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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 18, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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this morning on "world news now," hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off on the debate stage in south carolina. arguing over gun control, health care, and the economy. the clock ticking down now, just two weeks before the first official votes are cast. and a group of americans now enjoying their freedom after captivity in iran. some are receiving care in germany, another is already back on u.s. soil. and new concerns about another american missing for nearly a decade. then who can forget this encounter? a passenger drunk in the back seat attacking his uber driver. well, they're at it again. their new fight that's bound to wind up in court. then going viral for the right reasons. patience in the target checkout
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line. we'll explain ahead in "the mix" on this monday, january 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." and we do say good morning and it is mlk day. you have to remember that is a national holiday for his birthday. >> absolutely right. things shut down today. >> a lot of people going to be celebrating, i guess, his legacy. and that was part of like the pivotal moment in last might's debate. they wanted to get across, you know, minority rights and black folks were part of the topic constantly during the debate. >> it was a fascinating debate. you always enjoy these debates. it began really with the final showdown before the iowa caucuses is what we're looking at just two weeks away. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders battling over health care, gun control and clinton's past. martin o'malley pleading for more time. elizabeth hur joins us with the highlights. good morning.
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>> reena and kendis. good morning to you. going into this debate, hillary clinton and bernie sanders were locked in a virtual tie florida -- tie in iowa, and so it was clear they both came prepared to try to stay on top. just two weeks before the voting starts in iowa. the three democratic presidential candidates sparred on stage in south carolina. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are now in a tight battle to win the first democratic contest. on this night, the first issue tackled, gun control. >> he has voted with the nra with the gun lobby numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five times. >> secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d-minus voting record from the nra. >> reporter: the exchanges heated at times discussing the economy and health care. >> i want us to defend and build on the affordable care act and improve it.
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>> my proposal provide health care to all people get private insurance out of health insurance. >> reporter: but the two the also remaining civil finding common ground on other issues. >> there needs to be a concerted effort to address the systemic racism in our criminal justice system. >> whenever anybody in this country is killed while in police custody, this should automatically trigger a u.s. attorney general's investigation. >> reporter: and so now it's on to the iowa caucus where the race is still tight between hillary and bernie. but nationally, a new poll shows hillary still ahead by 25 points. reena and kendis? >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. we're going to have more debate coverage later in the half hour, of course, when we sit down with our deputy political director shushannah walshe. >> over on the republican side, the battle heats up between donald trump and ted cruz. trump telling george
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stephanopoulos cruz is a nasty guy and a hypocrite for railing against big banks even those he took loans from him to fund a senate campaign and for failing to report those loans. >> for his part, cruz is sticking with his claim that trump represents new york values. his campaign tweeting out an old interview in which trump says he's pro-choice in part because of his new york background. we move on to the diplomatic high wire act that ended in the release of five measures from captivity in iran. this small plane right here you see arrived in switzerland on sunday with three of those americans on board. perhaps the most high profile, "washington post" bureau chief jason rezaian. this morning, he and two others, an ecomarine and a pastor, are at a medical facility in germany one step closer to home. a fourth american ho had been studying in iran is back in boston at this hour while one man chose to stay behind in iran. but one american who went missing eight years ago in iran
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was not among those released. robert levinson is a former fbi agent working as a private investigator when he disappeared after meeting an islamic militant. he hasn't been heard from since 2011. his family says they are devastated he was "left behind." the iranians say they do not know where he is. in the meantime in iraq, u.s. officials confirm media reports that three american contractors have gone missing south of baghdad. they are civilians, not military. and they were last seen two days ago. the case is being treated as a possible kidnapping although no one has claimed responsibility. in hawaii, conditions are expected to improve today in the waters where teams are looking for 12 missing marines and two helicopters. crews have been fighting waves as high as 32 feet. the two helicopters appeared to have crashed during night exercises on thursday. the marine corps has now identified the missing who range in age from 21 and 41 and who
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come from nine different states. an american missionary is among those killed in a terror attack in a luxury hotel in burkina faso in after. michael riddering and his wife ran an orphanage. he had traveled to the capital to pick up a group of visitors and was at a coffee shop when the terrorists struck. at least 28 people were killed. an al qaeda group claimed responsibility. one police officer is dead, another wounded after a traffic accident in the salt lake city area. they were chasing a man who had been in a serious crash. the suspect had fled the scene. officer doug barney was shot in the head when he found the suspect. a gun battle erupted when other cops later encountered the suspect. he was killed. another officer was wounded. now to central florida where two residents are dead after a pair of deadly tornadoes struck within minutes of each other in the middle of the night. abc's phillip mena is there. >> reporter: gulf coast communities reeling after a rash of tornadoes. this is all that's left of this mobile home ripped from its concrete foundation and strewn across the road.
