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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 15, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. this is the crushed bicycle belonging to the bicyclist killed this morning if a crash with a car. the driver is on the run. >> thanks for joining us. i am christian. >> i am natasha zouves. this is the third traffic fatality in san jose in just the first two weeks near the s.a.p. center this morning. matt keller is near with the grim start to 2016. matt? santa clara street now open in both directions. police wrap up the on-scene investigation an hour and a half ago, but they still searching
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for this hit-and-run hit-and-ru. >> big police station was taking place in downtown san jose where a 60-year-old map described by police as a transient, took his last breath in what can only be described as a behalf following hit-and-run crash. a witness said before 5:00 a.m., the driver of a pickup truck crossed over in the opposite lanes of traffic, hopped a curb and clipped the man while he was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. police do not believe it was the fatal blow. >> when the suspect vehicle want to flee the scene he put it in reverse and then ran over the victim one more time. it isn't intentional, we doesn't know if he was trying to cause harm or gleeing. all the suspect vehicle is a late 1980's or 90s work damage to the front funder. a mile away mess responded to a
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vehicle match that description but they determined it was not the vehicle involved in the fatal crash. they expect to get man calls like this one today as they try to catch the driver. >> this is the third traffic fatality in the new year here in san jose. 60 people were killed in traffic corrections in 2015. houston year was a terrible year for pedestrians and auto versus pedestrian fatalities here in the city. to start off the new year with three right off the bat like is not a good thing. people need to be safe. pay tax to sonnings and hopefully we have a boater year this year. >> police are hoping cameras at the s.a.p. center and area traffic cameras will give them more information about the driver and the truck. >> reporting live in san jose for abc news. >> thanks, a massive nonstop search continues right now off the coast of hawaii and a dozen united states marines are feared dead after two military helicopters collided.
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it happened overnight off the north shore of oahu where winter subcan be massive. our reporter is in the newsroom with the latest. >> yes, it has to be a difficult search with 40' ways expected. the coast guard has cuters on the way to the site. and tombs have been scourge the water off the coast of oahu for ten hours with no sign any survivors. >> 12 people were on the ch-52 helicopters, the largest helicopters in the united states military. >> marine correspondence base had what posted this video of a training exercise on the facebook page just two days ago. two were chores collided midair off the coast of oahu at 1:30 a.m. the coast guard launched the aircraft in a massive search effort in the dark with the navy assisting and the honolulu fire department superintendent out a rescue boat. they discovered a trail of burning debris off the coast but
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though sign of any survivors. this is just the latest tragic accident involving members of the military. if march, blast area, 11 marines and soldiers were killed when the helicopter crashed off the florida cost. -- coast. last month a helicopter crashed outside fort campbell killing the pilot. hawaii is the annual christmas day stop for president obama. he visited troops this every year during his holiday vacation. this year, the president and first lady met with service members and thanked them for their work. >> it is not known what caused the crash. a retired colonel with the mayor corps told abc that it can be especially challenging to fly over water at night because of the onshore lights and the lack of depth perception. >> stay with abc for continuing coverage on the search for the missing marines on air and online with our reporting
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continues on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. you would not know it by another el nino-enhanced storm is heading our way. from sutro tower camera, sunshine with change coming and meteorologoist mike nicco is here with a look at the welcome forecast. mike? >> thank you, everyone. we need the sunglasses still but the clouds are on the increase and the fog has faded from our north bay valley so easy to get an the next couple of hours and our next storm is barely recognize average as we look out further often live doppler hd. the next six hours it is quiet as we head to the evening commute you can see an encroach ment height rain and from mount tamalpais can you see how clear it is right now, still mainly cloudy at 5:00, mid-to-upper 50s scattered light rain by 7:00 and mid-50s and the rain will be light at 9:00 and steady and heavier by 11:00 with temperatures falling in the low-to-mid 50s. hour by hour look at temperature's rain and how much to expect and if we can get some
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rain out of the forecast for at left a few hours this weekend. >> thank you. new this morning, coliseum officials wrapped up a meeting to discuss the raiders future, the first such meeting since nfl owners turned down the bid to reelect to los angeles. our reporter is at the coliseum. >> yes, now that the possibility of moving to los angeles isn't hanging over their heads, coliseum board pens are anxious to ham are out a deal. >> the alameda coliseum authority is hopping to enter into a new lease with the raids and discuss details of the lease in a closed session this morning. larry read said that although team ower mark davis refused early this week to commit to playing in oakland the board is remaining optimistic. >> he said in the past he wants to stay in oakland and we went to try to help facilitate something that will keep temperature here in the city of oakland.
