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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> huge waves pound the coast because of the napa storm hit the bay area. flooded roads are common, as well, as the rain keeps coming. thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. the storm packed nut one but two punches with another heavy round to come in time for the afternoon commute with live coverage. tiffany is in the north bay and matt keller is at sfo. here is meteorologist mike nicco with what is happening right now. >> great question. from setup because we had the first punch from the storm this morning, not too bad. now we have left over showers
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around san rafael across the bridge to richmond and they will head over to hercules. look for more wetness on the ground. from brisbane down the peninsula, it is light to dark green. probably some light showers developing right there. we still have more than three hours to wait if you have flights coming in to sfo. here is the latest, coastal flood advisory including the san francisco bay because of the high tide account king tide. we just passed and there is possible flooding at the coast. the big waves will be around until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. 12-16' western swells with rip currentents and extreme run up. the last thing, the winds in the higher elevations from 4:00 this afternoon to 4:00 tomorrow morning is when we could have power outages. >> what a mess for the commute this morning. strong winds and steady rain made for slow traffic and
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flooding even made worse with the king tides. tiffany is in mill valley. >> yes, kristen, you can see the side effect of the king tides with water up to my ankles and out on the main street it is doper and that that is why caltrain shut down this trench -- this stretch of highway a couple hours ago. here is it minutes before being shut down. >> this stretch of shoreline highway shows falling rain and rising tide for several inches deep with cones and signs set up to warn people of the flooded areas. most drivers cashesly and slowly plowed through the middle lane. >> to the north, rain water run off spilled into the street and rushed beyond the parked cars. >> not worried. i am protected. i have a lot lot of such pumps.
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>> my daughter did not want to wear rainbow. >> but she had an umbrella and other parents followed in. this boy could not contain the love of rain with hood up and boots on he splashed exploring the muddy mess in the front yard in water-logged ground like this means big business for richard. i am so busy with saturateed ground. you have major failures of old are trees between 60 and 90 and up years old he specifics he will be busier. >> if the wind kick up, that is the thing that knocks them right over. >> he said regular tree maintenance will prevent storm-related messages. >> if it is a dead tree remove it before it falls on the house, the car or your kid. >> caltrain expects the intersection at the park-'n-ride will be shut down for several hours. another word of wanting: this is not just regular rain water it
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is mixed with the salt water and can short out your car. that happened to a vehicle just a week ago. >> thank you. the storm has made a mess of the commute on richmond-san rafael bridge. you can see in the picture rain drops are splattered on the camera. the skies are gray. with clouds. a lot of headlights. drivers are still navigate the slick roads. the wind is the big factor on the bay bridge. sky 7 captured this video of signs warning drivers of the strong win telling them to use caution. a crew was on the bridge this morning during the heart of the morning commute, winds punished the palm trees and drivers took it slow. all the storm took down a large tree in stroke. crews chopped the tree that fell at thornhill drive. it forced drivers to maneuver
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around it until crews closed the road. >> along the embarcadero in san francisco, people have umbrellas trying to stay dry. drivers are being urged to take it slow. king tide is impacting bay area manies, look at this. this is what it looked like a short time ago near the pacifica pier taking out a railing along the street. if you near the beach today because of the big wave as mike mechanicked, keep year distance walking near shoreline could get you soaked. >> conditions have eased for drivers after a horrible start and a look at san mateo bridge showing cloudy skies and traffic is much lighter now, so much better than during the rush hour. the c.h.p. is still warning of the high winds on the bridge and those are likely to pick up again as we head into the afternoon.
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>> a massive snowstorm is moving up and down the east coast and 2 1/2' snow expected in the capitol of the nation much this is the white house. hard to see with the visibility so low. the federal government is closed for the day a couple of hour ago in anticipation. the snow is expected to cause travel nightmares on the roads and at amendments across the country. in fact, philadelphia international airport has canceled all flights for tomorrow. the storm is causing airline delays across the united states including in the bay area and matt colder is live atwith our own storm not helping matters at all. >> yes, kristen, it is wet at sfo. the storm has caused delays and cancellations but expect the biggest problems to be this weekend as the storm pounds the northeast. >> miserable outside, miserable inside at sfo. more than 110 flights cancel by 10:00 this morning, 45 on the rain here in the bay area and most of the rest on the snow in
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the east. eric has his flight to orange county canceled. he rebooed but is not olding his breath. >> new it will be 1:30. >> a you are are not convinced it will be on time. or if it will fly out of here? >> not convinced at all. >> if you are trying to get to the keep you need to make it out today 3,100 flights were canceled across the united states with charlotte, and baltimore, and washington, dc, hit the hardest. however, most people found out about the cancellations before coming to the airport. chris will make it home to washington, dc, but not as mapped but she has a backup plan. >> i asked if she could re-route us through palm springs and we can wait out the storm there so we are flying to palm springs spend four days later. >> waiting out the storm could be the best idea. philadelphia international airport tweeted this out this morning, announcing all incoming and outgoing flights tomorrow are canceled.
