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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  KGO  January 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning, to you, i am regular happy wednesday >> i am natasha zouves. we have the best team to get you through this. >> good morning, everyone. mike? >> strongest part of the storm is passed. on and off showers, lights to moderate. you can see around santa rosa and napa and novato and san rafael more than 1" last six hours. peninsula is dry and the south bay and east bay right up through the sunol grade, into the tri-valley we see the light-to-moderate showers. and i will give you an idea of what will happen today at san rafael with light rain falling, the day planner is showers through 7:00, and the chance lingers at noon and then it fades. keeler in the mid-50s. accident if the san mateo bridge before this area with middle lanes blocked and the span after the toll plaza so it is fought flow here but approach the span we will find slow traffic westbound and the drive over to
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101 and 17 to the green is rain and low visibility for the drive. sig-alert santa rosa off the freeway at todd a dump truck or big-rig lost the load and the overpass is slut down to clean it up. we will check a new accident coming in with spinouts. >> now the breaking news in oakland where a map trapped in a sewer is finally free. he was stuck in a 2g3 space for 13 hours. amy hollyfield, this was quite the rescue? >> what a relief, reggie. here is here at highland hospital and is okay. he was pulled to safety at 2:00 this morning, almost 14 hours after 9 trench closed in around him and trapped him. the tricky part of the reagan administration was the soil. it had the cop isisancy of sand so it was tough to hold back. his foot was stuck in a squishy
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clay creating a suction force to fight against. medical crews kept an eye on the vital signs during the long ordeal and friends identified the worker as 41-year-old rogelio esparza of hayward. this happened to him in east oakland on east 23rd street at 12:30 yesterday afternoon. this was as he was working on a sewer line. the forehand was there when he was pulled to safety this morning and said he is so thankful, so grateful, that crews got him out safely and now he ising checked out at the hospital. >> glad he is okay. the raiders returned to oakland for now. but a last questions still remain about their future. our reporter is tracking this in the news room and oakland mayor seems to be hoping this could be a new opportunity to get the deal done. >> yes, it is back to the drawing board for northbounds and the mayor schaaf admitted that raiders has a frustrating experience working with the city
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of oakland but hopes to research a new stadium proposal in the next year. she is encouraged by the additional $100 million that the nfl promised however, raiders owner does fat sound committed to keeping the team in oakland. >> the raider fans will be happy you are staying? >> where? >> in oakland. >> are we staying? >> we are exited to doing the work to keep the raiders in oakland to a way that is responsible. to the team. to the nfl. to the great fans. but also to the taxpayers of oakland. >> the san diego chargers have a career to decide if though will join the rams at the new $1.9 billion stadium in inglewood. if they decline the raids have the tops move to los angeles. however mark davis is not limiting the team to california and said anywhere in america could be home to raider nation. anywhere with the right stadium. >> thank you, some fans are ready to abandon the team if the
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team abandoned oakland again but right now they all right with it the team's lease has expired fans hopeful the raiders going to stick around. >> they moved to los angeles i hung in there and they moved back and i am still a fan. my boys are raider fans. i am happy to hear they are staying. >> authority chairman of the coliseum said they will do their best to keep the raiders in the east bay. >> youth soccer league lost the fight to keep the until off of the tub. a judge's injunction was rejected to stop the media center for the super bowl 50 next to the stadium. but the san jose earthquakes have offered to let the players use practice fields at their stadium. athrough details involving an excessive force lawsuit from a tasing incident at sonoma county jail. the supervisors have agreed to pay $1.25 million over excessive force lawsuit.
