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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> this is not el zoro. this is a dangerous criminal. >> a an expert is talking about sean penn's meeting with one of the most notorious drug lords. what was the actor thinking? i'm eric thomas. you may think sean penn has done dumb things before like being friends with hugo chavez. here he got in a fight in a san francisco bar. >> get out of here. >> but is it possible meeting with a man believed to be responsible for thousand of killings is his craziest act. sergio is live on you side san francisco city hall. sergio, people in the bay area may know sean penn for a different reason. >> a lot of people are big
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fans of his for his oscar winning performance of san francisco supervisor harvey milk. but there is lots of criticism for the former bay area actor after this continue controversial meeting with the drug king pen. >> sean penn's secret meeting with gnaw -- notorious drug king pen el chapo at the golden globes. >> i want to do this monologue and then go into hiding. not even sean penn will find me. >> not everyone is laughing. this is the front page of tomorrow's new york post. he teaches u.s.-mexico policy relations and he says the actor and former bay area resident inserted himself into a delicate situation with el chapo. >> the fact he contacted sean penn was one of the items that lead to his apprehension. >> in a story for "rolling stone" penn said he met with el chapo in october when he was on the run from mexican
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authorities. exclusive for kate de castillo and sean penn. he tried to cultivate a robin hood persona for the part of america mix he controls. he said it is an odd twist for the mexican government. >> somebody like sean penn has to know there is much more to this than some kind of a, you know, robin hood-type persona. this is not el zoro. this is a dangerous criminal. >> the mexican attorney general said he received two formal notices of extradition, but it is not clear when el chapo will be brought to the united states to face charges. abc7 news. a man was shot and killed in vallejo this evening. police focus on a car with a shoot-out window along maple avenue. investigators say the victim
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ran toward a home, collapsed in the front yard and then died. the victim's name has not been released. he appears to be in his late 20s. police have not identified any possible suspects. new video shows the scary moments where a man was killed on a bart train. a passenger took this video moments after it happened. police are looking for the shooter they say ran away. the oakland police lieu tenant tweeted, quote, praise to those passengers who stepped up. the unusual chaos they face is a first responder's all too typical reality. abc news reporter cornell bernard has the story from the west oakland bart station. brad chapin shot this video of frightened bart passengers who got on the floor of the train when it started. it was chaos. >> people were screaming, get on the ground. >> chpapin was riding bart, the same train where one passenger was shot and killed. >> we thought we were going to die. >> the shooting happened on a
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san francisco-bound train. witnesses told abc7 news that they noticed a disshelfed looking man get on the train at rock rinl or mcarthur station. the man shot a passenger and then ran off the train. >> there was one large pop. i looked up and smoke was arising. he had his happened down and was shooting and there were two or maybe three more shots. the doors were now open and all of us fled. >> one passenger who was a nurse performed cpr on the victim until help arrived. one said the victim was holding a knife, but no one remembers any type of argument before the shooting. >> he was shot twice in the torso in the chest and in his stomach. >> there is only a vague description of the suspect, a bald african-american man 6-3 wearing a green hoodie and tan military boots. today they were scared of riding bart. >> we decided to come because
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it can happen yesterday and it can happen tomorrow. we hope it doesn't happen now. >> bart hopes anyone with information about the crime will call bart police. in oakland, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> and abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here for a first check of the weather. a live look from the east bay hills camera looks clear now. but what does the future hold? >> we are tracking overhead right now a warm front. it feels muggy out there. we have generally overcast skies. live doppler 7hd and we have had weak waves of light drizzle that has moved through west to east. there were a few drops through the evening hours. live doppler 7hd is showing that it is a mainly cloudy sky. there are perhaps some areas of drizzle north of sunnyvale and even into the dublin and pleasanton area. we are dealing with a quiet night out there. let's get you out the door going hour by hour. we will have a lot of the cloud cover overhead and yes there is a chance the warm
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front over us that there could be an area of spot drizzle. i don't think it will be anything widespread, but the chance is there by 6:00, 7:00 there could be a damp spot tomorrow morning. we are tracking a stronger storm that brought soaking rain to the area. we will show you when that arrives in the full accu-weather forecast. >> thanks a lot. markets in asia are plopping again right now which could be a sign that wall street is in for another rough week. the sharping high composite is down more than 5%. last week it shutdown twice after falling more than 7%. japan's nieke fell and it sliped below the 20,000 threshold for the first time since june of 2013. last week was the worst on wall street in four years. six people in california will soon have bigger bank accounts when they pick up their checks for the matching five out of six winning powerball tickets. one bought it at the 7-eleven in fremont. that winning ticket is worth
