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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> be careful. it is not the time to get into a crash. you are waking up to rainy weather and slick roads. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. the commute is shape up to be messy. meteorologist mike nicco? >> the peninsula is getting the heaviest of the wet weather from milbrae to the south bay and want out at redwood city and stand ford and palo alto. this is head over to the east
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bay shoreline and east bay valleys. right now the lightest rain is in the north bay and from san rafael, yes, it is wet. you is had 1.25" the last 24 hours. my day planner, the heaviest showers through the morning, lingering through noon and a slight chance of thunder at 4:00. >> our were mas showing green so the rain is affecting the commute. we will look at the harder hit areas with an accident, a couple of them, westbound, 24 at central lafayette, blocking the last lane and westbound 24 at fish ranch road, another accident with standing water here and in fact, at the love end extra water out there and a multi-car accident southbound 880 at oakland in the clearing phases and we will hit south bay next report. listen to that you can hear it coming down, our reporter amy hollyfield is on the roads
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checking on the north bay conditions. how is it looking, amy? yes, we have a trouble spot to show you northbound highway 101 in marin county at lucky drive we have floods here. we are noticing that drivers are slowing down for us so they do seem to be aware of it with no problems here to report. just an area you want to be aware of. look at that water. we did talk to a driver last night who did spend out in the wet conditions and he said that he learned his lesson. >> you are going down a road that you are not comfortable or familiar with, you sudden stay comfortable and not go anywhere outside your comfort limit, really. >> he ended up in a cow pasture. he is fine but he said he will not take a curb that quickly next time. >> there of problems in the north bay which is drenched. it is certainly a morning to
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slow down, to give yourself extra time and reporting live in greenbrae. >> thing you. the stormy weather means some people are wicking up this morning without any power. our reporter, matt keller is with us in san jose. >> we are at the remember apartments off winchester boulevard in san jose and 58 customers here are without power. this is the pg&e crew that is working on it right now underground around the corner if a vault. well look at the video the last half hour. you think your job is miserable, try stacking in the ray for a long-term as you try to get the power back on for the customers. we have seen a consistent downpour here in san jose the last hour and there was a report in sunnyville though saw .5" of rain in the past half hour and it is. can down here in the south bay. check the c.h.p. traffic website and a lost accidents in the south bay and shows specifically looks like a lost spinouts and
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people on the side of the roads with a lot of standing water on the freeways and we drove on 85, and we were on 880, 17, and all of the roads can see a little bit of flooding on the right happen lane so be careful when you are out there when you get on-and-off the freeway. a home in the sonoma county community is in serious jeopardy from the storms. look at that a retaining wall built into the steep hillside is just about ready to give way. the homeowner and county officials are trying to come up with a plan to save it when the earth moving more and more each day and a lot of rain in the forecast, time is ticking. the problem impacts the neighbors, of court, and a major slide will block the road leading to their homes essentially cutting them off. all the storms are the first big test for a new addition to the flood control system in napa after spend $600 million to keep downtown safe during the heavy storms. work still is underway. last fall, crews finished the
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bypass quarter-mile ditch designed to give flood waters a place to go. >> it will know through the shortcut and it is over our head in depth when that were whats. >> i sleep better knowing we have this part offed there criminal project done. >> other projects include adding wetlands and willing flood waters. >> we have been getting so many from photos when you see wild both where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using #abc7now. we will show it on ace -- air or on >> the president will address the nation with his plan to take executive action on gun control. the move side steps congress. one of the major changes include closing the so-called gun show loophole that allows skirting of background checks. republicans is you haved to fight the changes while
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advocates are threatening legal action. well air a special report this morning when president obama makes the remarks on gun control. we expecting to hear from him around 8:0 this morning with updates on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> the accept -- search is on in san francisco for a man that stole precious necklaces from a 90-year-old woman from tibet with tremendous sentimental value the only possessions the woman tack with her when she left her native tibet 60 years ago. check out the surveillance camera you can see footage where the crime took place on christmas day. a man drabbed two bags from a car on polk street, one of the bags contained the necklaces and her daughter was loading up the car at the time and said she stepped away for a moment. [ inaudible ] >> surveillance camera got this
