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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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abc 7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> it was one large pop. i looked up. smoke was arising. he had his hand down shooting. >> breaking news, witnesses tell us about a deadly shooting on a bart train as police are zerlgizerl searching for the person responsible. i'm eric thomas. let's get to sergio with the latest developments. this is brazen deadly shooting. >> reporter: it looks, eric, as if the west oakland bart station will be remained closed at least through the rest of the night as police continue their investigation. witnesses tell us there was one victim, a young man who was sitting next to the train car door. he was shot just before the train stopped here and the shooter ran out as soon as the
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doors opened. as police were piecing together exactly what happened, we noticed commotion at the bus stop. we watched as police took a man into custody nearly two hours after this brutal shooting aboard the train. it's not clear if this man is a suspect in the shooting but we watched as he was searched and put into a patrol car. witnesses say the shooter may have boarded the bart train at mcelderry arthur station and as the train pulled in, he pulled a gun. >> there was one large pop. i looked up. smoke was arising. he had his hand down shooting. and there were two, maybe three more shots. the doors were now open and all of us fled. >> he was shot twice in his torso and chest and in his stomach and saw the torso and he's dead. >> reporter: one of the people that helped but didn't want to be interviewed on camera said he's a registered nurse. he immediately began performing cpr. he did say the victim had a knife in his hand but none of
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the people aboard that train car said they noticed anything odd between the two men and didn't even notice them talking to each other. now this is still an active crime scene. that train will likely stay in place for quite awhile, at least until the coroner arrives here and removes the body from the train and this entire parking lot is still an active crime scene. we've seen police officers in the last 20 minutes or so combing throusome of the bushes searching for a weapon or any kind of evidence. reporting live in oakland. i'm sergio. it caused delays. riders were inconvenienced by the single tracking. be sure to download the abc 7 news app for push alerts on bart delays and the latest on this breaking story. there is more breaking news, traffic is slowly moving again this hour on i-80 in berkeley
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but that wasn't the case an hour ago. the highway patrol shut down westbound lanes. you can see the closure on the left hand side of the screen. they wanted to search for evidence related to a chase. lanes were shut down for 20 minutes and everything reopened by about 10:20 this evening. for breaking news any tilme, follow us on twitter. >> we're just learning tonight no one is $900 million richer and the powerball jackpot will be more than a billion dollars for the next drawing. six tickets sold in california matched five of the six numbers, including one at the 7 eleven in fremont. 32, 16, 19, 57, 34 and powerball number is 13. abc 7 news reporter lisa is live with today's ticket buying frenzy and more on what will be a world record jackpot on wednesday, lisa?
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>> reporter: eric, how does this sound? $1.3 billion. that is correct. you know, here at red hill convenience store, the sign behind me, i know it says $999 million. that's the highest the numbers will go there. this is a brand-new world record. not what powerball players wanted to hear tonight. >> the story of my life. >> reporter: at red hill convenience, people came in after 8:00 to have lottery tickets scanned and checked. >> this one for sure did not win. >> reporter: earlier tonight, the line was crazy. >> there was a line all the way down the isle almost to the back there, but yeah, we actually had to separate two lines, one strictly for moderate purchases, the other one for, you know, everything else. >> reporter: the cashier marcos sandoval couldn't help but join
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in the hype. he and a few other customers are winners. >> a whole whopping $2. >> reporter: worth it to keep playing? >> yeah, it's about eight gum balls. >> i'm the winner of four u.s. dollars. look at that. i guess i'll continue to work and drive a late model car. >> reporter: in san lorenzo tonight, people came from all over to play here. it's considered one of the luckiest in the state. >> only for my lottery. >> reporter: he like so many others will return home empty-handed. the car belonging to a missing u.c. berkeley student was found. today agencies were in the area searching for 22-year-old zang last soonerly thursday morning. police found her white mercedes benz this morning. her friends are concerned.
