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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 6, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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a big storm is moving through the bay air ya. abc 7 news was in san jose as the hef ve rain came down this morning. >> this has been a dangerous day for driving. >> and take a look at live doppler 7 hd right now. more of that rain moves through the area. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. >> i want to take you back outside live for a look at our emoryville camera. as you can see, lots of clouds. but it is not raining, at least not right now. >> a look at ocean beach. you can see those clouds hovering there and the water
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right now to spencer christian with a first look at our weather. >>. >> there's rain widely scattered throughout the area. some locations are connelling down in steady fashion. along the golden gate, parts of san francisco just off the peninsula coastline. we have pockets of showers reaching across the bay, over to parts of the east bay as well. farther east and north, paurlts of southern napa county and northern salarna county getting some pockets of rab right now. as you can see, this is the pattern. we've had waves of rain and showers. the storm impact scale indicating our numeric value from 1-5 indicating a light storm with a 1 and a severe storm with a 5. we just had a 3 today. but we are assigning a value of 1 to tomorrow's wealther, ef
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enthough it won't be a well-organized storm. of course, we do have a high surf advisory and a warning in effect until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. wave heights are higher than normal. unpredictable. and we have a coastal flood advisory from 4:00 to 10:00. a combination of high tides, large swell. so we're still feeling the effects of the storm even tomorrow. >> thank you, spencer. the storm was rather intense making a mess on bay area residents. take a look. this video was shot northbound. abc 7 is live in san francisco with the story. >> reporter: so much rain and no wo where for it to go. the boulevard is closed tonight
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because it's under water, two to three feet of water. >> barely keep up with all of the rain, second street was looking more like a lake as relentless rain pounded the pavement. both hands on the wheel. >> i spun around like three times. >> surviving the crash on highway 101, but his new nissan did not. >> the car came in front of me. and instead of crashing into their car, i kind of tried to slide away. but then i started sliding and nothing i could do after that. >> tow truck drivers are busy. they've seen too many people driving too fast. >> no hurry. you get there when you get there.
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>> sandbags standing by. every house hoping to keep the rain away. >> definitely, for sure. >> her neighborhood has flooded before. this is what it looked like in years passed. storm drains overwhelmed. this time, there's better news. >> so far, so good. with the sandbags, they have been holding up. it hasn't been that bad. so we should be able to survive the last couple of days. >> more rain is on the way. in san fwran sis cole, abc 7 news. >> this morning's storm is believed to be responsible for knocking over a huge tree in san francisco's lafayette park. the tree hit and damaged three cars that were parked on washington street. thankfully, nobody was hurt. >> a top-heavy ficus free came down. mission street was closed for a couple hours. >> in sonoma county, today's
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storm turned it into a small river. cars had to slow down there as they went through the water. the nearby creek has risen so high that you can see the water has risen over on to the road. >> the coast guard is now looking into why this cabin cruiser took on water off toledo. along with a partially submerged dinghe. it didn't appear anyone was aboard the cruiser. >> using the hash tag abc 7 now, check out this video tweeted out. you can see windshield wipers are going. heavy rain. all of those precious parking spots were flooded. all is gorgeous.
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look at this photo, a double rainbow posted by christine. remember to share what you see with us on twitter. >> a reminder, every weekday morning on the abc 7 morning news starting at 4:30 a.m. >> a san francisco deputy sheriff who was convicted of attacking a patient was sentenced today. >> this is a sentence that satisfied nobody. abc 7 news reporter vick lee with a story you'll see only on 7. vick? >> larry and alma, the prosecutor, defense attorney, the assault victim's lawyer, all of them were disappointed for their own reasons, of course. now, the key in this case was a security video. the jury said it was overwhelming. and, tonight, we have a copy of it. >> after a two-week trial, the deputy sheriff was convicted of assault by a peace officer on this man, a homeless and
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disabled patient at san francisco general hospital. it happened in early november, here at the emergency room. he had been sleeping in a chair waiting for an appointment to get pain medication. then, what happened next was caught on the security camera. as he was leaving, the deputy grabbed him and shoved him back to the chair. he then took his cane away. he put his hands on his neck as if he were choking him. he again grabbed him around his neck. a second deputy came and assisted him. he's seen punching gwynelle who was arrested and booked in jail. the prosecutor wanted a jail sentence. the lawyer asked that the felony be reduced to a misdemeanor. gornell, who arrived in a wheelchair said in a victim impact statement, that the beating still haunts him today. he has no previous disciplinary
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record to three years probation and a hundred hours of community service. no one was happy with the sentence. >> and we have a viable p.o. and i look forward to his eventual complete exoneration. >> we believed that it was something that warranted jail time. >> it makes me feel there is no justice for the judges to do spg like that. >> his lawyer expected more. >> as a felon, he can no longer serve as a peace officer. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> cell phone video is what appears to be a teacher hitting a student in east bay private school is getting responses this afternoon. it happened on the antioch campus. you can see a woman striking the young boy multiple times while others in class laugh. the school says it's fired two
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people. coming up at 5:00 p.m., laura anthony has reaction from angry parents who are just seeing this video for the first time. acharter teacher has pleaded not guilty to lewd acts with two children. prosecutors say the alleged crime happened between september and november, the boys made up the story. >> launched a federal criminal investigation into chipotle mexican grill involving the e. coli and neurovirus this past summer.
