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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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bart trains. they want the real thing. this came to light last week when bart revealed all the cameras on trains are actually decoys. that information came to light after bart was up able to provide video of the january 9 shooting in a pittsburg bay point train. the images came from west oakland. bart defended this but they are changing their mind because of the public the ought taxpayers are paying the money, would you think it is common sense. would you think this actually work? >> we hear loud and clear from the public they are unhappy that we were using decoys and today we are announceing we are committed as quickly as possible buying and outfitting every train car with a working camera. >> the new cameras will record video to be viewed later. other details still need to be
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worked owe including the cost, the funding and how long it takes to replace the cameras. >> thank you, matt. videoing news the search for a surfer missing will resume at day break. we were on the john last night. could you see several emergency vehicles there. the victim was found face down and unconscious around 5:30. two other surfers performed cpr but all three much hit by a huge wave and that injured serves was washed back out to sea. >> police are working to identify a man whose body was found down a cliff. a hiker spotted the body yesterday. firefighters had to hike 150 down a cliff to reach the man. it is not clear if he fell down the cliff or was hiving at bottom. >> we will see how wall street racks to another day of red in the asian markets with china, japan, and hong kong in bear market territory. the shanghai lost
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percent and japan dropped 2.4 percent. yesterday, united states markets stage add come back in the last hour of trading but the dow falling 249 points and it was down bring 56 points -- 566 points. >> we hear from the family of the second victim identified in the deadly greyhound bus a beloved grandmother to many more beyond her immediate family. here is more on her and the ntsb investigation. >> the 75-year-old maria ortiz lifetime her grandmother said 13 grandchildren could court on her. i will miss walking into the house and not getting a hug. >> ortiz love extended beyond her immediate family. >> she was the grandmother of the neighbor. >> she was spending time with family inty -- in mexico which
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she is usually accompanied on but not this time. >> on tuesday morning the greyhound bus crashed on northbound 101 before the i-85 interchange. ortiz was one of two people with killed. june-year-old fely olivera also died. >> we are have thing this crash and look into what happened but why it happened. >> we were first to see ntsb investigators going through the wreckage at a tow yard in gilroy. ntsb said the bus was equipped with seatbelts, the use of the seatbelts will be pat of the investigation. the agency recovered a camera from the bus. >> ortiz' grandson wonders if driver fatigue played a role. >> if he could not do the drive he should not do the drive. >> ntsb will look how they can prevent future crashes like this prevent future crashes like this from happening.
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>> chaos and will motions running high last night at the police mission meeting over a controversial police shooting in san francisco. protesters again demanded that police chief be fired for the death of mario woods and they are demanding the officers involved in the shooting be charged with murder. police said withs raised a knife so they opened fire on december 2. cell phone video raise questions about the shooting. a few officers spoke last night but most of them walked out of the meeting in frustration. >> obviously we cannot have a dialogue where people can discuss their feelings back and forth without being shouted do. all the police walking out was the way to detach from our community. >> early in the day woods mother accepted the diploma from a charter school program run by the sheriff's department. >> man is under arrest in santa cruz involving smashed store
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front windows. the 26-year-old broke weapons at these businesses including a deli and a studio. the vandalism caused $5,000 in damage. police arrested the man shortly after the vandalism. they say he was drunk. >> a 77-year-old woman faces d.u.i. charges in connection with an accident that seriously hurt two women in santa rosa. police say the victims were walking look the sidewalk near the market and hit yesterday afternoon. an 85-year-old woman is still in critical condition. the second victim is 91 years old and is expected to refer. police say the driver told them her dog was on her lap and she was distracted. she was backed into the jail on suspicion of driving under the influence. >> it is a race against time for uc schools scrambling do make room for the largest undergrate enrollment boost in years. 6,500 additional students are added to the fall roster with the, expansion forcing school
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officials to find more housing, hire additional faculty and, expand support services. in november, regents approved a plan to add 10,000 in-state undergraduates over the next three years. >> tens of millions of the residents are ready for a massive winter storm on the east coast bring historic amounts of snow fall this weekend. ice caused up to 160 crashes across virginia yesterday. it caused problems on the washington, dc, roads. the current freeze is nothing compared to the frigid blast that will hit the east coast tomorrow. >> meteorologist mike nicco, i saw they could get 1-2' which is major snow for the east coast. >> it could push right into washington, dc and dump the heaviest amount up to 2.5'. i will put that on line and show you on face book and twitter. now, king tides. today and tomorrow, the highest but the winds are blowing from the east right now and they will blow from the south tomorrow.
