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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. if is to drive this morning expect white knuckle driving. this is el nino-fueled rain. the most powerful storms they have seen in months. arriving as we speak. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. now, mike nicco? all the thunderstorms are off the peninsula coast to santa cruz. you can see the lightning striking in white. this is headed up to mountain view and possibly palo alto and east palo alto. heavy written coming out of those. and moderate-to-heavy rain from the bay bridge south to gilroy.
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this is how it looks at 101 and 880 in san jose. the bonding is on the roads. we have our heaviest rain this morning but more showers and thunderstorms through the afternoon. >> sue? >> busy in the traffic center with these of four major insurance continues. 80 westbound at 580, two lanes are blocked with an accident and 101 on the peninsula, northbound in the san mateo area a pole down in lane number four slowing traffic and novato southbound 101 a solo spinout. this is the east shore freeway 80 at gilman the emergency lights at to which the screen with a crash with debris through all lanes and not an easy commute. we are back with an update if a couple of minutes. >> wondered about the backup. people in the north bay are the first to see the storm this morning. amy hollyfield has been looking
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for trouble spots this morning. amy? >> good morning. it is raining good right now. it has been for the last hour. we are starting to see water booming along highway 101. this is in mill valley. we are off of the freeway and it is very wet. the water is gathering here. this is video we shot while driving coming down if for an hour northbound highway 101 off the golden gate bridge. it is a morning to slow down. owners of auto body 1407 will tell you those who are not slow down are filling up the shops. >> rear-end collisions people are not giving themselves enough distance and they smash into the car in front of them. >> this is their business of the time of year with cars slipping and sliding on wet roads and
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saying the average repair cost is up to $3,000. that is an incentive to slow down. another element you have do deal with this morning is the flag blowing windy today. i feel it is more windy than yesterday morning. another thing to think about as you cross the bridges and very wet. windy. chilly. bundle yourselves up. be slow. and safe. $3,000 is more than i would think. in the south by matt keller in san jose monitoring the weather and potential for flood. the hood is up and it looks heavy. >> we have gotten a lost water in the last half hour. you can see how much is on the ground. the good news if you travel by public transportation today you do not have to be on the road, or deal with the traffic or the
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accident. getting into an accident and paying the money to fix your car but the bad news you have to get there. we have seen a lot of people running up with umbrellas and the hoods pulled over the head trying to get under the overhangs here to get to the train. we talked to a guy would works outside. >> you work outside all day? >> most of the time. in and out. but outside a lot. not the best but...get to make money. >> you do. a lot of people are heading to work today. they are going to get drenched of the good news maybe some people have cleared owe the storm drain from yesterday's storm. we had a last street flooding and hopefully the drains have been cleared. we hopefully will not have so much flooding. you never know. you have to be careful as you drive and make sure you do not drive through flooded roads this morning.
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in sonoma a house was red flagged because it is teetering. it is just holding for new but it if collapses, it would block access to 300 homes. it houses -- houses below could suffer damage. >> he is the impact of storms where you live. share your videos #abc7now. quote use them here or online. >> tonight water officials will consider a 3.5 percent rate increase for 208,000 customers. the higher rates will cover increased costs for regular spends. the average monthly water bill would increase by $2 for customers in central contra costra. >> territory korea said they have successfully carried owe the first debt of a high drone general bomb, a more powerful
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weapon than an atomic bomb. janet o is in the newsroom with the claim and the criticism coming from around the world. >> the announcement set off an international alarm that many believe the claims are false. an emergency meeting has been called in the u.n. security council is expected to most at 8:00 a.m. local tim. this is after the televised announcement that north korea tested a hydrogen bomb to defend from enemies such as the united states. kim jong-un was shown signing the order. it could take days to confirm if it is true but activity in the region suggests an explosion did occur. >> with each nuclear test the north's ability to develop an effective weapon, warhead increases. >> not korea first testified an atomic device in 2626 and this could be first time the country tested a hydrogen bomb to
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advance the military ambitions which in turn would be a direct violation of u.n. resolutions >> surveillance video captured a shooting down the street from oakland city hall. a man fired three times and one hits a woman pushing a baby stroller. the good samaritan helped the woman get inside a fast food restaurant and gave her first aid. >> it hit an artery because it was too much blood to be a graze so i tied something really, really tight and i could feel the bullet in there. >> a scary. the victim is recovering and police say the shooting started after some sort of argument. >> a mystery in marin county, you remember the yoga teacher shot and killed in october while walking his dog?
