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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 11, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. extreme weather from coast to coast. powerful storms lashing the northwest with a state of emergency right now. >> wow! >> this rare tornado touching down, damaging dozens of homes. a landslide shuts down this highway for hours. the coastline battered bring massive waves. and record december heat. an abc news exclusive. new fears this morning about how isis can slip into the country. the terror group printing fake passports and the search for more isis terrorists on the loose. a race to stop another major attack right now. runaway train. a packed commuter train speeds with no one at the controls traveling nearly ten minutes blowing through four station stops. new information this morning about how it happened and what we're learning about the train operator. ♪ under pressure a holiday shipping alert. u.p.s. and fedex under pressure. the new warning overnight as
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online shipping surges, a record volume of packages right now overwhelming the system. will your holiday gifts make it under the tree in time? and good morning, america. happy friday. two weeks until christmas. i got to tell you i'm feeling good this morning. a got a lot of shopping done yesterday. >> wow. >> that is important. >> good for you. >> you're lucky because i'm like a third of us, i wait till the last minute. i haven't bought anybody any gifts yet. you might not want to do that this year because of the big alert from u.p.s. and fedex. >> they're behind right now. >> christmas in january. >> whoo! >> no, no? all right. we have a lot of news to get to. we'll begin with some severe weather battering the northwest hit by that tornado and torrential downpours triggering mudslides and flooding. the storms moving east and aditi roy is in battleground, washington, where dozens of homes were damaged by that
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twister. good morning to you, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, amy. i'm standing right in the path of that tornado that tore through this town. take a look at the piles and piles of debris on the ground here. the winds were racing up to 10 104 miles an hour, 46 homes damaged in this town appropriately called battleground. >> wow! >> reporter: tornadoes, flooding, landslides, power outages and lots of hail, the pacific northwest in weather mayhem. >> a huge boom and like the tree came shooting through the window. >> reporter: this dramatic scene captured in battleground, washington. >> straight up ripped every limb off that tree. >> reporter: watch as a home security camera catches this backyard being ripped apart. this morning, people are cleaning up after a confirmed tornado went ripping up trees and shredding them. dozens of homes and structures damaged. this highway shutting down for
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hours after a landslide sent boulders onto the road. >> i don't think anybody thought it would be this bad. >> reporter: two confirmed deaths in the storm. a woman trapped under a falling tree and another who drowned driving through the floodwaters. and in portland, the coastline getting battered. rains buckling roads, trees uprooted. >> reports of cars, you know, in water, water over the roadway people trapped in cars. >> reporter: transportation is a mess. a state of emergency has been declared in 13 oregon counties. the storm now headed east. this area expected to see a second round of wet weather over the weekend. amy. >> all right, aditi, thank you. as you just heard aditi say it's on the move and ginger moving right into the middle of the country? >> it will and will bring severe storms there. let's start with its slapping the coast. with some of the high surf. you could see waves 20 to 30
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feet still in some of those northern california coastal areas in oregon but it goes to southern california as do the wind advisories right through arizona and new mexico and then that storm moves through the rockies tonight and i'm worried about damaging wind and isolated tornado from wichita to just west of dallas on saturday and then it moves east on sunday but i got to tell you out in front of this what will be record highs from likely chicago to new york city, i'm going to detail that if you do me a favor and stick around i'll show you how warm we get. >> now to the rising terror fear here in america. a new poll shows that almost half the country thinks an attack is very likely to happen in the next few months, the highest anxiety since the days after 9/11 and it is fueling donald trump's surge to the top of the polls. abc's jon karl tracking that story from the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. while trump was slammed by critics for his proposal to temporarily ban muslims from coming into the united states his supporters have not wavered. in fact, his standing in the polls is as high as ever, but
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one of his major rivals is now privately questioning whether he has the judgment to be commander in chief. in new hampshire overnight donald trump brushed off protesters as he received the endorsement of a new england police union. >> we've had a pretty interesting couple of days. we have people talking, i will tell you that. >> reporter: all the controversy and news on terrorism over the past month seems to have given trump a boost. back in late october, there were signs he had started to fade, since then he's jumped 13 points in that same poll. but trump's number one rival in iowa, senator ted cruz is touting an endorsement from a key evangelical leader. >> i believe the extraordinary leader that we need for these extraordinary times is u.s. senator ted cruz. >> reporter: cruz has steadily gained support from social conservatives in iowa, one poll this week showed him leading trump there for the first time. now he's taking on trump behind
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the scenes, the audio obtained by "the new york times" from a closed door fund-raiser cruz questions if trump and ben carson have the judgment to be president. >> who am i comfortable having their finger on the button? now, that's a question of strength but it's also a question of judgment. and i think that is a question that is a challenging question for both of them. >> reporter: cruz explained why he's avoided any public criticism of carson or trump saying he hopes to gain their supporters and escape trump's attacks. >> so my approach much to the frustration of the media has been to bear hug both of them and smother them with love. >> reporter: but even while trump continues to ride high his proposal to temporarily ban muslims from entering the country is unpopular. in a new "wall street journal"/nbc poll 57% of americans oppose it, only 25% support it and republican primary voters are split on it. less than 40%, george, support it.
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>> donald trump, we thought he would be going to israel after christmas. now that's been canceled. >> reporter: that's right. he had been scheduled to go to israel and meet with benjamin netanyahu but yesterday trump abruptly canceled that trip, george. the cancellation came after trump said he rejected -- i mean after netanyahu said he rejected trump's comments on muslims. >> trump said he'll visit him when he's president. >> reporter: with characteristic modesty. >> thanks very much. much more sunday on "this week." now to the investigation into the terror couple in san bernardino. the fbi expanding its search. authorities now looking in this pond for clues. they believe the killer may have gone there after the massacre and we're also learning more about syed farook's childhood friend enrique marquez and his secret double life. abc's matt gutman has been in san bernardino covering the story from the beginning. he joins us now, good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the fbi tells us they'll be scouring this lake for days, gives you a sense of how
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important this site is to them, it also gives our first hint of where that terrorist couple may have been in that black hole of time, the three hours between the shooting rampage and the the time police finally caught up with them. this morning, for the first time we're learning the likely whereabouts of that terrorist couple in the hours after they fled this shattered conference room and before the roadside shoot-out which left them dead. >> is it possible they were here. >> it's possible they were at this park. >> reporter: the fbi believes the couple may have come here to dump evidence. perhaps devices with digital data. divers crisscrossing the murky water to salvage even the smallest evidence from the lake bed. the lake just 2 1/2 miles from the site of that shooting. this as authorities expand their investigative web, federal authorities now saying farook and his neighbor, enrique marquez, who supplied the military-style weapons used in last week's massacre, allegedly began planning but later abandoned a terror plot in 2012. >> there had been some arrests
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immediately adjacent to that right in their area that really caused them to rethink it. >> reporter: those arrests also in 2012 before the founding of isis, four men from riverside, california, the same town farook and marquez lived in. this morning, marquez is still in fbi custody but not under arrest. his mother talking to reporters for the first time telling us she's heartbroken. and shocked to learn her son isn't who she thought he was. family members say they never knew the former punk rocker converted to islam or that he married a chechen woman who just emigrated to the u.s. his wife one of two chechen sisters, the other married farook's brother. now, in that merck, the fbi hopes to find some sort of digital data, perhaps a hard drive that could give them an idea of where the terrorist couple planned to attack next, who, if anyone, directed them
