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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. the breaking news is out are mar continue fez a freight train has derailed, with these cars off the tracks at 8:00, c.h.p. was initially concerned they could have to shut down the freeway there because the cars were carrying toxins. look at new pictures in the newsroom, the derailed tankers were not leaking so that is the good news. that is why the freeway has stayed open. no one has been hurt. we do have a reporter at the scene to bring you new developments as they come in. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze.
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>> new developments in the deadly greyhound bus crash on highway 101. we know the name of the second passenger who died. 76-year-old salinas woman, maria de jesus ortiz velasquez. also, investigators will visit where the wrecked bus is sit waiting to be examined. matt keller is at the gilroy yard with the latest. matt? >> the crash took place 22 miles to the south of us in san jose but the biggest evidence from the crash is now in gilroy at the tow yard, federal, state and local investigators are expected to be here later today to take a closer look. >> in a yard full of damaged vehicles, this greyhound bus stands out carrying 20 memorial wren it crashed northbound 101 at the connection ramp to 85. passenger told us what was experienced. >> i reacted instantly, and the
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barrel roll into safe position to where my feet were and i actually felt safe and secure in the accident. we rolled five times. >> the owners much the towing vehicle say all vehicles involved in fatal citizens in the c.h.p. jurisdiction are brought here and this greyhound bus is evidence. ten employees from the ntsb will arrive in the bay area from other motors of california, texas and washington, dc, to conduct a parallel investigation. we know before the crash that this bus was inspected three times and no mechanical defects were found. the driver identified by the c.h.p. as 58-year-old gary bonslater is cooperating with the investigation. the camera was on board. that will be an important detail of the investigation. >> he mentioned that he was fatigued but he did not indicate that he fell asleep. >> as he is fatigued i put it open mother nature doing her
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thing. >> they are working on an update for the investigation later today. >> the first victim identified in the bus corner was june-year-old fely olivera on her way home to san francisco from los angeles where show was visiting two of her sons. a third son, antonio, told us of a moment of hope yesterday weapon he called his mom's cell phone. someone answered but it was a passenger who pick up his mother's phone in the confusion following the crash. five hours later he got the call from the coroner's office. >> he asked me about a bag that my mother brought with her. that bag has my roommate's fag in it -- bag in it, who passed away the one i was asked about the bag i knew.
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fely olivera moved to the bay friday from the philippines in september. aside from the victims ten others including the driver were hurt. you can trust abc for continuing coverage of the greyhound bus crash by downloading our mobile app and enabling push alerts for instant notifications. happening now, the san francisco 49ers formally intraducing the measure head coach chip kelly at the first news conference and this is a look at levi stadium where the event is just getting underway. >> left an organization with great people and we are supportive and i loved the players i coached but we have an opportunity to do it again and can you be aligned with the people that are running the organization, and when i met him i never met him before but i looked at the track record and i understood he is one, if you look in the past give years, jed and his family built the best stadium in the national football league.
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they have been to a super bowl. they are now hosting a super bowl. i think jed is smart, aggressive , and it is --. >> that is chip kelly, 49ers new head coach talking at the press conference, the first one with the team, praising 49ers c.e.o. and general manager. kelley was hired to replace tomsula who had a disappointing season. he was fired by the philadelphia eagles a week before the end of the third soap. the me were 10-6 first two seasons but 6-9 this season. one of his first orders of pice is expected to decide the fate of kaepernick. our coverage of the introduction continues on the news app which is on the mobile device and you can be able push alerts to know about developments as they happen. >> shifting gears, here is san francisco's herman plaza all quiet now. you can see in the picture, it will not be for long. this week, work begins do
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transform the area around market and embarcadero ahead of super bowl 50. amy hollyfield joins us with a preview. >> the embarcadero is starting its makeover. do not expect to recognize it or be able to drive an it. the trees are getting pampering right new. everything will have a sparkling new look for super bowl 50. this is somewhere though will credit super bowl city. the bocci ball courts are not accessible. this be an active construction zone. expect to see heavy equipment and workers now through next friday. parking restrictions are now in place. officers are out had on patrol. be on the look out for them. it is not a car friendly place, southbound lanes on the embarcadero will shut down this saturday. the nfl is promising that the fan experience will be a fun way for the public to experience the energy surrounding the super bowl. but it is not without
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controversy, three cities want to pass an emergency resolution demanding the nfl pay the city $5 million that it will confident to host the event. that is for an outstanding issue and we will keep an cry on that. until that time, if you went to start planning, here is a sample of the concerts you may want to plan to tapped at the fan village, including alicia keys, all of the shows are free and opens on saturday. there will be fire, woulds so you may want a waterfront spot for that. >> a man and woman are in custody for early morning incident in san mateo that included a neighborhood lockdown and officers firing shots. police initially responded to a home burglary call at green oak court normally a quiet area. one suspect, a woman, tried to run down an officer with a car and that officer started shooting. no one was hurt and the woman was arrested.