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it hook like our best chance of flooding is around sausalito at continue members after the time you see high tide here at golden gate bridge the best chance for bay area flooding is saturday from the west. walnut creek is looking better than yesterday. temperatures today are from san francisco at 62 to the south bay and east bay at 66 and it will be mostly cloudy all day with a few slivers of sunshine here and there and the exploritorium showing how beautiful downtown san francisco can look. showers and breezy this time tomorrow through saturday and dry on saturday sunday. the hour by hour look is coming up next. >> now, the bay bridge, no metering light just a delay for those folks paying cash in the left hand cash lanes, and otherwise a nice ride from golden gate field to san francisco at 10 minutes, so that is a very good condition and san mateo bridge is good, too, 14 minutes from 880 over the last section of the high-rise to 101 and not bad at all. over all, the general traffic
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map is green. slowing right new out of tracy with an accident reported in the santa cruz mountains, northbound, to be updated in a couple of minutes. >> this morning, santa cruz county sheriff deputies still sending for the person would set ten cars on fire. deputies found the vehicles on fire under a carport at park avenue in southern california early yesterday morning. the arson attack caused more than $100,000 in damage to the cars and the carport. no one was hurt. an hour later firefighters found more cars on fire a block away. they were able to put that fire out quickly. investigator thing the same person set both fires. >> a bay area lawmaker is demanding more local control of tour buses after several recent crashes in san francisco. >> local governments may want to do more whether san francisco or los angeles or any other part of the state cannot did it because of restrictions in state law. >> a bill by assembly man phil king would take away the restriction. the legislation would let cities
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set up their own tour bus inspection programs and the c.h.p. now only expected 30 percent of tour buses because of a lack of resources. >> the magic is running to the bay bridge and what it takes to bring this dazzling light display to light a story you will only see on abc7. >> and new details in the case of the texas affluenza teen with announcer: if the hardest part of your day is the staying awake part... [train horn blares] sleep train has your ticket to a better night's sleep. with a 100 night low price guarantee, sleep train's love your mattress money back guarantee, same day delivery, plus helpful advice from the sleep experts, it's no wonder more than a million people fall asleep each night on a sleep train mattress! ♪ sleep train [train horn] ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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the abc7 news app on the go on your schedule, news that lives without live. new details in the case of the affluenza teen with tones for ethan couch say he will return to texas from mexico in weeks. his lawyers say paperwork was filed to end the deporting challenge so he can be present for a federal 19 court hearing in fort worth. authorities say ethan couch and his mother crossed into mexico as the texas prosecutors investigated whether the 18-year-old violated his probation for 2013 drunk drive crash that killed four people. >> look at the surveillance video: it caught three people shoplifting in san francisco and police need your help to find them. the suspects walked into the store on december 28, picked up some puts and then took off. if you recognize any of the people you are asked to call san francisco police. >> police want your help to find three men would robbed the apple store at mall. you can see the surveillance video, they grabbed several fans
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and paid a run for it. it happened last thursday night. anyone with information should call the pleasanton police department. >>s' you pay have recently noticed the bay bridge lights dancing across the when span from time to time. these are tests leading up to super bowl 50 and the official re-lighting that happens at the end of the month. have you wondered, who is behind the art? wonder no more, alan wang introduces us to man behind the magic. >> it will be the first of the particles moving across the bridge. >> from the 28th floor of condo, he is putting the final town on his electronic canvas. >> i have the partials fly around and i click the mouse i can gather them together and bring them wherever i want cross the bridge. >> from computer, he flashes the bridge with patterns of light that make it one of the largest pieces of public art in the world. this electronic medium makes it lard for the 12-year-old son to resist. >> he trusts me with it.
