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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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patrol team called m.a.t.e. one task involved removing the 20 passengers' belongings from the baggage hold. >> and, yes, we have recovered a camera from the buss. we'll be looking into any recorded information. >> greyhound said that the on board camera captures video in two directions. such video could document whether the driver fell asleep at the wheel. the chp says the 58-year-old told them he was fatigued, but doesn't remember what happened between hitting the impact barrels and then discovering the bus had turned on itsds side. i asked an investigator if that was related to the investigation. >> anything related to the driver will be covered in our human performance investigation. >> they will spend several days here coming throw the bus's mechanical systems and visiting
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the crash site on 101 but much will call for reviews of rest periods for drivers. the bus had seat belts, but were they being used. >> >> now, as we mentioned before, maria ortiz is one of two women who died in yesterday's crash. one of her 13 grandchildren spoke with us about what he will miss most about her. >> walk right into the door and it was a hug and a kiss. that's what i'm going to miss the most. walking into this house and not getting that hug. >> she says this is one of the worst ways that i could lose ortiz. but everything happens for a reason. he does not harbor any ill will, but wishes he had gotten more
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rest or said something to someone if he was too tired to drive. ten other passengers were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. that crash injured 20 people. now, assembly member bill king is spochb southerlying a bill for their own tour bus safety program. >> two rains in southbound 101 are still closed from a violent mid-morning crash. this is a live look at the freeway from our san jose camera showing the resulting back-up. it's a real mess. traffic is bumper-to-bumper on southbound 101 from before the interstate 880 interchange.
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the inpact of the crash separated the tanker from the truck's cab. you can see the impact was huge. the driver of the truck went to the hospital with major injuries. some of the contents of the tanker spilled which complicated the clean-up. all lanes should reopen by 7:30 tonight. three tanker cars loaded with sulfuric as id derailed this morning. the acid was being delivered this morning. this incident happened close to interstate 680 near the shell. crews were dispatched as a precaution. this time, it killed two dogs at a santa rosa home. live in the scene with a traffic story. it's a dramatic video, too, wayne. >> good evening, christin,
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fairly certain that the cause of that fire last night was a hover board left in a girl's bedroom. they're warning people who have hover boards to keep an eye on them. don't take any chances. >> for david carpenter, the kind of homecoming he never expected, to the frame of a house burned within. it's all caused by a hover board left charging in his daughter's bedroom. from the beginning, neighbors described this as no ordinary house fire. i mean, completely engulfed within minutes. >> feels like it happened all within a minute. it was really quick. >> now, the santa rosa fire
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didn't has traced the point of origin to the exact spot where david carpenter's daughter had been charging a hover board she received for christmas. >> the hover board itsz was plugged in near the bedroom. it had some indicators showing that the fire had started down near the ground level. looking hard at lithium ion batteries. >> we didn't get any warnings, you know, i've seen news stories that they're having problems with them. so we were just being very careful with it. >> nobody was home, just the two beloved dogs. they perished in the heat. david carpenter and his family are devil stated. >> you never know what's going to happen. just be careful for the parents out there. it could happened there the middle of the night. i could have lost my daughter.
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amazon says anyone who bought a hover bord from them can return the device for a full refund. >>. >> the morning got off to a bad start for some people in santa cruz county. someone started 10 fires overnight. two separate incidents and the search is underway for whoever did this. the damage is about a hundred thousand dollars in total. accusing the san francisco police department of vie lating the sank chew ware city ordinance. pedro was held by san francisco police officers because he had an outstanding warant. he was picked up at the police station, something that almost never happens.
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abc 7 news reporter is in the news room with if story. >> san francisco prides itself as a sanctuary city. but a man who went to police for help is now in custody. and, tonight, some are asking how i.c.e. ajents knew to wait for him as he left the police department. >> the 8-year-old went with her father to police head quarters to pick up their car. it had been stolen. she described her last words to him. >> i love you and yes, that's it. >> according to the attorney, coming to the u.s. from el salvador more than ten years ago seeking asylum. there's no urgent reason why i e i.c.e. should be after him.
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immigration add voe cats are angry at san francisco police. joined in accusing police of vie lating the city ordinance. >> we want to make sure that the police officers who mitted these events and obviously violated the laws itself are held acountable. >> they say they followed procedure when immigration and customs would not give details on a sdwruj's warntd that was on the national system. >> it's not confirmed. we'll release the individual. i don't think anybody expected that to happen. >> she's been denied bail while he awaits a hearing on his case
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since 2019. >> a big announcement from b.a.r.t. today. the transit agency says it will install working surveil lens cameras. b.a.r.t. came under fire after it was on appeal. shot and killed january 9th station cameras did record these images. he has yet to be captured. >> amtrak riders will not make their usual stops in san francisco. several stops to take passengers to and from trains.
