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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 10, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> live doppler hd is showing the calm right now before another wave of the storm we could be done with the morning rain but showers are coming away again in a few hours making for a messy evening commute. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. the storm did some damage. it brought down several trees and power lanes especially in the north bay. >> it cause problem with the only commute with crashes and stalls and slays. the gridlock here at the bay bridge. >> this is a tree in the north bay, where they had the most
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challenges. here is a shot of the early peak of the commute with 180 calls during the midnight hour and a lost crashes. can you see the golden gate bridge with some blue skies, the lull before the next storm. now, meteorologist mike nicco has live doppler hd. mike? >> thank you, kristen. from live doppler hd, you can see from dublin, headed down 6 credit to pleasanton over 580 toward livermore we have a shower stretching down to union city and the parkway, fremont boulevard to milpitas and over moffett field heading to sunnyvale. santa clara is another light shower. this is it as far as the next couple of hours. you can see the storms developing to the north. here is what to expect. waves of showers this afternoon and tonight. it will affect the evening commute and the evening activities with locally
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moderate-to-heavy rain and brieses and some high surf. i will have a timetable on when it will end coming up in the forecast. kristen and eric? >> this morning sky 7 is hing what drivers are dealing with in mill valley, understanding caused by high tide forcing commuters to carefully drive through the water near the park-'n-ride lot. amy hollyfield continues our coverage from mill valley. amy? >> hi, look behind me, here is the left over affect of the storm this morning. this is the park-'n-ride outside of mill valley. it is high tide. add the rain you get a lake. cars getting through okay but not an ideal situation. here is what it looks like early this morning cars on highway 101 at lucky drive had to get through some standing water. the rain was coming down good at times and it wasn't just the rain that was an issue but the winds were quite afactor.
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as we drove crass bridges, we got tossed around. it was knock the rain sideways and it knocked over a tree on the highway at 7:00 this morning blocking the whole road. a driver wanted it come down in front of the car. no one was injured. crews say it will take a while to clean it up. this associate going of a long season. >> i was windy. last night. or early this morning. it look like it uprooted and blew over. a lot of people are gearing up. including us. preparing. we have not had what they are calling for in a long time. it is going through the process of getting prepareed. >> he said they have been working hard to prepare if this upcoming season and they have been trimming trees and clearing
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the ditches so water can flow but he did say you cannot prepare for mudslides. they are doing all they can as everyone else needs to be doing but we just need to brace ourselves. it could be a long and busy winter season. reporting from marin county for abc7 i amy hollyfield. >> the rain and wind left a big mess in guerneville. a downed tree and power line blocked state road 116 at first street at 4:00 this morning. all of the lanes were closed. crews cleaned up the mess. everything re-opened around 7:00 a.m. >> messy commute in san francisco. sky 7 was over southbound 101 at 280 where flooding on the shoulder temporarily closed one lane. you know what that does to traffic. it was slow going for drivers exiting on 280 because of the huge puddle on the off-ramp. >> pg&e is reporting 3,000 customers without power.
