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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the bay area. a look at south bay shows lingering wet roads along 101 in san jose. that could be an issue for the morning commute. >> good morning. welcome to monday. i am reggie aqui. >> we are glad you are with us. i am natasha zouves. mike nicco is trafficking the rain. it is almost out of here. >> we have left over drizzle and maybe a spotty light rain shower but to the north you can see this is not much out there. there is going to be a little bit of fog forming. temperatures from the mid-50s to 50 and we have sunshine so grab the sunglasses, home 50s. sue? >> over all, it is light. we do have a couple of problem spots including right here out of the central valley through livermore we have had early accident out of the lanes but just debris and now it is in the lane number four with a tow truck trying to get it out of there and that is why the
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traffic is stacking to the altamont pass into livermore and if you can, nice morning to take mass transit and everyone is running on time. >> thank you, moving on to preeing news, a china airlines flight from san francisco to tie pay has a return to sfo for a medical emergency. officials say a passenger became sick on the flight after take off and china flight 3 returned to sfo just before 3:00 a.m. the passenger was taken to the hop and the rest of the passengers stayed on board. the flight took off again and should arrive in taiwan four hours late. >> breaking news from the east bay fire crews are at the scene of a two-alarm fire that left two people dead in east oakland. the fire started after 1:00 a.m. near 62nd avenue. crews pulled out a victim from a unit where though believe the fire started. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a woman also died in the fire. investigators are trying to figure how this fire starts. >> in newark a family is
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homeless after this fire. a neighbor took pictures of the flame and shared them with us. we were there yesterday as the firefighters checked for hotspots with most the damage in the garage, firefighters say it started in that area on a gas stove. a mom and dad and twocies were inside but they got out safe but are straying with a neighbor. >> thousands of people in the east bay have no heat after a major natural gas outage. matt keller is at discovery bay with new information. matt? >> yes, i got an update from a me peg spokesperson and she today me 6,000 homes remain without service this morning and they are not giving a timeline when they hope to have the service restored to all of those homes. pg&e is still investigating the cause of the outage and partly plain it on the cold. the surge of use could have overwhelmed the system. 4,200 representatives will head back out and go door-to-door to
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inspect the meters and conduct testing so people will have to be home for pg&e to turn on the gas. if you are not home they will leave a phone number to call. >> we want to remind people if someone comes to the doors from pg&e, do ask for a valid i.d., they carry them all time and we are happy to show they. if you see the i.d. and feel uncomfortable call pg&e customer service line and make sure we are in their area. >> two warming centers were set up overnight and we are at the elementary school warming center and this is a warming center at the discovery bay community center. no one showed up to those overnight so this morning they are going to re-open at 6 o'clock if anyone needs them but most people are staying home trying to make the bet of it. >> a drunk driving case is moving forward against a former san francisco firefighter despite a judge's decision to
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throw out key blood alcohol evidence. in 2013 michael quinn hit a mockist with the -- and he was later seen chugging water at bar. the motorcyclist had nine broken ribs and the prosecutors say they have enough evidence to go to trial. quinn has pleaded not guilty to d.u.i. >> santa clara is hoping to lead the way in protecting foster skids in the dangers of psychiatric drugs. the county created a new public health nurse position to monitor medicated children in the we welfare system. they are often precried sometime hands. they will focus on the medicination their ran being part of the larger job for nurse would oversees all needs. >> trouble over plans to drop a bus to pay for a ferry. the golden gate bridge district has plans to take over the ferry that is now run by blue and gold
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ferry. however, a district official wants to pay for the service by eliminating route 8, the bus lynn that serves tiburon commuters. the district officials claim there are too few riders to sustain that bus and some residents say that is not true at all and they have gathered signatures in support of keeping the bus. >> we will talk licks and donal- talk politics and donald trump fired back when hick had said bill clinton will hit the trail on her behalf. on saturday donald trump said clinton having her his on trail is "inappropriate," because he demonstrate add "penchant for sexism during his presidency." that is the same phrase hillary clinton used to criticize truck trillion saying that is what the frontrunner was exercising in his quest for the presidency. >> donald trump is dodging criticism. remember the over-the-top personality on colbert report saying he is embodying the
