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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> it's cold out there right now with another chilly night ahead. you're looking at the bay. both sides. gorgeous but most of us won't be able to warm up using a fire this weekend. good afternoon and happy new year. >> let's get right to meteorologist, drew, with this first spare the air advisory of the winter. drew? >> yeah, not the news you want to hear that you can't burn wood over the next 24 hours. you have another freeze warning in effect. here is the spare the air in effect for saturday. we will see poor air quality in santa clara valley. it is because the air over the next 24 hours will become stagnant and trap some pollutants near the surface. not healthy for those with hard
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times breathing. current temperatures, 48 in san francisco. 49 in san jose. overnight tonight, the north bay getting chilly. a freeze washing going into effect at 11:00 tonight. lasting until tomorrow morning with lows in mid 20s to lower 30s. kind of through this routine where you want to cover sensitive plants. as you go overnight tonight, dropping into the 30s in a lot of spots. early morning hours just below freezing. not the same story for sunday. we are tracking multiple chances for rain. that is the active forecast in a few min puts. >> thank you so much, drew. smoke from wood-burning fires can be very unhealthy. the bay area management district said soot has been connected to asthma and lung disease. it gets worse when it is cold and there is very little wind.
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>> when the weather gets cold like today, people do burn. plus the other source of the pollutant, that increases levels of articles in the air. >> air quality officials will decide tomorrow if they will extend the wood burning ban through sunday. >> california's ban has been lift aid long parts of the california coast just to our south but that's not making life better for fishermen around here. chris nguyen is live in santa cruz with the story. chris? >> reporter: kristen, good afternoon. the crabbing season has officially begun but it does come with some restrictions. public health restrictions say it is unsafe to eat crab in northern california and they are unsure of when the ban will be lifted. at the santa cruz harbor boat yard, crab fishing boats remain tied up at the dock. >> the season is already half gone. >> a challenging time for him
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and his family. >> challenging time in the industry. the weather is unpredictable. >> closing the dungeoness crab, with an algae bloom caused by el nino. testing levels show it is undetectib undetectible for rock or dungeoness crab. >> i'm always going to want that crab. i'm from maryland. at the same time, not until i get better information on it. >> some restaurants in the area purchased their crab from out of state. others have taken it off the menu all together because of rising costs. it is too soon to tell whether crab prices will go down. boats in santa cruz have yet to travel south. operators aren't sure it is worth the trip. >> when there are a thousand
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boats fishing around you or five or ten boats fishing around you. >> usually by this time of of the year we probably have had crab at least three times. and we really miss it. >> reporter: from santa cruz, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> the police believe drugs and alcohol are responsible for the death of a pedestrian. investigators say a 33-year-old man was hit and killed by a big rig just east of ba soon valley road. witnesses reported seeing the man dancing on the freeway just before he was hit by the truck. >> he pulled over right away. he cooperated. gave a full statement. and it was basically nothing he could do to avoid the collision. >> the name of the man killed hasn't been released. authorities found his car disabled a short distance away. >> san francisco police are searching for the shooter or shooters who injured a cab driver who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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the shooting happened near fill more around 9:20 last night. the cab driver has since been released from the hospital. katie has the story. >> i heard shots, six. >> reporter: the woman who heard gunfire said it woke her up. >> it was so close. >> reporter: it ha happened on the same block as a police substation. police will only say it was a shooting and a bystander was hit in the upper torso. that victim is a cab driver with yell why cab. we talked with cab drivers on the job the morning after. >> i was scared. >> i always drive through this neighborhood. >> probably 98, 99% of passengers you pick up just want it get some place. what's going on on the sidewalk or on the streets, you really don't have a hell of a lot of control over sometimes. >> reporter: there are
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conflicting reports as to whether the driver was sitting in his cab or walking toward it when he was shot but police say he will survive his injury. san francisco police are asking anyone with any information about the shooters to come forward. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> health officials plan it test even more wells for e.coli. two wells have already tested positive. county health officials say there are no reports of any sickness but now they are expecting testing to dozens of other wells. it sun known if the contamination includes any potentially deadly strains of e.coli. >> a reminder if you're taking down your christmas decorations today. don't throw away the broken holiday lights into the crash. experts say they can take up to 1,000 years. >> that's a long time. >> to break down in a landfill. cities like san leandro are hosting holiday light recycling programs. residents are urged to drop their lights from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. starting monday.
