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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 29, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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and not tried to make its way to the road this morning. the seal appeared out of the bay at 1:00 p.m. yesterday and made its way in front of eastbound highway 37 traffic and tried to crawl over the median. the seal was coaxed back and the estuary but tried to cross the road sell more times. she could be trying to get to dry land for give birth. >> if she is about to give birth she is in her prime so she has a lot of weight, a lost strength on her and she could actually tear the board from her happens if you do not hold it the proper way. >> the concern is that a driver may not be able to see her in the dark and if she happens to be blocking traffic early this morning. but, again, c.h.p. said so far so good, the seal is right where she needs to be and not blocking the roadway. they will continue to monitor the situation this morning.
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we are reporting live in snow small county for abc7 news. >> hayward police are hooking for witnesses to a fail hit-and-run accident that claimed a woman's life. two cars hit and killed a woman two cars hit and killed a woman at 6:30 last night she was walking in crosswalk. the people in the other car, get out looked at the woman and left. the car is described as dark 1990 four door toyota. it should have dam to the windshield and the hood. they were all men inside and they were wearing hoodies. >> livermore police and firefighters are asking near your help this morning for a little girl who suffered a heartbreaking loss on christmas. l.a.p.d. showed them dropping off presents to a six-year old girl, karma. her mom god of a medical condition on christmas afternoon and authorities say she was so genuine, so sweet, they felt compelled to bring her holiday
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cheer but an officer said it was the best moment of his area. >> it made everything that we go through worthwhile for that ten minutes with that little ex-girlfriend. . >> -- that little girl. her mother's body can be sent back to her home state of florida where the girl will like i live with her grandmother. matt keller will have a report from livermore at the top of hour. >> and in santa clara, a deputy is recovering after a dozen inmates jumped him on christmas eve night. the deputy con. frommed ten inmates in an unauthorized area and ordered one to put down contraband as the deputy leaned in to pick it up they attacked. we are told they pumped and kick him of the deputy had cuts and presses and possibly ligament
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damage. anew details in the mystery of a man's body found inside a u harm at the hayward bart station he is identified as 40-year-old jason anderson of bay point. we have learned that a man shot by bart police is now considered a "suspect," in anderson's death. police say on christmas day he was spotted pushing a u-haul and returned fire after shooting an officer. the two are expected to recover. >> a park in fell ton will remain closed after this crash. one of the small trains filled with passengers smashed into a hillside. sky 7 was there and children and a group of tourists were inside of the small train at the time. eight people were hurt. in all, four were taken to the hospital. early fining indicate the lot el may have been stuck. >> after thieve ruined christmas for san jose state students they are discover the kindness of strangers.
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>> burglaries ransacked the home seven students and took laptops a camera, jewelry, presents right out from 9 christmas tree. a student worked two jobs to buy those for her family. >> we come from a low income family and we -- my sister and i -- work hard to try to get our family to party place much it was devastating to not have them on the gifts. friends have set up a gofundme page to replace the stolen items and it has topped $11,000. >> we have a link on our website if you would lake to help at >> if you see graffiti it is all over san francisco and the city is taking on justin bieber because of it, but we flow that the city is not having this guerilla marketing. we learn what the city is demanding from his record label. >> the city is threatening to
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aggressively pursue all of the penalties and costs connected with this graffiti on sidewalks all over san francisco. marketing his latest album "purpose." sorry, just won't do they want the record label of justin bieber and the distributor to foot bill nor clean this up. >> where think that is something that taxpayers should is to pay for. eight city attorney fires off an angry letter to the representatives. >> we want their full cooperation to know the extent of it, the individuals responsbile for it so we can get this taken care of as quickly as possible. >> the attorney is infuriated the sense ills were applied with former spray payment and the reason rain has not watched they will away. someone, apparently not a believer, turned this one into a critique of the pop singer. it is noject for the city which
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spends $20 million a year eradicating graffiti. supervisor is drafting legislation to increase fines on violators. >> we can only charge the companies the cost of cleaning it up. so for them it is just a confident doing business so there has to be some larger disincentives to prevent this lawless behavior. >> the city attorney has not heard back from justin's people and our phone calls were not and our phone calls were not returned. >> that is a new one were how about that? i leave it at that. >> good morning, everyone, low-to-mid 40s waking up cold this morning in san francisco. presidio is cool at 41. crissy field and ocean beach and mission district, downtown at 43 and 46 through the ferry building and 44 in the financial
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district and frost in pleasanton and same in santa clara and palo alto at 31, and walnut creek is 33 and san leandro behind it at 33 and a look at walnut creek with the 32 degree temperature it will warm into the hole 50s and 51 to 53 at the coast and june to 54 an bay which is cooler-than-average with frost around san jose and this morning we head to tomorrow a slight chance of rain. that is coming up. >> approaching the bay bridge toll plaza it is light at 4:37 in the morning and five minute ride from golden gate field to the tolls with no delays on the upper deck interest san francisco. how about thises san rafael is looking good and i checked the drive time from highway 37 automatic the way across the golden gate park and it is 21 minutes and clear and cold. very clear. visibility showing road work is all, eastbound 580 between 35th and grand picked up in another 20 minutes and
