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tv   ABC World News  ABC  December 27, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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thank you for your time. thank you for inviting us into your homes tonight. welcome to "world news tonight." the most powerful twister to hit the dallas area in 20 years. 11 killed. hundreds left without homes. >> it's a tornado! >> the force ripping off roofs, sending trucks flying. tonight, the massive winter storm on the move. 80 million americans in its path. trying to get home tonight? brace yourself. under fire. the new police shooting sparking outrage tonight. >> why you got to shoot first and ask questions later? >> chicago police killing a teenager and his neighbor, too, a mother of five. why police in a city already on edge say this was an accident. firing back. one of the nfl's most popular quarterbacks, lashing out. accused of doping. peyton manning now playing defense. >> disgusted, is really how i feel. sickened by it.
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>> tonight, what he's saying about these allegations. and, out of this world. "star wars" reaching new heights. what "the force awakens" managed to do this weekend that no other movie in this galaxy has ever achieved. good evening. thank you for joining us on this sunday. i'm cecilia vega. as we come on the air tonight, a community destroyed. take a look at this devastation in dallas. at least 11 people killed by powerful tornadoes. homes reduced to nothing but rubble in rowlett. and the path of destruction carved in a neighborhood nearby, in garland, and it's not just texas tonight. 80 million americans in the path of this monster storm. that's also triggering whiteout conditions. making driving treacherous. this truck completely stuck. and it's on one of the busiest travel days of the season.
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this map shows every flight over the country now. those are the lucky ones. there are thousands of delays, and hundreds of cancellations, but we begin first with one of the most powerful twisters in years. matt gutman leading us off from hard-hit garland. matt, good evening. >> reporter: this apocalyptic scene goes on, house after house, for a 40-mile swath. in some places it looks like 5,000-pound trucks just fell out of the sky. overnight, that tornado exploding over these north texas suburbs, this one turning into a pillar of fire as it blew up transformers. >> that's it! it's a tornado! >> reporter: and sparking panic. those 11 people killed in separate locations. at least five died as the storm descended onto i-30. >> i can see it. just crossing the highway, right there. i can see it.
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>> reporter: in the pitch black, the flashes of lightning illuminating the monster. the sirens blared as that wedge darkened the sky. the same system bringing flash floods all the way to missouri, killing six there. the tornado that crashed down in garland, texas, clocked as an ef4, whipping winds as fast as 200 miles per hour. in the morning light the devastation revealed. walking and driving around the area, you can see it's total devastation in the area. >> reporter: you can see that the line of damage, a football field wide, as if a giant claw had raked this neighborhood of rowlett. semis and trucks tossed like toys. trees uprooted, ancient oaks snapped. the winds so strong, they even destabilized the town's water tower. authorities evacuating everyone within a 250-foot radius. power lines twisted around this shattered neighborhood like yarn. hundreds of homes and structures damaged, dozens completely destroyed. and in the wreckage, we met
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norma jimenez. she and five family members, clustered in a bathroom as the storm ripped into her house. >> i'm just grateful we're alive and all safe. all this can be replaced. >> reporter: for so many, the cleanup has begun. people started to remove what few belongings they have left from the rubble. but it's gotten 40 degrees colder, and in the rain, it will make the cleanup that much more miserable. cecilia? >> absolutely incredible images. and that same system having a domino effect from new mexico to michigan. and it is packing a dangerous winter punch. from delays to cancellations and all of the headaches. here's phillip mena. >> reporter: tonight, millions of travelers trying to make their way home on one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season. blizzard conditions in the oklahoma panhandle causing whiteout conditions.