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>> the warriors hope to continue the magic of 2015 into the new year. the nba champs return to their winning ways last night beating the houston rockets for their 30th win of the season. they had lost just their second game of the year the night before. they played both games without reigning mvp stef curry who is out with a leg injury. no word if steph will be back when they hit the court against the nuggets tomorrow night. it'll be their 150th straight sell-out. >> pretty impressive. still ahead at 4:00, 800 new laws in california. the changes that could affect you. >> plus -- [ star wars theme ]. >> look at that. sight and sounds of the tournament of roses parade. >> 2016 is all about polar bears and bare arms. find out the other crazy ways people rang in the new year. that story coming up. >> new at 4:30, a chameleon cake.
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we will tell you about the special dessert that changes colors. >> we will answer questions live a little bit later. search for michael finny on facebook or twitter to ask fin oo. >> a live look outside right now. temperatures showing skyways. traffic is light especially for those of you heading south. while head together bay bridge, still a little crowded
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blamed for at least 22 deaths in missouri and illinois. waters are finally starting to
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recede in some flooded communities. abc 7 news reporter is in valley clark, missouri with the story. >> reporter: a welcome sight for residents. >> it is historic. >> reporter: including the millers. calling this a first. >> never. not in our lifetime. >> flash floods. 16 4 /* 4 -- 141 corridor usually floods a little bit, opens in a few hours but this has been three or four days now. it is mind-boggling. >> we were relieved, right when it peaked. >> reporter: capturing this neighborhood of his flooded neighborhood, he was one of hundreds in the suburbs of st. louis told to evacuate. many still not allowed to return home with authorities warning the danger isn't over yet. this flooding was historic for the meramec river, cresting in valley park, four feet above the record setback in 1993.
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the water is starting to recede. with clean-up just beginning, national guard will remain activated until at least saturday. >> we weren't done yet. we still got a lot more to do. >> reporter: a long road ahead for so many. in fact, in low-lying areas including where we are, more than 100 roads are still under water. abc news, valley park, missouri. >> under sunny skies, 120th tournament of roses parade took over the streets of pasadena this morning. >> these kids, they are known for mischief. >> stanford cardinal marching band showing off originality at the rose parade in pasadena airing here on abc 7. along the biggest attractions, disney float. it won the parade's extraordinare trophy. look, you can see why. it had three movie sections starting with elsa's ice palace
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from "frozen." followed by the disneyland castle. and check it out. star wars, of course, to celebrate the force awakens. [ star wars theme ] >> hovering over the disney float, the longest at the rose parade. 166 feet long. disney is the parent company of abc 7. more than 700,000 spectators turned out to watch in person. >> a leap of faith this morning in san francisco. plenty of brave souls took the plunge to start 2016. though onlookers may have wondered if participants knew what season it was. tiffany wolfson shows us. >> reporter: bathing suites and ice skates, polar bear skates. >> it is all about the young, old and bikini bold. >> yeah, great way to start the year. >> at the aquatic center, more
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exposed skin. >> we're having our annual new year's day swim from alcatraz. >> 120 bold swimmers embrace the waves. >> when you first get in, it does take your breath away. you swim pretty fast. then the pain sets in. and after a while, the pain goes away because you get numb. >> sounds delightful. mile and a quarter race quickly became a battle between generations. 57-year-old suzanne and 17-year-old noah out front, near the finish line, suzanne shows no mercy. >> it was invigorating, i would say. you were on my tail for quite a while. >> reporter: those observers might call the tradition crazy, competitors love their january baptism in the bay. >> it keeps you young. something to look forward to. >> reporter: a great experience. you can see the golden gate bridge on one side. you look over and you see the bay bridge on the other side.
