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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> good morning. i'm cornell bernard in for carolyn tyler. it's sunday, january 3rd. here's a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning, cornell. here's a live look at doppler 7hd. you notice we have some showers offshore. not all of it is reaching the ground. we put it into motion and you see we've had the returns push over the bay area. it's not likely, bubba it's a possibilityibility. we will see a light early morning shower but the main activity holds off until early this morning b we do see the rain it looks like it will hang out along the coast for a little bit before it pushessen lapped. 43 concord, 45 hayward.
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you want to go out for the bike ride, the jog, or walk the dog, you may see a light shower, but likely you will be dry. you will notice the warmer temperatures, and then the rain does head our way throughout the afternoon. it starts at the coast, and then it pushes in to the rest of the bay area through the afternoon and right on through the evening hours. it's going to stay with us through the overnight hours, as well. 50. so it will be mild outside. we will look for the heavy rain to head our way later on monday. we will talk about that system, and that is just the second one in about four to come this week. cornell. >> okay, lisa. see you soon. two people are okay this morning after their commercial fishing boat got into trouble. high winds blew their boat into rocks in marin county. they tell us how they got to safety. >> it was the wind. if the wind wasn't so strong, we could have made it. >> it was not the way the new year's fishing boat was supposed to end. it would sail out of richmond, lost engine power and was headed
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for the shoreline rocks at china camp state park. >> a little unnerving there. >> a little bit. >> he said the seas were rough early saturday and the winds were fierce. >> a 15 knots. a little rough. blew it up there real fast. >> you try to figure out how to get it to hold, but it wasn't holding. tried too keep it out of the rocks, but it wasn't happening. >> the castro valley can't radioed for help before running aground, but both men made it to safety. park rangers say bay waters can be treacherous. >> you can think about -- it's easy to think about the waves. this is when we normally have most of our problems. even though it's an outgoing tide, the vessel was being blown into shore. >> the vessel probably ran out of gas. the fiberglass hull prevented an oil leak. officials will monitor the boat for any changes. meantime the fishing trip wasn't a total loss.
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>> i did catch one fish, so that was cool, and i saved it. >> they will try to remove the boat today from the rocks during high tide at 7:00 this morning. a berkely woman was caught in a crossfire in richmond. this is where it happened at 23rd street and cutting boulevard around 6:15 last night. two women were driving through when someone shot the driver in the neck. she's identified of clair duggen of about berkeley. >> i heard six shots fired, and then the collision. as soon as i heard the shots, i ducked. >>duggen is in the hospital with critical injuries. >> san jose's first traffic death of the year came last night when a bicyclist collided with two cars. it happened just after 7:00 p.m. on east read and south 7th street. the two cars were driving in opposite direction and bicyclist reportedly ran a red light. drugs and alcohol do not appear
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to have played a part in the accident. a hit-and-run accident in san francisco forced the closer of mission street for a few hours. the accident was reported last night around 7:00. police arrived at 4th and mission to find a car overturned. the driver of the car took off running and was eventually arrested inside bloomingdales's department store. no one else was injured. >> a home owner felt duped after renting out their house on airbnb. there was damage and a lesson learned catch the huge party the teenager threw. >> the house on santa clara avenue is her pride and joy, and this is cell phone video of her with police after her home was trashed. >> tons of booze in the kitchen. there were beer cans and actually broken glass in the house and cigarettes.
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>> she rented her home on airbnb to what she thought was an older man from chicago for new year's eve. it really went to a teenager who through a rager for his 18th birthday. 200 kids were all over the house and wrecked it. >> people were either jumping on to things or -- >> this neighborhood did not want to be identified. >> one woman told her about the party in her house. >> i was concerned and i saw young people walking up and down the street and across the street and they were shouting back and forth. >> by the time she and her partner got home, the kids had cleared out. >> she called the renter, who returned. police arrested him on the spot for vandalism. but the problems aren't over. >> the couple has had to call police several times because teenagers just keep showing up here. a lot of them left the party so quickly that night that they left personal items behind. >> the audacity is beyond me.