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freezing rain and sleet making for slick and dangerous conditions. slow plows working to clear the road. in lubbock, texas, snow drifts cover the roads. drivers stuck on i-40 after the snow fell. the road from amarillo to the mexico border, closed for the night. more than 20 motorists stranded. trucks out of control, resting in the snow bank. mike springer from our affiliate koat. >> just last week, it was 60 degrees in roswell. today, everything is covered in snow. we've had more than a foot of snow fall in the last 24 hours. that's made driving here very treacherous. >> reporter: that nasty winter storm, sweeping much of the country, throwing a wrench into those flying home, too. travelers frustrated. >> i would call it a nightmare, yes. that's a good way to put it. living hell, is what it's been. >> reporter: long lines at airports. more than 1,000 flights
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in the u.s. cancelled, more than 4,000 delayed. >> they can't find our bags. >> reporter: in dallas, just getting to the airport was a struggle. >> a lot of accidents. ambulances, and everything rushing through the freeways. >> reporter: here in dallas, we're seeing long airport lines. and with all those flight cancellations, thousands of travelers will be spending at least one more night on christmas vacation. whether they like it or not. cecilia? >> phillip, thank you. and as we said, 80 million in the path of the storm. and indra petersons joins us. and you were saying it's been concern about more torn dose. . >> yes, tornado watch until about 10:00 p.m. central time. for portions of texas, indiana, arkansas.
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places like chicago with a winter storm warning, and winds gusting to 60 miles per hour. boston, right behind in the mix. and look at the impact of the system. over a foot of snow in the panhandle, creating a huge mess in the east. potential for icing. >> rough night and rough morning ahead. thank you, indra. and we move to another police shooting causing outrage. officers in chicago killing a teenager and his neighbor, a mother of five, inside her own home. they say it was, quote, "an accident." but the department already under fire, now facing tough new questions. here's alex perez. >> reporter: tonight, the chicago police department again under scrutiny after another controversial shooting. 55-year-old bettie jones and 19-year-old college student quintonio legrier dead. >> we got two people shot. shots fired by the police. just to confirm. >> yes, they were. >> reporter: early saturday morning, police responding to a domestic disturbance call on the top floor of this two-story home. legrier reportedly threatening
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his father with a bat. >> upon their arrival, they were confronted by a combative individual. >> reporter: jones lived on the ground floor. loved ones say she was opening the door for police when legrier began to make his way down the stairs and she was caught in a spray of bullets fired by police. authorities saying jones was accidentally and tragically killed. the police department extending condolences. frustrated loved ones demanding answers. >> why you got to shoot first and ask questions later? >> she should not have to come outside open the door and be shot down by a police officer. >> reporter: a emotional vigil for the victims this afternoon. ♪ let it shine let it shine let it shine ♪ >> reporter: legrier's grieving mother says her son had mental health issues but studied engineering and had a bright future. >> he was an honor roll student, he worked hard, he cared about people. >> reporter: the shooting coming after protesters on christmas eve shut down shopping at parts of chicago's famed michigan
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avenue calling for mayor rahm emanuel to resign in the wake of the laquan mcdonald shooting. emanuel, on vacation in cuba, says the shooting raises serious questions, and the department needs to review how they respond to mental health cases. chicago police have not yet explained why exactly the responding officers opened fire. they are now on desk duty while the shooting is investigated. cecilia? >> alex, thank you. we turn overseas now, and a new message from one of the most wanted men in the world. the leader of isis issuing a chilling and defiant message to the west, warning that attacks on israel are imminent. jim avila reporting in tonight. >> reporter: the voice of isis. after seven months of silence, and for only the second time, abu bakr al baghdadi appears desperate to rally his beleaguered fighters who have lost ground and leadership. just today, iraqi forces backed by u.s. coalition air strikes have taken the strategic city of
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ramadi. 2015 has not been a good year for isis. losing its second in command to american bombs, its territory in both syria and iraq shrinking. >> isis is under a lot of pressure. and he felt the need of sending a message to his followers. we're still here, we're still strong, we're undefeated. >> reporter: in this message, baghdadi issues a call to arms among the world's 1.5 billion muslims. quote, "waging this battle is a duty upon every muslim and no one is excused." he also threatens israel directly, promising to liberate palestine. the president here in hawaii did not interrupt his vacation to comment on the isis message or its validity. cecilia? >> jim avila, traveling with the president in hawaii, thank you. here at home, investigators are now calling attacks on two mosques this holiday weekend intentional. in houston, they're combing through surveillance video. hoping cameras may have captured a potential suspect. and near sacramento, california, a firebombing of an islamic center.
