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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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now at 11:00, coast to coast storms, the eastern seaboard is bracing for a blizzard that's set to bury some of the largest cities in the country with record snowfall. >> first, get ready for the beginning of a wet weekend here in the bay area. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> let's get right to the weather center. >> winds 43 miles an hour, tracking the wet weather, i'm going to -- from bodega bay to ukiah to clover dale.7s>óg
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. we get ready for rain here in the bay area, the east coast is getting ready for a huge blizzard. >> this map shows what the eastern seaboard can expect. 60 million people are in the path of the snowstorm. including washington, d.c., philadelphia, new york city. more than 20 inches of snowfall is expected in some areas. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard picks up our coverage from sfo. >> thousands of flights already cancelled. >> yeah, that's right. as many as 200,000 travelers could be impacted by this epic
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winter storm over the next four days. for travelers out of sfo tonight, it's truly a race against time to get home before that storm hits. >> the satellite map at the american airlines ticket counter was hard to miss. a monster storm creeping north. flights are changing from on time to cancelled by the minute. >> philadelphia, i think is going to take the big hit, but i'm red eye, hoping to get in before the storm gets there. >> bar by biggs cancelled her trip in santa clara a day early. she's hoping to make it home to hershey pennsylvania ahead of a storm which could dump as much as 30 inches of snow throughout the mid-atlantic and northeast. an emergency has been declared in several states. flights for charlotte and washington, d.c., are cancelled from sfo, 2100 flights cancelled for friday nationwide. zurin is trying to make it home to maryland. his flight on saturday was just
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cancelled. >> my wife and two kids are by her search, i want to make sure i get home safe, and help shoveling the snow. >> travis is heading back to annapolis, where food and supplies will be hard to find. >> 2 inches to 22 inches where i live, everyone treats it the same way. there's no food, toilet paper, milk, that's what you need to survive in the snow. >> they're all making temporary changes that allow people the tickets to the northeast to change those tickets to change those travel plans without having to pay an additional fee. >> and the experts say if you are flying back east between now and sunday, call your airline before heading to the airport. or sign up for e-mail or text alerts from your carrier, could save you a lot of travel headaches. >> by sfo tonight, abc 7 news. >> cornell, thanks very much. a recovery mission to find a missing surfer at rodeo beach
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has come to an end. dan dafoe was found face down in the water off rodeo beach yesterday. two other surfers tried to revive him, but were hit by a series of waves. he was swept out to sea. officials believe there is little hope of finding him alive and have wrapped up their search at this point. friends and family paid respects to the two uc santa cruz students swept out to sea we've been reporting on. a large wave swept them off a rock at bonnie dune beach monday. abc 7 reports on how their families are dealing with this tragedy about. >> the pain and sorrow is still fresh for the family and friends gathered at this vigil. dozens turned out at a palo alto park. a show of solidarity for 19-year-old shareen and suleman, both sophomores at uc santa
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cruz. they were with a group of friends monday when they decided to climb down bonnie dune beach. a large swell swept them out to sea. a third friend survived and made it to shore. the coast guard called off the search 22 hours later, they searched 46 square miles, but they tell us without any signs of life, their hands are tied. family members say all they want is closure, and have been searching themselves on foot and by air. >> at least, if we can find the bodies and give them an honorable funeral, that will mean a lot. >> prayers continue tonight for the missing students and their grieving families. omar says his baby brother was a role model to many. >> he has faith, principles and he made everyone around him feel welcome. >> shareen is described as a light of her family. >> she was very adventurous. and she always has fun all the time. and just get out there.
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>> two lives lost too soon, their love for others and love for life will always be remembered. in palo alto, janet oh, abc 7 news. >> at least ten cars parked at a towing yard burst into flames. the fire was reported at 6:30 on highway 37. crews had a difficult time extinguishing the blaze because the cars were parked so close to one another. there was a you can lynn tuesday tree nearby that caught fire. firefighters are trying to figure out how that fire got started. >> the highway patrol has arrested two men suspected of robbing several bay area toll plazas. they released these pictures showing some of the weapons they confiscated during the arrests. several handguns along with extra magazines and ammo. police have not released details about which toll plazas were robbed. >> a gas station manager and employee they say stole $10,000 worth of items. the stolen goods include high end bikes, 19 bikes in all,
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along with jewelry and electronics. police used the find my iphone app to track down a stolen ipad, they say the suspects had. felipe ran a ring out of a 76 gas station. we have new details on a shooting last week at the bay fair center in san leandro. they have arrested two suspected gang members in the incident outside the bed bath and beyond last thursday. james williams in oakland and a teenager are in jail tonight. they're the suspected shooters. investigators recovered several firearms, including an assault rifle. they arrested his roommate for being an ex-felon in possession of firearms. >> this is a stunning figure, nearly 100 pedestrians were hit by cars in freemont in one year. still ahead at 11:00, the high-tech problem behind the major safety concern. >> signs of the super bowl can be found across san francisco. are they legal?
