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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 2, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc 7 news. several storms are headed toward the bay area, boosted by el nino. they could bring cold and wet weather. happy new year. it was a chilly night, but not too cold to enjoy it. these people bundled up at the embark darcadero center. and there are sprinkles hitting windshields in the north bay. drew? >> and live doppler 7 hd is painting a rather active picture. this is a beautiful shot of the exploreatorium camera.
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as we zoom in to the north bay, the only location in the past hour that we have seen observations of rain hitting the ground is right around santa rosa. you notice light showers around 101. you do notice that slug of moisture moving off to the north and east. it's likely overnight in places like clover dale could see light drizzle. but the other story, we're tracking temperatures tonight some 3 to 14 degrees warmer than last night. a lot of spots holding in the 40s. half moon bay mild at 50 degrees. everyone is above freezing in the mid-30s to mid-4 0s. perhaps some drizzle in the north bay, but the main event holds off until tomorrow. it's a one on our scale impact. an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain. but we'll talk about the series of storms headed our way coming up next. two people are okay after
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high winds brew their fishing boat onto the rocks. >> the downfall was the wind. >> if the wind wasn't so rough we could have made it. >> reporter: it's not the way this new year's fishing trip was supposed to end, after the 30-foot fishing boat lost engine power and was headed for the rocks. >> a little unnerving for a while, there right in. >> a little bit. >> reporter: the captain says the seas were rough and the winds were fierce. >> blowing 15 knots, 20. pretty rough. blew us up there fast. you try to get the anchor out to get it to hold but it wasn't holding. you basically try to keep it out of the rocks, but it wasn't happening. >> reporter: the captain radioed for help before running aground. park rangers say bay waters can be treacherous. >> it's real easy to sink a boat
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in these waves. this is when we normally have most our problems. even though it was an outgoing tide, the vessel was being blown into shore. >> reporter: the vessel likely ran out of gas. its fiberglass hull prevented a leak. meantime, the fishing trip wasn't a total loss. >> i did catch one fish and i saved it. >> reporter: salvage crews will try to move the jenna j from the rocks, but that have to wait until high tide. a berkley woman is in critical condition after she was caught in a crossfire in richmond. this is where it happened at 23rd and cutting boulevard around 6:15. two women were driving through when someone shot the driver in the neck. she's been identified as 55-year-old claire dugan of berkley. the shooting caused her to crash no a truck. police are still looking for the shooter. a hit-and-run caused a
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portion of mission street to be closed. police got there to find a car overturned. the driver took off running and eventually was arrested inside blooming dales. some people are feeling duped after renting out their homes on airbnb. we have more on the damage and lessons learned. >> it could have gone on for two or three hours. >> reporter: the house on santa clara avenue is her pride and joy, and this is cell phone video of her with police after her home was trashed. >> tons of booze in the kitchen. there's beer cans and actually broke and glass and stuff in the house and cigarettes. >> reporter: she rented her oakland home on airbnb to what she thought was an older man from chicago for new year's eve.
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it really went to a teenager who threw a rager for his 18th birthday. 200 kids were all over the house and wrecked it. >> i think people were either jumping on them or stepped on them. >> reporter: this neighbor who didn't want to be identified called her to tell her about the party in her house. >> i was really concerned, and i saw young people keep walking up and down the street and across the street, and they were shouting back and forth. >> reporter: by the time she and her partner got home, the kids had cleared out. she called the renter who actually returned. police arrested him on the spot for vandalism. but the problems aren't over. the couple has had to call police several times because teenagers just keep showing up here. a lot of them left the party so quickly that night that they left personal items behind. >> the audacity is beyond really you've done this to our home? and you're concerned that we're not giving your sweat jacket to you right away?
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>> reporter: while the couple admits they should have screened more airbnb issued this statement saying we have banned this guest from airbnb and our trust and safety team has reached out to the host to work with them under our $1 million host guarantee. they think this should be a wake up call for airbnb hosts. >> hosts need to think more seriously in general about what risks they're taking when they get involved in it. >> reporter: this couple doesn't plan to list their home on airbnb again. abc 7 news. one day after losing their home in a fire a vallejo family is starting to rebuild their lives thanks to an outpouring of support from the community. early yesterday morning the home burst into flame, and they lost everything, including their christmas presents. today the family received money and bags full of toys, courtesy of local firefighters, union members and the community in general.
