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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> it's saturday, december 19th. thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. here's a first look at live doppler hd with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. we still have rain behind this cold front. a lot of green here, especially in the north bay. we will take you in closer. you are noticing around homestead valley through mill valley. 101, san rafael looking wet, as well as mist and drizzle and fog through novato. 680 and livermore has wet weather. and just wishing into the coast here, just north of montara, ocean beach, very misty, drizzly
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and light rain pushing into san francisco shortly. and noticing that there is rain east of morgan hill into gilroy this morning. so we aren't done with the rain yet. with it the cloudy skies. temperatures are mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s so we are on the mild side but fog will certainly be an issue so we will look for the rain showers to participate from peaks of sun today and northwesterly flow. more rain arrives. chris. >> thank you. pouring rain made for taping russ driving condition. retailers in the north bay say everything was going well on the friday before christmas until the storm rolled in. >> it pretty much started
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whether the rain came in i think around 4:00. >> rush-hour traffic seemingly ignored the retailers. open air shops at cord madera and the town center were deserted. >> we think today busy, but no shoppers. >> you have to do what you have to do. >> it is important for you to get out? >> got to get out. doesn't neither what the weather is. >> but she was one of the few. last my christmas tree shopping also came to a halt on the bonair shopping center in green bay. >> some thought it would be a opportunity. >> we thought it would be a good time to sneak out and get something done and it's worked out great. >> last minute christmas shoppers are expected to come out this weekend but there's more rain in the forecast and retailers are hoping they will get their christmas spirit on and brave the elements. in the north bay, alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> heavy rain spoiled plans for the fir-ever outdoor hockey game in sacramento last night. nearly 2 inches of water accumulated on the ice turning parts of it into slurb. the game has been postponed until 4:30 this afternoon. the game featuring the two ahl teams. it's part of a six-week event, the biggest show on snow. as always, when you get unusual weather where you live, take a video and share it with us using the hashtag abc7 now. that will help us find the content. new this morning a magnitude 3.1 earthquake hit the east bay last night. residents in ran ramone felt the shaking just after 12:30. it's the same area a string offing werth quakes hit in october into november. there were 600 earthquakes back then, the largest one measuring
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at 3.6. a silver alert has been issued for a missing woman in the south bay. a 76-year-old woman was last seen yesterday at noon at her home in san jose. she's about 4 to 1'0" with gray hair and brown eyes. police believe she's wearing and yellow and black hooded sweater and carrying a purse. if you see her you are urge today contact the police. san francisco's district attorney met face-to-face with pro at the timers demanding justice for mario woods, the man fatally shot by police. yesterday they said though here hear their demands and protests. >> we are conducting a fully independent investigation. it will be transparent. the conclusion of the investigation and whatever rational we come up with will be made public. >> the demonstrators want police
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to undergo sensitivity training. the police department is now asking the city to allow officers to also be armed with tasers. oakland place are on the lookout for a man who kidnapped a woman, robbed her and tried to sexually assault her. they released her surveillance video. police say the man put a metal object into her about back and walked her into a secluded area. she fought back kicking and screaming. attacker ran off with her stolen item. a form he youth pastor at a hercules church is accused molesting children. 34-year-old man is accused of molesting two girls who are part of his bible study glass at the church ministry. lopez was arrested this week at his home. he also volunteered as a football coach at a high school. detectives believe there may be other victims. authorities are trying to identify the driver of a pickup that was killed in a fiery crash
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on the railroad tracks in south san francisco. it happened at around 3:00 yesterday average near the south city caltrain station. witnesses say the truck was seen speeding and driving erratically all along highway 101 moments before the accident. investigators said they will need dna or dental records to identify the remains. 5:06 is you're time. there's a new controversy between the two leading democrats running for president. a software glitch allowed four members of the bernie sanders campaign to download confidential files about hillary clinton's voter base. they respond by firing one of the staffers about you it didn't end there. the democratic campaign shut them out of the database and that allowed sanders to file a lawsuit. last night the sanders campaign and the committee reached an agreement to restore access to the database.