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this video released by the sheriff shows that a man was tazed 23 times in county jail after being arrested on d.w.i. in 2013. lawyer said that the settlement could be the largest police brutality pay intermediate ever from a county law enforcement agency to a person who did not die of the injuries. >> if you san francisco sheriff wants to scrap a most controversial policy of the predecessor, reversing the policy which prevents deputies from enter aing with immigration and customers enforcement without a court order or warrant. the policy was thrust into the spotlight after the murder of kate steinle. she was shot by an undocumented mexican man released from county jail despite a request from federal immigration authorities to keep him in custody. >> cloverdale lifted the ban on outdoor marijuana grows a move aim at bating the needs of head marijuana patients and their neighbors. although the ban has been lifted
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there is still a limit. there can be no more than flee plants per home, and any time of commercial marijuana or commercial medical marijuana activity is illegal including dispensaries. >> alameda shopping center will close the doors to make way for a housing complex. accord to our media partner, the san jose mercury news the shopping center was voted to be to longer viable. the center will move when the lease is up in the spring. they want to replace it with townhouses but the city council needs to formally approve the project. >> new days to abc about the condition of lamar odom and his recovery. >> a new effort toize congestion for your commute. how you can help a bay area city win millions to improve transportation. transportation. stay tuned.
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i love working in the salinas area becauseriselda zendejas. i always wanted to do something where i could help people around me. so being a construction supervisor for pg&e gives me the opportunity to give a little bit back to my community. i have three boys. they're what keep me going every day. our friends, families live in the area.
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and it is important for all of us that we keep our community safe. together, we're building a better california. >> coming up on 6:10. if you take vasco to get to brentwood it is wet with moderate rain. if you descend into the livermore valley out of the altamont pass, it is wet. same through the sunol grade up
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84 to livermore. it stretches all the way back to santa clara. it is head over to milpitas on 237. now, as far as our winds, they are fastest at the airport, at 32, and 16 at concord and bouncing around here in the east bay hillsful the showers will taper this afternoon and isolate asked cooler and upper 50s. sue? >> high winds and advisory for the bay bridge and the richmond-san rafael expensing high wind and metering lights are turned on at 5:34. traffic now is stacked up for 25 minute drive from golden gate field to the toll plaza and it is moderate on the span interest san francisco. again, friend on our traffic map means wet weather is affecting the commute and we have an accident still blocking the last lane, westbound 24 at wilder and remark is stacked up for a good 30 minute drive toward the tunnel. we will look at the accident before the san mateo bridge toll plaza in the next report. >> new this morning,
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kardashian is speaking out about lamar odom after he was in the hospital for months. she appeared on "good morning america" and smoke of how he is doing now he is back at home. >> doing great but it is a long journey and it is something that he is working really hard on and he...every day is different. we take every day as it comes and i have learned not to really look into the future too much. >> you can catch 9 full interview on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc7. >> when you win the powerball jackpot one thing you should do to hide your identity. >> a big bear grabs a lot of attention on-line this o because of the upclose and very personal interaction with a man in new york. is this real life? vo: you get used to pet odors in your car.
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>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> look for ideas in oakland to figure how to get people around the city over a visionary transit proposal in response to a $50 president undepartment of transportation smart city challenge grant application. the public is invited to take part in the process by sending if their good ideas. >> can expect a last meant crunch for powerball tickets. if less than 14 hours someone, maybe you, could be an instant billionaire. anothers are no matter how hard the win are try they will not be able to keep their identity secret. for long. we found out other day that in most states including in california it is a law you cannot remain aanyone must. >> we told you that yesterday and i thought there has to be more to the story and i got answers from a attorney known as "the lottery lawyer." >> they want to add legitimacy to the payment and make sure they let everyone knows there is
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a real winner not anyone that is not allowed to win or fixed in anyway. >> is there anything i can do to limit my name being out there and people knowing my business? >> for instance, one of my chains will be named the rainbow her better trust something they wanted it buy when they bought the ticket so the press republicans that name so known remembers the win are but they remember the name of the rain besimilar better trust. >> but that is the way an it talking about forming an llc when you win. it will not entirely keep your name out of the press but it will shield it because rainbow shirt better trust is more interesting than "mike nicco." >> you can use the abc7 news app to find out the powerball numbers by use the push alert. >> so glad. news you can live use. >> now a check with "good morning america" at 7:00. >> amy?
