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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the other two, taken into custody in houston and milwaukee. the u.s. attorney in sacramento just released more details about the man arrested there, the 23-year-old is a palestinian, born in iraq according to the complaint. he came to the u.s. as a refugee in 2012. first lived in arizona and wisconsin. now, officials say he communicated on social media with numerous individuals intent to return to syria to join organizations. now, authorities believe he went to syria to fight alongside several terror organizations and he settled in sacramento. when interviewed federal authorities say he lied to them, saying he had been in turkey, visiting his grandfather. today he was arrested and charged with making a false
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statement involving federal terrorism. we're waiting for more information about the two other in houston and milwaukee. officials say there is no current threat to public safety. >> kristin, thank you. san francisco mayor ed lee released a seven point initiative in his effort to reform the police department's use of force policies in response to the shooting of mario woods in december. abc7 news reporter vic lee is live with the story tonight. vic? >>. >> reporter: the mayor prepared this letter for his initiatives for a meeting with members of the african american community. there has been a lot of anger directed at him and today, some of that spilled over to his home. a group group of five people converged on the mayor's home, protesting homelessness to the
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police shooting of mario woods in december. that weighed heavily on the shoulders of the mayor. lee set a deadline of february 15th to submit requests for training and weaponry, included in new use of force policies, which he asked police chief to draft. police commissioner joe marshal said they'll meet the dead line. >> we're on a fast track here. the chief is, the mayor is, all folks that want things to change are involved in the process. >> the mayor today briefed reporters. >> it has to do with new training. making sure it's reflective of new practices. >> reporter: mayor lee responded to the anger among community leaders by directing the chief and commission to make sure lethal force is the last resort. he says some reforms are already
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happening. >> we have almost 400 officers, crisis trained. every recruit graduates crisis intervention trained. >> lee says he wants it to reflect the department of justice's recommended guidelines. >> we opened up to a total review of the department of justice and their program in everything we're doing. >> next week, the chief will meet with department of justice officials. vic lee, abc7 news. >> police are asking for help finding this man tonight, seen shooting an wounding an innocent bystander on a busy street two days ago. detectives are identifying the suspect. there he is. police say the shooter was arguing with another man tuesday morning at 14th and broadway. he pulled a gun, and started shooting. >> one of our patrol watch commanders was patrolling that area and had onviewed a dispute
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that turned into a shooting. a woman pushing a stroller was hit by a bullet. she's recovering and has been released from the hospital tonight. >> governor jerry brown presented a yearly budget proposal, a plan of $170 billion for california's next fiscal year. >> most of every program you're going to hear about will be g we want to take a look at the willingness of taxpayers to pay more. >> budget items include $36 billion to fix highways and roads as well as expand public transit. 2 billion would go into a fund bringing the amount to $8 billion by 2017. >> now, some republicans say the governor's budget isn't fiscally responsible and doesn't do
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enough to pay down debts. >> my greatest concern is that we have this money, that the legislature will spend more on multi year plans than you think can come in in the next couple years. everybody has a lot of great ideas. it's also been suggested california's tax revenue surplus should be used to pay down debt of $440 billion. abc7 news has more on how much the governor plans to spend on education. leanne? >> reporter: it depaendz on who you ask. the governor says under his leadership, funding has gone up. some school districts say when it comes to funding, california is still among the lowest. >> 94,000. >> . >> reporter: a healthy
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california budget is what teachers wanted to hear from the governor. after years of suffering, the state has poured more money into schools. >> the growth per student is about $3600. since i was elected governor. >> reporter: that means if it passes, next year, the state would spend $10,951 on anthony. let's compare at the tail end of the recession, the state spent $6,991 on madeline. what does the money fund? take san francisco unified. it has been used to pay for additional support services for high-needs children, including those from low-income homes. technology in the classroom received a financial boost. teacher salaries have also increased. >> we have a lot of concerns about holding on to and attracting qualified staff, especially with the cost of living in the bay area and in san francisco. >> san francisco unified said other needed programs will be