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and whether they had accomplices in the u.s. or overseas planning another attack. george. >> yeah, so much to untangle. thanks very much. we're going to turn to that terrifying new alert detailing how isis followers can slip undetected into the u.s. the group now has the ability to make fake passports that look just like the real thing and brian ross here with this exclusive report. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, george. the u.s. and other countries are on high alert for isis attacks, american authorities are warning the terror group is now producing its own authentic-looking passports almost impossible to detect. authorities say as isis swept through major syrian cities last year, it was able to seize at least two government passport printing machines similar or smaller than this one used by the british government. >> if isis has been able to acquire legitimate passports or machines that could create legitimate passports, this would represent a major security risk to the united states. >> reporter: a homeland security
7:11 am
investigation bulletin sent to law enforcement in the last week and obtained by abc news showed examples of suspect passports and said isis may have boxes full of blank passports. the bulletin warned that individuals from syria with passports issued in these isis controlled cities or who had passport blanks may have traveled to the u.s. the director of the fbi first revealed it publicly in testimony. >> they are concerned they have the ability, the capability to manufacture fraudulent passports. which is a concern in any setting. >> reporter: several of the fraudulent passports have already been discovered in europe, most notably in the paris attacks when authorities said one of the suicide bombers used this forged syrian passport to come into europe as a refugee. and now this morning in switzerland authorities are searching for as many as six possible isis terrorists, the u.s. provided intelligence to the swiss about a possible
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attack and americans traveling to switzerland have been warned the threat level especially in geneva has been raised. >> quite specific. >> exactly right. >> thanks very much. thank you. now to a different type of terror. this one aboard a runaway commuter train in boston. it left the station with no one at the controls and it barreled through four stations for nearly ten minutes before it was finally stopped. that operator has now been placed on leave and abc's linzie janis is in braintree, massachusetts, with that story. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, amy. during those few minutes passengers say they didn't know what would happen to them. some worried they'd crash into another train. others trying to stop the train themselves. this morning, a boston train operator is on administrative leave as investigators try to figure out what caused his packed commuter train to drive off without him. >> what happened today is unacceptable. >> reporter: authorities say just after 6 a.m. thursday david
7:13 am
vasquez got off his train to deal with a signaling issue. seconds later the train taking off grazing him as it left the station. >> i have a motor person that was operating one of my trains. he's got a lower right leg laceration. i need emts and fire here. >> reporter: the runaway train traveling nearly six miles blowing through four station stops. >> it was flying. it was flying. >> a guy trying to open the doors, he even tried to break one of the windows because he goes, i don't know what's going on. i just want to get out of here. >> reporter: passengers on board that train say they started to panic realizing there was no one inside the operator's booth. some tried to get inside. others attempting to pry open the exit doors. transit crews scrambling to move other trains off the track and cutting power to the third rail. >> all the lights went off and everything just stopped. >> reporter: the train finally coming to a halt after nine terrifying minutes. investigators say they're now
7:14 am
focused on operator error as the cause questioning that operator with 28 years' experience. george. >> hard to imagine that could happen. linzie, thanks very much. a new headline now about those hoverboards everyone is talking about. you see how easy for some of them to catch fire. now airlines are banning passengers from taking them on board. abc's linsey davis here with that story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: file this under the category of hot, hot, hot. a lot of people will be unwrapping these gifts for the holidays but getting them home, that might be the problem. it's the toy that is topping christmas wish lists. the hoverboard, but some of these hot new rides are getting a little too hot. >> holy cow. >> reporter: reports of hoverboards catching fire like these put airlines on high alert during the height of the holiday travel season. big names such as american, united, jetblue and delta are all banning the two-wheeled machine making sure an incident like this doesn't happen up in the sky. hoverboards are powered by
7:15 am
lithium batteries which have concerned airlines for years. the faa putting on this test showing the potential dangers of lithium batteries in a shipping container, a chain reaction explosion and fire. and while the government mandates 160 watt hours limit aboard an aircraft many of these must have new items surpass that wattage posing a potential hazard risk and on the ground, more hoverboard bans, stopping all hoverboard sales thursday saying customer safety is always our top priority. these concerns don't seem to be hurting sales one bit. ebay has said it's selling a hoverboard every 12 seconds but some parents may be rethinking their purchases right about now. >> wow. >> my twins, that's what they want. their number one -- >> are they going to get it? >> you can't say anything about that right now. >> after reports last week, i don't know. if i want to get them one i better order it now because
7:16 am
everybody out there, big alert from fedex and u.p.s. an estimated 1.5 billion packages will be shipped this holiday season and the companies are overwhelmed with more deliveries arriving late. abc's rebecca jarvis is here with that. rebecca. >> hey, michael, good morning. i was going to say you need to get on that right away if you're going to get your twins those hoverboards because we are seeing growth in online sales up 14% over the holidays already and that means delays for deliveries. 'tis the season to shop online but will those online purchases arrive in time to be placed beneath the tree? that's the burning question as both u.p.s. and fedex posted lower than expected on time delivery rates in the run-up to christmas. according to ship matrix on time delivery rates for u.p.s. and fedex are both down from this time last year. a primary reason for the delays, a surge in online sales over the thanksgiving holiday weekend.
7:17 am
consumers spent an estimated $4.5 billion online on thanksgiving and black friday alone. overwhelming the delivery system reminiscent of christmas 2013 when high volume, insufficient staffing and bad weather created a backlog in deliveries at u.p.s. thousands of packages ordered online that year failed to arrive before their promised delivery dates. >> i was expecting the gifts to get here. nothing is going to be under the tree. >> reporter: thanks, u.p.s., for ruining christmas wrote one consumer. does a promised delivery date not mean anything to you? #upsfail. could this be another disappointing christmas? it's still early, but experts advise better be safe than sorry. and order early and when possible, have a backup plan in place. that backup plan might be a coupon for the gift sometime in the future. u.p.s. and fedex tell me the vast majority of packages are arriving on time but the key here is getting things sent
7:18 am
early, even though you can wait until the last minute, this year is going to be the busiest ever for deliveries because there are so many online orders. >> everybody figured out how to do it. >> print it up and wrap it with a bow saying it's coming. maybe i've done that before? yeah. >> actually they won't object as long as they get it they'll be happy. >> ginger, no one complaining about the heat. >> my early gift to you. i can pack it up right now and show it to you. look at the warmth. memphis to new orleans today, into the 70s to near 80. new york city to 60 and could see record highs breaking them potentially detroit to chicago, saturday, new york, we could do it sunday. lots of this in store. your local weather coming up in 30 seconds. first this morning's weekend getaways brought to you by macy's.
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>> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. you need the sunglasses and the umbrella today. dangerous surf this afternoon, and minor flooding around sausalito and mill valley. upper 50s to about 60 today. a break if most areas tonight with light rain developing in the north bay in the afternoon and a storm, two on our impact scale on sunday but next week, it is going to b >> a lot more ahead this morning. bowe bergdahl, the army sergeant who abandoned his post taken prisoner by the taliban. >> there i was in the open desert and i'm not about to
7:20 am
outrun a bunch of motorcycles so i couldn't do anything. >> what he is saying as he fights charges he betrayed his country. and racism charges at the citadel. photos of cadets in white hoods sparking outrage at that military college. we'll talk about all the fallout this morning when we come back. stay with us. when we come back. stay with us. from the big gifts that mean a lot, to the little ones that mean everything. get the perfect gift for everyone and share wonder on christmas day.
