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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 16, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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only at your local ford dealer. >> this is abc 7 news. live doppler 7 hd. it looks quiet now, but it could be an entirely different story tomorrow. flooding like this could be a big problem throughout the day. good evening. i'm eric thomas. looking live from our golden gate bridges camera, it's foggy, and the bridge tech there is wet, but no rain. however, the storm is coming. let's go to meteorologist drew tula. drew, tomorrow's storm could be the most powerful of the year so far is this. >> yeah. flooding concerns are really going to be along it is coast and mainly in the north bay. we are showing you we are tracking where the initial rain with our next storm and the bankrupt of it moving in sunday afternoon. live doppler.
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>> this will be a strong storm with all its moisture on its way. flooding is definitely a concern in the next 24 to 36 hours. we have a coastal flood warning going back tomorrow afternoon. the combination of heavy rain, high tide, and large swells from right along the coast does mean flooding is likely there. high tide, 6:00 in the evening. the rainfall intense if i tore saturday, look at this, by tomorrow afternoon, early evening, that's where we're expecting the heaviest of the rain with this system. everyone is going to see downpours and we'll track that hour by hour in future weather. eric. >> all right. drew, thank you very much. as drew just told us, we're expecting one of the strongest storms we've seen this season. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live and melanie could look a lot different there
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tomorrow. >> absolutely, eric. this is an wrar that's notorious for flooding. we're at low tide right now. but by early tomorrow morning, this parking lot meantime, russian river was rolling. the north bay is expected one of the strongest storms we've seen this season. >> watch out for the flash floods. >> sand bags are available at several at the fire station. the north bay could see localized flooding, mudslides and debris flows. >> if there's trees down or wires down from the winds or anything like that, let us know how we can help. heats what we're here for. >> the home has flooded in the past. >> we live on i ridge, so a lot of wind. a lot of elements.
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>> be careful along the ocean this weekend. there's a high surf warning in effect from tomorrow night. abc 7 news presencaught big wav crashing into the pier. you can track the rain and the flood warnings by downloading our abc 7 news app and enable push alerts for immediate notifications. breaking news now. a san francisco fashion icon has died. wilkes barber started an upscale clothing chain in downtown san francisco in 1966 and then went national. he was also known for being loyal and giving back to the community. he sold his stores in 2009, but stayed on as president. the store on center street near union square and one in palo alto are the only ones remaining
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in the bay area. tributes are poor every pouring in tonight. airborne 7 news anchor tweeted out this picture calling him irreplaceable. he has been battling prostate cancer for nearly a year. wilkes barbford was 82 years old. developing news in martinez tonight where a fatal crash -- the crash happened around 8:30. three vehicles were involved. two people went to the hospital. there's no estimate on when the highway will reopen. then the street car tried to stop on wet tracks, crashing into the dpv vehicle. no one in the street car was injured. the employee was sent to san francisco general hospital with
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neck and back pain. the marin county native was being held in an iranian prison for 18 months and has been released. jason was arrested and charged with espionage in july of 2014. iran held hem longer than any other western journalist. we are joined from the newsroom with more. what's next? lisa. >> a friend of jason's told me he is out of prison and getting ready to leave iran. he plans to return to the u.s. with his wife, but first, he will be taken to germany for an evaluation. >> jason is a free man tonight. >> it's a really beautiful day to be alive. >> sarah shores knows exactly what jason has been through. she spent over a year in an iranian prison after she and two other americans accidentally crossed into iran while hiking.
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>> it took me years to fully recover. none of us will that have gone through these events. >> he works for the washington post. he and his wife were arrested in their home in take juan. once friends and family started this on-line petition, his wife was freed. he was not. >> all of this comes as a landmark nuclear deal is reached with iran. george is a professor of law and has a ph.d. in middle eastern studies. he is sure u.s. relations with iran are turning around.