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really, you have done this to our home and you are concerned that we aren't giving you your sweat jacket back to you right away? >> the couple admits they should have screened more. and airbnb said we have band this guest from aidbnb and we have worked with the owner to provide coverage under the $1 million host guarantee. this should be a wake-up call for the hosts. >> folks need to think more seriously in general about what risks they are taking when they get involved in it. >> this couple doesn't plan to airbnb again. in oakland, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> this morning a vallejo family is starting to rebuild their lives after losing their home in a fire. early friday morning the family's apartment burst into flames. everyone made it out unhurt. the family lost everything, including their christmas presents. their story touched a lot of people and yesterday the family received money and bag full of toys.
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courtesy of local firefighters, union members and the community in general. >> i don't know what to say. i'm very thankful, and to everyone that donated, both helped out, even the somalis. we really appreciate it. >> firefighters said it was just a matter of doing the right thing, helping a family in need get back on their feet. a water company said broken bolts on a valve is blamed for flooding in one neighborhood. take a look. it sent hundreds of gallons of water gushing here yesterday morning. it was taken a member of our abc7now community. water did not enter any homes in the area, but water did back up into her driveway. >> this morning we woke up and the whole street was flooded. >> i've been out here since 7:00. i took a break and came out. i cleaned my next door neighbor's yard, as well.
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>> abc7 news was there as crews fixed the problem. the san jose fire department capped the leak around noon. when you see news where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using the #abc7now. >> abc7 news was at 24th street as crews put on final patches of a 3 by 10 hole of a sinkhole. church street had been closed since thursday when the hole opened up. the muni j line passengers had to take a bus around the repairs. >> a dubai's megashift will sail from the port of oakland this morning or tomorrow morning. it's one of the largest in the world. the benjamin franklin sailed under the golden gate thursday with just 20 feet to spare. as it passed alcatraz, the ship was pretty much the same size a quarter mile longer than a
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ten-lane freeway. stacked with 18,000 containers filled with consumer goods from asia. pretty amazing. the good news is i'm not piloting that boat. >> the by the end of the week we could see around 4 inches around half moon bay. we are getting started to the. 47 degrees. it's mild and dry this morning. maybe an isolated shower in the morning hours. but basically it holds off and more rain to arrive. the first in a series of systems this afternoon. we will time it out coming up. >> also next, daily fantasy football could be on the losing end of a lawsuit. how it could mean big payouts to its customers. and the president vowed to take action on gun control this year, even if it means by passing congress
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. city leaders in san jose are looking for new options for the homeless. that's after they closed down the jungle last year. many have nowhere to go. a media partner reports that the city is considering running up a homeless tent city run by a nonprofit group. they said a managed encampment
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is better than having them camped out illegally along roads and bridge overpasses. the goal is still to find permanent housing, though. drugs and alcohol would not be allowed. they say that would keep it from turning into another version of the yuk he will. a unique project at santa clara university this weekend honor students who disappeared in mexico two years ago. a contemporary recreum features 43 silhouettes representing the students. the crime, that was never solved, shows the deep-rooted corruption between the government, police, and drug cartels. the father of one of the students lives in san jose. and oakland organizations that want to keep raiders in the east bay will host a party as the season ends their season today. after the game the group will talk about why they believe keeping the raiders in oakland is the best business decision for the nfl. the party starts at 1:00 p.m. at the buffalo wild wings at southward mall in hayward. the application to move
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to los angeles can be submitted tomorrow for the raiders. 17 of the nfl owners will meet this week in new york to discuss plans, which will set the stage for january 12th when all 32 owners could decide between proposals by the raiders, chargers and rams. last week oakland mayor libby shaft proposed a new stadium that could open in 2019. san diego and st. louis also submitted their plans for a new stadium last week. there's a new push to shut down a popular sports website. the two companies are being sued, accused of illegal gambling. if the new attempts succeeds, it could mean hundreds of thousands of players who bet big could get their mope back. we have the details. >> a potentially crippling new set back for two giants of daily fantasy sports. >> welcome to the big time! >> if you played fan duel or draftkings in new york, you may be entitled to get your money back. that's according to the new york attorney general.
