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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 14, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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orth the wait. making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, under attack. explosions and gunfire rocking a country's capital. a starbucks targeted. the breaking developments just in. powerball winners. lucky tickets in three states splitting the $1.5 billion jackpot. we're live at one of the stores where a winning ticket was sold. athlete arrested. picabo street, the olympian who won the world over and gold medal now facing serious charges. angry candidate. donald trump on a rant. >> you know, i believe in pain but when somebody does a bad job you shouldn't pay [ bleep ]. >> what set him off at a late night rally.
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we do say good morning on what is a really busy thursday morning. we have two breaking stories we're following. >> one being, of course, the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. the winning tickets announced overnight. you're looking live at a 7-eleven in southern california. >> just one of the locations where a winner picked the right six numbers. we're going to get more from there in a moment. but first that other breaking story, a city under attack. >> yeah, multiple explosions and gunfire rocked indonesia's capital city of jakarta killing and injuring several. the attackers imitated the actions of the paris attackers. adding that the explosions are the work of terrorists. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: blown out windows, smoke billowing into the sky.
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debris scattered across the streets of the capital. at least three suicide bombers detonated their packs exploding themselves inside a starbucks while gunmen attacked a police station nearby. one police officer is dead but the death toll could be higher. after the first, chaos erupted in the capital that's home to luxury hotels and foreign embassies. a gunfight ensued between the attackers and anti-terror police squads for more than an hour while explosions in other parts of the city could be heard, police intensely searching for other gunmen. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but tensions have been high in indonesia as newer isis groups overshadow older ones in the region. everybody on high alert since christmas after a number of arrests were made across indonesia. counterterrorism advisers say
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about 500 indonesians have joined with others pledging support to abu al they were told to stay put until authorities can figure out what is going on and who is responsible. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> and, of course, we'll continue to follow the developments there, but back to the other big breaking story from overnight. the wait is over for that record powerball jackpot. nearly $1.6 billion will be split between three winning tickets sold in california, tennessee and florida. >> take a look. the scene overnight at the 7-eleven in southern california where one of those were sold. hundreds cheering and high-fiving the manager and our abc's lauren lyster rushed to the store in chino hills and is there live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. someone who shopped at this
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southern california 7-eleven is 1 in 92 million this morning, the odds of winning the nearly $1.6 billion jackpot and california lottery officials say a winning ticket was sold here. >> can you believe it, america? a world record jackpot. it is coming to you right now. >> it was the more than billion dollar moment people across the u.s. were waiting for. >> all right, now for your winning powerball number, good luck to you. it is the number 10 tonight. >> reporter: and that moment undoubtedly changing the life of the lucky powerball player who bought one of the winning tickets here at this chino hills 7-eleven crowds showing up last night after it was revealed. [ cheers and applause ] >> happy and very excited. >> reporter: it's almost like we won even though we didn't because our community won. >> reporter: call it a sign of powerball fever sweeping the nation. tickets ahead of the drawing selling at a frenetic pace of
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1$1.3 million a minute during rush hour. >> the winner. >> the winner. >> the winner. >> you can't be the winner. >> reporter: drawing long lines inspiring people to cross state borders from powerball-free nevada into california. >> we're all going to buy round trip tickets to the moon. >> reporter: crossing national borders like these canadians. >> everyone has the fever. >> reporter: one for every person in this country were sold. for a prize that got too big to even fit on billboards but the cash value does come close. lottery officials reporting it comes out to $983.5 millio and the california winner who bought his or her ticket here will split the jackpot with winners in any other states. that california lottery spokesperson saying there are two others in florida and tennessee. reena and kendis. >> we saw those scenes of all those people at that location overnight. any talk amongst that crowd of
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who the winner might be? >> reporter: you know, it was amazing. so many people showed up and we don't know who this winner is. now california rules they have a year in order to come forward and claim their prize money with that winning ticket. but they cannot remain anonymous. so if they claim the money we'll know who it is. >> all right, lauren lyster, live for us in chino hills which is sounding like beverly hills this morning. thank you. and, of course, there are winners of the smaller prizes so do check your numbers. here's another look, 4, 8, 19, 27, 34, the powerball 10. we'll have hore on the powerball later on in "the pulse" including these two guys organizing a pool that purchased over 100,000 tickets. dollars of tickets. well, new developments overnight in the presidential race. ted cruz on the defensive ahead of tonight's gop debate. reports say that cruz financed his senate campaign with a
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million dollar loan from goldman sachs and failed to report the loan on federal fund-raising reports. cruz is brushing aside the report saying it was an inadvertent error. >> we borrowed against the stocks and assets we had under ordinary terms so those loans have been disclosed after and over again on multiple filings. >> a spokeswoman calls the failure to report a mistake but it could hurt him since he's railed against big banks and wall street bailouts. just learning offen arrest in the death of ashley olsen. she was found dead in italy. an immigrant from senegal has been arrested. the news agency ansa says they made the arrest based on dna taken from her apartment and zeroed in on the man after poring through hours of surveillance video. police say he's known to be involved in the local drug scene. the ten u.s. sailors freed by iran are now at a u.s.