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>> now noah has his goal for 2017. >> next new year's day i'm going for first place for sure. >> reporter: a new year, a new dream. tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> quite a few people here. and party people in italy. they plunged into 2016 leaping from a bridge into rome's chilly river. the tradition began more than two decades ago and the number of participants grows every year. become quite the tour ust attraction. this bridge is not all that high above the river but rescue teams and life boats are standing by in case they're needed. >> wow. cold just looking at them. well, it's the season for snow and an oregon man is showing off an incredible creation. leaving people wondering, is that an elephant in your yard? jeremiah carved this huge elephant out of snow. it looked so realistic, his mom, renee, took these pictures and
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posted them on facebook. jeremiah said he used gray paint to make it look more real. >> elly turned 45 today. black rhinos are critically endangered but she's done her part to keep the species going. she has had 14 off spring. she is also a grandmother to 15 rhinos. living to 45 is a really big deal. >> it is. take a look at this. waves of snowballs? this video is being described as a stunning natural phenomenon. the ocean off a remote town in maine was filled with snow balls after the first snowstorm of the air hit the area. the man thought it was so cold and windy that snow hit the water but didn't melt so it remains slushy on the surface. >> great video. >> yeah. >> no snow here in the bay area but plenty of frost. it's been colder than normal.
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meteorologist, drew, joining us from the roof. >> you want to join me? nice and chilly. really after tomorrow, we have days that include chances of rain. this is a nice pattern to see where multiple storms are forecasted on the seven-day. let's take you to the seven-day. a really nice night in terms of the sky. partly cloudy but chilly. es a those clouds will keep most places warmer than we were last night. so a little bit after silver lining there. we will take you live outside and show you we do have partly cloudy skies. with cirrus clouds. it does call for freezing cold. but this time it is confined to the north bay. that's the last location to see the clouds overnight. they will cool off the fastest tonight. clouds do increase tomorrow. wet pattern, yes, does begin sunday. >> 49 currently in san francisco. 48 in nevada. at 48 in mountain view. 50 in hayward.
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47 in antioch. it is cool out there. overnight we have the freeze warning for the north bay. beginning at 11:00 tonight. you do drop to 30 in santa rosa. freezing mark in vallejo. elsewhere, 35 in san jose. 38 oakland. 33 in antioch. tomorrow, not as bright of a day as it was today. we will see clouds increasing throughout the day. and that's going to bump temperatures up more than we saw today. 52 in san francisco. 55 in san jose. same in oakland. 50 vallejo. up to 54 degrees. sunday, here comes our first storm. a 1 on the storm impact. and generally light showers moving through and light winds. so as we go into sunday afternoon and evening, you do notice the rain was hugging the coast and there are showers for the longest time, right around half moon bay point and then it slowly inches its way inland. as it does so, it really just falls apart early monday
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morning. so i do expect a wide range of rain fall totals with this first storm sunday. future tracker rain fall totals shows you right along the coast half moon bay, half inch of rain and in san francisco and a cross the bay, rain fall totals drop to a quarter inch in oakland. less than that in livermore. then on the storm impact, back to back storms and first one tuesday and next one wednesday. both will be a 2 on our storm impact scale and both will bring 1 to 2 inches of rain and gusty winds at times. and look at the total rain fall as we go through thursday. and this is going to be a pretty impressive rain over 3 inches likely in san francisco. and in oakland and maybe over 4 inches in santa rosa. and 2 1/2 inches of rain fall in san jose. the forecast is partly cloudy. mostly cloudy sunday. rain moving onshore into monday. tuesday and wednesday, the
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strongest storms moving in and then there's still chances of rain thursday and friday. so i hope you know where your umbrella is. it gets a workout as most of us go back to work and school after the holidays. >> thanks to you, drew. >> up next, new year, new gadgets. looking what could ahead in 2016. >> and new at 4:30. a reminder that politics does not take new year's day off. the message in the sky to donald trump today. >> at 4:20, let's track your traffic on the first day of the new year. this is walnut creek. 680 southbound on your rice hand side. clearly in
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people love their gadgets, right? especially under tech savvy bay area. we look at some of the next step innovations. many i'm hoping for in the new year. >> cool new tech. i head it stanford university where it is being dreamed up as we speak. what did the engineering
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students think will be rolled out next? >> driveless car. when you commute to work, will you be in a self-driving car? >> eventually probably yeah. right now it is a little bit scary. >> the google driveless car, they think it is right around the corner. and they're right. big car brands have plans for autonomous driving elements in 2016. a huge wild card could aep will be planning a car? they filed a bunch of automotive patents p. >> they will appear first in environments that are low speed and controls. industrial campuses downtown and the like. but nearly self-driving cars are already here. >> on the fun side -- >> the car dominates. >> gaming will sea lot of new games. we see games without the weird virtual reality goggles. >> next soon to be reality, room service robots. technology is here but a word of
4:24 pm
warning from these two stanford brains. >> he is becoming -- >> officer leaves. >> and there will be a time where there are no jobs any more. and everything is being done by machines. which is very scary actually. >> lightning round on a few projects. >> drones you wear? that's cool. amazon delivery drones. also cool, but not happening until we get some significant legislation on these things. >> with tech titans revolutionizing consumer space travel, the new frontier all over again. >> and in a very short period of time the very rich will play abs lie exorbitant sums for a couple minutes. >> how about a new iphone 7 but why not break the naming convention. >> the u-phone. >> reporter: and the one invention that kids and college students everywhere really need? >> okay.