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>> yes, coming up at "good morning america" hillary clinton won on one with judicial the d hopeful talks the state of the union, bernie sanders and why she said she is the candidate would can boat the respects, next on "good morning america" today. >> powerful surf is pounding the bay area coast and we were at ocean beach in san francisco where we saw the highway waves crashing in and a sad abandoned baren christmas tree account coast guard is everyone welcoming boaters to expect rough seas. >> expect rain for the rest of your lie. >> at least the rest of the month. >> i will tell you all about it. my lottery name is oreo cookie dough. >> you were fascinated by the january calendar and i wanted to know we started the career dry the first, the 2nd, the 10th but every other day we have had rain and moving failure with the
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commuter mods through the 28th we have rain every day but for next wednesday. here is a look at 101 and 880 a light shower moving through and san jose has seep the least amount of rain at .1" and an inch in oakland and san rafael has more than 1" in six hours. hour storm impact scale is "1" to "3" light to severe to help you get out the door where a quick look at what is happening, downgrading today and it was a "2" and now it is a "1" because the showers and presses are tapering at only .1" to 1" and gusts at 20 to 30 miles per hour and the gusts are perpendicular from southwest to necessary. hold on. sue can tell you, it is breezy. it continues to be breezy. showers taper and breezes remain, dry, cooler and calmer and the wet pattern begins tomorrow and lasts and next
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week. up to hercules and benea, we have a light-to-moderate rain and light rain from petaluma and sonoma to napa and coming ashore crass skyline boulevard a light rain shower. at 7:00, to noon, can you see our best chance of scattered showers and watch what happens between noon and 5:00 it shifts from the north bay to the south bay and after the commute be most of the rain is over. my seven-day forecast shows each day has a chance of rain, saturday is wet, sunday is the dry day. >> sue? back to the san mateo bridge where we had an early accident before the toll plaza and traffic thousand is stacking up behind the toll plaza and you cannot see it in the shot from 238 to 880 cross 92 to the span to foster city, 40 minutes now, is the commute time. the green on map again represent s weather represented to the commute get slow out of the central valley now and we will look at a couple of accidents that are currently
6:20 am
blocking and this just cleared from the lanes northbod 85 and traffic now is stacked up beyond the expressway north 85 in san jose. coming out of lafayette, we have an accident that was blocking the last lane, very slow now and stacked up from lafayette to wilder and the connell and looking at 35 meant ride and we do have a sig-alert affecting the santa rosa commute updating it in a few. >> now, a beautiful photo from instagram, the golden gate bridge shows a >> gorgeous. >> poet your pictures on social media at has been abc7. and check out our photo gallery on instagram. >> "7 on your side" ask michael finney will help us save for retirement and what you can do today to make sure you are prepared. >> the amazing bond 20 man and >> the amazing bond 20 man and big
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>> at abc7 news app on the go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> whatever you are doing. stop and look at this video. it is worth it. 59-year-old cuddling with a 1,500 pound bear nameed jimbo. the video was posted by the
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orphan wild live center north of new york city. the bear is up close and personal and lick his face and giving him a bear hug. since being posted it has been you haved more than 11 million times. i am worried. >> it is incredible. he enormous. and after see the preview you cannot see this video in the same light. >> we want you to live, get out of there, gym. >> medicaid parents in new york city could be riding to the doctor in a lyft car teaming up with the company that arranges medical transportation. the partnership is their first step into the medical world which has potential tore be a huge industry for ride-hailing companies. afternoon year $3 billion in federal medicaid money goes to transportation. an alert for those who use what's app, criminals are sending e-mails written to look like they are from an accounts but it is malware containing a
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download that will open a virus on the computer. it capitals the words "voice notification," or "video announcement," in the subject line. >> now, ask finney from michael finney an important question for all of us. about retirement. >> how do people retire if they don't know where to put their money? >> inning your fans in your retirement is not easy but we all have to do it. if you have a work 401(k) plan i suggest maxing out to get the matching funds. then director work will put it in a mutual fund. if not you probably should. if i only have a small amount of money it is a great way town vest because you go cross the market. are not picking one stock and watching your retirement rise and fall with one company. you pay want to start thing of getting a financial planner, someone that will watch your money for you. can you learn to do a lot of this yourself but you have to
