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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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only yesterday, this view caused one family dearly. >> perfect light, perfect view. absolutely beautiful. >> gorgeous, gorgeous weather. friendly people. we had a great experience. but not every tourist is as lucky. yesterday morning, an 87-year-old man were photographing the city's skyline along twin peaks boulevard. two men in their 20s approached. >> they demanded the camera from the victim and he gave them the camera at that time. kind of behind an intimidation factor and then after he received the camera, the suspect shoved the 81-year-old male down to the ground. >> police say the man was knocked unconscious and required hospitalization. his wife suffered a bruised rib;. the family lost their high-end camera, french pass ports and money. >> i think it ees
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>> suzanne says she never expected to feel on gourd while on vacation. >> i'd like to think that the u.s. is a safe place to travel. and certainly can be. >> tonight, the thieves remain at large. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> new details now on a violent attack on a santa clara county jail guard. this is a picture of a weapon. it appears to be a shank of some sort. it happened at the elmwood correctional facility. the deputy had told them to leave and they're not supposed to be in. one of the inmates dropped that weapon. that's when authorities started kicking and punching him. the deputy is now recovering at home.
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because of the attack, two guards are now assigned to watch the inmates instead of just one. >> a hayward family is now making funeral arrangements for their mother who is killed crossing a busy street last evening. the driver who hit her took off after getting out of the car and seeing what happened. >> police do not have a license plate only that they were wearing hood days. the family is heartsick that they took off and showed no remorse at all and refused to take responsibility for taking a life. >> the accident happened along the boulevard where cars routinely wising by. 65 yeerlt was mowed down just after dark by two southbound vieks. the second driver stopped and is coop rating with police.
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the driver and the two passengers in the first vehicle stopped and got out t. the family came out to the scene shaken and saddened. that people could have no compassion for their mother. >> we're praying for my mom. pedestrians say it's still unsafe to cross here. >> is that because the cars drive so fast? >> yes. this is a speeding area. >> a widow with three daughters, a son and three grandchildren. they have a message for the people in the car that killed her. >> guys, whoever you are right now, the police are looking for you. and i forgive you.
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no matter what. >> the police are still searching for video that might lead them to the car and driver. >> it's important for the driver to come forward and just say what happened. that i had're going to be the ones that know the best. >> in hayward, david louis, abc 7 news. >> a real tragedy, a four-year-old boy drowned in a bathtub. emergency personnel on scene, they atempblted to resuscitate the boy, but the efforts were unsuccessful. the boy was in the care of a relative. >> san francisco fire that killed a cat this morning. the blaze started in a top floor unit of this apartment building. fire fighters got the fire under control in 30 minutes, but that was just too late for a cat that was unable to escape the planes. smoke rising from a burning garbage truck in san francisco today.
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drivers did have to deal with delays. >> a wayward seal is on her way to a safe place right now via a truck. this has been a two-day drama. abc 7 news reporter has been following the animal all day. she joins us live from highway 37. >> the big headline, chris tin, which is the name they gave the elephant seal, is pregnant. vets actually did an ultrasound. so even more important that she is on her way to a safe place. take a look at this video. you have got to see how this played out late this afternoon. it actually worked out
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perfectly. as the workers were able to coach her on to the mud side. then, using a tarp that had to be borrowed from six flags, about 15 people dragged her on the mud flap to a lift truck which was very necessary. >> they're going to meet us at the back gate and put the tray down and basically let her go down on the beach and take it easy from there. >> this all started on monday. yesterday and today, researchers in a kayak tried everything they
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could to shoe her away from the road. but none of it worked. a very stubborn seal. as you can see, experts say that is the nature of the animal. they all are. so in addition to the health and well being, the secondary problem helped traffic on highway 37. a lot of people slowly even stopping in lanes to try to get a glimpse of what was going on. hopefully, that is coming to an end. just one other note, this is birthing season right now. so she could have her pup any time now. >> as you can see from this traffic image, it is about 7 miles per hour for drivers in
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navarro. you see a lot of red there. it does pick up north of that point. >> we'll keep tabs on that seal's progress. but, for the moment, let's move on. >> the dose it takes to counter effect it is very small. even just touching a contaminated surface and then touching your face is enough to be infected with neurovirus. >> hand washing is still the best defense which can cause vomting and diarrhea. this is still considered a typical year for neurovirus. no better, no worse. but california reports a spike staid wide. >> the woman charged in an aent
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muslim attack is now banned. denise slater to stay away from the man she's accused of throwing hot coffee at during her rant. the vel phone video shows later this month. >> is an arsonist on the loose in the north bay? >> we've had five here in the last ten days. >> from a church to a health center, a lot of people on edge. >> plus, trying to undo the horror of combat. abc 7 news listening to a new device that can help veterans dealing with ptsd. >> out with the old, in with the new year.