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conservative character better than he could he respects the appeal even if he does not agree with the proposals. >> you can see the total devastation right now of people clean up in north texas this morning, a powerful tornado claimed 11 lives, hitting the area of garland east of dallas clogging at -- clocking at 200 miles per hour. dozens of people were injured. an estimated 15 homes were destroyed or damaged and power lines were ripped out of the ground for miles. a state of disaster has been issued. >> oh, my god. oh oh, my god. got do go. >> what a terrifying sight, a deadly tornado in arkansas. the storm struck on sunday afternoon, with no reports of
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injuries. witnesses say the storm took off roofs and shattered windows and one person was killed when a tree fell on a home. >> the bad weather is causing a headache for travelers here in the bay area and across the country. there are currently more than 520 delays and 867 cancellations. we checked with sfo and there are 25 delays and continue chance layings this morning. these are looking better at the airport, with san jose with six delays, and six cancellations and oakland has six delays and two cancellations. >> protecting our selfs from hackers is going to be more difficult in 2016. difficult in 2016. >> new details abo
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welcome back, our inland east bay neighborhood is start ing off frost free with pittsburg at 40, and pleasanton are the warm spots and everyone else 37 to 39. and here is a look at rest of our neighborhoods, 40 to 42 from hayward and san jose and los gatos and san carlos and san francisco. everyone else in the much 30s with pacifica at 38 and novato at 36. residual moisture open 87 near
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the shark tank. temperatures are topping out in the low-to-mid 50s. today, the highs will pick up through new year's eve. sue? >> we are getting traffic but it is not bad. at the love folks are taking the week off. into the toll plaza it is usually 45 to 50 minutes and right now it is 20 minutes so everyone is at the limit. with no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. they have not turned the metering lights on at all. a good ride into san francisco. we are still seeing slowing through livermore. that has been because of an accident now blocking the left lane. you are look at ten or continue meant delay over the altamont pass. we will look at walnut creek commute in the next report. >> if the bay bridge could always be like that. fantasy spores users, it is predicted hackers will predict the sites in 2016 because of the
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personal information that is stored. wishable devices that track your health could be a target. small and medium-sized brings are at risk for data breach. personal information we put on-line always is vulnerable to hackers. >> amazon got million of new customers, the week before christmas signing up three million prime members that cost $99 a year giving free two day shipping for certain rods and access to video service. access to video service. theyed add town free with prime. >> if you have kids who fly alone get ready to pay more. >> take a know tore or video and share it with # abc7sowe i'm billy, and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> sanrafael,southbay, and all the bay area. all the iraqi military has regained control of a government compound that was previously control by isis. yesterday, iraqi's arm declared victory over fighters in rap made which is -- ramadi. these photos show troops raising
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the iraqi flag over the ramadi complex which has been under islamic control since may. teams are working do clear explosive devices but the building now is entirely under the control of iraqi forces. >> japan is apologizing to south korea pore pore -- for use of comfort women during world war ii with 200,000 women forced to be sex slaves for soldiers many korean and will pay the equivalent of $8 million to those surviving women, with only 46 still alive, though, of those who came forward. >> and after surviving a shooting captured on live tv this year is speaking publicly. vikki guard dealer was -- vikki guard they are - shot on live television. she was only survivor and had
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several surgeries describing that financial day. >> when he opened fire it was still very difficult to understand or comprehend what was happen. something you do not expect to happen. and your mind goes into a lost suspect aereos -- a lot of scenarios. >> this is remarkable. she plans to return to her job next month, and her office is next to the spot where the shooting happened. >> we will check with a look at what is coming up at "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> coming up, deadly tornadoes through texas with 11 people killed in dallas area this weekend as hundreds of hopes were destroyed. and dangerous flash flooding threatening missouri with full team come on the scene. that is next on "good morning america" and we will see you soon. >> takata airbag recall is
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expanding. >> four new models on or the list include honda cr vs outback subarus involving 23 millionaire bags in 19 million cars. companies are required to have the parts to require the airbags by march. 70 percent of the replacements come from non-takata suppliers. >> if you send your child on a plane by him or herself it is likely you will have to pay more. the "los angeles times" said united has expanded the able range of children who have to use a $150 service when they fly by themselves. it used to be up to able 12 now it is up to age 15 for ticket sold after december 14. the chain will provide the best care for travelers. delta and american have similar charges. did you fly as teens, ever? >> yes. i did. >> i did multiple times and i
