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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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vallejo. >> what went wrong
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t =çç now at 11:00. terror in the bay area's back yard. sources say this sacramento man is accused by federal authorities of traveling to syria to support isis. good evening. >> federal authorities made arrest in three cities today including sacramento, houston and milwaukee. man taken into custody in sacramento is accused of traveling to syria to fight with terrorist organizations. >> katie is in the newsroom with late details. katie? >>reporter: he's facing a charge of making false statements involve international terrorism. authorities say he lied to immigration officials about fighting with isis over seas and that his plan was outlined on social media. sources tell abc and sacramento this is 2 23-year-old man an iraqi born
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palestinian an who came to the u.s. as syrian refugee in 201 2012. at that time he talked with multiple people on social media about returning to syria an fighting alongside terrorist organizations. the complaint alleges the man did exactly that in 2013 before settling in sacramento in january of 2014. at this point he's charged with lying to immigration officials about his over seas activities and he's being held at the sacramento county jail. >> it's a minor charge compared to what happened in san bernardino or paris. minor charge with respect to that but he's arrested an they identified potential terrorist it's all gishtion authorities say the man was potential safety threat but there's no indication he planned any attacks against the u.s. >> it's scary because there's stuff like this every day. not going to end for a long time. we have to get smart and use some xon sense. >>reporter: in a separate case in houston federal agents arrested 24-year-old man also a palestinian an born in iraq.
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he's been indicted on 3 charges that he tried to provide material support to the islamic state. he came to the u.s. as refugee in 2009 granted legal permanent residence status in 2011. both men will be in court tomorrow. now the third city milwaukee was three relatives of the sacramento suspect who were arrested but officials say their case is not related to national security. live in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> all right thank you. new at 11:00. daping length over a ledge. this was a scene at lee and high born street after car rolled;uzeuju a road barrier and landed on top of a roof. police were able to safely pull out the man trapped inside the car. thankfully he was okay. authorities say the driver ended up over the ledge after a parking mishap. clearly though could have been a lot worse. el nino storms are causing huge waves up and down the coast. we were at steamer lane off west cliff drive the santa cruz tonight as rescuers were trolling the water searching
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for three surfers in trouble. they managed to get out of trouble on their own. danger of big waves didn't scare away world class surfer at mav wreck surf break in half moon bay today. hqeey braved waves as; high as 60 feet getting readym forth world championship that could again any day now. >>en credible waves. el nino effect on the bay area against with sandhya. >>reporter: yes. the storms el nino driven kicking up the surf as you look right now the as well as 10. right now battering the coast so high surf advisory in effect until 4 a.m. full height 14 to 16 feet. if you are heading out to check out the waves just be careful. show you live doppler 7hd right now taking you in very close to the jenner area. the highway guerneville light rain right nowment very light rain. not going to hold together very long. also tracking fog. visibility is low in santa rosa down to half mile. 4 miles in vacaville we do have another storm coming.
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it will mean part of your weekend will be wet. i'll let you know when and hour by hour time line coming right up. thanks sandhya. >> 7 news continues our team coverage. >> live in santa cruz where people in one neighborhood were warned tonight to get ready for the el nino fuel storms to com come. >>reporter: very true. give you an idea of where we are that is santa cruz beach boardwalk behind me and over here this is the neighborhood in question. in a low lying part of town and officials are sure it will flood this winter. this is a very different kind of sand man. and tonight he's also very busy. everyone living near beach flat park wants sand wagons. >> better get ready. >>reporter: they fill cart. dolly. anything to find to get the bag where they do the most good. >> this is lowest in santa cru cruz. bottom of the bottom. this is what they are saying
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thinks going to flood first. >>reporter: already standing water in this motel parking lot off beach street. that's why those who lived here the longest are helping others. the city is also helping by hosting el nino storm preparedness workshop for the spanish speaking community here. >> this year can flood if we get heavy rain and obviously with the river coming right through the city, you know, we always pay really close attention to that. >> family learn which services are vail. how to deal with an emergency and where to find shelter in case of an evacuation. this woman says she worries because she has 4 young children and wouldn't know what to do if she had an emergency during a storm. the city plans to check storm drains and pump here weekly during the winter. in santa cruz, abc 7 news. before we move on reminder trust the abc 7 news app to get you the weather forecast on the go whenever you need it and