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according to the marin attorney general the memorial has disappeared. he was killed on the trail in the presbyterian. his dog was injured. a modest shrine was put up in the area but it has disappeared. the county parks department does not know who or why the items were taken. officials are asking all volunteer trail patrol members if they saw anything. she said she wants answers. >> this is the most stormy morning of the week and mike nicco is following this on live doppler hd. >> we have a flash flood watch everywhere other than the east bay because of heavy rain causing mudslides and small creek flood. around the bay shore to the coast until 10:00 a.m. today, the high tide and the large swells and run off could cause flood, of low-lying areas and we have dangerous surf along the coast until 2:00 tomorrow
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afternoon. there can be up to 20' in unpredictable wave patterns. in sunnyvale, cupertino, and headed to santa clara and 280 and 82 continuing over to the willow glen neighborhood to the santa teresa neighborhood getting small hail, possibly, this morning. the store continues to push across the peninsula and heading over to the east bay, and we still have moderate to light rain across the north bay and the biggest deal is south of the bay bridge and right on sfo. as we head into the afternoon, it will be in the mid-50's and here is a look at the san mateo bridge you can see how heavy the ponding on the roads that is developing here and everywhere. >> exactly. and high wind on the san mateo bridge. we have an advisory in affect for the bay bridge and dumbarton bridge. here is the more critical
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incident, westbound 80 in the maze to each 580 two lanes are blocks with a car sideways to the peninsula, a car into a people which is down in the lanes, northbound 101, and in san francisco, westbound 80 at 101 an accident with a car truck into one of the big barrels and debris is everywhere blocking the left lane. now, a look in albany and north berkeley the message lights on the upper lot of the scene an accident with debris not lanes and very slow traffic moving along into the macarthur maze and the south bay commute has a lot standing water next report. >> militia members are still holed up and they speak out. the famous sifts -- civil rights activist they are trying to activist they are trying to compare themselves to.
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> armed anti-government activists are still holed up inside a wildlife refuge in a remote part of eastern oregon and one is saying that at least five warrants are now out for their arrest. this group is protesting grazing rights. the take over is in the 5th day claiming they do not want violence but will take a defensive stand against a
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possible raid. >> and then this happened. a leader tweeted and i quote, "we are doing the sail thing that standing up against bad laws that destroy our freedom and," not go >> $10,000 reward gore this woman wanted for six robberies in five days, the latest two days ago in north carolina the show is remain ad is dangerous. authorities are releasing surveillance video from her biggest heist of all in florida on august 10. she made off with nearly $400,000 if jewish wells -- in jewelry. she takes down outlet stores and ties up the seas people and steals watches and details wearing gloves. >> the f.b.i. is looking for help to fill the gap in the san bernardino investigation. authorities are trying to figure out where the shooters plan
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were during the 18 minute window after the attack. they are hooking for surveillance video to help close that timeline gap. the attack killed 14 people. >> bill cosby's wife filed an emergency motion to avoid or at leftedly testifying at a deposition today. she watches more time to appeal a judge's riling say she cannot be deposed although she is married. seven women have acussed bill cosby of sexual pass conduct and are suing him not related to the criminal charges filed last evening ensure bill cosby. >> fishing can be dangerous. >> check out facebook video, three men east coast of australia trying to bring a massive marlin on the boat and then it jumped right on to the boat nearly spears a fisherman and then gallons around before
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hurling itself back in the water and one was hurt. >> and though had the instinct to duck. >> could have been killed. >> i am happy the marlin is alive. >> interesting i turned around to look at the camera, he is relieved three is all gosh the. >> nice fish story. >> and a true one. acaught on camera. >> i went out and got... fun off the monterey. be careful. we will talk about our storm impact something wen introduced because we knew we would have an active winter. this is our storm impact scale. all winter we are grading each winter storm with 1-5 with "1" light and (5) is severe. nothing the impact of the storm will help you plan your day and know what to expect.
