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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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sickness and health. love and heartbreak. and covered california is there for it all. not just to help keep you well. but to make sure the cost of being unwell doesn't ruin this whole life thing. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, you are waking up to a wet monday, and it will be wetter as the week romes on by. i am reggie aqui. >> i amnesia
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zouves. >> hopefully you are covered with an umbrella because you will need it. we will keep you informed and over the airport in oakland and heading into the heart of oakland, that is our best radar run. you can see the moisture coming up from the south and all of us will get light rain this morning just enough to make the ground wet and slick for the compute can you see it is fought heavy because we can see from sutro tower all the way over to oakland so get ready for the study and lightest rain at 7:00 through 9:00. by noon, it will transition over to showers and scattered showers at 4:00, a break there afternoon, and before a bigger storm tonight with details on that. sue? >> mass transit is the way to go if you are become to welcome on monday morning, bart has 38 trains on time right now. caltrain and muni all reporting with no delays so a great way to go if you can. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and maybe a few considers tacked up paying cash otherwise if the apporach is from highway
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24, 580, 11 minutes all the way in to san francisco with no meeting lights. the golden gate bridge shows it is raining here. look at camera lens, the san mateo bridge coming up in the next report. >> the 49ers will hold a press conference this morning, to formally announce what we know. head coach tomsula is out given the news after year's season-ending victory against the rams. he has been with the team for nine years and feels like deja vu a year ago after the 49ers last game of the season, coach harbaugh was let go. the 49ers c.e.o. will address the media at 10:30 this morning. >> imagine the locker room? i cannot. >> many of us are getting back into the normal commute and you may have noticed that bart fares are up. our reporter is at the walnut creek bart station with where the money is going and, amy, how much money are we talking here?
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>> it is not going to break the bank. it is a 3.4 percent it will add up. now, round trip from fremont to san francisco. that trip is going do go trip $11.930 to $1 2.0. 40 more corner as day will add up to $2 a week, commuters are saying well, they are not thrilled but this ising in they can do. >> they we and up a lot, for sure, but i understand they have confidents on their side is frustrating. >> will youing which how you commute? >> not at this point it is the only option given traffic. just roll with it. >> this fare increase happens automatically every other year. the board of directors uses the unfor new train cars, new control systems, and the
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maintenance facility they are building in hayward. you will see the increases every other year influence 2020. >> developing news we are following regarding a tense stand off happening right now in oregon, armed anti-government protesters are occupying a national wildlife refuge in eastern oregon and are now calling on malicious members from around the country to join their effort going on since saturday making national headlines, protesting on before two oregon ranchers set to report to prison today in california to serve a second sentence for arson. the f.b.i. now is working with oregon law enforcement hoping to bring this to a peaceful resolution. we are monitoring the situation as we speak and her report is next at 5:30. >> happening today in san francisco, closing arts are scheduled in the trial of raymond "shrimp boy" chow with jury instructions given out and the arguments begin.
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after rebuttal witnesses the jury will deliberate. raymond "shrimp boy" chow is accused of racketeering, murder and money laundering while the head of a chinatown gang. an f.b.i. sting got him and the state senator lee of san francisco who ladied guilty and is waiting for sentencing. >> a tragedy if las vegas a man celebrated in the jewish community is dead after a botched robbery. the 42-year-old lived in palo alto and was a technical entrepreneur and went to las vegas to set up a social media plat fm for people attending the consumer electronics show. a friend toll abc7 how she will remember gambler. >> someone who had a positive outlook on the community very friendly and loyal. >> the two people face charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery. police say the surveillance video shows the suspects driving moments before he was shot
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outside a 24 hour fitness on december 29. >> police in rich pop hope that someone out there and help catch the person would slot an elementary teacher. chair dugan was driving when someone shot her in the next. the shooting and crash last her in critical condition. >> pet say this was a random act and she is an innocent victim. a friend said the 52-year-old is in bad shape. >> skull is fractured and she was pleading from the neck as i understood. the bullet is still there. >> police say another shooting on enter state 580 on saturday afternoon left that victim in critical condition, the victim and shooter knew each near that case but they are looking into possible connections with this shooting. >> part bay residents take the warnings of el nino to heart and mill valley several businesses are already lining the doorways with sandbags.