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a string of fires with a possible arsonist. this map shows you just how close all of these fires have been. a couple within just an hour of each other. abc 7 news reporter spoke with investigators. she's live with the latest. >> well, the russian river health center has been boarded up and part of the roof clansed. investigators are taking a hard look which firefighters believe could be the work of an arsonist. >> it easterble. this affects the whole river. a lot of people go to this place. it's a really valuable service. >> he shares the picture he took early saturday morning. this is the building today. completely guted by a fire.
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>> neighbor shot video. she says the community is on high alert for a possible arsonist. >> they just had cameras put outside recently. so, yes, people are taking it very serious. >> this is one of five fires in the past ten days. one, a vacant building that firefighters think could be connected to the incident at the health center. it's a former hotel just a block away. it appears someone broke in. west county health set up a mobile unit. the health center has been in the community for 40 years. >> you know, many young people choose to smoke e-cigarettes.
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those devices pose health hazards just like traditional smokes. an extract of smoke from e-cigarettes and they treated human cells with it inside the lab. cells develop dna damage faster&died sooner when they were exposed to e-cigarette vapor. >> we've all heard of the dangerous second-hand smoke. cats face more risks than dogs. easing the strain of post-traumatic stress disorder. abc 7 news has more. >> 2006, army ser jent was on night patrol when a roadside bomb blew up his truck.
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>>. >> the machinist suffered a perforated eardrum. invisible wounds continue to haunt him. i just -- i didn't know. i couldn't see myself. then, he heard about a new research study from veterans with ptsd. >> researchers were studying how stimulating a nerve on the side of the face may reset brain waves. >> when people go through a
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traumatic event, the brain can sometimes get rewired. >> doctors say many people don't realize the language of the brain is electricity. these devices use current, kind of like the current in the 9 volt battery. >> doctor luckter is working with the va to recruit more veterans who served since 9/11. >> a massive solar e rumgs is about to hit earth just before new year's eve. and there's a small chance it could make the northern lights visible in the bay area.
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the aurora borealis will dip down to at least oregon. scientists say if you're flying early tomorrow, you're likely to see the northern lights between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. >> the same storm that produced flooding in the midwest is forecast to turn into a movnser storm as it moves out of the u.s. we're talking 100 mile per hour winds and huge waves. at the north pole, scientists say it could push temperatures 50 degrees above normal for this time of year. >> certain shrill cold in the bay area. this is a picture of the number
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four fareway just covered in ice. >> when you see news where ewe live, take a photo or video and share it with us. we're going to show it on air or on our site, >> i was unaware i needed my ice scraper this morning. >> yes, tomorrow morning, you'll have it. there's definitely a chill in the air right now. we'll be seeing more. take a look at this picture it was posted on my facebook page. and, yes, you will need that. you will be seeing more pictures. make sure to send your photos with the hash tag, abc 7 news. we'd like to see your photos. mid to upper 20s for the coldest spots this morning. 30 in livermore. look at that. low 30s, san jose. san francisco, 41 degrees.
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right now, live doppler 7 hd showing you mainly clear conditions. some clouds starting to roll in. 48 right now, mountain view, 46. san jose, you're still in the low 50s. dry conditions there. snow showers expected tomorrow morning. but after that, it's fine if you're headed up for new year's've. upper 40s in navarro, napa, livermore. here's a look at the forecast. tomorrow morning, with the cloud cover increasing from the north, you will notice that the temperatures were up slightly. it's still going to be cold. don't let that cloud cover fool you. morgan hill, 28. 33 in san jose.