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more than $779,000. >> last night i was in the line. i was telling everybody we have to win something. >> that lady won a smaller prize, $5. and you will see lines like this at stores across the bay area between now and the next powerball drawing on wednesday with a jackpot worth at least $1.3 billion. you can go to our website at and see if you won any money playing powerball. starting tomorrow night you will have to find a way to drive between alameda and downtown oakland. they will close it from 10:00 at night until 5:00 in the morning for maintenance work. the closure begins tomorrow and continues in the overnight hours until friday morning. drivers like these will have to use the park street or fruit veil bridges as alternate routes. moo delays could be coming for the bicycle and the pedestrian path on the new eastern span. sf gate said it could miss the
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latest scheduled opening date because of questions about whether support components will be strong enough to do their job. cal trans is looking into whether there is sufficient under fittings to stabilize a planned observation platform near the path. there are new earn concerns -- new concerns because a redesign of the platform. it will connect to yes, sir bough by -- yerba buena island. >> and why the cowboys' owner jerry jones could help the team stay in oakland. >> and lost and found. the horse stranded in the middle of an east bay road. and the quick thinking to get him out of danger. and later, yo, adrian. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> his return more than 30 years later when abc7
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do what we do... make it progresso. jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a crucial week ahead for the oakland raiders. nfl owners are meeting in houston and they could seal the team's fate. a powerful owner has emerged at the last minute who could help the team stay in oakland. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live in the newsroom with more. lilian? >> the decision before the owners is who gets to go to los angeles? but before that vote they will get a recommendation from the six-owner committee which was said to have been favoring moving the raiders to l.a., but now it appears another option is gaining momentum. nfl owners have long known they were faced with two choices. the raiders and chargers in carson with plenty of room for tailgating or the rams and a retail/office space in
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ingelwood with a trans parent roof. and now a third choice by jerry jones. it would pair the rams and the chargers chargers in carson and leaving the raiders out. good news for bay area raiders fans dreading a move by their area. >> if they left there would be unhappy customers. they did it once and if you do it again, that's your fan base and they would be very unhappy and the fans are what make football, football. >> the scheduled vote follows the report by the nfl commissioner roger goodell who said the stadiums in oakland, saint st. louis and san diego stadiums are inadequate and proposals to keep them in those cities is not viable. he doesn't say who should make the move or have a vote. 24 of the 32 owners must agree on any move. >> everything is beyond us. it is not just about fans. it is not just about money and politics. it is everything that is involved. all we can do is hope for the
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best and support our team. >> owners could vote as early as tuesday. the league also could decide to delay its decision on relocation for a year. in the newsroom, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. abc7 news reporter laura anthony is traveling to houston for the nfl owners meeting. laura will have live reports from houston as the owners meet on tuesday and wednesday right here on abc7 news. we have breaking entertainment news. legendary singer david bowie has died following an 18-month battle with cancer. they say bowie died peacefully surrounded by his family. he asks people to respect the privacy. the singer-songwriter dabled in rock, punk, funk. he was 69 years of age. a sacramento man who helped stop a terror attack in paris will be a guest at the
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state of the iewn nen -- union on tuesday. they will be sitting in the first lady's box during president obama's speech. they honored scott alex scarlotto and subdued a gunman on a crowded train last august. you can watch president obama's final state of the union at 6:00 a.m. on abc7. a family in fremont tonight hopes exphun will help reunite them with their dog who was swiped by thieves when they broke into their home. crooks stole sze-sze when the owners were not home. they feared somebody would sell her on-line. >> if there are any, you know, yahoo! groups on social media and these things come up. >> their owners say she may be easy to spot. her stomach was shaved because
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she was just spade. this video is from the resort. skiers and snowboarders and this dog were all digging it. and look at this photograph snapped at yosemite national park's lower falls. the sierra snowpack is roughly 110% of normal for this time of year. >> it is so nice to see the pictures in the sierra. we are expecting more snow midweek. live doppler 7hd is showing a quiet end to the weekend. we are dealing with mainly overcast skies and the cloud cover is keeping us on the mild side. it is holding in the 50s like hayward. 52 in san francisco and we will duplicate that in san jose. 50 in napa and fairfield is one of the