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3:45 a.m., the ef-2 tornado touching down in the town of duette. a couple in that home, steven and kate wilson lost their lives. their son and four grandchildren injured but managed to climb to safety. when neighbors heard of the tornado alert they tried but couldn't reach the wilsons. >> devastation. woke up this morning and lost a family friend and neighbor. >> my neighbor told me steve was already gone. he's gone but he will never be forgotten, let me tell you. >> reporter: friends are picking up the pieces. about 25 miles away, another twister in sarasota county. the second floor of this $1.8 million property collapsing under the force of more than 130-mile-per hour winds. >> baywinds, we have reports of two people trapped upstairs in a home.
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>> reporter: rescuers reaching that family stranded inside. now safe, suffering only minor injuries. the homeowner was up here on the second floor trying to escape when the tornado collapsed the house on her. firefighters had to lift the wreckage to pull her to safety. and she is out of the hospital with only minor injuries. phillip mena, abc news, sarasota, florida. >> incredible scene there. now to the growing outrage over the contaminated water in flint, michigan. speaking at a sunday church service, reverend jesse jackson said there should be tape around the city because it's a crime scene. his comments came a day after president obama signed an emergency declaration to clear the way for federal help. the contamination after flint switched to a different water supply to save money. oil prices are sliding overnight as the industry braces for even more crude on the market now that iran's sanctions have been lifted. that could make gas station signs like this one a common
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sight. wait, is that right? 47 cents a gallon? this apparently is in northern michigan at one point yesterday. other stations were also below $1. it's the first time anyone's seen gas that low in ages. but the price war didn't last very long and gas there right now is about $1.50 a gallon. nationally it's $1.90. >> i wouldn't complain about that. >> we're celebrating. well, next sunday's nfl conference championship games are all set. let's start in the nfc. >> the top seeded carolina panthers. that guy, he's got a future. looked the part yesterday during a dominating first half against seattle. the panthers took a 31-0 lead into the half. >> then it was seattle's turn to dominate. the seahawks rallied closing to within a touchdown but a little too late. carolina hanging on, 31-24. they host the cardinals sunday. okay, so for the afc, the steelers were up by a point late
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in the game against the broncos when fitzgerald toussaint fumbles and recovers by denver. peyton manning drove his team down the field and anderson gave the broncos the lead for good scoring the time's only touchdown. >> and they tacked on a two-point conversion for good measure. both teams kicked field goals from there and denver taking it in the end. the score was 23-16. the broncos will host the patriots next sunday. we're partying because it's next sunday. >> party. championship sunday next week. >> who is going to go to the super bowl? >> peyton and tom together. all right. we'll see. coming up, a new battle between the former taco bell executive and the uber driver whose fight was caught on camera. what they're claiming now. ouch. first, we'll get more about last night's democratic debate straight ahead with our deputy political director. and do remember to find us on facebook, and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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welcome back. well, it's crunch time on the campaign trail, 14 days till votes are cast in iowa. several polls show the race is tightening. >> joining us political director shushannah walshe. good morning. first your take on last night's debate. there were some heated exchanges
3:15 am
over gun control as well as health care. did we expect that? >> those were definitely account most fiery exchanges. hillary clinton has really been hammering bernie sanders on those two issues, but it was the first time we've seen them next to each other on the debate stage. >> another powerful moment was bernie sanders was asked about bill clinton's past indiscretions. just whether we -- when we thought we were past all of this, it comes back again. here's how he responded. >> yes, his behavior was deplorable. have you ever once said a word about that issue, no, i have not. i'm going to debate secretary clinton and governor o'malley on the issues facing the american people, not bill clinton's personal behavior. >> so can he keep up the high ground? >> i think it's really up to him. i think he can keep up the higher ground, but he's going to continue to be asked the question likely. not just from reporters but at town halls. so i think it's up to him if he decides to continue not trying to make it an issue in the campaign or if he changes his mind. >> reena was mentioning the races are tightening. yes, they are.
