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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump starring in a new terrorist recruitment video. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> so, does this mean hillary clinton may have actually been right? >> they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims. plus, the worldwide terror threats on this holiday weekend. this gunman's deadly assault in israel and police opening fire outside a mosque in france. new this morning, bracing for the worst. flooding on the mighty mississippi moves downstream taking homes with it. >> you never expect your house to float away. >> the river rising to record
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levels, levees threatened. the intense efforts going on right now to save lives. on the sidelines, tcu's star quarterback trevone boykin sitting out tonight's huge bowl game. the brawl outside of a bar that ended in his arrest. the serious charges he's now facing and what he is saying this morning. and money talks. powerball fever sweeping the country. over 300 million up for grabs, and everybody's got a system. >> i think i should get three, one for the father, the son and the holy spirit. >> the mad rush for tickets has people dreaming big. and good morning. we'll get to the historic flooding in a moment. the mississippi river approaching a record crest as we speak this morning. but we want to start here with terror and donald trump. >> now, you may remember that not long ago hillary clinton created that uproar when she
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claimed falsely, it turned out, that isis was using trump in recruitment videos. well, trump hit back really hard, and we have learned that another terror group, al shabaab, which is al qaeda's affiliate, is now using trump in a video. >> this new clip, which comes out of somalia, features trump announcing his controversial plan to ban muslims from coming to america, and abc's mary bruce is on the story from the white house this morning. mary, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, dan. good morning. well, for weeks there's been a fierce debate over the impacts of trump's call to ban muslims, but now this morning for the first time we're seeing a terror group use his language to boost their fight. >> take heed. >> reporter: this morning, a terrorist group is including a clip of donald trump in a recruitment video. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> reporter: the militant group al shabaab, al qaeda's affiliate in somalia, highlighting trump's call to ban muslims entering the u.s. trump's words sandwiched between
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the propaganda warnings of u.s born cleric anwar al awlaki who was killed four years ago. >> the west will eventually turn against its muslims citizens. >> reporter: this is the first known instance of extremists using trump's language to attract followers, although not by isis as hillary clinton predicted. >> he is becoming isis' best recruiter. >> reporter: the democratic front-runner ignited a war of words with trump when she warned that his rhetoric would become recruiting fodder. >> they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. >> reporter: trump blasted clinton calling her a liar. >> donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit. and it turned out to be a lie. she's a liar. >> reporter: now there has been no reaction yet from the clinton or trump camps, but you can be sure this will continue to be a big issue on the campaign trail in the coming days. paula.
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>> yeah, i'm sure we'll be hearing from them shortly. mary, thank you. and there are terror fears here at home and abroad. in france where they've been on high alert, soldiers shot a man outside a mosque as he drove a car towards them. and then in israel, there was a deadly attack at a popular bar. abc's alex marquardt gives us the details from our london bureau. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, paula. here in london, 3,000 police officers were deployed as part of the new year's celebrations. this is one of the many european cities on edge, fearing an attack. it's part of a new situation in europe that one top german official called a general permanent terror threat. french soldiers unload their handguns into a red car which had just tried to ram them twice. the driver is wounded and the car rolls into a ditch. the incident took place outside a mosque that the soldiers were guarding. the driver's motive is still unclear, but it highlights the new nervous reality of life in europe after the deadly paris attacks. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: in his new year's
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address, french president francois holland told citizens they are not finished with terrorism and the threat remains at its highest level. paris canceled their new year's eve fireworks and then so did brussels after men were arrested there in connection with a new year's plot. the same night munich evacuated and shut down two of its train stations after warnings of a specific attack involving isis suicide bombers. beyond europe, the global fears reinforced in israel, hardly new to violence and terror, after a gunman seen here in this surveillance video opened fire in central tel aviv spraying a cafe with bullets as people ran for cover. two were killed and seven wounded. the attacker is a young arab-israeli man believed to be mentally unstable. it's not known what his motive was. and israeli authorities have launched a massive manhunt for him. but whether it's in israel, here in europe or beyond, it's clear that the world has gotten off to
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a nervous start in this new year. dan. >> that is absolutely correct. alex, thank you. and with america jittery about both isis and the seemingly endless string of mass shootings in this country, president obama is about to wade deeply into the controversial debate over guns. this time he wants to bypass congress and use executive action to make it more difficult for the mentally ill and for criminals to get firearms. abc's jim avila is with the president in hawaii this morning. jim, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the president ends his vacation in hawaii tonight, landing back in washington, d.c. on sunday. and among the first things he plans to do is a monday morning meeting with attorney general loretta lynch on gun control. he said in his radio weekly address that it's an issue he cannot ignore. >> i get too many letters from parents and teachers and kids to sit around and do nothing. i get letters from responsible gun owners who grieve with us every time these tragedies happen.
