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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 23, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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making news in america this morning, late night rant. donald trump going off on twitter about his latest feud with hillary clinton and that sexually derogatory term blaming the media as other candidates break their silence on the comment. we're live in washington. wild weather on one of the busiest travel days of the year. heavy rain moving through the south. plus, summerlike storms shaping up. tornado warnings overnight. where the biggest risk is today. caught on camera, a bright light blazing over several states. experts this morning talking about what it likely was, and it's not a meteor. drone danger. look at this. on the slopes, a skier nearly taken out during a race.
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and we do say good wednesday morning, everyone. we're going to start with the race for the president. the front-runners in both political parties showing no signs of blunting their attacks against each other. >> the latest volley between donald trump and hillary clinton is trump's twitter rant trying to explain what he meant when he used a sexually derogatory term while attacking clinton. >> abc's kenneth moton is following it all from washington, d.c. he's here with the details. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, kendis and reena. no surprise, donald trump is not backing down. he says the, quote, dishonest mainstream media has it wrong. donald trump fired back at the media overnight for his use of a vulgar term to describe hillary clinton's 2008 loss. >> she was favored to win and she got [ bleep ]. she lost. i mean she lost. >> reporter: that bleeped word refers to the male anatomy on urban dictionary it's described as a sexually degrading act. last night trump tweeted saying he meant clinton got beaten
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badly in the 2008 race. he then blamed the media. >> that's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are. >> reporter: clinton didn't respond directly to trump during her iowa rally but bernie sanders did. >> donald trump is very upset, it's very hard for him to deal with. i don't know what his relationship with him has been in his life but he has discovered that women go to the bathroom. >> reporter: sanders making light of trump's attack on clinton after her bathroom break during the abc news democratic debate. it's not the first time trump's comments have insulted women. his public battling with fox news host megyn kelly and gop rival carly fiorina made headlines earlier this year. >> it's the mark of a man who i believe has no respect for women, whatsoever report female supporters are sticking with trump. >> i don't think he's insulting to women. i think there's a lot of women
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out there that are very insulting to other women and to men out there. >> reporter: the latest national poll has trump still at the top with 28% of gop voters. but quinnipiac university says six in ten women voters say they would be embarrassed to have trump as their commander in chief. reena and kendis. >> looking at that female vote very important. well, kenneth moton live in washington, thanks, kenneth. we're going to turn our gears and switch to our other top story this morning. a record-breaking travel day colliding with record-breaking weather. >> 40 million americans are in the storm zone facing violent storms, high winds, torrential rains and feet of snow. take a look. this is what philadelphia international airport looks like at this hour where during this busy travel week, the weather has been having a domino effect canceling hundreds of flights and delaying thousands more. >> and the weather radar, take a look, shows the whole picture for the eastern half of the country. a couple of powerful fronts marching eastward. one in the midwest, the other blanketing just about everything south of pennsylvania. severe storms are hitting the
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deep south, even triggering tornado warnings overnight in mississippi and louisiana. abc's rob marciano tracking where the severe weather is expected today. >> reporter: the severe weather threat that starts in the arklatex and expands throughout the day across the midsouth, a wide spread from new orleans all the way to indianapolis with memphis in the bull's-eye. maybe tornadoes, this is spread by extreme warmth. better above normal. 62 in chicago. that's with rain and christmas eve over 70 in new york and d.c. records are going to be blown out. the eastern half will see wet interstates, the western half, the mountain west especially will see snow covered roads so be safe and travel slow. >> thank you so much, rob. and breaking overnight weather may have played a role in a plane crash in the san francisco bay area. officials have found the wreckage of a small plane in castro valley with a body inside, however, the terrain is too rough and the body has not been recovered. in fact, two firefighters received minor injuries while trying to reach the wreckage.