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>> i don't know what to say. i'm very thankful. and to everyone that donated or helped out, even, even the smallest. we really appreciate it. >> firefighters said it was simply a matter of doing the right thing. helping a family in need get back on their feet. the san jose water company says broken bolts on a valve are to blame for flooding in one neighborhood. it sent hundreds of gallons of water gushing onto la crescent place. according to officials, water did not enter my homes in the area, but kathleen castillo says water did back up into her driveway. >> i've been here since 7:00. i took a break and came back out to clean. i cleaned my next door neighbor's house as well. >> the water department capped the leak at around noon.
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a sinkhole in san francisco that's been causing traffic problems is now repaired. abc 7 news was at 24th and church as they put the final cap on the hole. church street had been closed since thursday when the hole opened up and passengers had to take a bus around the repairs. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, daily fantasy football could be on the losing end of a lawsuit, that means big payouts to customers. plus, did you ever wonder where your christmas tree goes after you dump it at the curb? and later -- it's almost as if you're living on some other planet. >> parts of the midwest destroyed by flooding with more storms on the way, those storyes and more when we continue. ies and more when we continue.
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demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ a unique project at santa clara university this weekend. honor students who disappeared in mexico two years ago. 43 silhouettes represent the students. the crime which was never solved illustrates the deep-rooted corruption wean the government police and drug cartels. the father of one student lives in san jose. there's a new push to shut down popular daily fantasy websites. the websites' company is about be sued. it could mean hundreds of
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thousands of players who bet big would get their money back. marci gonzalez has details. >> reporter: a potentially crippling new setback for two giants of daily fantasy sports. >> welcome to the big time. >> reporter: if you've played fan duel or draft kings in new york, you may be entitled to get your money back says new york's attorney general eric sneiderman. they have taken entry fees from at least 600,000 customers in 2015. in a lawsuit sneiderman is asking those companies to pay a fine of up to $5,000 per case. >> i've deposited a total of $35 on fan duel and won over $2 million. >> reporter: sneiderman's accusing the companies of misrepresenting the chances of winning. >> the addition in the new case, they originally deposited money with these daily fantasy companies, based on doubling their money, which is what the advertisement promised. and he says that was a false
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promise. >> reporter: sneiderman adding this to a lawsuit he filed against the companies in november calling them illegal gambling operations. draft kings responding to the newly proposed fine saying in the statement like the new york attorney general's original complaint, it is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of fantasy competitions. they say they are disappointed in the actions and will fight this meritless amended suit. for now, both companies are able to operate here. a judge will decide as the case goes to trial. marci gonzalez abc news new york. crews with san francisco public works were out competing the most comprehensive survey of market street. the truck you see there was out overnight gathering information to create a 3d survey of the bury thoroughfare. it used light detection and ranging technology or lidar for short, it is doing detailed
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design work for the better market street project. here's an animation after recent trial runs. the technology picks up on every detail, including buildings, light poles, sidewalks and other street features. nasa has big plans for the new year. the juneau spacecraft will arrive near jupiter to hope learn more about the biggest planet. they'll get more on mars, pluto and the moon. many of your christmas trees will help san francisco parks. workers are processing thousands of christmas trees using a giant wood chipper. they say tree cycling is a great
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way to keep the holiday season green because each tree will be repurposed. >> we're dwriepding up these trees to use in city parks to help suppress weeds in picnic areas and pathways and also use them to create energy. >> last year 539 tons of christmas trees were recycled in san francisco curb side pickup continues until january 13th. the crews will take it away. of course you might have to step out in the rain to do that, depending on what time of the week it is. >> if you do it first time in the morning i think you'll be okay. but by the afternoon we are tracking showers moving in. doppler is showing you if'st's an active-looking picture. all of our observations are saying this is evaporating before it reaches the ground. where it is reaching the ground right around santa rosa likely
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light showers in the north bay overnight tonight. as we widen out the picture on live doppler, you see this moisture right here moving to the north and east. overnight the north bay may see more showers around clover dale and the main event will hold off until tomorrow afternoon. overnight we have the clouds overhead. that's going to keep us on the mild side. no freeze warnings. we're in the mid-30s to mid-40s across the region. then we're going to see this rain move from a west to east fashion. the coast will see it first and then it will march inland. highs in the 50s generally across the bay area. this is a light storm sunday into monday morning. about a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain, and a lot of the rain will fall along the coast. hour by hour, you see the rain off the coast. it begins to move onshore 3:00 in the afternoon. it may end up that a lot of inland locations spend most of
