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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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caused its share of problems.
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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> a stormy sunday across the bay area has brought down trees and tonight flash flooding is a concern. you can see the sea of green on live doppler 7hd. the rain is making roads out there extremely wet, so whether you are driving here or headed to the sierra you'll want to be careful because it is messy out there. good evening. i'm eric thomas. we have team coverage on this stormy sunday. let's get to meteorologist drew tuma who is tracking where the rain is on live doppler 7hd. >> the heaviest of the rain was confined to the north bay, but right now the heavy rain is sliding to the south and east. let's get you down to street level. pleasant hill and walnut creek there is heavy rain falling.
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the rain is falling intensely and will slide you into oakland at this hour. live doppler 7hd is tracking the heavier rain and it is a line of heavy showers that is stretching back as it moves to the west and you can see yellow and orange and then heavy rain coming around at times and even as you move into the peninsula around the 101 as you get into burlingame and millbrae we are tracking heavier showers. the wider view will show you that the south bay is rain, but this heavier line will work into the south bay. look at the rainfall amounts. kentfield over two inches and yountville closing into an inch and a half. a flash flood in affect until 4:00 tomorrow morning and so there is potential for flooding. we are rating these storms from one to five and one being light and five being severe. we'll see the storms and the
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next six hours it is coming from the south. we'll time out the six-hour heavy rain and another storm is working on the heels of this one. all of the details in the accu-weather forecast. we continue our team coverage with abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington live in the north bay where flooding is a concern tonight. alyssa? >> eric, we are keeping a close eye on the san anselmo creek that runs through the downtown. it is now at six feet and it over flow at 13 feet. we are about halfway of what would be considered critical. marin county is under a flash flood watch and people who live and work here are prepared knowing just how fast things can change. aside from the rushing creek it is a quiet night in san anselmo. there are no customers walking down the street. it seems people stay away from the downtown area. when they see a big storm coming.
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>> the town has flooded in the past so businesses take it seriously. frank gomez shows us the flood gates on san anselmo avenue. down the street they barricade the boutique to keep the rising water out. >> we have sandbag already ready in case there is a flood. we are not too concerned because it seems like they cleaned the creek and we haven't seen the water levels we have had in the past. >> emergency crews all over marin county have prepared for the el nino storm conditions. >> as we get further into the winter and the earth is more saturated there is a greater potential for land slides. >> on a stormy night like this they get a lot of calls for falling trees. that's just what happened in fairfax. that's the road, but this is as far as you will get. it knocked down a large tree
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blocking in the people who live on the other side. >> can you hear me? don't start working on anything. >> police talked to residents strappedded on the other side of the one-way street. about 15 people were living there and it could take hours to clear the debris. another tree fell on to some power lines and that's about a mile from here. emergency crews expect a very busy night. reporting live in san an tell mow, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. new video from the north bay. look at this muddy mess caused by the rain. highway 116 reopened an hour ago following a mudslide that happened around 6:30 tonight. cal trans had to use heavy equipment to clear out the mud and rocks from the road. coastal areas remain under a high surf warning through 4:00 tomorrow morning. here is a look at waves in pacifica. crews dealt with another problem earlier tonight.
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it was a sinkhole. melanie picks up -- picks it up near the pier. >> it is not letting up here. you can see a couple of boulders over my shoulder. the department of public works employees were here and for much of the evening during a routine patrol at 7:00 this morning. the sidewalks and splashing waves created the hole. it is 40 feet long and eight feet wide. >> i feel bad for the residents and need to check it out. >> they spent hours plugging the sidewalks. >> it created a hole. >> you want to preserve the street and not to mention the popular tourist spot. >> they say they anticipated this happening.