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push alert for immediate notification and severe weather alerts. we learn tonight aboutfç evidence of tib interest in antioch. authorities release this mug shot of 26-year-old man of antioch arrested yesterday on felony child abuse. teacher aide seen in the video abusing 9-year-old student. public record from antioch police show from 2008 to 2014 there were 35 reported episodes of violence between staff and students at three tobin world location in antioc antioch. 4l they include 16 allegations of assault by a student on a staff member and 19 of the staff member or teacher on a student. statement today tobin world said we are horrified by the recent ahaven't at our campus and will not tolerate miss treatment or abuse of any chil child. second aide involved in the incident has been suspended but not arrest aed. police in oakland trying to find the man who shot and wounded innocent woman pushing a baby stroller. this video
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shows him pull out a gun start shooting then run away. happened tuesday morning at 14th and broadway. police say valdez fired after an argument with another man. the woman with the stroller was hit by a bullet. she's out of the hospital tonight. baby thank goodness not hurt. president obama took his push for stronger gun control to national tv audience. he answered questions at cnn ton hall meeting to expand background check on gun buyers. the president has been on crusade sense the shooting in connecticut in 2012. >> i visited newtown two days after washington happened so it was still very raw. the only time i have ever seen secret service cry on duty. >>reporter: nra is head quartered in fairfax, virginia. the group didn't have a representative at the town hall but tweeted tonight the
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president does not want an intellectually honest policy discussion. he wanted the nra to be an audience member at his p.r. stunt. no thanks. tonight a woman whose son has rare heart condition is suing to stop construction on the warriors arena in san francisco. jennifer wade worries that traffic problems created by having the new arena right near ucsf children's hospital in mission bay would keep her 6-year-old son from getting to the hospital in a hurry. lawsuit also says san francisco city officials did not properly measure the environmental impact of that new arena. still ahead on 7 news at 1 11:00. dog disappears and has been soldment canine detective i have work reuniting this pet with her rightful owner. >> the pizza delivered to your house may taste great but there's warning about the box that it comes in. cold play and company. band gets half time help at the superbowl. >> what's coming up right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy.
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shining, shimmering, splendid tell me, princess, now when did you last let your heart decide a whole new world welcome to aulani it's hawaii with a touch of disney magic. for special offers visit or call your travel agent >> police con official they are investigating a shooting death at pinto drive and lone bluff way near the golf course in coyote creek. this is pictures of the scene. victim is an adult male. shooter took off. this is the second homicide in san jose so far this new year. police investigating theft of dog that ended up for sale online after it went missing.
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>> katie explains how good detective work here reunited the dog with her owner. he. >> i think she thought she was on a field trip. >>reporter: 13-year-old treen a-blind partially deaf pup with heart murmur done the wiser after somebody snatched her in sunnyvale. her owner panicke panickedism i was sick so i called the police department i called hue mane society. >>reporter: teresa says somehow trina got out the front door wept through the yard then got on the other side of this fence. she walked down the sidewalk and that's when a neighbor spotted the little dog with three people. teresa called her friend sarah key for help. >> we call her the pet detective now. >> i called my supervisor and said would i take the next day off to find her. >>reporter: 80 posters later and break at local pet store. >> manager came and said absolutely that dog was here yesterday. the woman that bought trina. >>reporter: the manager gave the contacten inform for the customer who came in with treen 8. that was the break we needed. that's when teresa was
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able to contact the police department again e-people who had taken trina had posted her for sale on this web site. sunnyvale police officer stayed after hours to broker her return from the woman who had unknown daughter. >> either take the time to help us get trina back it's amazing. >>reporter: all in time to take the necessary heart medication. >> friend said if i go missing put sarah on the case e-as they look for the dog thieves. this is 7 news. fda new warning fit about the boxes that your pizza comes is banning the chemical here. waxy coating that repels heat and moisture and used in some sandwich wrapper and lining of come cort buzz. >> report tonight says san francisco taxpayers will spend up to 4 million dollars on a superbowl 50 event. actual game is in santa clara as you
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know but san francisco will host a superbowl city for fans centered around justin herman plaza. dr san francisco examiner reports that money will two toward police fire and muni. the cost are within budget. tax revenue generated by the event is expected more than event is expected more than offset the cost beyonce back at the superbowl. three years ago she headline the show at the soup dome in new orleans. this year she will join the band cold play at levi stadium. bruno mars is also expected to be on the stage. that should be star studded and good show. >> great show. we have a great show of some rain this weekend. >> sandhya tracking it all for us. >> we have a couple more systems heading our way. right now we are just seeing isolated shower. it's develop right around the north bay and really it's going to fall apart not hold together very well. light