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>> live doppler 7 hd tracking the storm that will soak your morning commute. sandy patel will be back to see when the heaviest rain will hit. >> here's a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. here's a glimpse of what we accomplished because we put our heads together. ♪
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tonight an east bay suburb says it's dealing with a big city problem.
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cars hitting pedestrians and in some cases it's been deadly. >> this map we see here, shows where a car hit a pedestrians in freemont in the last year. there are 86 incidents in all. >> new at 11:00, allen wong is live to explain how freemont is trying to make the road safer for drivers and pedestrians. allen? >> hi, dan. this is freemont boulevard where a high volume of foot traffic and vehicular traffic come together. two people died last year on this street alone, and the total number of pedestrians accidents in freemont amounted to a person getting hit every five days. >> last year, 86 pedestrians were struck by vehicles in four fatalities. freemont boulevard is where a 78-year-old woman was killed by a bus in october. a 57-year-old man lost his life in november, while crossing the same street. >> it's one of our most heavily trafficked areas. we are looking to see where we might be able to install some new traffic signals.
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>> city council woman susan lee khan says an overwhelming number of these accidents happened on 10% of freemont streets. another problem, navigation devices are guiding drivers through neighborhoods to avoid traffic jams. >> children are outside playing, there's pedestrians. they maybe aren't as mindful to look for a traffic and so higher incidents of accidents are occurring. >> one solution can be found at the civic center drive crosswalk in front of washington hospital. it used to be more dangerous here. >> i've had several close calls myself. i came here and there was some woman lying out in the street. i guess you got hit. >> i was 7 years old, we almost got run over by a car before this was built. >> the city narrowed the street from four lanes to two lanes, added flashing lights and large plantars to calm traffic. the other solution is awareness. the city says drivers and pedestrians need to get off their devices and pay attention.
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in freemont, allen wong, abc 7 news. >> we're a little more than two weeks before the super bowl comes to santa clara, and signs of the big game are everywhere around the bay area. abc 7 news was at the plaza as the workers began transforming it for beer gardens, light installations and family friendly ago serveties. retail and restaurant owners are scheduling extra staff and bringing in new equipment for the big crowds. >> people want to be where they might think a player might be walking by. somewhere players may get coffee or somewhere like that, i'm really confident we're going to rock. >> downtown san jose hotel rooms are sold out for the entire week leading um to the game. >> skyscrapers have been turned into super bowl 50 billboards. the giants super bowl signs and banners for visa and verizon plastered on the side of the
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embarcadero center. the mayor's office told us they're looking into it. let's talk about this storm that is on its way here tonight. >> kathy patel has been keeping a close watch over it. >> as you take a look at live doppler 7 hd, i want to show you where it is raining right now, you will go into street level radar here, i'll show you between clover dale, geyserville, around highway 101, we're seeing light rain to moderate rain. very light returns right now, from santa rosa to south santa rosa. as you'll notice, petaluma hill road, seeing the light scattered showers, and it's also gotten in around inverness point station. your morning commute will include wiper weather. a few light showers have reached sfo and san jose, it's falling below the radar beam and only trace amounts so far. that will all change. temperatures right now, this is
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remarkable. 61 right now, in san mateo, freemont, 62 in oakland, san jose. this is the kind of weather you expect to see with an el nino. from our east bay hills camera, notice the camera is a bit shaky in the hills of the north bay, we're seeing wind gusts over 40 miles an hour, rainy and windy for the morning commute. scattered showers saturday with a dryer pattern beginning sunday. this is a 2, a moderate storm tonight through friday. wind gusts at 30 to 40 miles an hour, potential for possible coastal flooding due to the large swells coming in, and obviously the king tides or higher than normal ties combining with runoff. here's your time line. rains primarily focused in the north bay. watch what happens your morning commute. light to moderate rain begins to increase. 5:00 a.m., it's covering a good part of the bay area, 6:00, still going. 7:00 a.m., you will run into some slow going spots as the
