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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 13, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a man dropped in a sewer line for more than 13 hours before his rescue is in the hospital recovering after surviving the frightening ordeal. i am kristen sze. >> i am natasha zouves. when they pulled him out at 2:00 a.m. you can imagine a lot of concern for his health. amy hollyfield is at the hospital in oakland. we are hearing from the rescuers for the first time. amy? >> that is right. also, we spoke with his boss at his side at the scene of the rescue for all 13 hours. he said rogelio esparza is in
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good spirits. >> he is so happy because -- thank you all. thank you, everyone, everyone helped him get." >> he just left the bedside and said rogelio esparza was working on a home sewer line when the hole fell in on him at is 12:30 in the afternoon trapping him in dirt up to his chest. firefighters say his feet were 17' in the surface. they did not pull him to safety until 2:00 this afternoon and firefighters were frustrated how long it was taking but they were working in sand, which just kept caving in on them when they pulled. the boss said they all felt terrible as they watched the slow process and even rogelio esparza wondered why it took so long. >> the whole time, he was worried. they took a long time.
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he was dizzy but so far...he is so happy right now. >> it was extremely tedious and a game of inches as a company officers to defined it. it would pick up 1" of material. 2" would slough in. you would be picking that out. we were burning out rescue workers and it got near the end where, you have been in the hole twice, you have been in twice. you know... >> rogelio esparza is in good condition and his boss hopes he can come home tomorrow. they are waiting for the final word from the doctor. his wife and two kids live in los angeles and are making their way up here to oakland. his boss thinks rogelio esparza will feel bet we when his family is here. he said rogelio esparza is anxious to get back to work. >> thank you, airline aim. the latest el nino enhanced storm is tapering off after a
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windy morning. this is interstate 8 80's at 5:00 with downpours on-and-off for a few hours. most showers have tapered. this is a look from the abc7 camera, and there are dark clouds but the sun is coming out. meteorologist mike nicco is here with why you should not put away the umbrella any time soon. mike? >> great advise. while i am standing in sunshine i am looking to richmond and i can see it is raining there. we will have a combination of sun and showers. you can see on live doppler hd. that means the possibility of rainbows. if you capture one send it to us hash abc7 now. >> the shower chance will dwindle the next six hours as the storm system moves to the east. well look ahead. tomorrow, storm impact scale, you have been with us you know we have been naming the or scaling the storms from "1" to "5" and light-to-moderate. tomorrow is light, a third of an
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inch of rain and gusts up to 30 miles per hour. i will give you an hour-by-hour look at that will coming up. >> thank you. part of the great highway of san francisco is closed because of flooding right new. the southbound lanes are shut down because one of the lanes is flooded. you can use sunset police department as the alternate. >> oakland mayor schaaf is promising to get to work with the radars and the nfl for a if stadium for the team right here at home. this is after the nfl owners voted yesterday to allow the rams and the chargers to move to los angeles. we tiffany? >> raiders' owner davis did not hide his disappointment over the deal falling through and 30 minutes ago the the mayor schaaf said they will give him a few days and wants to get back to work on a new stadium proposal. >> the raiders can forget the sketches, starting today, the team heads back to the drawing board for a new stadium.
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>> we will find a home. >> mayor schaaf renewed commitment to a stadium proposal that works for the raiders and the nfl, the fans and oakland taxpayers the now that los angeles is behind us, we know we can get attention on the work at hand. we are ready to demonstrate to the raiders that we can preserve that incredible game day experience, the tailgating. we can guarantee at least 8,000 surface parking spaces in the coliseum area. and a new stadium. and the development we believe can create a revenue flow to finance. >> the raiders' own mark davis is skeptical. >> will the fans be happy? >> where? >> in oakland. >> are we? all the world is a possibility. >> the nfl promised yesterday to contribute $100 million for a new stadium in oakland. davis said money isn't the only sticking point. >> land. you have to have land. we have fought been talking
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about money but land. >> i respect that it did not go the way mark davis wanted them to go but i me that mark recognizes the power of the raider fan base here in oakland. >> officials say the first order of business is a new lease or extension for the raiders for next year and the mayor schaaf said a new stadium proposal could take a year to hammer out. in the newsroom for abc7. >> the nfl decision leaving the radars in limit bow means the oakland a's are in limbo with their help for a baseball only stadium is on hold. the owner said the team will explore options for the city of oakland and alameda county. >> super bowl stars will agreement employees and employees are getting special freining to spot signs of humor trafficking the police believe many especially teen girls, could be brought to the bay area to work in the sex trade. >> certainly the super bowl has
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heightened were's tax to human trafficking. the reality is, this is a $32 billion industry and and a long-term. it will go on, beyond the super bowl. >> sfo already had similar training on monday. >> a new video from the san jose police department show as clear picture of a wanted car burglary suspect. investigators are asking for crew help help in identifying this man. he is one of two suspects captured on home surveillance video back in november breaking into a pickup truck parked on the street. you only see a glimpse of the second suspect. they cut the lock off the utility box in the back of the truck and stole items inside. >> authorities have officially called off the search for two fishermen who went missing near reno on new area's day. the two mens one from san francisco and one from millbrae, were fishing in nevada and the search will not continue. here is some news.
