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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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there is still a chance of isolated showers. mainly off the coast. notice how the air is coming from the north. we have the really cold air mass that we are dealing with right now and check out the very chilly temperatures right now. right now, it is 45 in san francisco. that is a milder spot, hayward is only 36 and only 29 degrees in napa. we are talking double digits cooler than yesterday at this time. 17 degrees cooler in napa and 14 degrees cooler and in hayward at ten degrees cooler. my traffic producer said that there was frost on her windshield so that was from san leandro. traffic, unfortunately, starting off with a sig-alert this morning. we will head over to pacifica on highway one. this is a spot you will want to avoid. northbound one a fatal crash. right now, all lanes are blocked northbound and traffic is
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slowing. highway 92 is the good alternate. even sharp park road. we will have more details. 92 right now is looking pretty good across the san mateo bridge. natasha zouves? >> we are tracking more on the deadly crash at 3:00 p.m. a wrong-way driver crashed into another car. the wrong-way driver and the passenger in the other car are both dead. we go live to this story. a tragedy, chris. >> natasha zouves, a devastated scene on the christmas morning. we to tell you that two people are dead after this wrong-way crash. one person, know, has survived and has been taken to san francisco general hospital. as we look at the video now, the c.h.p. get the call at 2:40 this morning. the crash involving a toyota corolla and a nissan. all northbound lanes on highway one are closed at sharp park ready. the driver of toyota died at the
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scene. crews have been work to get his body out of vehicle. >> it aperiods we had a wrong-way driver involving a head-on collision that ignited one of the vehicle fires. >> that toyota is the vehicle that caught on fire. as for the nissan, the driver survived, the passenger did not. investigators also believe that the nissan may have been a ride-sharing vehicle but are still working to confirm that. as we return the northbound lanes of highway one through pacifica are currently closed. we have been told necessity will be closed for an hour or so and that could change depending on how long it takes to extricate one of the bodies out of the vehicle. investigators have not ruled out drugs or alcohol as factor in the crash. we are in pacifica for abc7
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news. >> is sad, thank you, winter like weather is causing problems with downed trees and power lanes, leaving some in the dark. about 450 people still have in power in san carlos and san jose. lisa shows us how people are coping. >> the fire on fleming avenue started after heavy wind knocked a tree limb on to a power line. maria shot this cell phone video but at her house it was all dark. according to pg&e, crews are ready for the weather. even though the downed line left more than 800 people without power. >> we have crews on stand by. 24/7. if anything happens we can respond. the crews are here in 15 or 20 minutes. it does not help the annual christmas eve dinner party. the turkey and ham are ready. but no pork for puerto ricans today because we have no power.
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>> in power. >> frances told you, baby, it's cold outside. at sacramento, the national weather service confirmed two tornadoes touched down one east of sacramento and the other in modesto south of stockton. >> so cool. >> cool and scary. tornado came down here and the national weather service said it ripped across eight miles in el dorado county and caused damage with one small shop ripped up. after the second tornado in modesto it knocked down a dozen power polls -- poles remember you can keep track of whether you are in real time at >> oakland city council woman is mourning the loss of a grandson, part of senseless violence she
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has campaigned against for years. here is that story. >> my baby. like so many other babies. lost his life. oakland city council president lynette gibson mcelhaney has made the fight against gun violence one of her top priorities. now her bat emis personal. her 17-year-old grandson, torian houghs was killed over the weekend during a robbery in west oakland. >> this is complex. you lose a young one ands there them to what i think is preventable disease in our community. >> it is shameful we are watching our children die. >> the senior pastor of true life ministries said torian houghs grew up in the church. >> a great loss to our church and to the west oakland
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community but to society as a whole to see a 17-year-old lose his life over nothing. >> mayor schaaf called this unacceptable tragedy. >> every loss of life from violence in oakland is the most painful thing as mayor i experience and it is particularly hard when it is someone that you know. >> police have not made an arrest. in oakland for abc7 news. >> happening right now a babysitter is held on $750,000 bail this morning accused of killing a young boy in her care. she appeared in court yesterday. failed mess believe she violent ly shook and dropped the 189 month ode boy in her home at travis air force base and died from severe brain injury. she cares for several children and at least one of the clients insists she is innocent. >> pg&e crews are back at this
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home in concord today looking for the trouble spot that led to this, the fountain of water in the front yard. the homeowner's nephew said they sat down to christmas eve dipper at 7:00 and they heard noises. >> we heard rattling in the walls and the pipes were backed up and we come outside and there is water bubbling up out of the ground and next thing we know, half an hour later it is getting a' off the ground and later, 10' off the ground. >> what a nightmare. it took crews two hours to arrive at the house and the noun table is now down to a trickle and pg&e needs to fine the lines so the crews can drill to fix the problem. >> new this morning, the salvation army will deliver thousands of meals to home-bound san francisco residents. volunteers were up early preparing meals this morning. >> we will have 4,000 families that will deliver meals to shut
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shut-infamies. they have been -- they are elderly, ill, it could be their only contact with human beings all day and we are here to provide a warm meal and human contact and love. >> that is important, right? the salvation army meals will go in about an hour. >> a fedex is quiet backlash from customers who do not get their christmas wish. >> a holiday surprise for a >> a holiday surprise for a gilroy family is
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good morning. i am your meteorologist with a look at live doppler hd. now, flight delays, there is nothing at sfo and san jose. this is the best day to travel but there is fog in the north bay in santa rose down to three-quarters mile visibility. for this afternoon, we are going do see sunny conditions. there is still a chance of an isolated shower in parts of the coastal areas but nulls will be chilly in the 50s mainly and the chance of showers linger along the coast but more sunny and warmer in the inland areas.