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employees stockpiled these eight to ten-ton boulders nearby. >> bringing residents to look at something other than the waves. >> they wanted to come here. >> it is cool. i like it a lot. a temporary solution. >> we are going to reassess the condition and come up with a final design how to fix this. >> put in time to save the remaining sidewalk. >> and the department of public works told me they would have a crew available and out until midnight if not later in case other problems came up. abc7 news. >> thanks. pg&e crews worked to fix power lines. this happened along banning drive around 4:15 this afternoon. one neighbor told abc7 news that the large tree was leaning to one side for awhile. it rained much of the afternoon in san francisco and it is still coming down right
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now. people were under umbrellas as they were trying to come by. you can see the abc7 news app and allow push alert for immediate notifications. a boy is safe after an amber alert was issued. they said sanchez was dropped off at their home. the person is not connected to the child's family. antioch police believe the boy's father, 26-year-old ricardo sanchez, took the child from his mother during a dispute this afternoon. officers are looking for sanchez. he is described as violent and dangerous. many people may have to find a new place to shop after oakland's only wal-mart closed for good this evening. abc news was there before wal-mart closed. they are closing 150 stores nationwide saying it is not part of the future plan.
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>> we get a bad wrap about things, but oakland is a good city. i have been living here all my life. i want the best for oakland and we deserve the best for oakland. >> displaced workers will get severance pay and job skills training. fallen lines delayed drivers and a goose is to blame. firefighters believe a goose flew into the wires above u.s. 101 near lucky drive. the traffic was stopped for about 20 minutes until crews could remove the wire. in oakland a two-alarm garage fire spread to several homes. it was at about 5:00 tonight. the firefighters worked to put it out. a couple who lives in the home got out safely and they say they heard two loud booms before the fire started. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, facing off.
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>> he has voted with the nra with the gun lobby numerous times. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders square off at the last debate before the iowa and new hampshire primaries. and cleaning up, we'll show you the devastation following the tornadoes in florida. and later, heading home. a bay area native is out of iran. the happy reeven -- reunion in germany. and we live in a pick choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter sleep number, and the lowest prices of the season. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft.
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had maybe their most heated debate in south carolina. this before they face their first vote in the iowa caucus. here is elizabeth herr with
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the top moments. >> just two weeks before the voting starts in iowa. the three democratic presidential candidates sparred on stage in south carolina with former maryland governor martin o'malley giving his all to stay alive. >> join me in putting forward a plan to move us to a 100% clean electric energy grade in 2030. >> they are in a tight battle to win the first. the topic was gun control jie. he has voted with the nra numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five times. >> secretary clinton knows what she says is disingeneral you us with. >> exchange was heated at times discussing the economy and health care. >> i want us to defend and build on the affordable carry act and improve it. >> my proposal is to provide
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health care to all people and get private insurance out of health insurance. >> reporter: the two remaining civil and finding common ground on other issues. >> there needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic race system in our system. >> when fer -- when ever people are killed in police custody it should automatically trigger a u.s. attorney general investigation. >> and so now it is on to the iowa caucus where the race is still tied between hillary and bernie. nationally a new poll shows hillary still ahead by 25 points. abc news, new york. >> the passion for politics remains strong in the bay area. abc7 news was at the ocean beach deli in san francisco for a watch party where some people threw things at the tv. the owner of this restaurant said he is happy to gef the neighbors a place to come for
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food, drinks and politics. >> it is so san francisco. we come to a anybody deli and we have a sandwich, is a delicious sandwich and a glass of wine talk about the community. >> they can see the debates getting more heated. they hosted watch parties for the republican debate as well. you are looking at a home in florida being destroyed after a tornado struck before dawn killing two people. the victim's adult son and four grandchildren were hurt when one of the tornadoes slammed into their hobble home. at least two touched down near sara toe do. sara soda. winds were clocked near 135 miles an hour. light snow fell across new york sti. the five burrows are under a snow alert with more snow expected overnight. the city sanitation crews plan to get plows and salt spreaders ready to keep the streets clear for commuters. it follows a stretch of spring-like weather at