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>> how long have you had this? >> i've had this for two months now. they want unbreakable glass for next iphone, or is it the u-phone. >> they need to come up and invent the unbreakable glass. >> true. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. where 800 laws took effect today in california. up next, the ones you want to know about including important change for bikers and drivers. >> also more than 24 hours later, there dubai skyscraper is still smoldering. here is someone who got out safely. talk about a terrifying experience. stay with us be we'll be right back.
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who helped make slea difference last yearose for thousands of local foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies. thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa. and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent, anyone can help a foster child. thank you. thank you. gracias por su ayuda. [baby coos] thank you.
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all right. we want to look at the headlines now as we approach 4:30 on the first day of the new year. and air quality is poor now. that prompted the first spare the air alert of the winter season. the alert takes effect at midnight. that means you can't burn a fire in your fire place or anywhere indoors or outdoors for 24
4:30 pm
hours. a family in vallejo is starting 2016 without a home after a fire. abc 7 news reporter alisa harrington tweeted about the charred frame of the house. coming up at 5:00, how all of the people inside manage to escape. a new year's fire got close to landing plane around midnight. laura anthony has video of those shots going off and at 5:00 find out why the pilot may not have known anything about it. the new year brings more than 800 new laws in california, including one that requires everyone riding a bicycle to open at least one year. lee an is live in ain san francisco to tell us. >> reporter: you can't name them all. for example, cheerleaders may be treated as employees by professional authorities teams. who would have thunk?
4:31 pm
bicyclists will continue have free access to golden gate bridge. i have to say this year a lot of attention was put on other things with two wheels. the 4 foot wide bike lanes just got more congested. beginning today, they will be open to hover boards. to the dislike of some. >> i think it would be funny to watch. i think a lot of people will be falling. they take off the whole lane, right? i don't know, could be annoying. >> riders must be at least 16 years old and wear helmets. plenty of people are under 16 and not wearing helmets. >> i think as long as everyone is courteous, i think it'll work. >> wearing ear plugs in both ears while riding are not allowed. >> you can wear just one though? >> yeah. but the very unbalanced feeling to do that. it is like listening to two different conversations. >> so you're not going to change? >> probably not. >> and a few seconds later, they
4:32 pm
were on again. some other laws, from $9 to $10 an hour although higher in most bay area cities. the gun control resulted in several new laws, concealed weapons are banned on college campuses, 19 other states have similar laws. also a family member or law enforcement can ask the court to temporarily take someone's gun away. if they think he will harm others or themselves. vaccines will be mandatory for k-12 students. parents can no longer ask for a personal belief exemption only medical skejss will be allowed. it was one of the most controversial issues in sacramento this year. >> and all the work police mention a needing a search warrant before looking at any of your devices. grades 7 through 12 now includes topics like hiv and gender identity. in the newsroom, wait a minute --
4:33 pm
>> thank you. >> president obama is expected to announce a new executive order on gun control as early as next week. the white house says the president will discuss his options with attorney general loretta lynch monday when he returns from vacation in hawaii. sources say the goal is to close the so-called gun show loophole which allows people it buy a weapon without a background check. mr. obama has been showing frustration with congress. we're not taking action following a string of mass shootings. he said this is the unfinished business of his presidency and calls for public support in weekly address. >> effortlessly available guns available for anyone, the rest of us have to be passionate and well organized in our defense of our kid. >> national rifle association has declined to comment on the president's potential move. authorities in dubai are still working to determine the cause of a massive fire and high rise
4:34 pm