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this is a "3", our second "3" meaning it is a strong storm with heavy rain and stand water and possible flooding in low-lying area and possible mudslides. winds are an issue and we could have downed trees gusting to 30 in san jose and oakland and mountain view at 25 and 20 at sfo and nearly 30 in fairfield and 17 in novato and the winds are picking up inland east bay and if the north bay. our strong of the storm is heading to the eastern side of santa cruz and heading over to watsonville the last 30 minutes rolling to that area and we have south san jose campbell over to coyote with some of the best radar returns and the heaviest rain and the post likely pond on the roads and the storms are heading north to the bay bridge and you can see light-to-moderate rain across the authority by. everyone is wet now. we will continue to be wet through the morning hours. enjoy well transition after 9:00
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from the steady half rain to accountered showers and scattered thunderstorms much well have brief heavy rain from those and more ponding on the roads with light showers tomorrow, again on saturday and a slight chance of rain on monday. >> due to the water obtained radios we have numerous spinouts throughout and very slow go this morning back to the albany area, emergency lights on the top left hand of the screen, an department with debris if the lanes and still causing a big backup and very slow into the maze and another spinout when 80 to eastbound 80 c.h.p. is doing a traffic break and high winds for all of the bridges and rain is coming down, although traffic is slight on the golden gate bridge we had early report of a mudslide cleared now. on the dumbarton bridge we have a high wind advisory lane 4 blocked with an accident and coming interest san francisco, north 280 before 101 an accident and we will check back with more in the next report.
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>> thank you. new legislation introduced in sacramento aims to make fm anyone hygiene products exempt from sales tax. southern california woman said women should not pay tax on a basic necessity, paying more than $20 million each year in taxes on tinges like tampons and pads. >> the cost of flying is going up with delta, american, unite asked jetblue raising fares on most flights at three dollars, which is typical after a busy holiday travel sent. as it always goes with the heirs, if they do nut sell enough tickets the hikes will disappear. >> starting at $3. and it goes from there. >> a slippery slope. >> trader joe's and said to be cheating customers in a lawsuit. >> questions of tuna of trader
5:21 am
psychiatry's, the five ounce cans do not have enough tuna, and star different settle add similar lawsuit. they have no comment. >> you could have trouble connecting with the first wednesday back at work after the new year is the busiest day after a few days you are become on the job and people realize, how miserable they are. >> if you want do get rich, the key is read. 80 percent of a working day is dedicated do reading. all the. >> tough "how rich people thing," gives 1,200 people of three decade and nearly all read to educate themselves. >> does reading a teleprompter countst has to. >> you have do read an actual book? the big storm we have been bracing for is now upon us, one of seven theys you need need to
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i got you... start strong with the lasting energy of 100% you're doing it! whole grain quaker oats. and off you go. >> all about the rain this morning. here are the seven things you need to know. good morning, everyone, our strong of the storm is here. the major storm is bringing heavy rain south of the san mateo bridge and headed to the east bay but look on the left side of the screen more showers and possible thunderstorms developing and even after the morning hours, it will be wet with details coming up. >> as you might specific, traffic is sloppy and messy and wet with ponding and pooling on the roads and a couple of major incidents including macarthur maze and we will update you on in a couple of minutes. >> homeowners are preparing for the el nino influence rain and in san francisco sandbags are stacked several feet high to
5:25 am
block incoming water. that area floods part i because of the aging sewer system. (4), the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting in a few hours following north korea's claim they test add hydrogen bum. equipment detected shaming in north korea and it is believed a weaker atemperature ice bomb was tested. (3), a one-year-old australian shepherd is recovering at animal services. officials say it was either thrown by someone or it jumped from a highway 4 overpass in antic on saturday. the woman that found the dog said she was tree ford a fractured femur and dislocated wrist. (6), police are looking for prowlers who broke into a sort house at san jose state walking in and starting stealing things and a woman work up and found the intrude others in her room. >> (7), steph curry reassuring fans he will keep playing