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now we have a check of traffic. if you take mass transit, a lot of systems will be running on the holiday schedule such as bart but reporting no delays. we also have muni on holiday schedule. we have no ace train service. traffic is light. you can see at bay bridge toll plaza, really, no major problems other than what we are telling you about highway one in pacifica. we will have an update on that. and at lake tahoe we will have a check on road conditions. >> thank you, francis. santa did not show up with your fedex package all is not lost you could get it before christmas is over. to make up for missing scheduled christmas eve deliveries, fedex of deliver packages today and were on up express offices. they blame bad weather in certain parts of the country and a late surge in on-lineshipping for missing a bunch of scheduled deliveries. >> there is hope for those waiting on packages from u.p.s. at 8:30 this morning volunteers at san jose's central mail hub plan to start delivering
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priority mail express packages and letters. >> a little girl takes her christmas wish list to new heights and made absolutely certain that santa had her correct address. >> the raiders grant a christmas wish for their fans winning an overtime thriller with the highlights you may have missed. >> first, a look at the golden gate bridge. it is nice and easy like we like it is nice and easy like we like to see but we are tracking
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12 months free at >> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. new video this morning from st. peter's in rome. pope francis addressed christians this the traditional mass. he said the world is torn by murderous evil, war, and poverty. he focused on the themes of love and mercy calling on people to reject extravagance and wealth and to live simply and with compassion. >> christmas came early for a gilroy family. we were this on christmas eve as the couple received nearly $ $128,000 from santa clara county. it turns out they have been everpaying their property tax for a decade. no fault of their own.
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the proper paperwork was never filed for a special equity program on their home in the neighborhood. they were paying full market value. so were many of their neighbors and now they are going to cash in, too. the county will refund 160 homeowners a total of $3.3 million. >> santa is resting up after a busy night of delivering gifts around the world. he finished the friendship around -- the trip around 3:00 a.m. our time and one girl in wisconsin took matters into her own hands to make sure santa had her address. here is that report. >> see this? >> milwaukee police are trained to silently apporach a house when necessary. but not quite like this. sneaking up on a home to deliver christmas presents. >> milwaukee police. >> can we come in? half dozen officers are playing the role of santa's helpers. >> what santa wanted tuesday do is drop off the gifts is we also
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have a christmas dinner for you. >> because the shy nine-year-old decided to try a different approach with her annual letter to santa, sending it along with a reporter to h.p.d. saying she warned the police department to get a letter to santa because she tried to mail it before and the previous year it did not get to him. >> i got the letter. do you think santa got the letter? >> a little overwhelming though doubt for the little girl and her little sister, miracle, and still trying to take it in, she is clear on what she is most excited about. >> whatever we can do to make their christmas special is something we are proud of. >> she and miracle would tell you "case closed." >> very sweet. >> people hoping for a white christmas get their wish in lake tahoe. that is real ice off the roof at resort, a blanket of white which
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is good news for skiers and snow birds but not while they were trying to get this. look at the white out conditions drivers endured with low visibility on route to lake tahoe on christmas eve. if you travel to the sierra keep in mind that chains are required for interstate 80 and highway 50. frances, it is just you and me today. >> it is. merry christmas we hold down the fort. >> we do still have some snow if lake tahoe right now. you need your chains. here is what is happening the past few hours. we have the isolated scatters showers mainly moving over the cost. it will probably stay there most of the day. i want do freeze and show you how it is right now and we have dry conditions around the bay area with fog reported up in santa rosa but check out our forecast for the next few hours, we could still see showers right near the coast, along the peninsula, and you can see the area of white which is snow