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recovery efforts will resume this morning. bowe bergdahl, the army sergeant held by the taliban for five years, made a brief appearance before a military judge. in his dress blues, this is the first look we've actually had of bergdahl since he was handed over in a controversial swap in 2014. he's facing charges of deserting his unit. he did not enter a plea and makes another court appearance next month. we're learning more about the six americans killed during a suicide bomb attack in afghanistan on monday. among those killed was major adrianna vorderbruggen, a 38-year-old gay rights activist and mother from minnesota. the others included four staff sergeants and a technical sergeant. they rank in ages from 28 to 45. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. we're also getting new details about the san bernardino shooters from the wife's immigration file. syed farook, we're learning, was born in chicago and first connected with tashfeen malik on the internet before meeting
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farook's pilgrimage to mecca and they became engaged the day they met. her file doesn't appear to support charges from some republicans that immigration officials failed to catch errors in her visa application. the woman charged in the deadly hit-and-run crash on the las vegas strip makes her first court appearance this morning. lakeisha holloway is facing charges of murder, child abuse and leaving the scene of an accident. her defense attorney says he expects her to plead not guilty. she told police she was stressed before intentionally driving onto the crowded sidewalk. just a few years ago she was honored in oregon for turning her life around. several people injured in the crash remain hospitalized. here in new york city an alleged hacker to the stars is facing disciplinary action. the 23-year-old from the bahamas was busted for trying to sell movie scripts as well as personal information and sexually explicit videos of celebrities. such script hawkers are a common sight on the streets of new york but in this case u.s. immigration agents stepped in
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after getting a tip from an unnamed radio host. still ahead, another mishap for the u.s. secret service. this time items stolen from an agent's car. and falling from the describe, a drone nearly hits a world cup skier. streaking across the night sky spotted from las vegas to southern california, so what exactly is this?
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people from the california coast to las vegas and arizona saw this mysterious bright light in the sky last night. the image going viral on social media. a christmas miracle? experts say, it was likely a piece of space junk from a russian rocket. all right, another
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embarrassing incident for the secret service. a member of the presidential protective division had his gun, badge, radio and handcuffs stolen from his personal car. the vehicle was parked not far from secret service headquarters in washington, d.c. the agent could face disciplinary action. new census figures are out. can you guess the state with the biggest population growth? well, if you guessed in the south, you'd be wrong. north dakota is number one thanks to a booming oil industry. in fact, the population there is at an all time high at just over 756,000. colorado, the district of columbia, nevada, florida and texas round out the top five. >> so we're moving to north dakota. >> pack your bags. the new york city department of consumer affairs finds women are paying more for everyday products, examples here from the report, this scooter, take a look, the male version, $25 less and these razors, $3.50 more for women. and the same shirt here, as well, $30 more for the female
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version. in the report, women's products carried higher price tags 42% of the time. so you need a last-minute gift? starbucks has your back. they predict to break a record and expect to sell more gift cards than ever as last-minute gifts beating last year's 2.5 million cards sold on christmas eve. more than half of us say we'd like to receive a gift card and starbucks has sold $25 billion worth of them in the past 15 years. hint, hint, partner, on this shift. >> oh, that's no problem. >> every bit of caffeine. >> a $2 starbucks gift certificate for you. >> you can't even get a coffee for $2 there. >> true. you got to see this a college basketball player with one arm with an amazing accomplishment overnight. and miss colombia, new comments on steve harvey's major mistake, what she is saying now.
