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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 4, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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that's right. >> thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. tonight a special edition of "world news tonight." the california shooting rampage and the fbi now saying they are investigating an act of terrorism. and this evening, for the first time right here tonight, the face of the young mother who authorities say became a killer. we learned today pledging allegiance to the leaders of isis on facebook. just moments before the massacre that killed 14 here. the deadliest terror attack in the u.s. since 9/11. brian ross is standing by. also tonight, our camera inside that couple's home. the townhouse where the police found weapons, ammunition, explosives, video showing computers, shredded papers, copies of the koran. and right there, the baby's crib. the survival story, the young woman hiding under a table, then face to face with the shooter. how she made it out alive. and then tonight tracking terror
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here at home. the fbi warning for months about isis and its threats to kill americans. pierre tonight asking, how did this couple go undetected. from abc news, this is a special edition of "world news tonight" with david muir. reporting tonight from san bernardino, california. >> good evening as we come on the air in the west in california. we begin with breaking developments. the first picture of that young wife who authorities say turned into a killer. her message to isis moments before the rampage. and the fbi now saying they are in fact investigating an act of terrorism. here's that new image tonight, the young mother described by the rest of the family as a quiet housewife who spoke broken english, who then left her 6-month-old baby authorities say to unleash a deadly rampage. tonight, new video of their final shootout with police. investigators say that young wife firing out the back window after posting on facebook pledging her allegiance to the
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isis leader al baghdadi. and the chilling first look inside their home tonight. the nursery, the baby toys, there were also shredded documents. the computer. we now know the couple destroying the hard drive and crushed cell phones found in the trash. and our new interview right here tonight with the couple's family and their reaction just coming in to the wife pledging support for isis. did they see any signs of trouble? but we gin tonight with abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross. >> reporter: within moments of murdering 14 people at her husband's holiday office party, tashfeen malik went on facebook to declare her allegiance to isis. the fbi admitted today it was not aware of this key clue until late thursday when facebook executives notified them. >> yes, there was a pledge of allegiance. >> reporter: ever since the surprising discovery of the body of a female shooter in the bullet-riddled getaway car, authorities have been unraveling the mystery of how and why a 29-year-old mother of a baby
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daughter turned into a cold-blooded terrorist. malik was born in pakistan, but moved with her parents to saudi arabia at the age of four. she returned to pakistan to attend college where officials today described her as a brilliant student who wanted to be a pharmacist. her marriage to syed farook last year came after she met him on a matrimonial website and had an engagement party in mecca, saudi arabia, while they were on hajj. malik gave an address in this pakistani town when she applied for her american fiancee visa in 2014, an address abc news today discovered does not exist. and now u.s. officials are questioning whether she was the one who radicalized her husband. >> i don't know the answer, whether she influenced him or not. being a husband myself, we're all influenced to an extent. but i don't know the answer. >> reporter: farook, too, was well educated. after attending high school and college in california, he started a master's degree program but did not complete it.
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he twice traveled to saudi arabia and pakistan in 2013 and '14, and a co-worker told david muir farook came back a different man. >> he goes to hajj, as you mentioned. >> and i think that when he returned, then he started being more -- appearing more as a muslim, in the sense of a big beard. >> reporter: now the search is on for others who may have been involved in the biggest terror attack in the u.s. since 9/11. and authorities are now tracking the person who bought the two high-powered assault rifles used in the attack, and then sold them or turned them over to farook. >> and brian is with us tonight from new york. brian, the fbi today said the couple may have had direct contact with known terror suspects? >> that's right, david. fbi officials said one of the husband/wife killing team was in telephone contact with other terror suspects. increasingly law enforcement officials tell abc news tonight, they believe it was the wife who was the instigator of this
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attack, david. >> so much focus on that wife tonight. brian ross leading us off. again, brian, thank you. we have a very rare look inside the home, so soon after the fbi was there poring through everything. our team there today where that young couple lived there with their baby. we see snapshots of their secret life. the crib, stuffed animals, feet away, shredder documents destroyed. in the closet, baby shoes, and this, a can of gun cleaner. abc's matt gutman was inside, where authorities discovered that arsenal big enough for another attack. matt, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. being inside that house was disturbing. you get a sense of a life lived by people who were once ordinary parents, and brutal killers. prying open the door, the owner revealing the remnants of that double life. holes have been punched through the doors. we can see a door that's been ripped in half. tremendous mess here. kitchen, cookware on the counter, a bottle of pepto next to cans of baby food, dishes still in the sink.