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the sunday on the dry said. it it's going to work its way over, and by sunday 9:00 we're likely tracking steady showers across the region. total rainfall with this first system the heaviest along the coast, likely about three quarters of an inch of rain. then as you move inland the totals drop off. but right on the heels of this first storm, a stronger storm is going to move in monday night into tuesday and this will be a 2 on our storm impact scale. it will bring an inch to inch and a half of rain and gusty winds, between 20 and 40 miles per hour. we're tracking steadier showers moving onshore first thing tuesday morning. look at this. . these tops of yellow, i think this is when we're going to see the heaviest of the rain and strong els wind gusts, nearly 40 miles per hour. then we're going to get a break
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tuesday afternoon into tuesday evening. it's not going to be raining every minute tuesday, but another one will be moving in wednesday into thursday. this will be a 2 on the scale. an additional inch to inch and a half of rain. this is something we will be watching very closely with this active pattern. the forecast shows you tomorrow is really a rainy evening. by monday midday perhaps a break before a stronger storm moves in monday night into tuesday morning. that has gusty wind, the heavier rain. a break tuesday evening and then another storm wednesday into thursday bringing additional rain additional wind and chances friday and saturday. so the rain's going to start piling up later in the week. and we will tracking the concern with each storm. coming up the president vowed to take on gun control this year, even if it meant bypassing congress. his opponents' we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose.
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the powerball jackpot will grow again after no one claimed the prize tonight. it would have been the 12th largest in powerball history. any winner claiming the lump sum would have taken home $205 million. here are the winning numbers. 5, 6, 15 29 42 the powerball number is 10. the next drawing is wednesday, and it will be worth an estimated $400 million. this weekend, the sacramento convention center is being filled with lovers of japanese animation, anime is also the time to dress up for fans to dress up as their favorite character characters
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characters. get there early, 14,000 people are expected to attend. now to sports. sports like shooting basketball successfully at warriors did. >> warriors were like a video game. they blew a 26 point lead. but then denver forced
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that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. the chipotle chicken club combo. well the dubbing were 42-1 at home in 2015. steph curry itching to get back on the court.
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draymond green starts it off. 26-point lead. steph, a 3 second longest streak in nba history. he left the game reinjuring his left shin. going into overtime. in o.t., draymond tough layup. in clark, 15 points off the bench, warriors up 2, now tied at 108. klay takes it to the racks. last chance for denver, barton, going to get a shot. 111-108. the big question is steph's leg. we'll find out in the coming days. first half, devin watson, the rainbow bounces around decides to drop. watson had 33. back on 35 points this and-one
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ties it at 79. the two are tied at 82 and we go to overtime. gonzaga wins it. women hosting opening up play on the road against arizona. into the first, brittany mcphee. mcphee, 14 in the second half. 39-15 at the half. mcphee again a triple. stanford lost in tucson. christine inigue in the house.
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what a player this girl is. but arizona state stymied the bears. a big pass to sophie brenner. just a bad game for cal. phil one by 8. 57-41 that final. the sharks hoping to start 2016 hosting winnipeg. easy score for stafford, 1-0 jets. still 2-1 winnipeg, five minutes later, the jets on the power play. it's whipped past martin. 3-1 winnipeg, jets hold on for a 4-1 victory. this brought to you by xfinity. stick around, warriors down to about seven healthy players i
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think that streak is starting to of catch up. trouble in the middle east. how a single life taken could severely destabilize the entire region. plus parts of the midwest are up to 16 feet under water with more dangerous days ahead. a live look outside shows a chilly night outside. several storms ar announcer: sleep train thanks all those who helped make a difference last year for thousands of local foster kids. thank you for helping foster kids. thank you for the school supplies. thank you for the new shoes. thank you, secret santa. and thank you for donating money. announcer: your generosity proves that while not everyone can be a foster parent anyone can help a foster child.
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thank you. thank you. gracias por su ayuda. [baby coos] thank you.
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good evening. happy new year. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, a woman caught in a crossfire in richmond is in critical condition. she was shot no the neck going
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through the intersection of 23rd and cutting boulevard. a man is in custody in connection with a hit-and-run accident in san francisco. police arrived to find a car overturned. the driver of the car ran away but was later arrested at a nearby blooming dales. salvage crews will wait for high tide to try to reach a fishing boat that was wrecked in marin county. it got stock on rocks near san rafael leaving two commercial fishermen stranded. they were unhurt and even managed to catch a fish -- one fish. the mississippi river is beginning to subside after flooding caused by more than 10 inches of rain. the deluge has brought misery and destruction to illinois and to missouri where 15 have died. in some places the floodwaters are moving south.