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>> and on on they need to make e money such as keeping the line for food and drinks down and improving the quality of the food offered at the game. >> for the raiders we need to look at how we can strengthen their revenue here because the question of the long-term finish viability of raiders here, if they can have complete sell outs of every seat and better sales of food and beverage which they get percentage of the money and thes it taxpayer got as portion we would have the opportunity where they can have a stronger revenue picture in a way that benefits the taxpayers. >> stanford economics proffer said that the good place for the oakland coliseum is to start. thank you is right. if you look at candlestick versus levi stadium the number of people who can guilty in there is -- can guilty in there is the sail. it is the other stuff. that is the same problem with the oakland coliseum it has terrible concessionaries.
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>> negotiating could take a couple of months if the raiders decide they want to sign a lease to stay here. >> thank you. the unified school district of palo alto is in the process of firing an elementary schoolteachers accused sexually abuses a girl more than a decade ago just surface, now. mike arrow is open unpaid leave from the elementary school after being arrested early this week. a student was eight when he started the abuse in brother -- in 2002 and it went on for three years. at time, he was not employed by the district but working as a prilled chive care provider at an elementary school of the district. in a letter to parents the superintendent said and i quote, "we are immediately lawnsing an investigation to identify any students would my have been victimized." >> bart is taking a notice of a message from bart police and expect and you other passengers to police yourselves.
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this comes on the heels of reports that many security cameras are dallas fakes or broken. the cameras have been called interest question since the deadly shooting at the west oakland bart station. police admit that there is no video of the incident. the police chief does admit march cameras are decoys he will not say how many and that has riders raising a broading in. >> i thought they were real. i did. i was kind of surprised. to know that they did not have cameras. >> bart cameras captured an image of the shooter at the west oakland station. here is a look. people are searching for that man. >> saving you time when you travel. the best and worst on time airlines just revealed. >> surprising word having banned by a school that goes against every manns lesson you have ever
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>> the abc news app on go on your schedule on one screen. all the weather, traffic and news that lives where you live. welcome back. the markets hurting today, the dow plunging triple digits and the s&p dropped through 1,876 and the last tim this happened was october of 2014. a lot fear as asian markets plummeted and oil was below $30 a barrel. a check right now of the market is down across the board with trading moments ago showed the
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dow down 43 points and nasdaq down 150 points and s&p 500 down, almost 50 points. >> people are injured after severe turbulence. american airlines flight 14 ten from new york la guardia to ma'am hit bumpy air 40 minutes before landing at 8:30 our time. the seatbelt sign was on and the flight landed safely and several passengers were treated and released. a flight attendant was taken to the hospital. >> new report out this morning finds more united states flights are arrive on tame but complains are up, too the. -- transportation looks at the then largest airlines and found hawaii airlines and delta topped the on time ranking. budgetarilys spirit and frontier were last in on time bance and come present rates. >> california powerball winner goes public and who is taking home the big jack president after buying a lucky ticket in santa cruz.
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meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> we have one today, and check out our chances the next seven days, for less than 50 percent. i tell you when you need the umbrella and when you can get outside. this are weapons of dry weather in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks, mike and this has parents upset why would their kids' school want to ban the
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fremont, palo alto, north bay, all of bay area this is abc7 news. >> and for parents throughout we teach our kids to say please.
