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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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we thought the storm had passed. then sudden lay brief but intense blast of hail hit. >> we have pockets of showers now and remain under a weather warning until tonight. thank you for joining us. >> the bay area woke up to much-needed rain this morning. this what it looked like from our four cameras. the storm continues to cause problems across the bay area. the storm came in from the north. parts of the north bay got
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serious soaking. one town getting 1.4 inches of rain. the bay area remains under a wind warning. >> here's a storm relate issue crews continue to deal with. downed trees. this is southbound 101 in san rafael. and san francisco aloe the department of public works says it dealt with 20 downed trees or limits. >> looking south, the storm unleashed a fast and furious downtown pour here in santa cruz. atop mt. diablo, guss could be as high as 75 miles-per-hour. looking at current conditioned, marin county, it's dry but wind and cold. drew tuma is tracking the weather. does this taper if. >> the spotty showers through the evening but the winds were winning.
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oakland, 58 miles-per-hour as the front moves through. and golden gate bridge, wind gust of 45 miles-per-hour. a total rainfall, some spots half inch or more, and some numbers you see on the screen are some of the biggest 24-hour rain totals we have seen since last december. a long time since we had downpours like this morning. live doppler 7hd, some areas dry, pockets of isolated showers along the coast. the evening ahead, keep the chance of scattered showers in the forecast. stays breezy, and by midnight we're turning chilly, a string of chilly nights nights and col. >> thank you, drew. >> listen to that. if you had a lazy sunday morning and slept in, you may have missed this. the heart of the storm blew through the city just after 9:00 this morning. cornell bernard is live with a
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look at the aftermath, and, cornell, it was brief but packed a punch. >> reporter: absolutely. in fact, folks still can't believe how much rain we got. check it out. this is the onramp to highway 101 south. it's closed tonight because as you can see, it is completely underwater. some drivers thought they could make it through today but that didn't happen. you needed a boat to navigate parts of bay shore boulevard sunday morning, flashflood left the intersection underwater. >> i saw it when i was driving up and saw a tow truck trying to get a car out. >> more than a few drivers misjudged he high water on the onramp and got stuck. >> i picked up seven cars already. >> tow truck drivers to the rescue. >> cars kept driving in. i kept telling them not too. >> the daly city, flooding on
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88th street. this bottom floor a muddy mess. >> then all of a sudden we start yelling. move your cars. move your cars. >> the building located at the bottom of a hill. storm drains got overwhelmed. the same flooding happened last year. a note posted ahead of the storm told residents to avoid parking in the garage. this car had a tree fall down on it. nearby firefighters waded through street flooding trying town clog stone drama. joanne brown was on her way to church when she decided to get her feet wet and help clear the drains, too. >> just stopped and unclogged the drain. >> east bay, this 30-foot oak dry fell in the rockridge neighborhood in oakland, smashing a fence inch san
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rafael, an accident on highway 101 left this suv suv perched op of the center divider. pg&e says it's working to restore power to much of the bay area. it saying at the height of the storm there was about 15,000 outages. as for the onramp, the chp says it could take a while for this take to disappear. live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> thank you. heavy rain and low cloud made it hard to see earlier today in this view of sfo. lots of flight delays. right now we hear of an average of hour delay and airlines have cancelled 30 flights. we checked with oakland and san jose and they're report fugue delays. >> in the wind forced ski resorts to close down because of too much blowing snow.
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a were the storm warning remains in effect for the sierra until 10:00 tonight. higher elevations could get up to two feet. chains are required on highway 50 and interstate 80. with today's rain and expected el niƱo winter be prepared. we'll stream breaking weather news to you on the abc7 news app. >> san mateo police shot and wounded a man who rammed into several cars and then drive toward officers. police went to disturbance call. the man rammed into the police officers' vehicle. officers say a pursuit started during which haiger drove toward officers who they say fired at him. no officers were hurt. haiger is now out of the hospital and is facing several charges. details on a firey chain reaction crash that killed man and woman in fairfield.
