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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. new at 6:00, new video of an air france jet forced to make a stop after leaving san francisco. what we eastern already of a threat that caused the plane to land early. >> chilling accounts of survivors of the san bernardino rampage how a woman was able to escape when others were fired on. >> how to fight off alzheimers: it is all if positive. >> and the fog is real out there this morning. we will check with meteorologist mike nicco with a, look at what you face on drive. >> good morning, everyone, thanks for joining us, the visibility right now is thickest in santa rosa at half a mile so watch out around the airport, on 101, and it has not creeped down to petaluma but is in napa and chairman is thickest. sfo is 1.5 miles. we will have nature arrival
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delays. with a light wind so the thickest fog is in the central valley that pulls through the delta but getting hazy over the golden gate bridge. the fog is on the move. know that when you travel around this morning. cooler at 44 to 54 in the day manner and 60 at noon and brighter and more dry. upper 50s to mid-60s with more sunshine at 4:00, and comfortable at 7:00, in the mid-50s. >> lights at the bay bridge as the 5:28 with an early accident, and it now is cleared. traffic is steamed up now and the approach is not bad from golden gate field through treasure island through all of this it is 10-12 minutes and san jose southbound, northbound, at we at 880 overcrossing traffic is light, where in problems. we are getting first reports of an accident westbound 4 c.h.p. rolling to check on a make down unknown if other vehicles are involved and unknown whether a lane is blocked or injuries at
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this point but there are reporting of westbound four beyond bailey. we will have further details in a few minutes. matt and kristen? >> air france flight bound for paris is back in the air after leaving sfo but made an unexpected stop after a threat. testify any has the latest from sfo? >> a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief this morning as this turned out to be a false alarm that you just mentioned, the passengers are back in the air. look at this video from citytv in montreal, the passengers are seen free boarding the boeing 777 overnight, and that flight departed for paris against three hours ago. air france flight 83 initially left san francisco yesterday afternoon and as you can see from the exclusive video taken by a passenger, the flight was going according to plan. then the pilots learns of a net and as a precaution they diverted to monday control where local media report that the
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plane was greeted by police. passengers tweeted perks in inside plan saying the atmosphere was calm and the crew members were great and all 231 passengers and 15 crew members were escorted on to the buses. the plane then was searched. when authorities gave the "all clear," the flight took off. this is the latest insurance accident for air france. last month two flights remain diverted after receiving anonymous bomb threats. a spokesperson reached out by twitter saying they apologize for the delay and the interruption to travelers' plan but the number one priority is safety of the passengers. >> outside of sfo for abc7 news. >> thank you, braking overnight in east bay where a welfare check leads officers to a body in a him. the victim a woman. her death is "suspicious." her death is "suspicious." right now police are on mc
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and our reporter is a the john and will bring us a report at 6:30. >> we are learning more of suspects in the san bernardino attacks last weak. syed farook and tashfeen malik both tube target practice at shooting ranges days before the rampage. both have been radicalized for some time. a family court judge ordered syed farook and tashfeen malik's six-month-old daughter to remain in foster care for the time being. the sister wents custody of the child. the officers raided the home of tashfeen malik's father in pakistan. we hear chilling accounts those who survived the rampage, two gathered for the holiday party at the regional center dropping to the floor the second they heard gunfire. she described the horror to our reporter. >> what were you thinking? doing? >> there was a small break in the table cloth and i kept
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looking down and i kept hoping the gum fire would stop, the gun first would stop and i could nature...believe it would stop... >> in the animation you can see how the room was set up with tables and holiday decorations. >> the oakland city council will hear a propose supporting the california safety for all act to reduce gunfire. two city council members want to magazine all magazines with more than ten rounds and make it against the law to leave guns and magazines and ammunition unsecured in a car parked open city streets. since the san bernardino attacks gun shops have seen a surge in sales. >> passion and anger filled a san francisco naacp meeting over justice for 26 career old marrow woods slot and killed by mess in a barrage gunfire after police say they tried bean bags and pepper spray. they say he was a suspect in a
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daning and he moved to the officers wielding a knife but map say that is not what they see in the video and police are slandering woods. >> mar crow would speak about his illness and criminal record and you make him look as if he deserved to die. >> the police mission will meet tomorrow to discuss this investigation. >> oakland city council will decide whether to call a shelter crisis because of the overwhelming number of homeless people. they could open a new center next year with rising republicans in oakland have squeezed an alarming number of people out of their hopes. the measure is considered a short-term answer to the housing crisis. >> with more rain coming our way people in alameda can pick up tremendous sandbags to protect their hims in and other property. the public works department is secretary up a sandbag station on lexington street near the former alameda naval air station. it will be open every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday except
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holidays until the end the year. though are giving away five sandbags to anyone would shows prove of resolution danny. >> for more drilling and filling, a new recommendation for treat cavities. >> you have seen these videos? bizarre instagram account everyone is talking about this morning. >> if you head outdoor take us with you with the news app to get protecting news and relative time updates and personalized alerts. alerts. stay tuned.