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right now, san francisco has the most out amendments at 2,000. the north bay and peninsula are reporting a few hundred outages and a few in the south and east bay. crews are making repairs all morning. matt keller is at the pebble beach substation in san jose. >> busy day for anyone who work for pg&e they gear up always for a storm. it is not the only business impacted by the rain. ought rain came down in sheets this morning. in fremont. water was flowing on the streets into the storm drains. the east bay got a good soaking before the sun came up. workers at pg&e fremont materials distribution center were on alert. equipment and transformers were waiting for the call to action. however, this storm did not have staying power. the area here was unfound as the danger of flooding passed. for now. >> the auto dealing was slow in
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san jose. normally 50 to 60 employees wash cars. today, less than 20. why pay for a wash when mother nature does the job for free? >> when it cames, the amount of cars we see is pretty low. >> christmas season and a rain is a big boost to this business, an app that lets you order groceries from stores and you guessed it, you pick them up curb side. if it is raining, someone gets wet. it just doesn't have to be you. >> are you willing to take the hit and get soaking rain to bring in the groceries to the customers? >> i can do that. >> pg&e spokesperson told me that if there is one piece of advice to the public it is this: if you see a downed power line do not approach it or touch it. call 9-1-1 and assume that it is live. matt, thanks. wet weather is causing big delays at san francisco
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international airport. there you blue skies above the f.a.a. reports that arriving flights are delayeded an hour and 10 minutes. in major delays reported at oakland or san jose. >> with rain comes snow. here is a look from heavenly mountain camera. you can see in lake tahoe ice on the lens. it is cold. the storm is expected to bring up to 2' of snow at the highest elevation. the c.h.p. isen watching everyone driving to the sierra there could be delays. can you see a lost snow on i-80 at donner and drivers urged to carry chains and allow extra time on sunday coming back. if you see stormy weather today and you can safely take a photo or video share it by posting to social media with #abc7now. we could use it on air or online at >> two people have died in oregon after heavy rain and flooding swept across the northwest. a 50-year-old portland woman
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died when a tree fell on the house and another drowned if high water. in washington state, the governor declared a state of emergency after relentless series of storms and landslides the worse needing in washington state since 2007. >> the first of a dozen funeral services will be held for victims of the san bernardino rampage. annette was one of 14 killed last week when two terrorists opened fire at a hole gay gay -- holiday gathering. her familiar said she was expecting to receive her official health inspector badge at holiday party. 27-year-old was the youngest of force sisters. >> two were recused from a second story balcony when a fire broke out in the mission district of san francisco at 2:30 or 3:30 a.m. near mission and caesar chavez street. firefighters heard screams for help. they had to use the hadtory rescue to people.
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no one was hurt but the fire displaced ten. >> nfl coaching legend madden is resting at his home following successful open-heart surgery. doctors at the medical center operated yesterday to clear block averages in his arteries. the n said the 79-year-old is expected to make a full recovery. madden coped the raiders from 1969 to 1978 and led the team to a super bowl win in the 1976 season. two years later he left the locker room for the broadcast booth. >> coming up as electric with the -- up as 11:00, president obama gives you a bigger say in your child's education. >> plus --. ♪ south side chicago it make it tomorrow ♪ >> the first lady puts the flow in plo
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>> republican presidential candidate donald trump is postponing the trip to israel announcing it on twitter this morning. he said the meeting with binyamin netanyahu will be scheduled at "a later date," after i became president. the meeting was for december 28 but this week, netanyahu publicly criticized trump for the proposal to temporarily ban muslims from entering the united states. >> happening today a big change comes to public schools nationwide.
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president obama has signed the "every student succeeds act," into law passed to replace no child left behind act. the you it law chains the way teachers in schools are evaluated allowing states to state back control of fixing underperforming schools and not mandate standardized testing as the bench mark for evaluation. >> to law focuses on a national goal of ensuring all students graduate prepared for college and future years -- careers. all the act will still require annual testing for students in grades 3-8 and a test for high school students. >> first lady is dropping rhymes in a new video aimed at getting more young people to go to college. ♪ go to college ♪ head for college ♪ go do college >> the video is part of the white house better make room
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campaign to reach teens to recognize the benefits of a higher education, the campaign also offers resources to help teens navigate the college process including how to register for entrance exams, visit the campuses and fill out financial aid forms. >> she has a lost skills but that is a new one. >> it may not be new. >> that is true. el nino is here. heavy rains of forecasted. >> be prepared. grab the umbrella and the news app before you walk out the door, the umbrella may not be helpful if the rain is sideways. >> high wind. heavy rain. floods. mutt slides. when el nino unleashes its fury, we are on air. and on your phone. with braking weather news brought to you when the storms come, you will know first. >> look at el nino. it is here. click on the weather and the abc7 news app. >> your detailed seven-day