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funded like smaller class sizes in 8th grade math. but optimism reigns now, the legislative analyst and the governor are against any new permitted spending. >> if you don't remember anything else, revenue goes up, comes down. >> no new spending he's saying. he's also against increasing minimum wage, saying if california were to increase to $15 per hour like some cities in the bay area are ready to do, it would take $4 billion away from the general fund, adding that is more than what cal state and the uc system gets from the state. that was interesting. live in the newsroom, abc7 news. thank you very much. now, new at 6:00, there is now a lawsuit filed to block the new warrior as rena from being built in san francisco. the mother of a 6-year-old boy with a severe heart condition is suing because she's worried traffic problems will prevent her from getting her child to
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csf hospital in mission bay. the mission bay alliance is in on the suit saying san francisco city officials violated state environmental laws but not measuring traffic impacts of the new arena. we're learning about a history of police calls at a school in antioch. one video shows a teacher's aide abusing a 9-year-old student. minutes ago, authorities sent us this mug shot of the aide. a 26-year-old from antioch, arrested yesterday for felony abuse. abc7 news reporter laura anthony is live with richmond where corr is in jail. laura? >> reporter: that is right. another big development today is that state department of education announced it's launching a new investigation into the school given what they saw in the video this week. in the meantime, that aide is sitting in jail here, awaiting her first court appearance, on a
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charge of cruelty to a child. this is not the first time an assault occurred at antioch's tobin school. records show from a six-year period there were 35 reported episodes of violence between staff and students. at three tobin world locations including 16 allegations of assault by a student on teacher or staff member, and 19 of assault or abuse by a staff member or teacher on a student. >> the police came and took pictures and a report. >> lina reported her child was harmed in 2013. she filed a report when her then 15-year-old autistic son came home with bruises and scrapes she says he could only have gotten at school. >> he was pushed down on the floor. and he had marks on his body, on
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his face. he was crying really badly. >> reporter: she filed a separate client with the school but says police told her they couldn't prove the injuries happened at the school. mean time, the teacher's aide arrested for this abuse remains in jail in richmond. the 26-year-old is being held on felony child abuse charges. late today, we received a statement from tobin world founder, quote, we're horrified by the recent events and will not tolerate the mistreatment or abuse of any child. a second teacher aide involved in this incident has been not arrested by police. >> let's talk about your money. american stock markets are having the worst start to a year in 25 years. and things haven't been this bad
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since 1992. declines are being pushed by fears about china's market. the shanghai composite is down this year. now, here is a local company, apple dropped out of triple digits, closing at $96.45. it's the first time it's been under $100 in over a year. facebook fell below $100, it finished at $97.92. the drop on the day the company announced it's messenger service is used by 800 million people each month. yahoo lost 6% of its value, announcing it's going to layoff 10% of its work force as part of its reorganization plan. that equates to about a thousand jobs. in china, the shanghai stock exchange opened at 5:30 our time
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and finally, positive news, both are up by 1%. japan's index is up 84 points in trading. >> we're a month away to the super bowl. transit agencies are preparing for an estimated million people making the super bowl commute along the peninsula. >> coming up next, you're going to see why agencies think they're going to lose money despite the passengers. and still ahead, see the technology old, and new the u.s. uses to decide if they need to issue a watch, or warning for our streams. i'm spencer christian. we have streams of water coming our way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a announcer: it's time to make room for the new mattress models! during sleep train's huge year end clearance sale... get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices! save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory! plus, same-day delivery, set-up and removal of your old set.
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check the calendar, super bowl 50 is one month away. >> hard to believe. >> yes. >> today, we checked out the nfl preparations. the big game will bring crowds to the bay area and according to cal train, a financial loss. david? >> reporter: well, you know the bay area has lots of experience dealing with big single day events such as giant parades but a week filled with super bowl events could be a real expense as well as a big challenge for two planners are estimating a million people will take in a
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week of special events and concerts, that is during the work week. something may have to give. >> we're going to see issues on the bridge, on bart. so a lot of employers and employees are probably going to have to make choices. if they have ability to be flexible, they might want to think about that. >> the board that operates cal train says it will cost $400,000 to $500,000 to cover the cost and providing support. >> we're looking forward to this. but without question, the whole thing is over, it will have cost us a great deal of money. >> ticket holders will get to levis stadium using cal train and transferring at the mountain view station.