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>> the majority of the family lives in marin. he has dual citizenship and moved to iran in 2008. live in the newsroom, lisa, abc 7 news. >> velts information is known about the other prisoner released today. new details tonight in the case of debit card skimmers ripping people off after they fill up with gas. officials released photos of two suspects accused of stealing thousands of dollars at the gas and shop in san antomo. police now say there are nearly 50 victims. officers ask anyone who has filled up at the gas and shop
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within the last 60 days to check their bank statements. tomorrow the third day of searching for a missing ski instructoror. 75 people will be out early at sugar bowl ski resort to look for carson may. he was last seen skiing here on thursday. rescuers have picked up a signal from his phone and have narrowed the search area to about 730 square feet. they hope the weather clears tomorrow, so they can launch a helicopter search. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00 -- >> young people honking their horns and them yelling. >> witnesses describe the scene after they rit hit and killed a man. super bowl 50 is just over three weeks away. it's not too late to get involved. how you can volunteer coming up. later, an absurd ending. mike shuman breaks down one of the best finishes to a football game you'll ever see. abc 7 news at
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covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care. a man in his 70 sz dead after a tour bus ran over him in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter katie was first in the scene shortly after it happened. she has the story from where the accident scene is at the intersection of post and devisinero. >> i guess he was looking at a red light. unless the intersection on green light or not. >> frank, witnessed the grew soom death of an elderly man that became trapped under a tour bus in a san francisco intersection. >> the bus kept going. i saw the guy stuck under the bus, being dragged for a few feet. stop, stop, stop. >> he says the man crossed post street heading south heading north. made a right-hand tour on the
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post street. keep in mind on the curb side of the bus. >> on the driver's side, early in investigation. >> sightseeing tour bus stopped after the rear tires ran over the man. the company's attorney says the driver has been with sightseeing for around two years and his mandatory certifications are current. >> kind of shocked. i don't think he knew what happened. >> the collision happened around 1:00 in the afternoon. police say they've interviewed tour bus required and witnesses. nobody else was swrurd. detectives are looking for surveillance at the intersection. there is a camera on the nearby medical building. i spoke with the attorney who represents the bus company. he tells me this is their first fatal accident and that all registration checks involving this bus are up-to-date. we are working to verify that information with the agencies
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that oversee tour bus regulations. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> today people got a tour of the area where super bowl city will be set up. volunteers will work the week leading up to the super bowl but not on game day. >> around an hour ago now former san jose police chief larry tweeted last day. i've been policed to work 30 years at sjpd and truly honored to have served and protect the
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great citizens of san jose. god bless. assistant police chief eddie garcia will take over in the interim. >> he says knees workshops are timely -- >> although more nature can be strong and the acts of evil people can be wicked, we are not powerless. giving people tools as to what to do when a disaster or emergency strikes can be very helpful and can save lives. >> workshops were also held in dublin and union city today. >> if you can't wait for san francisco's museum of modern art to reopen the spring, there's one event you shouldn't miss this weekend. abc 7 news festival pav i will
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wron for the fall design and unfair. big crowds gathered to check out the latest works from as far away as london, paris, and here in the bay area. even if you are just there to browse. >> look at things be >> we have taken it off. >> abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the event. it continues tomorrow from 11:00 to 5:00. >> if are you headed up to the sierra tomorrow, careful. this is a look at i-80 earlier tonight. the roads look clear now, but conditions could get messy with this next storm. meteorologist tracking that storm and joins us now with the pylon. >> it's going to be a warmer storm now. not a lot in the sierra. more in terms of rainfall across northern california. live doppler 70. light showers with our next storm approaching the region. we'll get in a little lighter
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right along the coast. just to the south of burnville as well. a little north on 101 right now. real light showers at this hour. ahead of this system, though, a lot of moisture in the air, and that is condensing into fog some n some spots. take a look at current visibility. down to a mile and a half at half-moon bay. there are pockets of dense fog out there. that will be the issue first thing tomorrow morning. >> hour by hour.
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we'll get you to tomorrow morning. watch the time stamp. most of the rain is falling north of the golden gate. it's really going to take its time across the bay area. even sunday afternoon, 2:00, look at this, much of the south bay dealing with overcast skies. we're noticing heavy rain redeveloping in the north bay. this system will slowly continue its crawl across the bay area. 5:00 heavy rain developing. pockets of heavy rain. even by midnight pops of yellow. those are pockets of heavy rain. everyone will see downpour with this system, and then it's going to wrap up first thing monday morning. total rainfall. look at the numbers. we're estimating anywhere from half of an inch to as much as two inches of rain. really south of the golden gate bridge into the south bay and peninsula, they tend to drop off. look at the north bay. some neighborhoods likely seeing up to two inches of rabe in the next 24 hours. due to a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay for the potential here.