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we are back with 610, in the south pay a spread from campbell at 47 to los altos at 54 and most of us are around and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s. a few degree cooler than this time. it is more dry at walnut creek south of the traffic headed to 24 on 680 the the in more my surf warning at the coast. up to 66 around the bay and 63 to 66 recent the north bay. around san rafael it is hazy but
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not so foggy and warm tomorrow but the rain and cooler weather is coming in on thursday. the hour by hour details are coming you. >> in san rafael it is looking good to industrial san rafael bunching up on the east shore prefer with the drive from golden gate surveillance video to the toll plaza is continue machines. metering lights were on at 5:28 and walnut creek, there are reports of a bad accident southbound 680 at north main on the right hand shoulder but you can see the brake lights and the traffic bunched up more so than just about ten minutes ago when we first looked. better news here, westbound 4, motorcycle rider is up, bike is up but they are calling for medical crews to check it out. westbound 4 beyond bailey a lot of slowing. matt and kristen? >> an unusual sight taking the intent by storm, called bread-face. the internet is obsessed with watching a girl rub bread all over her face.
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the video was first posted on instagram and mashable picked it up. it features the same girl smashing her face with carb filled good news. no word on why but this is a following for it. >> she is putting her imprint on the bread. it could be an exhibit pore art work. >> it could. that is me after a month on the atkins diet, right into the carb and bread. >> how to prepare for el nino storms and how you think today can prevent alzheimers in the future. >> but, first, the golden gate bridge with the fog not so bad you can fought see and that is you can fought see and that is good and f therbottle of tropicana pure oranges squepremium.o each and absolutely no space for added sugar, water, or preservatives. tropicana. we put the good in morning.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. much of beijing is shut down again today. there was the first ever red alert for air pollution. you can see how bad it is. thick dark smog filled the air and residents are staying indoors, schools are closed the driving is restricted. red alert remains in affect through midday thursday. >> having aing ifive few of aging could lead to alzheimers. studies published in the journal of psychology show that people with negative views of getting
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older are pore like throw have brain changes associated with the disease. that includes memory loss and mood changes. the change could be from the body's increased stress response to negative thoughts. >> drilling and filling could be a thing of past at the dentist. dentists would treat truth -- tooth decay with prevention can stop the problem, because it takes 4-8 it does future require immediate drilling. >> happy to hear that. >> now what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00? >> coming up next on "good morning america," donald trump declaring that muslims should be banned from entering the united states. terrorism in the home land is now a major topic in race for the white house. trump joins us this morning on "good morning america" next.