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>> reporter: in the wake of the san bernardino attacks, he suggested to his justice department they look for ways that he could order some kind of gun control on his own. the president saying that he does not trust the congress to do anything on their own, and he's going to have to act with executive orders, dan. >> all right, i'll pick it up from here, jim. again, that meeting with the attorney general is monday. thank you. and now to a very real and present danger here at home. the death toll continues to rise from the historic midwest flooding. the massive cleanup from the catastrophe is under way in some towns while further south people are still bracing from the worst from the mighty mississippi. abc meteorologist indra petersons has the latest from cape girardeau, missouri. hi, indra. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it's hard to believe it's been a week since all that record rain that fell into the midwest, and yet here i am today still standing in water, and unfortunately,
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we know the story here is actually just beginning. homes submerged, hundreds of roads washed away, cars stranded. this morning parts of missouri under as much as 16 feet of water after a week of record flooding along the mississippi river. >> it's mind boggling. >> reporter: at least 23 people are dead. others still missing, and the deadly deluge is not over yet. the illinois governor declaring a state of emergency deploying national guard troops to the hardest hit areas as officials and residents brace for the worst. >> this is particularly dangerous to have this kind of rain and then this kind of cold. >> reporter: in some parts of missouri the water finally starting to recede but for many, the damage is already done. matt kraichley is staying with family after his suburban st. louis home was swept away on wednesday. the force of the raging water smashing the house into a bridge. >> i thought it was going to get in the house a couple feet, and then i never -- i didn't even imagine that it would go over the roof and then disappear.
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>> reporter: kraichely, no training stranger to flooding, was stunned by the devastation. >> put stuff high. the river goes down, you wash it off and carry on. you never expect your house to float away. >> reporter: outside of st. louis this morning the water is starting to recede but there's new concerns as to whether or not there will be enough drinking water as floodwaters infiltrated the purification system. further to the south the story is just beginning. here in cape girardeau they' hae surpassed the 1993 record and expected to crest at 50 feet by tomorrow morning. now concerns there will be evacuations especially in eastern portions of cape girardeau as that water is still continuing to rise. now, in illinois they already have flash flood advisories out, very atypical because they're concerned the levees will break. they're concerned they'll see the water flood into those regions and further down to the south, places like misand louisiana are carefully watching what's going on here knowing that all of this water is slowly
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trickling its way farther down to the south where they're likely to see major flooding possibly 1, if not 2 weeks from now. hard to believe all this water is making its way farther to the south and keep in mind another thing you don't think about. typically when you see floodwaters it's usually in the springtime, not this cold outside. yet, this morning temperatures are below freezing so we see ice here on the ground making even a more difficult commute for motorists in the area. >> as if the situation couldn't get any worse. indra, thank you. we'll check in with you a little bit later. >> this is going to be going on for weeks apparently. indra, thank you. let's take a look at the other morning headlines and as always, we turn it over to mr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> dan, paula, sara haines, good morning to you. and good morning, everyone. we begin with people around the country and around the world really checking their new year's uber receipts, some of them getting sticker shock. riders took to social media to post their frustration and to post evidence about what they claim is uber taking advantage of the holiday to jack up prices. uber's facebook page had more than 100 complaints.