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others have filled the bags and are ready to put in place. resolution democrat could help their, themselves sand budgets -- bags with protest of strong rains. >> residents are fed up with a constantly breaking water main on or tan avenue and yesterday, again, flooded homes. it is the third time in just seven years. >> gushing water in an instant coming from a broken 8" cast iron pop installed 71 years ago. for an hour, the section of arlington avenue looks pore like a river. the water made its way down the block and on to self properties -- several prosecutes. >> it was shocking i never thought so much water could come down the hill at once. >> he got the waste of it.
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the entire house was flooded and the water seeped through the light nexttures. others saw water entering the crawl space and making a muddy mess of the yard saying in is the third time the main ruptured in seven years. firefighters say the hayward fault could be a factor. >> number of the hopes have the dirt that is shifting and the water main, a last these have been in the ground a long-term. >> east bay mud said because of ground movement some spines in kensington are monitored we with devices designed to detect leaks. >> it is not clear if the technology was used here. however, crews are currently replacing ten miles of pipe a year with the goal of adding to that the next several years, which cannot come soon enough. >> we will see if they can do what needs to be done to stop this happening again. ahome owners are documenting the damage and filing claims. they are counting on east bay
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mud to reimburse them as they have done in the past. >> that is a real mess. and you had off for the holidays and you are back at work today. >> the rain comes back with you. >> it does. good morning, everyone, in time for the commute with darker grands from richmond all the way down to san leandro but we have more offshore and over the next three hours we will have scattered light rain and it will taper to scattered showers. today is the easier day as far as what the weather will do to the commute or to the day. you can see 101 and 880 in san jose, dry. we have height showers inland. 51 to 56. showers and drizzle fremont at the coast at 54 to 57 and a chance of showers at 50 to 57 so pretty mild because of a southern win. we will have delays all week at sfo and it looks wet right now.
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you can seat lightning so the storms are stronger tomorrow and into wednesday and well get a let up on thursday and i will let you flow that continues into friday, sue, how is the commute? >> so far, so good, slick roads so be represented for that as we look at san mateo bridge headed in the westbound direction cross the flat selection toward the highway rise all way over to 101 you are still looking at a continue meant drive from hayward so not bad at all, the richmond-san rafael bridge at the toll plaza it is very light and the shine on the roadway is wet and it is seven minutes across the bridge to marin county. overall we are looking good with green so that means rain affect the commute and getting slow out of tracy over the altamont pass, where it looks like it is raining at 24 miles per hour and then it pick up and looks good into livermore and rash an san mateo and highway 92 a car in the ditch next report. >> the search is on to find a person who is painting over
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public art in san jose. you could recognize these sites, murals on utility boxes. at least seven boxes are now gray again. this is after someone spray painted them. it started happening before christmas. a city council member paid for the art work using surplus campaign funds. say the alameda city council will discuss rent stabilization starting tomorrow. there was a seven hour city council meeting with 90 speakers including a bloody fight that resulted in two arrests. according for the bay area news group they will discuss three ordinances: one would limit evictions and force lend lords to pay a tenants' moving cost tom at 7:00 at alameda high school. >> snow may is considering a microcommunity there the small
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houses you see on tv that could be a solution nor homelessness. according to the press democrat, officials want did elect the houses on a 10,000 square feet lot if santa rosa. the board is going to consider the proposal temperature. >> a photo could be worth a thousand words but this could be summed up with one: priceless. the sway a southwest airlines attendant came to a rogue cue for -- rescue for two new parents. parents. >> a touching sto
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a mexican attorney representingallal ethan couch said his client could be in mexico for months or back in texas in days. the lawyer said what happens next is up to couch. if he does not fight extradition he could be back quickly in the u.s. he was arrested on wednesday after a two week international search wanted in texas for anuallied probation violation in a drunk driving case in can he killed several people. >> investigators are looking into sinking of a cargo ship are launching a new search to refer the black boxes of the vessel. the ntsb released this footage from 15,000' below the surface. the hull is badly damaged and the navigation deck was found half a mile away in the main