11:37 pm
>> reporter: from the sky, the breadth and depth of this disaster are painfully clear. the mississippi river crested at a new high sending its waters sweeping and swamping in all directions. to louisiana waters are rising, flooding everything in its path. >> it's reached its highest since 1993, i think. >> reporter: desperate measures failed to keep the water at bay or came too late for many homeowners. >> i go to work in the morning everything's fine, i come home in the evening and the water's risen 4 feet. >> the vast majority of the deaths are people who drove into water. >> reporter: in suburban st. louis, this man said he could only watch helplessly as the water battered his house from this to this, dismantling it to
11:38 pm
driftwood. >> but everyone got out okay. >> the dog's all right that's important thing. >> reporter: the threat of flooding will move down the mississippi and hang over the region for weeks meaning scenes like these are an ominous preview for many communities. saudi arabia is being criticized after it executed a prom noents shiite cleric. he was one in custody and led to several protests. the iranian foreign ministry said the death sentence would cost saudi arabia severe lay. iran and saudi arabia already back different sides in civil wars in yemen and syria u.s. state officials worry more conflict between the two powerful nations could severely destabilize that region. this weekend, people are gathering to talk about the radicalization and the threat it
11:39 pm
poses within the islamic community. young muslim americans say the fear of violence committed in the name of islamic extremism is two-foechltd two-fold. one, they don't want to see innocent people hurt, and two they don't want their faith to be misrepresented. >> i feel like i didn't do enough getting through to my neighbors, showing what a real muslim is. >> this is not islam, we condemn these acts. and today we're taking it a step further and addressing the issue hid on. >> they say the goal is to demonstrate that the vast majority of muslims also oppose violence in the name of god. the president's new year's resolution is to take a stance against gun violence. president obama said he would bypass congress to get it done. but the nation is divided on whether stricter gun laws are the answer. 50% of americans said it's more important to control gun ownership, that's slightly ahead
11:40 pm
of the 47% who believe that presenting rights is more important. >> reporter: with many people flocking to the gun store after the san bernardino attack, the white house said it would be a dangerous and slippery slope for americans to arm themselves against terrorists. they said, quote this is why we have government. the administration briefs the president announcing in his weekly radio address he'll meet with attorney general loretta lynch monday to decide what he can do on his own without violating the second amendment. >> we can protect that right while keeping an irresponsible dangerous few from inflicting harm on a mass scale. >> reporter: the white house wants to broaden the number of gun dealers who must conduct
11:41 pm
background checks and stop those on the no-fly list from guybuying guns. donald trump condemned the plan. >> i don't like what he's doing. >> that was jim avila reporting. they said the oustu.s. will be safer from terrorism if it's harder for terroristings to buy guns. the new approach making zoo life much more livable for animals. we have clouds up there overnight, that's going to keep us above freezing, but the clouds will give way to rain and a series of storms in the next several days.
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anyone who's trained a dog knows about the power of positive reenforcement, but you
11:45 pm
might not realize the same technique works on a lot of other animals, and it can help keep them safe and stress free. we talked to biologists who show us how it's done. >> reporter: when you think animal training, you might not think sharks or lizards but they are among the star students at the california academy of sciences. learning behavior that helps protect the animals and their keepers. >> we've been able to adapt what we've done for large mammals in the past and utilize those techniques for all the animals under our care. >> reporter: the academy has a wide variety of treatcreatures. but now academy biologists are using a training program to minimize problems. this training shark is coming to the biologist. every time he touches the target he gets food. he's even learned to eat gently
11:46 pm
right out of pam's hand. >> he kind of sucks it in. >> reporter: now she's getting the shark used to be touched. that's important, because it allows him to be worked with. today is a major milestone an academy veterinarian will check a nick on one of the ray's wings. this time, as soon as pam is in the water. all the rays come over to eat. >> ready? >> reporter: biologists gently scoop up the ray and walk her to the other side of the exhibit. the other animals stay calm. stingrays' tails can be dangerous, but the barb at the end of frisky's tail has been removed. frisky is living up to her name. >> fairly superficial. and if you can just lift her up i can look underneath her. >> reporter: in less than two minutes, it's over.