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did not feel like i needed help. >> and i did not feel like i got help and not $150 work >> they did offer ice cream after the male, i remember that. so i got more ice cream. >> $150 in ice cream. you ate a lost ice cream. >> favorite food group. >> you can get outside not have to worry about the rain maybe people are feeling stuffed still from a couple of days ago and all the leftovers. but you can see it is clear over us but to the north and south we have north to south heading showers over eureka and that will stay over the ocean. we will look and see what is happen right now in san francisco, you can see our camera is quiet and flags are blow offshore bring a dry air in so we will have drizzle and
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clouds this morning and becoming partly cloudy this afternoon and the clouds will open up. alliy nights and warning days ahead and dry you the weekend. you can see the clouds hanging around and at 9:00 we are dry and the showers from eureka are over the possession. bit afternoon hours, check out the sunshine, it will be cooler tomorrow morning, with frost inland valleys. en sells in the 40s. temperatures could reach 60 on thursday and saturday and next chance of rain is on monday. >> holiday light this monday morning with fewer than normal people on the roads and highway 680 southbound define highway 4 and 24 less than ten minutes and everyone is flowing nicely and also, 24 to the tunnel is not showing delays. richmond-san rafael bridge shows a couple of cars headed to the marin side and puddling water so take extra time we had overnight moisture and slow heading into
6:21 am
livermore off the altamont pass and we will update that accident when we come back. >> this morning, michael finney has a problem that millions of americans experience identity theft. >> incredible sight off the coast of japan caught on video coast of japan caught on video but it is cr
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>> check out this freight train derailment carrying 52,000 gallons of sulfuric acid. flooding in australia hampering the cleanup effort. crews are trying to work out the best strategy for clean up. three trainsor staff had only minor injuries but the cause is not known. >> now, time to ask michael finney, an through that so many of us have to deal with, identity theft. >> many people that are opening accounts in my name are using my personal information. i have been trying to fix its, causing the credit agencies and the proper authorities but, so far... >> it is tough. we know identity theft is all
6:25 am
over the place. you are right by calling but you can put a credit treason the account. you need to call all three different credit reporting bureaus and submit a freeze form that costs $10 to put a freeze on and another $10 when you take it off. the real problem is each time you apply for credit you have to pay the $10 to take it off and $10 to put it on. it is the safest way to go. >> if you have a question for >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your questions answered right here on the morning news. >> look at this, a first time a giant squid has been caught on camera since 2004. it is a terrifying eye. a video was captured by divers with a rare look at the giant
6:26 am
squid swim on christmas each in japan. normally they are found only in the very deep water but the diver would shot the video estimated that the squid was nearly 13' long and it is more creepy as it moves around. >> here is my impression of my dad's reaction to this video in my hand. >> ah, reggie, good eating. >> it would provide the newsroom for a week. >> this animal was a fire victim but is getting the help she needs. she was rescued from a bush fire. this equal that -- this adorable koala was found unconscious neither a fire on saturday. the police are sharing the video saying, so glad we could help
6:27 am
our furry friend. she looks to be grateful. >> adorable. i know from my time in san diego at the zoo they sleep like 22 hours a day. so it is great. >> i want to sign up for that. >> coming up this morning, we continue news at 6:30 with the top stories. peyton manning is firing back after he was accused ofizing performance enhancing drugs. >> a horrifying fire in the east bay with two people dying and now investigators are trying to figure out what happened? >> back with remark and weather together as we deal with the wet roads. fore now, looking from if it ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the morning commute is off to a damp start. you can see it is busy with drivers heading back to work after a long holiday weekend. the rest of us are sitting back in the new pajamas having the first cup of coffee. u am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we are bringing you back gently into the work week. all the rain was gentle along with the alarm. here we go. live doppler hd is showing 46 minute flight arrival delays into fog and the steady rain is
6:31 am
over we are seeing bricks in the clouds. cloudy through 7:00 and milding in the 30s and 40s and 50 at noon and dry air with low-to-mid 50s by 4:00 sue? >> holiday light and a lot of phone of off the roads the san mateo bridge shows a stall on the left hand shoulder and that now is obviously just getting started and on the way. and now, it is 17 minutes from hayward to foster city and you can see it is damp on the roads. coming into livermore westbound 580 is still blocking a lane of traffic and out there most of the morning. you are look at ten or continue meant delays. we will look at the other driver times in the next report. >> breaking overnight two people are dead after an early morning fire tore through an apartment complex in oakland. janet o is in the newsroom tracking the details.