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it's a broad range of documents tie today a store. that store was the source of last august's outbreak. >> who owns the right to monkey selfies? today, the photographers who set up the camera argue their cases in a san francisco court. he drew worldwide attention. he says proceeds and his family argues that nothing involving ownership on the basis of species. his camera, their monkeys, so he owns the picture. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, did they or didn't they. >> views on the star wars sound track. stolen in san francisco. the owners desperate for a search. >> great kgadgets and cool cars. we'll give you a glimpse of some of the new technology that's being unvailed.
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a friend of san bernardino shooters was in court today. meantime, federal investigators are pleading for the public's help in tracking down the terrorist's final minutes alive.
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>> enrique marquez appeared before a federal judge shackled in a jump suit pleading not guilty killing 14 people. marquez is also charged with conspiracy to kill as early as 2011. those plots were never carried out. on tuesday, the f.b.i. also turned to the public pleading for help. they've traszed the killers thereabouts the day of the masacrre wu say there is a mysterious gap not detected by traffic cameras. >> we're missing 18 minute ofs their time. we want to make sure that they
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didn't make contact with anyone that we don't know about. >> they searched this nearby lake but did not find any evidence. the f.b.i. insists there was no indication directed by anyone overseas. they're scheduled to start next month. >> well, the search is on for a rare violin that was stolen out of a car last week. >> larry and alma, first of all, the violin is valuable, worth $35,000. but it's the history of the instrument that makes it invaluable. it was used to record the original star wars sound track. that's the rightful owner of the violin playing. he has owned the violin for 40 years.
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it's a replica of the violin made in 1740. he had just played at a family funeral and was at a restaurant in the park when somebody broke into his car and stole the violin. he says it's like losing his musical voice. >> when people talk about violins, they say it's a tool of the trade. it's not just a tool of the trade. it's really our voice. >> i used this to play for frank sinatra, tony bennett. >> he will now have to learn a new voice with a new violin until he recovers his own, hopefully. he doesn't know if his car was specifically targeted for the violin. he says music dealers had to notified of the theft in case somebody comes in to sell it. >> san francisco's largest taxi cab company may be filing for bankruptcy. yellow cab has no plans to shut down and cab operators will not be affected.
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ride share services like uber and lyft has hurt business. bankruptcy would help it shed some grow debt. we have had an unusual number of accident claims and have been forced to consider this as an option. if the filing is necessary, we expect to be in a stronger position than before the filing. >> the 2016 consumer electronics show is now underway in las vegas. cars have replaced big screen tvs on center stage. today, a new high-tech car that was developed by microsoft is getting a lot of attention. the car has a self-driving mode, of course, every car has one now. it also has the ability to send e-mail. plus, it include technology to detect a pedestrian in the street. the draw back is there has to be corresponding technology built in and they have to keep sensors on their person or built into
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their smart phones. volkswagen is introducing two electric vehicles which also feature the use of high-tech gadgetry and the improved user interfaces. it's not only fully electric, it allows owners to open the door with a wave of their hand. >> well, the faa today released a drone app for a smart phone. it's pretty useful, the app called, before you fly with the national aerospace system where you may want to pilot your drone. the new app is available for apple devices. >> not a great day for drone flights, i don't think, out there. >> not even a great day for a stroll. this is number three-ranked storm on our storm impact scale. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have showers and waves of rain scattered throughout the bay area.