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those sites reportedly taking in more than $200 million in entry fees from at least 600,000 customers here in 2015. in a lawsuit snyderman is also asking those companies to pay a fine of up to $5,000 per case. >> i've deposited a total of $35 on fan duel and won over $2 million. >> snyderman is accusing the companies of misrepresenting the chances of winning. >> they deposited money with the fantasy company based on doubling their money, which is what the advertisements promised, and he said that was a false promise. >> snyderman adding it to a >> snyderman adding it to a lawsuit he filed in november, calling them illegal gambling operations. draftkings responded saying, like in the original complaint, it's based on the fundamental misunderstanding of fantasy sports competitions. fan duel said we are thoroughly disappointed in the attorney
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general's ongoing action and will fight this merit less amended suit. >> both companies are still allowed to operate in new york. a judge has yet to decide if that will continue as the case goes to trial. abc news, new york. crews with san francisco public works were out conducting the most complete survey yet of market street ahead of a major improvement project. the truck you see there was out early yesterday morning gathering information to create a 3d survey of the busy thoroughfare. it used light technology and ranging or lidar for short. it's to create better detail design work for the market and the corridor. here's some animation after recent trial runs. the technology picks up on every detail, including buildings, light poles, sidewalks and other street features. some major changes are coming tomorrow for those who commute over the golden gate bridge. bridge managers say that the current evening rush hour isn't working well, the plan, that is. starting tomorrow crews will change the lane configuration of
6:17 am
the bridge only twice a week rather than every other day. take a look. this is what you can expect on thursday and fridays. four lanes north, two lanes south. on monday, tuesday, wednesday, there will be three lanes south and three lanes north. officials hope this will alleviate congestion during peak hours. >> travelers bewared to. it's expected to be one of the business west travel days after the holidays. if you are planning to travel you will see long lines as you pick up and drop off, and long security lines too. check your flight status before heading to the airport for any delays or even cancellations. it may be a problem later today as the rain you slowly moves in and the commute will be very wet for a lot evidence people this week too. >> you are right. and you are right with it slowly moving in because it is splitting, the first system. that's the reason why we aren't going to see much out of it. but it's also bringing a good touch of subtropical moisture as it heads our way.
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this is not reaching the ground yet. but that's why it's so mild. we are looking at part of the system heading north and another part of it south. we are in between. so totals will be on the light side. as we go in a little closer, looks like it's raining from point raise to here but it's not because the lower levels of the atmosphere are so dry. this is the case throughout the next several hours. and eventually by about 11:00 we will see all the levelsful the atmosphere moistening up and the rain coming down. we could see an isolated shower this morning but for the most part it will take time. here's the first system. this and this mass here, we widen the view, this is what is coming. this is the heavier system, which will be a number two on our storm impact scale. monday night into tuesday. it focuses towards the south bay. 47 in san francisco. it's 44 oakland, mountain view and san jose, as well as morgan hill. a mild 55 half moon bay. from our sutro to tower camera we have the clouds and with the
6:19 am
mild temperatures the numbers range from the upper 30s in our coolest locking from joe sought toe to fairfield. low 30s for you. 43 concord with 45 in napa. that's certainly a bonus this morning. the highlights, cloudy skies, mild temperatures, the slight chance of a morning shower. otherwise it's the late morning, average and evening hours with the rain developing. we will see the heaviest rain along the coast. it stays with us through the overnight hours. breaks up for the monday morning commute and them gets going again with the second stronger system monday night. notice it's still offshore here. by about 1:00 we have rain on the coast, perhaps in santa rosa and san francisco t should be light rain. it continues to push to the east and south throughout the day. the niners game should be dry. a slight chance after shower but it will be mild, in the upper 50s in santa clara. by tonight you will still notice the heavier rain in the north bay and then your monday morning commute some scattered showers, a little bit of break here. the rainfall totals should be heaviest along the coast, about
6:20 am
san francisco up to the north anywhere from about half-inch to three quarter inch. leers amounts for friends in the east bay values. dublin, pleasanton. but don't worry, more rain is coming. in fact, by the afternoon we see the second system develop. this is 35:00 in the north day tomorrow. then for the afternoon and evening hours look at the heavier cells. the coast, the south bay, and this takes you through your tuesday morning commute. a little break tuesday afternoon. we add to the totals, and it takes us up to over an ininch oakland, nearly two inches in mountain view. so the heaviest rain will be in the santa cruz mountains. still good amounts throughout the north bay. this is throughout saturday. so a successive systems, we could see four inches from half moon bay. the rest of the area, two to three inches and about 2 inches inland. snowfall through tuesday, anywhere from half a foot to foot. still a cold system so we aren't looking at rain in the mountains. 54 on the coast and livermore. it will be a mild afternoon in the south bay.