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this is probably one of the last places you'd expect to see a coyote. it was spotted inside a terminal at the myrtle beach airport in south carolina, it ran across the ticket check-in area before animal control stepped in, subdued it with a taser. now for a look at your morning road conditions. roads will be wet across the pacific northwest. heavy snows will make for slippery driving across the inner mountain west and nearly the entire eastern half of the country will be blanketed by rain and even flooding conditions in the south. and if you're flying,
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airport delays possible in memphis, new orleans, atlanta, charlotte, the district of columbia, new york -- just everywhere. just take a look. it'll be bad. panicked shoppers ran for cover when gunfire erupted at a mall on new york's long island. >> police say the suspect tried to rob a high-end watch store at the roosevelt field mall when a struggle broke out with a security guard. the suspect's gun went off striking an employee. when people heard that single shot, they feared a terror attack. >> it was like pure pandemonium. everybody was running. tell you the truth, once i seen everybody running, i started running. >> the suspect was quickly taken down with the help of an off-duty new york city police officer who happened to be shopping. the injured mall employee is expected to be okay. robert durst will return to los angeles this summer for a trial on murder charges. the real estate heir is accused of killing a writer to keep her from cooperating with an investigation into the disappearance of his wife. his attorneys say he didn't kill
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the writer and doesn't know who did but first his trial on federal weapons charges has to be wrapped up in louisiana. we've got some dramatic images as a worker is pulled from the rubble 60 hours after being buried by a massive landslide in china. rescue workers say the man was able to give his name before being rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery. the survivor had been trying to escape when a door panel fell creating a space for him to survive. amazing. 70 people are still missing in all of this following the landslide which was strong enough to knock over a multistory building. >> wow. well, the nfl is denying a report that it's backed out of funding a study about brain injuries. espn had quoted sources reporting that the league is withholding millions of dollars of funding for research being done at boston university. according to the report, the nfl had raised concerns about the objectivity of a professor who would be leading the research, but a new statement says the nfl is willing to pay $16 million
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for the study. the league has been criticized for its handling of concussions. okay, staying with sports i guess a little bit, it was a very close call for an alpine skier during a race in italy. austria's marcel hirscher on the slalom there was nearly struck by a drone that fell out of the sky. look at it. >> it was carrying a tv camera and was being used for the race broadcast when it crashed on the snow. wow. hirscher wasn't affected by it afterward called the incident horrible. new york giants wide receiver odell beckham jr.'s appeal will be heard. it stems from his actions on the field against a carolina panther last sunday. as for last night college hoops action, we get the highlights now from espn. >> good morning. welcome to our "sportscenter" set in los angeles. along with neil everett, i'm stan verrett. >> yeah, he's got the better sweater. i got the better story. >> 2 chainz gave me this. >> that's cool. >> the rapper -- really, true story. >> check this kid out,
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zach hodskins, he was born with one hand, about half an arm, a walk-on the florida gator basketball team. that's his first collegiate bucket. this is so great, man. look at this smile. second year on the team. look at the fellas. see that. man, that's just awesome. prior to this he was 0 for 5 in his gator career. basket and the foul. missed the freebie. still, you'll remember that. you're getting ready to go to work and talk to the people at the water cooler and say, man, did you see that kid from florida? that's cool, man. all right, michigan state taking on oakland. oakland has a great player, kahlil felder. he can do some things. less than 30 seconds to go, oakland down four. knocks down the three. oakland down by just one, michigan state playing without denzel valentine. going to be out for a couple of weeks with a knee injury. deyonta davis with the putback. michigan state up by one. bryn forbes made sure that sparty finished the job, 32 for
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him, a career high as michigan state takes it, 99-93. so, they got some options you can see if -- well, valentine is out. >> yeah, and oakland is pretty good too so they gave them a good game. >> exactly. all right. that's it from here. happy holidays to you. back to you. >> how do i get my 2 chainz sweater? i like that. >> i know. he has pull somewhere i guess. by the way, the holiday spirit was lacking last night when the blues and bruins got together on the ice in boston. >> so announcer jack edwards did what he could as two players dropped the gloves. ♪ we wish you a merry christmas we wish you a merry christmas ♪ >> that's funny. >> jack edwards of the new england sports network singing along to this and kind of fits. tyler randell of the bruins battles ryan reaves of the blues. both received five-minute penalties for fighting and the blues won the game, 2-0. >> i guess that doesn't work when talking about politics,
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right? can't be singing that between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> nothing merry about that. coming up next in "the pulse," the new list showing the most overpaid actors. and new this morning, details emerging about steve harvey's contract with miss universe after his epic fail.