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southbound 680 and crow canyon in the lanes until 5:30 we are back with the commute on the next report. >> it will cost more to buy bart start on friday at 3.4 percent amount willing to 10 or february cents a trip that will fund new rail cards and a new finance facility. many with like the money to be spent on concerning the trains and stations and involving the homeless ridership problem part of the schedule increase that calls for fare to go up every even year through 2020. >> oakland city officials add met they have no plan for a new stadium for the raiders as an important deadline looms the tomorrow is the n.-imposed deadline for the city to submit a stadium plan. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the leaders will not meet the deadline. they want plans from oakland and san diego and st. louis in place
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by next week when they vote who is allows to move to los angeles. >> the warriors travel to dallas to take them office after putting away sacramento at oracle arena and steph curry had a trim pole double for the 6th time, 23 points and 14 rebounds and ten assists. klay thompson stepped up, the 111th straight time they have defeated the kings final 122-103. >> nice. >> the rich kid no longer on the run. necessity, where authorities tracked down the affluenza team and his mom. >> unbelieve average rescue caught on camera and a driver is
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santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we are extraing the extreme weather across the country. 49 people now are dead. the northeast has been relatively spared with spring-like temperatures so far this december. not anymore. this is a look at drive conditions right new in boston. you can see the white, the snow on either side of the road. our reporter is tracking the first major snowstorm headed that way. >> after an financially warm december, the first snow falls in massachusetts this morning. ice melt and shovels fly off the shelves.
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>> it was like black friday. >> this new york state plow trues are ready. >> first storm of the career there are a lot of accidents help. >> weather is giving them a preview, from high winds and ice creating treacherous conditions in wisconsin, to floods in missouri where the debt tote tommed into the dow difficulties and snow drift in new mexico trap add couple in the car for 20 hours until rescuers freed them. >> my wife was shivering and shaking and i got into the passenger seat because the driver seat was full of snow from trying to dig out. >> air travelers had nothing to do but wait. >> i have been stranded here for 50 hours in the airport. >> 3,000 flights were cancel across the united states yesterday. the weather system spawned more tornadoes bringing terror to florida and arkansas. drive. get on the gas and go! >> that's it. it's a tornado.
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>> clean up began near dallas. a 40 mile scarf splintered homes and debris was the aftermath of tornadoes that took 11 lives. >> white house officials say president obama called the ten advertise -- texas governor to offer assistance and condolences for the lives lost. >> the after influencen ask teen who disappeared this month has been caught in mexico the he was serving probation for killing four people in a d.u.i. mexican officials found 18-year-old ethan couch and his mother near puerto vallarta. his rich parent say the lawyer coddled him into irresponsibility. the disappearance was after a video showed him playing a drinking game at a party which could get him in big trouble. >> if that video can be authenticked he faced the possibility 10 years in jail and for the victim's families they
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say that is not enough time. ahis mother could face intermediate charges for helping her son who will be turned over to united states nationals >> the outrage is growing over tamir rice with cleveland bracing for protests when the jury decided not to indict a police officer for shooting and killing a 12-year-old after he was shot when homing a pellet gun. the family is calling for people to express themselves peace supply democratically. they say they are disapitched in the decision but they are not surprised. >> in chick an officer charged with murder in the shooting debt of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald is expected to enter a plea. the video released last in shows the veteran officer van dyke shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times. the teen was armed with a myself and walked away or was walking away from the officers when the officer opened fire. he faces since counts of first-degree murder and one official misconduct in the
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shooting. >> a volunteer fire chief riskily life to safe a man trapped in his car. account car was on fire? the man from pennsylvania was the first to get to the scene and he raised to the car, opened the door and saw the driver knowing the gas tank has exploded any moment he dragged the driver to safety. he credits training and adrenalin and the driver is expected to survive. all the department transportation has released video shot by a drone that shows the massive landslide that closed highway 42, two days before christmas. official say that the highway loathed on the border of coos and douglas county crumbled like peanut brittle because of power of the landslide. damage was so extensive that transportation officials have no idea when the highway is going to re-open. >> that is a mess. >> crazy. >> i will take the cold over that. >> it looks like it is just going as we can see something like in january or february.
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that is what will happen when we get heavy rain. we hope we don't. and we do not have rain in the forecast we have the cold, as you mentioned and that is because the winds are light and variable so not a wind chill and you can see the camera is not moving at mount tamalpais southbound. grab the sunglasses, total sunshine and light breezes and light rain is possible tomorrow and, then, well get some wet weather for all of us next week until then if the in the bay is the best chance for rain, 20 percent to 10 percent to nothing as we head from today, to into thursday, gray, saturday, you can see it is ramping up on sunday and especially next monday. fingers rosed this comes to true wigs. in 24 hours, you can see the light radar returns across the north bay through 9:00 they stay up this and they try to spread cross the rest or neighbors and you can see there is hadly anything out there just a last cloud cover and the air will be too dry for much of it to reach the ground.
