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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. break. we start the half hour with breaking news in hawaii, a midair collision between two marine corps helicopters. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. this happened overnight off off the north shore of oahu. >> it will people were on board and all missing. the marine corps tweetedness saying they were two chinook helicopters, the largest aircraft used. the marine corps posted this video of a training exercise on facebook two days ago. it is unclear if this is a helicopter involved in the accident. a call came in on the downing five hours ago. it happened at 1:30 am, and each helicopter was carrying six people, so they are looking for 12 personnel totals so far, the searchers have covered a debris field off the coast of the island and they spot add fire and an empty life raft. the coast guard sent out a plane
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and helicopter to scour the water for survives and the navy is assisting. the honolulu fire department also sent out a rescue boat. it is not known at this time what caused the crash or if there were any survivors. search efforts will continue through the morning. hoping for the best. now, to meteorologist mike nicco and a look at the forecast. >> we could get break from the rain. good news or the morning commute, it is not raining, you can see it is moving away on live doppler hd and you can see the clouds hanging an the bay but it is getting foggy in the north bay, and not so come as it was yesterday morning. 44 and 52, grab the unglasses with breaks in the cloud cover, and mid-50 to 60 at 4:00. rain in the north by at 7:00. i will let you know when it gets to your neighbor. >> san jose northbound 280 from downtown beyond 17 to highway 85
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we have a nice drive. this is the 17-880 overcrossing. seven minutes is all. it is looking good. overall, not bad. we will check the drive from the central valley. update you on a hayward accident and check with mass transit for the million or martin luther king weekend. this could be a vice if you take bart, your safety is in your own hands, riders now k cameras on bart are fake or don't worry. amy hollyfield is at pleasanton april where she is getting reaction. >> we are finding at the of surprises this morning. bart riders say though see the cameras on the trains. they assume they are working. the bart police chief now add pits they are not and many are decoys. he will not say how many. this has bart riders feeling worried for their safety.
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i thought they much ream. i did. i tried to surprise i thought they needed the cameras because you get all types of people on bart. >> a fail shooting over the weekend brought it to the surface happen on a train in front of a camera and there is no video of the shooting. they got an image of the suspected shooter from station cameras and he said that the security system in place functioned properly. no one has been arrested in the killing. >> it is getting pert for fears of snowed ifer in the sierra is kirkwood sent us these photos receiving 6" of new snow the past 24 hours and more than 19' this season. >> 25 new surveillance video cameras on san francisco streets have some worried about privacy
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issues. some cameras are going up around market and the ferry building, the site of super bowl city and san francisco municipal transit agency said that the cameras are not for surveillance video but are an expanse of the program to monitor live traffic around the city and it has nothing to do with the super bowl. the age stresses that they do not have the ability to record video because that would be against city law. >> palo alto school teen are is facing child sex abuse charges for more than a decade ago. the counselors are at the elementary school to talk with the students and increase their support. mike arrow was arrested early this week after a former student came forward. the abuse took place between december of 2002 and december of 2005. the suspect is not working for the district at the time but as a private child care provider affluenza teen an elementary school. there is condition of more victims coming failure. >> police are hoping someone
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recognizes the man in this sketch. he is accuses of attacking a woman on tuesday night, and police say the man approached the woman near a pond, stabbed her several types, and took off with her wallet and self. all the man described as his pan man between ages of 20-22, with the medium brown complex. the coliseum will hold a close door meeting to discuss plans for a new lease extension for the raiders next season. the one year lease will expire soon, and early this week raiders owner surprised fans when he refused to compensate to the silver and black play, after losing the relocation bid to los angeles. the readers team president is scheduled to meet with the head of the coliseum authority next week. >> fought likely good news for homeowners hearing that their properties are being rezoned into flood areas. >> part of the update of maps to identify where flood risk are
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high. that means some homeowners have to buy flood insurance, downtown redwood city, for example, is part of the proposal by fema and the plan encompasses the san mateo county government complex, of c.h.p. and wooded with -- redwood city. when you bay a property that will set can up on the dose closure statement you are in a potential flood zone which opens up another can worms with get insurance and it will be required insurance. >> fema has been working to revise the flood zone maps for decade for all fine bay area buildings and redwood city is planning a public hear a week from tomorrow to answer the questions. >> we have a new look at rescue of a plumber trapped if an oakland trench for 13 hours. alameda county fire shared this video of the crews pulling rogelio esparza out of a deep trench on wednesday morning and the retaining wall collapsed while working on a sewer line.