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>> so i just go into her room again and then saw like the things that she was going to bring back home like the things she bought for her friends and family is still there. we start to dig through her things because we think that's serious and found her passport and realize she might not even leave. >> she was supposed to fly to china on friday to begin an internship in beijing but never boarded her flight. a live look from the rooftop camera. looks clear out there now but could there be any rain tomorrow? let's head to abc's drew tuma for the first check on weather. >> a rather muggy night with areas of patchy fog. we don't have rain on the radar screen, just overcast skies across the region but this morning's rainfall really favored the forth bay. sanrafael, as you get south and east of the golden gate, the showers really fell apart in most areas picked up less than a
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tenth of an inch of moisture. all season long, the scale will rate these winter storms from one to five. one is light. five is the most severe. the next storm we are tracking for tomorrow will be a light storm expecting light showers in most areas less than two-tenths of an inch. hour by hour and show you the storm and another on the horizon is stronger than this. details coming up. >> drew, thanks a lot. starting today, catching an uber ride is cheaper. they are lowering prices by 10% while cities in the east bay and south bay will see a 20% cut. a b abc 7 news the in san francisco. an uber spokesperson said this is the slow season so they are dropping fairs to lure more riders. this is not the first time uber cut prices. >> we're tired of the fair cuts. today uber cut the fairs again for like the third time in over two years. we're down to $1.15 a mile in the bay area.
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>> uber did not have a comment about today's protest. the new fair prices will be in effect indefinitely. police tonight are hoping a video of a home burglary will help them find who is responsible. it happened wednesday. police say the men broke into the home around noon wednesday and ransacked the place. investigators have not said what was taken from the home. anyone who has information on the burglary or the suspect's identities is urged to contact police. unsatisfactory and inadequate is how nfl commissioner roger goodell is describing oakland's proposal to keep the raiders. goodell made the colmment in th report. the raiders, rams and san diego chargers have applied to relocate to the l.a. area. goodell says each city did not develop their propels sufficiently to retain the home team. nfl owners will hold a meeting on tuesday and wednesday in houston to vote on which if any team can move.
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still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00 a gun show causing controversy tonight. some say it shouldn't be happening at all while others are using it for a chance to slam president obama's new gun rules. >> also, crab lovers rejoice. prices are falling and crabs are showing up again in bay area stores but when will local fishermen be able to set their traps? >> later, a very rare sighting. could more gray wolves be on their way to california? life. you never really know what's coming. life just... happens. just when you think you know where it's going sfx: (ambulance sirens) it takes you someplace else.
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♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ and oh the best it could be ♪ just you and i ♪
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♪ a gun show is drawing thousands of gun owners and
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enthusiasts this weekend. in fact, organizers are expecting double the crowds due to recent propels by president obama for more restrictions on firearm sales. abc 7 news cornell bernard has the story from the palace in daily city. >> good ammo for a good price. >> reporter: shows us the ammunition he bought for use on the firing range. but some folks needed hand carts to carry out boxes after ammo they got where the sign out front says welcome patriots. it's jessie's first visit he hopes to trade for a .45. >> nationally i feel pretty safe, you know, but then again san bernardino can happen anywhere. >> reporter: our cameras not allowed inside but this footage shows how many people the event a attracts. this weekend, almost 8,000. gun show organizer says he's saying record numbers of people who are concerned about their
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safety and a mention of president obama's name may get you this. >> he sounds like a con man to me. >> reporter: the president announced initiatives to keep guns out of hands of those who shouldn't have them. >> background checks are a must, really, but not to the point to where it's going to infringe on our rights. >> reporter: no guns actually leave this show but you can order one through a gun dealer, only after a background check and ten-day waiting period. >> i think that gun shows should be banned. >> reporter: taylor counsels violent crime victims. her organization 1,000 mothers to prevent violence was created after her two sons were murdered. >> so many innocent people have lost their lives to senseless violence. having a gun show makes it appear respectable and we know it's not respectable. >> reporter: the gun show continues on sunday. in daily city, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. san francisco seafood trade
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is back on the market. the crab is once again safe to eat. city fish markets are getting shipments from oregon and the pacific waters are given a clean bill of health. one crab expects locals to be available soon. >> more to come as we progress and hopefully the state of california will be open before the end of the month. >> the new availability of the crab is good news for consumers and prices have dropped to about $7 a pound for live crabs. get the butter ready. the is open tonight. once crews cleared the road, they had to repair it. the park remained open but it was a three-hour drive through the snow to get to the other entrance. >> in a different part of the sierra, the party was on in
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tru truckee. the stash run by hosting a snow boarding competition. plenty of people on the slopes enjoying fresh powder. meteorologist drew tuma is here. more snow for them and rain for us? >> midweek they will see more snow. they are delighted in the mountains. they are enjoying what has been a great year so far. live doppler 7 hd. what we have overhead, a lot of cloud cover and moisture near the surface thanks to this morning's rainfall creating fog out there. visibility right now ten is perfect. ten is unlimited but some spots are down to three miles like livermore at six miles and fairfield and concord. we will wake up to areas of fog first thing tomorrow morning thanks to the moisture in the air but also a rather mild night out there. we've been holding in the upper 40s to lower 50s. 51 in fremont and 50 in san jose and san francisco 49 in oakland, 48 napa and 48. we're in store for a mild night
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overnight tonight. live doppler with satellite and a break in the wet weather but here is the next storm this line of cloud cover and once again, it's going to be very light showers in nature. so your day planner on sunday, first thing we'll have areas of fog but by midday, the coast will start to see some drizzle inland i think we may see in the way of sunshine but then in the afternoon into the evening, everyone is fair game for the scattered light showers as the system begins to move through. the storm impact scale will be a one. it's a light storm with light showers and most areas once again just less than two tenths of an inch. hour by hour ahead of the system on a warm front, some showers begin to break out sunday afternoon 3:00. i think a lot of what you're seeing right now on this map may e v evaporate but the threat is there. by monday morning, this is when i think most of the steady moisture will be falling in time for the monday morning rush and then you do know light showers, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning and a quick-moving system.