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ridership capped to 12,000 and plans are in place for mishaps, such as crossing accidents. >> we're making sure they're going to have buses being paid, ready to roll to create bridge as cross them. >> reporter: in mountain view, abc7 news. our recent storms helped rivers and creeks rise to levels we haven't seen in years. >> today, jonathan bloom went into the sandhya cruz mountains with the u.s. geological service as they calibrated the equipment used to measure rushing water. >> reporter: it's technology from 1938 on the side of a bridge. this is just a back up in this
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building, the modern equipment uses satellite, radar and nitrogen. >> it's accurate. we measure to.0 of a foot. >> this is the foundation of our water supply planning. >> and thanks to wet storm. >> that is the message, preparing for flooding. knowing how high water is only paints part of the picture. you have to know how fast it's moving. >> we have a meter spinning here. >> the u.s. geological survey calibrates like these. >> it measures and makes a map of the ever changing world. >> vegetation grows. trees fall into the channel,
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things like that. >> reporter: with a lot of math they boil it down to a single number, reported every 15 minutes, day and night. >> it's going to decision makers to decide when to activate the emergency alert system to warn people. >> so far, it's all smiles. >> we have had good, gentle rain, which is good for recharging and we don't have flooding problems and have gentle rain, that is a good thing. >> such a terrific pattern. >> that is right. too much, too soon means flooding. now, we're in a pattern of rain just about every other day. and right now, calm weather conditions. we have a high surf advisory until 4:00 tomorrow morning. and wave rights 15 to 20 feet
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levels and now, moving on to current weather conditions, 49 across the bay and upper 40s to low 50s. here is a live view from our camera looking westward. a bit of a break, a light storm and saturday, another break from rainfall sunday. here is our storm impact scale. we saw the value of 1 to 5 to approaching storms. our next one coming in tomorrow night and into saturday, ranking one on the storm impact scale. we'll start at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, we'll have partly to mostly cloudy skies. late tomorrow night, about 10:00
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we'll see wave of rain beginning to push into the north bay. by 12:00 midnight, we'll see wide spread rain continuing into saturday morning and by mid day, saturday, we'll see it breaking up into just pockets of showers and finally, by the end of the day, no rainfall. projecting ahead to saturday afternoon, about 1:00 we expect half an inch. and lows tonight, a little bit chillier than the last few nights. low temperatures dropping into mid-30s, we'll see low 40s around the bay. then, tomorrow, partly cloudy skies. becoming increasingly cloudy in the day. highs in mid-50s and here is the accu-weather forecast. notice the series of light storms, one day, one wednesday, spinning rain just about every
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other day. >> excellent. >> we like it. >> yes. >> we know about the weather but how much do we know about our spencer christian? >> yes. join us at 7:15 as spencer answers your questions and he says you can ask him anything. >> we're taking questions now. just post them on social media using #abc7 now. there is so much to know, spencer. >> i have a question. what kind of questions do you hope you get? >> hey, now. >> everything is fair game. personal, professional. the public needs questions about el nino and weather. we have teasers, i have met and interviewed five presidents. maybe you'll ask about that. you can ask me about my kids or grandson. >> yes. perfect. thank you, spencer. >> that will be great. please participate in that. >> just in time for new year's resolution, there are new
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construction is nearly finished now at one of san francisco's popular parks. abc7 news was at dolores park today as they took a tour of the project. voter approved bonds paid for the plan, including grass,
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picnic area and new bathrooms and trash cans. the u.s. government released updated guidelines to help americans know what to eat. and what not to eat, that would be sugar. they suggest less than ten teaspoons per day. >> one bay area tech giant is spending a million dollars to help improve bay area traffic. >> what that money will fund and who thinks other companies should follow this example. >> and turning housing into hotels. what is legal? what is not? >> a
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is it a house or hotel? that is at the heart of a
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debate. some say this case could be a test of the city's new so called law. >> abc7 news has more. there is a battle over what residents say is a proposal to allow a apartment building to be turned into a hotel. the owner has been renting the units to tourists on the vrbo website. >> because you didn't go through proper channels she's been sneaking, you know, and taking away the opportunity for people to rent out the property. >> reporter: the neighbor next door to the owner filed complaints. is now asking to hellize her illegal activity. >> so now i'm going to come clean. >> the attorney says the cliept
6:31 pm
doesn't like the hotel idea, but was told under the new law, because he doesn't live in the building it was the only option. >> being denied the right to do what she's done for 23 years, it's her primary means of support. >> reporter: there are 8,000 short term rentals listed on the sites. but only 800 people registered with the city, as required. critics say the thousands disobeying the law shows a lack of enforcement that allows rent controlled units to be taken off the market. >> there is an affordable housing crisis. we can't afford to lose any units. this is the way it's been happening. >> reporter: the planning commission denied the hotel proposal. new at six tonight, putting rumors about immigration raids at san francisco public schools to rest.