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uber allows prices to surge in times of high demand, and they confirmed to abc news that there is no cap on how high that surge multiplier can go. the company, though, says it warned in advance that new year's eve and early new year's day fares could be higher and urged riders to share the fare by riding with others. bill cosby's wife camille will no longer be able to sit on the sidelines during her husband's mounting legal battles. a federal judge will have to -- she will have to answer questions next week in an upcoming deposition in a civil lawsuit against the comedian, this after she was denied a request by her lawyers to be excused. that civil case is separate from the criminal case against cosby who was charged earlier this week in pennsylvania with aggravated indecent assault on a woman back in 2004. now, the cosbys have been married for more than 50 years. and overseas now and a look at the charred luxury skyscraper in dubai after a towering new year's eve inferno. firefighters there, fire crews were still dousing the embers on
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friday as officials try to figure out what caused that massive blaze. investigators are trying to figure out whether a flammable plastic component may have caused the fire to spread so quickly. 14 people were slightly injured. and tributes are pouring in for grammy award winning natalie cole, the singer, who died new year's eve. ♪ unforgettable and forevermore ♪ ♪ and forevermore ♪ that's how you'll stay >> the daughter of legendary jazz musician singer nat king cole was best known for her 1991 virtual duet with her father singing his classic "unforgettable." aretha franklin called natalie cole one of the greatest singers of our time. cole had battled drug problems and hepatitis that forced her to undergo a kidney transplant six years ago. natalie cole was 65 years of age. and take a look at this video from brussels. you're seeing a group of teenagers throwing a car down a flight of stairs.
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somebody's idea of a prank, i guess, leading to an underground subway station. remarkfully, nobody was injured even though the station was open, and passengers were coming up the escalator at the same time. one person was arrested. and now to a dramatic video from pennsylvania of a woman escaping just after she escaped from an alleged carjacking attempt. she says the suspected abductor told her that he was holding her hostage as he drove through several towns stopping at gas stations. you can see her pleading for help from a stranger before flagging down police. that suspect was later caught. and finally, a twisted drum solo from motley crue's tommy lee that had the audience gasping in l.a. check this out. ♪ you see there, it happened during motley crue's final show, new year's eve in l.a. there. the roller-coaster ride that was spinning lee 360 degrees vertically. something went wrong leaving him suspended upside down. he was in that position for nearly a minute. he appeared unfazed, tommy lee
7:14 am
did, drumming his way through that equipment malfunction. finally a worker went up to try to help but the roller coaster started again. that band together for more than three decades finishing their last show ever and check out the video. i recommend it. he has some spontaneous comments that we cannot repeat on morning tv or evening tv or any tv. >> i'm shocked. from tommy lee? >> no way. >> come on. i don't believe it. >> you got to check it out. >> this is an idea for like a new album or a new song called "upside down." >> isn't that already -- ♪ upside down no, that's a totally different -- ♪ you turn me >> we're going way, way back there. >> here's my advice after working with these folks, just stay out of it. stay out of it. >> just smile and nod, right? >> right. >> all right. we're smiling and nodding this morning because we're learning more about a very brave teenager who survived nearly 30 hours in single digit temperatures while lost in the utah wilderness. his desperate 911 calls for help have just been released and abc's mara schiavocampo has all of the details for us.
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hi, mara. >> reporter: hey, paula, good morning. it is an amazing story of survival. that teen and a friend out duck hunting when he got lost. instead of heading to the car mistakenly walking deeper and deeper into the wilderness eventually spending more than a day in bone-chilling temperatures before a miraculous recovery. >> i don't feel good. i feel like i'm gonna pass out. >> reporter: this morning newly released 911 calls of a missing 14-year-old hunter's fight for survival. >> they're going the wrong way. >> reporter: brayden neilson now recovering at home spent 28 hours lost in 4 degree weather. racing against hypothermia and a dying phone, neilson desperately tries to guide search teams to his location. so close he can see their lights even though they can't see him. >> are you still by the barn? >> it's not a barn. it's hard to explain. i see snow branches, lights, cars. >> reporter: with his battery