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>> periods of heavy rain on our storm impact. showers on monday. particularly on tuesday, the next storm moves in. has rain and wind, and then another storm will track thursday night and into friday morning. an active week ahead with heavy showers starting. >> thank you very much. stories coming up here. bay bay, the panda made a public debut at the national zoo. take a look at the little 22-pound cub. the smithsonian posted this video today of the panda becoming acquainted with its new surroundings. crowds of people lined up to catch a glimpse. bay bay was born on the 22nd. the name means precious
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treasure. if you caught a picture, probably saw him sleeping. just like that. no sleeping today. watching football. exciting finish. >> great game. >> aaron rodgers must have a strong -- he has completed two hail mary's this season, and tonight in arizona a second. took the game to overtime to get the cardinals. it gets
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kick it out 3:50 left in the game. carson palmer. larry fits swrarld. under a minute left. fourth and 20. rodgers from his own end zone. 16 yards. five seconds left. rodgers had a hail mary. earlier this year. another prayer. 41 yards to janus again. had he two catches all year. seven today. earth tied 20-20. coin toss. the touchdown epdz the gale. first play. palmer avoided the sack. he throws a hail larry. finding a line-up and larry fitzgerald. eight catches. under 76 yards. 75 right here. off to the right. fitzgerald gets it down to the 5 yard line. palmer inflikts the shovel pass to who else? fitzgerald for the win. against the seahawks or panthers. there's larry fitzgerald.
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>> he believes -- we believe -- all right. in the afc tom brady not impressive. patriots open the game. 11 play drive. 11 passes. the final one to rob gronk oufk where i. 7-0, patriots. two td's. here his eighth career post-season touchdown. most all-team by a tight end. passing vernon davis and former raiders. new england advances with a 27-20 victory. fifth straight afc title game. >> it's pretty cool. hard to do, man. you got to grind throughout the entire year and there's only four teams playing next weekend, and we're one of them. that means a lot. >> two more games as we look for the final four. hitting the road for another three-game swing. detroit, cleveland, and chicago.
11:30 pm
homecoming for grady this morning. firing out of the gate. a steal to throw down. detroit, pin point late in the first. 38. hits the three. frus rates. 38-19 in the quarter. caldwell. ends up getting a technical. pirnz complete team effort. >> 95 points. 113-95. sports report brought to you by river rock casino. two coming up. out on the town. no reason to be out. as i said earlier, isaac and overtime, especially in the play
11:31 pm
swrofz. both teams have a chance to score. >> you got a field goal. you won. the nfc or afc title game. you should get a chance after the team gets the ball. first, it's a coin toss. determine who is going to move on. >> that's what you are saying. you win the -- >> it's not fair. >> gets a chance. what an exciting championship loss. can't take that away. >> thanks a lot. >> still ahead on abc 7 news, a war of words. these one-time buddies -- the showdown between ted cruz and donald trump. and this russian woman is experiencing the real world for the very first time. we'll explain when abc 7 news at 11:00 continues. we'll be right back.
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zimplt good evening. i'm eric thomas. live doppler 7 hp shows us the beginning of the storm that could be the most powerful of the season. downpours and flooding possible tomorrow. drew will join us in just a few minutes to tell us when the rain will be at its heaviest. >> journalist from marin county heading home after spending 18 months in an iranian prison. jason and four others were released today as part of a prisoner exchange. he and his wife are accused of spying and put into solitary confinement. he was the correspondent for the washington post at the time. his wife got out of jail last fall. >> fashion icon barbford has died after battling cancer. he started a luxury clothing chain in 1966.
11:36 pm
ashford was 82 years old. >> the political battle is only heating up between donald trump and senator ted cruz after their first debate of the year. abc news reporter mary -- >> the war of words with ted cruz is escalating in the key battleground state of south carolina today. no time taking a stab at his former friend after getting stuck in an elevator. >> trump started the day posting ted cruz was born in canada and was a canadian citizen until 15 months ago. lawsuits have just been filed with more to follow. i told you so. cruz fired back. >> for whatever reason, donald doesn't react well when he is going down in the polls. >> and he doubles down on his questioning at new york values, a line of attack he is using during thursday's debate.
11:37 pm
>> if you are offended at my pointing out how much the failed policies of hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill de blasio hurt new yorkers, then which of those policies do you agree with. >> at a rally in new hampshire, he blasted cruz. >> when you finally went off the wagon a little bit. it's very -- i mean, he is being a great hypocrite. >> they're lost in a heated primary battle and trump is getting some unexpected support. hillary clinton, a new york resident and former senator from the state tweeting just this once he is right. new yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience, and building better lives for our family. abc news, myrtle beach, south carolina.
