss a thing.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> here seven things to know before you embryo. breaking news from antioch, a 7-eleven clerk is in surgery this morning after being shot during a robbery. another employee at the store said he was almost shot but the robbers' gun jammed. police took a man and woman into custody. a ring way driver died overnight on highway 101 after crashing head on into a big-rig. authorities say the man was driving north on southbound lanes near the central san rafael exit last night and he crashed into a fuel tanker with the driver somehow escaping injuries from the tanker. a fire raced through an apartment building leaving 30 people looking for a place to stay in el sobrante. two to three units everyone damaged. there were no injuries reported. >> the owner of a sausalito restaurant is accused of leaving
6:55 am
tenants without heat or hot water for weeks. chris henry owns barrel house tank in sausalito and the city of fresno said he faces hundreds of violations. he said he fired a crew to start work on the gas line today. >> off to a chilly start with frost inland and brisk breezes over the bay area at 10-15 miles per hour. enjoy the colorful sunrise, custody warmer and calmer, upper 50s to low 60s. enjoy. >> busy tuesday morning commute with the backup and metering lights on this morning at 5:13 and we have a crash five vehicles if slap drove, two lanes are block the and traffic now is stacking up toward the oakland coliseum so give your extra self time >> the warriors are 19-0 after a win over the utah jazz for the first time in franchise history a perfect month going undefeated in november. tomorrow they go for win 20 in charlotte.
6:56 am
>> tell michael jordan we are coming. >> abc continues on-line and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices and see you in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic during "good morning america" with michael jordan, if you are listening, do not go after eric thomas. see you to 25 minutes. see you to 25 minutes. clear
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good morning, america. there is a major winter storm spreading misery across the middle of the country this morning. cars slide off roads into ditches. drivers rescued. >> oh, it's coming down. >> and ice coating trees and power lines causing them to snap and collapse. six states under alert for flooding right now as the storm moves east. a shoot-out erupting in downtown atlanta overnight. [ sirens ] [ gunshots ] a routine traffic stop turning deadly. an armed suspect running from this red jeep after it crashes. police unleashing a hail of gunfire. the frantic chase coming to an end right outside this hotel. new questions this morning about hoverboards. can the hottest gift of the holiday season get too hot? the family who says their new toy set their home on fire and what one man says


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