3:16 am
bernie having traction. does he really have momentum right now? >> it seems like he does now. if you look at the polls he's been leading in new hampshire for quite awhile. now even the polls are tightening in iowa. we have still two more weeks to go. and this is when people start paying attention. we may have been paying attention for a long time but voters are starting to pay attention now. things can change. it seems like right now he has the momentum. >> talk about the republicans on their side, donald trump really increasing the attacks on ted cruz. particularly this comment we saw on sunday with "this week." >> nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him once they get to know him. he's got an edge that's not good. you can't make deals with people like that. it's not a good thing for the country. very nasty guy. >> so is the bromance over? >> the bromance is 100% over. really they were kind of having this bear hug strategy till now. really refusing to attack each other even though both would go against the republican rivals. everybody else.
3:17 am
but now, they're really going at it with the obviously these comments but also with in ads. so i think this is really going to be the showdown to watch in the final days. >> we have so many of our abc colleagues who are out there embedded with the campaigns. what are they seeing out there that we're not learning from tv? >> well, i think what they're seeing which is just fantastic is being able to talk to voters every day. getting to hear what they think. and in iowa and new hampshire, these voters are very clued in. they know that they're important role in this. >> is the trump thing real? >> well, thousands of people go to his rallies. other thousands of people try to wait to get in. i think what we have to see is -- in iowa especially, this is a different type of voter. will those people caucus? it remains to be seen. but there are thousands of people going to see him. >> i find this the most exciting time in the race. you just never know what will
3:18 am
happen. >> lots of people will see bernie sanders, too. he's getting huge rallies, as well. >> two weeks to go. hard to believe it. >> it is hard to believe. >> deputy political editor shushannah walshe. thanks for staying up with us. >> of course. >> and we'll be right back. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. re watching "world news now."
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well, it's the dashcam video that went viral shocking millions. a now-former taco bell executive violently attacking his uber driver from the back seat. >> but now if you can get this, that former executive is suing the driver claiming he was the real victim. just wait till you hear why. it's incredible. ron claiborne.
3:20 am
>> the manmade famous for doing this, and then apologizing says he is a victim, too. former taco bell executive benjamin golden now filing a $5 million lawsuit against the uber driver he allegedly attacked in southern california last fall. he admitted that he was drunk at the time. days later going public with this emotional apology on kcbs. >> because i've been trying not to read what's being said but you know, i'm not that person. >> reporter: but now he's claiming the driver illegally videotaped the altercation. >> get out of my car or i will call the police. >> golden's attorney declining to comment but the lawsuit saying at no time did he consent to be video recorded or viewed by anyone else. golden who was fired afterward by taco bell is seeking damages to severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, fear and pain and suffering and the loss of his job. golden was charged with assault and battery. he pleaded not guilty.
3:21 am
those charges still pending. he was also sued by the uber driver for unspecified damages. >> i didn't expect it to get violent to be honest. it came out of nowhere. >> the heart of golden's counter suit is his claim that california law prohibits recording the conversation of someone without their consent. caban's lawyer telling abc news the lawsuit is bogus. so the two men in that now famous video may face off again in court. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> call the police. >> what you don't see on video is actually the uber driver was able to use pepper spray to eventually get away from this whole situation. >> just imagine how much he would sue if he found out the uber driver only gave him a one star rating. it's important, the star ratings. >> they are important, right. >> for drivers and for clients, as well. got to make fun of a really serious situation there. >> oh. coming up, what a target cashier did that's going viral.
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when she enjoys it, we enjoy it even more. and i enjoy it. feel the difference with k-y ultragel. well, let's call this the "happy mix." a lot of happy stories here. you remember alex from target who went viral because he was just cute. >> that was a big one. >> now there's ismaaiyl from target. 19 years old. he's from indiana target. this photo is going viral. here's the deal. the story right now. you're all in line waiting and then there's this one elderly woman who is charging all of her groceries and paying for them with coins. that would annoy some people. but ismaaiyl there behind the counter decided to be patient with her and allowed this woman to pay for each of her groceries. >> she bought all those groceries and paid in coins? >> she was paying in coins individually. and people didn't get upset because he was being hey, big up brother.