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>> the california band the eagles of death return to the paris theater where they survived shooting massacre paying tribute to the victims of the attack the last night, the band returned to the stage in paris for the first time since the attack. ♪ people have the power >> they joined u2 for the performance, with bono and jesse belting out "people have the power." 89 were killed in the attack during the eagles show. u2 was to perform a pair of concerts that weekend but it was canceled. >> has has replaced -- russia has replaced a dog that was killed during the paris terror attacks attacks. french leaders call it a "touching" gesture. >> california patrol arrested 43-year-old watsonville man for
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selling a 1964 corvette he is accused of stealing. the highway patrol was contacted weapon the victim tried to register the stolen car, the suspect impersonated the legal owner of the stolen corvette when the transaction happened. the c.h.p. said the car was taken during a burglary and has been reunited with the right. owner. the victim would but the the car is sadly out $25,000. >> beautiful car. i can understand why someone who want to by it and get a good deal. >> sad they are out the money. >> we are in for fog today and maybe in for a big storm on thursday. >> and another one on sunday. >> the storms are opening the door and we will get a couple good chances of rain. this is fog. the thickest is around napa. that is airport row where 29 and 12 come together. you can see heading up to stanley lane, and in those areas want out this morning for a reduction in visibility. our mention storm is up along the pacific northwest and
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pounding them with pretty heavy rain and gusty wind. for us, this is how it looks, the flags on the ferry building as we lack beyond that to the golden gate bridge the nags are still and we can see the bay bridge this morning unlike yesterday morning. the fog is patchy and we will have patchy sun and it will be brighter and more dry than yesterday. storm track is sagging to the south by tomorrow and rain in the north bay but the rain and weapons will be strongest on thursday and sunday for all of us. well jump ahead to tomorrow morning at 5:00, you can see the future radar returns along the sonoma county coast from roach -- from rohnert park with light rain and dug the overfight hours the cold front rolls in and you can see the moderate rain in yellow moving in to santa rosa at 5:00, and at 6:00 through oakland into san francisco. at 7:00 in the heart of the bay, 8:00 in the south bay, and at 9:00, it and wrapping up like our morning commute.
6:20 am
behind it, cold and unstable air meets scattered showers and thunderstorms and a few pulses of gusty wind and rain and small hail is possible. that is going to last through thursday at 10:00 through midnight we will have another bit of energy and that is the best chance for seeing the thunderstorms. we will wake up on friday morning a few lingering showers ask clear on friday afternoon. rainfall amounts are .25" to .5" in the south bay and from quarter to three-quarters of an inch around the bay and the north bay, up to 1" in some areas and that means our storm impact scale is going to be moderate. it could be worse if we had stronger winds but we don't. >> temperatures on thursday take a plunge into the 50s and they stay there to nearly 60 throughout the rest of the seven-day forecast and a chance of showers on saturday but more likely we are wet on sunday. >> going back to the bay bridge toll plaza for the tuesday morning commute.
6:21 am
by far, the toughest apporach is 580 stacked back toward highway 24 so you are looking at a continue minute delay from the become of the lane on the 580 approach to the toll plaza and the other approach is 880 and 80 lacking pretty good but you are stacked up because the metering lights are on and southbound golden gate is looking nice. there was a touch of fog over the waldo grade moving around but fog is out there and it could limit your visibility on the drive this morning. we will take a look back in the pittsburg and bay point area, the motorcycle driver is up and the motorcycle is up but they still have emergency crews on the cent and we are seeing slow traffic. in san jose, lane two is blocked northbound 85 on the connection ramp to northbound 280. matt and kristen? >> thanks, sue, look at this kristen got an up close look at the warriors trophy during last nature's holiday heroes even at at&t park. the family has an upclose look
6:22 am
at the park teaing part in festive activity. >> bedazzle by the trophies, all the kids lined up for pictures, admission to the event put on by the foundation go to supporting underserved children through vary youth organizations. a job well done by all, to share your pictures poet them on social immediatia with #abc7now, and while youen line -- while you are online, check out >> we are look at the new >> we are look at the new cupertino space ship for >> stay tuned.
