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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc news. >> a decoy decision after a deadly shooting on board a bart train. tonight the transit agency says fake cameras will be replaced with the real thing. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. the decision from bart is an about face. the agency defended the decoy cameras on board its train. >> lilian kim is live in san francisco with the story. lilian? >> dan and ama, feedback from the public made all the difference and now big changes are in store. >> when bart revealed many of the cameras in the train cars were decoys riders cooperate -- riders couldn't believe it. >> the taxpayers are paying all of this money. it is a common sense question. don't you think these things
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would work? >> now it is taking public sentiment to heart. >> we hear loud and clear from the public they are unhappy that we were using decoys. so today we are announcing that we are committed to as quickly as possible buying and outfitting every single train car with a working camera. >> the decoys came to light last week after bart was unable to provide video evidence of the january 9th fatal shooting in a pittsburgh baypoint train. it came from station cameras in assisted. the new cameras will record video to be recorded later and not in realtime. riders say that's good enough for them. >> you need to have the video. i think for that purpose it will be helpful. >> as well as it is coming at a low cost and it is on budget for what bart is expecting to spend. i can't see a downside to it. >> other details need to be worked out including the cost,
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the funding and how long it will take to replace the cameras. lilian kim, abc7 news. new at 11:00, abc news was in san francisco where a crowd shouted down police during a meeting to address the death of mario wood. they want the police chief fired and the officers charged with murder. police say woods raised a knife at them and that's why they opened fire on december 2nd. cell phone video raises questions whether that's true after a few officers spoke most walked out of the meeting. >> obviously we can't have a dialogue where people can discuss their feelings back and forth without being shouted down. >> that was their way of detaching themselves from the community. >> woods' mother ab septembered the diploma from the charter school program run by the sheriff's department. they would like an
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investigation into her son's death. >> the chair of the consumer product safety commission is calling for a complete suspension of the sale of all hover boards. they believe better testing and better safety should improve before the sales begin again. there are 40 reported fires involving 13 fires and 12 companies. one of the fires took place in santa rosa. official believe the fire started at a home on east foothill drive because a hover board was charging why the child's bedroom. no one was home except the two dogs. sadly both those dogs died in the heat and smoke. rescue crews plan to resume the search tomorrow for a surfer missing at rodeo beach. sky 7hd was over the scene and you can see several emergency vehicles. a large wave washed him back out to sea. the other surfer is okay. a hiker discovered a man's body just south of pacifica.
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firefighters had to hike 150 feet down a cliff to reach the man. it is not known how he died, but deputies say there are no signs of a crime. a 77-year-old woman faces charges involving two women walking on the sidewalks. gail gray ran into two people this afternoon. an 85-year-old woman is in critical condition. the second victim is 91 years old and expected to recover. she told investigators the dog was on her lap and distracted her. tonight we now know the identity of both women who died in a deadly greyhound bus crash in san jose. they identified maria ortiz as the second victim. also killed was olivera who moved there from the philippines. melanie woodrow is live with more on the investigation into the crash. melanie? >> ntsb investigators will look at several factors including the bus, the driver,
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the highway and even greyhound's own operations. as those investigators do their job two families are in mourning. during 75-year-old maria ortiz's lifetime her grandson says 13 grandchildren could always count on her affection. >> that's what i'm gonna miss the most walking into this house and not getting a hug. >> ortiz's love extented beyond her immediate family. >> she was the grandmother of the neighborhood. >> she was spending time with family in tijuanna before making her way back to salinas. a trip her family would traditionally accompany her on, but not this time. >> it was unfortunate. >> early tuesday morning this greyhound bus crashed on northbound 101 just before the i-85 interchange. ortiz was one of two women killed. 51-year-old felly ole -- olivera also died. >> we want to look into when
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it happened, but why it happened. >> they were -- they are going through the wreck kennel at a tow yard. the bus was equiped with seatbelts. the use of the seatbelts will be part of the investigation. the agency recovered a camera from the bus. ortiz's grandson wonders if driver fatigue played a role. >> if he couldn't do the drive he shouldn't have been doing the drive. >> and they will try to prevent future crashes like this from happening. >> in santa cruz, police aired man accused of smashing several storefront windows. the damage done at eric's deli and the social security office will cost more than $5,000 to repair. a short time later they say he was drunk at the time. tonight you may have noticed the bay lights lighting up the sky. >> here is a picture taken earlier from the south beach camera.