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overnight the fbi had turned the home over to its owner to allow reporters to view the rental property. the only evidence remaining of that double life, right there on the coffee table, inventory list of items removed. christmas lights, an sd card, and dozens of boxes of ammunition. upstairs, in the baby's room, diapers, open suitcases, a bin with shredded paper, and a prayer rug. so this appears to be both the nursery, you can see the crib right there, and something that doubles as an office. clearly this station right here must have been of enormous interest to investigators. you can see the printer's here, the keyboard remains, display as well, but of course, the guts of the computer have been taken away by the authorities. and there in the closet beside a few shirts, those silver baby shoes. up above, gun cleaner. walking through this house, one of the most shocking things that you notice is the combination and juxtaposition of children's toys, family pictures, holy books, and the other things that
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were left in this house, thousands of rounds of ammunition. and, of course, 12 pipe bombs. in this neighborhood, disbelief. were you surprised when you heard that syed farook lived right here? >> yeah, floored, actually. this is like the quietest, nicest neighborhood. and all of us were just shocked to see that this was happening here in redlands. >> reporter: but the local u.p.s. driver telling us over the past month he's delivered an unusually large number of packages to this house. the family revealing that farook was mocked for his beard. the family thought he would simply shrug it off. they were aware he had guns locked up and said she was a typical housewife, spoke broken english and said she was not a pharmacist here in the u.s. when he left the baby with his mother, he said he was going to the doctor with the stomach flu. instead, he went on that rampage.
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the lawyer also describing her as devout, saying she fasted and chose not to drive. and that his brothers never saw her face, because she wore a burka. david? >> matt gutman here with me in southern california tonight. matt, thank you. just a short time ago our team with the family of syed farook, marrying that woman he met in saudi arabia. syed's sister and brother-in-law revealing their own shock tonight to that young wife's pledge to isis. they thought the two were happy. and here's what they told our canea whitworth. >> reporter: when you hear the news that tashfeen pledged allegiance to al baghdadi, what did you think when you heard that? >> i don't even know who that is, first of all. i mean, i have no idea who she's pledging allegiance to and why she's doing it. >> reporter: when you hear she's pledged her allegiance to the leader of isis -- >> that's shocking. >> that's shocking. i mean, like, why would she do that?
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and how would she even know, you know, who he is? >> how is she connected to that? >> information like that, it's just shocking to me. why would he say, oh, good job, or something, you know. just terrible. >> reporter: she's never before ever said anything about him or about isis? >> no, never. never. she's never mentioned any political thing. >> reporter: as a couple, tashfeen and syed, were they a happy couple? a happy marriage? they have this beautiful 6-month-old little girl. >> yeah, they were happy. >> yeah. >> they were great parents. >> always happy with each other. >> they spent a lot of time with her. they kept to themselves a lot. they were a good couple. we thought that they went together well. >> they were private. there's a lot of people very private, so it's none of our business. they were private. but as far as -- yeah, they were together. that was the thing. they were very together. loving to their daughter.
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>> the family saying they thought that couple was happy, especially raising that new baby. but as we mentioned here, the fbi tonight revealing there is evidence that this couple was radicalized, inspired by an overseas terror group. but they say no evidence that they were part of a larger sleeper cell here in america. i want to bring in pierre thomas tonight. because pierre, the fbi director, james comey, had a message for america. let's listen. >> we know this is very unsettling for the people of the united states. what we hope you will do is not let fear become disabling. >> there were reports that a neighbor actually saw packages being delivered to that home, but didn't say anything. they didn't want to profile. but the fbi director reminding everyone to make that call if they see something? >> yes, david, the fbi said given the spike of terror, the days are over when people can afford to ignore warning signs, and that law enforcement needs the public's help. there are indications tonight that friends and associates noticed suspicious behavior by
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the couple, but never notified police, david. >> pierre, we heard the fbi trying to assure americans today, no known credible threats against the homeland, they say. but when you see the arsenal in that home, the bombs, many are still going to ask, how did they miss this couple? >> the couple was in contact with terrorism suspects. the fbi had suspicion of. but director comey said there was nothing unusual about those contacts, and certainly nothing that caused them to open an investigation against the couple. they simply had no clue of the devastation that was coming, david. >> pierre thomas with us again tonight. pierre, thank you. this evening, we're also learning more about the four minutes of terror. the assault weapons found in that black suv riddled with bullets. 6,100 rounds of ammunition and the remote-controlled bomb that was never detonated, left behind at that holiday party. did they intend to set that off as rescuers arrive? revealing the moment stood over her, shooting as she wondered
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would she survive. >> reporter: his wife was in that conference room, packed for a meeting and a holiday party. >> and if she left 30 second prior, all the people she was silting with, they were killed, all dead. >> reporter: sitting right there, too, until he mysteriously left. today this is still a crime scene. this is as close as we can get to that room in there. but this is what we know. when those shooters came back here, they were wearing tactical gear. and they were ready to kill. and that's what they did. syed and his wife bursting in through a patio door unloading at least 65 rounds. anisa kandahar hid in a bathroom.