6:32 am
>> a man and woman were discovered inside the unit where the fire is believed to have started and the victims have yet to be identified. there is no word if the two lived at the property. the two-alarm fire broke out after 1:00 a.m. this morning near 62nd avenue. the second time the fourplex caught fire this year. it was an active fire. flames spread to new by i'ms. it took an hour to contain the fire. they pulled owe the man's body and then the woman's body was found. investigators are trying to figure out what happened of the no one else was hurt in the insurance dented. >> thank you. in san jose, fad left cooking on a stove start add fire at 7:30 last night. abc was at the whom when the -- at the home when the firefighters cleaned up. two people and the two cats got out okay and no one was hurt. >> shocking video showing a woman throwing her dog to the
6:33 am
ground during an argument with her now ex-boyfriend. this is hard to watch. it was caught on a security camera and posted on facebook and has gone environmental. the dog rolls over and over after she throws him. the pug is named ben and the woman is identified at brandi chin. her ex-boyfriend is seen picking up the dog and was as surprised as anyone. >> maybe she meant to hurt me, i am not sure. i can not speak for her. i know the dog is fine. >> they are searching for her to speak with her, but they cannot find her. they are searching vallejo area. she could be facing animal cruelty charges. >> a bay area premium is calling for more help to stop hate crimes after someone fire bombed a mosque in tracy over the weekend. police are looking for surveillance video and hoping to find a suspect. people of all faiths gathered in
6:34 am
alameda to take part of in a forum and discuss conditions. >> the mosque has been hiring security guards to patrol the area because of the incidents that have affected other mosques. >> people in the muslim community have had several incidents including a broken window at a former building at the islamic center in a woman caught on camera throwing hot coffee at a map's face in castro valley park and in richmond police detonated a pipe bomb at a man accused of making threats to muslims. >> mass sightings are believed a reason gun sales in california are stroke. with new stats show that the number of handguns more than doubles between 2010 and 2014. 500,000 of the gun sales were recorded last year. experts are saying that shooting rampages and the fear of tighter gun restrictions will continue to drive sales up.
6:35 am
>> the f.a.a. is preparing to register roughly a million drones thattened up under the christmas trees. the f.a.a. is now requiring users to register in a national database. it applies to all droves under 55 pounds. that includes most of them. if you bought before december 21 you have until february 19. if you bought it after the 21, such as for christmas you have to sign up before flying are for the first time. if you did not you could be fined $27,000. all the details are on >> for the second time in a week a southwest delight with mechanical problem was diverted to oakland. it took off from sacramento and headed to denver. there was a pressurization even. the flight they arrived in denver three hours late. you may remember on wednesday a
6:36 am
southwest plane had a landing gear issue and circled for hours to burn off the fuel before touching down safely. no one was hurt. >> the worse will try to extend the home court winning streak to 33 tonight when they host sacramento. steph curry is trying to get over a bruised calf that was hurt on wednesday. the pain caused him to miss part of the big christmas day game against cavs. >> try to block it out. i don't know how it affects the result but mentally you cannot worry about...excepting or compensating. >> the wise are 28-1. >> peyton manning said al-jazeera made up a story about him taking performance-enhancing drugs and he is threat threatening to sue.