7:16 am
now dead, neilson's family, who he had also been calling and texting, begins to fear the worst. >> i went from kind of in my own mind to i can't bury him. >> reporter: five hours after the last word from the young hunter, another 911 call. this time from a home miles away reporting brayden was finally found disoriented and shaken suffering hallucinations from hypothermia, but safe. >> i think god led me that whole way through -- the whole way through there. >> reporter: just amazing. now, brayden was found about seven miles from where he got lost. he's now also recovering from frostbite. officials say he's alive thanks to the warm hunting gear he was wearing and, dan, he says the whole experience taught him the importance of carrying survival gear while you're out. really lucky to be home this new year. >> yeah, i think he'll be teaching a lesson to a lot of people. mara, thank you. >> i guess you could say it's a new year's miracle as well and
7:17 am
this new year's beginning with a huge powerball jackpot. >> a lot of people hoping for a miracle but the drawing is tonight. the jackpot is 334 million bucks. the last time the payout was this high was almost three years ago and sara shockingly decided to do this story. >> you have no idea why they didn't pick you, dan. i'm typically not a lottery girl but when you start to play the "what could i do with $334 million game," this jackpot is looking pretty good but you do have to be in it to win it. this morning americans are rushing out for a chance to start the new year a multi, multi, multimillionaire in tonight's powerball. even wanna-be winners unlucky enough to live in one of the six states that don't offer powerball are making the trek across state lines to pick up their lucky numbers. >> through last wednesday we had sold more than $620 million in powerball tickets. so, people are really starting to get some jackpot fever. >> reporter: at just 1 in 292
7:18 am
million, i'm 20 times more likely to have identical quadruplets than i am to win this jackpot. the odds are super long but could be super worth it. >> look what i found in my pocket. look. what i call them, fun coupons. >> reporter: want a luxury sports car? you could purchase a new one every month for 242 years. or what about traveling the globe, cruise for life and still have $250 million left. >> part of the excitement of playing the lottery is dreaming what you would do. that kind of money. >> buy my new apartment. >> i would throw a party. >> reporter: some players even have a religious system. >> i think i should get three, one for the father, the son and the holy spirit. >> reporter: but this powerball official says the first thing he would do -- >> no matter where you live, get a lawyer, get some banking experience behind you, and then go have some fun with that $334 million. >> reporter: we were just playing the what would you do? dan, what would you do?
7:19 am
okay, aside from save every cat in the world like other things you would do. >> i would save a lot of cats. i would give a lot of it away. i would keep working, though. >> but what one thing would you do for yourself? >> not buy tickets to a motley crue show because apparently they're done. >> by the way, "upside down" has been covered by no less than six bands. >> the song, "upside down." >> the song, uh-huh. >> so we do have it covered. ron, what would you do? >> buy a sports car every day until the money ran out. >> so, you were listening to my piece. >> i'm just kidding. >> i love you, ron. >> sara, money cannot buy happiness. >> that's what they keep telling me. but i'm not -- >> you're going to try, right? >> yeah. >> put it to the test. >> yes, exactly. it's worth testing. all right, thank you for that story, sara. let's get the weather once again and get back to indra in cape girardeau, missouri. good morning, once again. >> i know what i want, battery operated socks. you see this, very cold floodwaters and i know the eastern half of the country, we've had one of the warmest decembers on record, i think 2016 changed that. i mean, look at this video.
7:20 am
what a bang when you talk about the amount of know that's now falling. lake-effect snow actually arrived. a good 6 inches if not a foot of snowfall right around the lakes, in fact, advisories and watches still up there because they're looking for another 6 inches. people starting to learn what these snow blowing machines are all about. yes, they're actually necessary. now, if you're in hartford, maybe albany you'll see a couple of flurries over the next several days but the big story is that cold air, it has arrived. up in the plain, windchills in the morning, yeah, you're kind of used to sing the digits. try denver, felt like 4 degrees. now, if you're in the eastern half of the country and you're going, ha, ha, yeah, keep on laughing because this cold air, it's on the move so places like chicago, you're looking for teens, now maybe d.c., new york city, you're going to be talking about temperatures in the teens by monday.