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coldest spots on the map currently at 46 degrees. so as we take you into the future mode hour by hour on future weather, tomorrow morning we have the warm front right over us. it acts as a focal point for any drizzle it looks like the best chance in the north bay and as you approach the lunchtime hour on monday, it fizzled apart. this is not a biggy vent by any means. in terms of rainfall it is about as light as it gets it is not even measuring rainfall. the best chance is right along the coast. that's before we track a stronger storm in the seven-day forecast. now we have the storm impact and we got to prepare for the storm. one is the lightest and we are tracking it wednesday morning. a moderate storm on the storm impact scale. along with the rain there is some wind gusts between 40 and
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50 miles per hour. future weather jumps into wednesday morning. this is when the next front approaches. you can see them from north to south. everyone will see some rain. as the front moves through it will tap into some strong winds as well. it shows you early wednesday morning it is gusting 40 miles an hour along the coast and half moon bay at 46. nearing 40 miles per hour in the city of san francisco and a lot of spots will have wind gusts between 20 and 40 miles per hour. the threat is there with the next system on wednesday and we could see treeses come down once again. we have the cloud cover overhead. it is not far from where we are. most spots are in the midto upper 50s across the region. it start off with cloud and perhaps an isolated spot of drizzle on monday morning. otherwise we will start to see sunshine in the afternoon. the temperatures are pretty comfortable for this time of year. 61 in san jose and 58 in san
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francisco and 60 in napa and 61 the high in livermore. the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow the a.m. drizzle chance and look at what happens on tuesday. it gets everybody into the 60s ahead of the stronger storm approaching on wednesday. we are wet and breezy and that's a two on the storm impact scale. thursday and friday it is mostly cloudy and then saturday we track another chance of wet weather. it looks like a one on the storm impact scale and then one week from today it is a mixture of sunshine and clouds and we are dry. tomorrow just really isolated spots of drizzle. the stronger storm comes tomorrow morning. >> thank you very much ?ie. still to come on abc7 news the a 11:00, stranded on an east bay road. the quick thinking that helped
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officers in contra costa county helped rescue a horse in distress. this guy was cited on a
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rain-soaked roadway in unincorporated lafayette. a neighbor feared they could call police and they called animal services who helped reunite him with the rightful owner. a new perk for people who buy a tesla. they now have the ability to park themselves as the driver stands outside. this includes parallel parking. they say the feature is wirelessly installed in thousands of recent model s sedans and model x crossovers. they must lineup their vehicle within 33 feet of the intended space. you can get your car parked, but you can't hit a chip shot field goal if you are the vikings. it was wild card weekend for sure in the nfl. the vikings have seattle on the road. this one was shanked. oh my. that's a long walk back to the locker room after that. we'll break
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you by riverwalk casino. >> wild card weekend is coming to a close. the vikings did everything they were supposed to for a victory over seattle until their kicker shanked the game winning field goal. minus 6 at kickoff. he is old school. they take a 9-0 lead. the third field goal just missed blocking the kick. the fourth quarter and watch this kid work. he scoops it up on his knees. picks it up and finds tyler
11:29 pm
lockett. first and goal. only russell wilson makes that play. two plays later to doug baldwin. they take a 10-9 lead. walsh and three for three on the day. shanked it left. a brutal ending for blair walsh. >> that's on me. these guys don't deserve to win. >> i don't know if you want to call it lucky. sometimes they make their kicks. you still have to do it. >> aaron rodgers are trying to find their offense against the redskins. sacked in the end zone. that's a safety. 2-0 washington. the second quarter. frozen robe to jordan reid. 11-0 redskins. the packers then score 17 unanswered to take the lead. rogers to adam. 17-11 at the break. in the third quarter and
11:30 pm
washington will retake the lead. a designed quarterback draw and a great call. 18-17. and then the packers get the lead back when he finds the end zone. 24-18 and packers and green bay hold on for the vector re. the first time all four road teams were winners. the packers face air airs next week. >> we needed a game like this to get our mojo back and get our confidence go go go -- going. it scrus takes one. it just takes one performance to get us going back in the right direction and believing we can make a run. >> the 49ers search for a head coach continued in cincinnati. they met with hugh jackson and jackson appears to be the front runners as they met for five hours. they are looking for an offensive minded coach. jackson also met with the browns today, and now the new york giants are requesting an interview. he is the hottest commodity out there.