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awwwesome! when your cold makes you wish... could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. good morning. i'm eric thomas. the big story today, of course, is the rain. head over to meteorologist mike nicco for a check on the forecast. >> all right. strongest radar returns, good morning. heavy towards the dumbarton bridge and look at five minutes in the palo alto, 30, 35 minutes to sunnyvale. 40 to milpitas, 40, 45 in santa
7:25 am
clara. waves of scattered showers throughout the day. we may get a little lull during the lunch hour before they return this amp. temperatures in the upper 50s. a stronger storm coming in sunday impact scale two. eric? >> mike, thank you very much.
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good morning. it's friday, but not friday light on the roadways. take a look at the east shore freeway. we had earlier problems here. even the side frontage road is bumper to bumper. your drive from cutting boulevard into the toll plaza still a solid 30 minutes. metering lights on at the toll plaza and 580 back to 24 on that approach. best ay proech is 880.
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stig contending with the backup. issues here northbound 280 at alameda. traffic stacked up because of an accident blocking a lane of traffic. continues to be a little slow from northbound 101. earlier flooding at silver street. flooding and pooling on the roadways. big problems this morning. to the peninsula northbound 101, at matilda, accident as well blocking a lane of traffic partially. give yourself extra time and watch the speeds. high speeds with water on the high speeds with water on the roads, high speeds with water on the roads, alaska. finally. the search for brown bears begins. denali highway. low on gas. pit stop. fill up. double points. yep, that's cold. tired. day 2. coffee. eggs. double points. beautiful. majestic... nothing. where are you, bear? warm. warmer. warmer. yes. wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done.
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welcome back to "gma." we are tracking that extreme weather from coast to coast. a state of emergency in washington, parts of oregon where a tornado touched down damaging dozens of homes. rains have been triggering mudslides and heat could set records here in the east. temperatures in the 70s this weekend. look at that up on the board. >> wow. also right now that weather out west may have contributed to the crash of a medical helicopter in california killing all four people on board including the pilot, paramedic, nurse and patient. the ntsb is investigating that crash. millions of people traveling the next few weeks, if you haven't booked your ticket yet, don't do it today. a new study finds friday is the worst day to buy airline tickets. prices are about 13% more than those bought -- >> they've had enough. we're getting out of here. >> have to wait till monday. monday is the best day to do it.
7:31 am
so to my family your tickets coming up monday. how one hero saved two lives in a matter of hours. more amazing rescues. just a few minutes. we begin with the mysterious death of kristin cavallari's brother, michael. michael cavallari's body has been found in utah two weeks after his car was discovered abandoned. abc's kayna whitworth is in los angeles with more on this story. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, amy, good morning. so, michael cavallari was found dead more than 700 miles from his home in california. authorities saying this morning he was in a remote area of utah with just the clothes on his back. this morning, mystery shrouding the death of michael cavallari. the older brother of reality tv star kristin cavallari. the intense search effort taking a tragic turn around 10:30 a.m. thursday when ground crews found the 30-year-old's body in a remote part of grand county, utah, three miles from where he had abandoned this honda civic.
7:32 am
>> it was steep and rugged terrain, a few scratches and bruises. >> reporter: this turn nothing a chilling mystery that started with michael's disappearance. two weeks ago authorities telling abc news overnight he was found in the same clothing seen in these available images taken at a convenience store the morning after thanksgiving. >> the weather may have played a part of it that we don't know what his mental state was when he left the car. >> reporter: his remains transported to the medical examiner's office for testing. their focus pinpointing the time and cause of death. this just days after revelations surfaced about michael's arrest four days before he vanished. for making criminal threats to a woman who alleged he was lingering outside her home with a shotgun. he was released two days later. >> growing up michael was always a troubled kid compared to kristin who is very business
7:33 am
oriented and levelheaded and drama was always following him. >> reporter: this morning kristin struggling to come to terps with her loss sharing a heartfelt tribute to michael on instagram posting this childhood photo of the siblings along with the caption, my heart is in a million pieces. you had such a good heart and will be forever missed. i'm at a loss for words. at this point authorizes do not suspect foul play but adding that it could be six to eight weeks before they know the cause and exact time of his death. amy and george. >> all right, kayna, thank you. >> such a strange one. we have the controversy now over bowe bergdahl, the army sergeant who spent five years as a taliban prisoner after abandoning his post is speaking out publicly for the first time about why he left as he faces charges of desertion and a possible court-martial. abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: who can forget that young american soldier blinking in the sun as he's finally brought out of the darkness after five years of captivity. this morning, the voice behind those heart-pounding pictures. >> good grief, i'm in over my head. >> reporter: for the first time
7:34 am
publicly sergeant bowe bergdahl describing the night he walked away from his remote army outpost in afghanistan in 2009. he says shortly after the sun came up, a half dozen taliban fighters spotted him. >> there i was in the open desert and i'm not about to outrun a bunch of motorcycles so i couldn't do anything. against six or seven guys with ak-47s. >> reporter: his account comes from phone conversations with this screenwriter released as part of the second season of the podcast. "serial." he claims he abandoned his fellow soldiers to draw attention to what he calls bad leadership in the army. he says another reason he walked away, to prove he could be like the movie action hero jason bourne. >> yeah, so i had this fantastic idea that i was going to prove to the world that, you know, i was the real thing. >> reporter: critics say the obama administration should never have traded bergdahl who
7:35 am
many consider a deserter for five taliban detainees at guantanamo bay. this morning bergdahl remains on desk duty at a texas army post. the military still deciding if the 29-year-old should face court-martial or if five years in taliban captivity is punishment enough. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> okay, ryan, thanks very much. dan abrams here with more. so far the military prosecutors recommended a light sentence. >> like a probable cause hearing or preliminary cause hearing where they've laid out the evidence, the prosecutors are saying, we think he should be charged with something serious like desertion and could face up to life in prison. they have this hearing and the lead military officer overseeing it, it seems, is saying based on everything i've heard i don't think there should be serious charges. but he's not the final word on it. it now goes up to the top general who is ultimately going to decide should it be anything from no charges at all to the more serious charge of desertion?
7:36 am
but this general does tend to listen to the results of this. >> so how does this affect it? 25 hours on tape going public. >> look, i think that the substance of what he said may not be as problematic for him as the fact that he said it. our understanding is that what he said in these interviews is consistent with what he said in other places, that would be the only problem, inconsistent statements. if they are consistent the fundamental question is, is the general who's got enormous discretion to make the decision, does he go to trial or not? is the general going to hear this interview and say, why is he doing this? is the general going to get irritated at the fact that we're watching to determine what's next here and he's doing hours and hours of interviews for the media. >> especially when there's still a lot of anger out there. on the other hand a lot say he's already served five years as a prisoner of war. >> in theory that shouldn't be the question answered but you have to believe the military officials who are making these
7:37 am
decisions are taking into consideration that this is someone who served a lot of time and if they believe him that he didn't literally go to turn himself over to the enemy, that's going to be i think a critical factor in determining how they move forward. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. >> safe to say a lot of people will be watching this second installment or listening to it of this podcast. coming up next on "gma," citadel campus controversy, outraged students at the famous military academy speaking out about those photos of cadets wearing white hoods. that's just ahead. cadets wearing white hoods. that's just ahead.