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the daughter of nancy pelosi will host the a watch show in san francisco. she will show how others can volunteer. it's off the embarcadero. you can watch the debate live here starting at 5:00 p.m. david muir and martha add as are moderating. people got a taste of "the force." thousands battled with lightsabers. we have more on the galactic free for all. ♪. >> not very long ago in a galaxy not far away at all, hundreds of jedi braved the rain to experience the force and to try to set a record. >> you try to break the record
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for the biggest lightsaber battle. >> this is one of the several across the country. it would not be complete without costumes. he donned his jedi robes for the second day of a row. >> me and my friends decided to dress up for the movie. >> some worried. >> have you been practicing with the lightsabers? >> actually, no, and i'm kind of scare. >> on cue they came on to the park and they went at it. >> even in all this rain everybody is just here. we are one big star wars family. >> the color of the sabres painted the night sky in red, blue and green. children even battled adults. >> there doesn't seem to be a lot of rules and anyone can be a target. >> there were probably only two rules everybody seemed to follow, have fun, and if you saw
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the movie already, no sharing spoilers. abc7 news. "star wars - the force awakens" could set a new opening weekend record for ticket sales. they are estimating ticket sales of at least $215 million. the film earned $57 million thursday night alone. tickets are still available. bay area theaters have added additional showing to handle the demands. it might be a nice day to stay inside and catch a movie. >> i know. we've had a about deal of rain. not big rain but enough to keep us wet. watching the forecast, for sure, because it's raining in some parts of the bay area. we have 50 degrees in the city and sfo. boy, they stacked up yesterday. as the rainexits today in san francisco, more is on the way for the second half of the weekend. i'll time it out for you coming up. >> thank you, lisa. and el nino is expected to cause
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chaos on the russian river. we will take you back three decades when it rushed the community. and plus, cleaning
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request. >> good morning. the time right now is 5:12 on your saturday. taking a live look from our golden gate bridge camera you can see there's rain along this part of the commute. also some wind out there. we will get the full accuweather forecast coming up just moments away. cleanup is halfway done after the valley fire ripped through three counties. the last flames were
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extinguished nearly three months ago. cruz have cleared 680 of the more than 1200 homes they have access to. they average 20 to 25 property cleanups per day, but officials say the recent rainy weather does not help because when the unpaved roads are wet it's difficult to move the heavy equipment where it's needed. 5:13, the time. new numbers show california's unemployment rate is slightly dropping. in november the job let rate went down to 5.7%. it's lower in almeda county where it's currently 4.4%. in san francisco the jobless rate is 3.4% and santa clara county just added the highest number of jobs in 25 years. janet has more. >> your eyes are not deceiving you. yes, there is no traffic congestion in the south bay because the economy is the best it's been since the dot-com boom. >> it's the highest on record
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going back to 1990 so that's pretty exciting. it points to a full recovery. she said the tech industries prosperity is the driving force for growth in all other industries. from october to november, 5200 jobs were added and san jose metro area now leads the state in job growth. job seekers notice the difference. >> it's definitely better. >> lisa was recently laid off but she's bouncing back much more quickly than when she lost her job during the recession. >> several people contacted me recently regarding opportunities. >> she was one of the few people at the employment development department today responding to recruiters and feeling optimistic. in san jose, abc7 news. >> as a way to ease the cot of housing, facebook is offering their employees $10,000 to move closer to the office. to get the one-time bonus, they
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have to buy or rent a play within ten miles of the headquarters. for families with kids the bonus can be as much as $15,000. many live in san francisco and take shuttles down to the office. it's not unusual for the russian river to flood, pushing water into the streets of guerneville. it usually causes little damage. however this, is an el nino season when the weather can suddenly move to the extreme. we look back to 1986 when a blast of rain caused guerneville's biggest flood ever. >> this is the russianry on its best behavior, just what people in guerneville love about it. but the old-timers know better. >> there's a lot of people of that moved into this town since 1986 and they don't have a clue. >> it was like you were almost like breathing water. it was so incredibly dense. the water just never stopped coming from the sky and it was so loud it was deafening. >> believe it.