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he is still recovering, and the state now is investigating the indefinite. >> the ice willment at a bay area ice rink and the owners have decided to close you are shop. >> you the surprising word is banned by a north carolina school and the decision goes against every manner let son we have ever received. >> more weather and traffic coming this morning and this look as we told you of the sierra getting so much snow the skiers have to be heavy about skiers have to be heavy about it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>> we will start inland east bay where the clouds are clearing. the temperatures are dropping. for instance in walnut creek and 50 in antioch and dublin and pleasanton. the other areas where it is cleared out, 42 at santa rosa and 53 in san francisco and mountain view and oakland and san jose at 52. san rafael, shows it is not foggy but fog in santa rosa and temperatures today from 57 to 61 with the greatest amount of sun across the south bay where it is remain behalfest. residual moisture on the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge and that is all you deal with. we have rain coming in tonight, scattered showers tomorrow, and heavy rain coming in on sunday
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night into monday. >> mass transit shows everyone is on time this morning looking good, and monday is a holiday for some people, bart will run on a saturday schedule. the golden gate buses or on the week day schedule but the shuttle buses will not run. muni is open saturday schedule, as well for martin luther king day. traffic is slowing from the central veal. well see the accident in hayward southbound 880 off to the shoulder but, very slow there. and here is the speed you are and here is the speed you are fining over the a problem at vallejo. >> the centers for disease control could impose new guide lines if you travel to countries with a condition that causes babies to be born with small heads that can lead to
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developmental issues. there is no vaccine to block the virus and no known treatment. this week a case of the virus was con anied in a person who recently traveled to latin america. >> we learned from barney to say your please and thank you. >> or maybe mommy rather than bernie but here is what is strange, a school is taking an the word "please," actually asking teachers to refrain from using it part of a new teaching method called "no nonsense nurturing." it is packing quite a debate in north carolina. the academy in charlotte said this they are taking measures to prevent unruly behavior and that word "please," is used very sparingly. >> you say we love her but show does not play. we are asking kids not an option but expectation. no one would say, will you come to work today please. >> hmm.
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>> really got my mind turning. >> teachers say the proof is in the results, suspensions are down, kids are behaving boater. the parents are not so sure. we will hear from them on "good morning america" at 7:00. i am totally intrigued. >> it is more like order when you have a "please." it is down. do your work. >> okay. >> big news for chipolte plans shutting done every store for a few hours and a trip over ice few hours and a trip over ice ends badly for a man in ukrai
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without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. daly city, dublin, los gatos >> a terrible crash. developing news authorities are trying to figure what caused a bus to veer off a mountain road. 14 people died in the crash. 27 others are hurt. the bus was taking tourists to a popular ski area at the time. officials say the company that operates the bus has a history of driver safety violations. >> more incredible video of emergency officials in ukraine saving two people who fell through the ice in a canal.