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we're back now with those charges of racism at the citadel. eight cadets suspended from the military college after photos of them wearing white hoods were posted online. abc's t.j. holmes is here with that story. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: good morning, robach. what's wrong with this picture? some will tell you nothing. what's wrong with dressing up as ghosts? others say give me a break. and point to this picture as
7:42 am
just the latest evidence of insensitivity and racism on the storied citadel campus. this morning, eight cadets at the citadel, a military college in south carolina, are suspended after this photo surfaced on social media showing them lined up in their barracks dressed in similar attire to that of the ku klux klan. the cadets were reportedly singing christmas carols as part of a ghosts of christmas past skit but others see reminders of the south's racist past. the school's minority alumni association calling the pictures disgraceful. >> in the video somebody does say it's not what it looks like, they're ghosts. not white supremacists. >> reporter: 19-year-old sati firestone says she first saw video of it on snapchat, took a screen shot and posted it on facebook. >> even if they were supposed to be dressed up as ghosts as soon as you realize that's what you look like, you should have changed outfits or not post it on some sort of social media in the first place. >> reporter: the university is investigating.
7:43 am
the school's president calls the images offensive and disturbing saying they are not consistent with our core values of honor, duty and respect. but many around campus aren't so quick to judge. >> it was clearly a joke but when it's a military school and you're sort of held to a higher standard. >> reporter: the citadel the latest college to make headlines for racism on campus. this november the president at missouri resigned after students protested the school's handling of racial incidents. in march two students were expelled and a fraternity kicked off the university of oklahoma campus after this video of a racist chant went viral. and the citadel here, guys, especially, amy, you know this spending the time you did in south carolina, here we go again. several incidents even one in '86 where the fbi investigated because other guys are dressed up white hoods in klan -- >> history at that military institution dating all the way back so especially insensitive. >> how no one stepped in. >> so many opportunities to say, wait, guy, we're doing something stupid. this is a different generation,
7:44 am
freshmen in this picture, you know, guys 18, 19, maybe they don't understand the racial insensitivity. >> they'll find out very quickly. the incredible story of the officer who saved not one, but two lives in one day. stay with us. lives in one day. stay with us. looks like some folks have had it with their airline credit card miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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7:48 am
welcome back to "gma" and talk about being in the right place at the right time, a school resource officer in utah is being called a hero because he saved not one, but two lives on the same day. abc's clayton sandell has that story. >> reporter: in the town of st. george, utah, you can't say there's never a cop around when you need one especially if it's officer matt schuman. >> slow. watch where you're walking. >> reporter: the ten-year veteran was working his post at a middle school wednesday when a 14-year-old girl suddenly became violently sick. >> she started to seize. i turned her over on her side and my training immediately kicked in at that point. >> reporter: he radios for paramedics and believes the girl's heart has stopped. >> i need them here pretty
7:49 am
quick. i'm going to go ahead and start cpr. >> reporter: starting cpr to keep her alive. >> i got her breathing again, she's trying to get some air. >> reporter: she's rushed to a hospital but his day isn't over by a long shot. just a few hours later on his way home -- >> dispatch advise there's a child choking. >> reporter: a baby only nine days old. schuman just a few houses away. >> got her to cry a little bit, which calmed me because as a parent myself i know if you're crying you're breathing and that was a good sign. >> reporter: schuman is remarkably humble about saving two lives. >> it was just another day on the job. >> reporter: but for being in the right place at the right time twice -- >> good job saving that girl yesterday. >> thanks, man. appreciate it, buddy. >> reporter: a lot consider him a hero squared. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> we all need him to hang out with us. >> what did you do today? >> exactly.
7:50 am
>> congratulations to him. when we come back at the top of the hour why you may actually be parking all wrong. the eye-opening alert this morning, well, yeah, all right, david kerley live at the mall to show you the best way to avoid a collision while trying to get those coveted spots. >> put both hands on the wheel. boput both hands on the wheel. [ d[ bark ] ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was.
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7:54 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. we're on storm watch. so let's check in right now with mike nicco and find out what's going on out there. >> look carefully, right in the middle of the top part of your screen you can see from our 101 and 880 camera, first rainbow of the day. there's going to be more as we'll have waves of showers and sunshine today. heaviest now, cupertino heading toward campbell and also in milpitas down towards alan brock. this is going to move out of san jose in about 15 minutes and move into morgan hill. now, the showers will taper during the evening hours, and we'll be dry tomorrow, but another storm coming sunday with an impact scale of two, just like our last one. sue? >> all right. puddling, and flooding on roadways. use extra caution. a grind on westbound east shore freeway. slow traffic from cutty now into the tolls, once you get to
7:57 am
cudding, 30 minutes. and the richmond rafael bridge, puddling and flooding causing hydroplaning, what happened earlier in san francisco on 280 near al maida. spinout. the news announcer: right now at sleep train, get up to 48 months interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic, or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have a parenting medical alert. potential breakthrough for diagnosing concussions in kids playing sports. dr. besser here with the simple test that could change the game. holiday shopping alert. the eye opening new story that reveals most of us are parking the wrong way at the mall. how to be safe before hitting the stores. the holiday divorce hitting paws over the cats and dogs. why mandy moore is asking for spousal support from her rock star ex to take care of all their pets and how she says it's hurting her career. ♪ drag me down the force is strong with lupita. one-on-one with robin and what she's very vrieling about her "star wars" right here as we
8:01 am
say -- >> good morning, america. >> and daymond john here doing some judging on "gma." >> that's right. three moguls in the making will try to beat that clock live. the pitches that will heat up your morning. make you look better and organize your life. >> i need some organization and something else i need, i'm so excited about "star wars" right now. i think we all are especially this super fan actually turnichg a special "star wars" ice cream and we all get to taste this ahead coming up. >> as fresh as it can be. plus, some tips this morning about dating online and here's one, don't use a flash when taking your profile picture. eyes red, i don't know. we'll tell you more coming up.
8:02 am
but now amy with the morning rundown. >> the big story this morning, fbi divers returning to a lake in southern california searching for potential evidence linked to the san bernardino shooters. syed farook and his wife as agents try to determine if that couple was planning an even larger attack. farook's friend who bought the rifles used in the rampage remains in fbi custody, but is not under arrest. meanwhile, an urgent warning from u.s. authorities. they say isis is now producing its own authentic-looking passports using printing machines like this one stolen in syria last year. and since the attacks in san bernardino and paris, donald trump has been surging in the polls. he brushed off protesters last night as he was endorsed by a police union in new hampshire. but a new poll shows primary voters are divided on trump's proposal to temporarily ban muslims from entering the u.s. with less than 40% supporting that ban. and if you're planning to hit the mall this weekend, there is a new warning about safety in those parking lots.
8:03 am
nearly one in every six car accidents in this country actually occurs in a parking lot. abc's david kerley joins us with some tips on saving time and a lot of trouble. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. if you're like me this is the way you park in a parking lot. you nose into a parking spot. well, believe it or not, aaa is telling us we've been parking the wrong way for a long time and need to change our habits. 'tis the season of packed malls and mall parking lots which can be dangerous, cars backing out. aaa says this morning most of us are parking the wrong way, 75% of us pulling into a spot, the problem, we have to back out and that can be dangerous for pedestrians. every year drivers backing out of a parking space or driveway kill more than 200 people and injure 15,000. so i'm going to try to back into this space. and this you're telling me is the right way. >> this is the right way to park. >> backup cameras and sensors
8:04 am
can help drivers but aaa says its tests showed that the technology doesn't always work. in its tests systems failed to detect passing vehicles 30% of the time and passing bicycles 40%. >> understand your car but never let the technology replace you being a safe driver. >> i see somebody right here backing in just like you want them to do. >> it's great. see, we can do that. >> reporter: that was marie backing in. you do this all the time. >> well, i do it most of the time i would say. you know, it's just a good idea. >> reporter: of course, this time of year, finding a parking spot can be the challenge. experts say the best tip is to take the first open spot you see. and look near less popular stores or use this mathematician's theory, pick an aisle with at least ten cars on each side and wait. within newspaper minutes, he says, someone will come out and leave. >> this model, it works like surefire. >> reporter: so if you find it once again the advice from aaa
8:05 am
and we're going to do it right here is to back into this space and you can use this technology, the cameras can be very helpful in helping you find the lines and know how far to go back but as aaa said, it's not always the best technology, doesn't always work perfectly so the advice is drivers need to be alert whenever you're backing into a space like this one. amy. >> that was impressive, david. yes, remember, always like george said both hands on the wheel. peoplely some exciting news from one of our colleagues at yahoo. ceo marissa mayer has given birth to identical twin girls. she has said she plans to only take two weeks of maternity leave. she and her husband also have a 3-year-old son so mom and twins are doing well and i wish her the best. >> she has a 3-year-old son and only taking two weeks. >> i mean, ginger, sounds like fun? >> i'm going to take a little more than two weeks. >> you do that. >> nothing against it. good for her but, yep, i'm gone.