7:21 am
>> i hope you guys have been enjoying the warm december in new york city. this cold air we've been talking about is coming your way. you got like 48 hours, enjoy. >> we don't want to hear that. by the way, if they do make battery powered socks, dan promises to overnight them to you by tomorrow. >> they do exist and i want them, dan. >> the gauntlet has been thrown down. indra, thank you. coming up -- the star quarterback who will miss tonight's big bowl game arrested after a bar fight. what he allegedly did to a police officer and what he is saying now. plus, jumpstarting your january. how to get on the right road to
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and welcome back to "gma," everyone. happening right now, the terrorist group al shabaab is now including a clip of donald trump in their new recruitment video. the al qaeda affiliate in somalia is highlighting trump's call to ban muslims entering the united states. this comes after hillary clinton warned that trump's rhetoric would become recruiting fodder. also happening right now, a millionaire from alabama says he is the one behind this anti-trump skywriting blitz spotted over the rose bowl on new year's day. stan pate who has donated to rival marco rubio's campaign also paid for flying banners over the orange, cotton and sugar bowls and he warns this is just the beginning. and this morning, the first picture of nba star lamar odom
7:31 am
since he was hospitalized. odom's son posting this picture with his sister and dad on instagram after spending the holidays together. odom is still recovering after he was found unconscious at a brothel in las vegas back in october. good morning, once again, everybody. coming up on the show this morning, many of us make resolutions to live healthier in the new year but what's the best way to actually do it? dr. jen ashton with some great advice coming up in our weekend download. >> i would ask you about your resolution, but there's nothing to perfect. >> that's exactly right. >> this is perfection. >> i would disagree. >> sara doesn't agree. i don't know why. >> gently. >> tough morning entering the new year. we start here, though, with the star college football quarterback sitting out a big bowl game tonight sidelined over what he admits is some pretty bad judgment. >> tcu's trevone boykin, a one-time heisman trophy contender, is now facing assault charges for his run-in with some officers after a bar fight and abc's marci gonzalez is here this morning with the story. hi, marci. >> reporter: hi, guys. good morning. this is a tough one for fans and teammates.
7:32 am
boykin has not only been a star player but a role model and someone they were counting on to win today's big game. this morning, the texas christian university football team getting ready to take the field for the alamo bowl without their star quarterback, trevone boykin, who is now apologizing for the criminal charges that ended his record-breaking college career. >> it's never good to get in trouble the day before the game. >> reporter: the one-time heisman hopeful banned from playing in his final game at tcu after being arrested early thursday morning for allegedly punching a police officer. >> he was so looked up to and remains so looked up to that it's just a terrible way to go out. >> reporter: boykin was at this san antonio bar when police say he was heckled. they claim that turned into a fight that spilled outside and when police stepped in, one of the officers was punched. >> we don't know whether he was swinging at the officer or whether he was swinging at
7:33 am
somebody behind the -- i don't know. >> reporter: the 22-year-old charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest and public intoxication. tcu's coach suspending him ahead of the final and perhaps biggest game of his college career. >> at a young age you make mistakes, and sometimes some guys pay a pretty big price, and you hate to see that happen to anybody. >> reporter: boykin tweeting, "i apologize to everyone again for my lapse in judgment. i hope others can learn from my mistake. i can assure you that i have because it took away the incredible honor and privilege it was to wear a tcu jersey." and boykin is now out on $5,000 bond. his teammate, preston miller, was also suspended for violating team rules, all of this just adding to the challenge for the rest of the team going up against the oregon ducks this afternoon. >> tough game. >> makes a tough game even tougher. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much, marci. we want to send things back to indra, who is in cape girardeau, missouri. indra, i hope you're staying warm. i know it's a tough assignment this morning.
7:34 am
>> well, the one thing everyone is hoping for in the midwest is that there is no more rain in the forecass. the floodwaters still high and the one piece of good news, there is actually no rain in this region expected. there is rain out there today right along the gulf around portions of texas. you'll see about an inch or so but the big rain story is out west. you remember a few weeks ago we saw system after system hanging out in the pacific. we're looking for that same thing all over again as there's about three systems hanging out in the pacific but think el nino, the jet stwreem has dip, rain where it's needed most we'll get where there is drought condition, 1 to 2 inches of rain in northern california and spreading into southern california, so, yes, rain will be headed your way and check out vegas, phoenix will get in on the action there with about an inch or two of rain. otherwise, temperatures, yeah, winter has arrived. we are talking about mild conditions across most of the country.