luxury hotel. still coming from the 63-story building more than 24 hours after the fire broke out. sources say the blaze started when curtains caught fire inside a residence on the 20th floor. amazingly authorities say everyone got out safely with only 16 minor injuries reported. the go-pro video shows just how thick that smoke was. one man said he wasn't afraid of the fire as much as the thick smoke. >> if this is my last -- my last chance then, so be it. >> the fire began just as crowds began gathering for the annual new year's eve fireworks display which went on as planned. dubai faced a series of recent fires, a similar blaze last february, damaged an 86-story tower, one of the world's tallest apartment buildings. >> an all-out search is in israel for the deadly attack at a popular bar in tel aviv. opening fire killing two people and wounding at least seven others. authorities know the shooters
4:35 pm
identity. they say he is an scla arab. he saw a tv news footage. the exact motive for the shooting is unknown but the tel aviv mayor says it appears to be an act of terrorism. >> singer natalie cole died. daughter of legend nat king cole rose to fame in the '70s with her smash hit "this will be." her career peaked with the album unfo unforget utable with love. it had reworked versions of some of her father's best songs. she had hepatitis that forced her to undergo a kidney transplant. she was 69 years old. >> politics never takes a break. look at this message spotted today above the tournament of roses parade. the presidential front-runner donald trump reads america is great. trump is disgusting. anybody but trump. the message could be seen from a
4:36 pm
10-mile radius. reporting that sky writing company hired by millionaire who supports ma,o rubio's campaign. another republican candidate is catching flak relating to the rose bowl. stanford >> she is pandering for votes ahead of the iowa caucuses. >> fighting to stay hope in mer said just north of fresno, sisters of the valley have been producing helium product made with cannabis. product won't make anyone high but reporter from our sister station in fresno has the story. >> sister kate and sister darcy are tending their crops in merced. they consider themselves nuns
4:37 pm
but aren't catholic and don't consider themselves religious. their plant do not contain thc. the substance that creates the marijuana high. they believe creating these healing goods is a spiritual quest. >> so we spend no time on bended knee but when we mach our medicine it is a prayerful environment. prayerful time. videos of operation set to music have become popular on the internet. it's sister kate's business and sister darcy is the apprentice. >> it is more for me about the sisterhood and the movement to be, to live and work with other women and to do positive things for the community. and obviously for the world. because we ship it everywhere. >> they sell their product on-line at etsy, known for handmade items. claiming their substance offeres a treatment for a whole lot of problems. >> we make oil which takes away
4:38 pm
seizures. and a million other things. and we make a salve, a multipurpose salve, it has diaper rash, toothache. >> but the production is threatened. there is a proposed ban on all marijuana cultivation. >> yes. it is frustrating to me because there are all these people with negative attitudes about something that is truly god's gift. >> the sisters and their supporters are hoping to keep what they are doing legal. >> regulate and tax. that's all they want them to do. >>. >> i'm still taking questions from twitter and facebook. i'll answer your questions right here live a little later.
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>> and a live look from our cam have a showing you the sunset of 2016 doing so under partly cloudy skies. more freeze warnings in effect overnight tonight. how low do we go in the accuweather forecast. >> at 4:39, let's check your traffic. that's 101 southbound heading towards the city moving in both directions. possibly hair thicker on the on carne asada or carnitas. not agree but four out of five who got their health insurance
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prepare for a test. a video that's fascinating on the internet. >> yeah, it has to do with the icing on this optical illusion cake. the question, what color is it? it changes color depending on which angle you view it from. check it out. it was uploaded on youtube by charlotte sometime who appears to be a cake decorator. >> it showes a spinning cake that changes from yellow orange and pink to green, blue and purple. totally cool. the dress of the pastry world. it was gold and white or blue or something? >> i don't know. but that is cool. >> our accuweather update and cold weather we're facing. hi, drew. >> yeah. i don't know if that cake is edible. >> i was thinking that, too. does it taste any good? that what i want to know. >> we are tracking partly cloudy skies just south of san jose and just off the coast. we will see partly cloudy skies overnight tonight.