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>> this morning we are look allen looking at apple's space site in cupertino. the photographer captured construction several times with the drone and the videos are receiving hundreds of thousands of views with construction
6:26 am
completed next year. >> more schultz drivers have yawnized, those from burlingame and joined the local teamsters. the workers start at $24.75 an hour and get 10 percent more when woreing split shifts and receive holiday and sick days and health care. 200 drivers last month transport ed employees of apple and yahoo and other tech companies. >> incredible video shows an armed pan lead police on a dangerous chase. in seattle. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> there was a are woulded carjacking. he is driving on the sidewalk trying to get away and police finally caught up with him. man rammed into another car as more officers arrived. he point the gun reportedly at them and then a hail of gunfire erupted. the suspect died in the gunfight. police have not released his identity. >> the morning news continues at
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 6:30 on tuesday, sort of a foggy start at san francisco international airport. you will want to check in to pick sure there are no delays. but, certainly, it is cloudy a airport. >> we have big rain coming our way by the end of this week and we will check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> cloudy conditions, and patchy fog, and an hour and 16 minutes flight arrival delays. that is what we are averaging at sfo, and slow and oakland done okay, at half a mile at napa, the fog is lifting santa rosa but thickest in the central valley, and fingers crossed that is where it is staying. here is 280 and 17 in san jose,
6:31 am
and much more clear than yesterday. the day planner shows patchy fog and cloudy and cooler than yesterday at mid-40s to mid-50s, sunshine is faster and warmer by noon, and dry and low 60s. well hang in the low-to-mid 60s at 4:00, and a comfortable evening, mid-to-upper 50s. sue? ought rag is behind you on 280 northbound and it looks good out of san jose from cupertino but not is good an early accident at southbound 680 clear to the shoulder and again for some time but brake lights appear here and as you can see the drive time is about 17-20 minutes define 242 and highway 24. we go back to san jose, only this time, highway 87 pat the tap say rain and julian off-ramp and traffic is nice but it is getting busy. a couple things to update you on this motorcycle accident out of the lanes now, but, still, very slow, westbound 4 beyond bailey and an accident in san jose northbound 85 lane number three blocked on the connection to northbound 280.
6:32 am
>> matt and kristen? >> breaking news, newark police are investigating the death of a woman as suspicious after they found her dead if if -- in a moment. they are asking for the public's health, just a few blocks off 80. amy hollyfield? yes, matt, look what is happen behind me right now the crime scene investigation team is still here blocking the avenue in the newark neighborhood. this we have been here all night long and they get the call to come out here to the home right after 8:00 last night. someone called saying they wanted police to check on the people inside the home. they were wandering why they did not hear from them in a while say it was unusual. inside, the officers found an unresponsive woman and they tried to revive her but they could not. they have not said how she died but they calling it "spin." they also have not released her gnashes or -- her age yet so it
6:33 am
is still a mystery and police are asking for people. if anyone has information to help them figure out what happened they are asking you please give police a call. and police in hayward are investigating an overnight shooting that left one person wounded, it happened in a residential neighborhood near biscayne avenue and sumatra and police have not released additional information. >> air france said an anonymous threat caused a flight from san francisco to paris to divert to monday control flight 83 departed sfo after 3:00 yesterday afternoon and diverted four hours into the flight, police met the 3007 when it landed, and all 231 passengers and continue crew members taken off the plane to undergo precautionary screening but it was unfounded and the flight continued on to paris de gaulle airport where it will land if a few hours. donald trump is defending the controversial examines about
6:34 am
banning muslims from entering the united states, he spoke this morning with george stephanopolis on "good morning america." >> we have had tremendous support, thousands and thousands of calls of support, we were on a ship with thousands of people there, with thousands of people outside that could not get in and, frankly, it was a standing ovation that would not step. >> can you hear more of truck trip's comments on "good morning america" at 7:00 this morning right after our newscast by the way the comments come after last week's deadly shooting in san bernardino. >> memorial in san jose held a vigil to honor the san bernardino victims, handful of muslim americans felt a need to bring signs reassuring others that they, too, condemn the shooting. >> i am conditioned, should i be worried that some people at my job look at me as a potential terrorist? >> donald trump's proposal