6:32 pm
>> we have a strong belief that students belong in school. if the student lives in the city or county of san francisco they have a right to an education. we do not ask for their immigration status. >> the superintendent says some families have been keeping their children home out of fear immigration agents will take them away at school. the school district has a sanctuary policy which means they don't ask students or families about immigration status. bay area drivers heading to yosemite faced an unexpected u-turn after a rock slide blocked one entrance to the park. boulders crashed on the highway near yosemite today. this is the same area where fire burned the hillside, contributing to this slide. >> you have had about two days of snowfall. that, with the fact we have had
6:33 pm
loose soil. caltrans needs to check the road for damage before opening it again. the governor unveiled a $170 billion budget. >> massive budget. a good chunk will be spent on transportation. much for maintaining highways and roads. >> yes. but some are concerned that not enough is being done to ease congestion. >> traffic in the bay area isn't anything new. >> it's horrible. >> at times, it keeps us from moving forward. >> everyone is busy and has a lot to do. >> nearly $37 billion will go
6:34 pm
towards transportation. >> more roads that you have, the more have you to maintain. and they're driving, by account that i saw, 332 billion miles. it's a lot of wear and tear. >> some are taking matters into their own hands. and facebook will contribute $1 million to help fund a study, including rail service between san mateo and alameda counties. warning if more isn't done to help companies get employees to work, some could move out of the area. >> we need to get ahead of the curve and build systems that are going to maintain the viability. >> drivers remain skeptical about how long it will take before they see them released.
6:35 pm
>> it's frustrating that when i retire, my husband and i are moving out of the bay area to get out of traffic. nissan announced plans to create self driving cars. the nissan center of skam silicon valley specializes in the driving research. a lucky liquor store is getting ready for a rush of people to buy the record $700 million power ball jackpot. one ticket matched five out of six numbers. the owner thinks he'll soon sell that big winner. >> last year we had a person with five numbers on mega. this year, power ball, five
6:36 pm
numbers. so maybe it's coming. >> the store owner gets $10,000 and says he's going to donate a quarter of it to charity. >> that is nice. >> yes. >> we know the saying if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >> yes. one man thought he was saving $5,000 off a watch. he found out the truth and turned to michael finney. >> that sto
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oh, yes. too close to the story covering the high surf. >> he did. >> a man who thought he was buying a new rolex ended up buying a used one. >> the deal sounded good. you have to admit that. $5,000 off of a luxury watch. it wasn't until the buyer got home that he discovered why the discount was so good. he enjoyed a cruise to mexico with his friends. he was celebrating his pending retirement and decided to treat himself to a nice gift. he decided to buy this rolex
6:40 pm
watch on the ship. >> 35% discount is a big discount. i said oh. it's very good. >> i thought this is new. >> he got home and compared it to the rolex his wife bought. here is his wife's box, here is the box he got with nothing indicating it was from rolex. his wife received a warranty and a certificate of authenticity. he did not. he called star board cruise services. >> the sales person told me it was new. you told me it was reowned. >> he showed us a written refund policy he received with the watch. it read, if you're not completely satisfied with your fine jewelry purchase, you may return it within a year of the original date of purchase. >> we contacted star board
6:41 pm
services. it told us we're committing to ensuring any customer concerns are addressed. we promptly issued him a full refund. >> abc on your side, i'm very happy. >> if you have a consumer issue, let me know about it. go to and click on 7 on your side, you can also find my reports and leave me a message. >> love to hear from you. >> yes. >> a bay area company is helping kids who are color blind see what they've never been able to before. >> how it works when
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doesn't come off, that way, you can tell if it's been compromised. >> two bay area companies are joining forces to help children struggling with color blindness. the companies are also changing lives. the world is about to be a brighter place for these kids. they live with color blindness. a condition even their parents didn't owe spot. >> he had shapes and numbers. and just never got colors. >> the families heard about a contest that pioneered a unique set of lenses. he says the lenses work by restoring the balance of red and green, getting blurred together by deform tis in an eye. >> we do that by creating a filter that carves out light.