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by midday monday tapering to scattered showers. light rain sunday into monday morning. most locations less than two-tenths of an inch and most locations around one-tenth of an inch of rain. we're tracking a stronger storm mid week. this will be a two on wednesday. most areas a tenth to six-tenths of an inch of rain and south winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. early wednesday morning the showers break out. pretty steady and light midday wednesday and this will linger longer. afternoon showers taper into the evening and expecting more rain than we saw yesterday and tomorrow. so as we go through tonight, a lot of clouds up there. lots of fog developing especially where we have the moisture sitting. 45 in richmond and 46 in san francisco and 44 san jose and 42 in concord. highs for your sunday with that morning fog giving way to the afternoon scattered showers, south wind bumps up into the mid and upper 50s. the accuweather seven day forecast shows tomorrow late day sprinkles on the storm impact
11:20 pm
scale with morning showers monday. tuesday sunshine and clouds and wednesday a stronger storm moves in and wet and breezy but by thursday, partly sunny, friday totally sunny and seasonable and by saturday, our next chance of some wet weather, that would be primarily in the north. light showers headed our way for tomorrow. >> drew, thank you. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00 a rare sighting in even tempur-pedic mattress sets getat low clearance prices!c, save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory!
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then one day jack showed up with a breakfast burrito powered by jalapeños. it didn't just change their morning. it changed everything! turning these tree loggers... into tree lovers. spicy jalapeños, chipotle sauce with grilled bacon, eggs and cheese. the jalapeño bacon breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box. in sonoma county volunteers did their part. they helped to plant 1300 red seedlings. these are pictures from john. the annual event is put on by forest unlimited since 1997. since then the nonprofit planted about 28,000 trees. a new gray wolf entered california. state wildlife officials today
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announced this wolf dubbed or 25 crossed into california sometime in mid december from oregon. it's about three years old and it could be following the scent trail of other wolves looking for a mate. gray wolves are incredibly rare in california. before 2011, the last wolf sighting was 1924. shoeman was there for that. >> yeah. >> pictures of that. >> in high school. [ laughter ] >> looking at sports. >> gee, take care of the texans today in the first post-season matchup and a wild one in cincinnati. this hit from him lead to the sequence. unreal finish.
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this wild card weekend in the nfl, the wildest finish i've seen tonight in cincinnati. game won and stage a melt daown. coming down in cincinnati. didn't affect bryant. roethlisberger called him out and catches the ball on the side. keys control and moves it to his stomach. hard to believe he caught it. unbelievable athleticism. bengals roar it back to green. 16-15 cinci. fourth and three last chance for the steelers. brown gets levelled by vontez. shot to the head. with players and coaches on the field, pacman jones goes after the steelers coach. that's another 15-yard penalty. 30 yards the penalty an easy 35 yard field goal from chris boswell for the win. steelers advance with the victory and will face the
11:29 pm
broncos in the next round. >> today got back, went ahead and then, you know, we destructed on ourself with offense and defense together, so that's disappointing. >> not here to throw shade at anybody, you know. we win together and lose together. simple as that. >> brutal. houston texans opening kick off. nile davis finds his team and out of here. 106 yards, 7-0 chiefs. 11 seconds into the game and all kansas city from there. third quarter, alex smith drives him down. finds chris conley. great catch by the rookie. chiefs advance with the 11th straight victory. first shutout. 30-0 your final. they will face the patriots next week. tonight the golden state warriors making the last appearance at sleep train arena as the king's new arena scheduled to open next season. the 12th straight win. second quarter. green great pass to curry for the lay in. 46-44 golden state.