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the rescuers used inflatable boat and ladders to pull themselves across 100' of ice to save the man and woman in the water. it took place new year's day but we just see the video. both were treated at the hospital. >> chipolte fans, they plan to close all stores next month. do not panic. it will only last a few hours for a company-wide meeting. officials confirm the closure gives them time to rain employees on new policies stemming from e. coli outbreak causing problems across the country. the closure will take place on february 8. >> now a look at what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a. >> dan? >> good morning, coming up on "good morning america" at the republican debate the bromanc. between donald trump and ted cruz ended, and we will. [ down the showdown this morning on "good morning america" next. >> thank you, get this, a group
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candidates running for the board of overseers at harvard proposes a provocative question. should a harvard education be free? >> here is the reasoning. the school makes so much money from the $37 billion endowment the candidates suggest that the school stop charging tuition for undergraduates. their argument is that if harvard were free more highly qualified students from all backgrounds would apply and make the school a more diverse place. just so you have an idea of how much it confidents do go to harvard it champions $45,000 a year which does not include room and board which is typical of a private university. >> interesting. >> bad news for ice skaters in the peninsula, another ice rink is shut down. >> it will shut down at the end of april after 60 years in business. owners blame upkeep say they have to spend $1 million to replace the floor leaving ice skaters scrambling to find a
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place to go. >> i am sure the rinks that are open are inundated as people try to figure where they skate and what they will do to keep going. >> 10,000 people use the ripping each month and on kids take lessons and the closure in redwood city is the last remaining ice rink. >> and summing up our weather: joy and pain. sunshine and rain. >> i like that. >> we will get to meteorologist mike nicco in a second but be first, sue looks at the traffic. >> it is not much pain this morning, more joy than pain. we have a couple of incidents to tell you about a sig-alert in vallejo, the maritime academy on-ramp to westbound 80 and the traffic from westbound 80 a big-rig is blocking the on-ramp and it is aifing the drive headed to the cartinez bridge. we have a fail hit-and-run accident in san jose at the enter says of santa clara at tell moment and this is near the s.a.p. center so avoid santa
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clara if you can. the street. because of the fatal hit-and-run accident and matt keller is on the way to give us more detail on that. back with the lake tahoe report but, first, here is mike. >> we talking fog. quarter mile in sass -- santa rosa and 101, a triangle near the airport. over the exploritorium we are seeing the clearing overdowntown san francisco and it is 53 degrees, a remainder spot, and as the clouds clear specific the temperatures to drop into the 40s in mother 80s before we get to 7:30. you will need the search glasses, the umbrella tonight, and scattered showers taper on saturday and stronger storm on sunday evening. today, the storm is from a light "1" to 5 for she advisor and this is a "1" because there is no wind and not much rain or bonding and not expecting any dam or tree limits or flooding. from 7:00 to noon it will be
6:21 am
brightest with high clouds streaming in for the afternoon, and at 4:00, all is dry and by five o'clock you can see light rain is developing over all of our neighborhoods and waves of light-to-moderate showers during the overnight hours and a push of heavy rain tomorrow morning and by 3:00 you can still see the scattered showers and not until tomorrow evening we will clear it out so we tomorrow if the day find something to do inside. most of us will see a quarter to a third of an inch and half an inch of rain in the north bay. i want to show you the snow is lake tahoe from 10:00 in morning and light snow for saturday, sunday, and more snow on monday. here is the seven-day forecast, what you will see, it is our next storm at 2:00, so expect the bonding on the roads on monday, and breezy conditions with the half rain, and it starts on sunday. there is a chance of light rain on tuesday and thursday. now the snow in the sierra.
6:22 am
sue? >> a son new son snow. this is the lake tahoe report. squaw valley reporting a huge base. highway 89, chains are required this morning on 80 and 50 and 89 is the entrance to july valley, and heavenly is 72" bay and 3 hours 22 minute for the drive from the bay area. and remember, 88 toward kirkwood is closed i this morning because of avalanche control. check for that, a good ride to north star with chains required, as well, so always care the changes. that is the toyota and lake tahoe report. >> right if line where what you are talking about an instagram video to show you, conditions on the way to lake tahoe with the windshields going with beautiful snow. thank you for submitting the video of the conditions you saw and to share your pictures post them on social media #abc7now. >> we love the videos.
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>> this morning, michael finney is help the pet owners use ride sharing apps like uber and lyft and if you have considered an amazon prime member get your amazon prime member get your credit card ready you may
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♪ look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mmmm, yoplait. >> determined crooks in australia fighting over the sliding doors at the store last night and they ran in, tied a rope to the a.t.m. and atta
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it to the a.t.m. and pulled it influence the door but they were not strong enough to lit it into the truck bed so in the end they decided to drag it. >> if you have been thinning of getting an storm prime member you may want to do it this weekend cutting the price of a membership at $99 to $73 and celebrating the two golden globe wins for the original series "mozart in the jungle," starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. spending on sunday. only new customers can take advantage of the deal. >> i answered the quote, $73 is because it is the 73rd annual golden globe awards. >> if you have a question, not like that one but like this, michael finney has your answers with "7 on your side" helping pet owners. >> take a dog in lyft?