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but...i would not mess with it too much. >> on january 30, the bay little be officially flipped back on after being absent for nearly a rather. the original lights fell victim to the corrosive ocean air but $4 million in in private donations relisted the abstract patterns with 25,000 new weather-resistant l.e.d. lights. >> we want to find meaning in things so people see all sorts of things. >> this time it is expected to last longer and will be gifted to the state and maintained by caltran. >> it is amazing to see. so is this, we will find out warriors day monday green and steph curry will start together in the all-star game. >> voting closed on monday and on thursday green was 12,000 votes ahead of spurs' forward
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for the third and final curt spot. steph curry topped all guards and voting results are unveiled at 4:00 p.m. and all star remember are revealed next thursday. all the warriors will be back at oracle arena tomorrow night friend off another blowout victory last night and they had 11 assists and a scary moments for warriors, draymond green took a shot in the face from gibson. he had to leave the game but came back. he said he is all right. the warriors hammer the bulls 125-94 and their record is 39-4 so the warriors become the 5th team to win consecutive road games by 30 points. >> it is all good. despite the shot to face. poor guy. >> pretty good team. >> yeah. >> i think they will make it. >> after all. >> how is the weather? >> we will make it. after all. >> good morning, everyone, we
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focus our attention on potential for fog. it is very quiet. ten is unlimited. look which way the winds are blowing, mainly to the ocean so that members we will pull the fog through the delta community and, possibly, into the san pablo bay and into the inland east bay valley. i will watch it and right now san rafael southbound on 101 is quiet, we talk about thely lights, cloudy is dry and wet and breezy start tonight in the north bay and the rest us open friday and saturday and dry and mild next week. here is the storm impact scale from "1" light to severe at "5" and we have not seen a "4" or "5" yet but this is panning out to be a "2" wet and breezy tomorrow. half an inch in the south bay to 1" in the north bay through saturday with rain and gusts 35 to 45 miles per hour. showers all the way through the only commute and a steady breeze around 25 to 35 miles per hour. you can see the showers may let
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up a little bit during the afternoon on friday and they come become during the fed nighttime and hang around all day on saturday. if you have outdoor plans, make sure you push them interest sunday, my seven-day forecast shows monday, tuesday, and wednesday, dry and warmer. >> a beautiful shot of the eastern span of the bay bridge and it is clear. traffic is flowing nicely. gorgeous. wish we could have the traffic flow all day. as they turn the metering lights on at 5:30 we follow that, a brief guide from golden gate field to the city. in san jose, 87, on the suspect center at the julian off-ramp and a few headlights looking good. the traffic map overall is starting to slow out of the central valley and it is typical, otherwise, we are looking at green conditions and that is good. a problem more you, northbound, 17, near the summit a temporary brake close down the lanes to get a car out of the dip. back with a look at classures for have been 50 in san
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francisco. >> a main route to yosemite is back open this morning after a massive rock slide. >> we are trying to get it open as eveningly as we can. it is very labor intensive. it takes time. we are doing it as quick as we can but our main concern is the public safety. >> it shut down part of state road county 41 and crews are working on bringing down the loose rocks and filling the potholes. heavy rain caused the rock slide the most serious in this area in decades. >> if you fly to l.a.x. uber x is now an option at the airport. there is a catch. there is a $4 fee tacked on to each ride which is similar to the airports here in the bay area. second, you have to go upstairs to the arrival level to be picked up. l.a.x. was a notable hold out against uber x as taxi companies lobbied to block the service.