6:35 am
shocked workers after council members have received more than a dozen threats the past few days. >> investigators revel the suspects in the attack, syed farook and tashfeen malik bothen gamed if target practice at the shoeing agencies days before the rampage. other evidence suggests that the attack was pre-planned. part of the probe centers on a radicalization of the couple. a family court judge ordered syed farook's and tashfeen malik 's six-month-old daughter to remain in foster scare and her sister wants custody. >> santa clara supervisors and county workers will hold a moment silence at 9:15 for victims in the attack. last night, hundreds of people gathered for two vigils in intern dough, and one was at the board and the other at cacal state san bernardino. >> our coverage of the san bernardino shooting continues on the abc7 news app with latest
6:36 am
updates as they happen. >> today, the three santa clara jail guards charged in the booting death of a mentally ill inmate will enter a plea. the he guards are scheduled to appear in court today to enter a plea. an autopsy shows that 31-year-old michael tyree died from blunt force trauma and internal pleading in august. the three deputies were arrested and charged with the murder. they are due this court at 1:30 this afternoon. >> san mateo county investigators are looking out for a man who is pose as a sheriff deputy. surveillance video shows him at crystal springsshipping center on november 24, dressed in a uniform with a sheriff office patch. he told employees he wasvicting a theft and asked to gain entry to the cash office but employize were suspicious and called police and the map left. >> a napa county supervisor will discuss whether the area need as major transformmation in winery growth policy. planners say winery growth is moving faster than they expected and the projected growth rate
6:37 am
calls for 60 new wineries to be approved as of now, 86 have been abe radioed and 29 are spending. with the rapid growth of wine industry residents concerned about the intensity and location of development in unincorporated areas. all the two bay area communities will decide on rules over the legalized sale of medical marijuana today. in san jose the city council will vote to amend a set of laws to make it clear that it does not want anyone delivering mold pot. the city council wants to limit the amount of space used at a home for growing medical marijuana. operators are opposed to this and putting their own initiative on the ballot to are place the existing ordinance. >> the marin board. vote on a proposal to license four medical marijuana dispensaryies in separate areas of the county. they would be allowed to do business in commercially zoned areas away from the schools, parks, and other cannabis businesses. they would have restrictions on
6:38 am
how many could open up on 101. >> san francisco board will vote on an appeal from mission bay resident whose oppose the warriors arena because of the environmental impact report saying more are agreeing with them. they sponsored a new poll of hundreds of san francisco voters, and 49 percent surveyed last week support the arena and 42 percent oppose it. parking and traffic are the main concerns with the project. >> warriors go for win 23 tonight in indiana and five games in on a seven game road trip and steph curry was named "player of the week," for the third time this season acknowledging 3 4 1/2 points, 5 assists and four rebounds in four games. the dibs have won 22 separate games an n.b.a. record to two others have started 10-0 on road and those two teams won the nba championship. >> a repeat? >> yes, it all looks good when
6:39 am
you win this many, it is obvious this is a favorite. >> how is the weather for the drive to work? or school? >> the record is phenomenal. >> great questions this morning. not much fog but we do have a few high clouds that will move through the sky. some of it will drop rain in eureka, and look at this, mid-to-upper 70s san diego and los angeles and low 80s in palm springs we need more snow. we are only 50 percent so we started early, and we are still already behind and we have a winter storm watch for the sierra starting at midnight on thursday, through 4:00 am on friday morning and it is going to be a bear if you travel at any time on thursday through the sierra as the passes could have 18-24isms of snow. if you get there before that, you will love it. >> doing the happy dance. >> now, outside, not so happy if
6:40 am
you travel from highway 4 westbound on 80 into the bay bridge toll plaza the drive is taking 42 minutes with metering lights at 5:28 an accident with a motorcycle out of lanes and slow at 30 minutes from antioch to concord and a new accident reported jackson on-ramp involving a motorcycle, as well, with slow approaching from 880 to the san mateo bridge toll plaza. at&t will provide residential internet customers with super fast speeds next week with a new that will be rolled out as an option in san francisco, oakland, and san jose and it is 20 times faster than the existing residential internet service and is offered in cupertino and, soon, if mountain you have. >> next, a yahoo sale in the
6:41 am
future? showing interest in the bay area based web giant. >> check out a christmas card that hey not be exactly what it appears to be, but we will explain this. explain this. >> stay tuned.