11:38 pm
>> if one sees something, we want them to call. we want them to report. we don't want them to touch it. we just want them to allow the professionals to step in and recover that debris. >> a few helicopters, each carrying six marines went down late thursday. initial reports say the choppers are live in midair, but a marine spokesman says the investigation did not complete. >> we're learning an american missionary is among the 28 victims killed by al qaeda fighters. the hotel and attack happened last night in the west african nation. 45-year-old michael of broward county, florida, ran an orphanage and women's crisis is center with his wife. he leaves behind four children, two of them were adopted from birkina faso. one survivor said she had to play dead to survive. a baby with brain damage in hawaii is brought in the u.s. in connection with a dangerous
11:39 pm
virus. it can be transmitted by mosquitoes that have bitten an infected person. the virus causes fever, rash, and joint pain, but pregnant women are especially at risk because it's known to cause serious birth defects. the baby's mother might have picked it up while living in brazil. there's no known vaccine or treatment. a travel warning was issued for -- the caribbean and latin american where there's a risk of infection. >> a 70-year-old woman spent her entire life in the siberian wilderness and getting her first glimpse of civilization tonight. it's the last remaining member of a family that fled civilization in 1936. she didn't even find out about world war ii until 1978 when geologists stumbled upon her. she contacted with an emergency satellite telephone asking for help with leg pain. she'll be treated by doctors in the next week. it's not clear if she'll go back to the wilderness.
11:40 pm
a course of cheers range out after the falcon nine spaceship landed safely back on earth for the first time ever. tomorrow space x will try to top that by land agnew rocket on a barge off the california coast. other attempts at water landings have ended in crashes. ceo elan musk said the successful landing showed some tlush frunk wags issues, but otherwise everything looks good. the satellite will be used to study climate change. and a fascinating new glimpse of the sun tonight from nasa. this is shortly after an eruption of a dark solar filament on the sun's surface last ho. the video was taken in an ultraviolet wave length usually invisible to the naked eye. capturing a major milestone for a new transbay terminal. also, the world's best houseses. air bnb is up with the ten most
11:41 pm
desirable rentals across the globe, and a local homemade the list. >> our next storm system already making its way in the north bay. right now some light showers. live look outside. heavy rain on the way for some tomorrow. deta
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11:44 pm
in san francisco today for the opening of the shared school yard project. supervisor mark started the project years ago and locked up school yards now open on the weekend. increasing open space for children and families, like now 28 city schools take part in the project. the centerpiece of a new san francisco neighborhood is now one step closer to completion. only abc 7 was there when crews hit a major milestone. abc 7 morning news anchor reggie o'key checks on the progress. >> high above san francisco, a crane lifted a final beam into place. >> significant because all the structure of steel is now done. >> it mark the ae next phase of -- a transit hub some people are calling the grand central station of the west. >> i have been working on this project 18 years from the very beginning to now and to see it coming together, it's really a remarkable achievement.
11:45 pm
>> above street level the future roof top park taking shape. >> i was standing right where a gondola will be coming up out of the roof top park that you'll be able to take a right up here. i have a nice park lunch and come back down to work. >> the transition center replace the oldest terminal demolished in 2011. three city blocks. >> it's as bright as it's going to be when we're done. >> five stories below the center. there are plans to run cal tran from the peninsula. they'll enter here. it will link commuters to high speed rail that will take passengers to los angeles. >> it isn't the only one at street level in the neighborhood. the city's tallist skyscrapers
11:46 pm
is rising next door. >> the two projects are once in a lifetime projects. it's incredible to see them both getting to where they are right now. >> iron workers are busy peacing together the sales force tower. the tower will ultimately rise more than 1,000 feet above the ground. the concrete core will be using hydraulic lifts that work on that building nonstop. >> years ago we used to control them with water levels. it was like the eswriptians. >> now you can see everything is state-of-the-art. >> work will proceed quickly. the tower will rise a floor every three days. >> by the end of the year we expect to be topped out with the entire building. >> both expected to open in 2017. abc 7 news. >> air bnb out with the ten most desired properties around the world, and one is in santa cruz
11:47 pm