11:31 pm
jed york is meeting and if this doesn't happen by tomorrow it will be later this week. now reports say jackson was not offered a job by either team today. stay tuned. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. memory lane for the 49er fans coming up. the 34-year history of the most iconic play in history. stick around. >> ahead on abc news, he's flying now. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> rocky's big return to the golden globe 30 years later. and firing back, hillary clinton's response to donald trump's attack on her husband. and the republican front runner is taking aim at a new target. the nfl? that story is next. we'll be right back.
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. good evening. i'm eric thomas. we have breaking news in the entertainment world. legendary singer david bowie has died. representatives say he died peacefully today surrounded by family after an 18-month battle with cancer. bowie turned 69 last friday, the same day he released his new album called "black star." his son sent out this tweet confirming the news. it says, "very sorry and sad to say it is true. i will be off line for awhile. love you all. he was 69 years of age. a gunman remains on the loose tonight after a man was shot and killed on a bart train last night as it approached the west oakland station. brad chapin shot cell phone video of passengers who got down on the floor when the shooting started. the police iewn 11 nent
11:36 pm
thanked passengers who stepped in to help before the first responders arrived. and a critical week for the oakland raiders and raider nation. nfl owners will meet in houston to potentially vote to move the team to los angeles along with the raiders, the st. louis rams and the san diego chargers are also being considered. at least 24 of the 32 owner must approve the move. the glitz and glamour was on display is a the golden globe awards were handed out in beverly hills. among the winners "inside out" best animated feature. it is owned by disney which is also the parent company of abc7. tonight is the first leg of the hollywood award season leading up to the academy awards. you can catch them on abc7 on february 28th. abc news reporter now with a look at the big winners and some surprises. >> and the golden globe goes
11:37 pm
to "the revenenac." >> a grand finale for a grand show as the best motion picture drama is announced. ricky gervase at it again taking swipes at sean penn during his opening monologue after the actor interviewed a mexican drug king pen. >> i will do this monologue and go into hiding. not even sean penn will find me. >> the laughs made way to the first award of the evening for a genuinely surprised kate winslet who won for best supporting actress in a feature film for her work in "steve jobs." >> really i am actually extremely surprised and overwhelmed. >> moments later matt damon won for his role in "the martian." >> it has been literally 18 years since i was here doing this. and with a little more context i know how lucky i am. >> other acting awards going to new and old tv shows.
11:38 pm
>> thank you so much. >> i really am truly speechless. thank you so much. >> sylvester stallone. >> the winner everyone agreed on, silver sister stallone who was honored with his work in "creed" with a standing ovation. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa for being the best friend i ever had. >> stallone is among other best movie actors. >> what an incredible honor. wow, that meant a lot. thank you so much. >> and best actresses. >> it is such an honor to play this character. thank you to our supporting cast. thinking of my hometown, kentucky. >> with the globes over, oscar sunday is now officially underway. abc news, new york. now to your voice, your vote. planned parenthood has endorsed democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. clinton brushed off donald trump's attacks on her and her husband. >> if he wants to engage in personal attacks from the past, that's his prerogative.