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part of the ship. it sank during hurricane joaquin near the bahamas headed from florida to porter rico. all 33 crew pens are died. >> the holidays are over but hover borders are continuing to break interest flames this inside of a home in full some when plugged into an outlet wh it was being charged. it caused $5,000 if damage. investigators are looking into other fires across the united states. >> a pennsylvania man is take his beloved dog on bucket list adventures when learn her life will be cut short because of cancer. >> my buddy. todd and his 8-year-old beagle poodle mix are inseparable. but recent news changed
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everything. reyes decked with terminal cancer. todd unsure what did do. >> i had a great friend at high school and she said think about a bucket live. that is exactly what they did. hitting up niagara falls, eating fries at mcdonald's, sled down a hill, meeting a cow, taking in the country set and swimming. one thing, though, still needed crossed off. >> each morning we wake up in the winter and first thing we turn on is the weather. she with always for some reason during the weather segment with stare at the we television. >> thursday, reyes jointed the weather team making her forecaster debut. >> she said it will be fantastic the rest of the week. >> todd said their journey has taught him about himself. >> it made me focus on the positive things that i request bring out and live my life a little differently and live for the day. i hope during the process she can put a smile on someone else 's face the eight years she
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's face the eight years she has put a smile on my face. >> lovely. >> it is so...sad... >> when you lose your dog and you try to do everything you can. >> and you are passionate about perfect pet. what is it about the animals and we we weather? >> i have a dog named windy. >> not radar? >> i like radar, too. >> doppler. >> keep going. 90 seconds here. how about raincoats? that is what you need. or umbrella. santa rosa, the rain chance are each day but for friday and sunday you will have rain. is why we have been talking about january be the time to talk about el nino that will shift the weather pattern and bring us storms and we have a parade of them pushing us.
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today is light and you can see right around sunnyvale and los altos headed to mountain view, and the three bridges that are most affected right now are the richmond-san rafael, bay bridge and the golden gate bridge and the coast is getting the best radar returns but they fall apart as they move inland and you can see we -- 101 is loo wet. we have future had heavy rain just light and sporadic. that is how it is this morning trillion we have lighter showers in the afternoon. it will be wet is stormy on tuesday and wins and a lesser extent on thursday and we have a small break on friday and saturday. this morning through this evening, we have light rain to light hours so .1" to half an everyone along the coast and it is a category one. you can see the yellows fall apart by 9:00 the dead difficult rain in the central valley and by noon it looks quiet and we will have scattered showers at
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5:00, again, through 7:00, and the heavy rain comes in around 11:00 through 4:00 in the morning we will wake up to bonding on the roads on tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon we will have scattered light showers and wednesday morning the heaviest rain comes in from the next storm a category two. sue? >> we have word of a minor bart delay this morning with ten-minute delays from orinda to sfo and the pittsburg bay point direction because of equipment trouble. in other mass transit delays this morning. here is the dry from emeryville and goalen gate field, berkeley, to the macarthur maze, and pretty good all the way to san francisco just 11 minute drive with a report of debris to the lanes by gilman but it has been swept up. and golden gate bridge and wet as is the drive from marin county allow center time and possible puddling on the roadways so careful there. and otherwise you are not bad,
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at all, out of marin county at 20 minutes from san rafael. >> global oakland markets tumble as worries mount over china's economy. >> here is the business headlines from new york. >> yes, topping america's money, stocks free fall overnight. >> stocks plunged so much on the main chinese stock market that all trade was harassmented and the sell off was triggered by manufacturing worries and the united states. >> the united states stock markets will open much lower. >> aaa expects the gas prices to remain relatively low this year the tame as 2015. >> they do not expect the national average to go above $3. a gallon. >> "star wars" "the force awakens" is set to shatter the highest record today about is to surpass "avatar," the highest
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grossing movie of all time. it premieres in china next week the second biggest movie market. that is america's money. >> it is the new year's eve pain that does not go away. that does not go away. uber cus it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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quilted northern works their bathroom experience. just like they forgot conductor randy, who sees all and forgets nothing. at least he's not constable bob. here are seven things you need to know. >> the storm door is opening. the rain is light. but not for tuesday and wednesday were we could already have .5" to more than 1". we still have more storms in the seven-day forecast. >> two, we have a wet monday morning commute. back to work. back to school. give yourself a last time. bay bridge toll plaza has no metering lights just minor delay on the left side cash lanes. >> three, 49ers c.e.o. will hold a news conference this morning to discuss the fireing