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military facility in qatar. this he's trying to figure out how the group ended up in iranian custody in the first place. officials say this video apology widely played on iranian tv was staged in order to ensure the sailors' safety. secretary of state john kerry credits diplomacy for averting an international crisis. here at home more wet weather is on tap for parts of the west as much as 2 inches of rain expected from the san francisco bay area stretching north to portland and seattle. that same system likely to drop one to two feet of snow in the sierra and cascades. stocks plugging. trillions lost. the reason behind the big sell-off and when will it stop? plus, under arrest an olympic gold medalist accused of assaulting a family member. hidden shipment. fake vegetables. drug smugglers getting creative but this time it didn't work.
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that's it, folks. all that's left of buffalo's impromptu monument became a media sensation. frozen in lake water has now been towed away. the crews used 350 pounds of ice melter to break free the mitsubishi lancer. three americans on a humanitarian mission to honduras have been killed in a bus crash. two of the victims were students at columbia university in new york. the other was a nurse practitioner at the university as well as a student. they were on their way back home to the u.s. when their bus veered off the road and down a ravine. the financial markets apparently aren't ready to turn the corner on the bad start to the year yet. the dow starts this trading day down 365 points.
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the s&p lost about 2.5% yesterday and yesterday's report by the fed predicting modal economic growth. well, it didn't make a dent. since the start of the year the average 401(k) plan has lost nearly $7,000. general electric is leaving the suburbs for the big city. the national -- the nation's biggest industrial company is moving its headquarters from fairfield, connecticut to boston. they're offers tens of millions in incentives but ge chose boston because it wants to be more digital and sees a better talent pool there. the move will affect a few hundred workers. when we come back, skiers trapped after triggering an avalanche. s rescue mission overnight. donald trump getting angry. an object setting off the billionaire at a rally last night. i accept i'm not the rower i used to be. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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children. investigators in ohio say a house fire and explosion that killed a family of four was arson. they have determined what caused the fire. but they aren't offering any other details until they complete their investigation. neighbors say monday's blast shook hopes throughout the area. the gas company taste testing confirmed there were no natural gas leaks coming from the home. there are new concerns in that michigan city with unsafe levels of lead in its water. the national guard going door to door in flint offering residents bottled water or filters. in 2014 the city disconnected from detroit's water supply and began drawing from the flint river. it was a move meant to save money. but that move caused toxic levels of lead to show up in the water and could also be linked to an outbreak of legionnaires' disease that killed ten. emergency crews in idaho rescued two skiers after they got caught up in an avalanche. a spokesman for the local avalanche den ter claims the skiers ignored warnings and triggered the snow slide. a helicopter airlifted them out.
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one suffered broken bones. a search under way for a third who may still be missing. drug smugglers are getting creative about getting their product in the u.s. take a look at these carrots confiscated by customs. they're really prosecution filled with pot. agents discovered about 2800 of the fake veggies mixed in with the real produce. >> that won't help your eyes as much. >> not so much. not really about the beta car row teen. well, time now for sports talking basketball. golden state's winning streak snapped. >> and clemson extended its streak to four. details from our friends at espn. hey there, you've hit the powerball of television. steve, me and this is a miniature version of "sportscenter." come back and watch the whole thing one day. >> warriors went in 36-2. so happy about their record they figured they would give draymond green a night off against the
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nuggets. steph curry loses. emanuel mudia the other way. klay thompson from three, a one-point game. 2.8 left on the clock. warriors inbound, thompson a three. comes to curry. tries to flip it up, though. how go 36 and 3 for your warriors. >> how about the less well paid athletes. duke and clemson, in fact, clemson looking to beat ranked teams back-to-back games first time since 1988. number nine duke. jaron blossom left wide open. jordan roper finds blossom gain. he's tall. look at that. no monmouth bench but they're into it. duke down three. matt jones easy name. didn't do it. clemson pulls off the -- stormed the court. why didn't anybody get very excited? somber win over duke.