5:26 am
through the pain. steph curry was noticeably limping and came back into the game to score 17 points and klay thompson was the drive force in the win scoring 36. >> got to take care of the leg. >> and a major toymaker listened after some tweets. a new character is about to join "star wars" version of the game of monopoly and you can see what the game looks like in this video with players used force to move around the board and the company admitted this the main character from "the force awakens" and was not included for spoil are reasons and did not say when ray will make it into the box or if she replaced a miami character. and included the red headed guy. >> why is the red headed guy in the game? >> if you saw the movie, a good
5:27 am
actor but...aing in -- aing in role. >> something is up. we will get to the bottom of this with a full 90 minutes of news including good news for renters in san francisco. >> a move by the city of oakland to tighten the gun laws and what gun owners need to know. >> and outside, you can seat reflection in the road is raining, and this is what emeryville looks like with traffic and weather images including live doppler 7 hd announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models-- during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale. for a limited time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance sale is on now! superior service, best selection, lowest price-- guaranteed! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> we are watching a major storm hit the bay area right now powered by el nino and it and bringing heavy rain, wind and the potential for flooding and the red and on right there in san jose, good morning, get the rain jacket ready. >> i am regular regular.
5:30 am
>> i am natasha zouves. >> mike nicco has wanted we will see the heaviest storm this morning. >> we have heavy rain on alum rock and on 101, tully road and toward ever grand and that is going to head up into the mountains where it could actually drop a little bit of snow. here is the next three hours, the heaviest and most widespread rain is moving through but a last scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible as we head through the morning commute. here is a look at 280 at 17 you can see ponding on the roadways and we are wet all day. unlike the last couple of days. >> that wet ponding causes solo spinouts. numerous and at least can see the message lights on the macarthur maze with an accident partly blocking 80 westbound the transition to 580 eastbound. expect delays on the freeway.
5:31 am
here is the toll plaza, it is raining with no metering lights and traffic is bunching up. we will check another accident coming up in the next report. >> we are seeing the on and the red in the south bay on live doppler hd and our reporter is monitoring the weather and the potential for flooding. how does it compare -- oops, we have an umbrella now. >> last half our there come as saturation point for my hood and hat so i had to bust out the umbrella. just to keep me dry this morning because it will be a long haul for us out here in the elements. a lot of people it appears at the station in san jose are staying home trying to wait until the rain subsides a little bit because this have not been a lot of people coming to the decision to get a bus or amtrak. for those that get on the roads to get here, it is trouble. >> you getting here on the
5:32 am
highway from home, a host big puddles and potential for hydro hydroplaning. it is bad. >> this are a few accidents if san jose area. wind is an issue. trying to keep a handle on the umbrella is an issue. we are talking about heavy downpours. we expect there to be localized flooding in the streets in san jose. make sure you clear out the storm drain if you have not already. also, make sure enyou come cross flooded roads to avoid it only takes" to stall the car. >> matt is covering the south bay we have amy hollyfield in the north bay and the last time we you saw you it was not so wet >> it is coming down pretty good and we are getting a very good seasoning. i will show you highway 101 for an idea of way are drying
5:33 am
through the the had lits are going northbound and in mill value we are starting to see some standing water starting to gather on the highway because it is coming down relentlessly with mike nicco saying the worst is to come. the drivers say they have know close other than to be out here. >> a it is stormy but not stopping me from getting to work. be careful. especially if you are crossing the bridges. it is slick. >> we and feel the rain and you are going to need to put on a lot of layers today and a hooded jacket and the rain budgets and the umbrella. this is very wet out here. now, a picture of the another element you are dealing with, which is the wind.