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members of that mosque demanding a hate crime investigation. no one was hurt in either attack. we turn next to a shocking allegation against football star peyton manning. claims that he used a human growth hormone. banned by the nfl. but tonight, he's not backing down. this player known for his dominance on the field is now playing defense. here's mary bruce. >> it's a joke. it's a freaking joke. >> reporter: tonight, star quarterback peyton manning is furious and fighting back. telling abc's sister network espn that allegations he used performance enhancing drugs are simply not true. >> it's completely fabricated, complete trash, garbage, there's some more adjectives i'd like to be able to use. it really makes me sick. >> reporter: explosive allegations against a member of the first family of football. the denver bronco is a five-time league mvp. a new al jazeera documentary claims manning's wife was supplied human growth hormone, a substance banned by the nfl,
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while manning was being treated at an indianapolis clinic after neck surgery in 2011. the report features someone it identifies as a former pharmacist, charlie sly, who spoke with an undercover reporter. >> all the time we would be sending ashley manning drugs. like growth hormone, all the time, everywhere, florida. and it would never be under peyton's name, it would always be under her name. >> reporter: manning says it never happened. have you ever used hgh or any performance enhancing drug? >> absolutely not, absolutely not. >> reporter: tonight, sly is recanting his story in this online video. >> the statements on any recordings or communications that al jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and incorrect. >> reporter: sly tells espn he made up the story to test the undercover reporter. and according to the clinic, sly did not intern there until two years after manning was treated. cecilia, tonight al jazeera is not commenting on sly or manning's claims that their report is false. that documentary is still slated
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to air later tonight. cecilia? >> a strong denial. mary, thank you. next, maybe you're among the millions that have seen it. not me, not yet, anyway. tonight, "star wars" shattering records. raking in $1 billion in just 12 days. making movie history. here's kayna whitworth with the power of the force. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> reporter: tonight, "star wars: the force awakens" in hyper drive. $1 billion at the box office in 12 days. >> it was really good. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: beating last summer's blockbuster "jurassic world" by a day in the billion dollar race. catapulting the film into the record books. the dinosaurs, no match for a galaxy far, far away. the biggest christmas day showing in box office history. $49.3 million. fans all over the world breaking out their lightsabers, making the biggest worldwide debut, at $529 million. and it hasn't even shown in
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china yet. disney, the parent company of abc, purchased lucasfilms in 2012 for $4 billion. experts say surpassing the $2 billion mark and overtaking "avatar" as the highest grossing movie of our time is a real possibility. >> if any movie has the chance to beat that number, it would be "star wars: the force awakens." >> reporter: and the good news, fans, two more films are in the works. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. still ahead, the drone dilemma. this one almost crashed into a champion skier on the slopes. with thousands of drones taking to the skies this holiday season, is enough being done to keep the people on the ground safe? and, these fishermen were hoping to make a big catch, but this was not what they had in mind. wait until you see their deep-water scare.
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tonight, the drove invasion. hoverboards weren't the only big ticket item this holiday season. the faa estimates about 1 million drones ended up under christmas trees this year. so as drone lovers take their new toys out for a spin, new questions tonight about safety. can consumers keep their high-flying contraptions from flying into trouble? here's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: across the country this weekend, drones. barely out of their christmas wrapping, already crashing and colliding. these unmanned aircraft, causing more than just mishaps. they can be downright dangerous. just last week at this world cup event, a drone narrowly missing a champion skier. and last month, one barreling down onto a race in massachusetts, cutting two of the runners. >> i heard some commotion, so i quickly looked over and i just saw the drone coming down.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: in an effort to track down anyone whose drone goes rogue, the faa now requires all unmanned aircraft weighing more than half a pound to be registered. anyone who doesn't could face up to a $27,500 civil fine. >> think about this is not just a toy. that this is something that could endanger other people's lives if you use it irresponsibly. >> reporter: people using drones as a hobby don't have to be trained or certified to fly. but with so many potential risks, drone schools like chris spiecher's dart drones are popping up nationwide. >> i think it's irresponsible for people to go out without any knowledge of what they're doing. where they're flying and what the situation is around them. >> reporter: teaching everything from the rules to how to keep this from happening to you. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. when we come back, an exhausting holiday weekend for firefighters in california. but tonight, how they're gaining ground.