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christmastime. here is a look at i-80 and be careful if you are headed up there for the martin luther king, junior holiday tomorrow. drew is here with a look at the weather. >> at least through 10:00 tomorrow morning the snow will befalling in the sierra. it is all rain and it is coming down heavy at times. let's take a tour around the bay area. first we'll take you to one of the locations seeing the heaviest of the rain. you notice around pleasant hill and walnut creek these pops of deep orange is heavy rain. and live doppler 7hd has the ability to tell you how much is falling. when you get that much amount in a short amount of time you can see localized flooding on the roadways. if you are driving tomorrow morning be aware of that. sliding down to the east bay you notice that we are seeing a lot of heavy rain as you move toward san leandro and san lorenzo, there is heavier rain into oakland, alameda and
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you notice around piedmont you are seeing the heavy rain as this cold front swings through. we will take you to san francisco at this hour. lighter shades of green indicating light showers at this hour. along the peninsula where the cold front is over us right now like san mateo you notice around 101 we are seeing heavier rain. farther to the south there is lighter rain showers around a palo alto and light rain around san jose. we will watch that heavier line of showers mark its way to the south and east. there will be heavier showers after the midnight hour in the south bay. everyone is holding steady in the 50s. the temperatures will stay here with the cloud cover. storm impact scare -- scale, 1 being light and five being severe, it gives you a better way to know the impact of each storm and plan your night and day. the next six hours this is a three. a strong storm and we had the heavy pockets of rain.
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slowly moving to the south. the biggest concern is flooding in the poor drainage areas. hour by hour, watch the time stamp. you notice the heaviest of the showers along the peninsula and the south bay and much of the east bay itself, we go to 1:00 in the morning. that's when san jose is picking up the heavier rain showers. 5:00, 6:00, the system starts to taper to the isolated showers. midmorning we are looking at overcast skies. let's plan your day hour by hour. lots of fog and moisture. midday, to the the prettiest looking day. a little sunshine, but a mainly cloudy sky. we have a coastal flood warning in affect until tomorrow. 7:00 in the morning the combination of the runoff and also high surf and high tide at 6:00 a.m. could lead to flooding there. high surf warning in affect until 4:00 in the morning and waves as high as 19 feet are possible through that time period. we have a winter storm warning in affect for the western
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slopes of the sierra. around lake tahoe, a winter weather advisory and lake level is about three to five inches of snow. you go to about 6500 feet and you can see eight to 12 inches of snow. if you can hold off travel until after 10:00 tomorrow morning that will be the best bet to have clear roads. overnight the temperatures are holding in the 50s with a heavy line of showers moving through the next couple hours. a lingering shower otherwise lots of clouds. upper 50s to 60s. our next storm moving in on tuesday morning. once again it will bring heavy rain and probably gusty winds as well. keep your eye on that. the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows an early morning shower. a brief break and then on tuesday it is rainy and windy and then we are tracking another storm on thursday night and into friday and another system. every other day coming. watch for the ponding on the roadways. >> thanks, drew. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, you are seeing this correctly.
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it says 78 cents a gallon. where a war is driving down the prices. that's next when abc7 news at
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major public relations stunt. they will give away free food. they were sick from e-coli in seven states. the manager of each store will decide which foods will be free. now this sign would make most bay area drivers run off the road in lake michigan. gas is selling for just 78 cents a gallon. gas buddy posted this picture on facebook explaining the low prices because three area gas stations were locked in price wars. by the way the average price of gas in the bay area right now is $2.73 a gallon.
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i could use 78 crebts a gallon -- 78 cents a gallon, wouldn't that be great? >> a lot of good football. >> only a couple weekends left. the broncos advance with a win over the steelers while cam newton continues his mvp season holding off seattle. the hawks responded to the 31-point lead.