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but some schools are asking teachers not to use that magic word for basic classroom requests, a new teaching method called "no nonsense nurtureing," starting quite the debate if income, where they are trying to prevent unruly behavior. >> we love her but she doesn't play. what we are asking kids do do is 30 an option, it is an expectation: no one would say to you, will you come to work today, please? this perhaps is used by 250 schools cross the country and reaction from par weres is mixed. >> i don't agree with it. period. i could try to see how it works first. >> the teachers say it woulds and say the roof is in the positive results, suspends are down, kids are behaving better in class. >> i was pretty stunned but i think about it, we are talking about for basic expectations such as clear the dishes you do not we need to say please
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because they are supposed to. >> in the south, we are all about manners and being proper. showing respect. still saying "sir" and "ma'am." it just flies in the face of it. >> having lived in charlotte i am surprised it started there. >> we say plaza to and you thank you if you bring sunshine. >> just doing my job. >> we will look at a gorgeous sunrise. look at this. over south lake tahoe you can see the wind is blowing. the snow was letting up. in fact, we were able to cancel the advisories and the storm warning early because the snow let up. if you are traveling, head up there new. look at what it looks like in heavenly now, you can see yes, a new people are getting out on the slopes early. i will throw up the holiday weekend forecast, bluebird sky, light snow tomorrow and snow showers on sunday so if traveling. if you are hacking around on monday you will travel through the merchandise prosecute snow. we also have an issue, avalanche warning for lake tahoe, from 7:45 this morning all the way
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until 7:00 tomorrow morning. those hills that are 30 degrees if you get on those in the packed withs they could give out and start an after launch so be careful if you are headed up there for the off terrain or off the main runs for sking. our sunrise is pretty from the exploritorium camera if you are looking at morning sun it was just beautiful. it got cooler when the clouds cleared out. did you notice that? dry commute. dry right new. and this is how it looks from musn't tamalpais the high clouds are streaming in ahead of our next storm so expect clouds to increase today but the rain will come in after the sunsets. scattered light rain for saturday be a small window on sunday morning before the stronger storm comes in during evening and lasts through monday morning. on the storm impact trail, a nice little package for to you understand and make it easier to know what to expect. light is a is a "1" and "3" is
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medium, and through 4:00, it is convey it. by 7:00, the light rain is moving in, most of our neighbors i land east bay and the south bays possibly some drizzle by 9:00, all of us are getting wet and dug the overfight hours you can see periods of rain, some moderate by saturday morning through about noon and then scattered light rain during the afternoon and tapering during the evening hours. rainfall amounts are very light the about .1" to approximately quarter of an inch from san mateo bridge south where we call that the rain shadow because post of the moisture is in the mountains and we will get a third to .5" from san francisco, oakland, north, possibly 1" in the santa rosa. here is my seven-day forecast, what you are going do see is the next storm is going to be the strong of the storm open seven night into monday, it will be "2" faster wind, heavier rain, bonding on the roads and maybe a
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little bit of debris on the ground from the gusty winds. we will have a slight chance of rain on tuesday and thursday. >> it looks like someone cannot wait until perfect pet segment. >> more news be first. another moment. a new details on wal-mart's announcement they are closing 269 stores around the world including two in the bay area. the store at edgewater drive? oakland and one in san jose are closing where 10,000 workers in the united states are affected. the c.e.o. said that it is necessary to weapon the company strong and positioned for the fight. >> a man whose come forward to claim the $638,000 prize santa cruz. he is disappoint he did not get the powerball number will gladly take the money. >> he probably use the money for his kids and grandchild and a trip to hawaii for he and his
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wife. a cute couple. >> it is friday and you know what this means this is four-month-old mona. you can make her part of
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>> coming up the new figures just in to the newsroom of the tour bus, look at that, that crashed in november, near union
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square. and still steam ahead a new preschool that goes beyond the play ground pushing performance in science and technology and a lot more on abc7 at 5 o'clock. >> now it is time for friday's perfect pet. you reluctantly handed him back. >> good morning, i am here from jessica from east bay spca. glad you could wake up mo na. >> she is comfortable. >> she is a cute chihuahua mix. she is 4 that -- 4 1/2 months old found astray in oakland at diamond park. we brought her in and she is just really sweet. truly sweet. >> you mention neat features like her coloring, and her eyes. >> her eyes are unique. why thing i have seen many chihuahua mixes come in this color. >> look at this disposition, what more could you want?
11:26 am
>> she a snug her. we were in the room and she want lap to lap. she loves to snuggle with everyone she meets. >> she has been spayed any challenge service. >> no, negotiation just keeping the air dry but other than that, no, she is good to go. >> and what about with other dogs or cats? >> find with other talks and... >> can you go to sleep, it is okay. fine. she is so presence -- precious. >> she is. >> if you want a lap dog. sit on the couple is your new year's resolution we have the dog for you, the east bay spca would like you to stake this dog hope and make her part of her family. >> adorable. thanks for being here. >> she is so loving, just licked the bottom half of my face, the
11:27 am
makeup is gone. >> she will not make it out of the studio before being claimed. >> at look at mona. the best picture to end for the week.
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. >> drama, emotion, excitement, and maybe, just maybe, confetti shot from a cannon. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] here we go. our first contestant is newly engaged and headed to the altar. so i imagine he could use some cash for that wedding. from boynton beach, florida, please welcome john trach. [cheers and applause] what's up, john? how you doing, man? >> great. how are you? >> welcome. >> thank you. >> first of all, congratulations. >> thank you. >> wedding coming up. $1 million, that could help, i'm sure. is that what you would do with the money? >> [laughs] well, about that. actually, what i want to do is,


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