6:20 am
falling in the lake tahoe area at least through the morning. you will need the chains handy. a live shot from mount a.t.m. with the bay bridge in the distance and the chilly numbers santa rosa is 30 and napa is 29 degrees so in many other places we are only in the 30s and 40s. san francisco is pretty chilly at 44 and oakland is 37 degrees and morgan hill is 35. here is what to expect for day today. we have the isolated showers possible. bright and chilly. then get ready for freezing, cold nights of the afternoon hides are only in the low 50s. to mid-50s in oakland. 52 in san jose. a freeze warning is in affect. midnight until 9:00 tomorrow when temperatures could be dropping into the mid-20s 10 and low 30s. that is something to keep in mind. the seven-day forecast shows numbers on the cool side today but it will be a bright and help fully merry christmas with a frosty morning on saturday and
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sunday believe our next storm arrives on sunday night into monday but at this point we are calling it a storm impact level scale of "1". we will start off with a check or update on the problem that we had in pacifica. this is on highway one. this is on northbound one as you head to the area you will want to avoid it for a while with a fatal crash. you may want to consider highway 92 as an alternate or sharp park road. traffic has been very quiet and a look at emeryville and this is interstate 80 right there for headlights moving westbound and no delays at automatic right now, and eastbound traffic is heading up to the sierra if you are headed there, lake tahoe, here is a lake tahoe traffic report. you need the chains right now on 89 and squaw valley and alpine meadows have a base of 77",
6:22 am
heavenly is also looking good with a base of 58" and you will need chains on highway 50. also, for those who are heading out to other places the drive is two hours and 44 minutes and you will need chains on highway 88, as well, holding out to kirkwood. again, bring the chains, also, bring some food if you are stuck in the traffic jam and a flashlight with be helpful. natasha? >> thank you, frances. mother nature christmas miracle a show that happened outside your door while santa was hard a work. so long to oakland from a raider s store and you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪
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we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule. on one screen. all the weather and traffic and news that lives where you live. >> check this out. if you missed it here is what has been happening while you were sleeping, from emeryville camera a christmas full moon miracle the purse to happen on the holiday since 1977. the holiday since 1977. here is is
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time we see this is 2034. it is a new weeks before we know not raiders in the bay area, if they are not they went out on a high note winning a christmas eve thriller 23-20. thousands of fans packed the parking lot at the coliseum. what could be the last game at the coliseum for the silver and black with the lease expiring at the end of the season and they could move to southern california. >> i feel it is more complicated than most people realize and i feel fairly certain they will return. >> keeping the hope alive. oakland mayor schaaf things the city can keep the raiders but it will be an uphill battle. nfl owners will decide at a meeting next month on the move for los angeles. last month was the swan song for
6:27 am
charles woodson at the coliseum addressing the teammates before the game said he is retiring aten of the season. he was glad the last game at the coliseum was a winner but it is still wasn't perfect. >> i would rather have it been a lopsided victory. we blew them out but that is the way i goes sometimes. it is good for it to be this nice, a night for the last game in the coliseum to have the dramatics and come out with the win. >> the raiders end the season next week at kansas city. all the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories including an n.b.a. final rematch at oracle arena and what steph curry and lebron james say will be the number one challenge. and breaking news from pacific character deadly crash shutting down northbound highway one with down northbound highway one with de
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 6:30, dark and early. good morning and merry christmas. so glad you are with us. i am natasha zouves. we are waking up to chilly temperatures. here is a quick look of the forecast. frances? >> yes, good morning, everyone, live doppler hd is showing scattered showers mainly off the coast. the cold air from the north is driving temperatures down.