8:06 am
>> let's go to michael. >> ginger, you deserve it. now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." a medical game changer. the new concussion test that can help parents and kids everywhere. also, singer mandy moore's divorce dispute over her pets. now she's demanding spousal support. plus, oscar winner lupita nyong'o, one-on-one with our robin roberts talking about "star wars," lets you in on all the secrets. we're spinning and riding this bike into the weekend making "star wars" ice cream with my girl jackie. all that coming up live on "gma" in times square. >> thank you, jackie. i would love to have some of this. it's called the dark side. the s of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment.
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8:11 am
welcome back to "gma" and as you know there's so much concern right now about concussions in sports. up to 3.8 million sports-related concussions every single year and now there may be a new way to quickly diagnose them. abc's paula faris here with that. >> there's so much pressure for athlete, michael, you can attest to this to return to the game after the big hit. the hope is this objective blood test will change the culture and in doing so make sports much safer. this morning, a potential breakthrough through diagnosing sports-related concussions. especially for so many parents who are concerned about their children suiting up. >> repetitive head trauma chokes the brain. >> reporter: they're even the subject of will smith's major motion picture "concussion." the cdc reports that nearly 250,000 kids under age 19 were treated in emergency rooms
8:12 am
across america for sports-related injuries resulting in a concussion or traumatic brain injury diagnosis in 2009. >> our brains are developing even up to the age of 18 into the early 20s. those repetitive hits could lead to chronic neurodegenerative changes and it's important they engage in sports and be healthy. >> reporter: now medical company quanterix is developing technology that will change the game. >> we are applying rocket science to blood testing. >> reporter: the company developing machines that will identify a concussion in less than an hour using a simple blood test identifying proteins that show brain trauma. >> so a finger prick could tell you the answer in 20 mens whether that athlete has experienced a concussion. >> reporter: their research is backed by the nfl after winning funding from the league's head health challenge. >> having an objective test could change the culture of the game. >> reporter: the company hopes
8:13 am
to have these tests ready as soon as next year and doctors say this technology could make a great impact on sports sidelines. >> this is promising and requires more validity and trials in order to make sure it's actually going to be useful. in the clinical setting, as well as on the sideline. >> reporter: that vision is that one day they will be able to administer a fingerprick blood test on the sideline and determine whether that player should go back in the game and how severe the concussion is and definitely positive signs and a possible breakthrough. >> paula, thanks very much. dr. richard besser here right now and as paula said a lot more testing to be done on this. also some, you know, concern about parents right now, their kid can have a concussion and they have no idea. >> it's hard. a really young child they'll tell you if they have a headache or dizzy or blurred vision. but a high cool or college athlete they want to get back in that game. having an objective test has a lot of value. you know, a blood test would be terrific, the science there is
8:14 am
really, really too soon to know. >> right now they use a simple test that's effective. >> yeah, the standard testing requires a medical professional but there's a simple eye test that many people are using called the king-devic test. when you have a hard hit to your head you have trouble reading along lines and following text and so they administered this card where you just simply read numbers for about two minutes across and they compare it to how fast you read them before the season started. and it can be very useful in diagnosing a concussion even if the child doesn't want you -- >> the coach used to look at you to see if you had that glassy look. >> the coach wants you back in there so there's a conflict of interest so having something objective would be useful. >> you'll take questions all morning on twitter and facebook. post your questions on "gma's" facebook page. now to michael. thank you, george. now to that unusual hollywood divorce battle. singer mandy moore asking for
8:15 am
spousal support from ryan adams for their pets. she said caring for their cats and dogs is even hurting her career. abc's mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: fighting like cats and dogs, more like fighting over cats and dogs. it's a hollywood divorce tale with a twist straight out of a movie. mandy moore seeking spousal support from ryan adams to take care of pets. a total of eight cats and dogs that the couple shared during their marriage that she says she's sfruging to support on a salary she claims is a quarter of adam's. >> it's becoming overwhelming to take care of all the animals. >> reporter: the actress and singer who burst on to the pop music keen in 19 999 with this. ♪ i'm missing you like candy j.t. >> reporter: appeared in films like "because i said so" married in 2009 after just a one-month engagement.
8:16 am
♪ >> reporter: adams, a singer/songwriter most recently known for his cover of taylor swift's album "1989" nominated for multiple grammy awards. in court documents obtained by "people" magazine moore says although i love our pets it is overwhelming for me to take care of all eight of them all the time. i was even forced to cancel a prior work engagement because my housekeeper was ill and unable to stay with our pets. >> she has a lot she would like to accomplish with her career but she has to stay at home with the animals and she needs his help financially in order to do that. >> reporter: fans of moore are no stranger to her love of her fur babies thanks to the many instagram photos. this one of her pooch joanie with the adoring caption, so grateful for her unending love. in addition to support for their pets, moore is also seeking traditional spousal support since filing for divorce from adams almost a year ago. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new
8:17 am
york. >> all right, thank you, mara. now amy, over to you. >> all right, michael. thank you. it's time now for "sell a shark." i'm here with daymond john from, of course, "shark tank" and we have our three entrepreneurs getting ready for their time trials, very exciting but before we get to that i want to ask you, we all know from watching your show that the first step for an entrepreneur is that pitch, that great pitch. >> absolutely. >> social media is a very powerful tool, as well. explain. >> 100%. you know, back in the days i had to run out in the street and find people. right now you can touch the entire world with certainly media and get proof of concept and get feedback, talk to your customers directly and it's free. >> it's free. that's the best part. a very good tip. we now want to see who is vying for the chance to pitch daymond their revolutionary idea. entering shark stadium, tom medwin inventor of the best morning ever mug.
