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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PST

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>> now at 11:00 a family has been torn apart by an disent accident on highway 101. tonight we hear from the man who lost his mother in a deadly greyhound bus crash. >> she has been a great mom. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. to fight traffic is flowing again where traffic flipped over in san jose this morning. it was just before 6:00. a tow crew hauled off the hang gelled wrack kennel. it was 11 hours after it slammed into a median and overturned. >> the driver has been identified as gary bonslater who said he was fatigued. >> one of the victims was olovera. >> 10 people were taken to the hospital with various injuries. the uninjured passengers were shuttled by bus. >> we have live team coverage on this terrible crash. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the latest.
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>> first melanie woodruff sat down with the crash victim and joins us with more. melanie? >> antonio is very much in shock after learning his mother was killed in this morning's accident. >> we don't expect anything bad will happen to us. >> just as antonio was enjoying having his mother by his side here from the philippines -- >> she moved here last september. >> devastating news. >> everything is surreal. >> he says he went to the bus station to pick up his mom. she was returning from visiting his brother in los angeles. at first he thought rain delayed her arrival. and then he heard there was another reason. he said he held out hope his mother was still alive. he called her cell phone. >> before she even said hello i said, mommy -- that's why i call her mommy.
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>> another woman mistakenly grabbed the phone. conconfirmation from the coroner. >> the moment the coroners asked me about that bag i knew it was my mother. >> he says his family has been through a lot recently. his roommate passed away. his sister needs a kidney transplant and now perhaps the family's most difficult loss. >> she has been a great mom. >> in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> abc7 news president arer lisa amin gulezian continues our live team coverage. she is live in san jose where she spoke to one of the passengers on board the bus. lisa? >> this young man actually helped other passenger get off the bus after the crash. right now i am on a frontage road and that is highway 101 behind me. and that's where the crash happened. those orange barrels, they are
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brand-new. >> it took all day to move this mangled metal shell off highway 101. it was a place where so much destruction happened 12 hours prior. from sky 7hd you can see the greyhound bus after it crashed into a group of black barrels at the 101, 805 and hov lane split. >> the bus was lifted into the air and it came to rest on its side on top of the concrete k rail that separates the two hov lanes. >> christopher mccleland was on the bus when it crashed. he boarded in las vegas and was on his way home to san jose when he fell asleep. the 22-year-old was jarred awake. >> i reacted instantly and instinctively. i went to the safe position where my feet were and i felt safe and secure in the whole accident. we rolled about five times. >> according to chp he was
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tired jie. he mentioned he was fatigued, but he did not indicate he fell asleep. >> as he was more fatigued and stuff, i still put it on mother nature still doing her thing. >> they met with a rep from the d.a.'s office and is cooperating with the investigation. authorities do not think drugs or alcohol were involved. abc7 has learned this particular greyhound bus has been inspected three times. and no mechanical defects were found. it requires all drivers to rest for nine hours in between shifts. while the chp investigates, the ntsb will arrive tomorrow to begin a parallel investigation. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> and let's pass this on. family and friends who want to check on loved ones who were on the bus that crashed can call a hotline. 800-972-4583. two college students from the south bay are missing tonight after a wave swept
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them into the ocean in santa cruz county. they were standing on a rock yesterday just off highway one. two uc santa cruz students, one from palo alto and a 25-year-old from san jose disappeared in the water. dangerous waves hampered the search efforts. >> turning now to el nino. it is the storm that soaked the bay area has moved on, but not before leaving behind flooded roads and power outages. >> these are some of the problems that neighborhoods across the bay area are dealing with. >> we have live team coverage and let's start with alan wang who is live in sonoma county. >> hi, ama. highway 121 is still closed and the ground in sonoma county is definitely saturated. take a look at this rut created by the driver of an 18-wheeler who thought he could drive through a flooded road and then found himself in a big mess. this 18-wheeler ended up
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spinning its wheels after the front end caping in the -- sank in the mud off highway 121. it took a heavy duty wrecker to get him out. floodwaters swallowed highway 121 and highway 12 earlier in the day. when the truck driver tried to turn around he ended up on the water logged ground and sank. >> when he was stuck he thought he could leave the trailer where it was at and then rehook the trailer. >> another at&t van tried to drive around him and got stuck too. they say highways 121 and 12 flood after every heavy rain because the creek that flows under it was altered. >> and they made the creek half as wide, but it gave them another hundred acres or whatever to plant grapes in. what happens to all of this water that used to just run right through here builds up down there and it backs up. >> they say cars get stuck here all the time but it is