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the artist behind this display is tweaking new lights during super bowl weekend. reporter alan wang received a demonstration on how it works and he joins us live from san francisco. hi, alan. >> the lights are still on which probably means the artist is still at work. now up until the relighting on january 30th you will see these lights on from time to time and that usually means the artist is busy creating a sim money -- creating a symphony of light. >> from the 28th floor of the condominium she is putting the final touches on his electronic canvas. >> now i have all of these particle around. i can gather them together and bring them anywhere i want across the bridge. >> from his computer pallet they splash the bridge with patterns of light that make up
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one of the the -- largest in the world. this medium makes it hard for his 12-year-old son to resist. >> i think he trusts me with it, but i wouldn't mess with it too much. >> on january 30th the bay lights will be officially flipped back on after being absent for nearly a year. the original lights fell corrosive to the air, but private donations and more weather resistant led lights. >> the brain can't help the pattern recognize and we would like to find meaning in things. this time it is expected to last longer. it will be gifted to the state and maintained by cal trans. alan wang, abc7 news. >> as abc7 news at 11:00 continues, grab and go. the search is on for the thieves who targeted a popular east bay mall. >> and will smith sits down
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with robin roberts. what he has to say about the diversity debate surrounding the oscars. and you may not know this woman, but she is going to do what no other woman has ever done before. >> i am sandhya patel. live doppler 7hd is tracking the next system. what commute will be wet and windy and whether this will impact your weekend plans coming up. >> here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and ama. here is proof that we did some work. >> are you the guy that has an earthquake readiness kit? are you prepared? >> this is how you make friends?
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pleasanton, this is the bay area. abc7 news. >> police want your help and they are trying to identify three men captured on surveillance video stealing iphones from the apple store at stone ridge mall. you can see the suspects grab the phones and then make a run for it. anyone with information should call the pleasanton police department. one of hollywood's biggest stars is talking exclusively about the lack of diversity at this year's oscar nominations. >> will smith sat down for an interview. it is a growing list of i listers -- of a listers. >> the movie director spike leigh is -- spike lee is taking a clear stance against the oscars. he is also not urging anyone to follow him. >> i have never used the word boycott. >> two-time nominee joins a growing list of stars speaking out about the lack of
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diversity with all actors white for a second consecutive year. >> i will not be at the academy award and i won't be watching. >> mow jada pink -- now jada pin pin -- jada jada pinkett smith's husband is speaking out. >> the industry reflects america. it reflects a series of challenges we are having in our country at the moment and that's not the hollywood i want to leave behind. >> even george clooney says african-americans have a fair point that the industry is not representing them well enough. >> there are rumblings about how white the oscars have been , but this year it has reached a fever pitch. there is no way hollywood can ignore it at this point. >> cheryl boone isaac who is herself black promises the academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the make up of our membership. >> it goes back to the gate
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keepers. >> the studios. >> we are not in the room. >> spike leigh -- spike lee wants a quota system similar to the rooney rule in the nfl where senior positions are not filled until minorityies are at least interviewed. >> you can catch robin robert's interview starting at 7:00 a.m. that's after abc7 morning news. the buffalo bills made nfl history tonight. the team announcing the hiring of katherine smith as a special teams quality control coach. she is the league's first female full time coach. smith has worked under coach -- bills' coach rex ryan in a variety of roles. the bills tweeted it out and coach ryan says he is excited and proud for her. >> an inch of snow created chaos around washington, d.c. during the evening commute. and now it is raising questions about how big a blizzard will be when it hits this weekend.
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the president took the motorcade home. some cars in that convoy could be seen slipping on the roadway. the brunt of the storm is expected this weekend with 50 million people in its path. in anticipation, american, southwest and delta are waiving change fees for passengers flying to the east coast. >> that will be a hairy situation for them. on the west coast we have another round of storms coming. >> sandhya patel has the timing of it all. >> i do indeed. let's check out live doppler 7hd and we will talk about the time line. right now we are tracking the clouds and some fog. this is what you are going to encounter. where do we stand season to date? since october 1st the recent rain has helped moffet field. 119 in san jose and livermore is above at 108. alt behind though in oakland at 82% and santa rosa 96% of normal. not far behind.