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>> until the passenger has a service animal it is up to the driver whether to allow the passenger's pet in the vehicle. what they do is this, advise passengers to call their driver right after the request is accepted and confirm that it is okay to bring their pets. uber has the seem -- same policy. >> if you have a question for michael 15 any report or post it or social media has been ask begin any and you could see the question answers right here. >> trying to figure out where to take my dog in an uber. >> new video of the breaking dispore from hawaii where two marine helicopters have crashed. >> tax season is less stress, what the i.r.s. is revealing about their plans for the dreaded audited. >> what the friday morning toll plaza at the bay bridge looking plaza at the bay bridge looking like,
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just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a busy morning. working a couple of breaking stories including from hawaii new video into the newsroom, military search team staging near a dark beach on oahu after
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two marine corps helicopters crashed looking for a dozen people. we hope for the best. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> big news on wall street, and we will get to that in a m and first check on the friday forecast. mike? >> good morning, everyone, welcome to friday and a dry commute. there is residual moisture on the ground but the next three hours don't have to worry. the clouds are clearing and temperatures are cooling through 8:00. we will drop down into the 40s in most areas grab sunglasses. you will need it. mild at almost, mid-to-upper 50s and increasing clouds and mid-50s to around 60 and rains are move in around 7:00. an hour-by-hour look coming up. >> signature ail letter in vallejo, a couple of problems, first the on-ramp marine maritime academy with a accident that has the ramp closed and you can use sonoma to get back to westbound 80 and we have reports of a big-rig before the cartinez
6:32 am
bridge in an accident. the maritime academy is a sig-alert issue so traffic is stacked up to highway 37 for almost a 30-membership drive from 37 to the car fin necessary bridge. use 680. we have a hit-and-run accident in san jose with matt colder open way to at intersection of santa clara and belmont so v.t.a. is re-routed. avoid the area. a new accident at westbound 580 and we will update that, too. >> breaking news from hawaii, the crash of two marines helicopters with telephone people on board and a massive search effort underway at oahu. now the late breaking details. >> all 12 memorial are missing with a massive search effort underway. temperatures have been sending for five hours now in the dark, with the coast guard and navy also are scouring the water and the honolulu fire department
6:33 am
superintendent out a rescue boat. twoally nuclear helicopters, the large of the used in the united states and marine corps base hawaii post add video of a training exercise on the facebook page just two days ago. the crash happen at 1:30 a.m. and the debris field is discovered off the cost with a fire and empty life raft. president obama spent christmas at the marine corps base hawaiian annual tradition for the obama family during the time this, meeting with service members and thanked them for their hard work. it is not clear what caused the crab. a retired cornell with the united states miles per hour told abc it can be challenging to fly over water at night because of lights on shore and the lack of depth perception. we stay on that story. >> now to the weather we have been having around here. wet and dry. yet and dry. that is pattern each day.
6:34 am
really, causing sales to go up in some stores like the r.e.i. but at a novato car wash not a lot of business when it veining but the owner keeps it open. >> if you are in business you have to be open rain or shine and look at tomorrow >> for others, the storms have been a good reminder, to buy the patch choughs you will need. >> what does it mean for our drought as our r filled, the we water level will be low at 87 percent of california is still facing a severe drought with not much improvement. it self depth at lake men dough seas where the water is up but below the norm and lake sonoma officials say it is only
6:35 am
accumulating half of what is considered "full." >> police hope the wet weather doesn't bring more of these images with pictures from alamo and mariposa showing a chain reaction involving several cars on the slick roads,. >> if you are headed to the sierra, look at this at interstate 80. there is in snow in the forecast so be careful if you are headed up to the mountains. >> you can trust the news" to get you the weather forecast on the go to make sure to be able the public alerts for immediate notification and severe weather alert. >> san leandro police are asking anyone who saw a shooting outside the bay area center fall to give them a call after two men fired at each other in the parking lot outside bed bath and beyond at 6:30. the men ran into the ma'am and got away.