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picture of the suspect, anyone who recognizes the thief should call police. >> a san francisco jury is expected to begin deliberations in the trial of raymond "shrimp boy" chow were the dense is expected to wrap up the closing arts today. the judge will hand the case to the jury. he is accused of racketeering, murder and money laundering while head of a chinatown gang. >> fremont residents can weigh in on a plan to ban medical marijuana growth. a city commission said it is best not to allow the medical marijuana cultivation or delivery in city limits. >> the fremont bulletin is reporting they feel this removes the list of criminal activity and fire hazard. >> also happen, the alameda city council will meet to discuss measures to protect renters. hopefully in a calmer environment than what we saw in november. you remember this video the city
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council meeting stretched seven hours with 90 speakers and you can see the fight that resulted in two arrests. according to our media partners in the bay area, the city council will discuss three proposed ordinances and one would limit ever investigations. >> the big story is the weather. mike? >> seeing a hot of rain. good morning, everyone. here is a look at moderate rain pushing into the east bay hills heading over to 24 and heading for concord and walnut creek and down to san ramon valley to pleasanton. there is more. in heavier rain over the san mateo bridge the dumbarton bridge and 237, all of way down into the santa cruz mountains, that is where we are see the greatest amount of wet weather and there is the secondary wave for the back half of the morning commute. same with the heaviest rain stayed away from the flood reason area where the valley and jerusalem burn area is. with flash flooding possible
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there. san mateo bridge shows an idea of how intense the rain is. temperatures are 55 to 57 degrees and must intense rain and widespread rain this morning can showers will taper in coverage but we could have a scattered thunderstorm this afternoon and that means brief and heavy rain that could cause localized flooding and locally gusty wind. this is 101 and 880, hard to see, it and nice to see san jose get healthy rain because you are usually left out come paired to everyone else much the strongest storm is tomorrow and we will look at that in the beg withth with showers lingering through thursday and dry on friday. >> we have an accident a shot in eastbound 80 at powell street so coming off of the macarthur maze in the eastbound direction multiple lanes are blocked. if there is a silver lining it is the non-commute direction so expect delays on the westbound direction. this is eastbound 80 at powell and emeryville two lanes getting
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by with an accident. san jose highway 87 beyond the s.a.p. center it is light but it is wet. hydroplaning is happening here if you look at the cars headed in the northbound direction. if we can run down the zs nor you this morning, multiple problems, southbound 680 at crow corner con several lanes are blocked and another further look at the messy commute coming up. >> that is terrible. >> on peninsula a city is reducing the speed limit near the schools to mack it safe we for kids. >> they will implement 15 miles per hour speed zones 500' of all schools and it is part of the pedestrian master plan which aims to improve safety. the reduced speed element will take effect as soon as the signs are installed. >> if you live near sfo and you have notice the it is getting more noisy here is a chance to voice your complaint. residents would live near the flight path of the airport can
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air their grievances at meeting in pacifica. it was supposed to reduce the amount of noise but a lot people say it has done the opposite. an option that studies the issue said it has received tens of thousands of new noise complaints as far away at santa cruz. if you want to go to the meet it started at 7:00 tonight at the con chambers. >> a kidnapping with a vice test and a test drive took a turn for the worst. >> too close for comfort, a semi >> too close for comfort, a semi nearly
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>> a look at eastbound 80 in untilryville at powell street, four lanes are blocked. if you look at the middle of your screen that is a car that has been engulfed in flames and was carrying some cleaning materials in the trunk. it that is what the smoke is all about. two lanes are squeaking by and a sig-alert is issued and this is a shot and a out there in emeryville at powell street. we will physical all of the commute in a few minutes. >> an investigation continues in kansas as crews try to determine what caused continue cars on freight train to derail. it caused panic. officials fear some of the derailed cars were hauling