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the city of san francisco could pay workers to spend time with the new bundle of joy. there could be an ordinance to require employers with 20 workers to pay the full salary during live. california pays 55 percent of a person's salary for six weeks and will introduce this of the board on january 26 and would be the first difficult in the country to require full paid parental leave for employees. >> check out the number right there. it is the first american lottery over $1 billion. we just get off the phone with lottery officials in the newsroom. they are forecasting 85 percent chance of a winner being chosen tonight. our news reporter is at the lucky store in young city. have you bought your ticket yet? >> i did buy some tickets. i figured i had to, right? i bought a couple yesterday because someone has to written it at some point. perry's liquors lets people know it is a lucky retailer.
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in fact, we met a woman who drove here from fresno to buy her powerball numbers. the jackpot is so huge it does not fit on the screen. it said $999 million but tonight's drawing is for $1.5 billion. a life-change evening amount money. >> do you feel lucky? >> i am lucky. i have been here since 1:00 o'clock. >> the largest jackpot in history could turn someone interest an instant billionaire. the possibility has everyone dreaming. >> i got a big family. i i don't do a lot with it. >> the anothers are not good but someone has to win. >> definitely. i am landing to buy $200 worth. i want to win. >> customers waited in the rain for the storm to open. it is the luckiest retailers in the safety california. known for making millionaires. >> at perry's liquor in young
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city, tickets have been selling like crazy. last wednesday, a powerball ticket sold here and matched five of the six numbers for $1.4 million prize. >> i plan to get the big one this weekend. >> lightning could strike twice in the samurai's. >> why not? all the lucky one? >> sure i am coming back tomorrow to declare my prize. >> the owner called in friends to help with the expected crush of customers. >> last week i spent one day around $50,000 in tickets one day to day ought odds are lousy, one in 292 million. lottery officials say that so far, more than 85 percent of the number combinations have been purchased for tonight's drawing. >> that means there is no guarantees there will be a winner tonight and if there is in winner the next jackpot is expected to rise to at least $2 billion. as you can see perries is not shy about showing some of the win ares with scratchers and other tickets. tonight, the drawing you can get
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instant powerball results with our news app free in the app store. good luck to all. >> with the powerball jackpot at $1.5 billion security for the big drawing is tight. the lottery studio in tallahassee where the record-breaking drawing will take place has a battery of tests and security checks to ensure that everything is smooth. they are kept in a double locked vault and set with an alarm and three people are required to access the vault and their actions are closely monitored on video. >> listen to this one, restaurant workers are committing the numbers closely tonight after a powerball mixup that left them heart broken. >> 47. yes. 13. yes! >> the 20-minutes most important
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in my entire life. i feel...great! >> boy, they can laugh now but it was heartbreaking at first. a new jersey worker thought they won $950 million jackpot only to find out they were celebrating after reading the wrong numbers. they were so exited, but, really they were looking at numbers from the previous drawing four days early, a guy quit, another told the valet to get their own card but they automatic got their jobs back. >> president obama upstaged by his wife during the final state of the union and the reaction inspired by the first lady. >> the honor looming for david bowie days after the historic
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>> new video shows ten united states sailors deattend by iranian officials in the golf with all being released after being held on trespassing charges when two naval boats entered the iranian water. secretary of state john kerry thanked iranians for the swift cooperation. >> president obama kicked off the final year of the presidency with a "state of the union" address that rallied supporters and took on critics. however, he did not waste time addressing the thought on everyone's mine: the race for 2016. he joked right off the bat he would keep the speech short so candidates can get back to iowa
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on the campaign trail. g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump was naughton invited to the speech but he blasted it on twitter calling it "really boring." >> a big winner from last night's state of the union appears to be first lady michelle obama. she stole the say with her wool dress that trended on social media immediately and there was a rush to the knee monday website, and now it is completely sold out although it is expensive at $628. it was designed by rodriguez and they have a history. she wore him at the 2008 election as well as the 2009 congressional address. >> could not ask for a better model. >> don't expect it to look the same on you. if you buy that dress. >> and wonder what kind of raincoat you would wear with that dress? it is going to rain. it is in my forecast the next 12 -- 7-14 days with an hour to hour look and how it will affect
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the rains this weekend. >> adding to his legacy, the new honor looming for beloved rocker david bowie. plus a thief takes gutsy to a whole new level the you have to see this to believe