8:18 am
shelby mckee, creator of key sock, the first invisible no show knee high socks. >> nice. >> and scott kosmach, inventor of thread stacks, a filing system for your clothes so we want to see how much time you think you need to sell a shark, two entrepreneurs who need the least amount will move on to our pitch-off so write down your number of seconds right now. ready to reveal. everybody turn it over. >> 5, 5 and 6. >> oh, so i'm so sorry, we are going to have to ask scott to leave. maybe come back later. in the meantime, now -- >> all right. all right. >> we have tom and shelby. always feel a little bad about that. all right, tom and shelby moving on, tom, are you ready. >> i am ready. >> we'll put five seconds on the clock. i'm making sure you're ready to go. fully get to experience your five seconds. >> so five seconds on the clock. we got it. ready, set, sell a shark. >> the best morning ever mug
8:19 am
keeps coffee hotter for longer and fun surprise function, doughnut warmer. >> yummy, yummy. nice. >> all right. shelby, are you ready to go? >> yes. >> let's put five seconds on the clock for shelby. ready, set, sell a shark. >> these socks are the first no show sock on the market. no blisters. >> nice. very cool. >> tell me what you think of the pitches. >> both the pitches are great. both the pitches are nice, short and concise. i get it. it's a tough one. i have to make a decision right now. >> it is decision time. >> all right. well, i mean i don't think anybody else in the world loves doughnuts more than me, but you know what, that's probably used at home or on the run but that is something that i think every woman needs so i'm going to go right there, that's it. >> nice. >> shelby, there is your shark
8:20 am
trophy. congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> absolutely. amazing. >> all right and we want to thank our entrepreneurs for joining us. we appreciate it. you did an excellent job and stayed close to time and we want to thank daymond john, of course, "shark tank" airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. head right over to ginger. >> look at this group of everybody here. i love they only had five seconds. you guys rocked it. how about we talk about the forecast. it's nice out here, isn't it this morning. it is gorgeous. happy birthday, by the way, julie. and look where else it was gorgeous. about 15 to 20 degrees above average in wheeling, west virginia, they were golfing enjoying that warmth and south-southwest flow will continue. records potentially on the east coast for this weekend but, look, behind it, the rain and some places heavy rain so we'll be talking about that as we go through saturday and sunday in >> good morning, i am meteorologist mike nicco. you need the sunglasses and the
8:21 am
umbrella today. dangerous surf this afternoon, and minor flooding around sausalito and mill valley. upper 50s to about 60 today. a break if most areas tonight with light rain developing in the north bay in the afternoon and a storm, two on our impact scale on sunday but next week, it is going to be quiet >> i am loving the signs out here. the five c sisters and you're celebrating your 30th. >> i am. >> you said dirty 30. >> dirty 30. hey. >> is that what you call it? how about we get some "pop" and start popping with michael. >> thank you, ginger. we miss you. come on in here and have a seat. this is "pop news," everybody. let's kick it off with giselle bundchen. a supermodel. actor, producer, good will ambassador for the united nations and a mother of two. thank goodness that's it because i'm running out of breath. this morning we're seeing her like we've never seen her
8:22 am
before. it turns out she's also a musician. >> what? >> in a new chanel commercial -- it's not fair, right? she's giving us a tiny taste of her singing and her guitar playing talents. let's take a look and listen. ♪ oh ♪ >> now that commercial was filmed at her house on the east coast and she strolled around -- even making a blanket look chic. >> you know what i like. how you said guitar. >> you got to get down with the guitar. >> wow. >> i've actually done karaoke with her. she's actually that talented. >> there is nothing she can't do. >> annoying for the rest of us mere mortals. >> there's one more thing. >> there has to be a tape of that somewhere. >> no, there was no cameras. we made sure. you will not see that on any news outlet. one thing you will see out there
8:23 am
right now is the force is with you this morning and you'll see "star wars" ice cream. now, it's being churned by bicycle. churn it by the bicycle in times square. jackie from ample hills creamery pedaling away with more stamina than a stormtrooper. go, jackie and right now we'll all be enjoying the dark side. the name of one of these limited edition flavors. >> which one is this? >> the dark side. >> it's dark chocolate. ice cream with espresso fudge brownies, coco crisp -- >> both pretty good. >> you like the light side. >> the light side. that's marshmallow ice cream with crispy and cocoa clusters. >> i like all of the sides. >> i can't talk and eat this so i feel like i'm at a disadvantage. all of this was dreamt up in a galaxy not so far away actually in brooklyn they came up with this. if you want to buy your own pint they're available for sale online and they can ship them to you anywhere in the u.s. >> it's good.
8:24 am
>> i like to mix them together. >> i just did that too because sometimes i want a little bit of both sighs. >> a little dark side, a little light side. a medium side. that's what i'm talking about. there's a reason we're listening to "boogie shoes." ♪ oh boogie with you >> i think your baby is dancing in there. >> seriously. >> a teenager from wichita, kansas, she's a shoo-in for meeting her charity goal. this charity goal to collect 2,000 pairs of shoes and kim kardashian was at home late night breast-feeding her baby and she saw the plight of this young lady and she went out on social media. she went out and said help me find amelia flores who is collecting all these shoes for a charity called soles4souls. kim reached out to her and donated 1,000 pair of shoes. >> wow. >> which was already half the goal of amelia to collect 2,000.
8:25 am
we were skyping with amelia right now. amelia, how are you. >> good. ho you are you? >> we're hear you are a big fan of kim and kanye. how did you feel when you found out kim wanted to help you out. did you really believe it was kim kardashian reaching out. >> i believe she was trying to find someone to give the shoes to but i didn't think there was anyone that could be me. >> well, you know, i'm sure you're flat it is you but you received a ton of shoes. >> oh, yes. >> you receive add a thousand shoes from kim and kanye and a lot from the community so where are you storing all these shoes? >> right now they're in my room. >> yeah. >> i have got a big pile of shoes. >> i hope you have a big room to collect 2,000 shoes. initially you set out to coll t collect,000 shoes. you already met that goal so next year what's the next deal for shoes. >> well, i'm still collecting shoes through march 1st and now my new goal is 25,000 pairs of
8:26 am
shoes. >> wow. >> if i collect -- >> i'm sorry. but congratulations. i'm sorry to cut you off. i didn't mean to do that but 25,000. i'm going to send you some out of my closet. i have plenty i don't wear so i'd be grateful to send those to you. >> i appreciate it. >> thank you very much. congratulations on your goal. soles4sou soles4souls, everybody. >> i'll eat my ice cream. >> thank you. coming up can't wait to see lupita nyong'o's top secret "star wars" character. >> this is really good. >> isn't it? >> oh, yes.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the rain is letting up and behind me you see sunshine. check in with meteorologist mike nicco and find out what's happening out there, mike? >> coyote, heading towards morgan hill, best radar return now. zoom out, see if we can find anything else out there, because we do have waves of scattered showers. rainbows and sunshine today hugging the coast for the most part but will drift inland. inland sees the showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hours. widely scattered for the rest of are us. most remain dry. accuweather seven-day forecast, light rain developing after sunset sunday storms like yesterday. hit in the morning. going to be stormy then. kristen?
8:28 am
8:29 am
to save big during sleep train's you'retriple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models, or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale, ends soon at sleep train. ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. we have a wet and wild commute this morning. although the rain is tapering off. still have wet roads. alities moisture on the san mateo bridge camera, slug frsgi from 880 to 101. approaching the macarthur maze from the 880 side of things. we have left lane blocked with an accident here. 580 towards 24.
8:30 am
80 bumper to bumper from highway 4 in stretches down towards the macarthur maze with i've lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people. see the same eyes in different people. >> we are getting so close now, only one more week until "star wars: the force awakens." >> in fact, there's so much excitement that some fans have already started lining up to see it. we have this to say, it's going to be a long week. >> a week of good weather. >> there is that. >> right here, yeah. people lining up here, as well and robin recently sat down with one of the movie's stars, oscar star lupita nyong'o. >> lupita nyong'o's role in "star wars: the force awakens" has been kept so under wraps that we barely know what her character looks like. we've had glimpses of her on the poster, we think, and in one of the trailers we think. we do know her name maz -- am i getting that correct? is that right? >> that's correct.