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hazardous materials. they were not. no one was hurt. the train was passing through kansas on the way to nebraska. >> a terrifying near miss in oregon when an 18 wheeler slid on ice and came inches from an apartment complex and jackknifed on the hill. it slid a few hundred yards and skidded around down the hill. it did not hit the building. the tow trucks have difficulty towing because of the ice but they got it away and anyone was hurt. >> a search is underway this only for two men who kidnapped a car sealed man during a test drive in texas. the man stopped by a houston dealership posing as customers and wanted it test drive a damage challenger but weapon they were on the roads, they stopped the car, pulled out a gun and shoved the salesman into the trunk. >> he was able to on the drink using the emergency latch and the two suspects got out and
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tried to put him back in and he did not want to go back in and he got a pice trillion away from a suspect and shot a suspect. >> they took off and last the car salesman behind and found walking along the freeway. >> the suspects in the murder of a palo alto technical entrepreneur are expected to be in court for the arraignment. the 42-year-old want to las vegas last week to is the up a sole medicinia platform for the consumer electronics show and a 19-year-old woman and a 27 -year-old man were arrested. police say this surveillance video shows the suspects driving moments before he was shot outside a 24 hour fitness center on december 29. >> several powerful storms will drench southern california this week and many homeowners are preparing for the threat of flooding and mudslides. sandbags are in place where hundreds of hopes could be in
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the path of flood and debris flows. officials have raised the alert level and the public works will have additional patrols on the street. that sounds familiar, so what is going on here? >> how much rain does it take to see flooding or major puddles? >> depends on how saturated the ground the on the roads it can take .1" especially with the grooves. that is a great question. as far as getting mud and debris flows that is an issue tomorrow when we get our strongest storm with our heavy rain on the saturateed soil. we have moderate to heavy rain all over south bay and it stretches across the dumbarton and san mateo bridges and it also continues back to the santa cruz mountains but you can see the back edge of that from santa cruz right up toward skyline boulevard as you head up to san mateo and from the bay bridge south and eastward into the san ramon valley we are starting to
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see more yellows and oranges show up so the rain intensity is about to pick up and here is a look at walnut creek where it is light-to-moderate at times and you can see the spray. coming up on the cars as they head southbound into the san ramon valley. showers taper but, stills thunder is possible with the system and the strong of the storm is tomorrow and it will linger into thursday and a dry pattern for friday into the weekend. as far as tomorrow's storm it is a "3". we had one earlier brought down frees and power lines with guffs up to 50 miles per hour. that is what we will see tomorrow morning. as far as what is happening now you can see the first wave move through and second wave is moving through the back half and by noon, scattered showers and by the evening hours they are over but tomorrow heavy rain is coming in, coming in a couple of hours later so it will completely whitewash the morning commute with heavy rain and gusty wind and flooding. sue? >> a sig-alert is issued in
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emeryville eastbound 80 and you can look at the shot an early car fire that was carrying the chemicals and the car fire is now out but the lanes are still blocked with four lanes, two are squeaking past the scene so expect a backup in the eastbound direction and westbound is slow, now, from those looking headed to the macarthur maze. a last solo spinouts and northbound 101 at the parkway we have multiple lanes blocked in mountain view and toward petaluma southbound 101 beyond lakeville, slow lane block here with a spinout. guys? >> thank you. i think. >> now, the stock mark account re-opened in an hour after what was essentially a disasterous stat of trade in the new year. >> and now, we have the details in the money report from new york. >> topping america's money, will
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wall street town around? the united states markets got off to the worse start in yours after bad economic news from china sent the markets overseas plunging, the dow lost 276 points and the nasdaq was off 104 and the s&p 500 gave up 31 points. all the justice department is suing investigation wagon after the scandal which cars were rigged to cleat on emission tests. suit seats billions in penalties and there could still be criminal charges against some volkswagen executives. >> starbucks is difficulting up the new year on a bold note today a brand new express so drink a special type of latte with full espresso one step above a flat white and one step below a full-fledged espresso. >> i am not even a coffee drinker and i want one. >> sounds good. >> this year's coachella lineup
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has come out including guns and roses the weekend of april 15-17 and the 22-24. the festival is the first announced by the newly reunited guns and roses and and sia and zed. passes go on sale tomorrow at 11:00. old man winter, whoa, takes aim in turkey one of seven things you need to know as you start director date >> let the name game begin how >> let the name game begin how to help name the pup born to the ♪