5:25 am
of jim tomsula let go after the game against the rams and a year on the job. >> four, pleasant hill police say two people are dead. there was a crash overnight near interstate 680. the s.u.v. hit a railing on the off-ramp. a 8-year-old woman is still fighting for her life. >> a tense stand off in rural oregon in the third day. armed militia have taken over a wildlife refuge protesting sentence of two ranchers convicted of setting fires on federal land. >> a crack in the world economy. trading on china's exchange stopped after concerned over oil splices. >> the consumer electronics show starts this week this las vegas the largest trade show and there will be new tvs drops, more than 150,000 attendees expected to
5:26 am
flood the hotels through saturday. >> uber riders are upis the about increased price on new year's and are trying to make their case. riders in boston and new york say the estimate options to know the cost if advance was difficult to find that night. if the destination was changed that is when they could not find the estimate. uber said riders needed to go back to the original screen, delete the destination and put in the new address to seat updated surge price. >> my head hurts. >> especially on things that go on, on new year's east. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including several chains for the commuters that will start in the new year. >> flood in a east bay city and >> flood in a east bay city and what may have
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. are you ready? ♪ back to life ♪ back to reality >> time to get back to work. holidays over. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. and a wet monday. more stormy weather. mike? what did you have? >> i would do my "singing in the rain," but i can't sing. or dance. >> what? i have an umbrella that natasha got me for christmas. i will use that a lot. here is a look at live doppler hd showing an area of light rain through the only hours. and it tapers to scattered showers the next six hours. it is moist the can you see not much rain has fallen with east wind at 11 across the golden gate bridge and scattered showers throughout the afternoon forecast and temperatures in the mid-50s. and monday morning commute.
5:30 am
sue? >> good. wet. no major problems. that is the great news. we have a minor bart delay, 10 minutes in orinda and sfo and bay point and pittsburg direction. we shows traveling north between the capitol expressway and 880 it is ten minutes. that is not bad. the headlights headed in 9 northbound direction. marin county is looking good, southbound beyond the specific center. we have an issue in the san mateo area a car off the roadway westbound 80 with a spin out. off the road. >> the 49ers are starting the new year like 2015 looking for a new coach well hear why the team fired jim tomsula after a season. matt keller is at levi stadium this morning. >> yes, a lot is happening and the nfl is take over levi stadium as they are ready for
5:31 am
super bowl 50 in february. the 49ers of looking for someone who take office the team after they fired head coffee jim tomsula. it should not be surprised finishing 5-11 record after 8-8 last season the worse finish since 2005. the firing was not without controversy. former 49ers player mike shumann said the c.e.o. let the players know before the firing and that could have only happen ed during the post game press conference of tomsula so either tomsula was a great actor or the last guy to find out he was getting relieved. >> i have not talked to ownership or had any conversations and would not expect to until the season is over. >> the season is over. york released a same calling tomsula a valuable member and wishing him great success in the future. who could be the nbc head coach?
5:32 am
there are rumors circulating that the former oakland raiders coax shanahan and former 49ers offensive coordinator from the 1990s interested in the john and they are looking at head coach of the new orleans saints, possibly dealing with a trade. and there an press conference later today. >> matt, thanks. so many changes all over the bay weapon colts to football and the raiders may have played their last game representing oakland. mark davis is expected to file relocation papers with the nfl today wanting to move the silver and block become to los angeles. three teams: oakland, san diego chargers and the house rams, the -- and the st. louis >> an investigation is underway
5:33 am
in pleasant hill after a terrible crash last two people dead. another is fighting to survive right now. police say three people were in a car when it ran into a rail on the 680 off-ramp at contra costa boulevard at 8:00 last night. a 69-year-old map behind the wheel and a 68-year-old woman both died at the hospital. a 8-year-old woman is in critical condition this morning. we officers closed the off-ramp for self hours to investigate but re-opened it at 1:30 this morning. >> woman is recovering from being shot in san francisco's mission district. police were called to the scene at 19th after 10:00 last night. the woman was taken to the hospital and are? s had to close off traffic for a while to look for evidence. the shooter still out there and we do not know the circumstances surrounding the system or how badly the woman is hurt. >> san francisco police are asking for your help to find a man who stole $400 from a gas.