3:26 am
he was being nice and helping her through and the woman who saw this happening posted it on facebook and it has now gone viral. >> kudos to him. i would be very frustrated with that. >> exactly. you know, martin luther king day today. what better way to celebrate his life than having two a cappella groups, two rival a cappella groups get together and do james taylor "shed a little light." there was the jewish group maca beats and the black group naturally 7. both known in their own right. take a listen. ♪ can't get no life from a dollar bill ♪ ♪ don't give no life from the tv screen ♪ ♪ when i open my eyes i want to drink my fill ♪ ♪ from the well on the hill and i know you know what i mean ♪ >> they sound great. >> i love how they gel together.
3:27 am
i would buy it -- they should come out with an all bum or something. >> they were doing this from the lincoln memorial steps away from where king did his "i have a dream" speech. another nice thing. championship sunday. cam newton is a new dad and proud to be a dad. so as he was practicing for yesterday's game, this is him doing showing a father and son t-shirt and also he also on his cleats there, his son's name. shows it. >> oh, wow. >> so he's very proud to be a dad. his first playoff game. by the way, do we have the dab t-shirt to hold up for a second? i had to research exactly what the dab was. apparently it's a new dance craze. it's described as one leans into their elbow like they're sneezing and that's it. so can you dab?
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>> me. do you know? >>
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this morning on "world news now," they're out of iran and now a group of americans once again enjoying freedom. their long ordeal in iranian custody is over. but questions remain about another u.s. citizen who is still missing. > at last night's democratic debate hillary clinton and bernie sanders took off the gloves and went after each other. on several hot button topics. arguments over gun control and health care and one candidate defending the choice to keep the and new this half hour, what one firefighter saw after arriving at the scene of a raging blaze. a life-saving moment first responders coming to the rescue of residents with just seconds to spare. and "spotlight." taking home three major critics choice awards last night, but it
3:31 am
wasn't the big winner by a long shot. and guess who ended up stealing the show? we'll have a full rundown later in "the skinny." it is monday, january 18th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning, everyone on this be martin luther king holiday. thank you for joining us. >> happy mlk day to you, everybody. of course, dr. king would have been 87 years old over the weekend. we'll get started with the head-spinning developments between the u.s. and iran after 35 years of open hostility. >> in the past 48 hours, the two nations have signed off on a landmark deal limiting iran's nuclear program and agree to a prisoner exchange that has a group of captive americans on their way home. abc's jonathan karl has the story. >> reporter: that first image of freed "washington post" reporter jason rezaian greeted in geneva by a state department official who helped negotiate his release. also on that flight out of iran,
3:32 am
amir hekmati, the former marine held for more than four years in the notorious evin prison. his sister and brother-in-law were all smiles on their way to meet him in germany. and pastor saeed abedini, who's been separated from his wife for years. >> i've been a single mom for three and a half years, and the kids uniting with him will be a precious moment. >> reporter: at the white house president obama celebrated the prisoners' long overdue release. >> today, we're united in welcoming home sons and husbands and brothers who in lonely prison cells have endured an absolute nightmare. >> reporter: the washington post's tehran bureau chief was jailed in july of 2014, just six weeks after discussing life in iran on anthony bourdain's "parts unknown." >> i love it and i hate it, you know, but it's home -- it's become home. >> reporter: his mother and wife, now reunited with him, made this tearful plea during his imprisonment. >> he's been in prison for the last year. he and his wife, who is also a journalist is not able to --
3:33 am
she's not able to speak to the press. >> reporter: his extended family is in germany. the dramatic days the culmination of 14 months of negotiations, mostly in switzerland. u.s. officials calling the discussions very intense and until a few weeks ago no one knew how it would end up. the obama administration also agreed to pay $1.7 billion in order to settle an old financial dispute with the iranian government. not included the prisoner swap was former fbi agent robert levinson. the 67-year-old disappeared in iran in 2007. >> even as we rejoice in the safe return of others we will never forget about bob. >> reporter: the three longest held american prisoners are now at the american military base in landstuhl, germany, where reunited with their families they are getting some much needed medical attention. they hope to be on their way soon. jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. meanwhile in iraq, u.s. officials confirm media reports
3:34 am