6:46 pm
and it separates those photo pigments back to where they should be. >> the power caught the attention of clorox. the company offered up $10,000 to help distribute the glasses to the young students suffering from color blindness. 75 winners were chosen to receive a set of the lenses. four winners tried them on for the first time. >> looks way brighter. so much more. >> this looks >> they're brighter than before. >> most also cover the spectrum.
6:47 pm
>> second, third, and fourth. one of them, at least, sees colors. >> the company is advising families to register for online news letters. in the meantime, these kids will get used to a world that suddenly seems more colorful. >> the glasses can cost from $250 and up. >> but worth the price. an amazing difference. >> let's update the forecast. wet weather is coming. >> yes. there is wet weather coming our way. check this out. snow showers by way of time lapse. there are clouds coming toward us and here is the snow. we have dry conditions at the moment, you can see with our next storm beginning to push towards the northwestern corner of the state. looking at rainfall totals we
6:48 pm
have had a generous serving the rainfall. 2 and 2 thirds here in san francisco. half a foot and more rain on the way. tomorrow, statewide, will be mainly dry. but notice next storm coming our way will be pushing into the northwest corner of the state tomorrow. partly cloudy skies, highs in the mid-50s and here is the accu-weather forecast. minor storms coming our way. and every other day pattern we're talking about earlier, each ranks only one on our scale. >> perfect. >> the giants and what does $30 million get you? i'll tell you. dan ashley for one night only. giants get their new outfielder
6:49 pm
but he played only 61 games last season. can he stay healthy? sports is coming up next.
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the giants had one big hole to fill and addressed that today. it's going to move angel pagon to left. we think. the concern here is health. he was limited to only 61 games because of hip, back, and core injuries. he needs to pass a physical and will be a giant. this morning, the internet was abuzz with news that stanford head coach david shaw was going to sit down with an interview with the 49ers. the problem is that it was wrong. so the mere suggestion shaw
6:53 pm
might meet with the niners set off all sorts of speculation. hold on, hold on, people. sources confirmed he's not looking to leave stanford. how about jim tomsula? he apparently shaved his mustache off. he is wearing the smile of a man paid $10.5 million to not work. and terrell owens was great but would they reward a
6:54 pm
and you know you have a long season when your ticker gets the mvp award. officially it's the bill walsh award. anything connected to bill is cool. you'd like your quarterback or tail back to get it. he did connect on 27 field goal attempts so looking from beyond 50. niners 5 and 11 this season. last time they received mvp, it was shared in 2005. the nba all star game a month away in toronto. the warriors will be very well represented. dramon's triple double streak. if it holds up, he is giddy just thinking about it. >> i'm not greedy.
6:55 pm
you know? so if that can happen, i'm for it. if if i can sneak in, i'm thankful for that. because of the hard work that can go in. it's a sign of appreciation. >> newest members of baseball's hall of fame were in new york to talk about getting the bronze plaque today. the former dodger as well as tommy lasorda's nephew will go in representing the mets. also, ken griffey says he didn't want to jinx his chances. >> i'm superstitious. and played there three times, but never walked into the game.
6:56 pm
i figured the only way to get in there was to pay. so i went in. >> that is good stuff. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> great line. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, new concerns about the box your pizza comes in. why the government is issuing a warning, at 9:00. then at 11:00 dangerous waves along the california coast. the trouble surfers found themselves in this santa cruz. >> here is a look at what is ahead tonight on abc7. at 8:00, it's beyond the tank followed by "my diet is better than yours". >> and tonight's guest on jimmy kimmel live is cate blanchett and dominic monahan. >> have a great evening.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a public information office supervisor from forest hills, new york... a student originally from birmingham, alabama... and our returning champion, an engineer from knoxville, tennessee... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thank you, johnny. and i thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and i welcome you to another half hour
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of ansnd questions. there has been a certain symmetry in two appearances by our current champion steve in terms of his winnings. a shade over $24,000 in each of his wins. if he wants to repeat that today, he will have to find categories he likes and he'll have to out-point lizzie and brian. and they look kind of determined. let's see what happens in this half hour. good luck, players. here we go. the jeopardy! round comes first, and this is the first of the categories... next... followed by... and that's followed by... each correct response will end in that letter of the alphabet. then we have... ...who knows? and finally, which disney dwarf are we talking about? steve, start us. california city-"o" for $200, please.


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