11:39 pm
so be it. i am going to draw the distinctions between where i stand and where he stands when it comes to equal pay for women, raising the minimum wage. he can say whatever he wants to about me. let the voters judge that. >> with former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife trump criticized him for his affair with a white house intern. meanwhile donald trump is taking aim at a new target, the nfl. he said football has become too soft. he is frustrated to see the way the nfl has changinged the rules to -- changed the rules to take too many hits to the head out of the game. he did not address that that was because an increase in concussions and brain injuries in the league. an american woman murdered in italy. police are trying to piece together the details. she was popular in the florence neighborhood where she lived. richard cantu has the story. >> italian police removed ashley olson's body from the
11:40 pm
apartment where she was found dead on saturday night. authorities found the florida native in her bed with scratches and bruises on her neck. italian newspapers carried her picture with the headlines reading "strangled" and" deadly embrace." olson made her home in florence since 2012, joining the city's expatriot community. >> i can't man the person who would -- imagine the person who would hurt her. she is a gentle, kind, beautiful, friendly, lovely girl. it is an awful shock. we have a great community of people here and everyone loved her. >> italian news reports said olson's boyfriend, an italian artist in florence was worried when he hadn't heard from her in days. prosecutors opened a murder investigation and they said they have no suspects so far. mourners left a memorial of roses at ashley olson's doorstep. abc news, new york. letting the water flow
11:41 pm
down in the ig easy. they opened the body carry spill way outside of new orleans for the first time since 2011. the goal is to decrease the flow of the extremely high mississippi river. it was built up river from new orleans after a devastating 1927 flood as a relief valve to send waters to the gulf of mexico. the opening is treated as a tailgating event and throngses of people turned out to watch the release. gas prices could drop to a dollar a gallon, but not in the bay area. not likely. according to triple-a, the price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $1.96. tumbling oil prices with strong refinery capacity could push the price of gas in some areas down to $1 a level last reached in 1999. in california the average price is $2.87 and in the bay area the prices in oakland average $2.71 and in san jose,
11:42 pm
2.73 and in san francisco, $2.83. the next generation of iphones may connect with headphones that are completely wireless. it appears apple will unveil the iphone 7 this fall. they report the next generation headphones won't even have wire connecting the right earpiece and the left earpiece. industry observers believe they will let you listen to music and make phone calls and talk to siri. it is likely it will be sold separately. with more rain in the forecast rivers and creeks are at levels we haven't seen in years. the steps the usgs is taking to keep communities near that level and from flooding. and a slimy little visitor. the surprise one diver encountered when he reached into a cave. >> and we have chances of light drizzle overnight. but a bigger storm is waiting in the wings.
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life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else.
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- good thing we've got a really catchy theme song. hit it! - ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. storms rivers and creeks are rising to levels we haven't seen in years. abc7 news reporter jonathon bloom went with the survey as they calibrated the sensitive equipment used to measure the rushing water and keep the surrounding community safe. >> once we lower it down and make contact with the water. >> it is technology from 19theater 8 on the side of a bridge -- 1938 on the side of the bridge. >> the water is 568. >> this gauge is the back up
11:46 pm
in this little red building it uses satellite, radar and tiny bubbles of nitrogen. >> it is extremely ago the ray. we measure water. >> the city of santa cruz needs that. >> this gauge is fundamental and it is the foundation of all of our water supply planning. >> and the planning is cautiously op tau miss -- optimistic. >> it can be a double-edged sword and that's the other measurement. it is to know when the community is -- the communities downstream prepare for flooding. >> we have a velocity meter. >> the u.s. geological survey cal law brats with tools like this or the more modern replacement. >> measuring the time it takes to return to the sensor. >> vegetation grows to the channel. and it takes regular cal calibration to know the data
11:47 pm
we produce is protected. >> they boil it to a single number. >> that data has gone to the decision makers who decide when to activate the emergency alert system to warn people flooding is imminent. >> it has risen several feet since the rain has began, but since then it is all smiles. >> we had good, gentle rain which is good for recharging the aquafers. >> in santa cruz county, jonathon bloom, abc7 news. check this out. a man has a slimy new friend tonight, a little octopus. as you can see it won't let go of his arm. he was snorkeling off the coast of australia and stuck his arm into a small underwater cave which might have been a clue and emerged with a new friend. it clung to him for a few minutes before deciding to let go and retreat back into his home. don't know if i would want to do that. i do want to hear the forecast like you do.