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>> over sunday night into monday morning it came up 10 feet in about 8 hours. >> this was guerneville after two feet of rain fell in ten days, swelling the russian river to grow fess being proportions. 48.8 feet. how high is that? see the old bridge? the water came all the way up to the walkway. locals still call this the great valentine's flood but there was no romance, not when water consumed the community and caused $40 million damage. river road lived up to its name. cars looked more like boats. the local >> they said it wasn't going to flood and my house is now under water and everything i own. >> there was no way out for more
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than 1,000 people except by national guard helicopter. for those who did remain behind, the red cross shelters moved to higher ground three different times. >> don't be so gullible, get prepared for things next time. >> to a degree, they have. now when guerneville floods, water rarely reaches the built-up homes. lesson learned. abc7 news >> a good look back from wayne there, lisa. another look at how dangerous conditions can get. >> i totally remember that. we have a stronger storm system headed our way for christmas eve. between now and then a couple of weak ones. this morning we are in the midst of this exiting system. not only that, very heavy fog out there. it's tough to navigate and get around this morning. you can see from the north bay into san francisco right through
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tiberon, bay view, light rain and further south you will notice half moon bay and another band is just going to push on show. and perhaps pescadero getting wet. mist and drizzle, light rain through hercules. rain toward livermore. that is just mist and drizzle now. further south we are looking at more scattered showers down through gilroy and morgan hill. san jose kind of misty out there, and into the central valley you have wet weather. we still have a winter storm warning until 7:00 tonight for the west slopes but the advisory lasts until noon. we are looking at a couple of inches here. this is the view from our sutro tower camera. obscured from the fog. if you want to head out, looking a the 50s and mild conditions 9:00. mid-50s noontime. so for shopping in the afternoon it will be dry. a few peaks of sun but it will be cool. then our next system, we are going to time it out for you, by
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about 11:00 tomorrow morning. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. so mild, but, boy, look at the fog. mild visibility from santa sant, five miles in can carlos and only half-mile in napa. looking at your in the highlights, scattered showers. more rain tomorrow and another system looks stronger for christmas eve. so 7:00 this morning still from san francisco into the east bay, then by 8:00 we are looking at the dissipating showers, a few sunny breaks, and taking us through a dry rest of the afternoon. but by 11:00 tomorrow morning looks like cloverdale and clear lake, santa rosa getting wet. it will take throughout the someday for this to sink south. 1:00 still in the north bay. by 4:00 looks like the niners could be getting their heads wet as well as over in oakland, the raiders. vallejo looking at showers. this is weaker than the one today but a little bit warmer. and on the peninsula through pescadero and davenport look at the showers.
5:20 am
rainfall amounts through tomorrow with the next system anywhere from a couple hundred dreads should do it. and only leftover throughout watsonville and santa cruz. cool day, but drying conditions. so this little number one impact will be out of here throughout the next couple of hours. then we are look at another system tomorrow. a weak one, but just enough to cause some problems. lingering into monday and then we are looking at just maybe some on and off showers throughout the middle of the week. christmas eve that looks like we could see some more wind and rain and warmer conclusions so maybe higher-elevation month snow. christmas day, one model still keeps it wet. keep the umbrella with you. >> good to see the rain, but be safe out there. >> very slippery, for sure. >> thank you. up next, r2d2 is going presidential. why the drone and its friends visited the white house.