5:34 am
you can see the flag is flapping right this, and much more windy today than yesterday's storm and another thing to have to con touchdown with, so, leave early touchdown with, so, leave early and drive slowly this morning. >> stay dry. with all of the rain, tree trimmers expect to remain busy and this is the mess caused when a large free fell down in the oakland hills at 7:30 and you can see it blocked traffic for a while at skyline boulevard. >> roofers are in high demand with the recent storms as homeowners discover they have leaks. roofing companies say there is a long wait list and it is lard to keep up with demand. repairs have to wait until the storms pass through. >> people would live in san jose remember this well: how bad flooding can be in el nino years. they hoped a protect to stop the flooding would be finished by now but no such luck. the mayor liccardo said the city is working to fast track a $9.4
5:35 am
million pump station to replace the existing station and the permanent still needs to be approve at state level. >> the bottom of the funnel no matter what happens upstream comes downstream and we are the ones we always catch the brunt of the misery. >> it looks like the project will not be done until 2018. >> now a look at the sierra people are putting chains on the tires and you have to use them on united states highway 50 between twin bridges and meyers and not required now on interstate 80. we will see if that changes. snowplows are busy keeping the roads clear so people can get to the fun at the ski resorts. >> from flooded roads to video our community and helping us show what is happening where they live. you can join them by sharing images using #abc7now so we and find them. you can use them on air and we could use them on air or online at >> when you leave the house we hope you take us with you.
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you can always track weather on the go with our news app and stream this newscast live wherever you are going and you can enable push alerts to get immediate notification and severe weather. >> santa cruz police are investigating the suspicious death of a man and a woman both shot to death inside of a home. they were found inside a locked room west of the santa cruz bench boardwalk, a concerned relative asked the police to check on them, the man was 38 and lived in santa cruz account woman was 23 and visiting from out of town. >> another step toward enacting tougher gun laws in oakland requiring gun owners to scare weapons and am fission left inside their parked vehicles. this is the first of two votes that will happen on this matter. the proposal would mandate the use of lockboxes or triggerlocks inside the home and would ban large capacity magazines. that faces another vote later
5:37 am
this month. >> the search is on for ruleers would broke into a sorority house near the san jose state university campus. only six girls are staying 59 the sorority right now with school resuming at the end of the month after when december break. yesterday morning, one of the wrong women work up and found a man if her room stealing her laptop. the suspects ran away. >> tore someone to break in a house... >> on christmas thieves stole laptops from students living off campus from san jose and they ransacked the apartment and took presents in under the tree. the campus police are checking with the detectives to see if the same people are responsible for both claims. >> this confident a for tune to rent an apartment in san francisco but this is the news. operates have actually slipped for the past two months in a row. the residential website reports
5:38 am
that the mood an represented for a one bedroom apartments was $3,4930. outrageous. but in october the was $3,670. with the decline, have in fear, san francisco and still ranking at the highest rental rates in the country. >> the 49ers are expected to have a phone conversation with ex been questions and ex redskins coach shanahan, hopefully talk over the phone. shanahan has ties to the 49ers and was the offensive coordinators when they were in the super bowl in 1995. >> judging by a reporter, matt and amy they are between soaked and drowned rats. >> is that how it is going? >> they have the proper question because the rain is were coming
5:39 am
down sideways because of the 30-miles-per-hour gusts and you can see right here on the golden gate bridge camera, yes, you are going to need the pants and umbrella is not enough. >> the best radar returns around alum rock to the ever green neighborhood at clayton and actually and headed into the mountains and we still have yellows and oranges from the bay bridge south from highway 24 south through the san ramon valley and light-to-moderate rain cross the north bay is everyone is dealing with rain this morning and more is developing to the west and this will continue the wet with the through the only commute. we have a flash flood watch but inland east bay because of mudslides and small correct flooding until 4:00 this afternoon and the potential for flood, around the bay shoreline at the cot until 10:00 this morning and large swells at the cost until 10:00 tomorrow afternoon and up to 20'. sue? >> a lot of solo spinouts and
5:40 am
standing water and hydroplaning, and the critical incidents and hayward c.h.p. is tells us of westbound 84 accident with a solo spinout blocking two lanes. southbound crow canyon we have a slow low spinout and northbound 101 north of 92 a light pole is down not lanes and though still working to get that out a power pole and wind advisories a 20 minute drive from hayward to foster city and we will look at another accident in san jose westbound 880, no, northbound at dixon landing. >> thank you, sue. did some violently attack this adorable pump? >> six little numbers stand between you and the nine numbers between you and the nine numbers that can make your dreams come
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between you and the nine numbers that can make your dreams come ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. and happening today, a team will reflect a boat that tank sat the san rafael yacht hard before on monday. a cousin of the lt. governor lived on the boat. she died on christmas day but her boat sank after.