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uber x pickups will begin at l.a.x. at 8:00 this morning. >> smith is weighing in on the oscar controversy and what the famous actor has to say about the diversity uproar. >> levi stadium gearing up for have been 50 and how you can snag two free tickets to the big game by shopping. but, first, today's continue -- tuberculosis -- tech bytes. >> and these can cap fire if they are too tight. >> detail on exchanging the cords for new cars is released soon from eroc m. >> details of the samsung and galaxy s7 with the smart phone featuring a 5.1" screen, slightly smaller than the iphone 6 plus. >> have you dropped of taking a private tour of buckingham palace? google has just unveiled a
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that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> at uproar over the lack of diversity in the oscar nominations is picking up steam. first, jada announce she is
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boycotting the sky and spike lee said he would not attend. reverend sharpton has gypped the movement in a recent interview with "variety," george clooney said after man conditions have a real point, for the second straight year all until nears white. now for the first time, will smith, jada's husband, is chiming in on the controversy. >> there is a regressive slide toward separatism, toward and religious disharmony. that is not the hollywood i want to leave behind. >> if a statement, the president said that the academy is taking dramatic steps to altar the makeup of our membership. you can see more of the smith interview this or on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. >> three mammal workers are
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nursing a baby seal back to health after the seal was spotted. it likely swam a few miles up the creek from the bay, and officers call the marine mammal center if sausalito for help with the little guy who is malnourished. the pup was taken back to marin county. he had an i.d. tag and the seal was rescued in november and they gave him the name "pipe pst last year recusing three times more than most usuals because of the ocean warming is making it harder for the pups to feed. >> glad he is all right. >> coming up on 4:44, dry and mild, light breezes for bicycling, and, still, any rain is around eureka at 63 and cloud through the central valley and 60s and the low-to-mid 70s
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in southern california and upping head to 4:00 on friday morning, we have a winter storm watch all the way through saturday at 4:00 and that is for the western slope of the sierra, not lake tahoe itself but the heaviest of the storm is were at when slope. mostly cloudy today a winter mix tomorrow and the heaviest snow is fall on saturday and it will be dry and easy for travel on sunday. sue? right now, it is not bad at 4:55. i want to look at the closures, bart is around the embarcadero and it will be running center trains, this is for super bowl, obviously, and the road closures begin on saturday. the embarcardero station specifically you cannot get out on the market street side but out the other day the sausalito and larkspur and golden gate ferries running extra ferryies and market and howard the son part of market street southbound embarcadero all closed down. muni is re-routed. muni is saying add an hour and a
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half to travel times if you though downtown san francisco during the super bowl festivities. yikes. back in a few with the commute. >> tesla said a faulty design is behind electric car companies delays in shift be the model s., s.u.v. which withouted experts with the winged doors. according to the mercury news, tesla has foiled a federal lawsuit claiming the design leaked oil and stage stayed shut. tesla say though paid the company $3 million and the company said the investment was worth more than that. >> dream of dreams making it to the white house is the boys and girls club in san francisco, overcoming long odds to win, a foster child and in seven years has lived in eight homes and attended six schools. her stabilizing force was the counselors at the boys and girls
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club. >> they helped thing out of school, my personal life and they are my goal models and show me the better path. >> way do go she woman $10,000 scholarship and will compete for state award. seven other teams would excelled honored as youth of the year finalists. >> now, film test california celebrating all things kitty onlip starting in san francisco. >> what is the intent cat film festival? >> of line celebration of onlane hilarious odd and down right adorable cat videos. the program contains everything if six second videos to short dramas and documentaries and 100 videos in all. this festival was taking play the center for the arts through sunday. >> anything with cats online gold. >> true. >> a home is up in flames after a hoverboard explodes. next at 5:00 a.m., the new call to suspend seals of the
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controversial toys. >> what police are doing to avoid a repeat traffic mess created by protesters on the bay bridge. >> at look at the golden gate bridge at this hour, for rain on the roads and smoot saying so far the we will let you traffic weather and traffic by keeping tabs on the screen throughout tabs on the screen throughout the ent ♪ tabs on the screen throughout the ent ♪ ♪ tabs on the screen throughout the ent
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it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> coming up on action a., thank you for joining us. i am gnash nab. i am reggie aqui. what is the weather and traffic doing? it is fought raining now but it will rain later. >> great way to put it, but, later is really later after 10:00 this e


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