5:34 am
can you seat man paying for his item like normal and when the clerk opened the register, he pulls out a gun and points it at the clerk. the man walks behind the counter and takes $400 in cash from the register, and police describe hip as a 5' 10" african-american man at 30-40 years old. contact san francisco police if you recognize him. >> governor will attend a private memorials is for the victims of the san bernardino shooting with the site re-opening today. >> employees go back to work at the regional center for the first time since 14 people were shot dead last month. >> coups lores are on happen to meet with 600 workers not back since the attack. no word on when or if the conference center where the shooting happened could re-open. >> president obama will take action on gun control this week. we have learned the president will announce an executive action tomorrow. he will meet later today with
5:35 am
attorney general lynch. the mention of gun restriction has a going president candidate mocking those who want criminals and promising immediate action. >> if you are for gun control will you allow me to put a sign on your front yard that says this home does not own a gun? they never say yes when i am elected president on the first day behind the truck those orders are gone. >> the president expected to announce strengthening gun background checks, an idea that most republicans strongly oppose. >> we are tracking an unreal situation if oregon where armed militia why have taken over a federal wildlife refuge and refeudsing to leave. our reporter is tracking the story in the newsroom. >> the stand off now is entering day three, where protesters apartmented. they are prepared to gdp themselves. the membership are guarding the site from towers and say they are prepared to fate. this is happening in rural
5:36 am
oregon. demonstrates are upset that two oregon ranchers are being sent back to prison to complete a five-year sentence and they have served some time for setting fires on federal land to prevent the growth of invasive species but a judge ruled their sentence was too short. several protesters broke off from the rest during a protest on saturday and have been occupying the wildlife refuge since the nevada rancher bundy is leading the protest. >> this refuge is rightfully own by the people. the principles are businesses upon the constitution of the united states. >> hammonds left oregon and they are expected to report to prison today in california around 2:00. the family attorney said that bundy family do not represent them. locals and are closed and local law enforcement are keeping people away. no one has been hurt were the
5:37 am
the f.b.i. is reading the investigation and hope for a peaceful resolution. >> california lawmakers return to the capital. they will need to figure how to figure the $1 billion hole in the health care program and a 59 billion backlog in road repairs needed the next decade. experts believe the revenue will come in more than $3.5 billion above expectations this year. >> in india, nine people are dead and more than 200 injured from a massive 6.7 earthquake from a town elected in the northeast region of a border with myammar. reuters is saying it struck before dawn and trapped people inside their homes. the shock waves is caused power outages and cut telecommunication learns. victims are complaining how government is mondaying.
5:38 am
>> residents say they have had enough after a third water main break in just the last seven years. it happened at arlington avenue yesterday and water bushed from the 8" cast iron pile. for an hour this section of arlington avenue looked more like a river and the water flowed into some of the homes in the neighborhood. firefighters say the hayward fault could be a factor. >> a lot of ground movement and the homes have dirt shifting and the water main, a lot of these have been in the ground a long-term. >> homeowners will document and the damage and counting on east bay mud to reimburse them as they have done in the past. >> now the wet weak, a preview of what is to come. >> a mini appetizer because the radar is looking impressive with
5:39 am
radar is looking impressive with .0 4" you can see how this steady light rain will become scattered showers. whole talk temperatures, warmer when you step outside, if you are waning up in sunny side, 47, and ferry building is 48 and same in mission district and everyone else is 49 degrees and that includes the financial district at 47 in santa clara, walnut creek and pleasanton and tracy at 46, along with petaluma and pacifica at 46, and palo alto is 47, in the exploritorium you can see the drops on the camera as we look at 9 embarcadero, 52 in the north bay and the rest of us at 5 to 56, and in san rafael and 101 you can see it is wet from some of the light rain, and heavier rain tomorrow, and wednesday, and again on thursday, does it last until friday? i will let you know. >> sigh? >> the commute through walnut creek right now, it is looking
5:40 am
good with traffic moving nicely from highway 4 to highway 24 the turn right here where a little bit of brake lights but not a bad right, under ten minutes. we will look at san jose and beyond the s.a.p. center with a few hold lits at 87 and no problems. over all, just rain that that is showing the green is affecting 9 drive and slow traffic from tracy and a solo spinout and out of the lanes with slow traffic leader and overall we are looking good so far at pa:40 this morning. >> company of us getting back into the normal commute this morning and you may notice bart fares are up. you can expect your ride to be about ten that was approved in spring. there will be new rail cars and new maintenance facility in hayward.