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>> she went inside with the shooting going on outside. so nobody came out from the bathroom. she warned, they closed the door. >> reporter: amanda fell to the ground, hid under a table, closed her eyes and didn't move. the shooters fired right at her. her family saying tonight the attackers could have easily shot her in the head, but we are so grateful to god they shot her in the leg and arm instead. they are still treating patients here in this hospital behind me. all 14 people killed, they were mothers, fathers, best friends. david, tonight their families devastated. >> cecilia vega here with us here tonight as well. cecilia, thank you. we turn now to the race for 2016. and the sudden surge for one candidate as terror, of course, now dominates the headlines. donald trump now pulling ahead. the new polls showing trump with his biggest lead since getting into the race. 36% now. ted cruz taking second with 16%. edging out carson with 14%, rubio with 12%. the rest of the field in single digits tonight. here's abc's tom llamas. on the campaign trail tonight. >> reporter: tonight with scenes
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of terror heavy on their minds, republican voters are turning to donald trump. yesterday predicting his support will only grow. >> sadly, every time, every single time there's a tragedy, my poll numbers go up. because they feel that i am going to take care of them, and they feel they want strength. >> reporter: the new poll with trump way ahead, taken before the san bernardino rampage, but after the horrific attacks in paris. trump's message to the terrorists? crass, but blunt. >> this is a vicious group of animals. we've got to knock the crap out of them. i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. waterboarding is just fine. we're going to win. >> reporter: trump says americans know he would protect the homeland. the new polls show republican voters agree. 46% say trump is the candidate best equipped to handle isis, and 42% think he would be the most effective at solving the world's problems. the other candidates surging as the country grapples with the terror threat. senator ted cruz, today, expressing support for the right to bear arms, by visiting a gun
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range in iowa two days after a mass shooting in america. >> you don't stop bad guys by taking away our gun. you stop bad guys by using our guns. >> reporter: david, that new national poll revealing something else interesting. trump, carson, cruz, rubio, even jeb bush all in a statistical tie with hillary clinton. david? >> tom llamas from new york tonight. thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" from california. the other news of the evening, there is word tonight about that e. coli scare at a major restaurant chain, much larger than we first thought. the major weather headline. the forecast for the rest of the month leading into the holidays. and it got our attention. also, the battle brewing this evening between trader joe's and the favorite cookie company. did they steal their famous recipe? you'll see it side by side. you be the judge tonight.
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a new report showing at least ten american women in less than two years arrested for supporting isis, putting jihad over family. and in this case, leaving behind a 6-month-old baby. here's abc chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz tonight. >> reporter: isis recruitment videos actively target young women to be jihadi brides, bear children for isis fighters. there were those three young british school girls who secretly left home to join isis in syria, traveling through turkey on a route we recently traced. and this is the exact route the girls would have taken. they would have gotten off the metro and come right in here to the urfa station. but some women, like accused killer tashfeen malik, apparently want to be fighters themselves. these two former roommates from queens arrested earlier this year accused of planning to build a bomb for an attack in the u.s. another u.s. woman accused of telling an isis fighter she met
5:49 pm
online that "becoming a martyr would be amazing. a girl can only wish." but for a mother to leave a 6-month-old baby to carry out what she surely must have known was a suicide attack seems incomprehensible. >> they're prioritizing martyrdom above all other aspects of their life, including raising a family. >> the leader of isis has said in the past that women should play just a supportive role in isis as wives and caretakers, but in recent months, clearly women have taken on far more active roles. david? when we come back on a friday, the other news this weekend, the forecast now heading right into the holiday and what to expect across much of this country. also, the e. coli scare involving a major restaurant chain, turning out to be much larger than we first thought. we'll be right back. ut today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement?
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finally tonight from southern california, after the horror inside this complex, the 14 lives remembered. ♪ ♪
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♪ thank you for watching here on a friday night. and finishing a difficult week with us. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here on monday night. good night. >>. was this police shooting justified? we're going to take you live to
5:59 pm
the town hall meeting underway live in san francisco. the chief will face the heat. plus... >> we're now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> the san bernardino shooting rampage take a new turn. >> and did a loophole in the state gun law let attackers reload more quickly than they should have been able to? >> and a braisen take over armed robbery in the bay area. this is a deadly shooting that has police on the hot seat tonight. the suspect had a knife and a dudsen or so officers, guns. the question, did they have to shoot him? good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. it happened wednesday afternoon when multiple officers opened fire on mario woods. pro testers say deadly force was not necessary.
6:00 pm
>> vic lee is live with the story. vic? >> reporter: before they say anything at all that meeting being held here at the city college campus in the bay view. reliable sources tell us that police have been pouring through all of the videos frame by frame to see if mario woods had done enough >> i can't believe what i saw. it is like a death, right? >> reporter: christian hernandez shot this video showing officers surrounding the 26-year-old wednesday afternoon. he recorded woods final moments. officers yelling "drop the knife" numerous times, he


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