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engaged and work at it. >> or have michael finney on where are side. you can ask him a question, record it on the smartphone and send it to him or post it on social media using #ask15any. where you could see your questions answers right here. >> we are riveted trafficking the 13 hour rescue and this morning we are flagging the condition of the man would was pulled from a technology overnight. >> also, showing new alleges against pg&e following the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion. >> powerball fever at one of the lucky stores in the bay area ahead of the record drewing. >> now, this is a look at all of traffic in emeryville look at berkeley right now. berkeley right now. stay tuned.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news from overnight, rescued, a 13 hour nightmare comes to an end and a man describes being buried alive in a trench. the moment he is finally pulled to safety. >> a big story the storm that is hitting the bay area: a look
6:30 am
at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up more than a dozen spinout crashes in our area. what you need to know as you head out. >> good morning, thanks for being here. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> good morning, everyone, if >> good morning, everyone, if the commute takes you across the become up and moving from half moon bay to redwood city and san mateo, a light to moderate showers and same thing from los gatos over to the east foothills in the santa clara valley with popping developing. this is part of the system that dumped the heaviest rain overnight and the presses are still around and we have 33 american gust at the golden gate bridge where it is rain with showers through 7:00 tapering by the time we get to the evening compute. >> sue? >> no official advisory for wind on the golden gate bridge but we have put gusts in here and it is
6:31 am
showing high wind open on the richmond-san rafael and bay bridge with wind advisory and hold on tight, and all the green is rain affecting the commute and a sig-alert if santa rosa off the friend of the intersection of todd road but the overcrossing between moreland and santa rosa is closed with overturned big-rig with debris. we will check back with the san mateo and a new accident at the dumbarton in a few. >> back to the breaking news in the east bay a frantic 13 hour rescue with a, wither safe this morning pulled from a sewer line trench. amy hollyfield is at the hospital tracking the condition. >> he is here. he is okay. after a long ordeal. some of the co-workers were there at 2:00 a.m. when he was pulled to safety.
6:32 am
the trench closed in and trapped him at 12:30 yesterday afternoon and three was stuck for almost 14 hours. a friend identified him as 41-year-old rogelio esparza from hayward. the co-workers are grateful he is safe. we are very happy. happy for you guys. [ inaudible ] i say thank you to everyone. >> this happened in east oakland on east 23rd street as he was working on a home sewer line. he was stuck in soil with the consistency of sand that made it tough for crews to hold it back. medical workers monitored his vital signs throughout the rescue process and were especially concerned about his circulation and he is getting a checkup now at the hospital and ail signs point to him being okay. >> good news, amy. do you have your powerball
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tickets? the drawing is one for the record backs with alyssa at one of 9 luckiest stores in the bay area. >> this is one the luckist stores in the state that is in san lorenzo and the so big it does not fit in the prize window, it says $999 president but it is actually $1.5 billion. people are lining up if front of the store to get an early start and get the tickets and the whole country has powerball fever, long lines are forming outside the stores and entire office buildings are going in on pools and this jackpot is so large that if a large president wins, each attorney will surely go home with a lost money. a system ticket winner could turn someone into a billionaire overnight and this is the largest jackpot ever. but odds are fought good at 1 in
6:34 am
292 million. that is not stopping people in san lorenzo. are you feeling lucky? >> lucky. i could taught sleep. been up since 1:00. >> why here? >> this is the lucky store. lucky store. i feel lucky. today is my lucky day. i am buying property. >> if you do win, what would you do with the money? >> i will win. buy property. for me and my grandson and my mom. >> you? >> i am lucky i won the lottery and i came here straight here almost 30 yours this store and ... [ inaudible ] >> good luck, you two. >> if you don't have your ticket yet you have plenty of time the drawing is tonight as soon as the winning numbers are drone we will let our app users know you
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can get the app for free on the smartphone in the corner store and went numbers are drawn we will send out a push alert. >> that woman said she is buying property for everyone? i am keeping the clip to play later. >> turning new to santa county sheriff deputy accused 6 d.w.i. and showing his gun at a jack and the box but witnesses say he was mad the order was taking so long. police arrested benjamin lee on sunday and three was in plain clothes off duty be those when a witness said he started yessing at employees. a cashier saudi lee's gun. >> he thought he was being robbed. robbed at the when. >> mr. lee has a good reputation. he is a hard worker. he is respected by his peers alee is open leave and will be in court in march. >> we told you last in about a child's bones found if a lap