11:30 pm
good screen from andrew boget. that's going in. floater. cousins with 43. warriors at the half, draymond. 25 and five threes and then the fourth makes the three, turns and talks to the sacramento bench. routine 38. eight of the 19 threes. his brother steph there. hosting on monday night. struggling at the tank, offense exploded tonight. don't adjust the set. seven goals. here they are. burns, joe, tomas hurdle, carlson. jonas and ed hurdle again. four goals. the biggest shutout. 7-0 the final for a struggling team, this was huge. >> we feel good with our team and feel good at home. this is the place we love to play.
11:31 pm
just been some tough balances and yeah, that's a night that's great for a lot of guys. >> like the tux. abc 7 sports brought to you by river raqqah see know. how the bengals lost could affect the 49ers head coaching position. stay sttuned. >> i knew hockey was a fast sport but not that fast. >> what is sean penn doing shaking hands with one of the most notorious drug lords. why this may have doomed "el chapo." is hillary nervous about bernie? her campaign's response trailing by 13% in the key primary state. looking live from the explore tory camera. drew will be back with another look at the forecast in a few minutes. we'll be right back.
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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. breaking news, bart police have a man in custody after a man was shot and killed on a train at the west oakland bart station. it's not clear yet if he's the suspect. the attack happened just before 8:00 tonight. witnesses tell abc 7 news the shooter pulled a gun and shot a younger passenger who was seated next to the door. well, 24 hours from now on live doppler 7 h.d. we'll see what is happening. the next storm will arrive late tomorrow night into monday morning. drew ftuma will have the forecat
11:36 pm
coming up. nobody won the powerball jackpot that means wednesday's drawing will be $1.3 billion. the biggest in world history and the cash option will be $806 million. but six lucky winners in california did match five of the six numbers and one of those tickets estimated at $1 million was sold at a fremont 7 eleven. here are the numbers, 32, 16, 19, 57, 34 and the powerball is 13. new details tonight on the recapture of mexican drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he met with sean penn last october and mexican officials say that interview helped lead them to guzman's whereabouts. "rolling stone" published some of the interview. the u.s. is looking to extradite him to stand trial. his country is prepared to do it but the quickest he could be extradited to the u.s. is six months. abc news reporter matt gutman is in mexico city with a look at
11:37 pm
what led to guzman's capture. >> he wanted to spin infamous into celebrity. instead drug king pen and one of the most wanted criminals is back in handcuffs. the drug lord paraded in front of cameras as authorities rushed him back to the scene super max prison he tunnelled his way out of last year. and the attorney general says that's thanks to "el chapo" himself and a healthy dose of vanity. apparently after his escape last year, the infamous criminal wanted a biopic made about him. those communications helped track him down. the final showdown playing out in his home state. mexican marines raiding the house killing five of the men and seizing these weapons including .50 caliber sniper rifles and grenade launchers. they finally caught up with guzman after he ran from sewer tunnels and hijacked a vehicle. you see him once he was caught
11:38 pm
in the filthy tank top. mexican officials quickly declaring mission accomplished. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: the u.s. department of justice calling the arrest a victory for the citizens of mexico and the u.s. he faces charges in multiple u.s. districts for murder and drug trafficking now mexico is considering extradition matt gut man, abc news, mexico. in oregon a new group of armed men who arrived at a wildlife refuge today are heading home. a lawyer says occupation leader bundy and others didn't request the pacific patriot network and concerned about the perception they conveyed. it is more than a week since a group of armed men took over a federal building and the group insists they are not going anywhere. the group is there to protest the imprisonment of two oregon ranchers on federal arson charges. a show of force tonight by the united states in response to north korea's nuclear test this week. an american b 52 bomber joined a korean fighter on a low fly over
11:39 pm