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between jenner highway 1 would day obey a few drop right now. total from sunday until now pretty good in most areas. anywhere from about an inch and 13 hundredths in livermore all the way to half foot ben low man mountain. more than 4 at santa rosa. so we are doing october 1.65 if san jose. as far as season to date didn't do whole lot for us. most areas still below normal anywhere from 103 to 115 percent of average. so probably wondering has it done anything for our drought. right now when you look at the bear new year's where we stand most of the north bay and severe drought still we look at peninsula and south bay for most of that region and around the state we still deal with that drought as well. and it is still pretty severe. as you can tell we are
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off to good start but need more rain to make a major dent in our deficit and help with the borough drop situation. that's what this one person said the russian river 20 temperatures right now upper 30's to upper 40's. chill is in the air. visibility is good here but not everywhere. foggy areas and chilly in the morning. light storm for friday night into saturday morning and there's more rain coming next week. take a look at the storm impact scale. 1 is light. five, severe. we have been doing it already. and we are going to try to help you plan, prepare this next system friday night into early saturday afternoon less than half inch most of the rain fog in the north way. friday night 5:00 p.m. as you get off work you notice a light fan approaching. it's quick moving system. 8:00 p.m. to light rain inland then by 11:00
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p.m. is when it becomes moderate in some areas and wide spread. 6:00 o'clock scattered saturday morningxd if early risr you yielding early plans. 9:00 a.m. the showers around the lunch time early afternoon will taper so how much rain are we really talking about. this is light system so weak sometime from about half inch to continueth of an inch of rain. not like the past storm. chilly in the morning. 36 napa fairfield livermore morgan hil 37 half moon bay so you will definitely need a jacket or coat and allow extra time. north bay dealing with heavy fog right now. tomorrow afternoon upper 40's to upper 50's maybe sprinkle or two. accu-weather 7@y forecast 1 that's the next system coming get a bright being on tl
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tls. going past thursday next weekend not this weekend but next weekend. i looked at the extended those 2 forms falling. >> really. >> thanks very much yeah. fuller house up clothe. fuller house up clothe. your took of the
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the. if you are a full house fan you are about to get nostalgic. netflix released the squeak well to the san francisco base sitcom. tanner family is well just a wee bit biggerment fix flicks get the entire original cast other than mary and kate. it end at the than of february that's good. good showism it was good. fun. now another good show. >> larry always a good show. >> i hope to be in rerun and bring me back. it will be great. sport tonight. chip kelly this could be great. or really bad. run out of next stop the 49ers. should meet for the receipt
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. good evening. 49ers couldn't get along with jim harbaugh, how are they going to deal with chip kelly? may find out. word come out tonight that the 49ers actually met with kelly today. news reported and chip had plenty of success as college head coach with oregon but fire after only three years in phillies. he's a brilliant offensive mean. uniquevy system instructor but players despise him with the eagle and he was power hungry. kelly might bòthe one guy capable of resurrecting the career of capper in ick that makes the whole thing absolutely fascinating and super intriguing. see what
11:29 pm
happens. ñr as for tom the mustache gone smile very side that's when they give you 10 million to leave. 15 finalist name. terrell owner made the can nut first year of eligibility. such a physical specimenment look how young mooch was there but created brett marv definitely in first year el i believe. to the ice sharks and the new all stars hosting red wings first period shark down 1 nothing with a nuclearler that is in. to the third last week detroit justin just came off the bedroom. this is the time. sharks league worst home record 5 and 12. some of us had dreams of
11:30 pm
roaming the out feel for the giants won't happen. i'm not giving it up on you. any way giant signed in our spans three years 31 million for the restaurant games though. hurt back hip and core injuries not beg power guy but speed will help at the top of the line up giants expecting to center in him protecting the guest. you know nbc curry is there. obingd only to kobe bryant and third in the west apong front court(s players so e coulden up starting alongside stef. college hoop tonightment randy and st. mary's trying to stay perfect. conference play he can shoe all the can shoot. this is ieie 46-30. he's not omar sand candle but
11:31 pm
can jam and at 12 point as the gales cruise to victory 48. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> this coaching thing. >> intriguing if they really do it. >> they hited him. yes. wonder what they think of the wonder what they think of the forty-niner locker room >> thanks. for all of us continues on line on twitter face back and on all mobile device with our 7 news app. >> next newscast at 40:30 tomorrow morning
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