6:36 am
step box outside of an apartment building in san francisco. now we have learned that investigators have found adult bones, as well, and a neighbor discovered the bonds if late november. police sealed off the area and called throw poll gist to help out. the preliminary results found they likely belonged to two people and police hope they get a hit from d.n.a. >> it will be uploaded to a database and we will try to match to see if there are missing pens or homicides or see if there is a match. >> if the boss are from someone whose d.n.a. is not if the database, unfortunately, thes could be forever a mystery. >> san mateo police are hoping you recognized this gay in the photo despite the mask robbing a liquor store. you can see the when he is pointed at clerk. the store is on south norfolk on december 6 at 1:40 in the morning. the clerk hand over $300, and the robber got away in a-day or
6:37 am
a similar vehicle. >> pg&e in the hotseat again over 2010 deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. the prosecutors are building a case for criminal trial in march. at the center of this flawed record keeping. this blast killed eight people. it injured 58 others. it destroyed 38 homes. according to the "san francisco chronicle" pg&e management oned employee to destroy documents and claims she found records detailing previous remembers with the san bruno pipeline inside the dumpster. the prosecutors plan to put her on the stand and wrong doing. >> breaking news from the pegs pegs iran released ten navy same s around 2:00 a.m. our sometime this morning when the boast drifted into iranian water. the crew is on a navy ship in international waters right now
6:38 am
getting medical checks. the sailors are 90 men and a woman. they were captured while having problems with the navigation system between kuwait and bahrain. >> a grand hello for the big goodbye, president obama rallying supporters and took on critics. he acknowledged at state of the union the 2016 election. presidential hopefuls marco rubio and bernie sanders were there in the chamber. the president said he would make the speech quick so they could get back to campaigning and outlined the vision for the future of the country and make a plea for unity. >> i hope we can work together this year on bipartisan priorities like criminal justice reform. >> frontrunner donald trump was not invited but he blasted the event after and called the state of the union and i quote, "really boring." >> this little boy was not bored but it was past his bedtime and it lulled him to sleep. his dad looks look he could be
6:39 am
on the verge of a nap himself, the slow blink that gives it away. now, getting paid to bond with the bin tell of joy is icing on the cake. san francisco supervise wants any. blier with 20 workers to ensure if you parents have fully paid bonding tie. right now california pays 55 percent a parents' salary for six weeks and he wants to make up for the remaining 45 percent with the proposal inreduced on january 26. coming up on a soggy morning and raining this san rafael, stretching over san pablo and eventually to 9 cartinez bridge there. we will look north of napa and south of napa heading over to fairfield another moderate shower and offer the next three
6:40 am
hours, look how they taper not so widespread as they were, and, in fact of course i dropped stomp impact scale we have used all morning to give you an requested how strong from "1" at light and "3" is severe and i dropped it to "1" today, and the breezes today will stay in the 20 to 30 miles per hour through the afternoon and rainy in san jose and only .0 8" and temperatures are mid-to-upper 50s with a chance of a shower lingering through the evening commute and a look at san rafael where it is rainy receipt now and we will have a chance of evening rain tomorrow and again on friday, and possibly on saturday all day wet, can we salvage sunday? >> sue? here we go to the san mateo bridge we had an early accident before the toll plaza and it is now cleared and if you are traveling from 238 on 880 to 92 to 101 across the span give
6:41 am
yourself a lot time at 40 minutes. green means weather is affecting the drive and it is usually slow from tracy. and we find that on westbound 580. an accident at dumbarton bridge toll plaza now, middle lane is blocked. traffic is 25 meant drive from young city toward the peninsula. give yourself extra time. early accident in saratoga area northbound 85 at winchester, san jose, on the way to saratoga it is cleared but the backup is a good solid 30 americans making the way northbound. we will check back with highway wind advisory and an accident at the cordelia junction. >> would be uber drivers who fail a background check are getting a second chance. who could be behind the wheel the next time you grab a ride? all the next step for the raiders after the bid to move to los angeles is squashed. for now. >> i want you to keep up-to-date
6:42 am
on the rain, with bad traffic and we will keep live doppler hd and we will keep live doppler hd the whole time throug
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know better sleep with sleep number. is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) >> novato, oakland, sunnyvale this is abc7. >> returning to oakland. for now. so many questions remain. about future beyond this.