7:35 am
>> that weather brought to you by mayes. i hope you guys have been enjoying the december warmth. that cold air is coming your way so i hope you enjoy it, guys, like 24, 48 hours away. >> we are ready. we're on borrowed time in december in the northeast for sure. indra, thank you. coming up here on "gma," how to fly like a celebrity. if you're rich and famous there is now a way to avoid being mobbed by fans and photographers at l.a.x., but it'll cost you. meanwhile, sara, what's popping on periscope? >> we were talking what we would do if we won the lottery. so, if you want to see more behind the scenes here on "good morning america," check out our periscopes. we're even bringing ron in this morning. he's a little quiet, but i heard
7:36 am
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♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids? >> so, it's a high class problem but admittedly a problem nonetheless. many celebrities hate being ambushed by cameras at the airport in los angeles. >> celebrities have feelings, too, guys, right? >> i hate when that happens. >> well, here's a solution for you, okay, ron, next time is that happens. now those pesky paparazzi may be stopped in their tracks at least in los angeles. abc's aditi roy is at l.a.x. with the story for us this morning. hi, aditi. >> reporter: hey, guys, hey, paula and dan, good morning to you both. you know, for most of us regular folks, airline travel usually means braving those long lines at the ticket counters, lugging your bags around these kiosks and then that dreaded wait at security, but now l.a.x. is building a brand-new vip lounge with white glove service and the best part, no paparazzi. l.a.x., the airport for globe-trotting celebrities on the go. not even han solo himself, harrison ford, can escape the nosy cameras. a flash mob of fans always
7:41 am
greeting one direction when they arrive at l.a. but before these a-list jet-setters reach their final destinations, they have to make their way through the paparazzi-filled terminal. the airport to the stars is working to make its a-list customers' lives a little easier. l.a.x. recently winning approval to build an exclusive $3 million private lounge similar to delta's one service which nick watt tested out getting the superstar experience. >> when you're as famous as me, clooney, gaga, dark glasses just aren't enough. >> reporter: the airline offering concierge curbside at a private entrance. >> and you're all set, mr. watt. >> reporter: even an exclusive lounge to relax. a porsche delivering fliers from plane to terminal. >> this is part of the experience. >> reporter: perks anyone can purchase, but los angeles' new portal for megastars is even more exclusive. travelers can only access the paparazzi-proof facility for a
7:42 am
hefty price tag. a fee reportedly as high as $1800 for the five-star service and knowing they can say bon voyage to those dreaded red-eyed snapshots. and a-listers will have to wait a little bit before that new paparazzi-free zone. it's not expected to open for another six to eight months. dan and paula, i just get excited if i get a bag of peanuts on the plane. >> exactly. so, after this thing opens, we will know that if we see a paparazzi shot of somebody at the airport, either they want to be on camera or they're broke. >> or they didn't pay $1800. >> yes, exactly. >> all right, aditi. you'll have to wait 6 to 18 months. >> i'll make it. i'll make it. >> you're going to be okay? >> you said 6 to 18? >> 6 to 18 months, right around there. >> all right, in the meantime, coming up on "gma," we all say we're going to do it, getting healthy in the new year. but many of us fall off the wagon. dr. jen ashton is here with some tips for setting smart new year's resolutions and keeping them. keep it here.
7:43 am
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to find free, local, in-person help, visit ♪ and this morning on the weekend download, jumpstarting your january. here with some advice on how we can all be a little healthier in the new year is dr. jen ashton. happy new year. welcome, jen. >> thank you. >> we're not talking resolutions but we're just talking a little bit of advice. so you are a woman's health specialist. what issues should women focus on in the new year? >> here's the surprise. it's not about a specific disease or condition, it's much bigger than that. it's about prioritizing yourself and actually, novel concept, putting yourself first. women are usually the epicenter of their family unit. >> easier said than done. >> i know, but we typically put ourselves at the back of the line. instead think of this like a domino effect. if you collapse, everyone behind you is going to collapse, so really put yourself first.