6:21 am
the accuweather seven-day forecast, a number 1 on our storm impact scale today. then the next system, heavy rain tomorrow. this will take us through tuesday, wednesday and thursday. that's a successive system and looks like we dry out the end of the week. grab in a umbrella, the rain boots. >> wow, serious rain coming our way. >> yes, and it's likely that january will continue this way. >> okay. lease you are a, thank you so much. coming up next, ever wonder where your christmas tree goes after you dump it on the curb? we will so show you
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give it a pop. >> dan joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." good morning >> coming up on gma24 dead, more than 100 homes destroyed by the historic floods in the midwest. the water is moving south, threatening major cities down river. i think ingra peteert son taking an incredible tour some some of the communities. the images are come up. and donald trump addressing the new terrorist recruitment video featuring his own words. how did the republican frontrunner respond to this? and plus the hunt is on for a shooter who gunned down a sorority sister after a apparent new year's eve road rage incident. and the family and friends are remembering this student from texas: and finally, she can sing and act and dance, but she is tackling a new role.
6:25 am
it's all coming up. see you soon. >> now that christmas is over, many of your crease will help san francisco parks. recology workers are processing thousands of christmas trees using a giant woodchipper. they say tree cycling is a great way to keep the holiday season green. each tree will be repurposed. >> we are grinding up these trees to use as mulch in city parks to help supress weeds on
6:26 am
pathways and other areas and use them to create energy. >> last year 539 tons of christmas trees were recycled in san francisco alone. curbside pickup continues until january 15th. all you have to do is put your tree next to the recycling bin on your regular collection day and crews will take it away. this weekend the sacramento convention center was filled with lovers of japanese animation. it's a time to dress up as your favorite anima. or your favorite pop culture characters. these fans are into it. over 14,000 people are expected to attend. it wraps up today. much more ahead on the sunday morning news. trouble in the middle east. how a single life taken could
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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6:30 am
>> yeah, that's right. good morning to you. live doppler 7hd shows that question should be getting a little rain on the coast, but we aren't. the lower levels of the atmosphere are really dry so it's going to take time for the rain to develop. this is our first in a series of storm systems. it's the weakest one. with the cloud cover we are experiencing the milder numbers. so we put this in motion and you can see more activity offshore. the southerly surge bringing us the mild conditions, the moisture and the rain by later on this morning, towards the early afternoon. it's 45 in hayward and fremont. good morning san jose. 44 for you. a couple of 30s for the delta and antioch with low to mid-40s in the north bay. so if you are headed out this morning, could see an isolated shower, but most likely you won't and it will be dry. in fact, by noontime still look at the cloud cover. maybe some coastal showers. the rain increases throughout the afternoon and the evening hours. it will be wet tonight and wet for a portion of the monday morning commute. we will talk about three, four systems on the way for the week ahead.
6:31 am
cornell. >> lisa, see you soon. thank you. the mississippi river is beginning to subside after flooding caused by more than 10 inches of rain. the deluge has brought destruction and misery to illinois where 9 died and to missouri where 15 died. while the worst is over in some places, the floodwaters are moving south abc news reporter richard cantu has the latest. >> from the sky the breadth and depth of the disaster is painfully clear. the mississippi crested at a new high, sending the waters in all directions from missouri down to louisiana. rivers are rising, floodwaters swallowing everything inets path. >> it's hard. it's reached its highest. >> desperate measures failed to hold the water at bay or came too late nor maybe homeowners. >> they go to work in the morning, everything is fine, and come home in the evening and water rises 4 feet. >> the flood claimed hundreds of home and at least 25 lives.
6:32 am
>> the vast imagine of the deaths, 14 of the 15, are people electric drove into water. >> they said he could only watch helplessly as the rising water battered his house from this to this. finally disurged it to driftwood. >> yeah, everyone got out. the dog is already. that's the important things. >> the threat of major flooding from cresting rivers will move down the mississippi and hang over the region for weeks. meaning scenes like these are an ominous preview of the new year for many communities. richard cantu, abc news, new york. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is coming back to the bay area this week for two campaign fundraisers. she will attend a conversation with hillary event in san francisco friday afternoon. later that night the democratic frontrunner will be at a reception in palo alto. one ticket for either event costs $2700. clinton's last trip to the bay area was in early november.