county. this mushroom dome cabin includes a pirates of the caribbean get-away near los angeles and a sea shell house with a private pool in mexico. the number one spot? it includes a tree house in atlanta, georgia. it consists of three separate rooms. each connected by rope bridges. meteorologist tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd. it will affect your day tomorrow. how much? >> hey, we're talking about the north bay. more than two inches of rain. that will already start showers. we'll get you into the north bay. real light showers as the storm system starts to move on shore. cloverdale, light showers and some fog across the region. the storm over the next 24 to 36 hours. we had flooding concerns. let's take a look at the rainfall. this is for san jose. much of the rain really holding
11:48 pm
off until the later afternoon and early evening hours tomorrow. then it looks like the heavy stuff will happen between 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 tomorrow night. a bit of a different story in the north bay. santa rosa, you see the rain first thing tomorrow morning like you are right now. then the heaviest in the early afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00. something will be tracking for you. that's where we could see some isolated flooding in the north bay. overnight tonight, in the 50s across the board. that rain in the north bay, to the south for your sunday. we'll see the downpours developing in the upper 50s to lower 60s. periods of heavy rain. morning showers on monday. then we'll track another system on tuesday. rain and wind and then a third system thursday night and friday. >> although they could -- stwloo they could. >> we've been seeing them. tuesday may be the strongest storm. >> all right. drew, thank you very much. all right. that's some great finishes this weekend in football. >> we have a five on the --
11:49 pm
>> wow. >> thunder. >> another hail mary for aaron rodgers. sending the packers into overtime. arizona answers with a hail larry. fitzgerald that is. 75 with regard strike. o.t. led to the game winner. that's next in sports.
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today divisional matchup between the packers and the cardinals. all you could want as a football fan. ash rodgers threw another hail mary that sent the game to overtime. carson palmer answer with a hail larry. this is the win. kick it off 3:50. left in the game. michael floyd. 17-13, cardinals. under a minute left. packers down seven. fourth and 20. aaron rodgers from his own end zone. 60 yard strike. hail mary.
11:53 pm
now five seconds left. >> to janis again. are you kidding me? two catches all year. we go to overtime. tied 20-20. won the coin toss. first play. carson palmer avoids the sack. finds the line-up with larry fitzgerald. catches 176 yards. 75 of them right here. he is off to the races. gets them down to the 5 yard line. palmer then flicks the shovel pass to who else? larry fitzgerald for the win. cardinals 27-20. for the panthers. >> we believe it. we have to keep on fighting next week. >> quarterback tom brady 22.
11:54 pm
that's the closest best ever. the chiefs and patriots move off to the fifth straight afc title game. tom brady not worried about the 11 game streak. win streak that is. pacers over the game. 11 passes. final one to rob gronk oufk where i. 7-0, patriots. punting. pass returner. danny amandola. could be suspended, though. pats start at their own. 48-22. 302 yards. 14-6, patriots at the half. new england, 11-1 at home. chiefs over the second one. the ball driving. niles davis, gets the first down. stripped at the end of the play. patriots recover. that leads to seven more points. grady and gronkowski. eight career postseason touchdowns. most all-time by a tight end.
11:55 pm
passing davis, the former raider. new england advances with a seven-point victory facing denver or pittsburgh. the afc title game, the past fifth straight. >> pretty cool. pretty cool. hard do do, man. you got to grind throughout the entire year, and there's only four teams playing next weekend, and we're one of them, and that means a lot. we got to try to get as healthy as we can and see if we can put together our best team of the we're. >> all together they executed better and had a good plan and we weren't able it make the adjustments. >> sharks trying to win three straight at home. dallas in town. second period. chris bangs on the rebound. third period now. 2-2. mark edward with his second goal of the game. 3-2. 12 seconds later. seguin going to get them that.
11:56 pm
high stick tied on martin jones. tied just like that. the third point on the night. omaha hurdle. game winner. trying to win it 4-3. third straight at home. u.s. hosting pepperdine. dominated the fest half. just behind the defense. he is good. former calgary lamont swrurn's son. swrurn, that is. led all scores by 29. including the three ball. follows with the layup. 24 at the half. jeremy major. pepperdine hangs on 98-84. the final. santa clara hosting -- they won four of the last five. drive plays it in. brandon brown better. 22 points. nine assists. it's the corner three that drives finishes with the left
11:57 pm
hand. lmu wins 76-56. santa clara, 3 of 5 in conference play. >> brought to you by river rock casino. broncos-steelers. seahawks tomorrow. >> this is why it's the greatest weekend in football. >> i'm eric thomas. it continues tom morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. we will see you later.
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