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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the rain is not too have but it is witness. drew tuma has more. >> it's been a really damp and cloudy day across the bay area. looking at live doppler 7hd, it's very active with the picture showing light showers. we'll press in locally and zoom into street level. as you can see in the bay view district, daly city, south san francisco, san leandro and hey wedder, light steady showers from santa rosa. so, as we take a look at the total rainfall so far, some areas, like mill valley saw over an inch of rain, some towns got two inches. going south and east, the front having a hard time getting to the south bay, where they see no measurable moisture at this year, but looking ahead, keep the light showers and forecast through 11:00, and tomorrow
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morning. we're looking at steady rain as well. the south bay tonight has a chance to pick up some moisture. the next storm arrives tomorrow afternoon, and maybe stronger than this one. we'll talk about that in the forecast coming up. >> for more on the, let head out to news reporter sergioin tan na live in san francisco's soma district. >> there have ban pretty good amount of minor accidents and major backups throughout the bay area. the most recent that we know of is an incident at i-280 southbound, around cesar chavez, a vehicle blocking lanes and that's causing bad backups. right here, these are the lanes approaching the bay bridge, and vehicles coming off the bay bridge into san francisco. that has been a crawl for about the last two and a half hours. now there have been reports of water pooling on the westbound lanes here, at some point several inches deep. according to the california
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highway patrol one lane was blocked and caused a major backup for westbound traffic heading over the bay bridge. the backup reached past treasure island on the eastern span the rain is keeping a lot of that backup continuing. in union square the rain didn't deter christmas shoppers. umbrellas were a needed accessory with shopping bags across the bay area. the rain is certainly soggy, but it is welcomed nonetheless. >> it's good because we need the rain. we need the water. so many years with being dry. >> because we have been in a drought, think it's appropriate for late to mid-december. it's winter weather, it's nice. >> reporter: in berkeley, this weather system triggered some steady rains and drizzle for a few hours but nothing too heavy, and coming back out live, seems the major issue for everyone in this rain so far is simply that
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it is sustained, and for people who are out there on the streets and freeways, they are slick and there are plenty of pools of standing water, which can cause hydroplaning, so it's a great idea to slow down wherever you are. >> thank you very much. up in the sierras, the fresh snow is creating traffic problems. chains are required on highways 50 and interstate 80. one tow truck driver says people are driving too fast once you get past the slick road, people are having a great time. >> feels great. we love it. we were just here yesterday. >> feels like christmas. that's what christmas is all about. >> one to three inches expected from tonight's storm. all the snow is also bringing the lake tahoe water shed snow pack to a slightly higher than normal level. when you get up usual weather where you live, take photo or video if it's safe, and share it
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with us using the tag abc7 knew. poor weather may be to blame for a plane crash after the plane disappeared from radar last night. like in from san jose to the las vegas area but the plane crashed south of bakers field, killing five people. cornell bernard is live from reed hill view airport with details. >> the names of the victims have not been released. we know the plane left this airport yesterday, bound for las vegas suburb. final moments of the flight were recorded by air traffic control. >> i was out grilling in the rain and heard an away -- sound like an airplane -- engine rev strong. >> jose sanchez heard the plane in troubleover bakersfield. the faa says the piper pa-32 took off from reed hill view airport on saturday afternoon-bound for henderson, nevada, when it crashed near
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bakersfield, killing five people onboard. sanchez says there was bad weather, too cloud you to see anything, but he heard the plane come down. >> next thing i heard a pop, so i assume the engine blew. half a second later sound like a hellcat going into a dive bomb. >> reporter: the aircraft identified by tail number november 402, vanished from radar 4:00 p.m. this is a recording of the distress call the pilot sent to air traffic control. >> 402, may day, may day, may day. >> number 402 l.a. center. >> may day, may day, may day. l.a. center, bakersfield airport is 11:00 and 10-miles northwest now. >> before the may day call air colder warned the pilot of poor weather ahead. faa records show the plane was registered to a limit liability company in san jose. no one has been reached for comment in san jose, abc7 news. >> in the east bay, bart police
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are trying to figure out how a woman ended up underneath a train at the downtown berkeley station. she was rescued at 8:30 this morning. the berkeley station remained closed for two hours as police investigated. the woman was injured and went to the hospital. one east bay church celebrated it's annual christmas search despite a crash that destroyed part of the vehicle. each year the congregation collects toys and gifts them to children in the community, but last night two people were hurt when a car slammed into the church. witnesses say the driver was speeding. the crash destroyed two rooms, one of which is used to teach those children. >> this is our spiritual house, and there's a car sitting in the middle of our children's department. people are required, but obviously everybody came together and still came to church, and they're here celebrating with all of us. >> church leaders are thankful those of involved survived the crash.