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newark, philadelphia, baltimore, washington, dc, area airports is canceled hundred dead of flights. >> we see a rip toll ever federal governments and it takes a few days to get the aircraft, pilots and crew in position to run the normal schedule so it could be here a few gays. >> it could be a lost cause this weekend. best advise, check with the airline before you go to the airport. >> thank you. from flight delays to changing weather conditions, stay in the know when you are on the go with the news app free to download enabling push alerts on severe weather and breaking news. we do have developing news this morning from san francisco getting word that the district attorney and the city turn and fbi agents will announce corruption-related charges with no word on who is involved and which department of city hall but the news conference will
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begin at 1:30 p.m. so for update on the developing story follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. developing news in hayward police looking into a deadly shooting that happened before 10:00 last night near 580, and west ashes street and a 19-year-old was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> petaluma police are looking for the person would stole a truck with $15,000 of tools inside. if you look at the surveillance video you can see a figure standing right there near the white truck. police say that is person stole the truck from a parking lot around 10:30 last night. the equipment was inside the truckbed. >> closing in on the count down for super bowl so san francisco will get more crowded. street closures for the super bowl city begin tomorrow at 7:00 and closures are in affect for three weeks until february 12.
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we want to show you a closer look at the four main closures, including market street and davis to stewart street. and southbound embarcadero from washington. and howard between third and fourth and partial close between 4th and 5th. muni service resumed at night starting tomorrow. they have listen closing at 9:30 for six months so crews can install new communications system. muni trains run 5:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. the next day. >> pope francis united for silicon valley and the big name tech leader he is swapping ideas with. >> an uber driver beat down, a closer look at this caught open camera attack that is going viral from coast to coast. >> a look from our spore storm camera in san francisco committing out the downtown buildings with visibility so low with the storm turn around we are in a lull. meteorologist mike nicco will be
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>> today's storm is level "2" so be careful, can you track the storm any time on the abc7 news app. download it now. >> stunning video is going viral of a woman in miami attacking an uber driver after getting in the wrong car. the person who took -- who odded the ride took this, creating quite a scene tossing papers out of the car and screaming and shipping at the uber driver.
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>> call 9-1-1, yeah, i am 5' girl and that weighs 100 pounds and i am getting really, like, belligerent. >> she need -- there is an internal investigation. >> a wall street rebound is happening after bad start to the we, stocks are up for a second straight day. we can tell you right now the dow is up, and we will look at 101 points to 15868, and the technical heavy nasdaq which a last silicon valley companies are part of, down just a little bit, down by two, and s&p 500 is up by five points this summer to a rally. part of the reason for the surge is oil prices, the per barrel price jumped 20 percent in 48 hours. >> new this morning, spiritual
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leader meets technical leader, pope francis held a face-to-face with apple c.e.o. tick cool, the catholic church world day of communications and neither revealed what was said but right wees is poping the pope called technology a give from god and pope francis said he is a disaster when it comes to technology. >> a diagnosis on the rice affecting nearly 100,000 california school kids, the age group most at risk for autism. >> and a stormy start to the welcome, meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> i am extraing it with live doppler hd and it is the next round of showers possibly thunderstorms and the leading edge is 280 miles per hours away from us and i will tell you when it will get to your neighbor and how it will affect the plans this evening and this weekend. >> it is hard to put the spin on inhold shopping with the you extreme that retailers taking to get a better idea of what the
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale and and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. and now a look outside from the camera if san francisco, looking across the bay, and at the bridge, you can see the rain is not coming down any more. however, this appears to be lull before the next round and mike, unfortunately, it is time to fit in with the school pickup and the afternoon drive home is when it is going to start. >> the afternoon into the evening isen we will have the latest challenge to get around. remain, everyone, any are familiar with santa cruz you know we usually have more beach showing than what we are seeing right here. i wanted to remind you of the hazards at the cost as, central run up bit waves. you can see it happening right here in a more sheltered areas along the coast and winds are fastest at half moon bay and in