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when you get going, you will need the scarves and the gloves. 36 san rafael. tomorrow morning, the clouds start to increase. a chance of a sprinkle, 10:00 a.m. in the north bay. and, really u it's just going to be a sprinkle. we're not expecting much more out of this. a if you would more clouds linger in. and then we fast forward to the real possibility of rain, which is going to be early next week. we won't see a wet pattern returning. it's now looking as wednesday, as well. it's dry through the new year's eve, new year's day holiday, the weekend. and then we bring in a chance on monday morn tuesday and wednesday. it's going to be chilly tomorrow afternoon.
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chilly in san francisco, mid 40s, clear skies, dropping down to 43 degrees. hopefully, you can koes sill up to somebody. accuweather sunday forecast. we're going to keep the chill in the forecast for you. and then saturday morning, sunday morning will be cold. new year's eve, new year's day, will be on the bright side, keeping it dry. tuesday, storm impact scale is a two. >> you can see what's wrong with this picture. we'll explain what it is if you haven't spotted it. that's next. >> the deadly storm on the move right now during rush hour. and the plane that landed there in the west entirely missing the runway. a lot to get to tonight right here on abc 7 news.
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>> tag along for a holiday
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google glass isn't going away. in fact, there's a new look for it. the mountainview company is developing a product to be used as a tool for the workplace. it's being called the enterprise edition or google glass ee. it has a better internal hardware. google has addressed the biggest concern, that's the camera. the new plans will incleed a green light that turn on when video is being recorded. samsurks, ng to include cheaper phones in the u.s. the move heats up the electronic payment rivalry for competitors like applepay and paypal. >> twitter takes action to try to boost the hiring of women and
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minorities. the social media giant has hired jesse as a diversity and inclusion. he held a similar tradition at apple. the san francisco media of female employees with 35% and minorities to 11%. >> we have an incredible moment caught p caught on camera to share with you. photographer captures the split second when a safety binding snaps open as a skier was competing at the women's world cup. the skier did fall, obviously u but she is okay. and an incredible rescue in alberta, canada shows how skiers and snow borders had to repel down from a chair lift after it broke down. the damage seems to have come from a failure in a new oil pump in a gear boxz.
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there were more than 100 passengers on that ski lift. everybody off safely. >> the giants may be interested in outfielder. on line reports say the giants are more than a handful of teams. san francisco is looking to hold a power bag to their outfield. the reports say the chicago white sox and baltimore orioles are the front runners now. >> and let's talk pig skin. we can watch college football on espn thursday. then u at 5:00, number three, michigan state plays number two, alabama at at&t stadium. it all leads up to the naushl championship game, january 11th, which is on espn.
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good stuff. >> a boston giant goes on a joyride. >> mike tyson takes on one of those most popular christmas gift ins decades.
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. you are invited to ring in 2016 with abc 7. dick clark's new year's rocking eve with a break for abc 7 news at 11:00. and then the countdown to 2016 continues at 11:30 with more new year's rocking eve. >> and coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, the nfl won't be getting a financing plan from the city of oakland. but that will be getting a letter. tonight, asking legal officials. >> how about this training lizards and sharks the same way
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you would a dog? breaking down the effort underway for the california academy of sciences. it's all coming up in half an hour. >> check this out. a catholic priest found himself in one holy mass, you might say, after using a hover board during mass. you like that, huh? well, he couldn't wait to try out one of his gifts and used it to go up and down the aisles as he sang christmas songs. >> the priest was suspended because mass is "the church's highest form of worship." >>. the priest looked like a pro there, right? but sometimes it doesn't look that flawless. >> mike tyson posted this video on instagram. >> he took it for a few spins, no problem. but down goes tyson. down goes tyson. >> he's okay.
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>> i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in half an hour. >> bye, bye. breaking news tonight. the deadly storms wreaking havoc. deadly crashes in the snow and ice in the east. the race against time in the midwest. the national guard now called in. and at this hour, thousands of flights canceled coast to coast. the ripple effect for millions trying to get home. the fugitive caught. the mother and son found in puerto vallarta. the teen before and after, dying his hair. authorities say, on the run with help from his mother. allegedly skipping probation after driving drunk and killing four. the emergencies in the air. the small plane that crashed into a downtown building. and the passenger jet that landed in the u.s., missing the runway. peyton manning and allegations surrounding human growth hormone. tonight, the new turn. you will hear the recorded phone call, allegedly made to the clinic. and, millions of a


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