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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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his this backyard this morning and is pour thread for two hours. >> in daly city, the storm drains had a hard time keeping up. in pacifica, look city strong winds sending waves crashing against the coast. people stood watching as the waves splashed up on to the pier. right now there's a winds at -- wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. drew tuma is tracking the remnants of the storm with live doppler 7hd. >> it was a windy morning. look at peak wind gusts, oakland, 58 miles-per-hour, sfo, 47. even pleasanton, 40 miles-per-hour. with the wind came the rain. a lot of locations at the half inch mark oregon more than that. the numbers on the screen some of the highest daily rainfall totals we have seen since last december. so it's been quite some time sin
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we had downpours like this. live doppler 7hd showing you we're not really seeing a solid band of showers. we're seeing along the coast widely scatters showers and much of the activity will stay off the coast, but along the immediate coastline there could be a scattered sprinkle. we'll have a chance for a sprinkler early on. by 9:00, clearing out the skies. by midnight, some spots in the 30s. so we have a very cool night on the way. this isn't even the coldest night on the seven-day. >> take a look at this. the storms have tan their toll on bay area trees, especially with many of them destabilize by the drought. this one came crashing down on apartments on bay shore road. and a similar scene in hayward where a van for special need children is charged.
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sir gentlemenin tan ha has the de -- sergio quintana has the details. >> this tree was just cut up by county crews a little while ago. the owner of the house noticed it had been leaning over. he figured it was trying to grow toward the sun but when it came down this afternoon, i smashed into this transport van. the driver of the van is relieved no one was inside or around when the tree came down this afternoon. the transport van used to shuttle special needs kids to appointments and the driver just finished getting three of the kids to their destinations. he had a breaktime is in afternoon so drove here to his mother's neighborhood for lunch. 45 minutes later, the van got pull -- pulverized. the tree came down and smashed. and my mom said, this tree just fell, and i said, kind of being facetious, did it fall on my
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van? she said, oh, my god, that is your van. >> since the van is totaled he had to pick up another company van to finish transporting the three clients around this afternoon. for local fire department cut up most of the trees quickly after it fell, and then the county tree crews came rind to -- came around to do the rest. i talked with the county crews, and they have been out since 8:00 this morning, cutting up trees, and also clearing out a lot of stopped up drains around the county. reporting live, abc7 news. >> that image next to you is amazing in san jose, a large tree branch came crashing down on north sixth street and two vehicles were damaged and it took out power lines. at one point 15,000 people in the bay area had no power. pg&e crews are still working on repairs. >> bottom line, it was a mess out there. and some places it actually still is.
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cornell bernard is at one such spot in san francisco. >> reporter: a lot of cleanup tonight, and so much water. in fact, check it out. this is the onramp to highway 101 south. it is impassable, closed because it's underwater. we have seen drivers trying to do this and many got stuck. >> you needed a boat to navigate. a flashflood left the intersection underwater. >> oh, my god, it's high water. >> can you believe how much water was sneer. >> no. i was totally surprised. >> several dries misjudged the high water on the onramp to highway 101. it's completely flooded. asit's a lake and that car was stuck. >> i picked up seven cars already.
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>> tow truck drivers to the rescue. >> cars kept driving in, i kept telling them not to, and they keep driving in. >> in dally city, flooding onle 8th street. the bottom floor of an apartment building, a muddy mess. riley saw the water rise. >> then we start yelling, move your cars, move your cars. >> the apartment building located at the bottom of a hill. storm drains got overwhelmed. the same flooding happened here last year. a note posted ahead of the storm told residents to avoid parking in the garage. the storm toppled trees in san francisco. this one on baker and green inch, falling on top of a car, causing little damage. this car not so lucky when a tree fell down. firefighters waded through street flooding, trying town clog storm drains. >> joanne brown was on her way to church when the decided to get her feet wet and help clear the drains, too. >> i just stopped and unclogged
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the drain. >> this fell, smashing smashinga fence in san rafael, this mine nor injury accident on highway 101 left the suv perched on top of the center divider. in fact driving was treacherous. in san francisco, cornell bernard. >> here's a live look at san francisco international airport. weather caused delays all day long. right now they're averaging flight delays of an hour. oakland and san jose report a few delays. >> sonoma county issued a code, blue advisory for shell to make more space available for those who are homeless. the forecast calls for more rain and cold temperatures four the next four nights. people can get information by calling 2-1-1. you can see white caps on lake
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tahoe in this cell phone video. the storm brought powerful wind's to the syria, making the lake look more like an ocean. many resorts shut down ski lifts for safety reasons. skiers will find more snow covering slopes. as for getting to the sierra, changes are required from baxter to the nevada state line and you must use chains on u.s. 50. when you have unusual weather, take photo, a video, share it with us using the hash tag abc7 news. we may use it on the air or >> two san mateo police officers are on leave after shooting and wounding a driver they say rammed a police car. it started as a disturbance. kendall haiger rammed his car into a police vehicle and then drove toward officers, who then fired at him.