on parts of south korea. this was a demonstration of ironclad commitment to allies south korea and japan. u.s. experts doubt north korea's claims it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb earlier this week. this was the scene this afternoon in germany. protesters filling the streets slashing with police angry over the new years eve mob sexual assaults. authorities charged 31 people including 18 asylum seekers in the attacks and muggings that night. germany's chancellor denounced the attacks and pledged to take action. a man is in custody tonight after a security square on a denver-bound united airlines flight. the plane left alaska shortly before midnight and diverted to vancouver. police will say there is a legitimate security concern. a spokesman says a threatening message from passenger was the reason for the diversion but would not elaborate. passengers were questioned at the vancouver international
11:40 pm
airport. the airport operations continued as normal. >> former nba star lamar odom has been transferred out of the hospital into a private rehab facility. here is a selfie odom took during the holidays. this is the first time we've seen him since he was hospitalized. he is making a miraculous recovery according to his family. he was found unconscious after a drug overdose. his wife khloe kardashian stopped divorce proceedings to focus on his recovery. the hillary clinton campaign appears to be jittery about bernie sanders. senator sanders has a 13-point lead over clinton in new hampshire and closing the gap in iowa. earlier this week, clinton's campaign manager sent an e-mail to supporters with the subject line nervous. they believe a clinton loss in the states would not derail her campaign by any means but perception in politics is
11:41 pm
everything. elon musk's face x is looking to land another milestone. the rocket company will attempt to land the rocket at a floating drone ship. it successfully returned to earth to the launch pad in florida. it's scheduled for lift off on january 17th from the air force base along the central coast. if it succeeds, it will be the first successful rocket landing in the sea. "star wars the force awakens" opened today in chinese theaters. few people have seen the film in theaters because they were not released commercially there. the push began last summer when all six previous films were shown at the shanghai international film festival. the movie is expected to make $230 million during its opening weekend in china. disney owns lucas film and is the parent company of abc 7. the bay area's community opened hearts today to spread happiness to those in need in san francisco's memorial.
11:42 pm
500 soft warm new blankets were distributed. fremont spearheaded the drive for the blankets and any money they collected went towards buying more blankets, which many people need in the cold weather. >> i think it's very nice of them to do that. a lot of people are homeless, you know what i mean? they need stuff like this here to stay warm so it's good that they do stuff like this. >> blankets and socks are the items most in demand this time of year. still ahead, call it a lice liquid. kill lice without chemicals. areas of fog out there tonight. first thing tomorrow morning, that's what you'll wake up to and track the next ra
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
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>> an increasing number of families are turning to a u to technology. >> you might think this young man is getting his haircut. he's actually getting it cleaned of head lice. >> as an adult lice, these will mate. >> she's a professional lice e limb nay tore. they can destroy lice in a single treatment. >> a lot of parents in the bay area too busy see. they want to be over and done
11:46 pm
with and we take care of it in about an hour. >> instead of traditional lice killing shampoo, this method relies on heat delivered by an fda approved device. once the eggs and knits are spotted, it applies heat over the scalp. >> that's how long it takes to dehydrate and kill the bugs. >> while lice outbreaks are reported at schools, they are commonly spread on playgrounds and during sleepovers and some families go through two or three rounds of shampoo treatments trying to get rid of them. >> i got exposure letters from school but never did i expect my son would get it. >> she's a mother of two. the time involved in treating her family herself seemed overwhelming. >> i was going to sit there and comb through his hair for an hour to two hours this morning. >> instead she found nitzy on google. it's one of several centers offering the heat treatment. after the heating and combout,
11:47 pm
she applies a silicone oil designed to suffocate any survivors. the 90-minute treatment is guaranteed for three weeks, enough time to make sure the lice are gone for good. >> they go home and that's it. they can forget about the problem. >> the technician will examine each family member to see who needs to be treated. it ranges from $150 to $195 per person. some members of the japanese community in san francisco got a jump on the lunier new year. a celebration that featured arts and crafts and dance and demonstration how to make a traditional rice cake. it's in the year of the ram but next month will bring in the lunier new year, the year of the monkey. no relation to saying the a monkey and drew tuma -- >> i know for a fact i'm a dragon. >> i'm a rat. >> shoot.