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we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ to the "index" now. straight to california, and a wildfire that scorched 1,200 acres. firefighters in ventura county finally gaining an upper hand on the christmas night blaze. take a look at those wind-fueled flames. drivers capturing these stunning images as they drove right through the fire zone. tonight, it's 70% contained. those evacuated, now thankfully home. fire officials believe it was sparked by a downed power line. next, cue up the "jaws" theme. some fishermen in florida weren't expecting this when they tossed out the bait. >> going pretty slow. oh, yeah! >> and they knew better than to even think about trying to reel in this hungry great white.
5:53 pm
it circled the boat several times, thrashing and chomping on that bait. a close encounter that crew won't soon forget. and now to party preps in new york's times square. out with the old, and in with the new theme of the new year's eve ball that will ring in 2016 -- "gift of wonder." crews installing 288 sparkling waterford crystal panels, each engraved with a starburst design to inspire optimism for the new year. a good message. still ahead tonight, the best present ever for these newlyweds. it arrived just in time and came from a complete stranger. the lifesaving gift now bonding two families forever. that's when we come back. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be.. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept is getting out there with less than my best.
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and finally tonight, it was a gift exchange like no other. total strangers, now connected forever by the present that arrived just in time. here's john donvan. >> reporter: the day that jay matuska and jackie sitkowski married in milwaukee, they had just been given some of the best news they'd ever hear. >> we were doing the rehearsal and we both looked at our phones. >> reporter: and heard this message. >> so, your tests look good. very good. >> reporter: meaning that for jay, who needed a kidney transplant, a match had just been found. found, hundreds of miles away in georgia, where a man they had never met, blake underwood, had volunteered one of his own kidneys for the newlyweds. >> i was just grateful to be in a position to help. >> reporter: here's the twist. blake was hoping to give a kidney to his own mother, who needed a transplant, too. but he wasn't a match. guess who was? jay's bride, jackie, in
5:58 pm
milwaukee. >> she's very passionate about helping others and she stepped up right away and volunteered. >> reporter: and so, the two kidneys traded addresses, and saved two lives. now, two families who couldn't be more connected, have connected for the first time. >> thank you. i definitely thank you and appreciate you. >> we share that same feeling, and we're very grateful. >> i'm so grateful to them for coming forward and thankful that a match was made. >> reporter: and from us, congrats on your marriage, your mom, and the new future for all four of you. since not all gifts this time of year come in through the chimney. john donvan, abc news. >> congratulations indeed. "gma" first thing in the morning. i'm cecilia vega, enjoy the rest of your sunday and the holiday week ahead. have a good evening.
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next at 6:00, breaking news. a flight diverted to oakland for the second time this week. a search underway for a woman caught on video throwing a dog. another night to bundle up after one of the coldest days on record in the bay area. abc7~news at 6:00 starts now. thank you for joining us. we begin with breaking news. a flight from sacramento to denver has been diverted to oakland after a mechanical problem. it just landed. sergio quintana is live at oakland international with breaking details. >> reporter: this is the flight that had left earlier this afternoon from sacramento, headed to denver. we know it actually circled also
6:00 pm
north of sacramento for a while and thanks to some quick work from the pilot they diverted here to oakland international. safely landing quite a while ago. this is the original plane's flight path. you can see how the plane took off from sacramento and then circled for quite some time near yuba city. the plane touched down safely 45 minutes ago according to southwesterly airlines. the captain onboard reported a pressurization event. i'm not sure what that means and if it affected passengers but the plane did land safely here and the airport didn't roll out emergency equipment to meet the jet. according to southwest, the jet met up with another southwest plane here and 133 passengers were loaded on to that plane for their continuing trip to denver. th


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