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rare to see a big rig make this mistake. now the chp says the driver could face a fine for ignoring the road closure sign. alan wang, abc7 news. pg&e crews are working to fix power lines dragged down by a tree that toppled during the storm. abc7 news was in berkeley where the power was out for 130 families. it may not be back on until tomorrow morning. the storm knocked down trees across the bay area including danville, san francisco and rossmore. downpours slumped the county. a vineyard was under water. the area was under a flood advisory earlier today. another storm is on the way. here is sandhya patel on live doppler 7hd. >> that storm will arrive in a couple of day. right now on live doppler 7hd it is quiet. no green on the screen. earlier this morning as you
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mentioned we got drenched. one to two inches is common across the area. 2.36 in kentfield. an inch and a half in santa rosa and just under that oakland and san francisco and redwood city over an inch. san jose .44. livermore .85. ben low man close to three inches of rain. here is your next storm. it is getting ready. we are rating the storms. one is light and five is severe. i'll be back to let you know where this storm will rank as we head toward your friday and whether it is going to affect your weekend plans coming up. dan and ama? >> thank you, sandhya. still to come, the garden tool that lead officers to shoot and kill a man. >> and two parent are accused of abusing their adoptive son in their i team home. the reason sheriff investigators missed a major red flag years ago. >> a 300-pound bronze statue vanishes. tonight there is a new development. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" on abc news at 11:00.
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>> sharing is caring so i am sharing this with you. >> your eyebrows seem -- they seem fuller than i think the last time that you were here. they have -- >> is it showing a
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burlingame, the campbell area. >> now to an abc7 news i team investigation. a los gatos couple is scheduled to appear in court facing dozens of charges they sexually abused their adopted son. >> and now more information why they didn't pursue the case when the complaint came in three years ago. >> eye team reporter dan noyes has the investigation you will only see on abc eyewitness news. >> he is a direct market cking executive from lot -- from los gatos. together they faced 44 charges from their adoptive son including continued sexual abuse of a child, intercourse and incest. their attorney said each will plead not guilty. carolyn flynn has been able to make her $525,000 bail.
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her husband is being held at santa clara county elmwood jail on $2.5 million jail. steve is his attorney. >> everybody is presumed innocent at this point. based upon these charges especially it is difficult for anybody hearing the charges to presume innocence. the system must. >> according to the court records their son told law enforcement that he started sexually abusing him shortly after he arrived from russia at the age of nine. and carolyn flynn joined in when he was 15. he said raffle flynn would abuse him inside a rolls royce when there were other people at the house. flynn admitted the abuse to sheriff investigators and he add add -- admitted adopting another adopted son who is now an adult on the east coast. >> what does that do to your case? >> i think that makes the case all the more complex. i don't know whether the district attorney intends to call that son as a witness.
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>> this eye team report has a tip from inside the sheriff's department. high level sources are frustrated and investigators had a complaint against the flynns in 2012, but did not investigate it fully. >> they called the sheriff's department after the adopted boy told them he was sexually abusing victim one since they adopted him from russia. the victim had a recording of raffle attempting to bribe him for a sex act. i am requesting a follow-up, but the case fizzled. that concerns the child welfare advocates in the south bay. >> one of the things that concerns all of us in the child protection field is making sure the abuse stops when we catch it. >> sheriff lori smith refused to be interviews, but released a statement saying we will examine how the initial report will be handled. sources say the detective in 2012 was overwhelmed by his case load including the sierra
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lamar murder. they urged him to write a letter apologizing to his two adopted sons which he did. for the eye team, dan dan noyes, abc7 news. >> police shot and killed a man in union city after they said he charged with him with a garden tool. it happened at the home on amy place a few blocks from alva raw low middle school. a woman called police saying a stranger was in her backyard pounding on her bedroom window. the man wouldn't drop the window and then charged at them. they hoped fire. both officers were wearing the body cameras. the case of a missing 300-pound uc berkeley statue has been sold. the bronze statue disappeared from the boat house. san leandro police say it was spotted and they found the head in his backyard.