6:31 am
some of us are waking up to only 29 degrees in napa. below freezing at 31 and santa rosa it is currently 30 degrees. we are cooler than we were yesterday at this time: 17 degrees cooler in napa, 14 degrees cooler in oakland. you can see it is chilly. also, we are looking at roads right now. you will notice there is a lost green traffic and what you would expect for christmas day. if you have to drive be extra careful. we have a fatal accident in pacifica early this morning. this is northbound on one so 9 freeway is closed in the northbound distribution. completely. sharp park or highway 92 is the alternate. southbound direction is slowing at this time. >> ran says, we are trafficking the terrible deadly crash right now before 3:00 a.m. a wrong way drive crashed into another car and the investigation is on whether it is was uber. the wrong-way driver and the
6:32 am
passenger are both dead. chris is in pacifica. such a tragedy. chris? >> good morning to you, drugs or alcohol have not been ruled out as factor and i will step out of the way to take a closer look at the scene as we zoom in, heartbreaking scene in pacifica as investigators continue to work the scene. here is video with c.h.p. getting the call at 2:40 this morning. the crash involved a toyota and a nissan. we can tell you that two people are dead after the wrong-way crash and one person has been taken to the hospital. all northbound lanes on highway one are currently closed at shark park road and the driver of the toyota at the scene and crews are workerring to get his body out of the vehicle. we have confirmed the toyota is the vehicle that caught fire. the nissan, the driver survived
6:33 am
the passenger did not. the nissan may have been a ride-sharing vehicle but they still working to confirm that information. back here, at the scene, the northbound lanes are highway 1 through pacifica will remain closeed and until 7:00 a.m. but that could change depending on how long it takes to clear the scene here a southbound lane of highway one to pacifica currently is not affected. we are live in pacifica for abc7 news. >> wild weather gave people a scare in sacramento on christmas eve. the national weather service confirmed two tornadoes touched down. you can see the map, one in el dorado hills east of democratic -- sacramento and thest east of stockton. >> so cool. >> cool and scary the tornado game down and the weather with the said it ripped across eight miles in el dorado county on thursday. can you see it caused damage
6:34 am
there. the shop was ripped up in el dorado hills. now the second tornado in modesto knocked down a dozen power poles and that in turn knocked out power to a dozen customers, dozens of customers with no report of injury. we have new video at least 14 people are dead in three states after this week's storms of the tennessee, mississippi and arkansas all were slammed by tornadoes smashing homes, flipping cars in their way, people are waking up to snow and unseasonably warm temperatures. here are the details. >> holiday weather for the record becomes, the christmas morning the weather threat conditions for parts of the south with heavy rain causing flood watches. >> we woke up to civil defense pounding on our door telling us we had 20 minutes leave home. >> in georgia and alabama peoples evacuated to escape floodwaters, from the south to the midwest it turned deadly and a dozen people were killed when
6:35 am
24 tornadoes terrorized seven states including mississippi. it is believes that one stretched 150 miles destroying homes and lives. >> if you look at damage here, it is as bad as any tornado we have had and i have been through a lot of them. >> in wisconsin crews are work ing over time to restore power after strong winds caused problems. in other parts of the midwest, snow and a last it. heavy downfall in omaha, nebraska, caused a traffic nightmare before christmas. >> it is impossible for me to get there. i will never get there. >> along the east coast, it is not a white christmas but it is a warm christmas. record highs from florida to vermont. in new york city, 70-degree weather had people in shorts and t-shirts. >> loving it. >> everyone should have a hot holiday, i don't have to go to california or florida i am fine here. >> residents in the northeast, enjoy the warm temperatures
6:36 am
because the temperatures are dropping. next week. >> a richmond map accused of making death threats against members of a richmond mosque is out on bail and members of the muslim community are questioning his release. the 55-year-old was arrested on sunday after a him made pipe bomb was found in his home. here is more. >> even if you don't love us we still love you. >> sometimes it takes the innocence of a child to remind adults, love is greater than fear. >> worshippers were joined by neighbors outside the islamic society of west contra costra county. >> i want her to understand the struggles of other communities because we are one community in richmond. thank you was to question the release on bail from jail after making threats outside a place of worship early this month. he was arrested on sunday after a bomb quade debt maded a pipe bomb outside his home and posted
6:37 am
a picture of the bomb to social media. >> someone who has made those threats, it is concerning. >> when one person is threatened or harmed, we are all threatened. >> their spirit isry newed in faith by the outpouring of love. >> we are humans and because of that we need to be in support of one another. >> can you see people have covered their doors to the mosque with the messages hope and support. organizers say they are calling it "a love >> thank you, alameda police need your help to track down this woman, surveillance video shows a. with using a stolen credit card at a gas station in san leandro. they stole the credit card from a bayview rehab hospital and has used it businesses in alameda
6:38 am
and san jose. >> from one holiday grinch to another but this one was caught. police caught the brink red handed as he pretended to break into a house, all, of court, a spoof but police went ahead with punishment saying this grinch must do a community service at the park in nearby new hampshire. >> for some, the holidays are a time to give back to those less fortunate and the folks the glide memorial always step up to the place. we have the holiday what is going on right now, bright and early? >> right new we actually are volunteers are setting up to serve 5,000 meals today. >> 5,000. yesterdays we reported that you were coming up short on the number of hands that were needed for the meals. do we need the goal?