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this has been the pattern the last hour or so. you can see the areas of showers developing offshore and moving on shore. it's been so stormy, a funnel cloud was reported in casperville earlier this afternoon as a ralter tu ee eer storm has ripped through the region. bursts of rain are expected and there's a possibility of mud slides and small creek flooding. back to the bay area, clouds are low and tark. and although we see no evidence of rain at this point, right now, there is still rain scattered around the bay area. a chance of thunder, the the at mos fear is quite unstable right now. our next storm arrives on friday, continuing into saturday morning. here's our forecast animation for this evening. starting at 7:00, we'll continue to see areas of showers and
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waves. we'll see widespread rain developing down to the south bay and more widely scattered showers in other parts of the bay area. 5:00 tomorrow morning, it doesn't look like we'll be seeing any rainfall. however, the pavement will be wet in many locations because of the rain that has fallen. so later in the day tomorrow, we'll see more scattered showers and pockets of rain continuing into the evening hours. storm impact scale, we give a ranking of one to the next storm which is expected to arrive friday night into saturday. that's a storm of white intensity. we could see half an inch of rain with gusts of wind up to 35 miles per hour. let's skip ahead to friday morning, 10:00. we'll see cloudy skies most of the day. and then by early evening, we'll see rain first in the north bay and then later friday night, expanding eastward and southward. it looks like it will be wet all across the region. and the showers will continue into saturday. we expect, again, less than half
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an inch in most areas. but some of the weather locations can pick up half an inch or more. winds, look for winds to increase especially along the coastline with 9:00 friday night. the waves become gusty around the bay, as well. by 1:00 a.m. saturday, we'll be looking at winds gusting up to 38 miles per hour, 32 over to fairfield. and the winds will taper off a bit later in the day on saturday. back to weather overnight, scattered showers, low tempature in the mid 40s. tomorrow, mostly cloudy with some showers in the morning hours. and then maybe redeveloping later in the evening, highs to our only mid 50s. here's the accuweather seven day forecast. we can expect weather every day except sunday. tomorrow, we are ranking one, light on the intensity scale. but, on top of what we had already, the ground is saturated
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and these storms could still produce some localized flooding. >> the first week since we introduced the storm impact scale. so the ice storm was a doozie. >> up next, the highly anticipated second season of american crime debut tonight. actors from the first season are back, but with a twist.
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the much anticipated second season appears tonight with new controversial story line. it's a story of a young boy alleging he was raped by a school's basketball team. issues in public schools and sexuality. they are back, but as completely new characters. abc 7 spoke with the actors. >> first, in this new season, we see the headmaster who's very likable, someone you'd like to have as a friend. but she's also willing to make some really questionable
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sacrifices on the way. do you think she's a good person overall? >> i do. i think she's one of the only people in the whole story line that is out ahead of the story. she never breaks the lieu. she always wants to tell the truth. >> american crime season two is right here on abc 7 at 10:00. >> here's your 60 second hot list from gma today. >> hillary clinton yesterday clearly believes she's far more electable than you are. >> protect working people. that's what i've done my whole life. >> her plans to take on wall street are tougher than yours? >> actually, they are not. we're talking about breaking up the large financial institutions. that is not secretary clinton's decision. >> this is the coolest live shot i have ever been a part of. we're standing in the middle of
4:26 pm
the melting glacier, our primers behind me are ready to two into this massive itunnel. what they found down there is helping scientists save planet earth. >> we're a bit worried about you. >> watch me walk a little closer. you made it to the bottom? >> look for those climbers, there they are. >> and that's today's gma hot list. we'll see you in the morning on gma. >> that's pretty cool. you can catch robin, journal and the rest of the good morning america team weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. right here on abc 7 following the abc 7 morning news. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. a lot of weather today, but does it mean we're close to ending the drought? >> a look as more storms are moving in. we will have the complete forecast with spencer in just a few minutes. >> and a renewed effort to break
4:27 pm
up california and create the 51st state in the union. >> plus, a battle over badges. the controversy over an official souvenir for first r
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be careful on the roads out there. sky 7 hd was over the flooding in windsor this afternoon and nobody was trying to drive through that spot at the point that sky 7 hd was overhead, thankfully. causing flooding in venetia, this was the scene on east 8th street. meanwhile, in the north bay, it is deja vu all over again. coming up at 5:00, a report live from some of the worst flooding in sonoma county. despite all of this rain, south bay reservoirs are still far, far below capacity. the lexington reservoir is lower than it was two months ago, which hardly seems possible, but true. abc 7 news reporter joining us live in san jose with the story. chris? >> hi, larry. water district officials say it will be quite some time before they can breathe a sigh of relief. while they're paying attention
4:31 pm
to those reservoir levels, others are just focused on protecting their home. >> at this sandbag station, residents say they aren't taking any chances. >> you know, it's everything. >> they can't afford to have any flood damage. we had a chance to tell them and i said go and get some. >> the area's creeks and streams have been able to handle with no major problems. >> a lot of us depend on, shasta and orville, they're only about half for this time of year. >> at the lexington reservoir, this picture shows it at 17% of capacity. fast forward to today and the situation isn't any better.
