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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 29, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, you are waking up to a chilly one. time to get up. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. it is frosty. over to mike 19 with the weather. >> good morning, it could be an issue, visibility is less than quarter-mile so there is a last moisture hanging in the air. the temperature is 30. we could have freezing fog, black ice is a possibility especially on exposed surfaces like bridges and overpasses. be careful. the downtown san francisco shows 12-hour day planner in the 30s and 40s and ending in 50s. from novato to san francisco, 21 meants if highway 37 to the golden gate bridge. this is 101 beyond the north gay mall and the civic center. everyone is at the limit. 14 minutes from hayward to
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foster city westbound on san mateo bridge. traffic is flowing nicely. no stalls or accidents. so far this morning, knock on wood. >> a six-year old who lost her mom on christmas day is get help from livermore fire and police. they cannot take away the enormous loss but they want out of their way to give her a christmas she missed. matt kellers is more. >> this story of this little girl, karma, has touched the people here at the livermore police and fire departments. >> what can i say? it was a six-year old girl would the first words from her mouth were "santa didn't come because mommy wouldn't wake up." immediately it breaks my heart. >> this video showed the police department dropping off presents to the girl staying at a local hotel with her 39-year-old mother when they relocationed to california from florida.
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her mom was taken to the hospital on christmas afternoon after she had a medical emergency related to a pregive condition. she died at hospital. the livermore officers and firefighters learned she was not able to celebrate christmas because of her mother's medical condition and they bought gifts and brought them to the girl on december 26 so she could celebrate the holiday in the wake of such a terrible tragedy. livermore police and fire are asking for jeep help setting up a gofundme page to pay for funeral expenses with more on for information and a link. >> a heartbreaking story. thank you, matt. a strong willed pregnant elephant seal is captivating many of us, 500 pounds and tried to cross highway 37 several times in traffic yesterday. c.h.p. is concerned she could start to try this morning. we will bring you a picture of highway 37 right near where it
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happened. officials think she wants it get to dry plan in order to give birth. janet o will have the efforts to keep her safe at the bottom of the hour. >> look at this firefighters arrived in antioch at 1:30 this morning to see flames shooting through the roof of the house. two people and their dog got out okay. the home is on cherry street and sequoia drive with no word on what starts the fire the. >> another cold morning with more than a thousand people still without gas service. cornell barnard brings us up to speed on delay of helping the customers. all the snowman on the front door the house is no exaggeration. >> it is cold. >> in gas heat inside for two days. space heaters working overtime. >> i am wearing my ski clothes to keep warm. >> we are used to heat you do not thing of it until something like this happens. >> the winds and 6,200 other
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pg&e customers lost natural gas service on sunday. pg&e is investigating the days of the outage after a regulator at a gas facility malfunctioned. restaurants are busy with folks who just want to get out of the house. after a very cold night. >> crazy. cold. cannot make coffee offer do anything. or take a shower. >> do you want to spend another night like that? >> no. >> a warming center was set off by the red cross but some are tough it out at home putting the fireplace to good luck but no hot water for dishes or cooking a meal. more than 200 pg&e crews are going door-to-door to re-light the pilot lights. if you are not home you can call for an appointment but some are still waiting. >> no, no, no i don't. >> me peg show -- pg&e showed up to restore service. >> heat is become on. >> yeah. >> not a moment too soon.