6:39 am
>> yes, in terms of have tears, we are set to serve all of the people today but with volunteers people can show up after the holidays, everyone wants to be part of our fun and games for all of the holiday season but after, we still need help, as well. >> people want do come out and help, what can they do? show up? at a attorney -- certain time? >> this morning, if people want to come down, we will be on call , on stand by and if we have gaps we will put you in. come down and see our celebration and that is our churches is upstairs and you can make cash donations to glide or sign up for volunteering after december 27 when we need the help on the shifts. >> thank you jean cooper with
6:40 am
glide church. >> today warriors fans can see the game they have been waiting for since they were returned champions in june. it is steph curry and lebron james in the first meeting with the cavs since the finals and both say this is only one of 82 games, not a big deal but the mvp admits that holiday distractions could be a factor. >> focusing around everything else going on throughout the day, it should be a challenge. >> the media and everyone will put so much on it because it is a christmas day game and the finals matchup but at the end of the day it is another game. >> the media. who has the edge? steph curry or lebron james? the showdown is later today right here on abc7 with coverage at 2:00 p.m. and show your dub nation ride by showing photos and video with us, with # #dubson7. we are hold down the for the and it is chilly. >> very. we have cold air from the north.
6:41 am
live doppler hd is showing some of the radar returns off the coast. gill mainly stay this throughout the day with no flight delays around bay area airports. visibility is showing clear conditions and napa, other, rather santa, the visibility has improved to three miles so there is fog early this morning. also, the chance of rain is slight but you will notice we could possibly get up to .1" in san francisco. the best rain chances are right along the coast today. a shot looking good out there as we look to the bay bridge, downtown san francisco, this afternoon, it will be on the cool side, and although we are have more sunshine inland temperatures are only going to be in the mid-50s and low 50s at coast with a chance of showers and around the bay, partly cloudy conditions, with temperatures, also, in the mid-50s. we are also going to look at traffic right now, and here is a shot of the golden gate bridge. we have had very light traffic. it is fine right new.
6:42 am
not too many cars on the road this morning. if you are headed up for lake tahoe you will need chains. it is snowing in the area. we expect more snow in the morning hours, and chains on 80, 50, and, also, on 88. natasha? >> thank you, frances. drinking danger, you need to hear this before you kickback with a holiday cocktail and frozen fever turns up after a good deal and a smile. ring in 2016 with abc7 and here is our programing schedule, including dick clark's new year's rockin' eve and a break year's rockin' eve and a break for abc
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benicia, san ramon, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> pretty cool. tesla is wishing you happy holidays with a special light show. the company hosted this video of the new model x car getting into the spirit boasting the model g goes 30 to 60s and will not, delivered until second half of next year.
6:46 am
show us how you celebrate the holidays we have been loving all of your photos from the community showing kids, and cute dogs and cats and gorgeous lights. we would love do see what you have. use #abc7now. you could see your con department right here on air or online. >> the stock markets are closed for the christmas holiday but this is business news to tell you about. more americans are shopping for humanely raised meat partly because of health concerns. it will cost you, here is more in the christmas day business. >> the number of humanely raised products has boomed recently to meet demand and may cost more. sometimes triple conventional meat. that put as premium on ability to unravel the tangle of labels from "natural," and certifying of farms tonight understand the options, we voted the common labels, examined the top certification problems and
6:47 am
gathers resources to use when you shop. in a survey in 2014, 80 percent considered better living conditions for farm animals to be important or very important, and outranking the use of antibiotics. unfortunately, most meat labels offers little useful operation with "natural," define by the department of agriculture and "naturally raised," but do not mean what consumers specific. "natural," is processing after slaughter and naturally raised means only that growth hormones were not used. humanely raised and free range and all humane claims such as animal friendly or raised in a address-free environment or loosely defined so the practice is only slightly better than conventional farming. this is the certification. they vary wildly and the details, certified humane was from 143,000 animals certified in 2003 to 97 million in 2014.