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that combo was the real hero that day. a craveable combo to the rescue. spicy, all-white meat chicken with chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough. the chipotle chicken club combo. by riverwalk casino. >> the seahawks wanted so badly to crash the 49er super bowl 50 party on their home turf, but they spotted them a
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31-pot half time lead and it was too much to overcome. it started with the cal head coach and alum ron rivera. cam newton taking on marshawn lynch. the first play from scrimmage and up the gut. richard sherman ran him down. 59 of his 106 yards on the play. seattle's first drive, russell wilson intercepted by keekley. 14-0 panthers before we even sat down. the panthers looked unstoppable in the first half. great throw and a better catch. 31-0 panthers at the half. tale of two halves. they make a quarter of it. 31-21 after the seahawks field goal. now a seven-point game and an on sidekick. carolina will recover. 24 unanswered by the hawks, but it was too much to overcome. 31-24 the final. carolina with their first nfc
11:30 pm
title game in 10 years hosting the cardinals. >> almost everybody is trying to make the most of the super bowl, super bowl, super bowl. the truth of the matter is we are not going to have an opportunity to hone in this week. that's what makes it the most important game we play. >> everybody feels like we ran out of time. >> peyton manning is looking for his second shot at a ring hosting the steelers. first quarter and denver up on a couple of field goals. pittsburgh runs the end around with bryant. a 40-yard gain sets it up and they go up 7-6. the fourth quarter and the steelers with the ball. fitzgerald and the worst fumble he could ever have. later on the drive denver finally breaks through for a touchdown. cj anderson dives in. last chance for pittsburgh. you have to throw that ball. they will host new england
11:31 pm
next sunday. >> works out to be in the game and we knew we would have to beat a good team to get there. we'll try to enjoy this one and get a jump start on preparing for the game on monday. >> it is one versus two on both sides. tom brady with a chance to play. both have one super bowl appearance. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river riew casino. a little college hoops coming up. stick around. >> thanks, shu. out of iran. we are getting our first glimpse of the bay area native arriving in germany after a year in captivity. plus -- paying tribute to musicians honoring david bowie one week after his death.
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broadcast, this is abc7 news. i'm eric thomas. live doppler 7hd showing us heavy rain falling throughout the bay area. the heaviest rain will let up by tomorrow morning, but flooding and fog could be an issue. in the north bay tonight's storms knocked down the trees. fief teen people live on the other side. they can't drive out until it gets cleared away. in pacifica, the storm created a big sinkhole. they were filling it up with 10-pound boulderss just in case this happened. and a man who spent 15
11:36 pm
years in an iranian prison landed in switzerland earlier. jonathon carl has new details on the secret negotiations that lead to his release. >> tonight that first image of freed "washington post" reporter jason rosian greeted by a state department official who helped negotiate his release. also on the flight out of iran , the former marine hell for more than four years in the notorious prison. his sister and brother-in-law were all smiles on their way to meet him in germany. and he has been separated from his wife for years. >> been a single mom for three and a half years. and the kid uniting us will be a precious moment. >> president obama celebrated the prisoner's long overdue release. >> they were united in welcoming home the sons and the husbands. >> the "washington post"
11:37 pm
bureau chief was talking about the parts unknown. >> i love it and i hate it. >> his mother and wife made this tearful plea during his imprisonment. >> his eke tended family is in germany. the dramatic day is the culmination of 14 months of negotiations and mostly in switzerland. u.s. officials are calling the discussions very intense and until a few weeks ago no one knew how it would end up. the obama administration agreed to pay $1.7 billion to settle an old financial dispute with the iranian government. not included in the prisoner swap was the former fbi agent. the 67-year-old disappeared in iran in 2007. >> we will never forget about bob. >> the three longest held american prisoners are now at the american military base in
11:38 pm
germany where they were reyou -- reunited with their families. they hope to be on their way home soon. jonathon carl, abc news, the white house. support from around the world brought the family strength during the difficult time. ally released a statement saying this encouragement gave us the strength to fight for jason every day and your support helps throughout this ordeal. the family appreciates every person involved in the effort to free jason. >> well, everything looked good for space x after liftoff. the california-based company prepared to make the first rocket landing at sea. they learned from two previous crashes and a successful landing on solid ground last month. the thrusters appeared to be working well, but it crashed on landing. we are getting new video of
11:39 pm