6:36 am
police say no shoppers inside were hurt. officers are checking hospitals looking for the shooters. police detained two men for questioning. >> the man accused of killing a hayward sergeant in july is scheduled to ahere in court to enter a plea. the previous hearing in october was continued until today. the 21-year-old is charged with the murder of sergeant scott lunger. he was shot during a traffic stop. the sergeant was a 15-year veteran of the force. >> a subsidiary of publicker has to pay $7.6 million fine next month or it will be shut down. the 8:00 public utility commission ordered the fine of punishment for faming to meet reporting requirements. the company provides transportation services through uber x does not properly provide information on a number of topics including the public of handicap riders. >> the presidential can tender faceed off for the first time in
6:37 am
2016 ask the gloves are off. prove and hillary clinton are targets for most of the debate, and the cap difficulties say sometimes they turn on each other and donald trump and senator cruz had a testy exchange offer whether cruz can even legally be president since he was born in canada. >> you have great constitutional rights that say you cannot run. >> if there were ever a bromance between the two, it is over. they will face off again in two weeks at the next debate in des moines. >> from san francisco, young republicans hosted a debate want party last might and they say that candidates appear to have a more united property. san francisco state political science prefer was at the part and disagrees about candidate cohesiveness and believes the republican party is headed for a broke are witness if donald trump wins a majority delegates.
6:38 am
>> i don't think the republican establish the is willing to allow him to be the nominee. i suspect they will get together to deny hip the knox -- him the nomination. >> the last time there was a broker convention a candidate who was picked that did not run was the democratic convention in 1952. >> breaking news, wal-mart announced they are closing 269 stores across the world mostly the express stores. more than hard are in the united states affecting 10,000 united states workers. >> no word if any are in the bay area. the announcement is three months after the c.e.o. told investers though would review the store fleet amid increasing competition across all fronts including on-line rival amazon. >> the 49ers will be tremendous dues new head coach chip kelly next week he interviewed last weekend before being hired yesterday. he was fired by the me a weak
6:39 am
past end the third season. the me were 10-6 first two seasons and a disappointing 6-9 this season when let go. 49ers great steve young thinks he can succeed. >> he will be successful long term. you look at coughlin or shanahan and billion check all struggle -- and belichick all struggle emed and they fixed what was wrong so it would not happen again. >> the offense is a perfect fit for quarterback kaepernick so it could be a comeback. many hop camp knick would be traded or released this off season and now, he could try to resurrect kaepernick's career. >> :39 on friday and a look at the temperatures in the south bay, los gatos is 38, and everyone else is 50 to 53 and the temperatures are dropping where the clouds opening, so expect 40s next hour. novato is 42. calistoga is 40. lafayette is friction. san francisco is 53 and redwood
6:40 am
city at 54 and alameda is 52. san rafael is not foggy like santa rosa. temperatures today are veteran in san francisco and the north bay and inland east bay 58 peninsula and east bay at secretary and south bay 61 use see the longest during reagan of sunshine. the activity lapper is dry, dry but cool door silling and well call it fair and good with mild conditions and dry for running. walnut creek is busy traffic and we will talk to sue and we will look at the when, scattered showers tomorrow and heavy rain saturday night into monday. sue? >> yes, we will go back to walnut creek because we have an accident southbound 680 before monument beyond the scene of the accident and you can see sluggish traffic with the travels from highway 4 to the 24 interchange, 10 minutes and an accident coming off altamont pass, and it is westbound 580 near let scales blocking a lane of traffic and from tracy to
6:41 am
dublin it is not too bad at 35 minutes. we have a sig-alert issued in vallejo. we will update that in a few minutes. if you are coming to san francisco ahead of super bowl 50, what you should not do starting next week. the i.r.s. is revealing new the i.r.s. is revealing new detail about audits and i