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street ambassadors from the san francisco mta are being deployed throughout town to navigate the superbowl related enclosures. up to 40 ambassadors will be deployed from now until february 9. all will be wearing orange hats or vests to maximize visibility. >> at the site of the superbowl, it was meet and greet day at levis stadium. >> i'd like to welcome chip. >> is he ready to make a decision about who will be the team's quarterback? also, the seal that normally lives in the ocean but found its way to a bay area city. and the shocking call from a major car maker. >> why you tube
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that's new 49ers head coach chip kelly. two days after the team announced the hiring, the 49ers had a press conference to introduce him. the 19dth team coach in history. the 49ers ceo claims it was worth the wait. >> we've been working tirelessly to get the 49ers back to the championship forms. the first big step is hiring the right head coach. and i couldn't be more skpieted than hiring chip kelly. >> many thought might have a tough time working with kelly feels like he's looking in the
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mirror. >> he's driven. he's passionate. and the one thing that really came forward is his respect for the game. both past and present. >> kelly was out of work the last three weeks and understands the history of this great franchise. >> there's always been a statement. we can see further today because of the shoulders that we stand on because of the people we came with. the million dollar question, will colin kaepernick be his kaurter back? >> obviously, he's an extreme extremeliextremely talented quarter baek. you need to have a good quarterback to win. i think both of those players are made for the position.
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in santa clara, mike schuman, abc 7 news. >> the raiders believe they have a franchise quarterback. derrick car is going to the probowl. the first quarterback headed to the probowl from 1999 to 2002. >> skon dwratulations. both twitter and square ceo had a tour ewe lent day. at one point, with twitter stock falling to a record low, he saw his net worth drop to $944 million. >> he's now worth less than $3 billion, worth half of its original private valuation last year. dorsey was not the only one who had a rough day. wall street tanked today leaving many companies down big. at one point, the dow was down
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500 points. it rebounded by the end of the day finishing down more than 249 points. one of the big losers today of the dow, it finished down. chevron finished off more than 3%. despite the dow's awful day, apple was one of only five out of the 30 companies of the dow to finish actually up today. >> experts are taking care of a baby seal for a second time. somebody spotted the northern seal this morning at a business park in heyward meaning he had likely swam a few miles up the creek from the bay. officers called the marine mammal center. he was taken back to mariorinne county. if center rescued a record
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number in 2015, more than three times the usual. >> this is amazing. a swedish all the maker volvo is making a stunning pledge. >> they say nobody will die in one of its cars or suvs. >> michael finney is here to tell you exactly how they can do that. >> it sounds like wishful thinking that volvo says it will happen. volvo already makes nooin models in which no americans have died over the past four years. let me show jowl some video there you go. it's going 40 miles per hour. the company says cars will do even better in 2020. here's how. adapting cruise control. lane assist will help the car to stay in its own lane. collision avoidance will warn of
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obstacles in the road ahead. maybe not so safe are certain ford focus cars. the doors can fly open while driving. the national safety administration received 78 kplants of the door flying open. the probe covers ford focus cars from 2012 and 2013. some drivers say they tried to fix the problem themselves by tieing the door shut. others stopped driving the cars all together. >> major airlines possible flight cancellations this weekend. an eastern snowstorm is on the way. american, southwest and delta are already waiving change fees for passengers flying back east.