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give it a pop. cof in-home services for your aging loved ones. we'll assess their needs and create a custom care plan that can change as their needs change. ♪ >> a power outage that lasted more than half a day left a woman with spoiled food. a woman is determined to do more than just cry over spilled milk. >> corey opens her refrigerator. that's how much food was in there on september 11th when a
5:24 am
power outage left her without power. cot amgen tour cheese got gross, milk, bad lettuce. >> everything was warm and moldy. >> customers can file claims for food spoilage caused by any outage of more than two hours but the utility denied the claim n its rejection letter pg&e wrote the cause of the electrical problem was due to the cable company digging into our lines and damaging our facilities. that company is cable-com which doesn't provide cable service but lays down the lines needed for telecommunications. it, too, denied the claim. saying pg&e didn't label their lines properly. it wrote pg&e failed to accurately provide markings nor their systems that has resulted in the system incurring damage. >> it felt kind of childish. it was really back and fourth. i couldn't believe a major company was operating in such a childish way. >> pg&e eventually sent corey a
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check for half the claim, $80, on the condition she end the whole matter with the utility. but corey refused to accept the settlement. instead she turned to "7 on your side" and we contacted pg&e. it agreed to pa9
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>> any can mulling i task and take a bite out of crime. >> she's a duel purpose a9 meaning she's duel purpose far cot six patrol. the patrol sided see can help us apprehend suspects and on the narcotics side she can sniff different narcotics. k9 teams are required to complete 8 hours of training
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each week. much more ahead on the saturday morning news. with less than a week before christmas, it's super saturday. we will explain what the stores are doing to get more shoppers inside >> the democrats will be battling it out tonight right here in the campus. i'll have that story who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show.
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look, the sky's awake! ♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ] . >> good morning, chris, the last
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day of fall. winter arrives on monday. rainfall coming in around form normal for the month of december. the front has already moved on through. shower has moved out of tiberon, crossing over into the east bay. emeryville and i-80 certainly wet. down through san francisco and chinatown and up through the north. but, boy, has it been foggy from sonoma and napa and novato into hercules. be careful and give yourself extra time. this is moving across the bay. pretty soon you will be wet perhaps into hayward. and will look for the scattered showers in the south bay. a mild start. we will have the forecast for the rest of the day with more showers on the way tomorrow. chris. >> thanks, lisa. presidential hopefuls will take center stage today in the abc news democratic debate. we are joined live from manchester, new hampshire, with more on what we can expect.
5:31 am
lana, good morning. >> good morning, chris. later today this area behind me is going to be keeping with journalists, campaigners and analysts. and while hillary clinton has the lead in the national polls, with he know elections can being won or lost right here. >> heading into the debate hillary clinton is 31 points ahead of rival bernie sanders. she tops the toll at 59%, sanders 58% and martin o'malley 5% voter support. but it's worth remembering at there point in 2007 clinton had a similar lead over then senator barack obama and here in new hampshire sanders has a slight advantage. >> if he is going to beat hillary clinton, it has to start here in new ma'am shire. >> look for these items to be front and center. first guns.
5:32 am
sanders supporting additional background checks. and second the campaign data breach. a staffer was able to get into hillary clinton's about database after a fire wall laps. he said he didn't do anything wrong. >> if i was doing something wrong, i would try to hide it, and i didn't. >> and look for the outsider. in this election outsiders are king. >> bernie sanders may have one of the most unique outsiders no all-time. he's been in congress for centuries but he's never been associated either of the parties. >> and overnight the sanders campaign has had their access restored in the data files but they aren't willing to tell abc news whether they are going to drop the lawsuit. we will have to see what the candidates themselves have to say right here tonight. live in manchester, lana zach for abc7 news. back to you, chris. >> thank you so much. the again, that's tonight in new
5:33 am
hampshire. you can watch it live here on abc7 starting at 5:00 p.m. new this morning, president obama and the first lady met the families of the 14 san bernardino shooting victims. the two stopped in southern california before heading to hawaii for the holidays. inside a high school library sat 14 families at separate tables. the obama's went to each table and talked to each family. they could not have been more insistent that something good comes out of this tragedy. >> we have to remind ourselves of the to overwhelming good that exists out there. and it despite the pain and heart aches they are feeling, they could not have been more inspiring. >> the obamas boarded air force 1 just after 11:00 last night. the meetings lasted nearly three hours, more than an hour and twenty minutes longer that than
5:34 am
scheduled. >> today is super saturday. the is a day before christmas is expected to be the second basiest shopping day of the year for brick and more tore stores. last year it trumped black friday with more than $9 billion sold. kohls is opening for 1730 straight hours until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve to squeeze every last dollar before christmas. >> online sales are booming but what about brick and shopping malls? >> more are doing shopping online but does that mean brick and mortar is dead? not necessarily. >> traffic is steady. it's been a holiday season. we are up in volume and everything is going very well. people are still coming to the mall. >> according to the latest survey. store sales are up this year by about 2%. but online sales have surged more than 4.5%.