8:31 am
>> we have heard her voice. take a listen. >> i have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people. i see your eyes. i know your eyes. >> and we know her eyes. let's hear it for oscar-winning actress lupita nyong'o, everybody, joining us back here on "good morning america." >> thank you. thank you. >> i saw you because like the rest of us you haven't seen the entire film, so when you see clips like that, you're like the rest of us hanging on everything. >> yes. >> how has it been keeping everything so secretive? >> easy. really easy. you just don't say anything. >> we do know your character is a pirate. that's been out there. so that's okay, right? >> uh-huh, uh-huh. >> and that your eyes have different types of powers, do they not? >> hmm. >> by the way your eyes are
8:32 am
looking at me right now, we'll take that as a no comment. >> yes, i'll say the eyes are important to this character. uh-huh. >> but were you familiar with the franchise, with the films? >> i was, yeah, i grew up watching "star wars." it came on tv when we weren't in school on public holidays, so i always related with it being time off from school and we only had two channels in kenya when i was growing up, so everyone watched "star wars." i really didn't know people who didn't know about "star wars." but. >> but that's a beauty of this one, so i hear because, again, i haven't seen it but what we hear it does blend the old with new characters and motion capture. tell people what that is about and was that liberating for you? >> you know, it really was. it was about an opportunity to do something that wasn't limited by my body, especially after doing a film that was so much about my body and so it's an opportunity to play in a different playing field because you get to be a totally
8:33 am
different thing and, yeah, so i would get covered in dots every day and i'd have these cameras on my head with l.e.d. lights shining in my face so i had like my own spotlight everywhere i went and so it was really interesting. >> and i hear that so many involved with the film, they wanted your input. they wanted the input from the cast. >> yeah. >> how was that? >> it was a very collaborative process and maz, when i signed on to play maz, she was still evolving, and i was excited about the opportunity to be a part of that evolution which was interesting and rewarding. >> we get to see you doing all these different types of roles and it must be, you know, you love your craft and to not be pigeonholed in any way has to really speak to you and what it is that you want to do. >> yeah, i'm really interested in having a career that's diverse and, you know, and experiencing things that i haven't experienced before and learning new things.
8:34 am
i think that's when i'm most engaged with what i'm doing. >> and we have seen that you have been in "eclipsed," a little broadway that's been off broadway but is coming to broadway in february. >> yes, indeed. >> are you excited about that? >> yes, yes, we just finished our run just this sunday at the public theater and that was such a rewarding experience. it's an incredible play that an actress wrote danai gurira from "walking dead," and it's about these liberian women at wartime and it's funny and it's intense and it's a really exciting african story. [ cheers and applause ] >> lupita is so interesting. >> she is. >> she is great and "star wars: the force awakens" opens nationwide next friday. all right, so we move on now because we have gathered all the top experts in the country on dating online. we're going -- >> all of them. >> all of them. we've got it covered and we're going to give you the secrets to finding love. an insider's lesson about what
8:35 am
to do and what not to do in the often confusing world of online dating from a new abc news documentary "swiped." >> i think i've been on every dating app known to mankind. >> okcupid. >> mumba. >> tangle. >> how about we. >> of course, everyone tried tinder at one point. >> tinder. >> tinder. >> and the list goes on. >> we know between 2009 and 2011 that online dating was the second most common way someone met their romantic partner. >> 96% of the decision to swipe right is based on what, your photo. >> what's a turn-on is when you're like playing a guitar, you're with your dog, you're hiking and showing off that you're active and things you like to do. >> if you use a flash on your photo, you look seven years older than if you don't. >> you really want to have three photos. one photo is you want to have a great head shot you smiling. >> a body shot, no surprises and a wild card like your silly photo. >> i'm molly. i date online.
8:36 am
tinder, hinge and mamba, so i'm getting ready to go meet zach, so his first picture is definitely like a professional actor's head shot but every other picture is him goofing around, which is so my type. >> we do know what people judge somebody by as soon as they meet them, their teeth, their grammar and their self-confidence. >> do you play hockey? >> i used to play hockey. clearly i don't have the build of a hockey player. >> do you have all your teeth? as long as you came out with all of your teeth. >> your teeth say a great deal about your health. your grammar says a great deal about your amount of education and, of course, your self-confidence tells a good deal about your emotional stability. >> all right, and that's all on also on hulu be sure check out the golden globe nominated comedy "casual" which follows a fictional brother and sister through their own online dating roller coaster. all right, ginger, are you ready to walk away from me. >> i am ready to walk away. we have to do weather and talk to our new friends. it's so beautiful out here this morning.
8:37 am
we'll head into the mid-60s in new york city. now where it is much colder and loving the snow, in the cascades and sierra. mt. hood meadows opens this weekend, actually today and got fresh snow. how nice. you'll get more through the weekend. >> i want you to know amy wanted me to push her away. we love each other but i also have great news for this weekend. "mary poppins" is coming back to network tv for the first time in 13 years. that's right. the wonderful world of disney presented by target bringing you "mary poppins." who doesn't love that movie? here's dick van dyke sharing some of his favorite memories of filming it. >> i loved it when we were doing the "i love to laugh" with uncle albert. we were all hanging by wires, of
8:38 am
course, 30 feet in the air and the first day the crew broke for lunch and began to leave. julie and i had to say, excuse us, hello. >> you can watch "mary poppins" saturday night at 8:00, 7:00 central. you love "mary poppins." >> i love "mary poppins." >> i'm telling you, we all love it. all right. how about we move on to our series "baby oh! baby" and prove that everything old is new again. you know, i've been thinking a lot about this. do i do cloth diapers or do i do disposables? a huge choice and parents are thinking about it too. take a look. in the 1950s, cloth diapers were all the rage, but now they're making a big comeback. even "vogue" writing about them calling cloth diapers the latest trend in millennial parenting. >> a lot of new moms love these new cloth diapers because they come in bright colors and cute prints and so it's almost just a fashion statement. >> christie and jamie teheroni decided to use cloth diapers on their 4-month-old son killian.
8:39 am
you're using cloth diapers. i'm sure people say to you that is crazy. >> we decided to do it because it's cheaper than using disposable diapers, good for the environment. >> reporter: these might even be helping mother earth. every year in the united states 18 billion disposable diapers end up in landfills. >> this is all his diapers, all in one style. this is the inserts that are all part of the diaper. >> okay. >> so when it washes this helps it all get agitated and get very clean. >> after he goes, you just throw the whole thing in the hamper. >> and then what i do when it's time to do the laundry, i take the whole bag out and just put the whole thing in the wash. >> reporter: the diapers range in price from 15 to 25 bucks and while that might seem expensive, they can save you money in the long run. >> cloth diapers are incredibly cost efficient. if you use disposable diapers, you're going to end up spending around $2400 per kid. if you use cloth diapers, you end up spending around $600 per kid, and you can use those same cloth diapers with all your
8:40 am
other kids, as well. >> and everybody out here wanted to know if it smelled. it didn't. i promise you. we want to thank our sponsor of "baby oh! baby," ddrops, of course, you made all this happen. you can follow along on my pregnancy journey at on yahoo! so, cloth, disposable. they're all like, no, cloth, disposable. coming up, the top ways to be smarter this weekend, the women from the skimm are here. go nowhere on "gma." "baby oh! baby" is brought to you by baby ddrops, the sunshine vitamin in just one drop.