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during all of this the male suspect ran off and they locked down the neighborhood to accept for him. they caught up with him several hours later in san bruno. north suspect's name has been released. >> new this morning, these journalists and marin county native, jason rezaian, smoke to reporters. he is walking with his name out of the united states military hospital and cannot wait to go home, watch a worse game or two and see the new "star wars" movie. the "washington post" reporter is up of five united states citizens freed by iran as part of a prisoner swap. united states marine amir hekmati is eager to tell the cold iran did not break him. >> i feel alive for the first time, it is like being born again and feel proud to be an american. >> also, there are if you developments in the case of the american last behind, former f.b.i. agent bob levinson, the white house now said they have republican to believe he is no longer in iran butteried no other details about his whereabouts. >> the power is become on at 130
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whoms in berkeley left in the dark. pg&e crews say it happened when a tree dragged down the power lines. the red cross provided homeowners with snacks and drinks. >> people who use the tin ron ferry need a new way to get around because service is extended for ferry service for maintenance for two weeks starting february 16. during that time, commuter weekday ferry service is replaced with a bus bridge that will depart on the same morning and evening commute schedules from downtown tiburon and the ferry building. >> water is rocked again as oil prices hit a new low. how the duke is stacking up heading into the last few hours of trading today. >> more stars weeing in on the oscar so white controversy and who is joining the calls for boycott. >> a look outside east bay hills
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camera, a gorgeous picture with clouds out there and more rain but when will it come back is the big question. meteorologist mike nicco is back with the
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>> you are look at breaking news in north texas where a fire truck crashed into the dairy queen restaurant. this is happening in farmersville north the dallas. two people were hurt in the crash. they are an employee working the drive through and the driver of the truck itself.
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both are expected to be okay, the fire truck was not responding to any sort of emergency when it happened, but it is a new truck delivered to a nearby fire department the no word on cause of the crash. >> a police dog with palo alto police department was laid to rest with full honors after a serious heart condition. the german shepherd is credited with getting dozens of criminals during five years plus with the department. >> officials are investigating a deadly attack that appears to have target add tv station. at least seven people were killed and two dozen hurt during a bombing if kabul this morning. it happened near the russian embassy. no one has claimed responsibility. but afghan police say they believe that taliban is to blame. >> the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack at a pakistani university that left 20 people dead. dozens of constitutes and staff were also hurt. four gunmen who stemmed the campus were killed and the pakistani troops are searching for more possible shooters and
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the taliban claiming responsibility if this attack the same group that carried out a similar attack in 2014 that left 150 dead, 132 children. >> happening now, united states stocks are pounded hard, again. all three major indexes are down dramatically few in part because of oil prices hitting new lows and now just trading at $26 a bear recommend the lowest point since 2003. we will check the stocks, the dow is down 252 point and the nasdaq is also done 51 points to 2427. and the s&p 500 is down 37 points so for today, to 1844. >> we will check our numbers and our temperatures, that is, with meteorologist mike nicco. >> a from question, kristen, where are the number going where the dry weather settles in you wonder, where is the sunshine?
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i will tell you when it will be here and how long you do not need the umbrella because we have another storm coming up. >> and giving students something to cheer about with an upgrit coming to school lunches. >> a slam dung for the dubs and how steph curry and the gang are adding to their already historic season.
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>> more big name celebrities are speak out against the ward for the lack of diversity among the oscar nominees, snooping do's add stinging video on insurance grant and best supporting
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actress in 2014 expresses her disagreement. janet o has more. >> nor the second consecutive year all nominees are white sparking outrage on social media with # oscarssowhite. [ inaudible ] >> some stars like jada are taking action by boycotting the oscars altogether. >> i will not be at the academy award and i will not be watching. >> nothing -- snoop dogg add his twoen.s. >> i felt the same with the grammys. >> many believe this actor should have received an oscar. >> opportunity is not everywhere but talent is. >> recipient spike lee agreed for people of color on "good morning america" today. >> it goes back to the gatekeepers.