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>> we are tracking breaking news, san jose police are on the scene of a deadly hit-and-run crash, and our reporter is joining us now with what three has just learned. matt? natasha we have an active police investigation on santa clara street right by the s.a.p. center. you can see that there is a person who has died at the scene. he is identifieded as a 60-year-old man. police calm him a transient type. a person in a white we chevrolet-type pickup, work truck, late 80s or early 1990s hit the person is when they tried to flee hit the victim again. here is a christmas of the vehicle from police. >> the statement stated that he was struck by late 80s or early 1990s work pickup truck probably a white chevrolet, something along those lines and
6:45 am
that the driver we fled the scene after hitting the individual. >> that person fled the scene and they have not caught up to that driver yet. this is chose right here -- closed right here santa clara street on the way to the station from 87 so a lot of traffic is being diverted and it will be a headache for commuters this morning. police are investigating the death of a 60-year-old man on santa clara street after being hit by a vehicle this morning. this is the third fatality of the year here in san jose. the police are pursuing the fern and expect to be on the scene for several hours. matt i know you will stay on top. >> if you ride bart, the police expect you and the other passengers around you to police yourselves on top of reports that many security cameras on board the trains are either fake
6:46 am
or broken. our reporter is hearing from the passengers this or, for us in pleasanton hill. what are they saying? >> reggie we are hearing a last surprise out here this morning from riders when they find out that the cameras are basically useful, and he say the cameras on the trains and they had no idea they were not working and the bart police chief admitted they look like cameras but company of them are decoys, and not recording what is going on. he will not say sow many. rider say? is news to them. >> it is interesting. i thought that is why they were there. wow... >> this came to light last weekend after a fatal shooting on a bart train, there is no video of the shooting. they do have an image of the suspected shooter and it was takennization cameras so he said that the security system in blaze worked properly and reported live from the lasten
6:47 am
bart station for abc news. >> this is eye opening, do you see that number on the screen? 330 points down right now a live look. not a good way to the start the date. >> a bad start to january in general. jane king is at nasdaq with the money report. >> a lost red on the spring screen today. and it is the same thing we have been going through since the beginning of the year, china, oil, ought details in a minute, but, first, san francisco-based dating app is getting swiped to death because of competition with tinder and it will lay off a big part of the staff with 40 people let go a third of the remainlyees and they did billion for a while after partnerships with facebook but lot ground to tinder. the i.r.s. delivered a double dose of good news for taxpayers, shorter telephone waiting times and lower audit rates this year.
6:48 am
thousand new tax representatives have been hired that will reduce hangups and the wait times, with last year acknowledging 23 minutes. after making news amazon is turning their eyes to chinese affiliates registering with 9 maritime commission to become a licenseed ocean freight forwarder so it allows amazon to ship packages by boat overseas. >> markets are still plunging here at the open and the dow was down 318 and savopoulos lower and the nats dark is where the most damage is done down 2 percent the shanghai stock market is in a bear market so it is down 20 percent from the high and oil is trading below $3 a barrel, great news for drivers that could signal something bigger, perhaps a snow down is coming. >> not going to look at the 401(k). not going to look at the 401(k). >> happening, producers of
6:49 am
"shark tank," are searching for the next entrepreneur. you will given a minute to pitch your business idea and if producers like you could end up on show some come prepared to disas el and a bay area contestant will make her pitch on "shack tank." >> super bowl 50 is over three weeks away but san francisco city leaders are already urging everyone to think about how you will get around downtown without driving. >> street closures begin john 23rd and you can see the red is what you will want to avoid. most of these are around the foot of market street at mass scone center and the big game is estimated to bring in a million fans into san francisco and muni minutes are re-routed and changes will take place when the visitors arrive. >> they are planning in a way we
6:50 am
have never planned before but we have good expense. >> they estimate it will cost $4.7 million. officials expect a huge economic pay off. >> we need to figure how we will get around. >> the embarcadero will be a mess the fiscal year few weeks. we will see how it goes. >> market is always a mess. >> you cannot forecast far enough to be able to see how the weather will were that time? that day there is 30 percent chance of rain but the last 19 years it has rained half those days. >> really? so with el nino year it could be sloppy super bowl. >> speaking of sloppy the vied harder around santa rosa between quarter to half mile visibility is what you are seeing at airport. san jose the clearing is roaching 280 and 17. grab the sunglasses. like everyone you are dry and rain is coming tonight and heest