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the chp says 56-year-old james hoeppner appears to have been driving too fast when his jeep collided with a town car which crashed into a toyota. investigators are saying drugs and alcohol may have played a role. the up town car burnt into flams and two people died. >> national ononfront-runner donald trump appears to be losing ground recent polls polld and is now taking aim at the map picking 'the crucial points. >> donald trump is taking aim at his new chief rival. >> i would say i have better judgment than head e ted. >> he appeared on two political talk shows today, criticizing senator ted cruz. >> i don't think he is qualified to be president. you can't walk into the senate and scream and call people liars
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and not be able to cajole and get along with people. re'll never get anything done and that's the problem with ted. >> the comments come as the texas senator is trumping trump in iowa. cruz now with a 10-point lead in one poll, up to 31% to trump's 21. trump was quick to blast the new numbers, tweeting overnight, don't trust "des moines register" poll, saying it's biased. the other big story inside the numbers, the fall of dr. ben carson. now down to 13%. >> poll numbers go up and down. >> he appeared on though business week by wife george stephanopoulos and doubled down on the threat to leave the party if party leaders try to manipulate the process. >> if that is the case, then i'm out of here. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton is getting help from the president. tv's president. >> he is campaigning for the
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front-runner. bernie sanders, one of the few candidates on the trail today, making four stops in iowa, critical campaigning with seven weeks until the iowa caucuses and two days until the next g.o.p. debate. >> being a fan over the force has gotten one seventh grader into trouble at school. the situation that has the boy's father claiming it's a case of political correctness run amok. >> also, a big decision for tomorrow involving companies like uber ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa.
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a big vote set for tomorrow could change the way companies like uber and lyft operate. seattle is deciding whether to let the drivers unionize. most drivers are considered independent contractors, not employees and that means they lack collective bargaining rights. san francisco braced uber opposes the idea. uber believes seattle protest pose sal violates federal labor laws. >> a middle school student in texas claimed he was forced to cover up the "star wars" t-shirt because it features a picture of a gun. >> it's political correctness run amok. you're talking bat "star wars" t-shirt, a weak before the biggest movie of the year comes out. it has nothing to do with guns. just a "star wars" shirt. >> the school strict says the shirt is banned because it features, quote, symbols orient
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towards violence. and "star wars: the force awakens" opens on friday. >> the ohio are about to get brighter. up next, to look at the annual hanukkah tradition going on 40 years. >> let's take a live look outside. clearing up and cooling down. a beautiful sunset. drew will net us know when the
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happening now. the grand finale for the bill graham men nor ha is taking place in union square. the lighting has been a hanukkah tradition in the city since 1975. the festival of lights attracts more than 5,000 people and
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features live entertainment and traditional food. >> we're getting photos and videos of the rain across the bay area. thank you to everyone who shared. post it on social media with he hash tag "abc7now." you may see it onour or online. >> let's talk about what the weather has in store for us tonight. drew tuma is here now. >> we're seeing things quiet down this hour. that will bring in cool air overnight tonight. live doppler 7hd currently shows you have have some showers peppering the coastline, so moving into portions of the north bay. a couple of showers developing around cloverdale. and a shower developing to the south of half moon bay, along highway 101, so a downtown pour likely there in the next half hour. along with the isolated showers, it's still rather windy out there. concord, wind gusts at 23 miles-per-hour. 33 at sfo.