the failed landing. this was put out a few hours ago by the ceo. the touchdown was okay, but a leg lockout did not latch so it tipped over after landing. ship landings are necessary for high altitude missions. his team will have several more tries. the falcon 1 was successful in launching a satellite into space that will measure ocean height. in space this weekend astronauts on the international spacestation are celebrating what they say is the first ever flower to bloom in space. it opened yesterday. scott kelly tweeted this photo earlier today with the caption "space flower out in the sun for the first time." >> ♪ ground control to major tom ♪ ♪ you really made the grade >> fans will know that space oddity, one of david bowie's most popular songs. bowie passed away last sunday night. fellow musicians have been honoring his memory this
11:40 pm
weekend. bruce springsteen paying tribute by playing bowie's song "rebel, rebel." he said bowie covered some of their music and was a big supporter. down in new orleans the preservation hall jazz band and rock band arcade fire lead a special second line in honor of bowie yesterday. arcade fire and bowie collaborated on stage several times. tonight bowie's final album black star is on top of the billboard 200 chart giving him his first number one album. bowie was 69 years old. still ahead on abc7 news, we go beyond the headlines with cheryl jennings to meet a bay area woman who got creative to help families in her homeland of afghanistan. i am meteorologist drew
11:41 pm
tuma. we are tracking heavy showers across the bay area as the cold front moves through. we'll show you where they are and how long to stick around.
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11:43 pm
>> a bay area business woman who escaped from war torn afghanistan as a child has come up with a creative way to help families in her homeland and around the world.
11:44 pm
it acts as clean water. cheryl jennings explains. >> the most vivid memory is laughing through the cold river barefoot. it was the water that was making so many of us sick. >> it would haunt one of eight children in a family who had to leave everything behind in afghanistan in 1979 during the soviet invasion. the family was separated. some wound up in a refugee camp in pakistan and then germany and then finally they made it to america. she was grateful to get an education at cal state east bay and then became a highly successful business woman in silicon valley. now she is using her expertise to give back and to bring clean water to children in war torn country. the first two were built in afghanistan. >> we have 31 clean water
11:45 pm
projects and nine different countries. it is gratifying to know that over 30,000 people will have access to safe water. >> the mother of two was stunned with the united nations reported the lack of access to clean water kills more than a million children under the age of five every year. >> afghanistan, afghanistan, afghanistan. >> she was created to -- she created created a water bottle business. >> and so it simply translates to save a life. i feel like it was an ability to create a system where it is funding itself instead of constantly looking for donations and charity. >> she searches for the american-based charities and overseas programs and connects them to identify villages with an urgent need for fresh water. but there is an appointment for the villages. the wells have to be run by a
11:46 pm
woman. >> when you are empowered by a woman you are empowering the community and ultimately the country and the world. >> susie is the manager of the by took -- of the boutique. it was one of the first hotels to embrace the water and her mission. it is in a tiny village in india. >> one of the greatest achievements we have had is the donation of the proceeds. >> and bought 31 cases of water. the partnership helped the park win a big award from the hotel council for environmental sustainability. >> when guests ask you about the water what do you tell them? >> it tastes really good. the fact that it is a woman-run company and the fact that building fresh wells all throughout the country and giving their proceeds and i don't know what kind of company would do that. >> when you invest in doing good there is so much return
11:47 pm
that i promise you, you'll feel abundance. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. >> let's find out more about the rain. here is drew. >> it is through the bay area. we are tracking the pockets of heavier rain. let's zoom into the street level. that is some heavy showers as the front moves through. a similar story in oakland and greenville and san leandro and alameda. we will fly to the south and finally hayward is getting moderate wet weather. union city on the fringe of getting heavier showers at this hour. san mateo and foster city we notice 101 is wet and there is likely with these heavy showers likely to be ponding on the roadway. it is a three right now. the next six hours we have the heavy rain moving to the south and poor drainage flooding. and that means hydroplaning
11:48 pm
could be an issue the next six hours. the heaviest of the rain is really going into the south bay over the next six hours. by 6:00, 7:00 it tapers to scattered showers and left over. lots of cloud cover for much of monday. plan out your monday. the planner shows you early morning fog and otherwise by midday to the afternoon it is mainly cloudy in temperatures in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. accu-weather seven-day forecast shows you we tracked the early morning showers and then it is rainy and windy thursday into friday and then another storm is headed our way on sunday. >> thank you very much for that. >> tennis, anyone? >> it is that time of the year. the first grand slam. novak djokovic has moved on. the defending women's champ has moved on.