11:47 pm
>> it all went really well. >> reporter: this monitor lizard has also learned to let a biologyist touch her without biting back. it's a critical part of care, sitting still for a manicure. >> minimal restraint is minimal stress. >> reporter: visitors can watch penguins as they learn to step on a small scale. some step right on but others are still pretty suspicious. >> they did pretty good. we got about half to two-thirds of the birds up on the scale today. >> reporter: the trainee proing program is going so well, they hope to expand it to more species in the future. >> the academy of sciences has special holiday exhibits running through tomorrow. we have a link with more info at abc 7 and right now we have more info on the weather and the storms headed our way. >> the first one will arrive tomorrow afternoon. live doppler show it will be
11:48 pm
active the week ahead. there is moisture overhead. right over hercules, this is evaporating before it reaches the surface. right around santa rosa, it is reaching the surface. but for most of us just overcast skies. not going to be freezing. the rain is going to start along the coast and slowly reach its way inland. highs on sunday will be in the 50s. this is a 1 with most cities ending up with a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain. future cast shows you that rain off the coast begins to move inland. inland locations may stay dry for most of sunday. then scattered showers first thing monday morning. this is one on our storm impact scale tomorrow.
11:49 pm
a stronger storm moves in monday night into tuesday and brings gusty winds with it 20 to 40 miles per hour. a brief break before another storm wednesday into thursday and more chances of rain on friday and saturday. >> okay. thank you very much. pro sports teams tomorrow? >> your hometown team in town. st. louis rams. >> we'll take a look ahead. and the niners will host. i would say it's a
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mercifully the 49er season comes to an end sunday afternoon in san can at that clara as they host the rams with a 4-11 record. will the head coach and/or general manager be back next season? players are playing for their jobs no matter who the head coach is, gabbert is trying to secure his job and make colin kaepernick expendable. >> i feel like we've been playing pretty clean football not making a lot of critical errors. from that standpoint pretty clean, but at the end of the day, i've got to do more to win games, and i know that, we all know that. that's what we're looking for to
11:53 pm
do their week. >> meanwhile, the oakland raiders took many steps forward this season and look to be a playoff team very soon. but the big question is where will that be oakland or los angeles? derick carr has been outstanding this season and only his second year. and he wants to end with a victory for a reason. >> you know, it didn't happen last year i know that. so everything has been, has been better than last year, so that's nice, but, you know, it'd be cool, but at the same time, it will push you, because no matter what we finish, it's not where we want to be. it's not where i want to be. i know that. so it's just going to drive me and push me to work hard this offseason. >> stanford shut down iowa and will probably finish third in the country at season's end. coaches and players were asked
11:54 pm
if they should have been third. >> i don't know what i'm supposed to say. >> i know what you're supposed to stay. >> it feels great. >> stanford, the reason we need an eight-team playoff. sophomore christian mccaffrey, and an all-time rose bowl record. as you would imagine he is one proud father. >> oh, it's awesome man. you know as a parent, you love your kid you give him some support. you want him to be in a good situation. he loves his teammates and coaches. i'm excited that his brothers all got to come out and watch him play that was exciting. and it was a lot of fun. >> a wild alamo bowl. . 37-yard touchdown, but
11:55 pm
everything changes with oregon quarterback vernon adams knocked out of the game on this play. likely concussion he's done for the day. tied for the biggest come back in history. cole haasen kicks it. of desperation. tcu wins a wild one indeed 47-41 that final. arizona state the final state to go bowling. to gary chamber breaks down the sideline. 2:38 to play. west virginia retakes the lead. west virginia up 43-42. howard threw for 533 yards. incomplete. sun devils finish 6-7 with a
11:56 pm
43-42 loss. liberty bowl kansas state, arkansas. on the handoff, too easy. 22 yards. hogs tied up. up the middle again, and again. 1 185 yards rushing. 8-5 after handling the wildcats. the nittany lions, first play of the fourth to gino lewis. to desean hamilton. the come back is on drew. final play of the game. mcfarland, the hail mary. prayers aren't always answered, as you know and that's the case here. georgia will win. drew it's over. been a long day. 24-17 the final.
11:57 pm
number one clemson tigers will take on number two, alabama in the national championship game you can watch that january 11, monday night, 5:30 on our sister network, espn. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. 40 bowl games are done. >> crazy. >> get some new uniforms. >> all right that's it for tonight. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. happy new year.
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