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cleanup was scheduled around today's service. thousands of underserved children in south bay are going to have new toys for the ohio. we were in san he say as volunteers at sacred heart community service sorted through a mountain of donations from the holiday donation station. 18,000 toys will be given out to 6,000 children, starting on tuesday. organizers say the need has increased. >> it's a little higher than last year. we have seen the need increase for our services. >> as of today they were still 5100 toys short of their goal. you can drop off a new toy donation through wednesday and the especially need gifts for teenagers. we have all the information on the drop you've location how to make an online donation at still ahead on abc7 news at 6:00. the outpouring support prom abc7 viewers have a learning center and ranch was forced to close its doors. >> the beatles may be back with
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the new details on the closure of a program for children in north bay. the openers of the ranch in santa rosa says since our story aired they were able to place nearly all of their animals into new homes. they opened the 50-acre sanctuary 23 years ago. after losing a job the couple can't afford to keep their nonprofit going. they've received $8,000 in donations and on tuesday, they're meeting with someone who offered to help them work on a new business plan. hundreds on beatles songs may be available to stream. billboard is report their entire catalogue could be available to all streaming services on christmas eve. you can already hear songs randomly on pandora. the announcement would include services like spot identify, apple music, and this is a big however, the services and
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beatles rights owners have not confirmed the report. >> up next at 6:00, all aboard the holiday train at this one of a kind winter wonderland the south bay. if you're dreaming of a wet claim you may get your wish. drew tuma has the forecast. >> the 49ers can't get out of their own way and it's hard to watch as the bengals take advantage of the red and gold. and derek carr
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>> one of san jose's great holiday traditions is back on display, claim in park is drawing in revelers from all around the bay area. it's been a tradition for more than 30 years in 2013 a central travel magazine called christmas in the park one of the top ten holiday displays in the world. there's a 25-foot tall tree, nutcracker suite exhibit, train, carolers and more. each year volunteers nut 260,000 hours putting the display together. if they did it today they'd be doing until the rain. here's a look at the forecast. >> we're looking at damp end to
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the weekend. today the last full day of fall. winter begins. live doppler 7hd will press into the east bay street level and see steady rain in castro valley, hayward, even around alameda, across the bay, stayed 'er showers around half moon bay, highway 1, the city of san francisco seeing steady light showers as well as across the entire area, and north bay. this where is the rain has been consistent for much of the day. we have seen rain totals over an inch and some locations have seen over two inches of rain as it continues to fall. so temperature-wise, under these rainy skies, mid-40s to mid-50s. 51, san francisco, 53, san jose. a live look from rooftop camera, it's wet. we'll have steady showers through 7:00, even damp around 11:00. by 8:00 tomorrow morning on your
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monday, we'll see a break in the rain. we'll have overcast skies. looks like 8:00 a.m. we'll be dry but that will be quick because by noon our next storm is entering the picture. this ones looks to have more moisture. so future weather, back on air at 11:00 tonight, likely still track something steady light showers across the region. then here's the brief break in the activity. a temporary lull, so to speak, under overcast skies. and then the next storm arrives and by monday afternoon we'll like by be tracking downpours for the second half of monday, and this storm is not a quick mover and lingers for much of monday evening and tuesday morning as well. so 9:00 tuesday morning we still have showers. so the duration of the storm and amount of rain we'll see is going to be a two on the storm impact scale from monday to tuesday. well'll see downpours in the afternoon and evening tomorrow, and a good soaking of rain through tuesday morning. the rainfall totals show you
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impressive numbers. a lot of spots close to an inch of rain towards tuesday morning. also going to see significant snow the sierra. a winter storm warning in effect tomorrow morning. up to three feet of new snow is possible above 7,000 feet. below 7,000 feet, likely four to 12-inches of snow. so 23 inches in south lake tahoe. 28-inches in tahoe city by tuesday morning. so back here at home, overnight, we have the clouds and the light showers, temperatures holding steady in the mid-40s to lower 50s. then tomorrow we get the brief break in the morning and then the next storm moves in the afternoon. we track those downpours for you. so it's a cool monday, upper 50s for a high. the seven day forecast, our next storm is at 2:00 and the impact scale is dry, tuesday evening, into wednesday. so sun and clouds, thursday, christmas eve, scatters showers, one on the storm impact scale, and the latest information, by friday we dry out, the sunshine comes back and we're dry for saturday and sunday of next