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>> more now on the apology of japan for forcing thousands of young women into sex slavery during world war ii. they were called comfort women in a controversial agreement is earning raise and drawing heavy criticism. japan is offering $8.3 million payment to support the remaining victims, only 46 who are still alive of those who came forward. many koreaans profit say the apology does not go far enough and the money should go directly to the victims as compensation rather than to a fund that will help them. that is the feeling. >> at the love the victims have been disappointed themselves and feeling like japan is conducting public relations performance on the international stage. >> the deal also includes a promise between the two countries to put it behind them
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to stop criticizing each other and consider this issue resolved >> there was a 68-year-old man waiting for a ride to work and two white men pull up in a truck and cursed at the man and he feeder for his safety so he began crossing the street. the truck want into reverse and ran him down. it wasn't over yet the two occupants jumped out and punched the man in the face and body and said "why are you here," and police say it is unclear if the men mistook him for being muslim >> police are asking for help to track down the map would robbed a grocery store bank branch and got away with self hundred thousand. this is the map who robbed the bank inside the safeway store on san pablo avenue. he handed a teller a net demand money at 10:40. the teller filled several bags with cash and gave them to the suspect described as african
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american, 5' 8" and weighing 150 pounds. >> someone spotted a mountain lion near homes not east bay. it ran from portrero avenue into the hillside natural area. the person would saw it said the lion was not showing signs of aggression and animal criminal did go -- animal control did go out there. >> the food bank is counting on voter to come through to make sure service conditions. they are half a million behind in contributions compared to this time last year and people are counting on the food bank for groceries especially children in poverty, the elderly and those with severe illness. the food bank turns every dollar it received into $5 work of food. >> we will look at the weather. it will start off cold. mike? >> yes, it is, and still worried about black ice and livermore
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the fog is thicker and less than quarter mile and the temperature, there, is 31 degrees and we have frost at pleasanton and dublin and san ramon and walnut creek at 32 and danville is 31 and close in pleasant hill and blackhawk at 31 and highway 4 is low-to-mid 40s pittsburg and antioch and brentwood. we have freezing cold temperatures in napa at 29 and santa rosa at 31 but no fog. san jose near the shark tank is 32 degrees. we will top out at 51 inland east bay to 54 south bay and north bay the warm spots. san rafael has the temperatures at 42 degrees. we will be in the mid-to-upper 50s tomorrow and thursday and friday. sue? >> a lite drive so far. you will get there on time. golden gate field to the toll plaza is file minutes which has stayed steady time-wise for the
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last half hour or so. here is what it looks like, they did not turn on the metering lights yesterday and hopefully there will be a duplicate of that. the livermore fog is affecting the drive because it is down through near the roadway and causing visibility problems and here is a look if you are headed out, bart, caltrain, muni and everyone is on time. we will look at the south bay commute coming up. >> got a bunch of gift cards for christmas you do not want? a popular stores wants to take them off your hands. >> a massachusetts boy thought >> a massachusetts boy thought he was getting a lay station
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>> cupertino, concord, wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. police arrested two people in belgium suspected of planning attacks in brussels on new year's eve. officials found isis propaganda and military-type training forms in the homes of the two suspects but did not fine weapons are on explosives. the searches are not connected to last month's paris terror attacks with four other people held before being released. all the hottest presents got too hot at this mall in texas. it is a-board that caught fire yesterday and then it exploded. someone just returned it to a kiosk because its with not
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charming properly and as the employee tried to put it in the box its burst into names. security put out the fire quickly. no one was hurt. the federal government is investigating 22 reports of hoverboard fires. >> the week after christmas can be the busiest time of area for together support. >> you hit a snag to get the gadgets you found under the tree, and we have a look at a solution, a local start-up that brings the genius bar to your front door. >> anthony is not here to make a delivery. he is here to deliver from the evil clutches of a misbehaving mac back. >> i saw a white screen come up. >> he words for a "convoy," one touch tech support. >> people are window specialists, that are mac
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experimentatives and dry specialists and we do data recovery. >> he got idea from his father's technical disaster he called microsoft support, and tried to go to the geek squad and it was so bad i had to my down to los angeles and help him 0 to fix it. >> baby boomers are the biggest customers. >> i did not grow up like the new generation. >> an infound and apple watch were under the tree. >> you get the gift and next thing, what am i going do do with it? >> that is where anthony comes in. >> this pin right here? >> appointments like this cost $139 and last for two hours a far cry from the hustle and because tell of the genius job. >> i am in school. a consumer science major. >> service jobs like driving or delivery and we are taking a model and apply it to ten jobs
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and white come already jobs. >> it lets the enands grow quickly, and they just slammed in sacramento and the monday after christmas was the busiest day yet. >> you hold it down. >> san francisco, i am jonathan bloom for abc7 news. >> a 9-year-old boy in massachusetts was devastated when he opened the christmas gifts. he thought he was get a new play station. little scott found a wooden box cut in the same size as the gaming console and on the underside? a handwritten are feign profane message. written by a thief. >> he was crying and upset and in the playroom by himself and three wants to be alone so at that point i was crushed. >> don't worry, the family went to the target store and committee tried to make it right and target gave them a brand new