4:42 pm
temperature wise right now, most spots holding in upper 40s. 50 in hayward. 49 in san jose. sitting at 46 and 47 currently in antioch. overnight tonight, freeze warning. this one just for the north bay. reducing the coldest temperatures falling below freezing once again. 30 in santa rosa. 29 in napa. 32 vallejo. otherwise, 40 san francisco. 38 for oakland. highs for your saturday, we will see increasing clouds throughout the day. not as bright of a day as we have today but the low to mid 50s. 55 fremont. 52 for san francisco. 55 san jose. topping out right around 53 degrees for santa rosa. take a look at our rain chances. this is for san francisco. you can take this as bay area wide. they really ramp up on sunday and then we're expecting a stronger storm to eye arrive tuesday and into wednesday. we will take a closer look at the timing of these storms and how much rain you can expect off the wind coming up in the full accuweather forecast at 5:00.
4:43 pm
>> something is going on out there. >> busy on the embarcadaro tonight. >> thanks, drew. still ahead at 4:00, if you're still stressing for a new year's resolution, we have healthy advice for you next. >> in love with a stuffed animal? we will introduce you to this baby polar bear. >> do men and women play different rates for match-making services? and if they even tempur-pedic mattress sets getat low clearance prices!c,
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save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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a family is starting the new year on a positive note. after finding their miniature poodle who went missing, the dog named pb, short for polar bear, not peanut butter. neighbors saw pb around and recognized him from flyers posted but he would run away when anyone got too close. that wasn't the case when pb spotted one of his owners. >> he ran up to me as i was bending down and he just jumped right in my arms. and i just started crying. >> oh, my goodness, it was him. he smelled so bad. >> pb lost half his body weight, was severely dehydrated and covers with fleas but what a
4:47 pm
survivor. the vet says he will make a full recovery. >> this baby polar bear loves her stuffed animal and looked just like her. oh, my goodness. the cub lived at columbus zoo and is eight weeks old. she doesn't have a name yet. staff has been caring for her. she is doing well and is starting teething she has three or four teeth with may make her cranky at times. >> and stressing over new year's resolutions for 2015 fret no more. one of the leading wellness experts and best selling author says health resolutions are the way to go. here are his top tips that will leave you feeling younger healthier and more energetic in the new year. erica foreman has more. >> looking for prescription for better help in the new year. according to cleefland clinic dr. michael roycen a healthier you is just steps away. >> and wonderful because it decreases your insulin
4:48 pm
resistance and gets glucose to yourself and gets you more energetic and it keeps you in healthy shape. >> dr. recognizen says the steps can be taken throughout the day when running, screaming and gardening counts. another resolution that will boost your health is going to bed an hour earlier. most aren't getting enough sleep. and associated with increased heart disease and stroke. research is getting more sleep and lower blood pressure and dr. ro roysen said you will feel better too. >> going to bed an hour earlier is all the extra sleep i need. i wake up energized and i don't have to have the catch-up sleep on the weekend that unbalances my patterns. i put things that waste my time at work or home so things that don't get me to be able to help you my goal at work or to be
4:49 pm
able to help myself in getting efficient. >> the doctor says the list can help you do things that you really need to get accomplished. leading to less stress. >> i'm erica foreman. >> today is a big day for anyone heading to college next year. today is the first day you can submit the nationwide college financial aid form known as the fasba. this includes scholarships as well as federal and state grants. the form helps determine how much you can borrow from the government. experts say dent assume you're too wealthy and get it done early so you don't miss out on scholarships or grant >> time for thello, michael. >> i was charged $5,000 from a matchmaking service and learned that the men paid far less.