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>> it is a wet commute and dangerous and here is what you need to know before you go. >> we are already seeing bonding on the roads from the rain today and tomorrow's storm is going to be stronger. 1.1" to maybe 2" more of rain and potential for flooding and mudslides and what else it will bring in the seven-day forecast. >> two, a wet and wild commute out there and messy morning, a sig-alert accident eastbound 80 in emeryville with all but one lane getting blocked off but one lane is get by with standing water, flooding, and plenty of action to talk about the rest of the morning (3), the storm is causing power problems at an apartment complex in san jose, 58 customers are without electricity and 85 in the dark in the south bay. the east bay is better at 50 customs without power. (4), this morning, president obama is revealing a plan on gun control calling for expanding
5:25 am
background checks on firearms sold online and gun shows. republicans call the the executive order a "gross overreach. (5), san francisco mess hope this surveillance video is going to lead to the person who fatally beat an artist. a man punched 74-year-old stewart jackson so hard he fell to the ground and hit his head last month and died a week later. and applications filed by the nfl teams that filed paperwork to move to los angeles filed papers yesterday. the owners meet in, week to consider all three. >> this is start weeing -- startling video, people standing around when that happened: huge bits of snow fall on top of them and two women were hurt, in turkey which has been paralyzed recently by heavy snow fall. hope they all right. >> a naming contest is underway for the purpose of an elephant
5:26 am
seal who tried to cross highway 37 over and over and over again last week. awho can forget this mother? she was not happy about being moved, but the mom's name is tulay inspired by the bed of water where she camp out before ready to give birth. she was rescued, gave bit over she was rescued, gave bit over the weekend, national seashore and the marine ma'am natural center put her on facebook a couple of pictures of the new pup and you can see the pup is like mama, very vocal. >> that is the best part. >> they are asking people to give their ideas of what they should nape it and already there are a lot of suggestions. >> a lot of people are saying they should name it after the c.h.p. including "chip," and
5:27 am
course what does tulay have to say. >> in thank you. >> a better one... >> eric estrada. that has come up several times. kind of...a tribute to the c.h.p. >> we can do better. >> there is a better nape. >> we have a federal 90 minutes name including a plan to increase the price of parking in san francisco. >> and property taxes could go >> and property taxes could go up
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is time to be careful. it is a rainy day. the roads are a mess. good morning, i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking it all. >> it is looking wet. where is the heaviest? you can see it on live doppler hd from san mateo bridge south to the south bay i want to zoom down and show you the shark tank at 87, we have moderate rain and a lot of pooling and ponding northbound cars are trying to navigate through some of the bonding and the water which you will run into. the showers will taper but we have a chance of thunderstorms. >> we have a serious sig-alert in emeryville, eastbound 80 at but well the three most critical incidents out there with an overturn near the parkway on one one if mountain view and 24 westbound an accident at fish ranch and a sig-alert at but well street with a look at when lane getting by, plenty more
5:31 am
things to cover next report. >> the commute is becoming a mess as you saw. our reporter is on highway 101 in the north bay. [ inaudible ] >> natasha the rain is coming down in the north bay. at highway 101 you are looking at northbound. the tail lights headed to the city. the headlights coming at you are headed northbound. want as the car hits the standing water. the car slowed down. very wise. look at that. standing water. it has receded. it was worse an hour ago. a trouble spot, still, so be look future that. showdown. or go around it. consider alternate routes. the usual route may not be the best way. avoid the outside lanes. that is where the flooding
5:32 am
occurs. stick to the middle if you can. slow down. continue the headlights on. i spoke with the c.h.p. he said no spin outs or problems reports in the north by. good news. drivers are getting through it. just fine. with the heavy rain and gusty winds we see the proceed expensety for trees to come down if the drought. most of yesterday was spent chopping down trees by or borists. business is booming >> tree guys are ready. we have drought stressed trees and el nino store and the tree guys can not answer the calls receipt now and it is sad. all the company will be more by decision at the el nino season continues. >> as rain comes down so do the power lines and pg&e is working to restore power in the south
5:33 am
bay. matt? >> yes, i have good news on this reggie. i had to grab the umbrella. it is really coming down. the hat is not enough this morning. can you see there is a pg&e crew on the scene but they told me they do have power restored to the 58 customs at the reserve apartments near williams road if san jose. that is the good news. there are still a dozen customers without power here in san jose. i checked the c.h.p. website and this rain is coming down the last 45 minutes there are ten accidents reported on the san jose freeways and highways and a lot those having to do with the wet roads. there is a report of 101 and 87 flooded at the connection so be careful when you head out on the roads especially the south bay as the rain is coming down really hard. right new.