6:33 am
meanwhile republican presidential candidate donald trump is blaming president obama and rival clinton for the creation of isis. he spoke at a campaign rally yesterday in mississippi and said the two democrats are also to blame for the unrest in the middle east. trump's claim comes after isis uses videos of him as a recruitment tool. in recent weeks trump has been more aggressive against clinton and her record leading the state department. >> presidential hopefuls ben carson and bernie sanders are getting ready for their next debate. they will appear to talk about what we can expect in their respective debates. you can catch "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning on abc7 news. >> this morning president obama is heading back to washington, d.c. after ending his vacation in hawaii. the president's new year's resolution is to take a stand against gun violence. on friday he said he would by pass congress to get it done. but some don't know if that's
6:34 am
the answer. 50% of americans said it's more important to control gun ownership, and that's ahead of the 47% who believe protecting gun rights is more important. we have the response from the president's announcement. >> with many americans going to the gun store after the san bernardino attack, the white house said it would be a dangerous and slippery slope for individual americans to arm themselves against terrorists. he said, quote, that's why we have government. and this week president obama is expected to outline new executive action that his administration believes would make it more difficult for the mentally ill, criminals and terrorists to arm themselves with powerful weapons. the president announcing in his weekly radio address, he will meet with attorney general loretta lynch monday to decide what he can do on his own without violating the second amendment. >> we can protect that right, while keeping an irresponsible dangerous few from inflicting
6:35 am
harm on a massive scale. >> the white house wants to broaden the number of gun dealers who must perform background checks and stop those on the no-fly list from buying guns. republican ted cruz called it lunacy, and donald trump con k -- condemned the plan. >> i don't like it. i don't like what he's doing. >> abc news, washington. >> the office complex in southern colorado that was the site of the mass shooting one month ago will reopen tomorrow. a spokesperson in san bernardino said both clients and employees will get a sense of comfort with the building operating and open. the los angeles times reports the conference center where the shooting took place remains closed and has an uncertain future. the complex is now lined with a security fence and anyone entering will have their ids checked. saudi arabia is being criticized this morning after it executed a prominent shiite cleric. he's one of 47 prisoners killed in custody yesterday.
6:36 am
iran's top leader warned saudi arabia of define everge. iran and saudi arabia already back different sides in different wars in yemen and syria. officials worry more conflict between the two powerful nations could severely destabilize the region. in the south bay the muslim american community will host a protest in response to the execution. if you would like to attend it's from 2:00 to 4:00 on teaches -- steven's creek and winchester boulevard in santa clara. this weekend faith leaders are gathering in sacramento to talk about radicalization and the threat it imposes this the muslim community. it's taking place at the city's largest muslim center. young muslim americans say the fear of violence committed in the name of extremist is two-fold. they don't want innocent people hurt and they don't want their faith to be misrepresented. >> sometimes i feel like it's my fault. i feel like i didn't do enough
6:37 am
getting to know my neighbors, showing what real islam is. >> this is not islam. we condemn these acts. today we are taking it a step further and addressing the issue head on. >> they say the goal is to demonstrate like the rest of the world. the vast majority of muslims also oppose violence in the name of god. still ahead on the sunday morning news, it's the latest hot trend in a popular beverage. the health benefits you may get from drinking cold-brewed coffee. here's a live look from our sutro tower cam. the sun about to rise over the bay area and storm clouds not far away. lisa argen will have your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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a county church is celebrating their first anniversary in a big
6:41 am
way following the church of antioch's distribution. more than 500 christmas gifts and bikes. and it will continue their season of sharing today. one deserving family will receive a brand new car. their primary goal is to serve the community. the car will be given away at the black diamond middle school theater in antioch. we are on storm watch. >> that's right. here's a live look outside from the roof camera. temperatures in the mid-and upper 40s in san francisco. 55 on the coast. everyone across the state is going to see the rain. we will break it down for you coming up next. >> lisa, thank you. also next, overtime against the short-handed warriors
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> good morning. here's a beautiful shot from the tam cam. do you know where your umbrella is? you better find it because you will need it this week. lisa argen says a lot of rain headed our way coming up in just a few hours. we will have the forecast in just a few minutes. >> in sports both the 49ers and raiders facing long-time division rivals to close out the season. the niners are hosting the rams at levi's stadium. kickoff at 1:25 p.m. and the raiders at arrowhead stadium to battle the chiefs. also at 1:25. steph curry says he will see how he feels this morning after he wakes up after reinjuring his left shin and leaving the game last night against the nuggets.