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the people would vote. >> he thinks hollywood would benefit from lending from the nfl. >> is rule for a quota. >> he said hollywood should be required to interview minority candidates for executive roles that could help shape the industry. the academy award governor weeing body is 94 percent white and 77 percent male. george clooney is among those concerns tells "variety magazine," they had more diversity a decade ago with nominations for black actors in 2005. >> to see how it plays out right here, we are your home for the oscars on sunday february 28. >> now, getting you outside with meteorologist mike nicco enjoying a dry day. mike? yes, each day this month we have had rain until today and we
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have had mist out here and you can see the fog behind me and this is what you missed this morning unless you are were at 2,800' on mount tam, and look at that gorgeous sunrise and the multilayer cloud deck we had and it is all moving in so man different directions. the weather is unpredictable because of our topography. here is a look at live doppler hd, a few sprinkles in the higher elevation is possible, snow may, and otherwise it is dry, that is sonoma county and otherwise it is dry and closeup visible satellite you can see the white that is moving the mid-and-upper level clouds and highway 37, san francisco bay, nothing is moving there. that is where the fog is locked in and we saw it at an hour and eight minutes average time. for arrivals to get into san francisco at least later than normal. the lingering bay fog we will see sunshine but not so much as other areas where it is sunny and the next storm is going to be weaker but it looks like it
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could play out over two to three days and a string of dry day following that. today, notice the tomorrow is about 58 in santa rosa and richmond and vallejo and half moon bay on the cool side and 62 in san jose, and oakland on the warm side and that is hoping that oakland breaks out in sunshine the next hour or two. tonight, the clouds could be thinner and fog gone going to be an issue everywhere, and temperatures are running in the 40s again, and mainly mid-to-upper 40s and we will fast forward to thursday at 10:00 with light rain developing in the north bay, and as we head to friday, the morning commute is not going to be like yesterday, it will be lighter, and it will be a steady breeze but it will not be gusty as quickly and scattered showers through the day account evening and the second act of the storm moves in on saturday morning and this is potentially stronger with thunderstorms, maybe some brief heavy rain and holly gusty
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winds and that will hang around through the afternoon. for the storm impact scale although this is coming in lighter and differently right now it is still trending to a weak "2" moderate, not so power. as yesterday. we may have to tweak that. here is the seven-day outlook, you can see it is the only game in town when it passes we will have a string of dry days starting sunday afternoon and monday and tuesday. until then we have today and tomorrow to get ready for the next rain. kristen? >> so were new this morning your children could find school meals to be more tasty after a vote by the united states senate committee with the agriculture committee approving a big giving school as way to say the obama administration healthy school meals are too restrictive and eases requirements for whole grains. many pushed for the new guide lines. a new ranking shows how popular the warriors steph curry is,
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with jerseys and team merchandise top seals from the past three months ahead of the christmas holiday ask was the number one best sell are jersey in the last part of 2015 and the warriors play tonight in chicago against the bulls with tip-off at 5:00 our time. >> a little lost sheep was stuck on a mountain for days and how rescuers finally got the animal
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treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. >> coming up at 4:00, breaking records but not good news, 2015 was the hottest year in recordeddist and that is not all, plus, do you hate how long it takes to download apps? there could be a short cut on at 5:00. >> stranded sheep is back on safer ground after being stuck on a mountain for days. he ended up here, more than 300' from the learn of this mountain in wales. people were worried about the sheep. animal rescuers used ropes to lower themselves and put the sheep in a sack and hoisted the animal to safety. not long after, he jump out of the bag and waste nod time snack ing on grass. he was hungry but he is okay now. for all of us at abc thanks so
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much for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is next. have a great day.
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>> there are a few ways you can get your hands on a million dollars these days-- rob a bank, become a hedge fund manager, win the lottery, or you can come here and blow the roof off the place. are you ready? it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] i need you all locked and loaded and ready to go, because today's returning contestant has been preparing for this moment for the last 14 years, and it shows. from agawam, massachusetts, please welcome back mike carolan. mike, what's up, buddy? welcome back! >> thank you.


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