4:32 pm
the levels stand at just over 13% lately. >> it's part of the equation. we get water in and we'll get back to normal sooner. >> for now, we're focused on the rain and all the residents are safe. >> we want to just prevent all of the water out of the house. we're going to want to put sandbags around the house. >> in san jose, chris wynn, abc p e 7 news. >> it's time to find out what else is coming our way. >> the main body of the storm has passed through. its remnants are still with us. we still have wet weather scattered around the bay, including this area in oakland across the bay and over to cottman and valejo. a pretty strong cell moving through san francisco at the moment. this is, let's see, just around chatter town and over towards
4:33 pm
fishermen's wharf. and, of course, we've got pockets of rain traveling eastward. we pull back. this is the pattern we've seen the last couple hours with pockets of rainfall and waves of rain widely scattered. we're still producing wet conditions. and, of course, we have the coastal flood watch advisory in effect from 4:00 tomorrow morning until 10:00 tomorrow morning still because of the high surf and the large swells and the continuing rainfall. alma? >> thank you, spencer. abc 7 news is actually at pacifica pier checking out the high surf. the high surf warning remains in effect until 2:00 this afternoon. abc 7 news meteorologist takes a look at the el nino effect coming up on abc 7 news at 5 cloek. >> also in san francisco today, this is during high tide this morning. you can see lots of water crashing on to the street there.
4:34 pm
and anybody walking close to the bay was sure to get a little wet this morning. >> in the sierra, there's more fresh powder for snow borders and skiers. this is courtesy of lake tahoe tv. officials say 5-10 inches of new snow is expected to fall today, more at higher peaks. if you're driving, chains are required on both highways. >> download our abc 7 news app and enable push list for media notifications and severe weather alerts. >> an investigation is underway to determine whether north korea did successfully test the hydrogen bomb. >> today, north korea's alarming claim that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb for the first time sparking condemnation from around the world. >> i demand seize any further nuclear activities. >> reporter: the u.n. security
4:35 pm
council holding an emergency meeting today holding a televised claim that a 5.1 magnitude earthquake was caused by a hydrogen bomb that can be 10,000 times more powerful than an atomic bomb like those dropped on hiroshima and nagasaki during world war ii. >> the initial analysis is not consistent with the north korean claims of successful hydrogen bomb test. >> if the claim is later confirmed, this will be north korea's fourth time testing a nuclear weapon since 2006. but the first time testing a thermonuclear weaponing. but yesterday's results were too small to be from even a failed hydrogen bomb test. >> they're bragging, they're puffing themselves up. they don't actually have the capability to obliterate the coreel yan peninsula. the bad news is that they're trying.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: the u.n. security council now vows to take further significant measures. they've yet to specify what they will be. at the u.n. headquarters in new york, abc 7 news. >> iraq is now offering to mediate the heightened tensions between saudi arabia and iran. the hostilities else clated last week and, after the saudis, executed a cleric in iran. this dispute threatens to affect the implementation of the iran nuclear deal and could hinder efforts for the conflicts with saudi arabia and iran back opposite sides. >> an you wiultimatum was made d to federal land policies. the leader of the burns indian tribe says the activists aren't welcome on their central property. the activists seized buildings at a wildlife refuge on saturday.
4:37 pm
but so far, federal authorities have yet to oust the group of 20 people. activists are petitioning the government to create a brand new state in northern california. they protested today in front of the state capitol after they delivered paperwork to aloyal them to form the state of jefferson. if allowed, it would extend from southern oregon into northern california. a lack of political representation for the sparsely populated northern counties is driving their effort. >> house republicans say they're forcing president obama to face what they call the failures of his health care law to vote to repeal it today. it's the 62nd such vote by the house. it will now be set on to the president's desk where he will veto it. >> the airline is listing a much-criticized ban on checked luggage. it made the change because of unseasonably strong head winds.