6:45 am
tiffany is in the newsroom with us. oakland's mayor said this is a new opportunity to get a deal done? that is right. mayor schaaf is optimistic as stadium proposal can be reach working for the raiders, the nfl, the fans and taxpayers and would not talk public subsidy but said the $100 million the nfl promised is a big help. the raiders owners with dismissive. >> $100 million, will it help? >> it will not fill the gap we have. >> my hope is we are given a year to get a very complex protect together. >> yesterday the philadelphia gave the ranches the go ahead to manufacture to los angeles and build $1.9 billion stadium with the chargers a year to decide if they want to join the programs. if they decline, the raiders have the same opening. however, davis said he is open to sploring other cities so the limbo continues. >> we will keep tracking it.
6:46 am
the nfl decision affects the radars and, the oakland a's and their hope for baseball only stadium is on hold at the coliseum much the a's own are said the team will continue to explore options with the stiff oakland and alameda. >> crazy vagues force to us do crazy things. watch this guy. he runs up to the car and does a ninja move jumping into the car. he stumbled but he does get one foot in the second foot, and there is a thief trying to take his car. by doing that manufacture he scared off -- that move he scared off the thief. >> when you take an uber do you wonder who is behind the wheel? screening rules are being relaxed in california so if you fail the background check you get a second chance. if you can get your felony conviction reduced to misdemeanors or the crimes wiped
6:47 am
out entirely, uber will reconsider the application. the changes some crimes for felonies to misdemeanors. it, spires next year. it is an opportunity to rebuild your life. atwitter hit a low and the gender pay gap is alive despite laws to prevent it. jane? good morning, twit certificate down. again. at $19.0 close to the all time low from early in the week underscoring faltering we confidence in the turn around effort by the co-founder would took over as the interim c.e.o. over the summer and appointed permanently in october but has yet to deliver the both that investers have been looking for from twitter. despite having the strongest gender pay gap laws in the country women make less than men. real estate agents, john tories,
6:48 am
accountants and agricultural workers and financial managers have the biggest pay gap. only two occupations had no wage difference: teachers and nurses. >> amazon is building out what analysts say it their own delivery company that can bypass united states and fedex after buying a french parcel delivery company. an lists think amazon could bay a united states delivery company or build their own shipping network. >> when you thought stocks would never go up, we are higher this morning. it is the third day if a row. if we close higher it would be the third up day but fought a lot. only up 37, and s&p and nasdaq slightly higher. >> we will take positive step. >> that little bit of gain. we like the green. >> for the first time in 13 years, tiger woods is not the top earner in government. >> who is?