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week. so it's going to be pet tonight. >> drew, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> well, hsu is here with a look at a -- shu hires with a look at a fantastic day of football for the niners and raiders. >> which games were you watching. >> sorry, a couple weeks behind. >> raiders needed a win to stay alive in the post season but unfortunately the packers were in tunnel derek carr came out firing but it was to the wrong team. first pick led to a touchdown run. here's the second. throw is high and picked if by randle. 14 or packers first quarter. raiders kept their come mosure. carr, strike to cooper. raiders down 14-13 at the half. third quarter, ac-dc connect again. cooper, first raiders' receiver since randy moss in 2005 to have a thousand yard receiving in a
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season. 20-17 raiders. didn't last long. aaron rodgers to the pride of san jose state, james jones. 30-yard. ken norton, jr. can't. a raiders eliminated and green bay is in with the victory. >> coach mike mccarthy did a better john than jack del rio did with his team of that's hough it is. a business where you look to put together your best effort, go out there each week and put it on the line, and we just didn't quite get it done. >> it hurts. it hurts. hurt my heart. to be honest. because i know how much work i put into this, how much work our team put into this. >> the team is going to grow in tough situations. every game is different. so we'll learn from this situation. >> joe montana part of the ceremony honoring the '81 and '88 super bowl team that beat cincinnati. hill outside and in.
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7 or bengals then cinci driving again, hill again, second of the game. 14-0 cinci. one minute left in the half. gabbert to mcdonald. knocked into the air. catch it or knock it down. next play, a.j. maccar ron finds kroft. 21-0 cinci at the half. bernard, just decked eric reed. that will make a coach happy. 49ers scored 14-points in the second half. blaine gabbert 5 yards, but too little too late. niners now 4-10 with the 24-14 loss. >> took them 4:23, went from 0-0 to 21-0. i am not going to evaluate personnel. i don't have the answer why it's a problem today. i don't. i have to find that answer. >> it's up to us to put the product on the field to win the game. we have to execute at a high level and not put everybody in
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this situation of losing football games. >> game of the day, panthers and the giants. cam newton threw for five td passes for the third time in last five games. 35-7 panthers. five minutes remaining. but the giants score 24 straight. ties the game at 35 with 1 account 46 left. but the mvp front-runner, cam newton, led his team down the field and this is the game-winner, newton the first player in nfl -- in a game. panthers now 14-0 with the 38-35 victory. second best game. steelers and broncos. brock osweiler, taking a 17-point lead. 61 yards here to sanders. but osweiler, crucial mistake in the fourth. game tied at 27. picked off at his own territory. can't throw that ball. big ben, who threw for 380-yard,
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three touchdowns, finds antonio brown for the dagger home had 16 catches, 189 yards two tds. steelers win 4-27 and attacked over the second wild card spot. this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. complete tour of today's nfl action and a along at the playoff hunt tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. now your caught up with the recent 49ers and raider games. >> thank you very much. go back with that '81 team. next at 6:00, the return of the dark side and the rise of the rebellion. "star wars" fans storm movie athlete temperatures but were they enough to help the force awakens break the
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breaking news out of richmond where several homes have been evacuated. police say a homemade explosive device has been found during an investigation. they got a tip that a person had the explosives and made threats against the muslim community in richmond. that person is now in custody. the bomb squad is working to diffuse the device and is expected to continue into the evening. stay tuned for breaking updates and follow us on twitter. join us tonight for abc7 news on kofy tv 20. spacex is not taking any chances with a rocket headed into space today. what founder elon mexico u musk said about the scrubbed flight. ahead at 11:00 here on
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channel 7, surfing legend says he built a perfect man-made wave. that's tonight at 11:00. there's not much surprise as to who won the box office. the final figure did eclipse most analyst estimates. "star wars: the force awakens," has brought legions of fans. the studio kept reviews under wraps for the last minute to help hide surprises. the reviews are at 95% fresh on rotten tomatoes. it has made 515 million worldwide, nearly a fifth of the rate of the record of 2.8 billion. alvin and the chop munk -- chipmunk was second, and creed rounds out the top five. disney, our parent company, hard planned for mother "star wars" movies over the next four years. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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and for updates on my major stories, download or news app abc7 news at 11:00 -- you'll see that later on. drew and shu say, see you later.
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