6:37 am
the report said he received human growth hormones at an indiana clinic after surgery. he said he went there but for the oxygen chamber. >> i am not sure i understand how someone can make something up about someone and admit he made it up and, yet, it is published in a story. i don't understand that. >> the report used information provided by the former clinic worker charlie sly who recanted the accusations saying he made it up to test a reporter. >> 43 people have died across >> 43 people have died across citizen -- flooding killing eight people in
6:38 am
missouri include four united states soldiers. heavy snow in oklahoma and texas and new mexico caused dozens to get stranded. 11 were killed in a tornado in texas. a tornado in arkansas last one dead. >> we are grateful to be alive and we are say. this can be replaced. >> the weather has caused major problems for travelers, thousands of flights have been delayed or canceled. >> the hard freeze has citrus growers concerned. many were up all night to protect the valuable crops. >> you got to be on top of it. if you only have so much water you have to use the water from block to block, when you shut one block down, you have to make sure it does not freeze so you can go back with the water fern. >> a sleepless night. they have to use what is at disposal to raise the
6:39 am
temperature, and stop the crop from freezing. >> now a look at the activity manner, we will improve it as the day unfolds, it is wet. and slick. from the overnight rain. it will dry out. we will see the sunshine late in the day with temperatures in the low 50s. only 47 in fresno. with rain through the afternoon. we will have a few spotty showers around los angeles and san diego. the snow is light. but it is falling in the sierra. trillion transition to snow showers but only 29 degrees today. our arm high in lake tahoe is 43 and everyone low is 15. on the high side we will be keeler than average but no new known until monday of next week. sue? >> it is a light commute. if you are headed to the sierra, bring the chains. they are required on highway 50 and 80 or four-wheel drive vehicles. if you go from novato to san francisco, it is looking good and holiday light and we had an
6:40 am
early accident that now is cleared to the center divide but still 21 minutes from novato to the city. and from san jose at 280 in the northbound direction the 880 overcrossing, moving nicely all the way into cupertino, with no delays. we will take a look at the maps, generally speaking we are looking at all three with an accident in livermore area that is out there most of the morning and we will update that in a couple of minutes. >> fun facts you can take christmas tree which you will be getting rid of and feed it to a goat. >> i like this. a san francisco business wants your tree free of ornaments to feed their goats, with city grazing have 7830 hungry goats. they republican out the goats do chew up the weeds and will
6:41 am
accept 20 tree as day between noon and 4:00. i love this. let's do it. >> final town on the times square crystal ball happening in the heart of new york city with a new signature cut crystal pattern to cover the 12,000 pound ball. the theme this year? a gift of wonder. 288 new crystal panels were created to reflect the theme. they re-do the design every year? >> i thought it was the same ball. >> this is part of a series called the greatest gift through 2023 and each year it will look like it does the area before because i cannot tell the difference. >> you are invited to ring in there is there is with abc7, dick clack's rockin' new year's begins on thursday at 8:00 p.m. and a break for news at 11:00 and a look at how we celebrate here and the count down
6:42 am
continues to 2016 at 1130 with more new year's rockin' eve. >> thousands do not have heat and what crews are doing do fix the problem and how long it will be before they can turn it on. >> now is the right time to >> now is the right time to spend 9 gift
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> one of the greatest entertainers to ever grace a basketball court has died. meadowlark lemon played center meadowlark lemon played center for harlem globe golden >> thousands notice east bay wake up without heat. matt keller is with us in discovery bay where craws have worked an the clock to fix the problem. >> matt? >> terrible time for the natural gas outage. i check the news app and the temperatures in discovery bay are in the mid-to-upper 30s and it looks like it could be a while before some people get gas turned back on. pg&e is investigating the cause of the outage. it could be partly to play on
6:46 am
the cold. the surge if use by customers could have overwhelmed the system. 200 gas service representatives head back identity identity back out, with 600 homes without service. they do not have a timeline on restoring service. you have to be home for pg&e to turn the gas back on. if you are not home they leave a phone number to call the a warming center has been set up in discovery bay at the elementary school. >> matt, hopefully people can stay warm. barnes & noble may add beer and wine to attract more customers. they are trying this out in new york. sales have been down recently as people move away from traditional bookstores to e-books with 14 barnes and noble stores in the bay area.
6:47 am
>> nothing can stand in the way of "star wars" "the force awakens" earning $1 billion in sales around the globe nasaer than any -- faster than any history without china. the film has not opened in china, the second biggest film market in the world. >> we want to check in on trading on wall street. we are down 48 points. jane king has the money report. good morning, jane. >> good morning. hope you had good holidays, now, the bay area rules for home values. the san francisco area has the top three spots on the most expensive and the median value of homes. san jose and sunnyvale and santa clara at the top of both of those lists. facebook has new tools to help blind navigate social media
6:48 am
using artificial intelligence to create tools that describe items in a photo but also allow useers to ask what is in they hope to release the new tools next year. >> post christmas shopping can offer the best deals of the year especially on clothing. clothing retailers had the best sales after the holiday trying to get rid of the excess inventory and appeal to all shoppers in the store making returns and they want us to impulse buy. the seas can be heavier this year because win been paid. >> we have oil prices back down again and china is slowing its economic growth so that is all weighing on the united states stocks. back to you, reggie and natasha.