5:35 am
>> i did 80% to 90% online. >> this couple told us they are only in the mall for a couple of reasons. >> some things you just need to buy in person. >> and you can't see santa online. >> you cannot see santa online. >> part of christmas is getting a little dressed up and going out and seeing friends and shopping and seeing what is new and what is new for the holiday. >> and there are those who will by pass the more impersonal online experience for the one a shopper gets into a store where there's so much to see and touch. >> i can touch it, feel it, see it. ask about it. and get it giftwrapped. >> according to the national retail foundation, the 0% of shoppers still have at least one more gift to buy and chances are they will do it in a store. in concord, laura anthony, abc7 news. happening today, the glide memorial church will giveaway thousands of toys for the holiday season. this is a program's 131 year
5:36 am
thanks to the bay area's generosity. families can start lining up at the:00 this morning. san francisco the police station in the mission will host their annual toy drive. this year officers collected hundreds of toys and games to distribute to children. santa will be at the station to greet the kids. this event starts at 9:00 this morning at the mission station on valencia. yesterday abc7 news was in the mid-market area as low-income families got the unique opportunities to pick out donated toys for their children. the salvation army said this process creates excitement for families in need. >> and i don't have to just be given stuff that maybe wouldn't be in her interest so it's nice to be able to come and pick things out for her. >> more than 13,000 families were able to come and pick out toys at the salvation army warehouse. some families even received bigger guests like washers, dryers and car repairs.
5:37 am
>> 300 will receive toys today. but the toys for tots program almost didn't happen. the police chief reached out to the community through a gofundme campaign and the bay area came through big. more than $11,000 was raised in just two days, smashing the goal of $5,000. starting today in the south bay, the sacred heart community service in san jose will hold it's an you'll holiday food distribution. more than 3,000 low-income families will receive food boxes today through monday, and next week more than 6,000 children will get toys, books and bikes thanks to a generous community. 5:37 is the time. still ahead on the abc7 saturday morning news, how warriors forward harrison barnes hopes to make the holidays much merrier for 30,000 kids. first as we take a look from our exploratorium camera. you see the cloud cover is there over the financial district. lisa argen will have the full accuweather forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> good morning, everyong. the time right now is 5:40. if you are heading out on the roads this morning, be prepared to take it easy. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll camera. you see the rain continues to fall women will have the full accuweather forecast coming up with lisa argen. >> a surprise mountain lion cub
5:41 am
was sighted in the santa monica mountains. the national park service posted this video. they believe this is the fifth and previously unknown cub of p-23. the other four cubs died after being attacked by predators. biologists say this little guy is six months old and has somehow avoided detection from field biologists and an attack by other animals. lakes of warming due to climate change. that's from a study by n.a.s.a. and the science foundation. they used 25 years of satellite and hands-on measurements of more than 200 lakes. they found the lakes are warming an average of .16-degree each decade. lake tahoe's temperature went up more than that when measured by hand and 1.2 degrees when measured by satellite. speaking of the sierra, lisa, any fresh powder up there? >> there is. a winter weather advisory until
5:42 am
noon for lake tahoe south lake and the west slope still under winter storm warning until 7:00. very a dicey. we have fog and light rain around the bay, 50 degrees downtown san francisco. so unfortunately airport delays almost a certainty many we will talk about this rain ending for your saturday and it starts up again for your sunday. we will have the details next. >> thanks. also ahead, the warriors try to rally at oracle arena after giving up a season-high 70 points in the first
5:43 am
5:44 am
>> good morning, everyong. here's a live look outside from our sutro tower camera. patchy fog out there. lisa said there are some delays at sfo. the full accuweather forecast
5:45 am