6:45 am
the warriors were already shorthanded before the all-star point guard got hurt. they had to go to overtime to try to pull out a win. here's mike shumann with a highlight of the sports. >> good morning. the warriors were 42-1 at home in 2015 and hoping to start 2015 -- 2016 with a win over denver in oakland last night. steph curry back after missing two games. the mvp was trying do get back on the court. greene, a three. he had four 3's in the first quarter. thompson. it's 37-11 after one. 26-point lead. second quarter. steph, a three. 104th straight game with a triple. second longest three in nba history. left the game 63-47 at the half. denver rallies. ties it at 102. second, the play, and we go to overtime. in o.t. draymond a lay-up. another triple-double. ian clarke, 15 points off the bench. tied at 108. clay goes inside. dubs up two. last chance for denver.
6:46 am
for the tie, and no good! 111-108. the warriors escape. but the big question is steph, and we will find out in the coming days. >> vander veer and the 11th ranked stanford women opening up pac-12 plate on the road where they lost last year. the three-pointer. cardinals 28 after she had 14 the first half. stanford cruising second quarter. she had 16. stanford 39-15 at the half. third quarter mcafee again. a triple. her first 20 point game of the season. finishes with 21. stanford avenges last year's loss in tucson. 54-24, that final. and 17th ranked asu her parents in the house. and one. brings the bears within 9 in the fourth quarter. again, christine underneath. she had a game-high 22 points. but arizona state stymied the bears. the quick pass to sophie
6:47 am
bruner. led the sun devils with 16. a bad game for cal. arizona state didn't score for the final 5:30, and still won by 8. 57-49 that's correct final. sharks the league's worse five wins at home this year. intercepts the lazy pass for a easy score. for drew stafford. 1-0, jets. second period. sharks on the power play. this time they get on the board. brent burns slaps it home. stem 2-1, winnipeg. five minutes later, on the power play. mathieu perreault holds and it lips it past martin jones top corner, and the jets hold on for the 4-1 victory. raiders facing kansas city, 49ers get the rams. we will have those highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> thanks very much. lisa is here. we are on storm watch. some serious rain coming our way, a very el nino pattern forming, right? >> yeah. the second system right on the heels of the first one, and
6:48 am
three is four look to be little impulses and then more beyond that. it's a successive pattern change with the systems coming in, bringing the welcome rain, but it's all about the breaks in the ground absorbing the moisture. we will see heavy rain which monday night with a much stronger system. here's live doppler hd. you see it pushing along the coast. the lower levels of the atmosphere still dry. the main activity holds off, but as we go through each successive hour, we will begin to see higher relative humidity and eventually the rain hitting the ground throughout the later morning hours. the main band will be at the coast throughout the day. this is the system. it will split, part to the south and part to the north. but take a look what's behind it. this is the stronger system come monday into tuesday, which promises rain totals near two inches in some spots the and then beyond that there's weaker systems.
6:49 am
47 in san francisco. 44 oakland, mountain view, san jose and morgan hill. so with the breezy winds, the cloud cover, we are starting out much warmer. 55 1/2 moon bay. the surf will be dangerous this week. some rain into the southern part of the state. and then mountain snow doesn't look to be out of control, but still we will look for about a foot of snow through early tuesday. 39 by the delta. 42 santa rosa, 45 in napa. it's chilly in novato, but, boy, it's a lot warmer than it has been. 39 in cop cord. emeryville this morning, dark, cloudy, mild temperatures. rain developing throughout the late morning average hours throughout the north bay and the coast. and then it eventually pushes across the bay. it will be a wet week with on and off rain showers. i talked about those breaks being key so we don't get into some flooding, but we probably will see some flooding. so as we look toward the forecast animation the next couple of hours, the rain about 1:00 throughout the north bay, san francisco. and then by the afternoon everyone is pretty much wet with
6:50 am
some heavier cells offshore. it should be raining throughout the evening hours, the overnight hours, and then potentially looking at a bit of a breakthrough the early morning commute. we will see scattered showers. the only break will be for a couple of hours because the next system is quickly on its heels many so by this afternoon towards about 8:00 in the morning tomorrow, a quarter inch napa, three quarters of an inch on the coast, around half moon bay and san francisco. and about a third concord and livermore. that's the weaker system. then comes the stronger system by the evening commute tomorrow. we are raining in the north bay and it's raining heavily toward the evening and overnight hours from the coast into the south bay. the santa cruz mountains. this one packs a punch with very gusty winds and hefty rain totals that will push us beyond the inch to about 2 inches into tuesday at about 11:00. these totals on top of what we are seeing through monday. then there's the weak impulses beyond that wednesday and k thursday.