6:49 am
earning $23 million on the course because of winning the masters and united states open and the tour championships and pulled in $30 million off the course in endorsements and mickelson was second despite not winning a tournament and tiger woods was third with $48.5 million. not where he has been in the past but i'll take it. >> but the $1.5 billion in my mind and i am like $23million? $28 million? if it falls out of my pocket don't even pick it up. >> leave it no the little people. now the video, an interesting morning, to say the least. at look at 101 near four in san rafael, and you have had the most amount of rain almost 1.2
6:50 am
last six hours. 87 is good news/bad news. good news it did not rain hard enough for the ponding to develop on 87 fear the exit but bad news is you did not get much rain and san jose is .08", the rain nonpattern played as we forecast, heavy in the north bay, .5" in oakland, a third in walnut creek and san francisco and quarter inch in redwood city and .1" in san jose. in you did not get your rain you have a chance every day through next tuesday. you need the sunglasses as we head through the afternoon and we will see breaks but we will have scattered showers and it will taper in the evening. breezy today and cooler and dryer and cooler and calmer and tomorrow morning the commute is easier and wet pattern is into next week. the north bay we are see the clearing developing and light showers skirting the ground in
6:51 am
the south bay and holding from redwood city and san mateo and across the dumbarton and san mateo bridge and wet weather so that continues and we have 77-minute flight arrival delays into sfo. through 7:00 to noon you can see a few waves of scattered light showers and notice they will be a few hanging around at 5:00, and mostly the evening commute is dry and clear takes place headed through the evening and overnight hours so we are in the 40s tomorrow rather than the 50s like this morning. we have "1" on thursday, "1" on saturday, and heavy rain again on monday. sue? >> busy commute this week. high winds. with official advisories for the richmond-san rafael bridge and bay bridge and gusty wind on the golden gate bridge and very much white knuckle if you are heading out give yourself plenty of time, slow from the central valley and the friend means rain is affecting your we commute and
6:52 am
wins, with accident westbound 84th dumbarton bridge toll plaza blocking a lane of traffic and stacked up to young city from 880 if you travel the dumbarton and the cordelia junction the ramp from 80 westbound to southbound 680 we have an overturned vehicle partly blocking the ramp so heads up we check the bay bridge commute ahead. >> next challenge for spacex is when they try to land a rocket upright on a drone in the ocean. all the first successful vertical landing nailed it if december. it follows three failed attempts to do this. i not that. >> landing up right cuts the cost of space travel because the rockets can be re-used. all the skies over florida are busy this year because spacex has planned 20 unmanned rocket launches including making deliveries to the international space station and united alliance has 12 launches from cape canavaral in 2016 and that
6:53 am
includes several military and government satellites. >> back with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> can you track the rain where you live with our news app which is tree on the phone's app store is tree on the phone's app store with push is tree on the phone's app store with push look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
6:54 am
mmmm, yoplait. >> these are seven thing you need to know. (1), a contractor stuck in a trench in oakland is in the hospital. the 42-year-old rogelio esparza
6:55 am
was pilled to safety at 2:00 a.m. stuck in a 2x3' space for 13 hours. >> (2), ten navy sailors captured for entering iranian waters have been released. the crew is checked out by doctors on a united states navy ship in international waters. (3), we are still on storm watch. you can see on live doppler hd it is more scattered and lighter through the morning commute which is the friend the next three hours. the evening commute will be much more dry and easier. >> (4), standing water, hydroplaning is an issue during the commute. a backup at the bay bridge for 30 minutes in golden gate into san francisco and the sig-alert in santa rosa at tods with overturned big-rig. >> the fate of the oakland raiders is still in the air this morning after the philadelphia owners picked rams to be the team to move to los angeles. the question is, where will the raiders go? the team owner said anywhere in
6:56 am
america. >> president obama delivered the final "state of the union" address making a plea for unity in congress. he kicks of another post speech tour today and will make stops in nebraska and there there. >> tonight is the night powerball fans, $1.5 billion jackpot is expected to grow larger by tonight's drawing with estimate cash value at $930 million and there has not been a winner since november. >> download the app so you can see the numbers when they come out.
6:57 am
here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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good morning, america. and breaking right now, ten american sailors held by iran released just moments ago, set free after being captured when their boats drifted into iranian waters. the new details just coming in. president obama delivers his final state of the union. his eye on the race to replace him taking direct aim at donald trump. >> when politicians insult muslims, that doesn't make us safer. >> as new numbers show the democratic race tighter than ever, bernie sanders now ahead in new hampshire and iowa. hillary clinton joins us live this morning. bitter cold blanketing the eastern half of the country this morning. windchills up to 25 below zero. the dangerous wind gusts and blinding snow. this massive pileup nearly half a mile long and now a major storm targeting the northe


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