just moments away. happening today in san francisco, the saint anthony foundation is starting their annual curbside drive. the donations runs through christmas eve. volunteers are collecting food, clothes, hats and scarves to give to people who stop by this holiday season. the drive starts at the:00 this morning. golden state warrior harrison barbs-- barnes is hosting a shopping spree today for good boys and girls from the boys and girls club. this is the fourth year barnes will host holidays with harrison for under served youth in the bay area. 5:45 is our time. el nino is here and the forecast is for heavy rain. the abc7 news weather team has the hour of live doppler 7hd at their fingertips. we explain how it will keep your family safe during the severe weather season. >> the rainy season is here and el nino may make this one a wet
5:46 am
one. fortunately for you, abc7 news has the strongest, fastest, most powerful storm tracking system in northern california. >> here's a look at live doppler 7hd. >> from sky 7hd you can see our exclusive 7hd high above the napa valley on mount st. helena. >> we can see storms well off the coast before the other doplers even see a drop of rain. the national weather service doppler is more than 100 miles south in the santa cruz mountains. together we track storms as they move through the bay area. >> pockets of heavy rain. >> when rain is approaching. a about. c news knows who will be impacted first. live doppler 7hd is so powerful it can scan hundreds of miles in seconds and even pick up a trace of rain in your neighborhood. the national weather service predicts a wetter-than-average winter in california because of a strong el nino event. that's when the temperature of the pacific ocean near the
5:47 am
equator rises slightly for a three-month period. >> this is one of the strongest he will nine no, sir on record. the warmer the ocean records are near the equator, the stronger the rain. >> and we will show you how it turns to snow in the sierra. conclusions for skiers have been great this time of year. >> regardless of where you live, when severe weather threatens your neighborhood, live doppler hd is your best source on air, online and on your mobile with device. >> live departmentler 7hd has you covered. >> rain the dig story this morning? , yeah, it's exiting and it will be dissipating throughout the day. we are still in the moist northwesterly flow that will give us more light rain showers for your sunday afternoon. nothing huge. the bigger storm heads your way. we will call it a storm, i'm going to call it a storm christmas eve. it's nuisance rain with the fog and a few passing light showers, but if you are caught in one of these lighter rain showers, it certainly will slow you down.
5:48 am
you can see from vallejo back southward through half moon bay and the heavier cell pushing into the east bay right now. hercules, you are in and out of the rain, as well as 580, over lou through richmond, now into berkeley, pushing into oakland. san leandro and hayward and castro valley, you could be getting your head wet. right now you are noticing right in here where the heavier rain is just around 680. further westward on the coast from half moon bay through montero and more rain showers pushing into pescadero. this will be crossing 280. but in the south bay south of fremont and into san jose, mt. hamilton a little bit mist and drizzle and through gilroy and hollister and morgan hill some mist and drizzle and fog but not much in the way of rain. a wintry weather advisory in purple through noon.
5:49 am
winter storm warning for the west slopes. it continues until 10:00 at night into the southern sierra and yosemite. it will be pretty tricky throughout the day and the rest of us will see the clouds until 9:00. is a few peaks of sun. cool, breezy on the coast. shopping weather not bad to the after we dry out throughout the mid-and late morning hours. oakland, hayward, good morning. 50 mountain view and los gatos with 51 san jose, 46 novato. the fog is out there by the delta. santa rosa, and through the north bay. not so bad along the coast but look at hayward. just five-mile visibility. a live look outside from our exploratorium camera where we are noticing the fog so the scattered showers, more rain tomorrow by the middle of the afternoon here and another chance with a stronger system come christmas eve. the next couple of hours you notice a few cells push east and south but by 9:00, 10:00 we are
5:50 am
beginning to see a few breaks in the overcast and to give you an idea how we are doing in the sierra nevada, 78% of normal this year compared to 47% last year. a few more inches expected today. a couple of inches tomorrow. this is the system we are tracking by 11:00 tomorrow in the north bay. spreading further into marin county and into the east bay by 2:00 but it will take through the afternoon to get wet over in oakland and san jose. both football games there and still kind of rainy, misty. right on through the evening hours. rainfall amounts very light anywhere from a tenth to perhaps .2-inch. rain wrapping up and partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. the midday light system again tomorrow. monday could see a leftover shower but basically we are dry into tuesday and wednesday. warmer system with more rain comes our way christmas eve. it could last into christmas day. >> and hopefully people have their holiday shopping done. >> are you kidding?