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play station and a $100 gift card. as far as scott is conditioned, a rogue elf is concerned and he will write a letter to santa about that naughty elf. >> sometimes the elves go off the tracks. ait is a stressful time of year. >> last pressure. a last reindeer. >> the quarterly review come up. >> and h.r. was involved. >> maybe got behind and thought it was faster. >> exactly. >> mike? >> nothing like will ferrell. >> good morning, everyone, this is what is going on. a concern in livermore with the fog and the temperatures below freezing and it and cold this morning. we have freezing temperatures on the peninsula. it is clear at sfo and 38. at men low perk and stanford and palo alto scattered frankfort
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and foster city is 33 degrees. unlimited sunshine. have the sunglasses. limited warmth and stopping short of agency today. light rain across the north bay toll otherwise 2015 helps and 2016 begins dry. here is a look at storm tomorrow, well to the north in fact we are going do hardly have any cloud cover today and it is not until we see 5:00 a.m. tomorrow the storm makes it into ukiah and it is unimpressive with light green a small chance of light rain in the north bay and as we head through the day a sprinkle or two is possible and what we will notice more clouds are increasing and temperatures are dropping compared to today. we will have a lot of low-to-mid 50 tomorrow and round out new year with low-to-mid 50s with sunshine all the way through monday and a chap -- chance of rain next week. any issues? >> it is lite. the fog through livermore is the
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only possible issue, 101 northbound between highway 2830 and 237 is just 11 minutes. 280 from highway 101 toward highway 85 up to corps attend, still, 11 minutes. this is 880/17 overcrossing to 280 in san jose. this orange on camera is the fog on the roads which could be almosting director visibility through theism area and center caution here, green sensors is good so it does not look like the traffic is slowing too much and we will look at the drive times from the central valley and highway 4 from an together to 101 in san francisco from san rafael all looking good and green is always good. >> a very merry christmas for fitness tracking device maker fitbit the app the most down loaded on apple's app store on christmas day a sign that many could not wait to set up their
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trackers and exercise. they are dodging increase competition for other wearable devices. >> admit it, it is likely you received a gift you did not want for christmas. if that gift is the gift card you will not use, help you with card pool and you can get a credit trade in rate on a card you do not want and re-sell them, the trade in rate is slightly below the we face value and it includes 600 brands including old navy, staples and including old navy, staples and pottery barn and different with three trading days left in 2015 wall street is hoping for a
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rally. >> here are the business headlines. >> topping america's money, wall street is go out with a women per the dow and s&p are negative territory, the first time ending in the red since the recession losing 24 points and s&p 4.5 and nasdaq lost 7.5. >> and a fine for over charging new york city customers for prepack aned foods and whole food is changing certain policies on pricing. >> put your money in legos with societies have finished in value 12 percent each year since 230-- 2000 but that is only leg go sets never been opened. that is the key for the price increase. >> facebook is taking steps to
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stop a hoax that said that facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is giving away millions for people >> sounds good too to be true, saying you can be rich by posting at the thread to your page but pace book responding saying zuckerberg is not giving his money away randomly and told abc they have created an abuse fighting team that uses automatic and manual systems to catch suspicious activity. this are signs you can spot a hoax. >> look at it carefully for spelling errors and grammar errors. that is usually a sign it is coming internationally. >> privacy speakers say that you should look for the blue check marks to verify badge next to a company name to ensure that the post is legitimate. >> americans have named president obama and hillary clinton as the most admired man and woman in the world curing to a new poll. hillary clinton is the democratic frontrunner and tops
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list for the 14th straight year rounding out the top fire, is mall malala pope and donald trump tide for second bernie sanders beers and bill gates. an el significant seal on the mission creating a scene in sonoma and c.h.p. has been work hard while you have been sleeping to keep the mammal and drivers safe. drivers safe. >> special honor for a
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don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. >> here are seven things you need to know. 1,200 customs in discovery by still have to brief another chilly morning wait for pg&e to turn gas on. pg&e is trying to determine what caused the outage in the first place. >> two, check out temperatures, a cold morning. freezing cold in santa rosa and
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american can wherein and walnut creek and petaluma and palo alto and the debt of freezing fog in livermore and very dry forecast. >> three, the travel nightmare continues. for thousands of passengers still trying to get home from the holidays. thousands of flies were canceled or delays because of bad weather and 600 flights have been canceled around the nation. >> in the abc traffic center we have holiday height traffic at bay bridge no mattering lights and do not anticipate they will this morning but we are following that, of course. >> we are following this elephant seal in sonoma that is 500 pounds and is protect, trying to cross the highway. >> the so-called affluenza teen is caught in mexico. police say 18 year old ethan couch disappeared after violating probation for a drunk
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driving crash that killed four and will be turned over to the united states marshals. >> in need to keep your kids up late on new year with special count down on net nix so you can make it midnight any time you want it to be. >> very nice. you are watching the saratoga high school marching band for the first time will get to perform in the tournament of rows parade. the band loaded into the buses and hit the road for pasadena yesterday. >> have excited 9 biggest parade i will march in. we have leg parade but that is nothing compared to this. i am super excited. >> great. more than 200 students take part in saratoga high school mapping band. you can watch the brand and the tournament of roses parade on friday at 8:00 a.m.