4:38 pm
on a new flight path to those cities. passengers immediately slammed the airline on social media suggesting it could have reduced the number of passengers. now, the airline says it will take a shorter route. >> still to come, a lot of people waiting to see if they're going to become instant millionaires in just a few hours. we're among them. tonight's big power ball jackpot getting even bigger. >> ask finney is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. just search for michael finney. i'll annals questions here, live, in a little bit. >> golden gate bridge traffic is flowing in both directions. stay
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the amount of tonight's power ball jackpot just keeps getting bigger and bigger. it's the sixth largest offer in north america and the biggest since the $564 million with an annuity of over 29 years or a single pre-tax payout of $306 million. >> well, to get tonight's numbers the moment they are drawn, just enable push notifications.
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>> i burned mine. >> don't worry, spencer's already burned his. >> here's a look at live doppler 7 hd. we've got scattered showers and waves of rain around the bay area. wet weather through the central part of the bay area right now through san francisco and across the bay, as well. we'll see that pattern of scattered showers continuing overnight. rainfall totals with just about two inches of santa rosa. close to one inch of napa, san francisco and oakland. over and inch and a half in the mountains. and speaking of moun tans, in the mountains of the sierra, we have a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 tonight with snow expected up to 14 inches in the highest peaks. this is our animation projecting the amounts that we'll be seeing around the sierra by 10:00 tomorrow evening.
4:43 pm
the bigger picture here, across the state tomorrow, s scattered shower activity. high temperatures generally in the mid 50s and chances of rain here in san francisco over the next 7 days, well, pretty good chance just about everywhere except sunday where it's only a 10% chance. we are ending a wet weather pattern. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the hollywood elite starts a revolution of sorts. >> 7 on your side's michael finney. today, credit card concerns from missing statements to minimum purchase prices. what's really allowed. what's legal? announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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the 17-year-old is sporting a skirt, the high-end store says smith represents a generation that is a simile to the codes of true freedom coming naturally to
4:47 pm
him as it would to a woman. >> we are seeing an aberration and also seeing fashion do what fashion loves to do, which is to play with our expectations to count on our prejudices and to surprise us. >> in june, jayden told g.q. magazine i'm just expressing how i feel inside. every day, it changes how i feel about the world and myself. >> 7 on your side's michael finney with facebook and twitter. what happens when you sign up for paperless statements from your credit card company, but they never e-mail you statements. do i owe late charges. >> here's the deal on this. it's going to tick you off. be ready for this. paper or paperless, they have no legal obligation to send you a bill. you have an obligation to pay a bill on time. >> what? >> really. honestly. that's the deal.
4:48 pm
you're supposed to call them, define it, pay out of nowhere, the best thing you can do is give them a call and say hey, i didn't get the e-mails, maybe it's in my spam filter, i need you to waive the late charges this time and then, after that, you're going to have to keep track. they'll waive them once. they're not going to keep doing it, though. >>. >> you can go to gift card granny and then sell the gift card to them. and then there's peer-to-peer ones and you can go to e-bay. same thing, you're selling it to another consumer. so it's consumer to consumer. and then you go down to your local grocery store. have you seen the places where you sell change? they often now have a kiosk where you can but in a card and
4:49 pm
they'll give you cash back. it's a great question. if you have a walmart or a home depot, you can get 90 cents, stuff like that. but if you have one that nobody wants, i don't know. >> businesses legally set a minimum purchase price if you're paying by credit card? >> a lot of confusion. for decades, the answer was they could legally, but the card companies wouldn't allow them. and then a new law came into effect that said they can legally do it. but the minimum can only be $10 or less. so they're not allowed to say minimum of 50 bucks or something. >> all right, thank you, michael. >> the government is concerned about youth exposure to e-cigarette advertising. >> about 7 in 10 teens are exposed to e-cigarette advertising on tv and online. now, the cdc says it's concerned
4:50 pm
the ad will hook teens on e-cigarettes. they're three times more likely to try the devices for the first time. after more than a decade, congress required retailers to include an animal's country of orch. the meat industry which has fought the law in congress and the court since the early 2000s. they had no choice but to get. and do they eat more when food is labeled healthy? people do tend to overeat when they're considering food that's labeled healthy. according to the study that was publi published, they also found that the effects could be counter acted if they're told that a healthy food is nourishing. meanwhile, doctors are handing
4:51 pm
out prescriptions for fruits and vegetables in michigan. some doctors received a grant for prescriptions and health program. the program will target those with chronic issues, like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. >> becoming available starting january 18th, dropping coleslaw, which it has been serving since it opened in 1946. the new star wars-themed monopoly game will now include a female character. she's fantastic, if you haven't seen the movie. it should be added to the popular board game later this year. the company says they did not include ray in its initial version because the character
4:52 pm
had not yet been publicly revealed. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. up next, special badges from the nfl are creating controversy in the bay area. not all officials are happy about the chance to get one. and dan is here with a look at abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, it's not just a city-issued, these are happening county wide. >> burglaries on the rise. but not in all cities, but cutting its rate by nearly double digits. >> and watch and wait. we are live in pa sfica heading to the beach.