5:34 am
>> thank you, matt. a flash flood watch is in affect for self northern california counties this morning as authorities keep a close eye on areas scorched by fire last year. wildfires ravaged sell hundred thousand acres of land in napa, lay, and sonoma counties much the national weather service issued a watch for calaveras county following the butte fire. if you live or are traveling through the areas, keep an eye out for problems because of flooding, rocks or debris flowing. we are watching a sig-alert. timing is everything. if you head out the door take us with you for the latestness on our app enabling push alerts which is free in the app store. >> a 50-year-old vallejo woman is dead after a hit-and-run accident. the search is on for the driver of the white pickup believed the vehicle involved in the crash. the woman was in the crosswalk weapon the pickup hit her at 6:30 and the impact superintendent her into another lane where a second vehicle
5:35 am
struck her. that driver stopped at the john and the driver of the pickup took off. >> san francisco police hope new video will lead them to the person response build for the deadly beating of an will decemberly artist. police released the surveillance video of a man who is a person person and seniors say the attack was unfrom vehicled and happened in broad daylight at the busy intersection of van ness and market the december 5, 74-year-old stewart jackson was waiting for a bus and a man punched him so hard he fell to the ground and hit his head. he died a week later. his death has left a void in the commune. >> i am still in shock. over stewart's death. everyone i talked to is sickened >> if you recognize the person in the video, you are urged to contact san francisco police. >> president obama will outline the gun control plan this morning and the change are made with his executive power,
5:36 am
essentially sidestepping congress. we are in the newsroom with more. katie? yes, online and gun show retailers have to register as licensed gun dealers and conduct background checks closing the gun show loophole. the plan will include continue rigses from president obama, the pentagon will research smart gun technology. weapons that can only fire with a fingerprint scan, funding also is allocated for mental health treatment ask staffing for the fbi and a.t.f. and we asked what people thing of the president using,ive action this way. >> i am a little uncomfortable but at the same time congress hasn't been getting anything done. >> the president agencies agencies it will not solve mass shootings but will keep the guns out of some people who should not have this.
5:37 am
advocates threaten legal action. the president said this is legal and with inexecutive powers. >> we will have a special report when president obama delivers the remarks on begin control at 8:40 a.m. and updates at >> there will be proposals that make guns safer including all firearms and ammunition secured if less in unattended own ares and keep the fire amendments secured with a triggerlock or in a locked box. the n.r.a. has attacked the proposal urging members to speak out against them and the city council unanimously voted to recommend that members see what happens. >> opponents of assisted death in california do not have enough signature to ask voters to repeal it. the seniors against suicide admit they will fall short of the 366,000 signatures needed to
5:38 am
qualify for ballot. california lawmakerers passed the law in the fall in response to case of britney may far forced to move to oregon to end her life legally. critics believe there are noive gars if place to protect vulnerable populations and they believe neglect and insufficient pain management could lead people to end their life. expensive homes that cost millions in cam could soon cost ever more because of a potential property tax increase. according to the business times a measure being considered for the ballot raises $7 billion in government revenue. that money goes to public assistance programs to lift children and families out of poverty. >> the santa clara youth soccer league is making a last effort to stop the nfl from taking over the field for the super bowl. an emergency hearing was moved up to this morning because the nfl started dying on the field yesterday in order to build the
5:39 am
media tents. the youth soccer league trying to get a temporary restraining order. the nfl use of the field leaves 6,000 south soccer players without a home turf. we are seeing heavy downpours in areas we do not normally see. >> especially the south bay. some of the storms are starting to pull out of the south bay up to skyline boulevard and northeast of san leandro and saunders ranch rode to alamo and danville and san ramon and another batch moving through union city. all the way to fremont boulevard, heading into the sunol grade to pleasanton and dublin andism, the moderate to rain falling cross the south bay , and down to willow glen road and there is more coming up through the santa cruz mountains and heading your way. this is the first wave of. a second wave is going to be a little bit further to the north and that means you are going to get a push of national weather
5:40 am
get a push of national weather service and now, san rafael is looking south you can see it is raining at 1.5" the last 24 hours. the best chance of thunder is near the coast and the rest of us mid-to-upper 50s. >> you may want to have someone else do the driving bart has 42 trains on time. caltrain is on time and no problem on muni. the critical areas include a sig-alert at powell. two lanes are still blocked. the right lanes now are getting by. overturn northbound 680 at the parkway and another sig-alert with overturn, northbound 280 at saratoga. a look at emeryville accident, eastbound 80 the right lanes are blocked and some of the last lanes are getting by.