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san jose they are up to 23 miles per hour, but remember, at 4:00, physical 4:00 in the morning those are going to pick up. here is a look at live doppler hd, i can see a little bit of green trying to develop as another wave negative moves through and that is why when we talk about periods of light rain today and breezy, and in san jose i know you are saying, dude, you got it wrong again, we are seeing sunshine. you get the rain shadow, you will get more rain in the evening. we knew you would get the rain shadow. period of rain. breezy. showers and storms and windy. that is the second punch of the storm. it will be stronger. we will not to to deal with anything until next friday a week from now. we will look at what is going on as far as the evening planner. if you are heading out, quiet at 5:00, maybe some patchy lit, but, mid-50s to be a 60 with showers in the north by at 7:00 and the heart of the bay at 9:00 and well into the south bay by live -- in the south bay by
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7:00. storm impact scale is from "1" light, to "3" severe, we will rank all of our winter storms. this is a "2". we had a "2" on tuesday and know what it did to the commute. we take over things in account beside the rain. this is going do have dangerous surf and gusts up to 50 miles per hour with some trees toppling and more will topple in the evening and overnight is you could wake up tomorrow and may have to look at the phone or our crap get your news because you may not have power. you can see the waves of showers moving through and a lull heading to the evening commute at 7:00 you are seeing the cell rows and the oranges and moderate and a brief push of heavy rain with the fattest winds and by look it is almost over, and overnight scattered showers and patchy fall is possible in the north bay valley and 3:00 tomorrow, not a wash out but it could be wet, from time to time, with the waves of
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light shower rolling through and on sunday, we have better conditions. in the sierra western slope is getting dangerous all, and through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, 1-2' and now that is to 5,500'. grab the chains. at the lake, town 1 foot of snow is possible. the fresh powder is waiting for you if you can get there. now, tomorrow's scattered showers are a "1" on the storm. light. more of a nuisance. sunday the sun comes out. monday through thursday, our longest stretch of dry both this year the. >> i need to turn the sprinklers backen, right? >> nice to have them open. but we are still in a drought. well into the drought. that is the question. >> in health news, new data from the state department of education show as jump in the number of california stuffs classified as always advertise tick. 90,000 schoolchildren are considered as being on the
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spectrum for ought tux. it now affects one in 75 in kindergarteners and part of the rise is because there is better screening. >> how do you feel about a stranger goes throughage closet, and what if it the next shopping experience could be be a better experience? target c.e.o. and other executives have been visiting customer homes in an effort do better understand food choices, fashion friends and shopping habits. it is friday, that manies it is team to meet our perfect pet and mine will introduce
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>> coming up at 4:00, apartment hunting in the bay area. the bad and good news of rising republicans. the bart train operator using a therapy dog to do his job and some say that may not be such a good idea at 5:00 on abc7 news. now, friday's "purr-fect" pet and mike has a new friend. >> a new friend who has been with us for a while. >> emily is back, we call her mom back, congratulations. you had a dog that was going do
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come but got adopted so now we have this little guy, lenny. alone any is a-year-old a chihuahua terrier mix. transferred to us a couple of weeks ago from an overcrowded shelter and he is in our adopt program so he is at training class, working on "sit," and "down," and "touch." he he is jacked up to go play with the students in the audience. other days? cats? kids? >> we have a lot small dogs, ten chihuahua mixes and through valentine's day we have cat adoptions that have been paid for by a sweetheart of a donor. >> what a bonus. you have great volunteers and angel donors. there are plenty of animals there.
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calm humane society, the marin humane society. >> for all of us at abc7, thanks for joining us today, who wants to be a millionaire is next, we leave you with a beautiful shot of the adorable listen -- lenny.
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>> one player, three lifelines, $1 million. any questions? good. then let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hi everybody, i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] good. we have a great returning contestant, a marine corps civilian who loves a challenge. we've got one for her today. from montclair, virginia, please welcome back joellen welch. [cheers and applause] how you doing? welcome back. >> thank you! >> a marine corps civilian. >> yes. >> helping our men and women get ready to go. >> yes, absolutely. >> thank you very much, by the way. >> oh, it's an honor and a pleasure.


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