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i don't know. back to news and weather. >> other sports later. neil everett says hello. >> ah. >> we say hello back. >> and stan. up next in "the pulse," big winners, three states selling tickets that match all the powerball numbers. plus, the two guys who organized a massive pool with 73,000 tickets. oscar nominations out this morning. who vegas thinks is a lock-in. ti set the rookie passing record? i mean, you only mentioned what, 50 times... how about when i had three events in one night? well, i've been working on my new superhero move all day! we're non stop, we've gotta have our extra protein. oikos triple zero greek non fat yogurt has 15 grams of protein. zero added sugar, zero artificial sweetener and zero fat. and zero holding me back! oikos triple zero. be unstoppable. mmm dannon
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the third in florida. >> maybe that sunshine state winner was part of a massive powerball pool organized by two friends, 270 people paid $500 apiece to purchase 73,000 tickets. >> if you weren't one of the winners, i wonder if those guys did have success. brilliant to get together like that. if you weren't one of the winners saturday night's jackpot is still $40 million. tonight's megais $22 million. >> you're saying tonight is the night to play. it wasn't last night. >> yes, exactly. you know, who wants 1.6 billion? you just gain too many friends. okay, so now to those really sad reports for many people that one direction splitting up for good. one d announced a hiatus in august as you know and yesterday "us weekly" reported the break would be permanent. of course, that set off a social media frenzy. >> is that a tear in your eye? >> it's my sad tone. >> source close to the band says
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nothing has changed since the announcement and the band would comment soon. we await word, gentlemen. >> great. we'll see. the oscar nominations are announced later this morning. >> yeah, but las vegas is already giving us an idea what we can expect. the oddsmakers and there are those have "spotlight" as the favorite to win best picture despite the film not winning any major awards at the globes. >> brie larson odds-on favorite for "room." >> and leonardo dicaprio appears to be best actor for "the revenant." the odds for leo to take hem o home his first oscar minus 700. that means you have to bet $700 just to win 100. >> okay. and presidential candidate donald trump says he doesn't mind people describing him as angry. >> he usually has no problem showing his temper. take this appearance last night in pensacola, florida, where trump obviously did not like the sound equipment.
4:24 am
>> by the way, i don't like this mike. whoever the hell brought this mike system brought the son of a [ bleep ] to put it in. no, this mike is terrible. stupid mike keeps popping. do you hear that, george? don't pay them. don't pay them. you know, i believe in paying. but when somebody does a bad job like this stupid mike y you shouldn't pay the [ bleep ]. >> you got to find out who put the mike in. we got to talk to this gentleman. probably a guy. >> he did have a massive crowd there in pensacola, florida. but one mike audio guy who is not a big fan of the trump at this point, thgh. >> sounds like maybe he didn' have enough to eat for dinner that night. >> it's clear -- don't matter what party you're in, republican, democrat or just an object, he will take it out on you. more news after this.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> one in california is weighing up a mega millionaire in southern california, the clerk who sold the ticket matching all six numbers last night. he became an instant celebrity. good morning, even if you are not in the club, glad you are in the 4:30 club. >> the club that count around here. i am reggie aqui. a foggy start. mike nicco is tracking that. how does it look? >> good morning, guys, it is especially foggy around petaluma less than quarter-mile visibility around grant avenue right there at sunny slope road where our reporting station is. this is san rafael. supposed to be. we have foggy areas inland and temperatures are in the 40s
4:29 am
and we will see increasing cloud s as the fog fades and temperatures in the mid-50s at noon and the rain starts to move in during the afternoon from the north bay to the south bay. all of us will be wet in the evening hours. temperatures are in the low 50s. new a check of the morning commute. >> no fog at san mateo fog right now. an easy ride from half hard to foster city from 880 to 101. it is 14 minutes. the tail lights headed 209 high-rise in the westbound direction. we will go to the north bay where the fog is represented by the orange on the scene. we have a big-rig accident near highway 121 that hit something. he pulled to the side i am not seeing slowing. in the north bay the fog is going to hamper visibility. back with a language at the bay bridge in a few minutes. >> for most of us, our powerball dreams have ended. winning tickets were sold if they states including california. crowds packed the 7-elev
4:30 am
southern california. and we go to chino hills. lauren? >> good morning, natasha and reggie. someone who shopped shear 1 in $292 million, the odds are winning the powerball jackpot. a winning ticket was sold here. >> can you believe it, america? a world record jackpot and it is coming to you right now. >> more than $1 billion and people across the united states were waiting for it. >> now, the winning powerball number, good lug -- luck. >> changing the lie of the lucky powerball player who bought one of the winning pickets here. at the chino hills, california, 7-eleven with crowds showing up after it was revealed.


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