5:41 am
our reporter is going do have a report at the to which the hour. if you drive the golden gate bridge you may notice there are changes starting today. officials say the current lane configuration is not helping traffic during the evening commute is crews will shift them device a week rather than each day. monday influence wednesday the lanes stay the same, three lanes south and three going north and thursday and friday, one northbound lane will be added, so there will be four northbound lanes, two southbound lanes, from 4:30 to 5:30. >> happening today the largest container ship to visit the united states is going to leave the port of oakland and sky 7 was over the benjamin franklin arriving into the bay open thursday and it barely made it under the golden gate bridge and it makes it the 10th largest container ship in the world and almost as long as alcatraz to give you an idea. oakland is one of only a handful of insurance ports large enough to accommodate one of the so-called mega ships. >> if you could type it to drive over the bridge while it was
5:42 am
going underneath that would be cool. >> do not mess with hillary, the president contend are shut down a heckler during a rally. >> so many of us making resolutions but mark zuckerberg resolutions but mark zuckerberg can probably beat
5:43 am
♪ look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san
5:45 am
jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. an update on the bill cosby situation. his wife is scheduled to be deposed by pleasure she tried to get the subpoena thereon out in federal court but it did not work. a judge ruled she wasn't able to prove she is protected by a law in massachusetts can makes being married to someone disqualification for being deposed against then. bill cosby will be in court on wednesday. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is coming back to the bay area this week. she will attend "conversation with hillary," in san francisco on friday afternoon. later that night there is a reception in palo alto. each ticket costs about $2,700. the last trip was in november. pick become will be in new hampshire today and hopes to boost her chances. new hampshire will cast their
5:46 am
votes in a few weeks in the primary. >> you are very rude and i will not call on you. thank you. >> you are very rude! that is hillary clinton shutting dutch a heckler in new hampshire when she took questions during a townhall g.o.p. state representative started shouting. most of her supporters booed the woman down. she said she was trying to ask abut her husband moves sexual impropriety decades ago. >> donald trump is releaking his first t add -- -- releasing his first tv ad. >> he will build a wall on the southern border that mexico will pay for. >> he calls it "great again," and said to be great again our country must prevent muslims from entering and build a paul on the border. is say the hard-line stand is extreme and un-american. he does maintain a double digit lead over the nearest competitor if a a recent poll.
5:47 am
>> reany -- renewed worry south of st. louis today with potential moderate flood stage on thursday near memphis. water is receding in missouri and illinois where 25 people were killed as a result of flooding. the areas saw 14" of rain just if last week. that is hard to imagine. >> hard to imagine and glad we do not have anything like that here but we do have our most stormy week in a while. >> in january and february storm stole will have the greatest influence which is what we are seeing. san francisco tonight is where the reporting information comes from but it could be all of us because that storm will come overnight and pound us with heavy rain and windy conditions. it could wake you up tonight and you will wake up tomorrow with
5:48 am
ponding on the roads. our best radar return between 1 and 1:16 in the north bay and that is heading to the north. you can see the light rain into the east bay and on peninsula, so far we have not had delays at sfo but in the south bay we are looking the a drizzle. here is a look at walnut creek you can see 680 it looks dry but that is the change with the chance of light rain. this afternoon, scattered light showers and strong of the storms tomorrow and wednesday when we can see minimal flooding because each storm is going to saturate the ground more and the winds are fatter with the storm, also. dry pattern friday through saturday, today the storm is a "1" coinciding when most of us head back to work and to school. you can see by 7:00-9:00 that is when the steady moves through
5:49 am
and 9:00 to 12:00 it transitioned to sorted showers with a push of more scattered showers in the evening mostly over the north by at 7:00 and then look at the oranges, the yellows, that is when the heavy rain moves in overnight and by 5:00 it is tapering to showers and it will be breezy tomorrow especially from 9:00 through noon and we will have a chance of scattered showers and thunderstorm and that will taper a little bit before the next storm on wednesday morning. this next storm is tonight and tomorrow it is going to be a "2" with half an inch with thunder possible. often wednesday the storm that looks into thursday is going to be a "2" and friday and saturday are trending dry. >> minor delays because of early problems at orinda the ten minute bart delay headed out at pittsburg and bay point.