6:48 am
animal we approveed is widely recognized as the gold star label among certification programs and the only label to be granted highly meaningful status from "consumer reports" but awa enrollment at a thousand farms is on the small are side. it can be difficult to find awa meat at the grocery store. no wonder shoppers are confused. if this is an issue important to you can download market watches "easy guide to humane meat labels," what you are getting for the cost of meat labels. that is the christmas day business report. >> good to know. >> drink asking driving is a big problem in our country. it is a stubbing report from the centers for disease control showing nearly 31,000 people died from alcohol induced causes last area with alcohol poisoning and sir roses. experts say more people died in the united states from alcohol than from overdoses of prescription painkiller and
6:49 am
heroin, combined. the numbers do not include deaths from drunk driving or homicide committed while drunk. if they did researchers say the death tom woulden closing to 90,000. san francisco could get smacked with new taxes according agency because of a variety of increases including soda tax and more hoping to close the $100 million budget deficit next fiscal year. a tax hike going interest affect january 1 is the liter fee on the sale of cigarettes can doubles to 40 corners which did not require voter aralph. >> ran says, it is dark and early and code but it is not raining. >> that is right. it could be raining but, mainly, off the coast. i wanted to keep we do have the scattered isolated showers mainly off the
6:50 am
coast. and the closer you are to the coast, the better the chances are of seeing some of the showers. our forecast animation shows we could see rain falling right along the beaches, all along the north bay and down along the peninsula coast into monterey and i will take you to the lake tahoe area we are expecting snow over the next few hours over 80 and on 50 so chain requirements will continue. a gonous shot south to the bay bridge and check out how cold it is santa rosa is 30, and napa is 29 and we are in 30s in novato, and fairfield and concord and him so you will went to bundle up. another shot we are seeing clear skies in san francisco and milder at 44, oakland, original 37 degrees. prosecutety skies out there from the roof camera so here is what you know, isolate the showers are possible but mainly at the coast and mainly a bright and sunny criminal day for all of
6:51 am
us, highs are on the cool side only in the 50s with 51 in fairfield and 52 in san jose and 53 in san francisco. we talked abut the chilly numbers it will be colder tonight so look out for that 41 in san francisco and 40 in richmond and sun areas below freezing like 31 in livermore and here is the seven-day forecast so we have a bright christmas day with just the small chance of showers along the coast and frosty on saturday and sunday morning and light rain moves in on sunday night. we are looking at traffic for you and it is green out there. you can see. there is a trouble spot and we have been following a sig-alert in pacifica, northbound, one, freeways are closed. consider highway 92 or sharp park because of the early fatal accident. also, heads up, the benicia bridge a high wind a individualsry so be careful careful if you drive through the area. mass transit, bart and muni and caltrain on holiday service so
6:52 am
keep that in mind and check the website. >> frances, thank you. a gas attendant at a station in new york is more an mated -- animated. he loves do dress up in costume at his job and is dressed administration a giant olaf from "frozen," saying it started at a small idea. >> i started wear the costume as few years ago and they loved them so i ambassador it -- i move it up this year and this year it is olaf and it morphed into this. >> well done, daniel. we go there this effort? high said that after working for 30 years often alone and isolated he love those take advantage of customer interaction. >> back with the seven things you need to know before you go. take us with you if you head out the door. that is free in the phoneup store by enabling ♪
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(vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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on christmas morning, the seven things you need to know, breaking news the material crash in pacifica has last two people dead. northbound highway one is closed. the wrong way driver hit another car killing the wrong listen way driver and the passenger of the other car. it happened before 3:00 a.m. >> number two, the sig-alert in affect because of a fatal crash natasha zouves told us about northbound 101 through pacifica, that is the area to avoid for
6:55 am
the fiscal year few hours. highway 92 is an alternate route. you may want to consider sharp park road and popping over to 280. >> three, it is a cold start this morning. only 29 degrees right now in napa. 30 in santa rosa, 44 in san francisco. we have a chance of isolated showers but mainly we need to look out for freeze warning in affect tonight into tom. very cold mornings ahead. >> chilly and cold christmas morning for 44 hope on the planes without power. after falling trees knocked down power lines. downed lines sparked a fire in san jose on fleming avenue. highway winds are blamed for the falling trees. at one point up to 800 customers everyone in the dark. a tornado warning is lifted in the area, after two twisters touch down. touch down. the first truck near
6:56 am
dorado hills. fedex will deliver packages today and open up express offices because of missed delivery blaming bad weather and a late surge in online shopping for the delays. finally, this is a rematch of the n.b.a. final this afternoon: the warriors host lebron james and the cavs at oracle arena right here on abc7 at 2:00 p.m. we are so glad you gypped us. merry christmas. frances, we have to dig into some eggnog. >> yes!
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