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>> i will look for gina. >> and when bart riders pay more for the commute with no plan to build a new stadium for the raiders and what it means for raiders and what it means for team as a
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is too late to say this but baby's it's cold outside. >> never too late the. >> i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. >> and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking the temperatures. >> is what what -- that whale were sing this morning? we could have fog in all seriousness that is freezing at the elevated services. matt said he has not seen the black ice but stanley boulevard and college avenue that is where we see the freezing fog and the
5:30 am
30-degree temperatures in lynch. the rest of us have clear and cold temperatures. our warmest temperature is 48. we will get up to 50 by 4:00. >> we have a nice drive across the san mateo bridge if your travels take you from hayward to foster city and san mateo you are looking at 17-minute drive cross the flat section of the highway rise and up and over to the east bay, and one accident to report is coming off the 80 toward the richmond parkway and westbound 80 a semi and a sedan mixed it up blocking lane two with the new year's mass transit schedule coming up. >> developing right now c.h.p. is monitoring the strong willed pregnant elephant seal who tried to cross highway 37 several times. show was in the median with all cars stopped all around her. our reporter is near 37 and janet what is show up to right now? >> yes, i can tell you she is taking a break from trying to
5:31 am
cross the road. she is swim right behind us in this estuary and we saw her moments ago, she has been here throughout the night. but animal rescues and c.h.p. will continue to monitor the situation. they are not fooled. they know how determined this elephant seal can be and they are concerned she could become a public safety issue. after all, the 500 pound mammal made her way out of the bay and on to eastbound highway 37 several times yesterday and at one point as you mechanicked she tried to cross the median surrounding by cars. the mammal center believes she could be pregnant and try to get to the dry field to give birth. the c.h.p. officer had a one-on-one encounter with the mammal as he tried to get her into the estuary. >> i am monitoring her movement throughout the day to make sure safety for the ma'am ma'am and for -- mammal and the driver.
5:32 am
they cannot say for sure until she is pregnant but around this time is usually when elephant seals give big. as entertaining as she is, c.h.p. hopes she will stay in the water because it is dangerous if she made her way back out to highway 37 especially during the busy compute in the morning. >> we are rooting for her. >> hayward police are looking for whens to a hit-and-run crash that claim a woman life life. two car hit and killed a woman last night near tahoe avenue walking in a lighted crosswalk at the time. a driver stayed at the scene and talked to police and the people in the other car would got out took a look at the woman and left. their car was described as dark 1990s four door toyota and it should have damage to the windshield and hood. we do not have detailed descriptions of the people but they know they are men and were wearing hoodies. new details on the deadly hit-and-run accident in san
5:33 am
francisco's mission district on december 18. the victim now is identified as 28-year-old of san francisco and officers are stilling for the four day black honda or, perhaps, a volkswagen and the person driving it on mission street near 26th and it happened at 2:20 in the morning when itment him and took off. >> a little girl lost her mother on christmas day and police and firefighters are asking for your help. l.a.p.d. released a video showing then dropping off pregnants to a six-year old girl and her name is karma, her mom died of a medical condition christmas afternoon. authority say karma what so sweet they felt compelled to bring hour holiday cheers the best moment of one officer's year. >> it made everything we go through worthwhile for that 10 minutes with that little girl. >> here is what you can do officers started a
5:34 am
gofundme that will send her mother's body back to the whom state of florida where she will likely live her grandmother. we have a let on and i tweeted it out to make it easy to find, and our reporter will have a report from him at the top the hour. >> in santa clara, a jailer is recovering after a dozen inmate ed jumped him on christmas eve. the deputy confronted ten inmates in an unauthorized area and ordered one to put down contraband as the deputy leaned this to pick it up the inmates attacked punched and kicking hill. the deputy has cuts and bruises and possibly ligament damage. >> we have new details in the mystery of a man's body found in a u hall at the hayward bart station and now identified as 40-year-old jason anderson of bay point. we have learned a man shot by bart police is now considered a "suspect," in anderson's death. police say on christmas day they spotted him pushing the u-haul
5:35 am
and returned fire after shooting at officer. both are expected to recover. >> roaring scamp railroad park will stay closeed for now with the investigation after a crash and a small themed park train filled with passengers was smashed into a hillside and children and a group of korean tourists were inside. eight people were hurt and four were teahen to the hospital. early fining indicate that train's throttle could have been stuck. >> thieves ruin christmas for san jose state students they are discovering the kindness of strangers after ransacking home of seven students taking laptops, camera, jewelry and represents from the christmas tree. a student worked two jobs to buy them for her family. >> we got them, i come from a low income family and my sister and i were hard to try to get our family do a better place. it was devastating not having