5:51 am
>> i know. it's a week now. but the rain makes it more difficult when you are out there hauling the twists to the car. >> but we are happy to have it. >> lisa, thank you. turning to spores, the warriors have a few daysa. they won't be back in action until wednesday night when they play the utah jazz. the doves are looking to are they 30th straight win at hemobut they had to beat the bucks who handed the warriors their only loss of the season last weekend. here's collin resch with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> the warriors were vocal all week. with they wanted revenge on the team that ended their 28 game win streak but milwaukee proving last night it was no fluke. they had the chance on the rope to the very end. steph curry wasn't happy with the bucks celebratory antics a week ago. serving notice on the first shot of the game. he wanted a foulth department get it. michael carter william, a subject of much of the warriors animosity. takes a hard foul from bogut. a flagrant one. he leaves with back issues.
5:52 am
they seemed to use it as fuel, though. and only two first half threes for the bucks and that was one of them. warriors 58 first-half points. klay had 27 but the bucks up by 15 in the third. klay draining the three. here come the warriors. curry trying to shake carter williams. the 10-4 run. carter williams outplayed steph until the third. down 11. draymond green, 89-0-- 8-0 run himself. and the lefty finishes. goes up left, finishes right. one bucket all night, the dagger three to go up 7. you think this is warriors clippers. the warriors outscore the bucks by 17 in the fourth quarter and improve to 26-1. they have now won 30 straight at oracle. >> played 68 minutes of basketball.
5:53 am
andre drummond 38 points, 2 rebounds before fouling out. three scored 30 or more. jimmy butler led way with 43. that was for the high. and pistons prevail in chicago, 147-144. sharks won the first two games in a five game road trip in ottawa friday night where they would not make it three in a row. in the third, he fails to clear the puck. dangles around braun. sharks unravel in the third. cody, the shot off stalock. the rebound goes between his legs and john pageau pokes it in. senators the winner 4-12. high school football, rain the story of the division i championship game between mission viejo and beliveau. and two touchdown pass. 40 yards there to austin osborne.
5:54 am
missionmission viejo wins. and state and georgia state later today. we will see them kicking off. a look at morning sports, i'm collin resch. a a great day, everyone. >> still to come, thousands of st. nicks will be on the streets of another bay area city just one week after
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> hearing are the winning numbers from last night's 85 mega-millions draw. tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $94 million. tonight's power play jackpot is
5:57 am
$202 million. it doesn't get much cuter than this. take a look. a little girl out shopping with her folks in west virginia couldn't believe her eyes. santa cruz right in front of her. he posted this video on facebook. that's his daughter. she spotted the santa lookalike and followed him a bit until she got the nerve to talk to him. the man seemed very at easement no doubt this wasn't the first time this happened to him. he asked her if she'd been a good girl this year. both of them seemed to enjoy the moment. happening today. another santacon in the bay area. last week thousands of st. nickings were on the streets in san francisco but today they take to san jose. organizers will be collecting ties to for a toy program. there will be celebrations in other cities as well. eat strength starts at noon in san jose. next on the abc7 saturday morning news at 6:00. the first of three storm passes through the bay area.
5:58 am
lisa argen has the weather forecast. and plus why thousands of jedis and plus why thousands of jedis lit of san francisco with ♪ ♪ spend less time chasing sales and more time going the extra mile. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. ♪ ♪ give something special, to those most special to you. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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. >> it's saturday, december 19th. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm chris ngyen. some parts of the bay area are seeing slick roads. let's send it to meteorologist lisa argen with a first look at live doppler hd. hi, lisa. >> you are right. in particular, the east bay this morning. leftover showers in the north bay. another line of showers hitting the peninsula. but we've had some light to moderate rain over into oakland and berkeley through piedmont and that's exactly where we are looking at highway 13 and 24. out toward the east bay valleys. take it easy there. you are into the wet weather. fog through almeda, san ledr


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