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flights at about 20 air ports may, may be grounded, probably. check with your carrier if you want to change your flight. they're getting really proactive about this. it started last year. that's why i say you want to wait and see if you want to cancel that. >> and some goodwill, too. >> good point. >> we need to brasz for another storm ourselves. >> meet i don't recallologist tracking it for us. >> yeah, dan and christin. this is the time to get out and get things done. right now, just some clouds behind me. that's all going to change. we'll see darker clouds. rain and winds. we'll talk about when the wet and windy weather is going to arrive. we do have clouds, right now, as i mentioned, on our radar. temperatures at this hour in the
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50s and 60s. highs in many areas from the low to upper 60s. i know on social media, some people are saying they're enjoying this. beautiful views from our santa cruz camera. we do have the sun out in some areas. areas of fog will form overnight. a dry pattern begins on sunday. as you know, we're using our storm impact scale to rank the storms from 1 to 5. 1 is light, 5 is severe. the storm that is coming in for your late thursday night into early friday, is a two. it's a moderate strengtsd storm. it is going to be wet and windy with a half an inch to an inch of rain as we head towards saturday. even a friday evening kmut can be impacted. thursday, 10:00 p.m., a few showers. at 1:00 p.m., the rain line starts to move in. and then light to moderate rain, you will notice that it's one of those commutes you have dealt
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with before. earlier in the week. 6:00 a.m. it's going to be pretty sloppy with the rain continuing. the winds going 8:00 a.m., you'll notice, scattered showers and continuing through the afternoon hours. before that next wave begins to develop for your friday night. and it continues through saturday. you're looking at light to moderate rain. we go into saturday morning afternoon. we're still going to see the wet weather. here's a look at the rainfall totals right on through saturday afternoon. moegs areas look at between half an inch to an inch. and you will notice santa rosa, the wettest locations could take up two inches of rain. winds will go up, gusty at times. thursday night, 10:00 p.m. 32 miles an hour. early friday morning, going into your morning kmut, you have a physical dividing, certainly a possibility. and then the winds let up only to pick back up again as that
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second round arrives. 30 mile an hour winds will be pretty common along the coast. you will notice that the winter storm watch has been posted. 1-2 feet is skppted. up to three feet for the higher peeks. if you want to head to the mountains, a good time to go out would be, obviously f you can, get out tomorrow. or wait until after the storms have passed. there will be some travel delays. tomorrow morning, we'll see fog. but it will be limited. temperatures start out in the mid 40s to the low 50s. once again, it will be a bit of a slow going ride. mild tomorrow, low to mid 60s. . watch out for those king tides coming up next few mornings. friday morning is a concern. accuweather zempb day forecast,
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thursday night into friday, we have a two on our storm impact scale. we get a break fwr the second half of the weekend. notice, it does get cooler friday through sunday. not as mild as it has been. get those umbrellas and rain koets ready. we're going to need them. >> do you hate how long it takes to download apps? there may soon be a short cut. >> dan and christin, tracking the monszer storm that could wreak havoc on travel coast-to-coast, up to two feet of snow. the dow spiraling today. the cull prit and how to prekts your retirement savings and the sopranos star revealing a long time secret battle. >> and an epic uber mix-up. new at 6:00, the bay area man who kept thinking that a ride that he never requested was on
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youtube launched its own superbowl preview today. >> as you know, fans general rate plenty of buzz. y y youtube will show clips from some of this year's commercial. viewing of superbowl ads doubled last year. if you use android, they'll be looking to down load the latest app, you may not need to use the app store anymore. instead, you can just google it and download the app right from your search results. that's what google is experimenting with right now. meanwhile, an litices from appanney rates what's app for the most downloaded apps.
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all four are owned by facebook. experts say it will take four months to pronounce it and 20 minutes to scroll down and actually see all the numbers. the university of missouri made the digital discovery. of course, you remember those that only defined themselves. >> well, this is new coming. coming up, the winner of this year's youth of the year
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coming up new at 6:00, expected shortly in san francisco over the fatal shooting of mario woods. just hours after a ceremony that wrought his mother to tears.
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>> everyone is presumed innocent at this point. >> the iteam is in court where a couple is charged with sexually abusing their adopted sun. >> a teen with dreams of residing at the white house was chosen for youth of the year in san francisco. to win the award for the boys and girls club. >> in in the past 7 years, the counselors at the boys and girls club. >> they helped them with a lot of things outside the school. they were showing me the better past. >> evan won a $10,000 scholarship and will compete for a state award. >> another team to have excelled in their community also honored as youth of the year finalists. >>. >> world news tonight is next.
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we appreciate your time. >> thanks a lot for joining us tonight. have a good one. breaking news tonight. a state of emergency already declared. the blizzard watches in effect at this hour. the major system. it could be historic. two feet of snow in some places. one governor desperate to avoid a scene like this again. and the new track right now. also breaking, the wild ride on wall street. at one point, plummeting more than 500 points. tonight, oil prices. saving you money at the pump, but punishing your savings, and your 401k. sarah palin onstage for donald trump, and addressing her son's arrest on domestic violence charges. >> i guess it's kind of the elephant in the room. >> tonight, what palin is saying about her son. 24 hours after george clooney spoke out amid the oscar controversy, tonight, members of the academy declaring we are not racists.


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