that the three american contractors have gone missing south of baghdad. they are not civilian -- they are civilians, not military and they were last seen two days ago. the case is being treated as a possible kidnapping although no one has claimed responsibility. okay. the three democratic presidential candidates have debated for a final time before the iowa caucuses. and which is just only two weeks away. >> it was by far the most confrontational meeting between hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashing over gun control, wall street, even bill clinton's legacy. martin o'malley was very nearly an afterthought. >> he voted to let guns go on to amtrak, guns go into national parks, he voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. >> i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sachs. you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> you raised a lot of money on wall street when you were the head of the democratic governors association. >> but i haven't gotten a penny
3:35 am
this year. somebody please, go on to, send me your checks. they're not giving me zero. >> it is beyond my comprehension how we can elect a president of the united states somebody like trump who believes that climate change is a hoax invented by the chinese. >> you called bill clinton's past transgressions, "totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable." senator, do you regret saying that? >> i was asked a question. you know, one of the things, andrea, and that question annoys me. yes, his behavior was deplorable. have i ever once said a word about that issue, no, i have not. i'm going to debate secretary clinton and governor o'malley on the issues facing the american people, not bill clinton's personal behavior. >> and as for the republicans, donald trump is stepping up his attacks on ted cruz. >> he told george stephanopoulos that cruz is "a nasty guy."
3:36 am
later on cnn, trump again raised the question whether cruz was eligible 0 run for president since he was born in canada and was a canadian citizen until only 15 months ago. trump also says that he's going to spend more on tv ads since he's $35 million under budget. >> must be nice. two residents of central florida are dead after a pair of deadly tornadoes came in the middle of the night. the first picked up a mobile home and smashed it. the sheriff says he's amazed that anyone got out alive. the winds toppled 125 miles an hour. incredible devastation there. and west coast storms are bringing high surf and dangerous rip currents to southern california beaches. there's a high surf advisory in effect through tomorrow afternoon. people are advised to stay out of the water. lifeguards have already rescued one surfer.
3:37 am
a georgia psychiatrist is accused of operating a pill mill. the dea raided the offices of dr. narenda nagareddy and then searched his home. prosecutors allege 36 of his patients died while having prescriptions for controlled substances. autopsies confirm 12 of those were overdoses. the doctor is accused of prescribing pain medications which are outside his profession as a psychiatrist. his lawyer says he is innocent and will fight the charges. a firefighter's helmet camera captured a dramatic rescue in fresno, california. a desperate mother handing her baby through the window to the firefighter on the ladder and then climbs out, and her husband, as well. the fire broke out before dawn saturday morning trapping eight adults and the baby as they slept. one man escaped and called the fire department to the rescue. the oklahoma sheriff's department has launched an investigation after a confrontation between one of its
3:38 am
off-duty officers and nascar driver tony stewart. the off duty officer apparently under the influence of alcohol at the time. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: it's the kind of drama racing fans expect to see on the track. nascar superstar tony stewart storming into the stands. caught on tape in a heated clash with a heckler. the three-time sprint cup champion is notoriously hot-headed. in 2014, he was fined $25,000 and placed on probation for slamming into a competitor in this post-race skirmish. >> one of the requisite skills to be a public figure is to develop a thick skin and ignore this kind of criticism. but tony's never been that kind of guy. >> reporter: this latest outburst comes as tony stewart faces a wrongful death lawsuit. he's accused of losing his temper and driving recklessly before striking and killing fellow driver, 20-year-old kevin ward jr. >> i know in my heart that it was a 100% an accident. >> reporter: stewart has yet to comment on this new incident. but the fan involved, an off-duty law enforcement
3:39 am
official, is being investigated by his department to determine if he acted inappropriately. mary bruce, abc news, washington. all right. it takes years of practice to make a topnotch surfer or skate boarder. and at age 5, quincy simmons still has a way to go and time to get there, but that's all right. she's not embarrassed by all the wipeouts. >> in fact, she loves the spills, thinks they're very funny and is known as the flying squirrel. the australian girl compiled some of her favorite wipeouts and put them on youtube. she also has popular accounts on facebook, twitter and instagram. looks like she's doing well. >> i can't do that as an adult. >> you could. >> no, not at all. not breaking your back or something. all right, coming up in "the skinny," another big occasion for one of our favorites. betty white, what she's been celebrating and with who. >> love that woman. and not the best end to a spacex mission.