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6:44 am
>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 6:44 a flight from san francisco to paris made an unscheduled stop if canada overnight because of an autonomous threat. our reporter joins us at sfo now with the very latest. chris, it was quite a scare but it was a false alarm. the passengers are now back in the air. take a look at the video from citytv this montreal, passengers were reboarding flight and the boeing 777 departed for paris a few hours ago. air france 83 left san francisco yesterday afternoon and the exclusive video taken by a passenger shows the flight going according to plan and the pilots received a let and as a precaution made a diversion to montreal. passengers tweeted the atmosphere was call. it involved 231 passengers and continue crew members escorted
6:45 am
off the plane. the plane was then searched. air france said they apologized for the delay and inconvenience but safety is the number one priority. t-mobile, fastest grow wireless carrier is accused of false advertising for a popular ad campaign promising to rip up service contracts and get rid of hidden fees and investigators are looking into complains the ads are misleading and the c.e.o. said in a defeat that they stand by their ads and the company is "not accused of false advertising by any wreck thattory body." >> two dozen boston college students got sick after eatingatically post restaurant amid an outbreak with other chill post 99 sick since october. they closed the location in boston where the constitute --
6:46 am
students ate during investigation. >> this christmas card is fake, completely. the card was created by a single gay to trick the family, especially the grandparents, josh hired actors to play the regulate wife and two kids do see if he could get the family to believe in. here is the deal. now that it is viral the family of course knows it is fake but one person, the grandmother. she is not on social media so she has no clue, and probably bet off. josh is really hopping when she gets the card she will fall for it. ohhh. >> where do you this he got that sick sense of humor? from his grandmother. they all in on it. >> there you go. >> speaking of sick sense of humor, mike? not so many us are dealing with fog and have not heard reports of mist and drizzle so it is dry. look at sutro tower we can see
6:47 am
across the bay bridge toward the twinkling lights of berkeley and emeryville and our thickest fog in the central valley, visibility is quarter-mile or less, and the winds are light and variable so i expect most of the fog to stay there and some could leak along the delta community. check out this beautiful picture from the east bay hills camera, we have our camera sandwiched between two layers of cloud deck hoping for a color will sunrise running a time-lapse on that right now so hopefully we can catch the sunrise and the colors the forecast highlights dry and mild and brighter today. you will need the sunglasses. light rain in the north bay tomorrow, and wet and windy for all of us on thursday and on sunday, tomorrow, though, at 5:00 in the morning you can see the light green, dancing away the forth by in the northern section of snow may by 5:00, it is trying to move to the beach is trying to move to the beach and by action on -- by pack
6:48 am
is rolling down interstate 80 through oakland and richmond and to san francisco. by 7:00, it is in the heart of bay moving across the san mateo bridge. at 8:00 it is moving across the dumbarton bridge and and the south bay and by 9:00, it is heading down to saturday martin and gilroy and morgan hill. behind it we get a break and scattered showers and potential thunderstorms for thursday afternoon. the strongest of these are going to roll in around 10:00 or electric and you can see the yellows starting to roll through into friday morning with another impulsion of heavy rain and maybe some hail and brief and gusty winds. rainfall is .25" to .5", and up to an inch in the north bay and that is why our storm impact scale is going to be a solid two. i don't see the wind necessary for any power outage that pushes
6:49 am
it up to a "3." my seven-day forecast shows enjoy the mild mid-60s today and tomorrow and 50s are back open thursday and friday afternoon it should be dry and a chance of showers on saturday and the bigger deal this weekend will be on sunday. >> our 360 scam a is out and about on tuesday morning and this is the 880 freeway, the nimitz, and they are traveling in the northbound direction toward highway 84, the dumbarton bridge and you can see it is slow and go and it is typical how it got its name, the passty nimitz with a lot of company through fremont. new, checking in elsewhere with other problems, if you are traveling from the 80 freeway to 580 and the richmond-san rafael bridge on the parkway you are looking at under 30 minutes and it is stacking up into marin county and we have the motorcycle down, westbound beyond bailey, westbound 4, out of lanes and moved with the
6:50 am
message crews this. traffic is stacking up and the jackson on-ramp is blocked with another motorcycle down westbound 92 the ramp from jackson. >> now, we want a check on trading on wall street. this is the big board showing that the dow is down big 150 points right now. >> potential bayers -- buyers for yahoo's core business are coming out. >> they say, yes, they would be interested in buying out the business that would include e-mail and sports and news sites and yahoo has been holding meet evening the past week or so with top executives to decide the future. the holiday were showing race, apparel is betting the patches off electronnings with on-line purchases decline 15 percent in value compared to last area. adobe said purchases making you the difference and there are more orders for clothes but the average cost of the order is less than that of electronics.