11:48 pm
>> i'm a goat. >> okay. i think dragon trumps all. we'll show you what we're dealing with. mostly cloudy skies. overnight tonight areas of fog. overnight lows mid and low 40s. above normal in terms of temperature overnight tonight and then for your sunday, a nice south wind will keep us into the mid and upper 50s but tracking some showers throughout the afternoon and evening. on the storm impact scale, a one, a light system. sunday into monday morning. light showers in most areas picking up less than two tenths of an inch of rain. hour by hour on future weather sunday afternoon 3:00. showers breaking out with a warm front. much of this will evaporate the ground but the threat is there. the main event monday morning as the cold front swings through here and track scattered showers as the system tapers monday. seven-day forecast shows you it's a late day sprinkle. morning showers on monday and storm impact scale and sun and clouds tuesday wet and breezy day. that's a two on wednesday and partly sunny and turning more
11:49 pm
sunshine friday into saturday. >> all right. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> big night in college basketball. let's hear more. >> a couple of stage two losses tonight. all right. st. marys suffering upset tonight. we'll show you what happened and could the bengals loss affect the 49ers' chose of a head coach? we'll break that down next in sports.
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11:52 pm
the 49ers can check another potential candidate off their list as adam has been hired as head coach. a runner up for the job considered one of the hottest candidates on the market and will be the youngest coach in the nfl at 37 and also have the final call on his roster and will call plays for the offense. he's a quarterback whisperer and ryan tannehill to a big deal. they can turn him into a player. just happy to get the first head coaching gig.
11:53 pm
>> i've been trained by some of the best coaches that you can be trained by between john fox, nick saban, mike marks, i feel like i've been around some of the best and i've seen some of the best do it and been put in a position to where now i'm going to get an opportunity to show that train income front of the 53 guys we'll have on this roster. >> now the 49ers have said to interview the bengals offensive coordinator tomorrow. the melt down against the steelers tonight might throw a wrench in the chances of hiring jackson. bengals head coach marvin lewis is 0-7 in play-off games since taking over in cincinnati and lack of control over his players can cost him his job. now with the bengals promote hue jackson if that happened to keep continuity as jackson is the hottest commodity left? ready to sign jackson so this might get interesting. stay tuned. high school football, all american ball in san antonio. patterson finds stanford. a 35-yard score. 7-0 west. cal looking for speed.
11:54 pm
they got one. great 55-yard kick return here. that sets up this future stanford quarterback k.j. gas tell low to usc tyler vaughn. 20-yard score. a couple of t.d. tosses as the west rolls 37-9. fcs championship game jacksonville state. bisons quarterback went to protect the first-round pick and fires the bullet for the touchdown. north carolina state up 10-0. on the read option, breaks left. great run here for a touchdown. bisons up 17-0. three t.d.s. north carolina state wins 37-10 the fifth consecutive scs championship. college hoops, facing the beavers, oakland native and gp 2 has moves like his dad. tips in his own miss. 20 points, 11 boards. osu by 11 at the break. second half. brown big dunk he had 20 points.
11:55 pm
cal starts the comeback. jordan matthews the three of his 16. 71-68. bears have a chance. but osu, the coach's son from behind the back board. gets it to go. cal loses 77-71 bears 2-2 in conference. 12-5 overall. number seven arizona and usc with a wild one. julian jacobs has not one but two chances to win it in regulation. no good. first over time tied at 79. kalob can't get the shot off. will skip double o.t. and straight to the end of triple o.t. play a fourth ot and quadruple. usc a two-point lead and arizona with a chance to win. misses at the buzzer. usc upset seventh ranked wildcats. 103-101 in quadruple over time. taking st. marys on the
11:56 pm
afternoon. second half. minutes to go. pretty layup. 47-45 st. marys. murray's son misses the jet right there for the tip. same area up two. then move on the baseline. pepperdine up 59-57. takes the lead. 3:17 to play. pepperdine up three. calvin made the three to cut the lead to one and has the three to tie. no good. gail's first conference loss of the year and it's a stunner. 67-64. santa clara for the second coast win at san diego. open up with a five-minute stretch. gets the defender in the air, easy layup and broncos up four. good inbound pass. santa clara up nine. then matt houser cutting to the hoop. nice pass. 47-36. houser with a triple. san diego never seriously got close again. 65-53 that final. broncos get the second
11:57 pm
conference win of the season. this sports report brought to you by river roaqqaock casino. two good games and crazy today. bengals loss unbelievable and could affect head coaching dominos has we go forward. >> all right. we'll be watching for that. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning. thanks for joining us. we'll see you later.
11:58 pm
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[ camera shutters clicking ] how's that? abby: perfect. no teeth? no teeth. so, after this announcement, you'll kiss the rings of the leaders of the senate rules committee, do a roundtable of soft-ball interviews with the press, and then, come thursday, congress will confirm you as vice president with an overwhelming majority. are you excited? more nervous.


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