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we are back now with the co-creators of the skimm, a popular daily newsletter making it a lot easier to be smarter breaking down everything from politics to pop culture and how millions start their mornings including reese witherspoon, oprah and even the first lady. we have carly zakin and danielle weisberg here to skim the news and be ready for the weekend. i feel cooler just sitting with you. >> we do too. >> such a cool, readable, understandable way and one of the headlines that you all begin with and all have been talking about is chipotle. >> yeah, it's been a rough few weeks. you guys have been talking about it a ton. there is an e. coli thing in over 40 restaurants and then this week in boston, the norovirus with over 100 people. the stock's not been doing well. yesterday the founder and co-ceo said, i'm sorry, and, by the way, like we're going to have
8:44 am
the best health safety standards for food in the business so investors really like that and it's kind of a game changer for the rest of the fast food industry. >> the power of an apology. >> who knew? >> i know. it works. i'm sorry. sometimes it works. >> sometimes. >> if more people could try that. all right. we're going to cue some music right now. ♪ you make me feel like i'm in love again ♪ coldplay. do you recognize it? "adventure of a lifetime," it's his now song. some big changes how we listen to music. spotify. >> yeah, so spotify, the streaming music service that is everywhere, how people are getting their music. coldplay's album came out on spotify today. they actually did a staggered rollout so you can get the album out last week but it's on spotify today. and that's because you might have heard taylor swift, not spotify's biggest fan, she and adele did not put their albums on spotify. they think they should be valued more as artists. so spotify has a bit of an issue.
8:45 am
swift fans don't want to shake it off. they want her back on and to get there, spotify is rumored to be looking at an experiment of doing this free layer but also their premium layer and you can get premium artists on the premium layer. now it's rumored but i'm hoping it comes true. >> they say did you hear about coldplay. there's a big back story. >> all right. that's good to know. also you all have admitted to me that you didn't go to colleges that are really like all about football. >> yeah, we did not. >> i have. >> i know. >> university of georgia, go, dogs, but hacking the heisman trophy part of your newsletter which is hilarious and you have an acronym that is pretty funny. >> it's all about the double d cup so stay with me for a second. you got to know derrick henry, deshaun watson and wait for the "c," christian mccaffrey, so the heisman trophy is the oscars for football. you'll know one of those names tomorrow. remember the double ds. >> i think that's good to remember. you have a skimm pick what you need this weekend.
8:46 am
you piqued my interest with this one. >> it is this one. it's an amazing book. it's president obama's favorite book of 2015 which should say something. amazon rated it as one of their favorites and it's kind of like "the affair." the story of a marriage over 30 years, they meet and not surprisingly the husband and the wife have very different takes on their marriage. not surprising but interesting to see what happens. >> even more interesting because it's president obama's favorite book right now. >> i had a lot of questions about that. >> i'm glad she said that. >> want to dive in on that. >> you guys did the research. let us know. >> yeah? we'll read all about it. >> be sure to ask him that. >> danielle and carly, thank you so much. we appreciate it. all right, coming up next on "gma," director ron howard dishes on working with chris hemsworth and some advice from tom hanks. stay with us.
8:47 am
8:48 am
oscar winner ron howard has oscar winner ron howard has a new movie hitting the big screen today, "in the heart of
8:49 am
the sea," and i sat down to talk with him all about it. >> and ron howard joins us now. this movie is stunning. >> thank you. >> it's spectacular. watching it back now, i mean you're excited. >> well, it was a big challenge. it was an exciting challenge and it sort of started with the fact that i didn't know that moby dick was inspired by real events but it was really the emotion of the story and the twists and turns of the drama of the true story that i think probably inspired me most to want to make it. >> chris hemsworth, one of the stars of the film, he actually brought you the script. >> he did. i like him. he's got a great work ethic. he's very talented but he brought i allot to it creatively and so i was impressed with that. when he brought me this i felt like he was kind of born to play
8:50 am
owen chase. >> so much of the cast had to lose a ton of weight to truly look like emaciated shipwreck survivors. did you join them? >> well, you know, just by the mere fact that you don't want to eat a bagel right in front of them, you sort of -- you know, almost by osmosis you lose a little. i think everybody tuned up. we were going for authenticity at every level. the actors knew it and they wanted to also honor the men that they were actually playing. >> did i read that you asked your friend tom hanks for some advice with this? >> i did going into it because i had never been around a situation where a big weight loss was demanded. it was part of the character and he had done it for "castaway" and before that "philadelphia." and he had some good advice. >> it works. that's for sure. >> thank you. >> before we go, any plan for another season of "arrested development"? a lot of people want to know. >> mitchell hurwitz, the creator of the show, is working with writers now. netflix is behind it. twentieth century fox is behind it. >> that sounds like a yes. >> well, it's a hopeful because what's happened is the cast has
8:51 am
become so frickin', you know, in demand and busy, everybody wants to do it, fans want it, so i'd be saddened if we didn't achieve it. i want to -- i'm the announcer, the narrator, i got to get back to that microphone. >> i like that. all right. ron howard, thanks as always for stopping by. >> my pleasure of the a great conversation. >> "in the heart of the sea" is in theaters right now. let's go to ginger. >> oh, and, amy, we are so happy to be partnering with macy's on their annual believe campaign that helps to bring joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions and in honor of national believe day, macy's is now offering double donations. it all happens today, $2 instead of $1 to make-a-wish for each letter that santa gets dropped off at a macy's or submitted online. martine reardon, chief marketing officer from macy's is here to tell us more. national believe day. what is it all about? >> we are so excited about national believe day. it's probably the pinnacle moment in our believe campaign where macy's and make-a-wish grant almost 50 wishes across america in one single day.
8:52 am
and it's wishes from little children who just really want to have some joy in their life, so eli from alabama, who wants to be a firefighter, and natalie from california, who wants to come to new york to see holiday shopping here and so many more, so it's such a special day for the macy's organization and the make-a-wish organization to grant these wishes and see the joy in all of these children's faces. >> and it's so easy to become a part of it, right? >> so easy, just go into any macy's or go online. write your letter. today we give $2. we are hoping that we can raise another $1 million today so that macy's can give $2 million to the make-a-wish foundation for this incredible campaign. >> so do it. go find a macy's. put your letter to santa right in this or you can even do it online. super easy to do. thank you, martine, for being here. >> thank you. >> a reminder that this can happen at any macy's nationwide, by the way. it just has to happen today so $2 instead of $1. we love it. go to our website, on yahoo! to learn more.
8:53 am
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and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on thoughtful gifts everyday. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays. with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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what to buy, what to buy. well, what if we told you exactly what the hottest trending must have gifts are everyone is trying to get? pretty good, right? now, what if we told you how to get them for a lot less. that's what we're going to do. now i got your attention. plus time for ugly sweaters. >> holy smokes. >> next week on "good morning america."
8:56 am
>> i thought we got through without that. hope you have a great weekend, everybody. big week next week on "gma." will smith, jennifer lawrence, will ferrell all here live and a baby next week. >> a week left. >> last week of pregnancy. whoo-hoo. >> george is on "this week" on sunday, as well. >> watch for that? have a great weekend, everybody. bye. ♪
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. it's time for the latest on the weather. you can see mike, sun starting to come out. >> yeah. seeing a lot of it today, kristen. you'll need the umbrella and sunglasses. more so sunglasses. last shower headed from morgan hill into san martinez. opened it up, clear along the coast, where showers will be the next several hours. by the afternoon could have a few more showers roll through. you can see here. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow most part dry. light rain in the north bay during the evening hours and stormy again sunday. sue? and number 5 at the bay bridge and accident. still see traffic stacked up to the macarthur maze coming in from 80. good solid 30 minutes from golden gate field. an accident on the 880 freeway southbound at thornton. a live shot at san rafael,
9:00 am
crowded. kristen? >> sue, thank you. now it's time for >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, academy award winning actress lupita nyongo. and from the drama, "fargo," kirsten dunst. plus, your comments and questions on another edition of the "inbox." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] >> and now, here are your emmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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