3:40 am
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yourbut the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. here's the latest attempt by spacex to land its r here's the latest attempt by spacex to land its reusable rocket on a ship in the ocean. well, it failed. the images posted by founder elon musk show that the rocket setting down softly but then toppling over and you see it there exploding on impact. musk said that one of the ship's leg locking mechanisms failed perhaps due to ice buildup.
3:44 am
the rocket was able to launch and land on solid ground. oh, everyone was so hopeful and then this happened. >> still fairly successful. got to do a little tweaking there to that. good for them overall. >> just a little tweaking. > it's not rocket science into to the folks. >> i guess it is. >> in the meantime, 249 miles above the earth, it was mission accomplished. but only after a bit of high anxiety. >> that's true. a space walk outside the international space station had to be cut short over the weekend when one of the astronaut's helmets began to fill with water. sara haines has the story. >> reporter: what do i do? >> reporter: in hollywood, blockbusters like "gravity" show how space walks can turn disastrous in an instant. but that silver screen rush of chaos may have nothing on the real-life havoc. just a tablespoon of water caused astronauts friday on the international space station -- >> we know it's a small amount of water. we already got the location and
3:45 am
the quantity. >> reporter: american astronaut timothy kopra and english astronaut tim peake on an extra vehicular repair mission when kopra noticed a cooling loop in his space suit was leaking. > if there's any way to get a temperature of the water, i don't know try to drink it and note the taste. >> water's cold. >> reporter: that small amount of water prompting mission control to end the pair's five-hour space walk early. >> start opening your cuff checklist to page 7. we are going to terminate case. >> fearing a repeat of this 2013 mission which almost saw engineer luca parmitano drown when half a gallon of water flooded his helmet during a space walk. > it is wet. >> luca went out twice. the first time he went out, he had water in his helmet then. and i don't think we quite handled it the right way. >> reporter: according to nasa, he was never in that degree of danger saying the flight director brought the duo back in as a precaution. the veteran astronaut safe on board the station and surely
3:46 am
waiting to collect on this promise from houston. >> that was perfect. we'll buy you a drink a soda when you get home. >> reporter: sara haines, abc news, new york. you know what i found so amazing was he says at the end, we'll buy you a drink or a soda. i was like what? >> i don't think he wants to go near any sort of liquid substance after all of that. you're absolutely right. >> very scary moments though. surreal. >> and nasa saying that the latest incident wasn't particularly unnerving because they were only some 200 feet from the exit. >> oh, my gosh. >> but yeah. when we come back, the big winners of this year's critics choice awards. and we do have to say happy birthday, betty white. wait till you see how she steals the show in her latest commercial. "the skinny" is next. >> she really did. >> yeah. >> yeah. "the skinny" is next. >> she really did. >> yeah.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny, so skinny ♪ skinny, so skinny time now for "the skinny" and topping our headlines this morning, another big night for hollywood. >> can you believe it? another award show. it is the season. it took a giant step closer to the oscars with last night's critics choice awards. "spotlight" took home best picture, best ensemble and best original screenplay. >> it was so good. but the big winner was "mad max: fury road" winning nine awards including best director and best
3:49 am
action movie. >> okay, so best acting winners include the presumed oscar favorite, leo, right there for the revenant" and brie larson for "room." easily stealing the show last night was 9-year-old jacob tremblay accepting his award for best young actor. >> this is super cool. [ applause ] this is the best day of my life. i also want to thank my parents and i love them very much. and i know where to put this. right on the shelf right beside my millennium falcon. >> very cute. >> he totally stole the show. >> many in canada say that his dad is the hottest police officer in all of vancouver. >> oh. >> google him. >> sorry we didn't see him. >> we'll pull him up. all right. to the oscars now and fresh criticism from african-american actors over the lack of diversity in this year's class of nominees.