11:48 pm
>> that is awful. hi, octopus. it is quiet out there and there is a chance of drizzle. we have a high surf varies re. it goes into affect tomorrow morning at 9:00 in the morning. at least through tuesday morning. the temperatures are falling into the 40s. that chance of drizzle first thing tomorrow morning, but most spots will have overcast skies. we will have a little sunshine in the afternoon. 60 in eke on land and 61 -- 60 in oakland and 61 in san jose. the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows a chance of morning drizzle tomorrow and a chance in the north bay on tuesday night. wednesday everybody is wet and it is breezy out there. a 2 on our storm impact scale. mostly cloudy with sunshine thursday into friday. and then our next chance of rain comes on saturday. >> all right, drew, thank you very much. something famous happened on this day how many years ago? >> 34 years ago. >> 34 years ago. >> and you had free seat.
11:49 pm
>> i did. i did. 34 years ago today one of the most iconic plays in 49er history is simply known as "the catch." what a moment in time it was. we hillary live that moment next in sports. >> when it happens where you live -- >> we will move to our next top story. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> in millbrae. >> from tracy. >> your story. >> if it wasn't for channel 7 i don't think we would have gotten to this point. i am so happy. >> your everything. >> this is something i like about this job. identifying something that needs to be fixed and pushing public officials to get it done. choose the news that matters where you live.
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number two alabama square off in the college football national championship game in about 18 hours. after the coaches took the traditional pictures with the trophy not much else to play the game and finish out this long season. clemson would be the first team to go 15-0 with a win. both coaches finding ways to keep their team zeroed in on the game. >> there is a big game. there is no doubt. for every player that has created an opportunity to play in it and both side. you have to focus on the next play and do what you have to do to do your job to help your team be successful.
11:53 pm
>> we have a little more time than we normally do and this is the next game from a prep standpoint. i think it is good. it is as good as it can be. >> all right, just hours away from kickoff. you can watch the game on january 11th at 5:30 p.m. on our sister network, espn. all right, men's pac-12 hoop season will be a dog fight. arizona lost in four over times to unc. stanford is tied for second if the cardinals beat oregon in eugene. who would the force be with tonight? or is that another oregon uniform? sanders to hum pre with the slam off the pick and roll. stanford up by three with six minutes to go in the first half. a minute later and tied again until he throws down the three. stanford up by three. stanford turns it over. dillon brooks finishes it up. .%egon by five. frustrated and off goes the jacket and doesn't help. jordan bell rings the bell for oregon with the ducks. they drop to 2-2 with a 71-58
11:54 pm
loss. women's hoops and the cardinals hosting colorado. they went score less against cal. and today they took an 11-3 lead on this lay up. clock buzzer. she had 16. and lil lean tom -- lily thompson lead the way with 17 as stanford wins it 71-56. the bears are hosting utah. two of her 23. this freshman will be a player. the bears lead by 18 at the break. the uts mount a furious come back in the second. she had 18 is a the bears get out scored in the fourth 27-11. they lose 84-79 and a frustrating loss for the bears. >> we had lack of urgency plays. we didn't like it until our
11:55 pm
game . our coaching staff is sad or more disheartening than the players. i know they hillary spopped to that. i know they will respond to that. they beat the cowboy at the stick in perhaps the greatest nfc title game. the game was known for one play, the catch. 58 seconds to play. we call it the spribt right option. he had the option to throw to freddy solomon. he leaped higher than he ever has or will to make the most iconic catch in nfl history. we went on to beat the cowboys 28-27 and win our first of five super bowl titles. what a memory for the 49er fans. to this day nobody gets tired of seeing it. now, that was the final catch
11:56 pm
of the game. does anybody who -- does anybody remember who made the first catch of the game? anyone? anyone? it was yours truly. but do i get any credit? no. what if i dropped that pass. joe's confidence would have gone in the tank and he might not have even made the throw to dwight as a result. i get nothing. i get a foot note. okay i got a super bowl ring, but give a man his due. i know. i've seen -- i seem bitter, but after years of therapy i have dealt with it and am able to celebrate it years later. can you tell i'm over it? >> you seem way past it now. both of you picking on poor walls. >> exactly. >> people don't know earlier in the game we threw the same play two plays earlier. freddy should have been the hero. he ran in the game. he tells me years later it
11:57 pm
could have been you. i looked at him and said what, what, what. we all got a ring out of the deal and it is a play everybody still talks about 34 years later. >> he would have jumped higher. >> much higher. >> one hand. >> and now you know. >> i need a flow chart now. >> all right. thanks a lot. >> that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thanks for joining us. have a good one.
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