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they say haiger continued for about three blocks, crashing into other cars, before they finally arrest him. he is out of the hospital and in jail. no officers were hurt. >> this is just incredible. new details now on how the driver of that suv came inches from death. see that piece of metal sticking out of the windshield? it came loose from a truck he was following on interstate 280 thursday afternoon in san jose. the driver of the suv says he saw nettal come budget couldn't go left or right because there were cars all around him so he just ducked to avoid getting hit. he only walk away with a scratch on his arm. the owner of the truck will get a ticket for spilling the road. >> the driver of the vehicle should get a medal for avoiding an accident. still ahead, the rate of abortions has dropped dramatically across the country. what could be the reason behind it? >> the political battle you didn't see coming.
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kap versus trump. how the niners quarterback went afte
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boringses in the united states have fallen to a record low. it shows the numbers fell among
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all major racial and ethnic groups. the drop goes along with an overall decline in pregnancies as well. the latest numbers from 20 show there were 1.1 million abortions, 98 out of a thousand women got pregnant. in 1990 abortions hit a high of 1.6 million. there were 115 out of 1,000 pregnancies. >> collin kaepernick is turning to social media, taking on donald trump and other republicans. this tweet comparing trump's plan to ban muslims to other racially motivated bans that happened in the u.s. over the past century. he says racism and discrimination, not okay. we are all human beings. things need to change. then, another tweet from him. a quote from a retired air force colonel that asks americans to care about trump's push for discrimination because you could be next. he called the quote, food for thought. kaepernick is recovering from
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surgery to his left showered. >> and taking the time to be on social media. >> coming up at 6:00. a windy night ahead but are we done with the rain? meteorologist drew tuma has the forecast. >> the niners pull a no-show in cleveland, ending a chance for a two-game win streak, and the raiders get only 126 yards of total offense, got a mack attack to pull off
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scientists-looking to make a top crop less thisy. >> walnut are tough to sustain because they require water. researches at uc davis have been studying the walnut's dna to find a new variety that grows better in drought and are resist student insects and disease. it's going to take five years to grow the trees. >> in the wallnuts liked today's weather. >> you warned us. >> it's been a long since we have seen downpours like this. it was last december we saw healthy amounts light you. the live doppler 7hd showing you the front that brought the wind
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and downpours, and you can see some widely isolated showers off the coast. right now we're clearing out. live look outside, the skies over san francisco are partly cloudy. go to mainly clear overnight, but cold and winds monday morning. we have theme of chilly nights and cool days ahead and then the next chance of rain coming thursday evening. out there the winds are still rather active. a gust of 30-miles-an-hour in oakland, 25 at sfo, 26 half moon bay, 23 hayward. the winds out of the north and northwest. that's cool air settling across the region. it's 49 in oakland, the same in san francisco, 46 in napa, livermore, 47. so, future weather hour-by-hour towardded midnight, the rain departs, clouds thinning, and then on monday we have clear
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skies but it will be on the cool side, and the winds will still be with us for much of monday morning. future tracker wind gusts shows you tonight, around midnight, 20 to nearly 40 miles-per-hour winds are sticking with the region and that continues 10:00 on monday morning. the winds rather busy. right around 25 miles-per-hour. that wind out of the north is going to drags' cool canadian air in, meaning chilly morning, especially tuesday and wednesday. future temperature, tuesday morning locations in the 30s, some very close to freezing. immediate bay, upper 30s to lows, and a carbon copy forecast for wednesday morning. so the next three days put the umbrella aside and grab the winter jacket. overnight, clear skies, stars, and cold and it will be breezy. coolest spots the mid-30s. highs for your monday, it will be rather sunny out there but with a north wind around
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25 miles-per-hour. 56 in san jose, 57 santa clara. along the peninsula, 54, san mateo, 56 palo alto, downtown san francisco with the wind, 56. 54 for daly city. north bay, 50s. east bay, 57 tomorrow in oakland, 56 fremont. 55 for hercules and inland. sunshine but breezy. 55 pittsburg, and livermore, 36. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows tomorrow morning, cool, but bright and breezy. tuesday, after a frosty saturday, and then, temperatures below normal, then thursday, increasing clouds, and a shower likely and saturday and sunday, rain is possible across the region. >> we're seeing the rain, el niƱo here.