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gusting to 37 at half moon bay. and the northerly wind is keeping us on the cool side. so a lot of spots are in the 40s, like napa, 47. 46, santa rosa. sam ramon, the same. oakland, san francisco, hey wedder, 49. so, future weather shows you tonight in the evening we'll have the chance of isolated shower. the best bet, along the coast. towards midnight the showers will move out and tomorrow morning on your way to work and school we'll have clear skies but breezy. tonight we'll still see wind gusts around midnight from 20 to 40 miles-per-hour, and this active breeze continues monday morning. by 10:00 the winds gusting around 25 to 30 miles-per-hour another of the north and that will bring cool canadaian air
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in. we'll start in the 30s at some locations. 56 in napa, 36 concord, immediate bay, upper 30s to lower 40s, equi-ly as chilly for wednesday morning, just put the umbrella away and bring your winter jacket out because near store for cool nights and chilly days. overnight tonight it will be breezy and will be cold with clearing after midnight. drop do 41 in oakland, 45, san francisco, 39 santa rosa, 36 concord. 343, -- 33 napa. highs for monday, the wind with us, anywhere from 20 to 30 miles-per-hour out of the north. that's going to help tho to clear out the cloud cover. sunny skies by monday afternoon, 57 in oakland, 56 san jose, 55 santa rosa, so, the accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow we have a chilly start in the morning, sunshine on the way, so it's
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breeze and and cool. tuesday, a frosty morning. lots of sunshine. by wednesday wouldn't be surprises if we have frost advisories in effect wednesday morning, sunny skies, thursday, the day of transition, start off with sunshine, increase our cloud cover, increase our temperatures. that's ahead of the north bay shower likely on friday, and then saturday and sunday, after a break in the activity, rain is possible for next weekend. so we're seeing just a quieting down period, cooler hair move -- cooler air moves in. >> i like the winter pattern we have developing. >> i like it, too. break out your winter jacket and then but the umbrellas away. >> turning to sports now. shu,. >> the 49ers watched a two-game win street disappear in cleveland against the browns. really? a macattack helped the silver and black
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the raiders need to win to keep the playoff opens alive. so they come to denver and
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manage negative 12 university offense in the first half. this is a tale of two halfs. raiders trail 12-7. later, mack, monster game, the raiders recover but the broncos get it for a safety, 12-9 denver, fourth quarter, after a broncos muffed point. carr takes as advantage. but missed the two-point conversion, meaning the broncos can tile with a field goal. he hits the posts. 45 in the game. raiders hang on thanks to khalil mack. five sacks in the second half. seven quarterback hits. denver's offensive line was no match. broncos didn't score a touchdown in two games against the raiders. the raiders only 126 total yards of offense. they're now 6-7 with the 15-12 victory.
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>> to the browns hammer the niners offense. sacking blaine gabbert nine times. one positive, the return of fail dawson in cleveland. he spent four years with the browns. johnny man -- cleveland. and niners drop to 4-9. 1-6 on the road. 24-10 the final, an absolute embarrassment. >> they did a hell of a job today. okay? we did not. you need to take a minute and feel that feeling. that's as bad a feeling in sports as you can have. we all took a step backwards today. we played poorly today. >> i agree. carolina panthers remain unbeaten by crushing rival atlanta falcons, cam newton
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three tds. panthers clinch the first-around bye. now 13-0. steelers and bengals. showed how much love they have for each other during warmups. andy dalton fractures a thumb on his throwing hand, making a tackle on this. lookly done for the year. and his replacement threw for two tds, one to the other team. bengals lead the afc north. watch out for the seattle seahawks. they dismantled the ravens, russell will son, throwing 16 tds in his last four games, five today, three to former stanford man doug bald baldwin. seattle is now 7-5, a 35, 6 victory. stanford men's soccer facing clemson. a minute and a half in, morris
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scores. 1-nil cardinal. then the team got the fourth goal of the game and rips off his shirt town veil -- to unveil a sports bra. they win their first national championship, 4-nil the final. congratulations to the cardinal. i have nothing for that. sunshine? >> he looked good. >> all my years of covering sports, never seen that. that's a first. >> thank you, shu. >> the about
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on abc7 news at 6:00, a political battle you probably didn't see coming. kap versus pflum he niners quarterback went after the presidential candidate on social media. >> growing a better walnut in the drought. uc davis researchers are working to make the walnut more drought tolerant. >> today the cloudsparted and hope emerged. a beautiful rainbow. one of several captured and shared with us. >> we want to thank rachel for the image, post your pictures with the hash tag abc7 now. that does it for us here at 5:00. thank you for your time. >> thank you inviting us into your home. see you next at 6:00.
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welcome to "world news tonight." cruz missile. the texas senator surging to first place in iowa. trump, not going down without a fight. calling cruz a maniac. this, as the big debate showdown is just two days away. extreme weather. tornadoes tear through texas. the neighborhood destroyed. this train knocked right off the tracks. plus, will these record high temperatures ruin dreams of a white christmas? radical road. the jihadi couple and the terror postings. did the feds overlook clues on social media? plus, the inside story of the deadly shootout with police from one of the cops chasing them down. and, present danger? you've seen the terrifying scenes like this.


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