5:44 am
her brother fears that someone could be responsible. you can see many of the possesses that were inside and floating in the water including antique furniture. pestle only be involved if there are signs of foul play. >> look at this adorable pup, a one-year-old australian shepherd now recovering after what some believe was severe abuse or at the least neglect. officials say one either threw this dog or she was jumping from a highway overpass if antioch on saturday afternoon. a woman and her daughters were driving by and saw the dog trying to cross the lanes of traffic. they took her to an emergency pet hospital where she was treated for fractured femur and a dislocked wrist. she will likely need further trauma -- surgery from othe trauma. >> possibly be thrown off the over pass disgusted me.
5:45 am
there is a ron it happened in front me. >> a lot of you who are dog lovers wonder, could you perhaps adopt this pup. there is a hold on the dog until friday and if known claims it before then the woman who found her is going to have the first dib on her and she plans to as there as she can raise enough money to cover the dog's medical bills. >> what a sweet little dog. >> boys and girls club of san francisco does nut want you to be fooled. some con artists are posing as members and asking for your money. they are posting an alert about what is happening. the club said the cracks are going around asking for donation for accurate basketball teams and are using the club logo do make it seem real. the nonprofit said they will never collect donations out in public and if you see anyone asking for money in their name contact police right away. >> parking in san francisco is not tough enough, now metering rates are going up. starting february 5, it will
5:46 am
cost 25 more an hour to park at a meter to cover the $6 million budget gap left behind after eliminating the 27-crept service charge on credit cards which violates an agreement with bank of america that handles the credit card process. feeding the meter is nature a problem if you win the jackpot. >> $450 million no one has woman the jackpot since november 4 and now it is theth largest ever in north america. what was the biggest? $655 million in 2012. >> if i want to get in on the drawing you have until 7:00 p.m. to by power baltic coat. if you win and choose the cash option, you walk away with $275 million before taxes and i have this to say if i do win, i will walk away.
5:47 am
it will look like this. >> yeah... >> okay, mike? >> you make a great team so... >> the best we can. we will arain showers all -- appreciate gifts. >> if san jose we have bonding on the fast are lanes. the cars are coming at us and we will talk about the storm impact scale. you know we have been grading our winter storm on a scale of "1" light and (5) severe and hopefully knowing the exact you get a better understanding of what to prepare out of reach storm and this is a "3" with flooding happening if low lying areas and a few light rock slides and potential for trees down and power lines are down. i watch the thunderstorm head to the eastern section of santa
5:48 am
cruz splitting santa cruz and watsonville and it has weakened but heading to morgan hill. our strongest cell right now is in mission and college boulevard over to santa clara and offer to san jose, then, headed over to crow canyon from dublin, castro valley, into san ramon into danville there is an uptick and the east bay shore moderate to half rain from oakland to hayward. as far as the winds, nearly 30 at san jose and oakland and half moon bay and forward and continue in santa rosa and only three in concord. thankfully the winds are lighter. through the morning commute, the study and heaviest of the rain is tapering to showers and they will be more numerous with brief and heavy rain with thunder and small hail and more bond on a localized scale as we head through the mid-morning into the afternoon. sue?