6:49 am
>> hottest gives, and turning out to be the most dangerous. >> hover boards. not so easy to master as they look from the videos we see. a lot of failures. there have been dozens of reports of injuries. the number is expected to go way up. experts urge everyone to wear the proper safety gear before you take a spin. >> i did not thing i would be injured that badly. >> the girl you heard from documented the first ride and fell twice, got a bloody knee out of it. a full report on the hoverboard is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> let's just stay on the ground. we will use a traditional bicycle? >> a bicycle that does not burst into flames? >> maybe a pogo? >> i remember those. >> parents a new law affects
6:50 am
where your child sits in the car. january 1, children need a rear facing car seat and must be strapped in the seize in the seat until 2 rather than one year. there is a new law enforcement system, a yellow alert when sending for a car involved in a deadly or serious hit-and-run accident. >> bringing in, now, mike with no hoover boards under your tree? >> no. no. it is the adidn'ts that -- the adults that are getting heard. at least when you snow board you fall on snow. >> they were falling on snow. >> speaking of snow... >> there is still some 111 percent of average for today. that is great. but they will dry out like us. in the south bay cooler in los gatos at 36. warmest in san jose at 43.
6:51 am
and lafayette is 36. novato is 34. calistoga is coolest at 31. and 40 in alameda degrees. we are clearing and drying the next six hours and the best chance of any showers is mainly over the ocean and you can see the clouds lingering on mount tamalpais with a lot of sunshine and the need for sunglasses with increasing sunshine and not so chilly. we have height rain across the north. we are dry and warmer through the new year and the seven-day forecast shows in the low-to-mid 50s, frost inland tonight, and 30s there and 40s around the bay and we could hit 60 on thursday and saturday for cooling trend on sunday. >> it is getting busy on the east shore freeway, but, still, not bad, holiday monday we have going on from golden gate field through berkeley to the macarthur maze and the toll plaza at continue americans, and
6:52 am
traveling from highway 4 to the bay bridge is not bad. we wish all mondays looked like this, no metering lights or delays with traffic nicely into san francisco. the bay area looks great. it looks like the early accident move through livermore has been cleared. just a minor backup. over over the altamont pass westbound on 580. not bad out of the central valley and drive times, richmond-san rafael bridge and san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge all looking great. >> thank you, sue were we are back with the seven things you need to know. >> if you got a new phone or tablet, download the news app tablet, download the news app which is free by
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6:54 am
>> on the back to work monday seven things you need to know. one, breaking news from oakland a man and a worm dead after a fire ripped through an apartment complex. it happened after 1:00 a.m. and investigators are trying to figure how it started. >> crews at pg&e are restoring natural gas service to discovery bay with 6,000 customers without heat since early yesterday. crews say it was probably the cold that overwhelmed the system. too many were trying to stay warm. >> three, we wake up to milder conditions in the 30s and 40s with increasing sunshine
6:55 am
on the exploritorium camera and 52 to 55 degrees and if you are bodies of wart it will be brisk this morning at 10 or 15 miles per hour wind. >> four, at the traffic center, you are looking at a beautiful shot of san rafael, with the sun coming up, orange sky, and not she bad on the roads with an early accident southbound cleared now out of lanes and traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco. we will look at the golden gate bridge which is holiday lite here, too. >> 43 people have been killed across seven states after devastating to mades and floods and storms. a tornado kills 11 people near dallas. in missouri a state of emergency after extreme flooding killed eight people including four united states soldiers. >> six, breaking news, a flight headed for oakland was delayed after a mishap on the tarmac after hitting a part of the plane.
6:56 am
a businessman tweeted this photo a boeing 787 before take off. >> we will follow that. snapchat is called the one to watch for 2016 which was created by students at stanford and is likely to continue the rise could be bigger than twitter. >> no way. we will watch that. we will watch that. >> back in 25 minutes
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- state of emergency. 43 people killed in storms across the country. >> it's the worst i think anybody has seen it. >> deadly storms and flash floods pounding the heartland, sweeping away cars. as snow, freezing rain and ice pound the midwest. tornado on the ground. >> devastating tornadoes hitting through arkansas, tearing apart texas. 180 mile per hour winds plowing through hundreds of homes causing a travel nightmare. the very latest as severe weather heads east. also this morning, superstar quarterback peyton manning firing back, tackling reports about performance-enhancing drugs. >> it's completely fabricated. complete trash, garbage. >> the startling allegations shaking up the nfl. linking him to a human growth hormone after he suffered a


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