5:41 am
a charred second that currently is being loaded on to the tow truck if you look in the middle of the screen, that is eastbound direction the non-commute but westbound the drivers are slowing to look so expect delays the metering lights are turned on the bay bridge with plenty more to cover. >> if you drive to san francisco you could soon be paying higher paing meet are rates. >> the transportation agency will meet to discuss the proposed rate hike of 25 help whys but they plan, too, to much jam the 27 cent free for credit card transactions because it violates the visa rules and would take aif equity in a month. >> officials in the presidio will talk to the public of proposed reelection of post office. this starts at 10:00 a. on lincoln boulevard at post office known for great parking by yelp, it shares space with the bank.
5:42 am
they want a long-term location with resale services that the post office brings. >> san francisco sick leaders will break ground on a new community plaza to be a gathering place for noe valley residents located on 24th between sanchez and pittsburg transformed from asphalt parking lot and host the weekly farmer's market and more. >> a california william gets more than a latte in a starbucks drive through and what she did when she thought she was ripped off. >> mark zuckerberg is making a promise for 2016 where ambitious promise for 2016 where ambitious new plan
5:43 am
promise for 2016 where ambitious new plan that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>> walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a month into the iowa caucus and donald trump is doubling down that pick's past is fair game. the foam president on the trail in anyone numb for his wife taking jabs at pull and did not bring up the statement about the sex scandals. >> the husband is one of the great abusers of the world? give me a break. >> when there is script nation against. -- discrimination against african-americans or hispanics or pus limits because of would
5:46 am
they are? i don't like that. >> he said expect to see a lot more of bill clinton on the campaign trail. >> how does $200 sound for a starbucks latte? this is a cautionary tale. >> foe what you did? >> i took money from you and your kids. >> this happened at a starbucks near los angeles a angry mom accuses the car hereby of stealing the credit card information and paying more than $200 in groceries. all the startled employee apologized and it is a lesson to all. >> it is very difficult to prevent someone fromming a reader which is small and portable. >> custom said show became suspicious because it seems to take too long for the cab tear to return her credit card. >> starbucks said the employee is now no longer working for them. >> how surprising the remain employee's reaction was, i am
5:47 am
sorry i difficulty. >> i expected her to demy and deny and how deny -- >> mark zuckerberg loves to make new year's resolution and in 2016 has a fitness charge. >> he said he plans to run 365 miles this career say it is a lost running but not a crazy amount just a mile a day. it is part of the new year's resolution planning to code an artificial intelligence system to run his home. and his life. >> okay, mark zuckerberg post a photo of you running this morning. if you exited to do itfulry day do it in rain, too. >> sure. >> with the umbrella and pancho. >> and his posse. >> i don't see him running outside. >> a treadmill kind of day. >> or google has a shield over top of it or facebook. >> exactly. they are coming up with art official intelligence to run next to him where an umbrella.
5:48 am
san jose, 87, look at the inside lanes are slow down with ponding on the road near the shark tank. we are going to have showers, the coverage will taper by noon but we will still is a threat of noon even a thunderstorm. tomorrow i am kept when the -- concerned when we have more flooding and more power out answers -- outages. lighter showers through thursday. the north bay, you have not been the story for once. it has been not the heart of the bay, golden gate bridge has moderate rain and richmond-san rafael and san rafael in the east bay and the south bay more than 27 mile area of moderate-to-heavy rain has pulled off the peninsula, pulling out of the north bay along the east bay shore and heading up to sure knoll grade into the east bay valley.