5:50 am
they are turning the metering lights on the bay bridge at 5:29 so traffic is stacked to the macarthur maze with 20 minute from golden gate field behind the backup interest san francisco so plan that. wet here, coming in from marin off the waldo grade, golden gate bridge it is slick, so extra caution and we still have this accident on the right hand shoulder by knoll valley road 80 westbound flowing from highway 4. guys? >> today mcdonald's will launch the latest weapon to win back customers: a $2 for two item menu much it will allow temperatures to pick two you its for $2 from a selection of sandwich, small fries, and return items to dollar menu prices that went away last year. ondansetron hope - hopes to turn their sales around.
5:51 am
>> i am hungry. ien what the cheese sticks. >> at 5:50 in the o? >> anything. >> anything. we have morphed news partly labelle is become. >> i love her. a shut out to patti labelle. i bought the patti labelle pie. ♪ whoa >> ha-ha. that was james wright of patti labelle's sweet me state to pie that said out at wal-mart before thanksgiving day and have not been back and now there will be two new cakes called patty cakes, vanilla pound bake and carmel cake so can only assume that james will
5:52 am
review those and giving laughs when we watch the video and we assume they will sold out against. >> alonging forward to that individual jose ojeda >> and miss universe, the real one speaks for the first time one speaks for the first time since the terrible
5:53 am
5:54 am
one speaks for the first time since the terrible look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> we hear from miss philip since the mistake at the competition with steve garvey
5:55 am
naming the wrong winner. miss philippines was named the actual winner. and now she is speaking only to "good morning america" today. >> i greeted her on the birthday which is christmas day, so i was able to ask her how she is dough and she seems like she is okay, and i understand how she feels, i amount also -- i understand also how she is concerned, she is a beautiful lady and very talented and will have a lot of other opportunities. >> today is her first day on the job and coming up on "good morning america" miss philippines talks how she feels about idea of sharing a crown. >> now, sharing the wet weather, is what we will have all week. >> remain, everyone, walking the dog it is wet. too late for garden and cloning the gutters. running outside it is wet. tonight, winter storm warning in
5:56 am
the sierra up to 1' of snow along the passes. >> i checked the chain requirements. there is nothing. wet roads here. the east shore freeway. we have an accident off on the shoulder. but it is stacking up from highway 4. through the bay bridge backup. into san francisco. it is 33 minutes. we will have the bart delay coming up. >> mark zuckerberg's new year's ambition is better than your resolution. for 2016 he wants to built an artificial intelligence system or a robotic butler to run his home and help with his work. thousands of people commented, check out this grandmother and then his answer. darlene writes "i tell my granddaughters do date the nerd he could town out to be a mark zuckerberg." and zuckerberg said even better is to unusual the daughter to be nerd in their school so they can be the next successful inventor.
5:57 am
>> great. love that. all the when powerball jackpot is growing to $400 million and reggie and i did not win. no one claimed saturday's $334 million prize. this week's prize could exceed the size of the 6th largest prize in the game's history. the odds of winning, one in 292 million. >> check out what this southwest flight attendant did and the baby's mother posted it. we she want to their row and asked if she could carry the boy and walked up can down the aisle so the parents comite and relax, the mother hopes that by hosting this photo the flight attendant will know the family is grateful >> we are tracking news from the north bay and amy hollyfield is this with the effort to pull a sunken boat out of a san sunken boat out of a san paragraph harbor.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning. look at that. you need an umbrella or rain jacket for the first week of 2016. you can see the rain drops at the golden gate bridge. check out live doppler hd. all of the friend is precipitation. >> you and your technical determines. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. back to work. back-to-school. here to ease you back in. mike? >> ease you with light rain. you will have wet weather the entire week. live doppler hd shows light rain with up to .04" from the south. it will taper to accountered showers in the afternoon. temperatures are in the mid-40s. in the mid-50s by 4:00.


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