6:51 am
>> netflix will focus on developing its own content doubling the number of original shows to 31 from 16. the video extreming company has ten feature films, 30 kids series and a dozen feature documentaries and two documentaries in various stages of production according to the chief content officer. you mentioned off to a risky start with the dow down 164 and s&p and nasdaq trading russianly lower and oil this morning is dragging stocks down hitting the lowest point now since february of 2009 right in the middle of the recession. that is weighing on stocks, especially the energy companies. back to you, matt and kristen. >> thank you, jane. we are back with seven things to know before you go. but, first, checking out a gorgeous sunrise, east bay hills and mount diabolo with the cloud deck but it will be nice later.
6:52 am
6:53 am
good morning, a look from emeryville camera you can see a last cars with the brake lights on this morning, with details coming up in a bit. >> he are seven things to know before you go. number one, breaking overnight, newark police have a home surrounded over a "suspicious," death when a woman's body was found in the home after someone
6:54 am
called police asking them to check and see if the people inside were okay. >> an air france flight from san francisco to paris diverted to montreal last night after a threat was made against the plane. flight 83 moment airline stopped in montreal so police could sweep the train. nothing was found. it d.c. off for paris and scheduled to land at de gaulle airport in two hours. >> a south africa judge granted bail for former olympian oscar pistorius ahead of the sentencing for the murder of his girlfriend in 2013. oscar pistorius will return to court april 18 for sentencing on the up gridded -- upgraded murder conviction. >> donald trump has a full interview on america at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc7. >> five, it is becoming more cloudy than foggy and only napa at quarter-mile and fairfield at an eighth of a mile with issues. there are issues left over from the early fog at sfo one hour and 16 minute flight arrival
6:55 am
delays. temperatures are mild, upper 40s to mid-50s and as we head into the afternoon hours we will see more of that orange sunshine if our sky with temperatures in the upper 50s with calmer conditions at the coast and the rest of us in the low-to-mid 60. >> we have a busy commute on 80 westbound into the bay bridge toll plaza, just when you get to golden gate fold you have another 25 minute to get to the toll plaza and sluggish on the span. we have a motorcycle that is not blocking lanes but it is there waiting to be towed away, westbound 4 beyond bailey, and the driver is okay and good news, on the hayward side of the bridge, that is the san mateo bridge the accident is cleared. >> the warriors tomorrow to take perfect to be 23-0 in indiana. steph curry was named player of the week after, 34.5 points in four games the --s have won 22
6:56 am
straight an d.c. record. >> it could be an exciting gale so well see. >> we will see after 22 straight games. >> we continue on-line and facebook and twitter and all mobile devices. >> we will see you in 25 minutes . we still have the fog until around 10:00 but a wet commute on thursday morning. we are ready.
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good morning, america. donald trump's stunning call to ban mufrom entering america. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> his gop rivals call him unhinged and offensive. the white house says the comments could damage america's security. donald trump standing by to respond live here this morning. the fbi reveals the terrorist couple were radicalized for more than a year before their deadly attack. the focus now on their friend who bought those high-powered guns and exclusive new details about what happened inside that conference room.


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