5:49 am
it will be difficult to get away the east bay now and over the next hour or so. tomorrow, the storm is strong are because we have gusts up to 50 miles per hour and it could drown the trees and create more power outages and more flooding. through 9:00, you can see the tapering by noon in the afternoon hours a scattered show or thunderstorm and tom an hour or two later we will have thunderstorms in the heart of the morning commute and make it more of a police than what we are dealing with this morning. thursday, with have light showers and a break on friday. sue? >> yes, we have serious issues out there and this is the good news of the morning, we had an early accident eastbound 80 at powell with a sig-alert which is cleared and overturned northbound 680, at crow canyon there is an accident blocking and here is the early accident, traffic is now getting by on 80
5:50 am
eastbound and 80 westbound is continuing to be heave into the maze may and the good news is the powell street and emeryville accident has been cleared. metering lights were on and there is rain, on the lens and traffic is stacked to the macarthur maze and you are looking at a 10-15 minute delay and sluggish on the upper deck, too. outside we have an accident at lakeville highway southbound 101 beyond lakeville making it increasingly slow from petaluma hopefully not clear stages with a new serious accident in fremont that will update you when we come back in the next report open 680. >> what a mess. >> thank you. an indiana woman's harsh words on a restaurant's facebook page are bridge her a last unwanted attention. >> she complained her new year's eve out was ruined when someone
5:51 am
was wheeled out. she called them a junkie. the woman was actually an elderly woman who had a heart attack. >> the remainbly ease were shaken. i saw how crass her comment was...i defend my employees. >> a gofundme page for the heart attack woman has raised $12,000 so for for victim. all the land that could end up costing east bay residents hundreds if though need emergency hope. >> sheep is unsheared for seven >> sheep is unsheared for seven years and a hair
5:52 am
>> sheep is unsheared for seven years and a hair it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
5:53 am
>> a dog owner learned a lesson about stucks and luck.
5:54 am
this pup was rescued from an icy pond in utah chasing a block of stucks and he fell into the frigid water. the dog is obviously very cold but the animal is expected to be recovered. the owner said the adorable photo "dog and owner's gratitude." >> that dog was fluffy but nothing compared to this sheep, sheila, escaped from australian farm seven years ago and kept grow and growing. sheila finally get the hair cut she needed. when she sheared her it was 50 pounds. >> if we could lose weight like >> if we could lose weight like that in the new year, right?
5:55 am
grow and grow when they are not sheared. >> and on that note, meteorologist mike nicco. >> i would like to lose weight the but i am not that hairy. >> good to know. >> walking the dog and it is wet. you will be wet no matter what, soggy outside. if you like to run in the rain, mark zuckerberg, there you go. throughout the state, it is wet. with thunderstorms possibility in southern california and upper 50s to low 60s. we will focus on the sierra with pink and winter storm warning and the heavy snow is on the 6-12" and lighter snow an the lake why we have a winter weather advisory until 4:00 this afternoon. and you see not much snow falling now but it will pick up in the morning and another strong brings heavy rain tomorrow and it will bring moderate snow to the sierra on wednesday, and snow showers on thursday and saturday could get fresh powder and sunday should
5:56 am
be dry. >> rain requirements on 80 but not on 50. let someone else do the driving, bart on time and muni, great way to go. the most critical incidents are northbound 680 at washington and fremont and we have a couple of lanes blocked, and 680 northbound at the parkway an overturn and westbound highway 4 at hillcrest a truck into one of the barrels and so there is a debris all over the lanes westbound four adding to a messy commute. the macarthur maze shows earlier we had an accident but now it is clears and traffic is flowing and metering lights slow it is solid 20-minute delay from golden gate fields to the toll plaza with rain and traffic flow nicely on the san mateo bridge with 20-minute ride from hayward to foster city.
5:57 am
a 15-year-old said the inter break wasn't long enough and said she found this heard. the school is taking a break so the kids get another week of school off. her dad posted the 80ive let -- the creative letter where it got 2.5 million views. >> next, consumer electronics show is under way and we are in las vegas with the hottest items that a lot you will want to buy. >> and answers to your questions from michael finney if you have a burning question record that on your tablet or smartphone and on your tablet or smartphone and post it to social media using
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5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up at 6:00 a.m., you are going to need your umbrella and rain boots use head out the door this morning. this is live doppler hd showing
6:00 am
a range of colors rain hitting the bay area right now. how does it look? there is the toll plaza. backing up. you can see the lights are on as of half an hour ago. a lot of traffic. we have been seeing crashes all over the place. >> couple of sig-alerts. i am natasha zouves. i am reggie aqui. the commute is a mess. the rain coming down. meteorologist mike nicco, it will be wetter through the day? absolutely especially in the south bay and to the east bay from shown san ramon to san jose with the most moisture and hayward toism headed up to highway 4, 580, sunol grade all the areas, be ready for ponding. where that is not happening check out the light rain at the golden gate bridge with a southwest wind at 17. our heaviest showers thrust morning will fade in coverage and intensity at noon and


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