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rain continues, the wind will be with us as well. at 8:00, if you're taking your kids off to school or just stepping out to head to work, be prepared for those slick roadways. noontime, grabbing lunch is going to be scattered showers right on through the afternoon. evening starts to lighten up a little bit. that's the second band of rain coming in at 7:00. if you have light night plans tomorrow night, we're going to see that rain become more widespread as we head toward 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 in the evening as well. behind it, scattered showers continuing for your early saturday. 8:00 a.m., showers will be light in nature, through noontime and then a few more lingering through 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon. rainfall totals, not terribly impressive. the models keep backing off. our wettest north bay locations in the santa cruz mountains still expecting to pick up an inch. most other areas 1500 to 6/10 of an inch of rain. the recent rain has obviously saturated the grounds, so when
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you get winds. especially toward midnight coming up, 45 miles an hour. could take down some trees, especially if they're weakened by the drought. 49 point raise, tomorrow morning's commute includes those gusty winds, hang on to the steering wheel. as we head toward the latter part of the morning, winds begin to subside a little bit. 4:00 a.m. tomorrow until saturday 4:00 p.m., 1 to 2 feet of snow, about 5,000. be prepared for winter conditions. places are expected to pick up 15 inches of snow. good news for our snow pack. extremely mild, most areas will start out in the low to upper 50s. afternoon highs with the scattered showers around in the upper 50s to low 60s. once again watch out for the lo leading flooding at the golden gate. 9:46 in the morning, saturday, it's about an hour later, and a little lower. accuweather 7-day forecast.
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one for your saturday the second part of this system, dry sunday all the way through thursday next week with mild conditions. we have another storm beyond that accuweather 7-day forecast. it looks like friday going into
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a seal pup near death is getting a third chance at life. this is the 7-month-old seal pup happily feasting on fish in sausali sausalito. pipester was rescued before and released back into the pacific just a few weeks ago. he had lost half his weight when he was found yesterday. he will be fattened up again and released back into the ocean. let's hope he stays there this time. >> turning to sports tonight?
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>> a lot going on. >> there's a party going on right now. there's a party in maraga tonight. they rushed the course. st. mary's
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good evening. st. mary's and gonzaga have one of the best rivalries on the west coast. this game was all zags until the end. what a finish. full house. the mean streets of maraga. not going to forget this any time soon. reversing the zags by as many as
11:29 pm
15. cuts it to a nine point game. joe takes over late. for three, and the zags lead cut to three. the drive. the gails come all the way back. and take the lead 65-64. perkins, last second for gonzaga many no good. here come the kids. we're going streaking -- no, they're not doing that. the gails win, slow to get out on the court. 70-67. st. mary's first win over gonzaga. out with a broken hand. how would the bears fair against arizona state. they started strong. ivan rap, muscle moved down low. bears builds a 14 point lead. back comes asu. he had 13, asu would tie it at 65. cal retakes it, get it out. kingsly the block, jalen brown the other one. we love it. he had 17. bears hang on 75-70.
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snapping a three-game skid. you talkin' about my quarterbacks? jim plunkett and andrew luck trying to take down arizona. dorian pickens for three. and we're tied at 29. stanford inbounding to grant rehoben. denied once but not twice. should have been called for traveling there. put stanford up 1. that puts away gabe york. 71-57. stanford falls to 500 in the pac-12. steph curry will be starting in the all-star game for the third straight year. draymond green got edged out. he was in the running to be in the starting fine. leonard finished with 50,000 more votes. draymond and thompson figured to be named to the all-stars. steph got 1.6 million votes, second only to kobe bryant. he's looking forward to seeing old friends in toronto. >> a fun experience for both sides of our family, i lived
11:31 pm
there for three years. my wife is from there. she has a lot of family still out there. they're going to be able to celebrate with us. >> going for their 7th win in 6 games. and then smack it in, 1-0, team tale. about three minutes later, you don't get credit for scoring here. although, he was -- sharks win 3-1. they move ahead of the coyotes. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the puck
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>> thank you for joining us right now. jimmy kimmel has zac efron. >> enjoy. good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- zac efron. from "billions," malin akerman. and music from ben harper & the innocent criminals. with cleto and the cletones. and now on top of all that, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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