4:50 pm
>> it could very well be. here in california we have a statute that says you can't charge women more than men or men more than women. though that rarely happens. so it would be absolutely illegal unless they got in on a sale price or something like that. and if i had to guess and matchmaking services and it is normally men who pay more than women. >> right. >> but i don't know. if you want me to look into it, send me more information and we will check it out. >> lauerance c, can i donate to a charity and record it up until 4/15/16 and include it? >> well you could have sent off a letter and got it postmarked before midnight last night but other than those exceptions, you have to give the money during the year you want to deduct it
4:51 pm
in. >> sorry about that. what if i bought a ticket on ticket master for a concert. it required a credit card entry and new i can't go? >> oh, yeah. this is really a pain. this is how come we can pay actual, you know, the real ticket price sometimes. because it is there to thwart scalpers. that way they can't buy a bunch of tickets and sell them for a ton more money. if you aren't a scalper, go back to the web side or venue or band's website, check it out, and it will often tell you how to sell the ticket back it them at face value. >> oh. >> otherwise, you might, if you trust a friend or a relative, hand them the credit card you bought it with and let them go to the event. >> interesting. >> it is tough to resell these. >> it is the credit card. they don't have to have id. >> right. but if you lost your credit card. then go to the post office with your id and -- not post office,
4:52 pm
t the box office. take your id and work it out. it gets very complicateed. >> abc news at 4:00 coming up. bill cosby charged with sexual assault. this as his lawyers try to get the case thrown out all together. then at 5:00 -- >> are you seriously? literally 12:00. >> sometimes midnight means more than just the start after new year. how the baby beat the odds. and something sweet to eat. then a little help to work it off. all part of friday free stuff coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00.
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next week bill cosby's wife, chemile, will have to give a deposition about her husband's history with seven women suing him with defamation. >> the comedian is breaking the silence in a tweet. here is brandy with the details. >> reporter: just days after bill cosby's arrest on a felony charge aggravated indecent assault all eyes are shifting to his wife of 50 years. chemile. a federal judge ordered her to testify in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven of cosby's accusers. the couple's attorneys losing the argument that cosby's private conversations were protected under marital privilege. more than 50 women have come forward accusing him of sexual assault or drug him. many appearing in the a&e
4:57 pm
documentary. produced by lincoln square productions. >> i knew i had been drugged. no doubt in my mind. >> i don't know how i ended up with his hotel room. >> way in the bed. in clothes. cosby is in the room. >> cosby long denied allegations and sat down with abc news last may. >> i had been in this business 52 years and i will -- i've never seen anything like this. >> following his arrest wednesday he posted on twitter, friends and fans, thank you. and several angry responses. saying he remains in good spir pits. >> we have confidence in his legal team's ability to bring about justice for him. >> chemile cosby stood by her husband calling him a kind and generous man in a statement last year. her deposition has been scheduled for next week. the comedian is back in criminal court the following week. brandy hit, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00.
4:58 pm
>> abc 7 news at 5 ook begins right now. >>. >> a family makes it out alive as fire rips through a home in vallejo. some say it sound id like a bomb. the heat was so strong it melted homes nearby. a live report coming up. plus -- >> gunfire, fireworks and airplanes do not mix. in fact, pilots say what happened in concord could have been deadly. >> came here because it hits you. >> and on stand by, fishermen and foodies improvise after crab season reopens but only in some parts of the state. >> live from the kgo broadcast center. this is abc 7 news. >> that is the sound and sight of a family's dreams going up in flames. this fire consumes their home on the first day of the new year. good evening. and thank you for joining us.
4:59 pm
>> a vallejo family is starting the new year sadly. without a home they barely escaped early morning fire. it happened on indiana street. alisa harrington is there live. what is the family doing now? >> well kristen, alma, a large extended family lived here. five in the front and three in the back. power lines were knocked over. even crept up that palm tree. this is certainly not the way these people expected to start the new year. >> and one vallejo family starting 2016 without a home, the place they were renting was destroyed and an early morning fire erupting just before a okay. >> it just went pow. that's how fast it was. like an explosion. >> at first it was crackle, then bam. >> the family seen here was too upset to talk on camera.
5:00 pm
the mother did tell me the sound of the crackling fire woke her up. no smoke alarms. she initially thought someone was trying to break in. the woman barely escaped with her fiance and baby boy. >> he was calm. someone found him a blanket. >> the neighbor ran from her house next door. the heat melted her siding and cracked windows. she uses oxygen for sleep apnea but said the smoke destroyed the tank. firefighters say damage is estimated at $300,000. in the front yard of the home, a charred mattress and blank the lie next to a swing set. the mother told me they lost their christmas presents. two older children and other family members lived in the front unit which lot burned. fewer fig despite the loss, firefighters say no one was hurt. >> a quick evacuation saved their lives. >> the red cross is helping provide supplies. the family is staying with nearby relatives but say where they go next will b


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