5:36 am
them opened the gifts i wore had for. all the landlord is looking at security options and there is a gofundme page to replace the stolen items which has topped $11,000. look at this graffiti supposed to be advertising justin bieber's new album and the city of san francisco is fought liking this guerilla marketing and what the difficult is demanding from his record label. >> they are threatening to pursue all penalties and costs connected with this graffiti on the sidewalks all over san francisco. marketing justin bieber's album "purpose." sorry won't do, the city wants his record label and the distributor for foot bill for cleaning this up. >> i don't think it is something
5:37 am
that the taxpayers should have to pay for. >> city attorneyent fired off an angry letter to the singer's representatives. >> we want their full cooperation so we can get this taken care of as quickly as possible. >> he is especially infuriated the stencils were allied permanent spray paint. someone, not a believer, turned had into a critique of the pop singer. it is no joke for 9 city which spends $20 million a year eradicating graffiti. the supervisor and drafting legislation to increase fines on violators. >> we can only charged companies the cost of cleaning it up. it is just a cost doing business. there has to be some larger disincentives to prevent this lawless behavior. all the city attorney has not heard back from justin bieber's
5:38 am
we people and our phone calls we people and our phone calls were not returned. >> we movie it is cold outside. >> it is so bad. >> it is cold. very code. >> good morning, it is frosty cold in palo alto and menlo park and woodside at 31. foster city is 33. belmont and san bruno at 38. san carlos is 36. san jose is 35 and same in hayward and freezing cold at 31 in santa rosa and 29 in napa and 31 in san ramon and in livermore we are watching the fog. 87 near shark tank where it is 33 degrees. our temperatures will go from 51 to 54 degrees under total sunshine and walnut creek is 31 degrees right now. we have light rain across the
5:39 am
north bay and thursday and friday are looking dry. weekend profit is. coming up. >> the track hooped you is looking heavy and we will look and see if this is an issue and church is not reporting anything at this point. the toll plaza is getting busy but a nice eight-minute drive with more folks getting on the road and no problems here. san rafael southbound beyond the north gate mall it and picking up a little bit but no major stalls or accidents. the mass transit for new year's day, bart running on sunday schedule with extra trains on new year's eve and a.c. transit is free on new freer's eve after 8:00 and muni is free after 7:00 on new year's eve. natasha and reggie? >> a federal judge in san diego dismissed a class action lawsuit blamed by those who were we deceived about how they treat their orcas and they did not mean to bring a lawsuit on entire class of people including seaworld parks and
5:40 am
employees. >> on friday it will cost you more to ride bart. the increase is 3.4 percent amounting to 10-15 cents for a short flip that will fund new rail cars and a maintenance facility in hayward. many would like to see the money spent on cleaning trains and stakes. and solving the homeless ridership problem. the increase is part of a schedule that call for bart fares to go up every even year through 2020. >> oakland is admit they have no plan for a new stadium for the raiders and there is an important deadline coming up tomorrow. the nfl wants the city to spit a stadium plan. the "san francisco chronicle" reports leaders are saying they will not meet it. the league wants financing plans from oakland and san diego and st. louis in place by the time the owners vote next month. the owners are voting on which team or families be a official move to los angeles. >> now the warriors travel to dallas and they will take on the mavericks after putting away
5:41 am
sacramento at oracle arena and steph curry did his thing as usual, with a triple double for the six the time in his career and 23 points, 14 rebounds, ten assists. klay thompson step up at 29 points. this is the 111th straight time the dubs have defeated the weapons. final: warriors 122-103. >> this rich skid for longer on the run. next where authorities tracked down affluenza team ethan couch and his mop. and his mop. >> game of corn hole played in
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo by bay. >> this morning, the snows bracing for the first major snowstorm of the season as the country reels from deadly storms. three people are now confirmed dead in oklahoma and that brings weather-related deaths for the week at least to 49. 3,000 flights were canceled across the united states yesterday according to the night tracking service. already this morning, half of that number are delayed or canceled. >> the so-called affluenza teen who disappeared has been caught in mexico serving probation for killing four people in a d.u.i. mexican officials found 18-year-old ethan couch and his
5:45 am