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♪ all right, let's check "the pulse," shall we? and new developments in the mess at the miss universe pageant. >> well, believe it or not steve harvey is set to host the pageant for at least three more years. "entertainment tonight" says he signed the contract a few days before his embarrassing mistake when he crowned the wrong winner. >> signed it beforehand.
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i guess that is the key. miss colombia is weighing in on being miss universe for only a few minutes. she thanked people for their messages of support and says the goof has brought attention to her country, oh, and she says, quoting here, her deep thoughts, life continues and in the future we will find out why things happen the way they happen. >> i love that. you know, i said this yesterday, i thought both handled it with such grace, these right. great thing, spotlight is still on her. great things will happen for her. >> perez hilton said the things we didn't see off camera, she was a diva. >> yeah and that she was giving the side eye to her translator throughout the entire evening throwing serious shade -- >> i have faith in those two women. johnny depp being considered the most overpaid actor in hollywood according to forbes list of overpaid movie stars based on the magazine's calculations, the actor's movie returned $1.20 for every dollar
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he was paid. depp was, you remember, box office gold as captain jack sparrow in "pirates of the caribbean" franchise but in recent movies not so much. >> followed by denzel washington. he brought in $6.50 for every $1 he was paid and coming in third is funny man will ferrell. >> all right. and jennifer lawrence the most underpaid actress out there. this is shaping up to be one seriously weird christmas in the northeast. record high temperatures and now robotic reindeer. >> the work of boston dynamic which make robots. it's the latest from the subsidiary. santa only needs three of them to pull the sleigh not eight and you don't have to clean up after them either. >> maybe you should leave a battery charger with santa's milk and cookies. >> those just look odd. which one is rudolph? >> i think the last one with the red nose. >> more news after this.
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. in vallejo investigators are trying to determine the cause of a mobile home fire that broke out before midnight. firefighters found the double wide trailer fully engulfed and took measures to keep the fire from spreading. it took 40 minutes to put it out. the red cross is now helping the two people who live there to fine another safe place to stay. >> develop overnight all lanes are open right now after a sinkhole closed part of a busy freeway in the east bay. crews workedded through the night to repair three lanes of southbound 880 in oakland. the sig-alert was canceled when it opened before 2:00 this morning. crews repaired three cracks in the road between broadway and oak. we will see how traffic is doing
4:29 am
>> you will all is calm and dry. all the green traffic is flowing 880 fin from oakland to fremont. check out the shot from bay bridge toll plaza and hopefully we see the holiday light traffic. no ponding on the roads. but that will containing. mike has the detail on the weather. >> good morning, everyone, put the umbrella away. grab a heavier coat with temperature up to 17 degrees cooler. check out the last the radar runs. here is a look at sutro tower you can see it is bouncing around so it is still breezy with temperatures in the 40s and we will hang out in the low-to-mid 50s and you need the sunglasses also. natasha zouves? reggie aqui? >> thank you, mike. our one day window without rain make for a good day to travel for christmas with our weather finally holding up on this busy travel day. elsewhere, it could be a
4:30 am
problem. matt keller is at mineta san jose international airport. matt? >> yes, 515,000 people are expected to make their way through the san jose airport over the christmas and new area's holiday. that is 7 percent increase this year compared to last year with the hope we will not have major problems today keeping people from getting to their destination. right new, we checked and there are no major delays out of the bay area from sfo, oakland, or here in san jose. across the country, we could have trouble. 40 million people are in the storm zone heading interest christmas. yesterday, dozens of threats were canceled because of bad weather. 14 states in the west from here and california to wisconsin will see snowy and icy roads. lake tahoe get 3' of snow in 24 hours. some places in southern california and the eastern sierra have seen gusts up to 80 miles per hour and trouble on the roads with that. on the east coast, fog and heavy rain is expected from washington, dc, to best, reducing visibility at


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