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they think he wanted to sell the statue as scrap metal. >> sandhya patel is tracking that as well and joins us with the forecast. >> that storm is coming in late this week. live doppler 7hd is showing you cloud cover and fog. look at the visibility. it was just over a mile a short time ago. four miles visibility. hayward seven miles. it is foggy out there. you will need to watch out for the morning commute. most area are in the 50s. santa rosa is in the upper 40s. defifinitely still holding on to the heat from earlier in the day. it is not cooling off as quickly. we are looking at the financial district. this is pointed from pier15. you can see the fog is around. foggy areas and dense in patches. drying out the next few days.
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a storm will arrive. areas of fog will carry to your morning commute. it will be around not just near the bay, but spilling over from the central valley. the delta areas will start off with the fog. 24r is still fog around tomorrow morning, but then the sun pops up and we will see a mix of sun and clouds for your wednesday afternoon. a chance to dry out the next storm is a moderate strength storm. the stronger wave is friday night. looked at the latest computer models and they are going for the stronger wind with the time period. it is not going to be windy. by early friday morning the rain starts to spread. the first wave is a light rain and a little breezy. the morning commute is definitely looking wet on friday at 5:00 al. we go to 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.
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then we have the second wave come through potentially stronger. it is going into the wee hours of saturday morning and showers lingering beyond that. this is when the wind comes out friday night into saturday. let me show you our computer animation. it is brosy. it is breezy. the winds are ramping up and 34 miles an four. we are toward 10:00 p.m. and 40 mile an hour wind could be how long along the coastline. with the wind and the rain, this is expected to be a two on our impact scale. tomorrow morning it is not a wet ground, but gray skies and low visibility. the fog will be dense in some areas so you will need the extra time. the afternoon will feature a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures in the upper 50s to the lower 50s. looking at the accu-weather seven-day forecast you get the break and late thursday into
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friday and carrying into saturday a 2 on the impact scale with wet, windy weather. the second half of the weekend is dry and early next week iffy. one model wants to go dry and the other wet. tuesday is the day we could see a switch over and for now we will keep it with increasing clouds. >> still ahead on abc7 news, sweet and salty.
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your fries into your chocolate shake, you have going to love this. mcdone nationals will introduce french fries smothered in the dark and white chocolate. it won't be available in the u.s. customers in japan will see it starting a week today for a limited time. mcdonalds has previously offers fries topped with cheese sauce and bacon. why don't we have that here? >> well we need to demand it. >> do you think that would work? >> i don't know about that, but definitely the bacon. i would go for the kale. >> with chocolate sauce on it. >> and we will finally hear
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by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. new 49ers head coach chip kelly will be formally introduced tomorrow. he met colin kaepernick today and we will hear what chip has in mind for kaep. he let most of the assistants go and is interested in mike raeble. he was with the texans and played for the steelers and patriots and a three-time super bowl champion. 10 years ago antoine randal l threw one of the most memorable touchdown. he said today if he were to do it again he would not have played football. now he has trouble walking up and down steps and his mind and blurry. the sport of football is in trouble. quote, i wouldn't be surprised if football isn't around in 20, 25 years. interesting. after their demolition of cleveland last night, it sure seems like the warriors-spurs
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game and it is a preview of the real nba game. they are on track to break the best single season mark of all time. 72 and 10. the war -- warrer whys, they do think about their record, but their immediate concern is playing in the windy city. >> we are wasting energy thinking about chasing them per say. versus what we need to do focusing on what we are doing. if we creep up close and get it, it is not here yet. >> trouble for the cal basketball team. tyrone wallace is out for the next four to six weeks. cal is 12-6 overall and only two and three in the pac-12. wallace should be back in the post season. but who knows what cal's record will be. down under. this does president count and
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roger federer is off the back net there. the four-time australian open and the backhand winner on the line. nadal was upset in his first match. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> that's a big upset. >> nadal is not the player he used to be. >> abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is 4:30 tomorrow, month. hang around. we will be right back.


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