mother near puerto vallarta. at the trial, his lawyer said he suffered from something called affluenza saying his rich parents coddled him into irresponsibility. the disappearance came after a video showed him playing a drinking game at a party which could mean big trouble for him. >> if that video can be authenticated and that is ethan couch he faces the possibility of up to ten years in jail and for the victim's families they say that is not enough time. >> couch's mother could face serious charges for helping her son would now is fund over to the united states nationals. -- marshals. >> tamir rice outrage is growing. cleveland is bracing for protests after a grand jury voted not to indictment a police officer for shooting and kills the 12-year-old. protesters gathered at the shot with he was shot while holding a pellet gun. the family is calling for people to express themselves
5:46 am
"peacefully and democratically," saying they are disappointed but not surprised n chicagoan officer charged with the murder in the shooting death of 17 -year-old laquan mcdonald will enter a plea. the veteran officer van dyke is seen shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times armed with a knife while walking away when when the officer opened fire. he faces since counts of first-degree murder and official misconduct in the shooting. >> a volunteer fire chief risks his life to save a man trapped in his car. and the car was on fire. he runs to the vehicle, opens the door of the vehicle, sees the drivers and he pulls him out although he knew the gas tank could have exploded at any moment. tracy it is crediting training and adrenalin. the driver is expected to survive. that is heroism on tape.
5:47 am
>> wonderful. >> now the department of trance video shot by a drone showing a massive landslide that closed highway 42 two days before christmas in oregon. officials say the highway located on the border of coos and douglas county crumbled like peanut brittle. the transportation officials now have no idea when they can re-open the road. >> crazy. >> not necessarily to this extent but we do see landslides here in the bay area with the heavy rain. >> absolutely. january and february usually are the wettest months and we have that to look forward to or to keep an eye on. right now it is dry. >> we have concerns on other end of the spectrum, it is cold on live doppler hd. still, our lowest visibility is the area dealing with fog at livermore temperatures are up to 31 and that is below freezing, thick frost at a minimum on the worst side of the spectrum we have black ice freezing fog on
5:48 am
elevated surfaces so be careful. until the sun comes up. you can see how calm and violent it has been all night. total sunshine today and light breezes. light rain cross the north bay tomorrow, and, otherwise, we have to wait until next week for significant rain. that light rain across the north bay, 20 and 10 percent today and tomorrow and not until monday we get up to 40 percent. we in 24 hours you will see the light rain and dark green in the not bay through the morning and until noon and, look, it is falling apart if the afternoon hours and the air is dry at surface it will have a hard time reaching the ground. my seven-day outlook shows we temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. >> in walnut creek i was concerned we had the shot behind you and look at the brake height s, upon u boulevard toward 24 and c.h.p. is not reporting any citizens and i am thinning there is construction in the area near highway 24 with a lane down on 680 is, perhaps, that is
5:49 am
why cars are slowing and we will keep our eye on that to the toll plaza, no slow, no metering rights yet and it is looking good headed into san francisco, we have the accident at 80 westbound by the richmond parkway out of lanes and looking for the semi truck there and well update an accident when we come back. >> thank you. a new study fine when it comes to heart tests patients in the united states get higher radiation doses. compared to parents in other countries the typical united states patient is often exposed to excessive radiation during stress tests. and that is performed on millions of people to diagnosis and treat coronary artery disease. that study is published by jama internal medicine. >> millions of voters may have had personal information hacked. an analyst has come cross a database contains names and addresses and birth dates and
5:50 am
part affiliation of 191 million voters across the country but no financial data or social security numbers were found on it go bag to 230 one has taken responsibility. atwo snowmobiles are arrested after making it through the night. and michael finney has answered and michael finney has answered about a carbon hotel --
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> a rescue of two snowmobiles were stuck if a canyon riding
5:53 am
south of lake tahoe when they were stuck. it was getting dark and they spend the night in a snow made tree well with not a lost food or drink but they survived they are doing all right. >> kudos to the survival skills. >> the secret service jumped into action when a drone got too close to president obama's motorcade with secret service agents speaking with the drone operator. the man said he saw the motorcade but did not know it belongs to the president. agents say he complied and will not face charges. the president went on to play a round of goal of on the hawaiian vacation. >> who do you think it belonged to? >> republican presidential candidate jeb bush spent the day in his whom state of florida offering advise on...selfies. >> for the record wrong people do it better than older people so we will go through a training class here. it is cooler to do it diagonally rather than straight up.