3:50 am
>> last year the academy president sherrill isaacs expressed disappointment and now hollywood heavyweights are weighing in. jada pinkett smith questioned whether people of color should refrain from participating in the oscars all together. >> this year's oscar host comedian chris rock captioning the video saying the white b.e.t. awards. next, putting it all on the table with steve harvey. >> so it's been what, like a month now since harvey famously announced the wrong miss universe winner. and he since tried to apologize. miss colombia was giving him the cold shoulder for weeks. now he's set to sit down with both miss colombia ariadna gutierrez and the real winner, miss philippines pia wurtzbach. >> the most embarrassing thing you've done on the stage? >> to see my crown taken away from me. that was really embarrassing.
3:51 am
>> oh, that interview a two-day special airs tomorrow. today and tomorrow on harvey's syndicated daytime talk show. it will be fascinating watch. and happy birthday to our favorite octogenarian, our favorite non-actress, miss betty white. >> today is her 94th birthday. she's stealing the show in a tv ad for bandwagon net in which she stars with comedian rob riggle. >> this year is finding tees for coaches and free agents. >> actually, marvin, they still haven't fired you. i know. it's crazy. don't worry, dez. i'll put in a good word for you with jerry jones. i'm seeing him later at a swingers party. who is this? johnny man zell? oh, no hable inglais --
3:52 am
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3:55 am
so your love for dark clothes will never fade. woolite darks. it's that time. it's that time. nfl news and the nfl's conference championship games are all set. of course, you know reena in the afc, it will be denver hosting new england. >> and in the nfc, carolina got off to a fast start against seattle on jonathan stewart's four-yard touchdown run. the youngster in the front row wound up with the ball. look at her. she was thrilled with that and she was also thrilled no doubt that her team wound up winning 31-24. they host arizona next sunday. >> how cute. okay, that said, some overly
3:56 am
enthusiastic one might even say arrogant panthers fans have been giving a young seahawks quite a bit of a hard time. >> he loves the seahawks but lives in north carolina. he says he's been getting bullied but now some of his seahawk heros are coming to his defense. here's abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: a big dream coming true for one little boy who refused to back down. >> what do you want the score to be? >> 1,000-0. >> reporter: 7-year-old ade lewis, a die-hard seattle seahawks fan, on the field with his team. this third-generation seahawks fan lives in panther territory, charleston, south carolina. when ade started wearing his new seahawks hat to school every day, he got bullied. >> they were kind of all saying the same thing, like boo seahawks. that made me feel kind of sad. >> reporter: to show ade he's not alone, his mom went to facebook asking seahawk fans to like her post saying, every day when he comes home he tells me how many kids have booed him. after just one day --
3:57 am
>> so, guess how many likes you got today on facebook? >> 50? >> more. >> reporter: much more. 200,000 likes and counting. from the seahawks star linebacker bobby wagner. >> if anybody try to pick on you, we got your back. >> reporter: to coach pete carroll, sending seahawks gear and tickets to the game in charlotte against the panthers. the hawks lost, but for this little boy, the day was a win. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. oh, he's too cute. >> very cute. so by the way, i know you're looking forward to championship sunday as it's called. the patriots are favored 3 1/2 points on the road against denver. >> so is carolina too, right? >> exactly. so possibly it might be a carolina/new england, massachusetts super bowl. >> i'm excited about the vegetarian sliders sunday night. >> what was that? >> football food. >> football food? the white castle? >> oh. >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. abc's "world news now."
3:58 am
informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:59 am
did you know that people born from 1945 through 1965 have the highest rates of hepatitis c, but most don't know they're infected? people can live for decades without symptoms, but over time hepatitis c can cause serious health problems. if you were born during these years, the cdc now recommends that you get a blood test for hepatitis c. so talk to your doctor and find out if you have hepatitis c. it could save your life.
4:00 am
know more. making news in america this morning, heated debate. accusations, attacks and clashes overnight hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting aggressive on the debate stage. we're live in washington with the details. prisoner swap. americans tasting freedom released by iran after improved relations between the countries, so where are they right now? plus, the one american still missing in iran. dramatic crash, the spacex rocket tipping over and bursting into flames. plus, big winner at the critics' choice awards, a young actor winning over the crowd. >> this is super cool. this is the best day of my life. >> yes, it is, the


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