5:49 am
>> ponding and high dough planing and solo spinouts. leave the driving too someone else. we have 47 train on time. caltrain is looking good and muni is great, transit a from way to go and give your bus driver a high 5, it and a rough one. metering lights were on at 5:33 and stacked into the macarthur maze with rain and puddles and pooling and all of this blue on the maps that is what that is, northbound 880 at dixon landing in milpitas where traffic is slow because of an accident and flooding northbound 101 attire street in san francisco approaching the city so extra caution. back in a couple of minutes with more. >> water, water every where. >> the morning that techies have been waiting for. >> in three hours there will be pre-orders for a virtual reality
5:50 am
headset. it is a strange situation. although the pre-order is happening soon, examine has not released a price. or said when it will ship. all we know is pre-orders begin at 8:00 a.m. and anyone who is in it gets priority to get a motion input hand criminals motion input hand criminals which -- >> cannot imagine buying anything when you do not know the cost. >> iconic yellow cabs in san francisco are facing a financial crisis and what it could mean for service in the city. >> but, first, being a mom is heart work facing a greater struggle than others and what is to blame for the greater struggle? struggle? stay tuned.
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>> southern california has a flooded ceiling collapsed at a hodel in san diego and they to put up huge bins that flooded the garages and trapped cars and guests had to go somewhere else. >> new a new survey about parenting. single moms are the most sleep depriveed people in america, with 44 percent of mothers with kids under 18 far short of the recommended at least seven hours of sleep each night.
5:54 am
many of you are saying, it would be from to get seven hours or six. single dads with kids do a bit better with obligate 38 percent falling short of the goal. >> seven hours, what does that look like? >> not like this! good morning, everyone, here is the rain totals through 11:00 this morning. you can see half an inch to 1" out of the storm and the heaviest rain is south of the bay bridge and south of highway 4, and that is where it will stay until the secondary push comes in and everyone is getting wet and we are watching for tornadoes around los angeles this afternoon and heavy snow at 8:00 this morning on the western sleep and 6:00 this morning, around lake tahoe. be careful if you travel in the high country. >> thought we would look at the winds with the lie wind advisory out there for richmond-san rafael and san mateo bridge, dumb democrat bridge, an accident at the toll plaza at the dumbarton cause, delays, and san mateo bridge, richmond-san rafael bridge all wet a 0-minute
5:55 am
ride cross the bay over to the foster city side of things and we will check on numerous solo spinouts next report. >> copyright infringement is no monkey business especially here in san francisco. remember this selfie taken by a monkey in indonesia? it drew worldwide attention four years ago. today, more attention: peta account british photographer who owned the camera are headed it court to san francisco fighting over who actually owns the photos. the photographer contends he is the owner. the monkey sexy were published in a become by a san francisco company and peta wants the proceeds spot on the monkey and his community. >> i will be interest the to see how it comes out. >> many on social media are
5:56 am
wondering, who is the mysterious girl? >> here is the peck, "sports illustrated" ded toward posted this on instagram showing a mystery model wishing nothinged but body paint and some have figured out who it is based on the flower tattoo on her arm, and the consensus is ronda rousey, would has mostly remains out of the public i didn't since the shock loss to holly holme two months ago. >> another thought that her baby daughter's name was romantic until the child turned two. show came up with the name to honor the favorite british soccer team. but here is the name. right this on screen. it is a deem in the u.k. spelled backward. >> my dad's favorite soccer
5:57 am
team. >> if you thinking this could be a good idea it is not is easy with bay area teams we did it for you. the warriors backward is sroirraw. and the raiders is the percent. -- the giants? that would be sgiant francisco and technology is drying their business away. >> if you are trying to get >> if you are trying to get adele tickets -- hello
5:58 am
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tylenol®. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> if you are putting on your
6:00 am
clothes and eating cer attention. we have a lot of weather to tack about much the entire bay is getting a soaking. look at the orange and red in the south bay. >> cameras are back up on the right you can see highway 101 in san jose the rain and south bay was the first area to see the rain overnight. on the left, the bridge where we have seen rain falling sideway on and off all morning. >> we have team coverage this morning of the intense storm and start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> yes, guys tracking the thunderstorm 20 fort ross and jenner up to cloverdale and geyser pavillion -- in the next 30 minutes. this is how it looks in mill valley, the heavy rain is falling and the upon on the roads is developing. the next 12 hours, we will see the steady and


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