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time to get ready. >> yes, for sure. >> as far as football teams go, there's good news and bad news. >> it raiders need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. they can only muster 125 yards total offense but a mack attack in the second half is the difference. oakland opened the sacked with have an 80 yard drive. then later, mack, monster game. broncos get it but that's a safety. points on the board, 12, 9 denver. fourth quarter, broncos muffed point. raiders lead but missed the two-point conversion, setting then broncos for the tying 49-yard field field. the kick hits the post.
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raiders hang on thanks to khalil mack. seven quarterback hits, denver's offense line was no match. broncos didn't score a touchdown two games against the raiders, oakland now 6-7 with he 15-12 victory. >> jim tomsula's squad did not come ready to play cleveland. sacking blaine gabbert nine times for a loss of 44 yards. niners finished with 220 yards of offense but 94 in garbage time. one positive, the return of phil dawson in cleveland. he method his only field goal. johnny manziel, 21-31, 270 yards and one td pass. 173-cleveland. then cromwell rap for 145 yards on 20 cares, niners are now 1-9. an absolute embarrassment. >> they did a hell of a job today. okay? we did not. you need to take a minute and feel that feeling.
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that's as bad a feeling in sports as you can have. we all took a step backwards today. we played poorly. >> carolina panthers remain undefeated by crushing the fall tons, camp newton through floor three tds, ted gin, jr. has two catches and both went for touchdowns. panthers clinch a first-around bye in the playoff, they're now 13, 0. steelers and bengals, cincy the number one seed in the afc but andy dalton fractures a bone in his hand, like lie done for the year ask the playoffs. his replacement, mccarran, threw for three tds but one to the other team. steelers win, bengals still lead the afc north. the seahawks dismantle the ravens. russell will son, 16 tds in his last four games, five today, and
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three went to former stanford man doug baldwin. the seahawks are now 7-5, a 35-6 victory. the sharks continue be the streakiest team in the nhl after going 6-0. they're 1-7 with a six-game loosing streak. now back on the road for a tough five-game trip, and with four comes against playoff opponents, sharked had the final skate before heading to montreal and they say it's time to get back in the win column. >> got find a way to start putting points in bank. doesn't matter how you win, find a way to win. >> time to start getting results. >> women's hoops. stanford taking on texas. lilly thompson led the cardinal with 21 points, six assists. empress davenport, 25 for the
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longhorns. 77-69 the final, cardinal now 6-2. and stanford's men's soccer facing clemson the ncaa title. neither team scored in the semis but a minute and a half in morris scores, 1-nil cardinal. then the fourth goal of the game and rips off his shirt to unveil the sports bra. challenging his inner brandy chastain. 4-nil the final. congratulations to the cardinal. this sports report brought you by bank of the west. covered sports a long time, never seen a sports bra for men. >> i guess vector ya's
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join us on kofy tv 20. we'll tell you why amazon has banned the sale of hoverboards for now. >> then at 11:00 here on channel 7, thieves caught on camera ransacking a gold medalist's home, and taking off with the most treasured possessions. >> right now we're experiencing the quiet before the storm at the box office because, as you know, "star wars" debuts thursday night, which could be a billion dollar movie. >> my goodness. this weekend the hunger games indicate out on top.
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the last of the four movies in the saga, but it may not be over because a prequel could be in the works that tells us how the games got started. i. >> it earned $11 million this weekend, made more than a half billion worldwide. nothing against the movie. we've done it. seen them all. >> thank you for joining us, see you at 9:00 and 11:00. we know how you feel.
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