5:54 am
remember that. it is better to do it higher than normal because you look skinny. am i right? >> good to know. and he challenged republican frontrunner donald trump to a one-on-one debate and reiterated his claim that donald trump is a chaos candidate. though are in a war of words after bush directly con fronted donald trump at the g.o.p. debate in las vegas early this month. >> new we know, i thought horizontally was good enough but it has to be diagonal to get the best selfie. >> lip not the double chin. >> not that you have one. livermore and san jose doing great for seasonal rainfall and the rest of us lacking behind we still need more and today is now the day, it will be forecasty
5:55 am
for dog walking but nicer this afternoon and not a bad day to garden with a ton of sunshine and dry air is making running tough. low-to-mid 50s through the central valley and low 60s across the south bay and the lake tahoe seven-day forecast is not snowing any time soon. we will see for new area's day we have snow and we look forward to. we will report back. from marin county to san francisco, it is nice, with four lanes in the south direction and no delays in the city from san rafael and look, like a 20-minute ride. fog in livermore vietnam is an issue and we have a car fire at the stanford exit northbound 280 page mill road with cars getting by this nicely. we will check on the richmond accident on 80 in the next report. >> as new year's day is closer and closer the pressure is mounting for the team building the we famous rose parade floats
5:56 am
have for be ready on thursday for voting. volunteers pay attention to the small of the detail that make a huge difference in the award. this is a federal-time be joe. >> people will work until midnight taking four hours off and everyone is back starting at 5:00al. all the parade theme is "find your adventure," every float has a team and focus and miracle gro is using 100 percent california flowers and another highlighting the number one dairy supplier and kaiser permanente showing those would have made a different from ensure in the community. >> you can catch it on espn with the rosabal starting at 2:00 p.m. >> a tailgate tradition is hoping people gear up for another big time college football showdown. astrange. check out this out of this world kickoff to the cotton bowl helping students from michigan
5:57 am
state and alabama lying to set a word record for the largest game of corn hole ever. cheerleaders dropped giant bean bags out on to the boards below and it is quite an expense. the face off is thursday, with cotton deal kicking off at, on sister network espn. >> i don't want to be on the receiving end of that. >> you can ring in 2016 with abc7 with dick clark's rockin' new area's eve starting at 8:00 and a break at 11:00 with the news and then countdown continues at 11:30 the awe have a warning for anything taking over counter painkillers and how they could lead to serious health concerns. >> federal investigators are now >> federal investigators are now involved after a series of
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is a chilly start to the day. i am natasha zouves. >> i know you want to hit the snooze. don't do it. i am reggie aqui. mike nicco will ease you in. it is a cold one. >> it was tough this morning. the big concern is livermore, less than quarter-mile visibility so that mean as lot of moisture in the air and democrats are below freezing and a lot of the moisture is freezing to the elevated surfaces with black ice on one extreme and fog at the other. mount tamalpais shows the 12 hour day planner and the forecast will not last beyond 8:00 and temperatures will jump into the 50s by noon. sue? yes, we are looking at slow traffic and just mainly through walnut creek and here is a look at the east shore freeway, though, this is looking pretty good. it looks like it is getting more


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