11:49 pm
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you by riverwalk casino. it is winter up here and down in australia it is
11:52 pm
midsummer. temperatures are approaching 100 degrees in melbourne for the australian open. first match underway, ladies first. the women's defending champion serena williams facing georgie. serena in yellow and near court. nice backhand as she takes the first set 6-4. georgie was her own worst enemy. the 11th game of the second set gives serena a break and a 6-5 lead. and serena closes it out and it would be an ace. 6-4, 7-5 to start her title defense. novak djokovic and the joker in the far court coming in for the wicked drop shot. takes the first set 6-3. djokovic is serving far court for the second set. another ace. 6-2 there. triple match point in the
11:53 pm
third. the best player in men's tennis is the forehand winner. he will advance in straight sets. the warriors have now lost as many games in four days as they have all season, two. tomorrow they are in cleveland trying to avoid their first losing streak of the season. warriors practicing today after losing by 18 in detroit last night. tomorrow's game will be their first in cleveland since winning the title last season. another big national audience on martin luther king day. >> we definitely got some great memories in that building, but it means nothing for tomorrow. we have to play with an edge. >> we haven't played them in any other setting since i can remember. finals obviously, christmas day. we've been there before and it will be real important how we start. >> dirk nowitzki is trying to halt the 23-0 home start.
11:54 pm
aldridge is backing down. 51-38 spurs. tim duncun has his moments. the old man is blocking dirk. tony parker to kawhi leonard. some say he is the best player in basketball for the jam. 112-83 is your final. they are a game and a half behind golden state for first in the west. warriors host the spurs a week from monday. women's hoops, oregon state and cardinals beat the beavers in the second game. oregon state turns it on in the fourth. three of her 19. the beavers lead by two. osu pulls away. a triple and 55-48 and she had 18. stanford without a field goal for more than seven minutes. 58-50 the final.
11:55 pm
the sharks are at it again after losing eight of 10, san jose is now on a five-game win streak three straight at home. after saturday night's over time win, the season high of six will try to be tied against ottawa. perhaps the best sign things are changing for the better. last night the sharks allowed the visiting team to score first . for the first time they came back and won the game of the after looking like a team on the road to ruin a week ago the sharks found their mojo. >> we are playing with a lot of confidence right now. we can get points every night and when everyone is buying in, we have a good chance to -- >> have fun, right? >> exactly. got some funny guys on the team. guys think they are funny, but we have fun.
11:56 pm
>> let's tee it up. lopez, birdie putt at 20 under. got it. eight under 62. a short birdie to force the playoff. we're going to extra's. a chance to win it on the first playoff hole and pushed it right. second playoff hole and lopez can win it with an eagle. just short. he taps in for birdie. another wide right. gomez wins just his second pga tour event. finally the greatest of all time. mohamed ali turned 74 today. he has gone from extremely controversial to one of the most respected in america. he was stripped of his crown because he refused to serve in the army of -- in vietnam. in 1996 lifted the torch in atlanta. a turn in public perception. the one thing we have in common is we were both born in
11:57 pm
louisville, kentucky. this sports report brought to you by riverwalk casino. i can remember him training and take off on a run and all of the kids in the neighborhood including myself would run behind him. back then he was cassius clay. he is the original goat in all of sports. >> kids loved him back then and adults were -- you know he became so popular. you're right. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 for drew and shu, thank you for joining us and we will see you later.
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