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>> we could not make this up if we wanted. a guy stole a snake bischoffing it down his pants the security cameras caught the whole thing, look at this in a portland, oregon pet store, the suspect got away with a 2' python worth
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$200. can you see what is going on. it could have ended very differently and this guy just lucky it wasn't feeding day. she said that feeding days are on mondays and they are usually very hungry. >> that is what she said. >> so many jokes. >> mike? >> mike? >> take it away. >> let me bail you out of this. >> thank you. i will stay away from that one of at least 2' away. good morning, everyone, let me show you this calendar it has been a talk around the newsroom this morning. the first several days leading up to today those the days we have received moved from today the 13th forward to the 28 and i have a chance of rain every day except next monday. this morning, the storm is san jose showing a left sunshine and unfortunately, the rainfall forecast came to fruition with the south bay receiving the least amount at .1" in san jose, and .25" if san francisco and a third in walnut creek and half
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an inch in oakland and san rafael, 1" and at sfo the arrival delays are down from 77 minutes to about 5 a minutes right now, you can see the clearing taking place over the peninsula, and this is from sutro tower, the showers are going to taper but the pres will remain. you can see them bouncing. dry and cooler and more calm tonight and rainy on saturday, we will get sunday morning in dry but i am not sure about sunday afternoon if you have weekend plans. here is the radar in the south bay, nothing go on, and part of the bay over alameda and headed to oakland a light shower up to piedmont in about continue minutes and men, you are starting to seat rain moving into your eastern section and holding over the east bay hills and you can see over richmond and heading up to the north bay the best chance for a scattered shower to linger longer across the north bay up to another .1" is possible and on the upstream over the ocean, not much
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brewing. right new. here is a look at our temperatures, santa rosa the cool of the at 56. oakland is warmest at 60 this afternoon. it families comfortable. but tonight, it is cooler in the upper 30s to low 40s inland and watch out for patchy fog in the inland valley. from noon to 5:00 you can see the tapering of the showers and by 7:00, a few along the coast but in the evening, those evaporate and overnight the clouds open up, we cool off, and then the cloud will increase tomorrow and by noon, we are watching the next batch of light-to-moderate rain moving into the north bay and overspreading our neighbors by the time we head to the evening hours. winter weather add you havery in the western slope until midnight and here is why, it is still snowy heavily up there. our seven-day outlook is back here at home we have rain in the forecast, tomorrow's storm is a "1" a slight chance of light rain and saturday it is a "1" but it will rate better part of the day. mop's storm is strongest and
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where you saw rain each day at let it will snow each day in the sierra but for friday and sunday, again, for easy traveling. have a good day. >> and i have a broken spoke so i will invest. >> the final album of david bowie is poiseed break records on track to sell 130,000 copies by the end of the first week making it number one on the billboard album chart and knocking off adele. his professor high was in 2013 when the album "the next day," hit number two. his songs new and old have been at the spot of spotify all week. he died on sunday after 18-month battle with cancer. >> so good to see the songs trending before his death. >> a man dares to do what most of us would not dream of doing, why he would cuddle up with a giant 1,500 pound bear and
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and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. >> coming up at 4:00, tomorrow the oscar nominations are out but today the nominations no one wants were announced and razzy from fresh fries to mashed potatoes women may want to avoid potatoes before pregnancy. details tonight at 5:00 on abc7
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news. >> something lick a bear hug to make you feel better, right? >> different keep, though. >> this is a kodiak bear named jimbo playing with a guy named jim at the wildlife center in new york. gym has raised jimbo since he was a sub, the 1,500 pound beast turned 21 this month. jimbo loves back rubs and he loves to lick jim's face. jim don't seem to mind. the nonprofit posted this after someone asked for a video of the two on unlikely friend playing. >> jim san bernardino a good friend to v. >> don't mess with me. >> i have fought seen "revenant," but it scares me because of that. >> i am not sure...thank you pore joining us. have a great day.
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>> just moments from now, another player will attempt to fight their way question by question to that ultimate prize of $1 million. will they make it? let's find out on "who wants to be a millionaire." [applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you very much. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [applause] how about we continue to play it? because having traveled the world, you'd think our returning contestant would've seen it all. i don't think she's ever seen a million dollars. i hope she does today. from golden canyon, arizona, please welcome back elham jazab. [applause] hello, my dear. >> lovely to see you. >> lovely to see you. thank you for coming back. >> excited to be here. >> it would've been lonely if you didn't.


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