7:47 am
>> keep your tank otherwise you don't have anything to give anyone else. you got to remember that. okay, so we talked about some women's issues. what about men's issues this year? >> well, so obviously men don't really have a medical equivalent of an ob/gyn, so for them a lot of times it's out of sight, out of mind. if i don't have to go to a doctor, everything must be fine. i really encourage men, think of your health like you're assessing your finances, take stock of it before you get sick because unless you're dan harris and happen to be married to a doctor -- >> right. >> -- you typically don't see a doctor unless you're sick, so in 2016, actually get in touch with a health care provider when you're healthy so you're not meeting them for the first time when -- >> dan would always recommend mindful meditation. which is free. real quick, kids, a little advice for kids? >> in 2016 it's all about sugar. this is for kids and adults but if you're giving your child anything that comes out of a package, turn that around, read that sugar content. i would argue nutritionally -- >> slap my wrist. >> -- and medically -- >> slap my wrist. >> that is the most important number on that nutritional label. added sugar is the big evil
7:48 am
culprit. natural sugars in the form of fruit, fine. if it's in a package, look at that sugar. >> sometime you just want something to get them to stop talking, and that's usually what works. >> bribery. >> it does, bribery and sugar. great mom. mom fail. on to this new year, coming up on "good morning america," thank you, jen. >> you bet. rekindled romance, the celebs heating things up in "pop news" with sara. that's not sara, but sara will have this story. ♪ nobody can drag me down ♪ nobody can drag me down i was a smoker. hands down, it was... that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history
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♪ ♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by ashley furniture home store. this is home. >> time for "pop news." >> no, it's been preempted by sports and weather. no "pop news" this morning. >> no "pop news" this morning? >> oh, my gosh, your dreams came true, ron. >> just messing with you. april fools'. >> you were away last weekend and we missed you. so what you got? >> i missed all of you guys. we have love to start with just the way you like it, dan. who knows what the new year will bring for kendall jenner and
7:53 am
harry styles. the reality star and one direction singer sparking rumors of a rekindled romance with a picture of the two getting pretty cozy ahead of new year's celebrations down in the caribbean. they only had eyes for each other as they canoodled aboard a luxury yacht. one source telling "us weekly" harry decided to heat things up after seeing kendall in the victoria secret fashion show. >> what changed his mind about that? >> the best revenge is total hotness, and that's what -- >> i think she was just smelling his hair. that's all. i don't think -- >> that might be something you tell your children. >> yes. tell the children. >> okay, and -- >> sara, for your information when paula says something like that, best advice, just ignore her. >> i'll do what you do, dan. >> dan's been doing it to me for years. >> more harry styles, he could be a link to taylor swift's new gift to all of us, her brand-new music video. the premiere of "out of the woods" came during abc's new year's rockin' eve shortly before midnight.
7:54 am
lots of eye-popping images including taylor swift trying to sprint away from a pack of savage wolves as she's chased through the woods, and here's a little more. ♪ are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods yet are we out of the woods ♪ ♪ are we out of the woods >> and, of course, she looks hot doing all those things, but some people believe the video could be about her up-and-down relationship with harry styles whom taylor dated briefly a few years ago. >> an allusion. >> maybe an allusion of how rough it was. >> maybe they're not out of woods. >> thank you for that, paula. we know she likes to plant her exes into her music. >> or we can ignore you. >> that's another option. >> he is so funny. >> he is funny and charming. >> this one is for you because we got a little "star wars" news. the new "star wars" movie is sinking "the titanic" setting records and when final numbers are in at the end of the weekend it's expected "the force
7:55 am
awakens" will surge past "the titanic." the second biggest domestic seller of all time making more than $659 million and the biggest record of all could also fall next week. "the force awakens" on track to dethrone "avatar," the highest grossing film and its domestic record of $760 million. now i'm a huge "titanic" fan so that made me a little sad but good for "star wars." >> we haven't been paying attention. >> we were distracted. >> sorry. there's dessert. i should keep moving. >> feast your eyes on these delicious desserts i brought you while i tell you why. the next time you're at a restaurant, you may want to pay more attention to the person who is serving you. researchers found we are four times more likely to order dessert if our server has a high body mass index, which means like a little chubby maybe, and we're also more likely to order alcoholic beverages, as well. the researchers suggest diners may eat and drink more in the presence of a heavy person because it sets a social norm or you just may feel less judged. see, to me it's the company i keep. if i'm with a skinny friend, i eat a salad. if i'm with a fatty like my husband, we just dig in. he's not actually fat but --
7:56 am
>> your husband is like the most disciplined person i know. >> i know, but like he loves me even when i'm stuffing my face which is a rare thing. >> we love you when you're stuffing your face. >> totally love you. >> because you're not talking. >> because you're not talking? >> you do love me. i can't wait to hear this. >> i would say everybody on this desk is slim and i'm totally comfortable eating cake in front of all of you. no judgment.
7:57 am
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argen with a first look at live doppler 7 hd. >> we've got the cloud cover overlaid with some looks like precip but really this is just in the upper elevations and the atmosphere is moist enough, that's why it's helping us retain some of the warmth in the cloud cover, but upper elevations in lake county maybe a little bit of rain and know is there, but we are looking at a spare the air alert for the afternoon, this is the south bay, in the santa clara valley it will be illegal to burn everywhere because of the poor air quality. 30s and 40s


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