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around 51 to 54 degrees, and maybe a degree or two remain wary than yesterday. with the cloud cover not so frosty in the not bay, but, still, frosty inland east bay neighborhoods and from palo alto south into the south bay, my seven-day forecast shows ringing in the new year with a lot of sunshine on friday, saturday. sue? >> the south bay is noise and light. thank you, mike, and good morning, everyone, that is what we are experiencing this holiday week. if the travels take you from 101 to 5 to keep family, 280 northbound, a 8:00 minute drive and a couple of headlights moving through the screen. 87, cornered the shark tank, and a few headlights here, as well, and very light, we do have road work to update you on, and we will get to that right now. first, in the macarthur maze, eastbound and westbound 80 we they merge to eastbound 580 a couple of lanes are blocked, and we have road work elsewhere through the respond valley and
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we will update that next report. >> millions of american voters my have had their personal information hacked, a security an list said he is seeing names and addresses and birthdays and e-mails of both parties affiliation affecting 191 president voters across the country. enjoy, it does not have financial debt on social security numbers but it goes back to 2000. no one has taken responsibility for the hack. >> pay pal may have serious competition with samsung, expanding into on-line shopping and has been up and running until september and until now outs as an electronic wallet but they do not require retailers to install new quip 349 so that gives them a leg up. >> two snowmobiles rescued from a canyon and how they managed to get through the night. >> too close for comfort, what happened when a drone flew near president obama's motorcade
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during the hawaii vacation. but, first, the tech bytes. >> get hacked could be the best thing that happened to ashley madison that special ayes to hanging extra marital affairs said the membership has spiked, with now four million more members. >> google is going do try again with high-tech eyewear and has not announce add new google glass but the fcc posted an image on the web site as part of the new gadget filing with the new enterprise addition foldable, tougher and aimed at business use. netflix is coming to the age of parents with children who want did stay up until midnight on new year's eve they can call up a countdown to the end the year when they want, and netflix promises they will not tell the kids it is not midnight if you don't. >> and that is what a lot >> and that is what a lot parents reasonable do.
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>> a few snowmobiles were stuck in a canyon on saturday. they were riding their snowmobiles south of lake tahoe. they were stung. it was getting dark the they spent the night in a snow made tree well. with little food and drink. and the cold snow the but they made it through and both are going to be all right. >> survival skills were used. >> the secret service jumped interest action when a drone was too close to president obama's motorcade. we have video showing the secret
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service agents speaking with the drone operator in honolulu. the man told officers he saw the motorcade but did not know it was the president. agents say he complied and will not face charges. the president went on to play a round of golf on the hawaiian vacation. >> jeb bush spent yesterday in florida where he offered some advise on selfies. we will hear. >> young people do it better than older people, we go through a train choose here. it is cooltory do it diagonally rather then straight up. remember that. and it is better do it higher than lower because you look skinny. am i right? >> jeb bush giving pro tip on selfies taking and he challenged republican frontrunner donald trump to a one-on-one debate reiterating he is a chaos candidate if a war of words
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after bush con fronted donald trump at the g.m. debate in las vegas this month. >> not only does mike track the weather but he takes great selfies. >> i lended from you guys. watching you guys. >> trying. good morning, everyone, i thought we would get a quick update on rain. livermore and san jose and moffett field, great, but the rest of us are find at 58 percent at oakland and 84 percent is what we have in san francisco. it is dry today. a lot of sunshine across the state. with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s through the central valley and sunshine in monterey and 54 and sunny in southern california and low 60s and in lake tahoe a few flurries and increasing sunshine. the warmest day is tomorrow and that is 37 degrees with a dry cold front pushing us below freezing for three days before the clouds return on sunday. we will start to see the snow on
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monday. >> watching the zipper truck across the golden gate bridge and you are getting four lanes in the southbound direction. two lanes are headed northbound but right now traffic is very light coming from marin county and from novato to the golden gate bridge you are looking at 21-minute drive. cool to watch the zipper truck work. through walnut creek, traffic is flowing nicely to highway 24. and respond valley, we have a little bit of fog through lunch and that could be hampering the commute. heads up here. and slow traffic southbound and northbound between olympic and crow canyon that should be picked up by 5:30. we will check in marin county in the next report. reggie aqui and natasha? >> time for a fresh start? at times square you can put your memories in the shredder, and it
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will be transformed into confetti, the 9th year of "good riddance day," that lets people write good wishes for the new year. >> you are invited to ring in 2016 with us, dick clark's new year's rockin' new year's eve with ryan seacrest with the news at eleven and continuing at 11:30. continuing at 11:30. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, you are waking up to a chilly one. time to get up. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is frosty. over to mike 19 with the weather. >> good morning, it could be an issue, visibility is less than quarter-mile so there is a last moisture hanging in the air. the temperature is 30. we could have freezing fog, black ice is a possibility especially on exposed surfaces like bridges and overpasses. be careful. the downtown san francisco shows 12-hour day planner in the 30s and 40s and ending in 50s. from novato to san francisco, 21 meants if highway 37 to the golden gate bridge. this is 101 beyond the north gay mall and the civic center. everyone is at the limit. 14 minutes


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