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forecast is down to the hour. >> with the abc news app you can track storms in real time. >> it is getting colder as the storm approaches. >> watch your accweather forecast with the most powerful weather radar live doppler hd. >> in the sierra, flash floods in the north bay. >> we track the rain moving in. >> share the photos and video using #abc7now. >> tune in, you could see your picture. on air. >> follow the weather team on twitter and facebook for the latest updates. >> the news app, your source tore weather. powered by 9 bay area's most persons the weather team, the only app you will need to track el nino. >> you can get the abc7 news app at it is free. >> first thing i looked up. i said, where is that rain? right. >> and push notifications, too. >> we have flood advisories and
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watching is warnings. i want to show you a graphic we made an intensity graphic for san francisco, look when the most intense showers move through a couple of ways from 6:30 to 10:30. i will show you an hour-by-hour look at when the waves will roll through your neighborhood. >> thank you, mike, also comic up a new app for teens that can block parents and creators are trying to calm the growing backlash. >> yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer shares big family news
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>> a scary moment on
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surveillance video as a roof collapsed in london. the debris is barely missing some people walking by not aware that the building was under going renovation. thank you is scary. we have high wind ourselves today. >> nothing like onings or tree limbs which we had earlier. that has settled down a little bit and that is the good news. we could have locally gusty winds headed to the next round of showers and thunderstorms and, also, they will bring in the high surf and i know you are looking forward to this, 17-22' consistent waves, large breakers around 30' possible right now and we are at 10 listen -- 10-12 but it is dangerous with the rip currents rolling around. and a new one be we have for the not bay, especially right around sausalito and mill valley, tomorrow, during high tide on either side of the 8:00 in the
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morning until noon, we are going to have some flooding of low-lying areas, especially around the bay and toward the coast when we have that high tide rolling in so the park-'n-ride even if it is not raining tomorrow could possibly flood. a few showers through the higher elevations, down in the south bay and moving out him and falling apart as it heads to the altamont pass, and tracy, what i wanted to show you is the nbc round of storms developing north of ukiah, and that is going to be rolling interest our neighborhood is enjoy the sunshine and the break from the wet weather if you are trying to get out and about. we neoneed it but it is also causing travel difficulty so that is what i am talking about. waves develop this afternoon through the overnight and another storm on sunday but saturday night into monday morning is frosty cold, tuesday and wednesday, before another chance of rain on thursday and friday. and the storm door is starting to really get moved open. the next couple hours, we will look to the north bay and here
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you go our first wave, another wave coming through, all of these teen 5:00 this afternoon and 2:00 in the morning and then as we head to the morning commute tomorrow the showers start to taper and they mainly head over the coast but we could have a few stray showers develop tomorrow during the afternoon hours but they will fall apart by the evening plans being untolded. at the next burst of wind and rain we could get another quarter to half an inch of rain. if you are headed to the sierra it is to late. you need chain on 80 we are looking at 2' possible in most our passes and up to 3' at higher elevations and the weather storm warning is going through at least hurricane tomorrow morning. as far as our temperatures, most of us in the upper 50s to low 60s and it is cooler now than it was earlier this morning. so, saturday, during the morning hours that is going to be the best bet for outdoor activities not affected by the weather
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because it will be stormy on sunday like today, so it is a "2" on our impact scale. >> go up to lake tahoe and coming back from lake, both tough. >> good point. >> an app being hailed as the next facebook is raising red flags where par ends, the after school app allows kids to share messages and pictures and video anonymously without the watchful eye of mom and dad and classmate s join through facebook that verifies they attend a school with a message board on the app and adults cannot log on after school does not use the names but students and parents say it can be dangerous. >> it is anonymous and they feel welcome to post inappropriate content. >> once in a while you see a positive post but for the most part it is kids hide behind the scenes and bullying. >> after school create arors are working on steps to make it safer like adding content filters and a report button that
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allows users to flag a questionable post. >> yahoo c.e.o. marissa mayer is sharing happy news this morning, just giving birth to identical twin daughters. she tweeted saying" hour family is doing great." they have a three-year-old son. she indicated she plans to take only limited time away and work through. this is in contrast to facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg announcing he will take two months leave to be with his newborn daughter. >>. coming up at look, the golden globe nominations are out today and a bay area company gets
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sheep. >> "inside out," and "good dinosaur," was produceed by pixar own by this station. you can see a list at with the annual golden globes a precurser to the oscars. >> we are home to the 88th annual oscars airing right here on february 128. i have not seen the others but "inside out," great for both adults and kids.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison. today on this stage, a single contestant will begin their journey toward a possible $1 million prize, and you'll be with them every step of the way. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you very much, and welcome to the show. is everybody ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] well, today's first contestant is a bookkeeper living in a 500-square-foot apartment with four other people. crowd: oh! >> true story. from new york city, please welcome christina burke. [cheers and applause] hi, christina. >> hi! >> how you doing? welcome. good to see you. [applause] wow, if there's ever somebody i would love to win some money... you need space. >> we do need space. >> tell me about this.


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