6:51 am
e rain is sunday into monday morning affecting the commute but if it is a holiday it will not be a human affect and more cans of rain next week. storm exact scale hop you appreciate it and made it your life simpler, ranking the storms from "1" light to "5" severe depending how much rain, wind, waves and other things it will kick up, and this is a "1" and less than half an inch of rain and no wind so no dam, no flood ing, and 7:00 you can see the brightest time is noon and high clouds will stream in ahead of the next storm and by 4, light rain, and by 7:00, all of us are deal, with drizzle and light rain from inland east bay and south bay dot coast and the closer you are to the coast the more likely you have rain and all of us in the evening. the waves of light rain and moderate showers as we head through saturday morning and height to moderate rain from time to time all day on saturday
6:52 am
so we are looking at the possibility of .1" to adequate are inch of rain on peninsula into the south bay and you will get the rain shadow and the rest of us at a third an inch to half an inch and double that in the north bay. here is my seven-day forecast forecast, we could get sunday morning and that is the only time it will be safe to be outside and not be wet. monday afternoon is dry and light chance of rain on tuesday and thursday. >> metering lights are on and it is 5:39, no friday light. if the travels go from hercules to san francisco it is 35 minute ride and ten-minute delay from the macarthur maze and the toll plaza and when you on the span it is looking good. the sig-alert shows an accident on the sunol grade and not too much slowing anding is alert in vallejo with a big-rig at the maritime academy with traffic stacked up for 30 minutes delay to the consider tin necessary bridge. take 680. back with the martin luther king
6:53 am
mass transit schedule coming up. >> you can track the storms this weekend with our news app and it is free to download for the is free to download for the smartphone or is you can eat as muchr the cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
6:54 am
>> here of the seven things you need to know, breaking news, a massive search is underway right now off the coast of oahu after two marine helicopters crashed midair early this morning. telephone people were on board. they are believed from marine corps base had what. >> breaking news in san jose, police are searching for a
6:55 am
driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run accident that took the life of a 60-year-old man near the s.a.p. center to morning. police are searching for a late 80s or 90s white pickup truck with damage to the driver side. >> a palo alto schoolteacher is facing child sex abuse charges. mike arrow, a 4th and 5th grade teacher was arrested accused of sexaully abecausing -- abyssing a student more than a deck i'd ago. >> check out live doppler hd: if rain, and nothing is spotted in the daylight areas with temperature at 57 to 61 and this evening, grab the umbrella. >> five, a relatively light friday commute with a church hot spots and the bart on monday for the holiday will be on a saturday schedule and a.c. transit on sunday and muni on saturday. >> no sign of the winners of the record $1.6 billion jackpot, three winning tickets were sold in chino hills in southern
6:56 am
california and tennessee and florida. >> warriors have a tough three game road trip in the midwest with steph curry leading against the lakers last night. the warriors won. >> we will be back in 25 minutes to tell you about the weather and traffic. >> and update stories from hawaii.
6:57 am
the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california. together, we're building a better california.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. the republican showdown in the south. >> we owe $19 trillion. our country is a mess. >> a free for all between the front-runners. donald trump targets ted cruz. >> there is a big question mark on your head. >> cruz fires back. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> everyone hammering one candidate not on stage. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton. >> and the biggest surprises of the night. >> now you had your chance, marco, you blew it. >> the race heating up as the clock ticks down to the first votes. of break news, with military helicopters going down in the water off hawaii with 12 onboard. the search for survivors as we come on the air in the west. >> a giant storm taking aim at major cities this morning from washington to boston, severe weather and up to a foot of


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