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napa notice is places like sacramento and ukiah is still behind. that's just for the season. our drought is pretty much still here you don't get rid of it in several storms. obviously many parts of the bay area in extreme to severe drought. when you look at the picture we have exceptional drought covering a good portion of california. so we will continue to take the storms anytime because we certainly need them. the temperatures are in the 40s, the 50s across the region. visibility is terrific. not everywhere on your morning commute especially the delta will include fog. the storm arrives late tomorrow night with rain and wind for your friday morning commute. that's the one that will be dicey. all winter we will be rating our storms. 1 is light and 5 is severe. this is to help you plan and prepare. the next storm is moderate in strength bringing wet and windy conditions. half an inch to an inch of
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rain on saturday. it is a two-part system. gusts 35 to 45 miles an hour. the dry period we are having is key so we don't see more problems. light to moderate rain in the north bay. it sprendz by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night of the as we head toward your friday morning commute notice at 4:00 a.m. if you are an early commuter 5:00 a.m. it only spreads. 7:00, 8:00 it is still going. if you have to walk to bart or take the ferry you are going to need the rain gear. noontime scattered showers and then the next wave comes in. and this will also come in friday night, but going into the saturday. showers and rain continuing around noontime. the rainfall totals through saturday, so beginning saturday and then through saturday. half an inch to an inch. could see an inch and a half around santa rosa. the winds will come up. 35 to fiewrt 5 miles an hour at 10:00, 11:00.
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the morning commute will be a difficult one especially with the wind. you will have to hang on to the steering wheel. 8:00 on friday morning looking at the gusty winds. and then the winds will ease up and it will be breezy going into your saturday. sierra under a winter storm watch saturday 4:00 a.m. one to two feet of snow with wind econ ition dids. it -- windy conditions. the snow totals will be coming up. first thing in the morning fog go spots around the delta. temperatures in the low 40s to the low 50s. you are looking at mild reading. low to mid60s. watch out for those tides with the swell coming up on friday morning at 9:46. could see low-lying flooding. two on the impact scale. thursday into friday and then the next wave on saturday. dry for sunday and going through wednesday of next week. don't worry. end of january and early
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new nba commercial celebrating chinese new year. it include the hornets guard jeremy lin from palo alto. he is the first of chinese dissent. >> and james hardin was there too. they will all wear special chinese new year uniforms during the month of february. >> that's fun. >> yeah. on to sports. >> and we have larry beil and the 49er stuff. >> we are at the point you
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can't make a commercial without steph in it. i'm okay with that. chip kelly has arrived. can he win here? can he win with
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you by riverwalk casino. >> cleveland and chicago are the two best teams in the eastern conference. the warriors beat the cavs by 34 and they crushed the bulls by 31 tonight. steph and company are just playing at a different level. steph says since he's been a warrior they struggled at the united center. not tonight. the warriors got off to a fast start. he left the defender on the floor and then to bogit.
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this could be a problem going forward. this could have really been a problem. derrick rose lost his balance taking steph out at the knees. warriors did to chicago what they did to cleveland. 19-point lead in the second quarter. he takes a shot in the face and he had to leave the game briefly and went through concussion protocol and then came back. wide open and he hit three three's. the lob to andre. blowout alert. blowout alert. lefty jam and we haven't seen that a lot. team high 25 and klay thompson with 20. golden state just hammered chicago. 125-94. they are now 39 and 4. here's steph. >> i mean this is big. it is the middle of the season and you want to build momentum. after what happened in detroit two games ago, two great
11:30 pm
bounce back performances and playing our best ball of the year. it is nice to finish out the road trip two of three and go home. >> back for the pacers on friday. the 49ers introduced chip kelly. he gives them swagger. he has presence he would have a hard time getting along with the players in philly. can he be more of a people person the second time around? we'll see. they have gone from hard driving to nice guy in over his head to kelly similar to harbaugh. >> i am a big joim harbaugh fan. i know he is having success at michigan. we rent our locker spaces. we will not be places for an extended period of time. you have to do the best job you possibly can. if you go into a situation am i not going to be there the next year or year after?
11:31 pm
you probably are not gonna be. >> he won his second round match at the australian open, but here is where he won over the crowd. he noticed the ball girl was not feeling well. she was in tears. he went over and summoned help and then escorted her off the court. hopefully she is doing okay. the fans fell in love with him right there. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. on kelly, not direction they will go, north, south, east, west, but he will go where he wants to go. he knows exactly what he wants. >> he is harbaugh-like in terms
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sandhya patel, kasey affleck. and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live! >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - casey affleck, from "grease - live" vanessa hudgens, and music from savages with cleto and the cletones. and now, no kidding, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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