6:51 am
that will bring us up to four inches half moon bay, the santa cruz mountains. three inches san francisco through hayward and fremont. livermore about 2 1/2 to three inches and that should be the case in napa, as well. the first system and the second one getting going with the snow in the mountains. half inch to a foot. but the snow is just going to keep going throughout the week. so it's going to be pretty tricky if you are planning to go to the sierra nevada. today in santa clara look for upper 50s. possible shower for the game. 55 fremont, 54 richmond were the rain develops throughout the day and we will be looking at showers throughout the evening hours and scattered showers for your monday morning commute. monday, tuesday and wednesday looks to be about a 2 on the storm impact scale ands farther out we go it gets harder to discern how much and to time it out. that's why you want to check back with us. i know the second system will be quickly on the heels of the first one and it will be much stronger and windier. >> right. great news for skiers. anybody on the road this week ought to take it easy, right? >> that's right. it's been quite some time since
6:52 am
we've seen this much rain. >> lisa, thank you so much. there may be health benefits to a hot trend hitting calf face. it's actually a cold trend, cold brewed coffee. unlike simple coffee poured over ice, true poor brewed involves a much more complicated process. >> where you grind the grounds and you actually seep it in room temperature water for 15 to 24 hours and then drain off the grains and you have a concentrated grew. -- brew. >> she said you can make a small batch with a french press or order a tottie-maker that allows you to brew about seven cups at a time it. it lasts a long time, you can have it in the refrigerator up to 30 days. >> she said it's healthier than regular brewed coffee. >> it is higher in antioxidants, it's less acidic, but more
6:53 am
caffeine >> that's good news for many who can't have coffee because of its acidic nature. >> according to research, cold brewed sales have more than tripled in the past five years with millennials in general buying the most. >> you can taste the coffee and all the players just a little bit stronger than, you know, the regular old cup of joe. >> another coffee craze right now is adding butter and coconut oil to coffee. coconut oil is an easy to digest anti-inflammatory fat. it's a healthy combination with butter which contains good fatty acid. >> good energy your body can digest. >> from a new breed of brews that many believe offer a healthier, more flavor full alternative. ama daetz, abc7 news. >> thank you, and power ball fever about to take off after there was no grand prizewinner
6:54 am
ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models.
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>> the power ball jackpot soared again after nobody won last night. the winning ticket would have been worth more than $334 million. the twelveth largest power ball in history. anyone claiming the lump sum would have taken home more than $200 million. here are the numbers. 5, 6, 15, 29, 42. power ball is 10. the next drawing is wednesday night with the jackpot estimated at $400 million with a lump sum payment of nearly $245 million. good luck, everybody.
6:57 am
we are talking about some serious rain head today the bay area. >> yes. i think the second system headed in tomorrow will be the stronger one. it will be close on the heels of this one. cloudy skies, 46 hayward, 45 fremont. likely a light shower perhaps on the coast this morning. otherwise throughout the evening hours the rain gets going and by tomorrow morning we have three quarters of an inch in san francisco. only about a quarter inch in napa. so widely varying rain totals. look at the rest of the week. strong system, windy system monday night into tuesday. weaker ones after that with the sear snow. they look to be cold systems so grab the umbrella, get ready, it's coming. >> and drive carefully. >> exactly. >> thanks for inning us on the abc7 sunday morning news. our news continues with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is coming up next. have a great day, everybody!
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good morning, america. new overnight -- danger downstream. devastating floodwaters surge south. >> the crash we had today was the highest crest in history. >> divers capturing incredible images. communities completely under water. our new tour of the disaster and the major cities in the danger zone right now. also new this morning -- trump's tough talk. the presidential candidate not backing down after terrorists use his comments in a recruitment video. he's now turning the tables on hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton created isis with obama. >> how will this affect the campaign? road rage murder. the popular college student gunned down after a new year's eve party. why did this stop at the red light lead to violence?


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