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[♪] ♪ take the time ♪ in your life ♪ just before ♪ it passes by ♪ then you'll know ♪ to keep it slow ♪ so here we go [♪] ♪ here we go tonight, on abc 7, the middle is at 8:00 followed by the goldbergs. after that, it's american crime
4:56 pm
followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> superbowl 50 is just around the corner and many law enforcement officers have been proudly wearing a replica sanctioned by the nfl. >> but there is a noetble exception. there abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler has the story. >> sporting a new accessory these days, instead of his department-issued badge, he wears a special one with the superbowl 50 logo offered by the nfl to agencies involved keeping the big game safe. >> employees have put in for the soup bowl. >> the officers $124.99. it's mar than just one of 20 public safety agencies where 1800 officers are snapping up these keepsakes. the fire department is not. firefighters can't buy the badges on their own.
4:57 pm
and the fire chief has opted out for the department. the union president says the rank and file are furious. >> they really wanted that badge, you know, as a keepsake. and to be kept out of it against their will, it's kind of a slap in the face. >> a published report says the chief cited domestic violence on superbowl sunday as one reason to decline the badges. she told me that's not true: it's about what's appropriate. >> when you take your oath, it's -- it means a lot. and to, you know, to have a sporting event, it didn't rise to that level for me. >> abc 7 news. >> and take a look at this. it's a special pizza from tony's pizza in san francisco. what's so special? those are toppings. it's called the superbowl pizza. it costs a hundred dollars and
4:58 pm
proceeds go to the food bank. tony's is making just 50 of the special pizzas. the challenge starts tonight: >> all right, well, thank you so much for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm alma dates. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with dan and christin. >> caught on camera, the competition in class that has east bay parents angry and the school taking action. >> and sonoma county, a river practically runs through a winery. the images are stunning, but what about the damage? >> live doppler 7 hd, tracking the storm that's far from over. hour-by-hour look coming up. >> together again, what's behind this happy reunion? >> live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> today's storm turned this street into a small river. sky 7 hd shows the flood at
4:59 pm
green valley and thomas roads. look at that. the highway patrol says the nearby creek overflowed. >> crews blocked off the area and cars had to literally slow down. high tides were a problem at the marina. people couldn't get to their boats. even picnic tables were underwater. >> here's a live look at live doppler 7 hd. the rain letting up for the moment, but, as you can see, it is still lingering out there. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> we have three reporters on a fall out from the rain. >> let's begin now with abc 7 news meteorologist tracking the current storm. >> yeah, dan and christin, let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. continuing to see scattered showers across the bay area, at times, even briefly heavy. i'm going to take you in a bit closer. we are seeing some light returns
5:00 pm
around berkley, richmond, san pablo. we did see this over san francisco. it's now heading towards the east bay and we'll be watching that to head in that direction. down towards the south bay, we're still seeing some ets to moderate to heavy rain right along highway 101 between morgan hill. so if you are traveling across this area for the evening commute, it is going to be a bit on the rough side. we're seeing scattered light showers and earlier, we did have mixed precipitation. we've seen it all here in the bay area. as you take a look, flash flood watch remains up for an area south of us until 6:00 tonight. today's storm, three on our storm impact scale. the strongest one, 1-to-5. we'll continue to rank our storms all winter long. the next one coming thursday morning. it's a one. it's a lighter storm. it's with the


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